Cheers heaps to the man @realkatalyst for these goodies. #ozhiphop #ozhiphopvinylheads #ozhiphopvinyl
ozhiphopvinyl - ozhiphopvinylheads - ozhiphop -
mr_schubbi - kingg_indigo - admin_ant - azza_m8 -
It's still about the Hilltops! #vinyl #ozhiphopvinyl #records #ausiehiphop Thanks for the bargain find @andrew_mash πŸ‘Œ
ozhiphopvinyl - records - ausiehiphop - vinyl -
harry_rawlings : I love it
harry_rawlings - therobmancometh - lemonartery - themustacheclubvinyl -
It was great catching up @nicklupi been a while since last! Big ups to @horrorshowcrew Solo Mc for jumping in the pic and slashin up the wax! Hangin out til your back in burn! @onedayers #ozhiphopvinyl #mainline #pennyblack #onedayfam
ozhiphopvinyl - onedayfam - pennyblack - mainline -
bodhiisaacwright : Coolest photo man
wattowatson123 : Hell yeah dude! @bodhiwright123
wattowatson123 : @xxsleepingwithsirensxx
wattowatson123 : @bodhi_wright
bodhiisaacwright : Asshole πŸ˜‰
j_keti - chlobon - jacobpm23 - jprice_16 -
For a chance to win the entire Crate Cartel vinyl catalogue check out the CC Summer Sale at www.cratecartel.com #CrateCartel #ozhiphop #ozhiphopvinyl #ozhiphopvinylheads
ozhiphopvinyl - ozhiphop - ozhiphopvinylheads - cratecartel -
lachy_hamill - slap618 - dimesmusic - brayds1620 -
Signed up too... #ozhiphopvinylheads #ozhiphopvinyl
ozhiphopvinyl - ozhiphopvinylheads -
spiracy : Yeah boi
chrisrofique - beatsperpole - spiracy - baxter1972 -
Nice cover art on this beast... dope music too! @yourdailymeds #ozhiphop #ozhiphopvinylheads #ozhiphopvinyl
ozhiphopvinyl - ozhiphopvinylheads - ozhiphop -
spiracy : It's a dope album hey?
njeofficial - myki_card - beatsperpole - spiracy -
Dont sleep on these bad boys. Only 100 pressed. @saintsurly and #monstermonster #ontheoffchance #ozhiphop #ozhiphopvinyl #ozhiphopvinylheads
ozhiphopvinyl - ozhiphopvinylheads - ontheoffchance - monstermonster - ozhiphop -
admin_ant : U get the double cassette? πŸ”₯πŸ”₯
terminal_buzz : Agreed @j_keti !!! You snooze you lose. So dope πŸ”₯πŸ”Š
djdrizlax - njeofficial - mr_schubbi - ponchomuzick -
Last delivery of #ozhiphopvinyl for 2014... bring on next year! #ozhiphop #ozhiphopvinylheads @plutoniclab #lowbudget
ozhiphopvinyl - lowbudget - ozhiphopvinylheads - ozhiphop -
truth_one : Dope. Need this!
njeofficial : Damn plutonic lab with no beard looks like a different man!
buildownapp : Love it!
djdrizlax - njeofficial - kingg_indigo - ponchomuzick -
Santa knows me too well.... #vinyl #ozhiphopvinyl #ozhiphop @philgektorcc @fluakafluentform #blu&nottz #bluepress
ozhiphopvinyl - blu - bluepress - vinyl - ozhiphop -
fluakafluentform : Haha word. Merry Cartel Christmas.
j_keti : Still waiting on my deluxe pack too... I only bought it for your signature @fluakafluentform have a good chrissy too man
fluakafluentform : Haha. That's god damn signature. Thanks yo. You too.
djdrizlax - stewie2amps - njeofficial - lemonartery -
Now this was the coolest prezzie ever! #ozhiphop #ozhiphopvinyl #ozhiphopvinylheads
ozhiphopvinyl - ozhiphopvinylheads - ozhiphop -
matts_80 : That vents shall be mine!...
miss_shelly : That @trem1 album πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜
30homegames : The Obesecity CD is one of my all-time faves
stewie2amps : Same @30homegames I remember when it dropped. Hospice into Art of War... πŸ‘Š Stoked to own it on wax.
