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@afinefrenzy's photo-a-day challenge for today was #sun. I went a little unconventional... the bright sunny face of a #sunflower. #affphotoaday #windsofwander #flower #flowertherapy #pastormacsannflowers #pa_photoaday2012
pastormacsannflowers - flower - sunflower - pa_photoaday2012 - sun - windsofwander - flowertherapy - affphotoaday -
mumma_to_7 : Beautiful!
nicklinheap : ✨💓✨👏✨☀✨
mimiwings : So amazing Ann!!☀🌻☀
sweetanlo - markryderphotography -
Playing a bit of catch-up for @afinefrenzy's photo-a-day this week. Seemed like too much fun not to play. Here is #yellow. #affphotoaday #windsofwander #flower #flowertherapy #lotus
windsofwander - flower - flowertherapy - lotus - affphotoaday - yellow -
modchik : Gorgeous
theselivingseas : It is fun! Gets the brain activity going, at least for me :) very pretty!
mimiwings : Love this luscious pic💛
karlaarcher : gorgeous!!!
woodbridgeoc - kristie_michele_art - cut3_quotes -
Ready for my #closeup. #flowertherapy for #photoadayjune #pa_photoaday2012 #flowers
pastormacsannflowers - simplyhdr - shockinghdr - pa_photoaday2012 - photoadayjune - closeup - flowertherapy - shockmypic - flowers - unitedbyedit -
pastormacsann : #simplyhdr #shockmypic #shockinghdr #unitedbyedit #pastormacsannflowers
luapajean : Your edits are really making these beauties shine. 👏👏👏
nattysxm : Beautiful Ann
sakim610 - sweetanlo - theselivingseas - ratchanoo -
#empty. #20daysofmundane #green #photoadayjune
photoadayjune - pa_photoaday2012 - green - 20daysofmundane - empty -
pastormacsann : #pa_photoaday2012
mettemaia - yopiesuryadi - r4ka - basti_go_pro -
This picture should come with a soundtrack. Wish you could hear what I hear. A chorus of birdie "good mornings." #newhomework20 #simplyhdr #shockmypic #shockinghdr #unitedbyedit #tree
simplyhdr - shockinghdr - pa_photoaday2012 - shockmypic - newhomework20 - junephotoaday - tree - photoadayjune - unitedbyedit - morning -
pastormacsann : #morning #pa_photoaday2012 #junephotoaday
pastormacsann : #photoadayjune
karlaarcher - daletmccrory - holaka181 - seviant -
Something I do everyday... drive someone somewhere. Always. #mayphotoaday #pa_photoaday2012 #sunset #nmsky #clouds #cloudtherapy #annscloudtherapy #somethingidoeveryday
clouds - pa_photoaday2012 - nmsky - annscloudtherapy - sunset - somethingidoeveryday - mayphotoaday - cloudtherapy -
theselivingseas : I bet you do a lot of driving 
shoners - ashleigh_mattei - musiccityace - ryanbockhold -
#mayphotoaday - A smell I adore: #honeysuckle. My mom had a honeysuckle bush in the yard when we were kids; I remember she outside on summer evenings watering it. It smelled so lovely and sweet. #pa_photoaday2012 #asmelliadore #flowers #flowertherapy #pastormacsannflowers
pastormacsannflowers - mayphotoaday - flowertherapy - pa_photoaday2012 - honeysuckle - flowers - asmelliadore -
momhugzz : Lovely story. Mmmm, can nearly smell the sweet scent! 😊
blessedwithgrace : I love the smell of honeysuckle as well. Reminds me of being a kid, playing in out backyard.
mimiwings : So wonderful!! But did you ever pull out the stem and taste the nectar? Happy childhood memories😍
pastormacsann : @mimiwings How funny you should mention it! I was just showing my kids how to do that today! I used to do that all the time as a kid too!
freshcold - ashleigh_mattei - 1emilyjo -
As a photographer and as a friend, he inspires & challenges me to see things differently. (and he graciously provided me with this fantastic sp). Thank you, Mike. @sumsion #someonewhoinspiresme #mayphotoaday #pa_photoaday2012 #itsana_family #someonewhoinspiresyou
someonewhoinspiresme - itsana_family - someonewhoinspiresyou - mayphotoaday - pa_photoaday2012 -
sumsion : Thank you Ann. You're very kind. Thank you.
