Found a perfect #bluejay #feather in the yard just now. How pretty! Maybe I should start collecting all the feathers I find, but what to do with them? Don't want to be a #packrat.
feather - packrat - bluejay -
jennn_erator : Put them all in a frame with a pretty bird illustration kind of like the natural dye posters.
annakeckart : @jennn_erator hmmm, possibly, maybe... Good idea! :)
baojohnstone - jennn_erator - anna__jackson - nebjaminthor -
Road trips and prep = Boarder line inconvenient #alphamale #bcabba #bcbound #bodybuilding #cbbf #compprep #contestprep #cantstopwontstop #fitfam #fitspo #fitness #fitcouples #fitnessaddict #ifbb #igers #instah #ignation #instafit #igfitness #mensphysique #swfc2014 #packrat #holysuppsbud #ithinkweshouldtakethetruck #fitpeopleproblems @kimbellaella
fitpeopleproblems - fitfam - packrat - fitcouples - bcbound - contestprep - igers - bodybuilding - instah - fitspo - mensphysique - swfc2014 - bcabba - fitnessaddict - cbbf - igfitness - cantstopwontstop - holysuppsbud - fitness - compprep - ifbb - alphamale - ithinkweshouldtakethetruck - ignation - instafit -
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#itsawrap #superPa #ezmoney #trucklife #packrat
ezmoney - trucklife - itsawrap - packrat - superpa -
hashtag_patron : You on yah way
iriechild9 - drewski718 - nickbibs - imsippin -
Here is a chunk of my "Life's a Collage" wall before I dismantle it to move. Featuring: 1) A Rodman collage I created with Printshop and a newspaper clipping in 1995 2) A self-portrait painting by @jerrythethird 3) My passport with stamps from over 20 countries in 10 years 4) A ticket from the 10th time I saw Dylan perform live 5) Pictures of @oh_sherita @clmcc14 @abbiht @jbruns44 @amymnicholson @jerrythethird @shawnalynelle @anturkar, and my late pug, Scrunchy 6) E.T. given to me by @lwolds9 for my 30th bday 7) A sticker by one of my favorite artists, @sgstucky 8) 2 "Constabulary Notes From All Over" via various New Yorker magazines 9) A green notecard that says "you are nice" from a boy in an elementary school library 10) A fortune that has a great quote by Einstein about how gravitation is not responsible for people falling in love 11) A double exposure of my parents in my dad's dorm room from 1974 (40 years ago) 12) a 1973 photo of my dad pretending to me a fountain on the UCLA campus 13) a dwarf planet (aka Pluto) 14) a bottle opener keychain advertising my favorite local Chicago band, Kangaroo- @andyrdow, @devongoddammit, @rtasch 15) "Love who you love no matter what" patch from #MynaBirds show @emptybottle 16) a picture portrait of my Holocaust survivor friend that I took before leaving NYC in 2005 17) a calendar page from @glanderson's soph English class that says "Here in the stillness of snow falling on snow --Taneda Santoka" 18) a Dove chocolate wrapper that says "Renew your sense of discovery" 19) part of a photo of that time I hand fed elephants at an elephant sanctuary in Thailand 20) part of a photo of that time @amymnicholson @lisacnicholson & i found ourselves on a wooden boat in Cambodia and there was only water and sky 21) a 1998 photo of my 3 amigos in front of Woodfield mall, only one of which has Instagram- @peterjohnberg 22) a "We Still Read" bumper sticker from a bookstore in Asheville, NC, which I finally went to last year, after they had carried a magazine I helped create with @abbyechurchill @elizabethsuman @ashleighraephoto in college 23) The Phantom Tollbooth - one of my faves, still as an adult #librarian
photographs - love - life - packrat - art - mylife - mynabirds - thisislife - dontwanttotakeitdown - ephemera - remembrance - photobooth - home - summation - librarian - friends - archive - thisismywallpaper - memories - travel - archivist - nostalgic - collage - memory - remembereverything - picturesofpictures - alysesarchive -
alysesuzanne : #collage #art #thisismywallpaper #thisislife #mylife #nostalgic #ephemera #home #friends #love #travel #packrat #remembereverything #remembrance #memory #memories #alysesarchive #archive #archivist #dontwanttotakeitdown #photographs #picturesofpictures #photobooth #life #summation
chigrl1 : Where are you guys moving?!?!?
