Just counting to 10 like a boss. #ozma
ozma -
batsanddragonflies : Awwwww!!! Little mamas!! Xoxo 💋💋💋
danyellerulezzzz : 9 was my favorite! !!
marscrain : Tight
raheg : She is so cute and so smart!!
_you.twerk.we.mosh_ : It only took her nine years
batsanddragonflies - giasmami - marscrain - sgxphoto -
Sanglorians @sanglorians #sanglorians #rockwoodmusichall #danielbrummel #ozma #nyc
sanglorians - nyc - danielbrummel - rockwoodmusichall - ozma -
giapet0520 : Oooo the 🎻 is clutch!
giapet0520 - tiggercanada - sanglorians -
ozma - getirdim - emrah - kıbrıstan - ne - bak -
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We realised the week Ozma came to us with Gleet, it's like a chicken version of Candida, it causes all her fluffy bottom feathers to fall out as the fungal infection spreads. She wasn't eating and was drinking too much making it worse but we've been treating her with probiotics and plain natural yoghurt as well as apple cider vinegar diluted in water. She really likes meal worms, corn and kitten cat food and now we've worked that out she's eating a lot more and is hopefully going to get better now as long as we don't give her anything that will feed the fungus such as sugar and wheat. #chickens #blackrock #ozma #poorlychicken
poorlychicken - chickens - ozma - blackrock -
sam_seafox - tonyvoncount - psychosis_holochaust - vmhenshaw -
Tattoo inspiration #oz #ozma #ozmaofoz
ozmaofoz - oz - ozma -
patricioarellano - gabebravo - creepstarr -
#ozma loves his whole head in my hand hes so cute!
ozma -
theresabbrennan - sullykat -
Feeling super nostalgic for Return to Oz today. It's still one of my favorites! #mombi #dorothygale #wheelers #returntooz #ozma #fairuza
ozma - wheelers - mombi - returntooz - dorothygale - fairuza -
sssgibson : @miercolesmuses I bought it for myself and my sister for Christmas last year. We used to watch it repeatedly as kids.
miercolesmuses : @sssgibson I bought it too! I was so happy to find it. I would to love to successfully pull off a Mombi costume for Halloween🔑
mmshaw - miss_mariahk - saulolamounier - troubleduck666 -
When your mom's homemade lasagna is so good you get all excited and have to take your clothes off. #lasagna #nakedness #excited #ozma
nakedness - lasagna - excited - ozma -
beth_ann81 : 🍎 Apple
havonnastradia - jennyyyyyyfer - jewjewbe24 - keithadaniels -
#ozma and #zina
zina - ozma -
enicebk : Aw, lil Ozma! She looks great!
goflymykite - jamilabirdy - periclesk - nuttage -
I'm convinced new music is mostly garbage... #thegetupkids #TGUK #Christiefrontdrive #thecityonfilm #ozma #emo kids are the worst
tguk - thecityonfilm - emo - thegetupkids - christiefrontdrive - ozma -
mattydbk : You just don't search enough. Plenty of great new music out there peej 😉
godofwrath - amandasinder17 - m3tacticalkydex - emos_are_mine -
She has a new obsession with James Brown. #ozma #jamesbrown
jamesbrown - ozma -
cgustavson - amandadg - batsanddragonflies - celsior600 -
Some one had a looooong weekend #puglife #loaf #sleepygirl #ozma #pug
loaf - puglife - sleepygirl - pug - ozmatheexplorer - ozma -
guffysmom : She was such a trooper and good dog though! ☺️
littlepiggynose : #OzmaTheExplorer @guffysmom
pugdonut - darklordpug - bonothepug - boudinthepug -
@guffysmom and her collection of dogs! #fishing #puglife #pug #bostonterrier #toki #ozma #domo
toki - fishing - domo - puglife - pug - ozma - bostonterrier -
guffysmom : The turkey leg is epic
f_b_g_f - bonothepug - boudinthepug - thesoaktree -
Rediscovered my love of this album recently after bonding over it with my dude @caseycrescenzo. If you've never heard of Ozma, go check this album out. Think Weezer's little brother band with a sprinkle of Boston. #ozma #spendingtimeontheborderline
spendingtimeontheborderline - ozma -
mattfazzi : @lxestrada That's so rad dude!
mattfazzi : @karisaurusrex Awesome!
