Dragon tongue beans anyone? Thanks #oxbowfarm :)
oxbowfarm -
onebluebirdart -
summer veggies #oxbowfarm
oxbowfarm -
shafercoco : Yum!
shafercoco - travelina12 - haytonfarms - jginger725 -
Starts @ #oxbowfarm
oxbowfarm -
#farmdinner #farmtotabledinner #oxbowfarm #mattdillon
farmtotabledinner - farmdinner - latergram - oxbowfarm - mattdillon -
mirrormirrorxx : #latergram
oocha - loveburt - hizu0718 - zuzuportraits -
Sitting in a field #farmdinner #farmtotabledinnet #mattdillon #oxbowfarm
farmdinner - oxbowfarm - farmtotabledinnet - mattdillon -
vladweinstein - dianemorrisw9 - omgyumfoodblog - mangopud_t -
U Pick Raspberry at Oxbow. #csa #oxbowfarm
oxbowfarm - csa -
ktoleary85 : So many raspberries!!! Mmm
kayessbee : @ktoleary85 We'll share. Want a pint or two?
dormantmango - glomayne - amandahaecker - lalalalalalindsey -
Who wants garlic scapes!? Yummm! Thanks #oxbowfarm
oxbowfarm -
whoa08 - onebluebirdart -
Look who we found on an organic farm in Washington! #oxbowfarm
oxbowfarm -
blairingrid : YAY!!! Have fun girlies!
kaleemzia : Cameron!
tanja_roos : Thanks @blairingrid! And yes @kaleemzia, tis her... As fabulous as ever :)
fromthecitytothesea : Y'all come back real soon. Pretty please!
adorable___me - maddfoxmagdalena - kerrylee_gold - marikarika -
Garlic Scape Harvest #oxbowfarm
oxbowfarm -
lovetheclash : πŸ’šπŸ’šπŸ’šπŸ’šπŸ’š
karilod : Yum!
adventures_in_mind : Love me some garlic scapes!
hilarymcmullen : Lurv :)
junjun24s - zienwen - elleriris83 - allsunfarm -
Sunday favorite: picking up my CSA box and recipe planning. #oxbowfarm #csa #farmshare
farmshare - oxbowfarm - csa -
natirasu - dont_undersalt - maryadell - suzrids -
Great day at Warped Tour followed by this awesome farm to table dinner at Oxbow Farms. Summer is here!!! #anchorheadcoffee #coldbrew #smallbatchroasters #webottlehappiness #pnw #oxbowfarm #squaready
smallbatchroasters - anchorheadcoffee - oxbowfarm - coldbrew - webottlehappiness - squaready - pnw -
tiffaniedebartolo : That's beautiful!
anchorheadcoffee : @tiffaniedebartolo it's such a nice event!
jonesconnor - swischeeks - shanebardiau - sznycelek -
Sweet and tender baby veg harvest #oxbowfarm
oxbowfarm -
thesimplefarm : Incredible beauty!
rootedinthevalley : @thesimplefarm like art -- I am literally unable to take pictures of it- its so beautiful to me.
jenetta : So nice! What vegetables! What color! Amazing!πŸ’šπŸ’›
thesimplefarm : @rootedinthevalley it speaks!
nicksegner : πŸ‘Œ
eatliveburp : Oh my! My mind is exploding with recipes you can create with these beauties:) btw thanks for the email to oxbow, Judy and Sarah were so prompt in their responses and mostly the event will happen at jubilee farms.
thefeedfeed : Show us what you make!
lenoi_sea - bemissu - jana__banana - love_garbuz -
Week 2 of the #oxbowboxproject - this will be interesting. Christine is a meat and egg farmer and will be taking the box of veg, plus eggs, a chicken and pantry staples and creating super budget friendly meals. Can't wait to see how you do this week @greenbowfarm!
theoxbowbox - oxbowfarm - theoxbowboxproject - oxbowbox - oxbowboxproject -
rootedinthevalley : ps the oxbow box project is a program I created a few years ago to connect food writers/bloggers with the farm and to share with their audience their experience with a CSA - each week will be a different writer/photographer tackling our box! #oxbowfarm
rootedinthevalley : #oxbowbox #theoxbowbox #theoxbowboxproject
seattlejunklove : So great. Absolutely love following your feed. πŸ‘πŸ»
rootedinthevalley : And its Christina. Sorry @greenbowfarm - I thumbtype too fast! 😘
rootedinthevalley : @seattlejunklove that is so kind! Thank you! When my local farmers do well, my town does well, and so on....
picketandoak : Love @greenbowfarm! Best chicken and eggs in Kittitas Valley. Plus she's a kindred spirit with 3 young boys like myself.
alissadbrossmer - mygardenandmore - yogachick143 - nininoes -
The amazing @fromthecitytothesea washing lettuces #oxbowinterns #oxbowfarm
oxbowinterns - oxbowfarm -
ckyger22 : Great image
rdapprentice : @fromthecitytothesea -already a celebrity😊-go, Cameron!
