Shuriken (@shurikensjoint)​ puts his board to the test with this massive ollie in SD! See more new Shuriken footage here👉 @strangenotes #SantaCruzSkateboards
santacruzskateboards -
bruninhoo.lopes : I love that sound!
tuso_carlos : Olliesinho @oviniciusselbach @mcmatheusinhomv
bedozm8t : Nailed it @brownsmacleod
vika206 : Fuck dude!!! Thats next to Azteca @jvbie @adam.madruga @lifted_s14
mvallejo93 : @larrry_g goals when I get my board
_f0zzy_ : @_joe.a_
akfohtysem : @bobralta kaboom
bobralta : Fuck yeah @akfohtysem
movalbombers - _face_value_ - oj_squeased - ricardosousa601 -
decided to get back at it after so long. sure am stoked to try it out asap. :) #skateboarding #skateboard #p2skateboards #flipskateboards #destructotrucks #spitfire #jart #stoked #skatelife
skatelife - p2skateboards - stoked - skateboard - destructotrucks - flipskateboards - spitfire - skateboarding - jart -
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Anyone else had this problem? #skateboarding #skateboard #skatelife #vans #catalogoarmonica #skate #thrasher #thrashermagazine #levisthrasher #vert #skateordie #skatephoto #snakingcommando #lasaskatepark #bowl_a_rama #sk8ordie #skateevrydamnday #fura #lakaitester #skating
skating - skatelife - vans - skatephoto - vert - skateevrydamnday - thrashermagazine - fura - skate - skateboarding - lasaskatepark - levisthrasher - bowl_a_rama - p2 - p2skateboards - lakaitester - catalogoarmonica - thrasher - skateordie - skateboard - snakingcommando - sk8ordie -
picklewing : #p2
picklewing : #p2skateboards
doobiedony : What board is that
doobiedony : P2 isn't for vert
picklewing : I don't skate vert
picklewing : @doobiedony
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#skateboarding #skating #skater #instaskater #sk8 #sk8er #sk8ing #sk8ordie #photooftheday #board #instagood #wheels #skateanddestroy #skateeverydamnday #skatespot #skaterguy #skatepark #skateboard #skatelife #zeroskateboards #spitfirewheels #thundertrucks #zeroordie #p2skateboards
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oldskoolpunk : Yep :3
zerothekid : That's the overall best setup right there 😍😍
oldskoolpunk : Yeah, it hurts that some day my setup Will die :/
baibouf : Yo how are p2's i wanna get one but i wanna know if they r worth it
oldskoolpunk : @baibouf as you may know p2 skatrboards have a layer of kevlar wich causes more life to your board and a "spring loaded pop" Its totally worth but Its almost the dame thing as an old fashioned way 7- ply but try to buy one they're good!
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Come in and check out some of our new skateboard decks, wheels, trucks & longboards #PlanB #P2Skateboards #VentureTrucks #Bones100 #MoreThanJustASkateshop
venturetrucks - p2skateboards - planb - bones100 - morethanjustaskateshop -
thenotouriousj.o.e : Sheckler@toptier
thenotouriousj.o.e : How much is the deck @toptier_skateshop
toptier_skateshop : Deck is $70 @asvp_joey23
bam_otw : @toptier_skateshop still got that grip? I wanna come by for it today
toptier_skateshop : Yea @bam_otw
baibouf : Yo how are p2's i wanna get one but i wanna know if they r worth it
doobiedony : @baibouf I hear they're very worth it. Sheckler backs p2. He says hell never go back to a regular board. And everyone on the team of the FLIP company is skating them.
zeus_od : @michael_r3d
ivanwair - queen.koke - ski_ski_ski_ - dannydce -
New wood. #skateboarding #skateboard #theeve #theeveisallyouneed #spitfireformulafour #spitfirewheels #planbskateboards #ryansheckler #p2technology #p2skateboards
planbskateboards - spitfireformulafour - theeveisallyouneed - spitfirewheels - skateboarding - skateboard - p2skateboards - theeve - p2technology - ryansheckler - theeveforayear -
bmcsteve : @kaminvegas yeah dude. I dont buy into gimmicks but the board really does have insane pop. Very noticeable over a regular 7ply
baibouf : Yo how are p2's i wanna get one but i wanna know if they r worth it
bmcsteve : @baibouf they're really good decks. Unfortubately I didnt like the shape of the plan b board but the p2 technology was great. It actually does have more pop. I would suggest looking at the Flip or Creature p2 decks from the NHS website
baibouf : @bmcsteve oh like what about about the shape cause i wanted this exact board expect the Felipe one
baibouf : @peyton.roth how is it? Like shape and stuff
bmcsteve : @baibouf it was just a little smaller than im used too. I like a longer wheelbase because im 6 feet tall. If your a little shorter, it will probably work just fine for yoy
bmcsteve : You*
peyton.roth : I liked it the mesh top allowed for a lot of pop I guess compared to their boards @baibouf
jesusmuner - suburbandkidz - daltonokelley - jgonzalez171296 -
Late night skate sesh with the new board #habitat @austyngillette #p2skateboards
p2skateboards - habitat -
baibouf : Yo how is are p2's i wanna get one but i wanna know if they r worth it
doobiedony : Sick ass board
ivarb_ - logan_j_finley - crystal_606 - rory_kirk -
Love this new deck. Thank you @laidea💙for the birthday present. #creatureskateboards #freshie #newsetup #p2skateboards #gravette #pinhead #horrorbabes #curveswithnobreaks #sheknowswhatilike
newsetup - p2skateboards - horrorbabes - creatureskateboards - pinhead - sheknowswhatilike - curveswithnobreaks - freshie - gravette -
skitzo916legacy : I want that so bad
treflip101 : Dude, that boards too sick!