fpecson : 👌
lancasterphotography : Some Self in there too
marisagabay : 😍😍😍😍😍
qvofoo : Domino effect :)
iwagewords : You enjoying it in the warm July nighttime?
xdelgado : Yesssssssss
xdelgado - vivacarter - plateofnachos - itsamanduhhh -
#pringles #ozma #geyff #kardesimle #bugün #bizim #gunumuz
gunumuz - kardesimle - geyff - bugün - bizim - ozma - pringles -
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Ma nigga, Ozma.
heartachevsheartbreak - heartache - heartbreak - ozma - manigga -
transienthope : #ozma #heartachevsheartbreak #heartache #heartbreak #manigga
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楽しかったー #2次回 #甘太#綱島 #DJ #OZMA
2次回 - 甘太 - dj - ozma - 綱島 -
e.ssss.oxx - mr_gentlemenn - 614anna -
New rehomed chicken Ozma (originally Ozzy but I like Ozma). She's a 3 year old Black Rock. She's almost as big as Edna and has the softest feathers and seems to enjoy snuggles. She's investigating the garden and seems to be getting on ok, been a bit of a scuffle but that's natural when introducing new hens. She's lovely <3 #chickens #blackrock #ozma
chickens - ozma - blackrock -
missjenniewood : She's a beauty :)
babyfireflyx - yumisuri87 - little_miss_scarecrow - frankielily -
DJ OZMAさん、夜王"KING"純一さんと(*^^*) #OZMA #夜王純一
ozma - 夜王純一 -
osershin - nori_y0118 - hisamimu - taka_ike -
Return to Oz #ozma #firenze #italia #sculptures #marble
firenze - italia - marble - sculptures - ozma -
pidgeonfood - igers_firenze - scoobysnackx - robotspacebrain -
I can't even count how many times I've seen this perfect pop album performed live. Definitely on emo Rubens high school soundtrack. #ozma #rocknrollpartthree #vinyl
ozma - rocknrollpartthree - vinyl -
somekindalau : Emo to the extremo.
laurinat123cheese : Hope u had a rad show last night, Ruben! @shoegazedreams
shoegazedreams : @laurinat123cheese it was 🌠
onthelips : !
nikomi7 : 🌠👌
theboringartist : I had just found my Double Donkey disk cd the other day. That band was on fire for a long time. Also Star Wick is hot.
shoegazedreams : @theboringartist yes!!!! Haha
shaunte_allday - lavenusiene - rantlessmusings - adankgreenorreefer -
Elvis and Ozma saying hello. Missing @mikedimpact and @rebdel81 and their adorable kiddos. #365grateful #godson #elvis #ozma
godson - elvis - 365grateful - ozma -
bamdjshere - imeejanuary - chase_god - joneekreuz -
Found the perfect song to brush up my 52 blocks and hand styles. Dont want no shark bites so only showing half. Peace, song by #Ozma.
wsr - ozma -
edloism : #WSR
alcohol_don - kgaryklassick - cosmicokelamxdd4percent - otmane212 -
Oh you don't remember watching The Labyrinth for the first time? Check out the broad in the middle. Yeah, David Bowie does the same thing to me. #thelabyrinth #davidbowie #firsttimeforoz #favorite #ozma #cashmoney #emmarae
firsttimeforoz - thelabyrinth - emmarae - cashmoney - favorite - ozma - davidbowie -
thechristophermontes : And 👏👏👏
e_bri_leclair : I'm pretty sure the first time I watched The Labyrinth, The Lost Boys, and The Breakfast Club was also at your mom's house in Colorado! It was also the first time I smoked a clove cigarette. Haha memories!
amandablainedalton : @e_bri_leclair Man I feel like a bad influence!! I totally remember. Now I'm going to make the kids go and smoke!! Hahaha
e_bri_leclair : Well ya they have to get the full effect! Wouldn't want to rob them of that. Although we did it in the snow so maybe give 'em a few months.
mrr_jrh : I'm totally wearing my goblin king shirt rt now. ♥ that movie @amandablainedalton
amandablainedalton : @mrr_jrh yes!
lovemykidlets : I LOVE David Bowie! One of the BEST!!!
amandablainedalton : @lovemykidlets he's amazing!