rootedinthevalley : @rdapprentice raquel!! How have you been?!
rootedinthevalley : @ckyger22 thank you! πŸ˜€
florabliss : Gorgeous wash house.
fromthecitytothesea : @rootedinthevalley @rdapprentice I don't know about "amazing," but "wet," most definitely.
pani_swinka - pussindocs - loveburt - jonmint -
A spicy Thai-inspired beef, peanut and veggie salad using goods from #oxbowfarm CSA. #oxbowfarmproject
oxbowfarm - oxbowfarmproject -
nazilam - loveburt - mlwinchell - curse0111 -
Feeling grateful for a fridge overflowing with organic veggies and fruit this week. Besides the beautiful veggies we get from our friends at @whistlingtrainfarm ( like those torpedo onions) I also received a CSA box of veggies from Oxbow Farm this week. I'm taking part in #theoxbowboxproject where food bloggers are given a box of their gorgeous veggies and they want to see what everyone comes up with. I love this challenge because I am all about cooking without recipes. I'll give you sneak peaks all week of what I'm making and then write about the experience on our blog. I'm also going to use some of my other favorite local farm foods and of course our pasture raised eggs and meat. In the box is Kale, Romaine, Red Leaf Lettuce, Dill, Garlic Scapes, Fennel, and Snap Peas. It's going to be a fun and tasty week ahead! First up a egg scramble with caramelized onions, kale, dill, and sharp cheddar cheese. #eatlocal #knowyourfarmer
oxbowfarm - eatlocal - oxbowboxproject - theoxbowboxproject - knowyourfarmer -
rainydaybites : How fun! Can't wait to see what you make. I'm signed up for a week in September.
greenbowfarm : #oxbowfarm #eatlocal #knowyourfarmer
homesteaderhub : Oooh now that's a fun CSA box! Talk about variety!
liasfarmlife : Love this!
greenbowfarm : @rainydaybites it's perfect timing for me the only thing I'm harvesting from the garden right now is pak choi. If I'm lucky hopefully some kohlrabi and radishes next week.
greenbowfarm : #oxbowboxproject
rays_up - zienwen - itofarm - pepefritto -
giant collards #oxbowfarm #ballardfarmersmarket
oxbowfarm - ballardfarmersmarket -
thepiadurias - a_bailey - katielitzenclum - seattlebeerdude -
and we're live in 24 minutes #stackemhighandwatchemfly #secondweekofcsa #carrotsareback #oxbowfarm #ballardfarmersmarket
secondweekofcsa - oxbowfarm - carrotsareback - ballardfarmersmarket - stackemhighandwatchemfly -
liasfarmlife : This looks so lovely! Wish I lived closer to markets like this.
sophiealice_k - kris10elliott - moovierv - aiva314 -
Mediterranean-inspired salad with bulgur, kalamatas, feta, tomato, red onion, garbanzos, parsley and thin ribbons of kale from #oxbowfarm #csa
oxbowfarm - csa -
radishandroseblog - omurices - theonlymeat - cupcakesnbier -
I developed #theoxbowbox program for #oxbowfarm a few years ago to connect local food writers to their local farm. Each week a different writer/photographer will take on the box! The 2014 season kicked off today with @dsakaki - a witty writer with a penchant for hawaiian fusion in her cuisine. I'm excited to see what she will do with her csa box! I encourage other farmers to connect with their local food writers and bloggers and lets get people talking about real food, seasonal cooking and farms! cc: @anchorheadcoffee is there too!
theoxbowbox - oxbowfarm -
sarasunshinestl : What fun!
straightforward_nutrition : @rootedinthevalley What a great idea! I wonder if we could get something like that going in Ireland too?
harmonyfields : Great idea!
rootedinthevalley : @bay2 thanks! Its been really successful!
rootedinthevalley : @sarasunshinestl Iove connecting people to farms - this is a super fun way!
rootedinthevalley : @straightforward_nutrition you should! Email me if you have questions! :)
rootedinthevalley : @harmonyfields thanks! We're lucky to live in an area where food writers are very prominent nationally as well.
straightforward_nutrition : @rootedinthevalley Thanks Audra. I might just do that. :) I'm so new in the food blogging world but I do get a lot of my own veggies from a local guy so that might be a great place to start.
gracieace - vgredfern - islandjames808 - kamaslin -
First box of the season. Greens this week #oxbowfarm #csa
oxbowfarm - csa -
christinebanhmi : πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
dclofgren - katrinachoe - vitaminceec - emily00hughes -
Feeding minds and bodies - indeed! #oxbowfarm #csa
oxbowfarm - csa -
magggi - travelmonkey - voraciousgirl - kateophalen -
A lovely bouquet of carrots! #oxbowfarm #csa #oxbowfarmproject
oxbowfarm - csa - oxbowfarmproject -
islandgurl58 - rachaelwhite_stt - travelmonkey - cupcakesnbier -
Woo - checking out the goodies in the #oxbowfarm #csa box. Eat your greens!