30homegames : @stewie2amps Ethic, probably my fave song on the album threw the Obescity album out to the crowd as a freebie. That's how I got it.
j_keti - njeofficial - juzzandy - antman78 -
Here's part 2 of my Aussie 45's.. Posted 16 oz 45's 10 photos back, here's another 6.. I have a list of 12 more I need to get. Thanks to everyone on the info, hopefully next year Ill fill in the gap a bit more.. πŸ‘ŠπŸ‘Š #muph @docfelix @plutoniclab #resindogs #dialect @mark_b__ #chasm #doublebeef #massmc #fuglemen #lwp #ozhiphopvinyl #ozdonuts #wax #vinyl #vinyljunkie #ozhiphophead
dialect - ozdonuts - fuglemen - lwp - wax - ozhiphophead - resindogs - massmc - vinyljunkie - vinyl - chasm - ozhiphopvinyl - doublebeef - muph -
northside_records : Niiiiice
mark_b__ : Werd! Keep on diggin' my brotha! #kingofthebeats #markb #kboro
deadbone70 - micrelax - obese_retail - emad_ibm -
Got that Triple Threat on heavy rotation! Easily recommended this release from @fluakafluentform and @philgektorcc! #ozhiphopvinyl #ozhiphopvinylheads #ozhiphop
ozhiphopvinyl - ozhiphopvinylheads - ozhiphop -
discourse_cc : Word Watto! #cratecartel
wattowatson123 : Props on the artwork @discourse_cc ! Hope you've been well man! Long time no see.
fluakafluentform : Triple!! Big ups, cuz.
discourse_cc : Cheers bro, yeah man life is good, december has been one hell of a month tho, lookin forward to 2015
discourse_cc : You?
wattowatson123 : Life's been good Henry! Been a crazy few months, jam packed with twists and turns! I'm in the same boat, definitely looking forward to it! @discourse_cc
aoyixih : πŸ‘ε₯½ @mengm.yu
taoque : πŸ‘ @nelsony__
njeofficial - vursafied - jordyginn - ritababe_ -
Nice little 7' plus extras! Thank you @tomshowtime for this mad little pack! #psydeprojects #ozhiphopvinyl #ozhiphop #ozhiphopvinylheads #funkpants
ozhiphopvinyl - funkpants - ozhiphopvinylheads - psydeprojects - ozhiphop -
njeofficial - mr_schubbi - beatsperpole - soulbenefits -
I don't often spend a lot of coin to complete my wax collection but this was worth it so fuck it, money grows on computers! #lazygrey #ozhiphop #ozhiphopvinyl #hiphop #wax #crookneck #brisbane #mint #750rebels
brisbane - 750rebels - lazygrey - crookneck - ozhiphop - hiphop - wax - ozhiphopvinyl - mint -
rumormedia : πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™Œ
tony_dabberbox : Nice!
janet_dabberbox : Good shot!
flowgirl24 : :) @Vap3d
thebeefclub - brisbanebustle - uber_brisbane - wwhiphop -
Another quality release from @docfelix @saintsurly #lwp006 #littlewonderproductions had to chuck that artwork in a frame!! #ozhiphop #ozhiphopvinyl #ozhiphopvinylheads
ozhiphopvinyl - ozhiphopvinylheads - lwp006 - littlewonderproductions - ozhiphop -
docfelix : Nice one!
dmt_6 - saintsurly - docfelix - soulbenefits -
Check it out.... #ozhiphopvinyl #ozhiphopvinylheads #ozhiphop
ozhiphopvinyl - ozhiphopvinylheads - ozhiphop -
impedemusic - vegabm - soulbenefits - killah_kane -
45 to go.... wax anyway! damn u #koolism #ozhiphop #ozhiphopvinyl #ozhiphopvinylheads
ozhiphopvinyl - koolism - ozhiphopvinylheads - ozhiphop -
djdrizlax : I'm slacking!
terminal_buzz : Where's the Party Starters?
j_keti : Koolism not partystarters...
djdrizlax - loadstah2760 - lazylaze750 - video_home_system -
Hasnt been a cheap week.... huge chunk of my wantlist sorted. #ozhiphopvinyl #ozhiphop #ozhiphopvinylheads #broke
ozhiphopvinyl - ozhiphopvinylheads - broke - ozhiphop -
daktel__ : Fuck yeah, good work.
daktel__ - njeofficial - mr_schubbi - myki_card -
Saint Surly, The Gleaner #aussiehiphop #ozhiphop #ozhiphopvinyl #littlewondersproduction #music #vinyl #saintsurly
littlewondersproduction - music - vinyl - ozhiphopvinyl - aussiehiphop - saintsurly - ozhiphop -
djdrizlax - robertorobespierre - wardroberitual - themovementfam -
Here are SOME of my oz hip hop 45's. Im 6 short from having the lot .. #ozhiphop #ozhiphopwax #ozhiphopvinyl #aussie #hiphop #45s #sevens #donuts #vinyl @maundz @hilltophoods @lazylaze750 @jakebiz750 @dazed_music @bradstrut @mustvolkoff @plutoniclab @fluakafluentform @saintsurly #vinyljunkie #wax #waxwars #supprtozmusic
sevens - waxwars - supprtozmusic - ozhiphopwax - donuts - 45s - ozhiphop - aussie - hiphop - vinyl - wax - ozhiphopvinyl - vinyljunkie -
meximumbles : nah sorry mate. I like it too much.
