Just finished round 1 of my initiative to de-clutter my closet and prove to myself I'm not a #packrat & #hoarder. About 50 pieces are getting the boot! #Proud πŸ‘‹πŸ‘•πŸ‘”πŸ‘–πŸ˜Š
hoarder - packrat - proud -
marcosgomez1234 : Any mediums?
ronnaponna : Lol nothing wrong with hoarders 😜
rockenvivo : You inspire me.
christian_reese : Dude!!! I'd have helped you... reposition those things.
thatyviana : Someone is gonna be very lucky!!!!
dominicdemaria : #praise
jensharee : I did the same purge before and after Africa πŸ‘
alexjmla : Proud of you! I have worn the same two pairs of shorts and sandals since I got to Uganda. #MissYa
christineajisafe - matthew28.18_20 - ashabercrombie - miguel.manahan -
Doing some reorganizing, and I found some great #OldArt from school. Too bad I've made a huge mess, because I'd love to give up and draw all night. #MyArt #Packrat
oldart - myart - packrat -
legalpickles : Ahhh!! I remember the Beatles art project!!! I had so much fun working on that!
marchingstitch : Me too! Although, those two pieces seem to be the only ones I have left from it. :/
ashleye09 - legalpickles - suzanneehollis - hngeb -
Princess Pillow #secretstash #velcro #whereelseamigoingtoputthem? #packrat
whereelseamigoingtoputthem - packrat - secretstash - velcro -
shadowshot - kelsbell90 - my_common_sense_is_tingling - aubvi -
McPherson Hill Saloon 😜 #rustic #palletboardsfordays #packrat #turnjunkintosomething #sanfordandson
rustic - sanfordandson - packrat - palletboardsfordays - turnjunkintosomething -
brad_davis101 : Looks awesome
philpotchase : Thank ya @brad_davis101
chel665 : You're so awesome!! Looks great chase!!!
philpotchase : Thanks Chelsea @chel665
kyle_curtis03 : Time for a bar warming party @philpotchase
viv_h - kelseyjosorrels - lo_zaborac - drburden88 -
Our first cell phones. #packrat #cingular #nokia1100 I have to say I like the smaller size cell phone much better!!! 😜
nokia1100 - packrat - cingular -
lizjonas - mazzcher - lelston - tommoore -
#infiniterainbows my #ccg . #Hording is awesome until someone tells you it isn't. The #PackRat can gain love (hurt himself within this particular game) to help you search for more items, especially if you have a copy in play. The Pack Rat only affects Beings with things.
hording - infiniterainbows - ccg - packrat -
maria_p135 -
I found this in a box in my closet just now. It made me smile. πŸ’™ #DontMessWithTexas #Memories #Throwback #PackRat
throwback - dontmesswithtexas - packrat - memories -
teoodelia - natedagreat_13 - forever.kiekie - keepsmiling1398 -
#packrat #crazy #dog #puppylove #puppy #cute #hiding her #food #olaf #christmas #tree
cute - crazy - olaf - food - packrat - tree - dog - puppy - christmas - hiding - puppylove -
puccerina - jr0lls - _manualidadesdejulia_ -
Packing for home after living here in Dublin for 4 years and 4 months ... I can't bring myself to throw out my UCD Vet School acceptance letter #thejourneyhasended #hoarder #packrat #nostalgic #cantbelieveisurvived!!!!
hoarder - thejourneyhasended - cantbelieveisurvived - packrat - nostalgic -
lelola2 : @mas185 Definitely keep it!! #fromonehoardertoanother
plasminojen - lofty_thoughts - mgoldfinger - treasakea -
This was only half of my day...love my mother-in-law but she is a major pack rat, and there was just no way I could cook an entire Thanksgiving meal in the prior conditions. So today I remade over her living room and kitchen, tomorrow dinning room and maybe back yard. #organization #FitMomofFive #clean #kitchen #hoarder #packrat #cleanliness #tidy #organize #locolamicas #newkitchen #fresh
organize - fitmomoffive - hoarder - packrat - tidy - cleanliness - clean - fresh - newkitchen - organization - locolamicas - kitchen -
salzysalzy : Omg my mother in law is the same way! Boarder line hoarder and it drove me insane when I lived there for the year
salzysalzy : I would clean up and it just never even looked like I cleaned anything!