momhugzz : Happiness just flows from his eyes! Fabulous again, Ann! 👏👏
nattysxm : Yes i agree! Keep on smiling Mike @sumsion
theselivingseas : He is pretty awesome 
nataliejanette - littlecoal - woodbridgeoc - jenntofriends -
Even a small candle can drive out the darkness. Be a light. #me #mayphotoaday #pa_photoaday2012 #sp #selfie #selfportrait #candle
me - mayphotoaday - pa_photoaday2012 - selfportrait - candle - selfie - sp -
mimiwings : So cool!! 💙✨
littlecoal : "Light up the sky, You light up the sky to show that You are with me." -The Afters "Light Up the Sky" Great shot and caption.
midborn - ashleigh_mattei - moshow_old_account - mattykevs -
Had my #mayphotoaday for #bird all ready and then forgot to post it. My Birdie. He is a peach-faced lovebird and almost nine years go we adopted him because he was a "stray" who flew into our lives from who knows where. I never imagined having a bird for a pet but now I couldn't imagine life without him. He's very very sweet. #lovebird #pa_photoaday2012
lovebird - mayphotoaday - bird - pa_photoaday2012 -
mjp2 : We had a Quaker too! He learned the theme song for Cops, "Bad bird, bad bird. Watcha gonna do when they come for you."
momhugzz : Awe❤!! We had a Cockatiel. Loved him & our kids & Al too. But, I was with him the most. Would 🎶sing (of key!), he'd hear Al say: My Arn, Anne Marie, & I'd say: Pretty Bird every morning! I was scrubbing the kitchen floor & humming to the smell of bleach! And...🎶Pretty Bird & Arn....flowed! He said so many words. Miss him so. Love this picture, Ann. 💚💛❤
bookwormtwo : He sure looks sweet! I never wanted birds cuz I knew nothing about them nor knew anyone with birds. Boy, did I turn out to be quite the bird lady. But who knew such a small creature could steal my heart away?
mimiwings : Aw😍so precious!!
moriithiitha - winks_ru - irisheggtart - sirreal -
Something I wore... well, I didn't exactly wear it because it's huge & bubblegum pink. But here with my oldest son who is dancing. So proud. #mayphotoaday
mayphotoaday - pa_photoaday2012 -
pastormacsann : #pa_photoaday2012
nattysxm : Wow how cool
luvmykatydid : Somehow can't see you wearing bubblegum pink.
bonggamom : You can rock the pink!
ashleigh_mattei - kristie_michele_art - jenntofriends - sweetanlo -
Let's jet. #clouds #sky #jet #skystyles_gf #skystyles_airborne_001
skystyles_airborne_001 - sky - clouds - jet - skystyles_gf -
pastormacsann : @recoveringmusician Thanks!
pastormacsann : @momhugzz Thank you, friend.
pastormacsann : @theselivingseas I don't know, Jules. Whereya think? Anywhere you want to go, you choose.
laetitiaguichard : @pastormacsann don t hesitate to suscribe my photos :-)
ashleigh_mattei - kajarsunde - jonz1988 - debbiejayne -
Somewhere I went today? I went for a walk. #aprilphotoaday #pa_photoaday2012 #sky #nmsky #clouds #cloudtherapy #annscloudtherapy #pa_photoaday2012 #sandiamts
sandiamts - clouds - pa_photoaday2012 - pa_cloudphotoaday2012 - sky - annscloudtherapy - nmsky - cloudtherapy - aprilphotoaday -
pastormacsann : #pa_cloudphotoaday2012
mandamus73 - scorpioerik - ryanbockhold -
Oh, I've missed the flowers. Like old friends who have returned from a winter away. Welcome back, my friends! You cheer my heart to see you.
pastormacsannflowers - pink - aprilphotoaday - flowertherapy - pa_photoaday2012 -
pastormacsann : #flowertherapy #aprilphotoaday #pastormacsannflowers #pa_photoaday2012 #pink.
momhugzz : Agreed!! Beautiful!!! 💜
aliyaqooob - apryl - rainydaydiamonds - kloveless -
Quietness. #sunset #aprilphotoaday #pa_photoaday2012
pa_cloudphotoaday2012 - aprilphotoaday - sunset - pa_photoaday2012 -
lisalisabug : Beautiful
momhugzz : Quiet? May I move in, please?!
momhugzz : Looks so incredibly tranquil...💙💙
pastormacsann : #pa_cloudphotoaday2012
ashleigh_mattei - topf - dthanawat -
#aprilphotoaday #pa_photoaday2012 How I feel... drained, spent, empty. #cappuccino #coffee
coffee - aprilphotoaday - cappuccino - pa_photoaday2012 -
woodbridgeoc : Rest. Court good health.
