#oxbowfarm veggies!
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You can always count on our farmers to help bring the local flavor of the Finger lakes to your table.
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Representing at the gourmet fair for #oxbowfarm - thanks to @boligphotography for the shot! #eatmorecarrots #farmfancy
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rootedinthevalley : @lavendermarigold that is so nice. Thanks! :)
rootedinthevalley : @everydaymaven @boligphotography she specializes in it you know! πŸ˜‰
rootedinthevalley : @rainydaybites they're the prettiest carrots in town!
rootedinthevalley : @runfar_100 right? Happening far too often for my comfort level! 😜
rootedinthevalley : @designak 😘😘 thanks Janell!
rootedinthevalley : @bloombainbridge 😘 i'm farm fancy! πŸ’ƒπŸšœ
rootedinthevalley : @steffiej you too!! ❀️
rootedinthevalley : @verdenius ❀️❀️❀️❀️
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My friend Audra @rootedinthevalley ! #ifbc #oxbowfarm
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chefkirstenmesadevida : Great shot!
rootedinthevalley : So good to see you and catch up a bit!
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Pulling out the decorations for the booth at #ifbc #ifbc2014 - we farm folks are like the country mouse visits the big city in this gourmet fair ! πŸ˜‰ #oxbowfarm #CookingBackwards
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ametch : #lemoncukes ?
rootedinthevalley : @ametch those are the pluots but we did have lemon cukes and introduced a whole lot of people to them!
fresheggsdaily : Looks awesome!
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Beautiful, organic, and fresh produce from Oxbow Farm, located in Carnation, Washington. Have you ever thought about participating in your local CSA(Community Supported Agriculture)? I admit I've given it some thought in the past, but one of my concerns was whether I would use it all. This April, I was contacted to see if I was interested in participating in Oxbow Farms annual Oxbow Box Project. Oxbow Farms reaches out to local bloggers, and in exchange for a free one week share of their current CSA, I write about my experiences with my box and share what I make. Of course, I jumped on the opportunity! I was incredibly honored to be selected as I don't even have a blog yet, I just have my Instagram account. Yesterday, with much excitement, I picked up my Oxbox! Inside are the following: Romaine lettuce Bibb lettuce Red chard Fennel Heirloom carrots Shallots Baby red potatoes Radicchio Aren't these beautiful! I was struck by the gorgeous vibrant colors of everything. This is their small share, which would cost $21, and feeds 2-3 people. To sign up for the entire season of weekly boxes from June through October, would only cost $420 for 20 weeks of fresh organic produce. It's hard to believe that all of this beautiful produce is being grown only a few minutes from my home. Now, I just need to decide what to make first.
pazsnewyork : Definitely quite a bit in the box. A nice bargain! :-)
rainydaybites : @cookathomemom thanks! Well it fits in with my goal for this year which was to start cooking a more varied selection of meals and to eat more vegetables. I'm hoping to get my creative juices flowing tomorrow and post my first dish.
rainydaybites : @susanlcoleman I like how I'm already thinking about meals and I'm focusing on the vegetable first. What a great approach!
rainydaybites : @fromfarmtofamily thank you for all the great ideas! This is my first ox and so it's new to me. I mentioned above that I like how ready I'm planning things out and focusing on the vegetable first. My goal had been to incorporate more vegetables in our diet and this is a great way to do it. Thank you again! Great advice!
rainydaybites : @enog_foodphotography thank you!
akdifrancesco : I participated in a CSA in NJ and enjoyed it.
bridget80 : Pretty box of produce you have there!!
lisa_vipond : This is so great and the box looks so fresh! Look forward to seeing your creations! 😊
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Regram from @pinkpatisserie on today's demo from Chef Thierry #chefinahat using our veg from #oxbowfarm #ifbc #ifbc2014
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rootedinthevalley : #chefinthehat
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I'm in there - somewhere in the middle πŸ˜‰ thanks to #oxbowfarm @greenbowfarm and #cookingyourlocalproduce for joining me today on the #CookingBackwards panel. #ifbc #ifbc2014
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chefkirstenmesadevida : @rootedinthevalley wish I could have been there to see it!
rootedinthevalley : @chefkirstenmesadevida It happens at 4pm - which give me 4 hours to be nervous!
jenniferdonogh : Would love to hear you speak someday!!
rootedinthevalley : @jenniferdonogh thank you! It was a lot of fun to share my passion for eating and cooking in season and locally!