loski219 - reu77mtz - dvrvtour - 1beanirene -
Remember these? I was digging through some boxes at home and found this treasure that included about 20 games and a still functioning Game Boy (circa 1990). Such a pack rat! #hawaiinewsnow #hinews #sexposure #nintendo #gameboy #packrat #pawnstars #hiddentreasure #circa1990 #1990 #classicstuff #tetris #supermariobros
1990 - hawaiinewsnow - circa1990 - packrat - pawnstars - hiddentreasure - gameboy - supermariobros - hinews - nintendo - tetris - classicstuff - sexposure -
8bit_explorer - jshirai - meximoney - lovelifelivehi -
Because this is how she rolls. #mickeymouse #baglady #packrat
mickeymouse - packrat - baglady -
madisongrona - txfrogphotos - jenica83 - frances__cornelius -
Definition of a #baglady #bagsonbagsonbags #lol #flightattendant #hoarder #packrat
baglady - flightattendant - hoarder - packrat - lol - bagsonbagsonbags -
ajczaban : At least you're a organized pack rat πŸ˜‰πŸ˜˜
mama_badge : You know it girlfriend @ajczaban !! 😸😬
thehostesswiththe : Lol This is me on everyday trip. 1 night or 5 βœˆοΈπŸ’Ί #crewlife
walliso14 : I bet there is a lunch packed somewhere in there πŸ˜‰πŸ—
mama_badge : Of course there was @walliso14 I NEVER travel without food! πŸ˜‹
wallace.stephanie - ithinkishouldgo - sarahisme143 - thehostesswiththe -
Like....I just ran around the room like a fool! Lol I'm in shock!!! @_packrat_ you are seriously everything to me. You're a sick dancer and such an inspiration to me! I'm gonna get back on my yoga and I hope to be as good as you!!!! Aaaaaaaaahhhhhh!!!!!! #packrat #sheislife #instavid
packrat - sheislife - instavid -
hannamae_j : And she liked it lol
livelaughlau88 : @his_beautiful1 she's life man!
_packrat_ : Awww ur too awesome πŸ™€πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™ I so want to repost this ..you just completely made my day so much better .. Much love for you .. And u will def be just as good if not better πŸ˜πŸ‘ just practice practice Practice and train
livelaughlau88 : @_packrat_ yes ma'am!!!! 😁😁❀️❀️❀️❀️
_yami_26 : Loka @livelaughlau88
shadowlady86 : lmaoo gurl haha
dizzy313 - browneyedgerl - ifocusonme - shadowlady86 -
one of the best parks of all time. This T is about 12 years old I think it could be older #packrat #BMX #4F @chaddegroot
4f - bmx - packrat -
deadbentbmx : Place was sooo good.
ryanlovesbikes - jayfrenchie - hemboguy69 - blindbmx -
Added some Xmas lights to the ol cluster fuck. #beachglasshoarder #beachglass #turkisheye #wardsoffevilspirits #oldcokebottle #notopenedcoke #stillhascokeinit #cocacola #minutemaid #oldminutemadebottle #thatonesemptythough #grampasoldcar #pontiac #candles #masks #glass #picoftheday #photooftheday #igdaily #packrat #xmaslights #decorations #hashtageverything #hashtagthis #hashtagthat #lookatit #justlookatit #stareatit #enjoyit #loveit
lookatit - pontiac - oldminutemadebottle - oldcokebottle - loveit - packrat - turkisheye - masks - glass - hashtagthat - thatonesemptythough - hashtageverything - cocacola - justlookatit - stareatit - notopenedcoke - candles - minutemaid - xmaslights - beachglass - decorations - wardsoffevilspirits - igdaily - grampasoldcar - hashtagthis - beachglasshoarder - enjoyit - picoftheday - stillhascokeinit - photooftheday -
julieejamess - kayhenn - chelsealeyte - atrainseeker -
Krysten is cleaning out her purse. #packrat #roommate "I have a vegetable peeler."
roommate - packrat -
mere.paige : Thank goodness. We were so worried about the vegetable peeler.
lyzziebeth_13 : I hate you 😭
hannahmiriam7 : Vegetable peeler?
kensey_lyn : She pulled it out of her purse and said "I have a vegetable peeler." We didn't really question it.
hannahmiriam7 - m_simpson31 - mere.paige - messyroommate -
Closet find #imgonnaberich #tybeaniebabies #tyteeniebeaniebabies #packrat
imgonnaberich - tyteeniebeaniebabies - packrat - tybeaniebabies -
camrachiq - turnette83 - jordanreloaded -
I never throw out anything... πŸ˜’ #packrat #vhs #80s #90s #movies
80s - 90s - packrat - vhs - movies -
catdaddy27 : Damm Do you have a A-Track player also Lol @burndownlove
burndownlove : @catdaddy27 I'm not THAT old! 😜
dante_masaki : The crowπŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ my fav!
soler999 : " I worry about you Bevy, I worry alot ! " hahahaha :P
feet_candid : Some good films there IT and Misery couple of my favs.
kcsfeet - maniiiamini - morteza1987e - thekinglovesfeet58 -
Blue Hawaii, as printed in Sunday's star-advertiser! #comic #bluehawaii #simon #packrat
comic - simon - bluehawaii - packrat -
mackpiejay - ssoo369 - hikaruharo - donnachadadaly -
An old dusty collection.... #packrat
packrat -
d_voe -
Grabbing our new Christmas tree out of the attic and I find Rachel's holiday clearance stash hiding up here in a dark corner. 52 rolls of wrapping paper @mrs_colin_young ??? Are you thinking of passing all this down to our grand kids one day??? #packrat #youvegotproblemstoots
youvegotproblemstoots - packrat -
leolily1981 : I am sure she paid next to none for them
mrs_colin_young : You know it @leolily1981 !!!