oxbowfarm - csa -
islandgurl58 - travelmonkey - cupcakesnbier - kateophalen -
First #csa pickup of the season came with a suprise bag of coffee. #oxbowfarm #veggies
oxbowfarm - csa - veggies -
mskristaann : @vaz_on_the_trail yumm
deborahleitner : What are you going to do with the chard?
vaz_on_the_trail : @deborahleitner I was going to go plain jane and sautΓ© them... but I'm open to suggestions :)
deborahleitner : I've got a good salad recipe that calls for garbanzo beans and artichoke hearts with the chard. I'll Send it to you.
inspirelingefitness - veggiesagainstillness - mskristaann - jamila_babz -
#rad #ballardfarmersmarket #oxbowfarm
rad - oxbowfarm - ballardfarmersmarket -
pearrier : So. Rad.
moovierv - coletteboilini - a_bailey - lagunalauren -
Getting ready for the dance around the #maypole #oxbowfarm
maypole - livefolk - oxbowfarm - pnw -
__hellodear : Love your gallery dear! 😍
joannaabishag : Thank you,what a nice thing to say :-) @__hellodear
joannaabishag : #livefolk #pnw
littleraindrop_mel - highlandhall - lovely_a_ -
Flower Crowns for the maypole #springsowdown #oxbowfarm
springsowdown - oxbowfarm -
olivelavender : Pretty
kirstenrickert : Beautiful
rootedinthevalley : @olivelavender @kirstenrickert thanks ladies. This is my girl- growing so fast....
olivelavender : Aaaaawww. It goes so fast.
iamamypennington : My fave part of that event
ton_anuwat95 : cute
ton_anuwat95 - mihaeko - kellypeachbeauty - barbarafrancesca_ -
Dr Doug from WSU is looking for worms for our worm and soil science activities. Please not the #springin15 tag - I invited my farming friends at @greenbowfarm to add their amazing spring videos to the tag and you should check those out! #springsowdown #oxbowfarm #wsu
springsowdown - springin15 - wsu - oxbowfarm -
countrycleaver : #gocougs !!!
evafiddles : Oh man who was there playing fiddle?
rootedinthevalley : @evafiddles the fiddle player is a 16yr old girl!!!
rootedinthevalley : @countrycleaver how did I know that would bring out that tag!?!? πŸ˜‚ how are you? Pinged you on fb - look for it!
nanahawkins - loveiscarriages - farmerchandler - theseedsofxanxadu -
Today was our annual spring festival on the farm. Our educational goal is to introduce people to life on the farm in spring and where their food starts. But because its Seattle, it rained. And because we are a hardy people - folks put their boots on and came out anyway. Thanks to all of you who volunteered and made it out! #springsowdown #oxbowfarm
springsowdown - oxbowfarm - vsco - onamoments - vscocam -
joannaabishag : It was amazing, we had so much fun, and even enjoyed the rain on our skin.we are definitely coming for the fall festival. :-) I especially enjoyed the fairy crafts and the food truck was delicious!
rootedinthevalley : #onamoments @onabags
rootedinthevalley : #vsco
rootedinthevalley : @joannaabishag thank you for coming out! We all said it was our favorite one- everyone was like family! Those pies... Avail on amazon fresh now... Will kick off fall festival soon. Summer festival underway... The slowdown...
rootedinthevalley : @ninjamama83 thanks for coming! The slowdown is next festival. A kids summer concert!!!
rootedinthevalley : #vscocam
ninjamama83 : We had a great time! I had posted the festival info on for the Duvall parents group and a few families showed up because of it. They all said it was a blast!
rootedinthevalley : @ninjamama83 ooh thanks for that! It is so hard getting the word out via fb these days. Have to pay for my posts to be seen πŸ˜”. Speaking of, will post the photos of the event as soon as the photog sends them over!
kylimann - mgknoke - _mint_leaf_ - modernfarmette -
Into the jungle with Silas! :) #oxbowfarm
oxbowfarm -
rootedinthevalley - joannaabishag - rosereflet - onebluebirdart -
Part of an amazing living playground. #teepee #oxbowfarm #pnw
rockedtheweekend - teepee - oxbowfarm - pnw -
glennfamilygardens : Wow! I want to play here!
joannaabishag : #rockedtheweekend
swtgrl1231 : Fun!!
chezdanisse : ☺️
jmparent88 - mylittleworldindenmark - kendalnmc - liangweichen -
Fun in the farm puddles! #oxbowfarm
oxbowfarm -
joannaabishag : This was high on the list for my little one too :-)
rootedinthevalley - joannaabishag - onebluebirdart -
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