beautifulcrimes89 : Yo!!! My mom is cooking dinner on Friday for hansels late b_day :) stop by at 6 if you guys have time @laidea
rudeandreckles - carnifex420 - sethwish333 -
Flip nurå, bulletproof! #glifberg #p2skateboards
p2skateboards - glifberg -
bear_a_ring : @gooddayboyz
doobiedony : Yo it's not bulletproof you'll probably get killed trying to block bullets
bear_a_ring - ange.dg_af - juh940 -
New deck #planbskateboards #newboard #ryansheckler #p2skateboards #happiness #skateboarding #skatelife #fresh
skatelife - planbskateboards - skateboarding - p2skateboards - ryansheckler - fresh - newboard - happiness -
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Just got a bunch of @zeroskateboards and #mysteryskateboards including some #p2skateboards from @tom_asta @tommygunz__69 and @ratt_ray online at #reskue soon! #skateboarding #skateshop
p2skateboards - skateshop - reskue - mysteryskateboards - skateboarding -
666joseph : @toshreskue do you do the world industries in a 2.4 please?
curtisscorey : @toshreskue @1992joseph yeh put one of those by for me to plz!!
codenamederek : @toshreskue I meant the one third left  how wide is that one?
ryanbrown_lhbx : Skating the Tom asta p2 just now , decent deck
dexyo - hstevenson1997 - leonmghrbl -
Well this is how my night turned out like. This board wasn't even a month old. @habitatskateboards #p2
p2 - p2skateboards -
thescap : #p2skateboards
the90s_called : :/
thescap : I know! I'm sad and broke too :( @patti_mayonnaise_
thescap : @habitatskateboards I was wondering if p2 boards have any warranty. I haven't gone through a board this fast before. And I know these boards are supposed to be stronger.
cremedelacreme - captainhammers - habitatskateboards -
New deck #P2Skateboards
p2skateboards -
sammm.lee : Cute
yahboichepito : @samanthhaalee lol tanx
alexa_ivette : Thanks to me asshole
___kerr__y_ - kennyrob - feliz0_0 -
Working on a @habitatorigin #P2skateboards review... #idratherskate @Wesc1999
idratherskate - p2skateboards -
dashthruoj - coco_hatam - macobarako - apakamuapa -
New @zeroskateboards @chriscobracole #p2skateboards deck! Way more pop than usual, And @zeroskateboards have amazing fliping and spinning capabilities! So stoked! #zero #skateboards #p2 #pro2 #pop #stoked
p2 - p2skateboards - stoked - zero - skateboards - pro2 - pop -
zehajehnehejehdhhehdbdhdhdbd : Sexyy
cdaynard : Where did u get it?
kaminvegas - emhebert95 - dmitebeats -
Some dope new decks just arrived, some @realskateboards, from #huf and #ishod and some #p2skateboards from #habitatskateboards #janoski #gillette and #darylangel models, all online by tomorrow!
habitatskateboards - p2skateboards - gillette - janoski - darylangel - ishod - huf -
jordmancoolbs - ivan_ojeda14 - zakgilbert - woodpushingsince93 -
New slay again #zeroskateboards #p2skateboards
p2skateboards - zeroskateboards -
duttontaylor - genobregon - tucker_ell -
New #Habitat P2 decks hit the shelves of #DCS shops. If you haven't skated a P2 deck now is the time to pick up one from Habitat. Find these @ DCS shops or our online webstore. P2 is the way 2GO! #HabitatSkateboards #Skateboarding #DetroitCitySkateboards #P2Skateboards
habitatskateboards - p2skateboards - detroitcityskateboards - habitat - skateboarding - dcs -
bradbrancheau - laurennn__xoxo - joeyskates32 -
Loved the sticker job I I'd on this @planb deck tobad it has a super bad chip on the tail do I can't skate it but I use it as a cruiser @emerica @altamont @nickydiamonds1 @prod84 @emerica #griptape #mobgrip #skateboard #skateboarding #kickflip #heelflip #skate #skatepark #bones #boneswheels #planb #planbdeck #planbskateboard #pjladd #p2 #p2skateboards
planbskateboard - skateboard - kickflip - pjladd - skate - planb - skateboarding - bones - heelflip - p2 - mobgrip - p2skateboards - skatepark - planbdeck - griptape - boneswheels -
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