nattysxm : Hope u feel energized soon
relish : 😔
isisdazzles : Oh what a feeling 😔... Awesome photo though! 💗
kristie_michele_art - sumsion -
Would you look what I found today? My old #nikon EM. Makes me want to get a roll of film and take her out for a spin. (something I found for #aprilphotoaday #pa_photoaday2012) #camera
nikon - camera - aprilphotoaday - pa_photoaday2012 -
kristie_michele_art : Do it! I have 3 rolls done and one to finish. It's so fun!
grammy1 : ;). Sure like things now though
ashleigh_mattei - kristie_michele_art - dianawrote -
The Loretto Chapel. Santa Fe, NM. When was completed in 1878, there was no way to access the choir loft twenty-two feet above. Not uncommon of chapels of the time, when priests used ladders to climb into the lofts. But since Loretto was run by nuns, a staircase was needed. The chapel is too small for a conventional staircase. The sisters prayed for an answer. Legend has it that a mysterious carpenter appeared and with only a hammer, saw, T-square and buckets of hot water for shaping the wood created the miraculous structure. Months later, the staircase was completed and the carpenter disappeared without pay or thanks. The stairway confounds architects, engineers and master craftsmen. It makes over two complete 360-degree turns, stands 20’ tall and has no center support. It rests solely on its base and against the choir loft. The risers of the 33 steps are all of the same height. Made of an apparently extinct wood species, it was constructed with only square wooden pegs without glue or nails. When finished, the staircase had no handrails. The banister and balusters were added ten years later. It really is an amazing structure. #stairs #staircase #pa_photoaday2012 #santafe #lorettostaircase
lorettostaircase - staircase - pa_photoaday2012 - backstory - aprilphotoaday - stairs - santafe -
pastormacsann : #aprilphotoaday
mimiwings : 😱that is just amazing!! So beautiful!! I love that #backstory❤🙏
pastormacsann : #backstory
msflowerz : @00justinm00 this is amazing
tonga_rhythm - hany_aziz - ashleigh_mattei - jumpin_julie -
Today, I had breakfast at one of my favorite little places, so bright and fresh and cheerful. Great food and a mean #cappuccino. #coffee #coffeeclock #aprilphotoaday #whereihadbreakfast #pa_photoaday2012
coffee - cappuccino - coffeeclock - pa_photoaday2012 - whereihadbreakfast - aprilphotoaday -
ashleigh_mattei : Mmm. This looks great!! ☕
apryl : mmm mmmm mmmmmm!
bonggamom : A work of art!
mimiwings : Yummy😍
ecclark76 - apryl - ashleigh_mattei -
Hit a slump. Just so little energy to post anything. But I'm going to try to catch up on my #aprilphotoaday #pa_photoaday2012 and see if that helps. “Every man has his secret sorrows which the world knows not; and often times we call a man cold when he is only sad.” Henry Wadsworth Longfellow. #cold #snow #bw #bandwanyday
aprilphotoaday - bw - pa_photoaday2012 - cold - bandwanyday - snow -
raeraebaby : ❤❤❤
theselivingseas : I have felt like that so often! Wonderful and true quote. Is that recent snow?
pastormacsann : @theselivingseas Not too recent, but from our last one this spring.
pastormacsann : @tishamattei @apryl @raeraebaby thanks, friends.
josh_morales - gabrielkoelho - mesh71 - howposhmustwemosh -
If gotten a bit behind on my #aprilphotoaday (#pa_photoaday2012). This is what's in my wallet - I don't carry a wallet or purse. Just these. #bw #bandwanyday #bwwednesday
bandwanyday - bw - aprilphotoaday - bwwednesday - pa_photoaday2012 -
mandamus73 - sakim610 - kristie_michele_art - roxsandloveszumba -
We adventure together. #aprilphotoaday #pa_photoaday2012 #shadow #kingbearbear
shadow - aprilphotoaday - kingbearbear - pa_photoaday2012 -
millicentg : Sweet
theselivingseas : 
suzorsooze - ensangrizada - kristie_michele_art - princessmomof4 -
My #lunch for #aprilphotoaday. Bacon green chile #cheeseburger. Was amazing. #pa_photoaday2012
lunch - aprilphotoaday - cheeseburger - pa_photoaday2012 -
pastormacsann : @michellewegner It's not too spicy. 😄
pastormacsann : @mimiwings I'd eat one for breakfast if they were only open that early. 😉
pastormacsann : @apryl It's a good thing they're not close.
mjp2 : That looks amazing!
rising_dawn2004 - danimariegill - nowhereme - ashleigh_mattei -
I don't know who took this picture. But I can tell you that this is what I saw the very first time I laid eyes on my Ethiopian princess, Hiwot. Her name means "life" and you can see, like I did, when you look at this photo, that she is overflowing with life. And 5 years later, the same is true. #tiny #aprilphotoaday #pa_photoaday2012
aprilphotoaday - pa_photoaday2012 - tiny -
apryl : beautiful
momhugzz : I see LOVE❤...& you to tend to nurture more growth. Great job mommy!!