alysesuzanne : @chigrl1 just 5 min away haha- Haddon & Rockwell- since I just got a full-time job (and jer already has one) we can't hold up our end of the bargain in our free-rent situation, so we're on our own now :)
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This vintage bandage was the only thing I could find for my booboo. Does anyone remember the bird thing's name? #grimace #packrat
packrat - grimace -
nwozapopo - rudefbaby_iosl - shesabeauty_yo -
Really bad at getting rid of stuff #packrat!!! #teamhatemoving
packrat - teamhatemoving -
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Going to try n clean out Caydance's art cabinet while she is gone. Wish me luck!!! #packrat #mess #art #6yearold
mess - 6yearold - packrat - art -
fitfinderworkouts : Nice image.
bates530 - fitfinderworkouts - tessabate - breleigh02 -
I might be addicted to #altoids or it could my #packrat heritage.
packrat - altoids -
newby_j : Somehow I did not inherit much of that. Thankfully
rlnewby : @newby_j your hot wheels collection is a fine example of it :p
newby_j - temporizes -
Well we HAD the old tractor running.....back to the drawing board #onfire #packrat #nest #whoops
onfire - nest - packrat - whoops -
capturedcreative - hziggy4 - presto_k - b.neiman -
All packed! Okay, NOW I'm getting nervous... #caponationals #3daysout #packrat #equipped #gearwhore #travellingwhenyouliftrawiseasier #yesipackedthekitchensink
packrat - 3daysout - equipped - yesipackedthekitchensink - caponationals - travellingwhenyouliftrawiseasier - gearwhore -
bigalkissick : Wheres your gear? not enough bags!
samantha_orth : I'm looking forward to meeting you & seeing you compete ! Going to be insane !
benchbabe_ : @bigalkissick they're pretty big bags... the bottom bag is big enough to fit me lol. Also, I am the Tetris master ;)
benchbabe_ : @samantha_orth ahhh thanks, no pressure lol... Looking forward to meeting you too!
powernugget : See you soon @benchbabe_ :)!!
benchbabe_ : @powernugget might see u at the airport in the morning :)
joshtuna - koas6666 - jessi_davis - powernugget -
#packrat #antiproduct #neverbeavictim
neverbeavictim - packrat - antiproduct -
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Look what I found while cleaning and organizing!!! #blastfromthepast #spicegirls #memories #cleaning #packrat
spicegirls - memories - packrat - cleaning - blastfromthepast -
diegocostaoliveira - itsgabriellima - kimberleelnq - doreenrgtl -
#turntbacktuesday! Going through my closet.. Found these old #mac #cds... These are over 10 years old lmao! #packrat #hnl #nyc before playlists there were CDs! @gerrique @dorothypumpkintitszbornak @mamab @lyly808 @eddddddd "ooh ah oh wow #alamoana!!"
mac - alamoana - turntbacktuesday - cds - nyc - packrat - hnl -
bradford_knight : @kanaenyc I may be on one or two of those.
eddddddd : Wowzahh!!
mamab : Whoa , so old !
lyly808 : OMG!! I remember those!!! Can't believe u still have those!!! Awesome!! Lol
33pip : I remember creating CDs for theme days!! Throwback!!
gerrique : And you can't even play the cd right? New laptop no CD player
thebodyofart : Oh My God!!!! #iremember
33pip - maidenseoul - hannaholic - jamiekevlin -
Thought of using this old pencil pouch. Been walking around with it for days. Then I flipped it over. Wow...i haven't used this since I loved J.K. and wondered what jesus would do. #whoops first clue should have been the ancient jelly roll pens i dumped out of it. #oldasdirt #packrat
oldasdirt - whoops - packrat -
shellyboomboom : #golions!
javinknisely : Awh erin I love you too!
erindankness : Oh honey, you probably weren't even born yet! @javinknisely haha
afortioritools - melfry2001 - shellyboomboom -
I'm a pack-rat, a collector, everything is a treasure sayer, story teller, magic lover, knick nack displayin', bowls of curiosity maker, keeper of stuff sort of person!!! .... I could tell you the story behind each piece. Which has strengthened my memorizing abilities. If you can't tell? This is a huge bowl, with another bowl inside of it. Of course.