djdrizlax : @meximumbles all good. Thought I'd ask. πŸ‘ŠπŸ‘Š
meximumbles : Worth a try bro! Maybe try hitting up Katalyst. I think he produced it.
terminal_buzz : You got the D'Opus & Roshambo 45 on that list? @djdrizlax
terminal_buzz : There's a few Hunter ones too..... Limited to 20 copies each!!
djdrizlax : @terminal_buzz yeah, d'opus is on the list. The hunter ones too, don't think I'll ever find those but I've been lookin.. πŸ‘ŠπŸ‘Š
terminal_buzz : There's also a great Resin Dogs hand stamped one with a cover of "Slipping Into Darkness". Worth finding!
theeatticcollector : WowzersπŸ‘€
ramzee_beats - diskunion_shinjuku_soul - adamkoots - deborah.witherell -
Love parcels on a saturday... #lyricalcommission #vinyl now complete #ozhiphop #ozhiphopvinyl #ozhiphopvinylheads
ozhiphopvinyl - ozhiphopvinylheads - lyricalcommission - vinyl - ozhiphop -
j_keti : And also some @fluakafluentform goodness
fluakafluentform : Hope you got FLUSEASON, yo! Haha. Them older joints were a bit too under the influence of various things!
j_keti : Hahaha, Course man.. still got to get chapters of substance. I know thats your favourite release!
djdrizlax - hungrybeasthiphop - kraff23 - robertorobespierre -
Partisans of the lesser known... feat danielsan and sereck. Slept on oz release #ozhiphop #ozhiphopvinyl #ozhiphopvinylheads
ozhiphopvinyl - ozhiphopvinylheads - ozhiphop -
ronnycoot : Nice head!!
skate_nurd - njeofficial - kraff23 - mr_schubbi -
Signed too! Shit yeah #ozhiphop #ozhiphopvinylheads #ozhiphopvinyl
ozhiphopvinyl - ozhiphopvinylheads - ozhiphop -
skate_nurd : Great album
admin_ant : I need mine signed. I have a copy of the re release with the photo copied cover. Fav Koolism lp.
j_keti : Nasty mouth is a killer track!! Glad to finally get it
skate_nurd - jakebiz750 - kraff23 - admin_ant -
Another #ozhiphop classic ticked off the list. #koolism collection almost complete! @hauiebeast #ozhiphopvinyl #ozhiphopvinylheads
ozhiphopvinyl - koolism - ozhiphopvinylheads - ozhiphop -
skate_nurd : What else are you chasing? Im looking to sell some of my doubles
admin_ant : Where did you cop this?
j_keti : Send us a msg @skate_nurd with what doubles youve got..
j_keti : @a_d_m_i_n discogs for $25... fukn bargain I reckon
admin_ant : Amazing bargain.
skate_nurd : Will do mate..ill pm you soon
j_keti : Got that list @skate_nurd
skate_nurd - kraff23 - kingkaps - lazylaze750 -
Finally copped the Cd, Now I can retire the wax. Stoked! #hunter #dazastah #donedl #sbx #ozhiphop #ozhiphopvinyl #rap #hiphop #wax #styleking #perth #riphunter #vinyl #goingnutswiththehashtags
rap - goingnutswiththehashtags - sbx - styleking - hunter - ozhiphop - hiphop - perth - vinyl - donedl - wax - ozhiphopvinyl - dazastah - riphunter -
djdrizlax - must_be_luke - adze_1988 - froudy_ -
Caught up on some oz hip hop this week.. The @saintsurly 45 is πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯.. Highly recommended. Actually all this stuff is πŸ”₯πŸ”₯!! #saintsurly @docfelix #hau #coolism @maundz @mustvolkoff #ozhiphopvinyl #strictlycassette #vinyl #vinyljunkie #nowplaying #nowspinning #aussie #hiphop #melbourne #represent
represent - nowplaying - nowspinning - saintsurly - hiphop - vinyljunkie - melbourne - aussie - strictlycassette - vinyl - ozhiphopvinyl - coolism - hau -
djdrizlax : @a_d_m_i_n nah got that. My bad, it's the must 7 feat dialect that came out with mustees last joint .
admin_ant : I only got 1 copy of that. Sorry.
mustvolkoff : U must have a crazy collection
djdrizlax : @mustvolkoff missing a couple of yours mate.. They'll come up on eBay.. Much respect on the new release. πŸ‘ŠπŸ‘Š
docfelix : Cheers mate. Always appreciate the support.
docfelix : cc: @saintsurly
saintsurly : Thanks bro!
daktel__ : Saint Surly and Monster Monster are the biz!