ssspooky : Such a beauty!
theselivingseas : Precious!
josh_morales - drewmac - jganley3 - nebulacat -
#pastormac. His expression here totally cracks me up. Someone who makes me happy. Ridiculously happy. (got a bit behind on my #aprilphotoaday & #pa_photoaday2012)
aprilphotoaday - pastormac - pa_photoaday2012 -
mimiwings : Awesome pic!!
pastormacsann : @mimiwings thank you, Mandy!
pastormacsann : #pastormac
grammy1 : You guys are really in love!
mumma_to_7 - relish - hany_aziz - sumsion -
Got this precious little #origami crane in the #mail from my IG friend @earl52. He folded it special just for me and inscribed a blessing in the wing. Doesn't get more special than that. Earl has made it his goal to fold 1000 paper cranes and give them away, just to encourage others. I think that's pretty amazing. And I'm glad to be counted among his 1000. #aprilphotoaday
origami - aprilphotoaday - mail -
hcreatives : That's awesome! ✨🙏✨ @earl52
sundaystilwell : That is absolutely beautiful! Kudos to @earl52!
momhugzz : That is a blessing you are holding. Tedious love.
mimiwings : So very special💚
copcokino - relish - mettemaia - kristie_michele_art -
"Daffodils, That come before the swallow dares, and take The winds of March with beauty." ~ William Shakespeare. #flowers #daffodils #flowertherapy #yellow
pastormacsannflowers - aprilphotoaday - pa_photoaday2012 - color - colour - yellow - daffodils - flowertherapy - flowers -
pastormacsann : #pastormacsannflowers #aprilphotoaday #colour #color
mimiwings : So lovely!
pastormacsann : #pa_photoaday2012
chippychip - mandamus73 -
A #reflection.
pastormacsannskids - reflection - pa_photoaday2012 - sweetanlo - 1sondaniel - sweetly95 - aprilphotoaday - pastormacsannkids - pastormacsann -
sweetanlo : That's an old one!
pastormacsann : #pa_photoaday2012 #aprilphotoaday #pastormacsannkids #sweetanlo #sweetly95 #1sondaniel #pastormacsann
theselivingseas : So fun!
pastormacsann : #pastormacsannskids
kristie_michele_art - mandamus73 - sirreal -
Where I relax... #marchphotoaday #pa_photoaday2012 #pa_cloudphotoaday2012
pa_cloudphotoaday2012 - marchphotoaday - pa_photoaday2012 -
renzorf - nowmostdffrnt - sakim610 -
This is #Domo and behind him, #WeeNinja. A #toy for #marchphotoaday. #pa_photoaday2012
weeninja - toy - marchphotoaday - pa_photoaday2012 - domo -
optimista : I love Domo!!!
andyseve - renzorf - mollymcelenney - woodbridgeoc -
"Before you criticize someone, walk a mile in his shoes. Then when you do criticize that person, you'll be a mile away and have his shoes. #feet #marchphotoaday
feet - pastormacsannskids - marchphotoaday - pastormac - pa_photoaday2012 -
pastormacsann : #pastormacsannskids #pa_photoaday2012 #pastormac
mimiwings : 😂😂😂 great quote & cute pic!!👣👣
hany_aziz - millicentg - mumma_to_7 -
My 14 yr. old son, #1sondaniel, started this little diorama, got frustrated and threw it all away. I was happy to fish the pieces out of the #trash and later when he found I had saved it, he completed the project. I love it. It might have been trash for a few minutes, but it didn't belong there.
1sondaniel - trash -
emilyrebeccalovegrove : Love how you rescued it! Children are harsh judges of themselves. It's impressive.
rainydaydiamonds : That is an amazing piece!
kzoomoo : Beautiful!
mimiwings : That is so great! Nice save mom😍
mumma_to_7 - yeranofficial - mandamus73 -
My #name. See if you can find it. #marchphotoaday
coffee - bandwanyday - name - pa_photoaday2012 - bethys_coffee_wall - bw - marchphotoaday - blackandwhite -
pastormacsann : #pa_photoaday2012 @bethy_b #bethys_coffee_wall #bw #bandwanyday #blackandwhite #coffee
bethy_b : LOL now that I knew I was supposed to find it... It took a min 😂😂
fatdaddyal : Lol, aren't you the tricky one!
aka_miami - the_gummy_bear_king - alexwittscheck - josh_morales -
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