magic - things - packrat - peepingtom - lol - bonecollector - toomuchstuff - creeper -
thesoulsquote : #bonecollector #magic #toomuchstuff #packrat #things
thesoulsquote : #creeper #peepingtom #lol
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One of our two storage rooms. What a mess but who knows what useful things I may find here #packrat#storage#home#mess
mess - home - packrat - storage -
clemenciaqlaquanda - shaamy786 - larly__ - marco_stoller -
How to Move An Armoire, Step 1: Pile on the #Swag (#PackRat)
swag - packrat -
jacsarnecki : Bewbs
michelezerbe : @jacsarnecki bewbs and bling! haha
jacsarnecki - slaterslade55 - rayadeluna - corbin_sanders -
I thought I'd cleaned out everything from high school.... Why do I still have stuff from planning? #grade10 #memories #cleanup #letitgo #neverfinished
cleanup - grade10 - neverfinished - overachiever - memories - packrat - letitgo - cuzimaliterarygenius -
vegan_home_slice : Dude I just found a shit ton of stuff from grade 8-10
cfielding14 : @vegan_home_slice I swear it never completely leaves. Although I realized this particular situation isn't so bad since it was all in the folder of stuff I had to do grad transitions. I probably have stuff from those years at my mums though #packrat
vegan_home_slice : Yeah I kept the planning stuff for grad transitions but why do I still have bio notes...
cfielding14 : @vegan_home_slice why do I still have math notes and half done assignments from classes in grade 9? Why do I still have grad trans stuff a year past? Why can't I get rid of my writing assignments? #cuzimaliterarygenius #overachiever
vegan_home_slice : I purposely keep angsty English pieces to remind me of how badass I am. Everything else? Idk.
123maddy5 - kittycatchiara - crm0443 - delawareprinthouse -
Here's to the start to my new room #help#cleanup#dust#moving today #snlankets#packrat
snlankets - cleanup - moving - help - dust - packrat -
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Unpacking my weekender bag to find the most random assortment of essentials(/shit): @3DWhite Strips, @nourishsnacks & @veuveclicquot (obvi?) πŸ˜¬πŸ˜‚πŸ‘ #hoarder #packrat πŸ€
hoarder - packrat -
jessannkirby : Random or perfectly strategic? Booze. Document. Nourishment. Refresh. Conceal. Repeat. πŸ™Œ
enh410 : @jessannkirby I like the way you think!! πŸ˜‰ #awesome
jessannkirby : πŸ‘Š @enh410
pineapplesandcoffeecups : Love it all.
rennee_berryy : Cool
sashasteele : @veuveclicquot is the best! #yellowlabel
eatpraywearlove : πŸ‘
imperadoraroque : β™₯β™₯
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Cleaning my closet found my first digital camera.... Wow we've come a long way! #packrat#electronicshorder#oldschool#camera#stillworks
electronicshorder - oldschool - camera - stillworks - packrat -
demetriamlinsey - karimcnatt - jennharv3 - justemilyrose -
Time for a break .... :( I never knew I had that much junk in my room Smh..... I wish someone would just move my stuff and throw anything that I didn't need away for me.... :(( #packrat
packrat -
joanna_vasquez9 : I love you!πŸ™ˆπŸ’•
omgitsjonnybro : Awe love you too sister !
omgitsjonnybro : @joanna_vasquez9
katyannross - joelz_fa5 - juliuscesar101 - dianagcayala -
2 more til 50 CDs. #metal #cds #collection #packrat #dontjudgeme
dontjudgeme - packrat - metal - collection - cds -
dulcesayssweet - little._.lexie - palefacejaymee - idiot.anyssa -
Time for another closet purge... this is just my dress collection. Excluding maxi dresses. I admit, I have a problem. #shopaholic #packrat #toomany #oopsie
toomany - packrat - shopaholic - oopsie -
fourinhand : You call that tiny amount a problem, @reddstilletto ?!? πŸ˜„πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Looks like a nice collection.
reddstilletto : Hahaha thanks @fourinhand! Perhaps my problem is not too many dresses but too small of a closet....