elryjtsn - celsior600 - briannal33 - dalton_xoxo -
We managed to make it to the gate with only one child getting harassed by a TSA agent and the other one taking a dog bite to the face. No I'm not kidding. And they are both just fine. But I may break a face or two before we land. And Cash is so sweet to carry Oz's Minnie backpack for her. #isitalloveryet #ozma #cashmoney
isitalloveryet - cashmoney - ozma -
karlk314 : @amandablainedalton where u headed?
amandablainedalton : Nope. It's a passengers dog. And he snapped Ozma in the face. She didn't provoke or anything. She was just standing in line. And then it snapped at other people. He's carrying a damn empty dog carrier. Just put the dog in there!! Obviously the dog isn't doing well at the crazy airport. I don't blame the dog. But I will punch this dude. @keithadaniels
_you.twerk.we.mosh_ : My meep meeps :c
keithadaniels : I was being silly. But that really sucks. I'm glad Ozma wasn't hurt. If the dude didn't put the dog in the carrier after 2 incidents then he and the dog need to go home, especially since I'm assuming he can't control his dog and will probably be a problem inflight, even if the dog is finally in the carrier.
amandablainedalton : @karlk314 Denver
amandablainedalton : @keithadaniels wish us luck. The little fur ball is on our flight
tinkerbell110787 : Omg poor Ozma. Great job Cash helpi.
tinkerbell110787 : Helping Ozma with her backpack
jennyyyyyyfer - celsior600 - smil3s15 - marscrain -
Sorry for spamming recently 😂😂 #FABLES #bestcomicever #comiccover #cover #fabletown #pinnocio #ozma #twau #greatart #coverart #obsessed #fangirl 😆😋
comiccover - fables - bestcomicever - pinnocio - obsessed - coverart - cover - twau - fabletown - fangirl - ozma - greatart -
bigby.snow_white.fable : Ambrose and Darien! I think when they were lost?
um_elefante : Actually is Pinocchio and Ozma. It's a Super Team cover.
emmyypess : The two walking are Ozma and Pinocchio. And the two missing cubs were Therese and Darien @bigby.snow_white.fable
bigby.snow_white.fable : I always get confused with the names😂
emmyypess : Lol it's okay @bigby.snow_white.fable
mischievious_badger - bigby.snow_white.fable - snowfabletown - sevensayt -
#ozma will only see Darth Vader as a threat if he is covered in catnip.
ozma -
freesoma : So cute! I miss her snuggles every day that I'm away.
princessofthequeens : der Vader-maus
allthatoneinamilliontalk - sophiasmash - brienice2me - hnydzy -
Dorothy Must Die - Danielle Paige #book #mustread #wicked #wizardofoz #emeraldcity #dorothy #glinda #ozma #amygumm
mustread - amygumm - wizardofoz - book - glinda - dorothy - ozma - emeraldcity - wicked -
rizaliwan - - lowegarrett -
I've been listening to them a lot and this song might be my favorite. I love love loovee her voice. #shannonandtheclams #ozma #lovehervoice #goodmusic #iwanttoseethemliveoneday
ozma - shannonandtheclams - lovehervoice - iwanttoseethemliveoneday - goodmusic -
loksx313 : I thought it was a dude, lol but I like it
jam1994pearl : Nah haha its a chick haha her voice is oh my god haha @loksx313
jerynnerae : Cooool
jam1994pearl : @jerynnerae I really recommend u check out their other songs from that album. It is really really good.
hazyphases - wonderbreadbrenda - loksx313 - 1988mon -
So in love with this man #billy #lovethiskid #yosemite #forever #ozma
billy - forever - lovethiskid - ozma - yosemite -
continuants - hixana - meghanides - suspensionbridge -
Oz went to the aquarium today with her people and fed the birds all by herself like a brave big girl. #ozma
ozma -
_you.twerk.we.mosh_ : Bebe
melissanchezz - mrsavilezzzzz - gnalvarez - dtinck -
#dnb #party #ozma #technics
ozma - party - technics - dnb -
nathangraffiti : What headphones are they?
ozmadnb : @nathangraffiti technics 1210
nathangraffiti : Cheers man
ovechen : Выпендрежник !
ozmadnb : @ovechen 💩
malinkinasasha : 😍😊🙈
ozmadnb : @malinkinasasha ☺️☺️
jimmy_azaza : Yo
packlondon - timurioauditore - naturalcauses760 - losthustle -
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