lauragalligan00 - leolily1981 - tay_shafee - sylvesca -
Received this #PartyProof matte #lipstick from #ModelCO in my #birchbox. The color is "get naked" and is a little too light for my skin tone. I love how it feels like I am wearing lip balm instead of lipstick. Great scent too! #SubscriptionAddiction #subscriptionboxes #LaurasLoot #BeautyFinds #beautyreviews #Beauty #MakeUp
laurasloot - subscriptionboxes - lipstick - beauty - birchbox - packrat - makeup - modelco - subscriptionaddiction - beautyfinds - beautyreviews - partyproof -
20manderz08 : I agree, I got the same one in my. I don't think the color is good. But I love the feel also
lauras_loot : @20manderz08 yeah I'm hoping with a little gloss over the top it will look better. I would hate to throw away a perfectly good tube just because it isn't the right color. #PackRat haha
20manderz08 : @lauras_loot I agree, maybe lip gloss will help, I was bummed that I didn't get one of the other colors but well see what happens. Is hate to have to get rid of it as well
boxomunch - carole.sadler.b - boxedlove - shelley_barrett -
Finally organized my jewelry, trying to curb my incessant messiness πŸ‘‘πŸ‘‘πŸ‘‘βŒšβŒšβŒšπŸ’πŸ’πŸ’#jewelry #organized #packrat #fashiondaily #prettythings #itlookssonicenow #allpinkandpurpleeverything #sparkle #glitter
fashiondaily - jewelry - packrat - organized - allpinkandpurpleeverything - sparkle - prettythings - itlookssonicenow - glitter -
caitelizbeth : I want your watch/bracelet stand! 😍
dkerrigan62 : Looking good πŸ‘
anne.henrietta : I'm doing THE SAME THING #urrySundayNite
marcusmonn - mcculloughjf86 - _kaylafornia_ - kellyfack -
Found this while cleaning my closet. Guess I am saving it in case I need to listen to a cd while jogging. #technology #timeshavechanged #packrat
timeshavechanged - packrat - technology -
aundreagwen : lol that's awesome
sydc228 - bonsnbosties182 - iboltlife - cayennechemist -
This painting of Slash that I found in the trash/scrap area of my studio building.. Right? #studio #packrat #foundKunst #foundArt #art #sundayPainting #sundayPainters #painting #artist
art - slash - artist - sundaypainters - packrat - foundkunst - studio - sundaypainting - foundart - painting -
robbstonestudio : Oh yeah, and #Slash
moxy232 - sweetjayne666 - mjdpics - bravomcqueen -
#nailpolish #organized #obsession #obsessed #packrat #colourful #rainbow
rainbow - colourful - obsession - obsessed - nailpolish - packrat - organized -
realkingsean : Nice photo
samsillcorp - realkingsean - kristy_leah - ionetclynes -
Remember the original Old Navy polar tech fleece vest? I do. #packrat
packrat -
ronaldstamant - mygardenrocks -
So I ripped this recipe out of a Cosmogirl about 14 years ago. Finally made it, and let me tell you, worth the wait! #packrat #masterprocrastinator
packrat - masterprocrastinator -
winston7913 : You better be bringing some today
sarahdougallshorter : @winston7913 I may have bagged a couple 😝
lynndougall : They were yummy!! Thank you Sarah! :)
jennymathy - jaymelknight - valentinesurf - menifeebikesmommyof3 -
Life in F206 is coming to an end... #newadventures #packrat
packrat - newadventures -
brookelongstreth : I loved that apartment πŸ’š
chandlerbrookshire - jennafitzwater - sammym1313 - mommy2phoebejo -
I found these while going through my boxes of things... I used to get random #handmade gifts from my internet friends :)
cute - packrat - monster - clandestine - felt - handmade - madewithlove - diy - toys - bats - stuffies - stuffedanimals - handstitched -
airporthugs : #monster #felt #handstitched #clandestine #bats #cute #stuffies #madewithlove #toys #stuffedanimals #diy #packrat
tender_1ya : this photo is so cool! β›Ί
sarahfawnbelle - mskimariewictoria - coburn2015 -
I am such a #packrat that I have a #cassette dupe of some Karen Finley record. The copy is probably from when I was an undergrad, but i remember seeing that shell design as a teen. I don't remember whose handwriting that is. I haven't owned a cassette player in 15 years. #longcaptions
packrat - cassette - longcaptions -
nekrobomb - graveyardorbit -
Wierd, creepy old key... no idea where it came from. Must of found it my travels. #packrat #stuff #cabinfever #sostrange
packrat - cabinfever - sostrange - stuff -
fuuntiik - kaynia_112312 - elliemoe -
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