fourinhand : Correct. That, is the spirit dear @reddstilletto πŸ˜„
reddstilletto : Where am I going to find this magical closet, @fourinhand?? D:
fourinhand : Hmm, that will take some research.. πŸ˜„ I know mine is taken at least πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ But, I think that you, little lady, will do fine via a trip to IKEA πŸ˜„ As I agreed on, when I recently talked to this amazing and sweet canadian woman I know, wearing this beautiful yollowish checkered shirt today... Just you wait until the day you reach our age. Then, you'll know what a true lack pf enough closet space, will be like πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Take care Emily.
cillalandry - jessicaoco - jscha181 - daniellekayla -
"Packrat Hat" --the Arizona desert packrat creates a giant rat's nest from the stuff, natural or man-made, that it collects from the vicinity in which it lives. Sadly, some humans called "hoarders" exhibit the same genetic flaw. #paulewing #zvuchno #digitalart #dubble #dubbleapp #computerart #hat #rocks #packrat #psychology #psychedelic #insane #insanity #madhatter #шляпа #искусство #крыса
insane - packrat - искусство - insanity - шляпа - dubble - computerart - paulewing - digitalart - zvuchno - madhatter - psychology - rocks - dubbleapp - крыса - psychedelic - hat -
zoyanst - dianalucius - meganrene88 - rohitluosiran -
After one week, these are the keepers. I suck at this. #packrat #ineedtobuymoreboxes
packrat - ineedtobuymoreboxes -
daralstern : Just buy a bigger bookshelf!
elizasuerose - kris427 - erinjt48 - ajurbanedge -
Think I can let this one go? New Teacher Orientation dated October 2003. #teacherprobs #packrat
teacherprobs - packrat -
preppedandpolished1 -
Lol of all the pamphlets to find! Furbish-English dictionary! #furby #antique #vintage #packrat #language
antique - furby - packrat - language - vintage -
gvukojev - aimeeeliseawesome - casewithme99 - greatorexgal -
Nope, I haven't changed careers. I'm spending my day off cleaning Cade Ethan's bedroom while he's away at church camp and yes it does require a mask, quiet possibly a full suit πŸ˜”If you don't see any posts in the next few day come check on me lol. #hedoesntgetmyloveofcleaning #wheredoesitallcomefrom #packrat #cleanlinessisnexttogodliness ☺️
wheredoesitallcomefrom - packrat - cleanlinessisnexttogodliness - hedoesntgetmyloveofcleaning -
hollycford : 😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝
jenn_b117 - hollycford - jtullier33 - januaryhartrizzo -
It appears that one must stay hydrated while packing... But one must also never finish the last sip of water or thrown anything away apparently... #hotmess #smartwater #aquafina #bdcwaterbottle #packrat #highqualityh2o #IDONTWANTTOPACKANYMORE
hotmess - highqualityh2o - idontwanttopackanymore - packrat - aquafina - smartwater - bdcwaterbottle -
maddysilver : Keep packing!!!! Come back to us!!!
pamratliff51 - amber_nicole_g - msluhmanxoxo - shereennn -
when everything you own is overtly #vintage the process of packing stuff up is actually really adorable... #moving #packrat #thriftstorejunkie
vintage - packrat - moving - thriftstorejunkie -
jordylg92 - alisonroseingrid - millsabee - xknightwolfx -
방배동 νŒ©λž«μ—λŠ” μŠ€μœ„μŠ€μ½” μΉ«μ†”λ„μžˆκ³  λ§ˆμš°μŠ€λŸ¬κ·Έλ„μžˆκ³  주인μž₯ @zeenkmo 이 직접 λ§Œλ“  수제 λ·”λˆ„λ„ μžˆλ‹€. λΉ„λˆ„ ν›„κΈ°λŠ” 곧!πŸ™ #packrat #echo park surf squad #swissco
packrat - swissco - echo -
packrat_store : πŸ™Œ
editormj - mynameis_han - packrat_store - lamylovers -
Good times with @rockytheriot #freedrinks #sundayluck #luckybuddh abeer #edc #packrat #swindle #challengecoin #ruffedupruffian
edc - ruffedupruffian - sundayluck - packrat - challengecoin - luckybuddh - freedrinks - swindle -
edxmusic - davranov - igers.fame - rockytheriot -
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