3dlashesbyvivianne - cutie.batutie - kssuppliers -
So this girl walks into a JB HiFi and buys @funkoars 'Killer Bee' DOTH wax off the shelf...just like she did with 'Blood Splatter' and 'Monster Blood'. That's right people - I am just THAT good. #threeforthree #formynexttrick #aushiphop #aussiehiphop #hiphop #ozhiphop #ozhiphopvinyl #ozhiphopvinylheads #graff #graffiti #graffitiart #graffitiporn #instagraff #instagraffiti #ilovegraffiti
aushiphop - instagraffiti - formynexttrick - graff - ozhiphop - graffitiart - hiphop - graffitiporn - ozhiphopvinylheads - instagraff - ozhiphopvinyl - graffiti - threeforthree - ilovegraffiti - aussiehiphop -
macloopy : Awesome!!!
officialrosche : I mess with this, It's dope
myki_card - gabriels_twin - minicoopmusic - dsan01 -
My most sacred record I own, when Trem first offered this repress I was both giddy ands sad! Thankful and happy he was going to do a repress and sad that on my wage at the time it was going to be sooo hard for be to get the coin for it. I got in contact with Trem and he was the most kind guy I had never met. I scored this when I was first into record collecting at the age of 15, to be honest this was my 3rd and I was so excited I actually damaged the top corner where he signed it as I opened it and felt sick for a whole month. You could offer me all the money you could ever have and it will never leave my possession for the term of my natural life! @trem1 #ozhiphopvinyl #ozhiphop #ozhiphopvinylheads #FTTOHNL #holygrail #instantclassic
holygrail - fttohnl - instantclassic - ozhiphopvinylheads - ozhiphopvinyl - ozhiphop -
trem1 : Cheers bruz, great to see you still diggin and collecting! Much respect. πŸ™
wattowatson123 : Diggin til the day I die @trem1 17 years young! Plenty left!
vursafied - kraff23 - jaketheplow - chrissdaley -
Another quality Pang Productions products from @mustvolkoff and Mata! Scored doubles of this bad boy! The slipmat is a nice touch as well! #ozhiphopvinyl #ozhiphopvinylheads #ozhiphop #signedwax
ozhiphopvinyl - ozhiphopvinylheads - signedwax - ozhiphop -
mustvolkoff : Cheerz Watto! @wattowatson123
rawmeat_rory : Scored doubles but missing slipmat. πŸ˜₯
j_keti - miss_shelly - mustvolkoff - kraff23 -
Shit yeah, Got the slipmat! Awesome little pack as always from the #pangproduction boys. Cheers for signing it too @mustvolkoff #mata
ozhiphopvinyl - mata - ozhiphopvinylheads - ozhiphop - pangproduction -
j_keti : #ozhiphop #ozhiphopvinyl #ozhiphopvinylheads
mustvolkoff : Thanks bro!! @j_keti
mustvolkoff - kraff23 - spiracy - video_home_system -
Finally got the #spinclean out and gotta say holy shit it does an awesome job!!! Highly recommend #vinyl #record #cleaner
record - spinclean - ozhiphopvinylheads - vinyl - cleaner - ozhiphopvinyl -
hungrybeasthiphop : Nice
killah_kane : Rob Nat is like a fine wine
djdrizlax : How much was it?
j_keti : Got it for $70
j_keti : #ozhiphopvinylheads #ozhiphopvinyl
djdrizlax - robertorobespierre - spiracy - heightfiveseven -
Koolism @elpublico
koolism - djlife - randomthoughts - ozhiphopvinyl - nfs - aussiehiphop - notforsale - goodtimes - ozhiphop -
safarisrecordshack : #koolism #randomthoughts #ozhiphop #ozhiphopvinyl #djlife #aussiehiphop #goodtimes
wattowatson123 : Selling?
safarisrecordshack : Playing @wattowatson123 My personal copy, sorry #NFS #notforsale
wattowatson123 - njeofficial - elantipaticoese - yelvertonproteafarm -
Mata & Must, Get You're Mind Right with the awesome slip mat! Gotta say it was a mad idea that's never gets done enough making a theme slip mat! Big ups boys #pangproductions #ozhiphop #ozhiphopvinyl #mata #must #aussiehiphop #music #vinyl
pangproductions - ozhiphop - music - vinyl - mata - ozhiphopvinyl - aussiehiphop - must -
daktel__ - njeofficial - paperhousesmusic - matty_rangs -
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