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Way. Too. Excited. For our veggie box! #oxbowfarm #oxbowbox #eatlocally πŸ…πŸ†πŸˆ @bryantstebbins
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acrosswhite4 : Yummy!!!
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This week's newsletter written by Oxbow intern @fromthecitytothesea is so beautiful I had to share with all of you. (Link in profile) also included - lots of great recipes! #theoxbowbox #oxbowfarm #oxbowinterns
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workinghandsfarm : Love this! This speaks volumes for us.. Thanks for sharing!
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Look at the lovely carrot spoon bread that @pinkpatisserie made from our famous carrots as part of the #oxbowboxproject - These look amazing Maria! --- This project is one that I created to connect local food writers with local farms. Each week a different writer picks up our csa box and then shares how they use it at home and become co-educators with us in sharing the local food stories.
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audi2 : Oh yes, gotta try this! 😍
sg0ldie : @rootedinthevalley What a great idea your project is.
coseytownflowers : What an excellent project! Thanks for sharing!
pinkpatisserie : Thanks so much Audra for sharing and especially for that beauty of a box! Long live carrots! 😊
rootedinthevalley : @sg0ldie @coseytownflowers thank you! I hope by posting that other farmers and writers are inspired to find each other and collaborate!! 😊 This is my third year and its been great!
coseytownflowers : You get a big high five for this project! From growing up on a family farm I love it when farmers reach out and connect with thier non-ag neighbors. :)
beesalmon : I don't know 'carrot spoon bread ' I'm wondering if it's similar to carrot cake ..does the box contain a recipe some weeks for making use some on the ingredients in the box ?
beesalmon : Found my awnser on @pinkpatisserie 's web page .. The recipes are similar but instead of my making a cake with grated raw carrot , these indervidual carrot spoon breads use cooked and mashed carrot . I will have to try the difference sometime πŸ˜ƒπŸ‘
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Food Bloggers! Are you attending #IFBC this year? Let me know - I will be there and would love to meet you in person! #oxbowfarm
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lieslicious : Where is it?
iamamypennington : I'm going as a real attendee not sneaking in like usual :$
rootedinthevalley : @lieslicious The Westin Seattle - its hosted by @foodista
lieslicious : Thanks! Will look into it :)
rootedinthevalley : #eatmorecarrots
knowmoreveggies : I will be there!
rootedinthevalley : @knowmoreveggies I'll be speaking on Saturday- please come by and say hello!
knowmoreveggies : Looking forward to your talk! It is at the top of my list. See you Saturday.
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Juggling CSA pick-up, busy market and me bugging for chioggas! Love you two- thanks! #oxbowfarm #oxbowinterns #behindthescenes #ballardfarmersmarket
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rootedinthevalley : #femalefarmerproject
farmersiri : Impressed those two were still standing this morning... They were up waaayyy past their bedtimes last night.
rootedinthevalley : @farmersiri I almost stopped by with my crew last night to say hey- but after shooting at jubilee for a few hours we were the walking dead. How was it?!
farmersiri : Epic farmer dance party. Asses dragging all over the place this morning.
fromthecitytothesea : Ha!!! Oh we were standing strrrrong today. Thanks , Siri for a great night! @farmersiri !!!!
arrr_jai : We were there today and got to meet a couple of the great farm girls there and introduce our little puppy to them!
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#minichefintraining picked out all the vegetables for his #eatarainbow dish he's planning to make this week. And of course I could not resist laying it all out for a picture!
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bay2 : Gorgeous!!!!! β€οΈπŸŽπŸ“πŸ’πŸ’›πŸ‹πŸπŸŒ½πŸ’šπŸˆπŸπŸ’™πŸ‡πŸ’œπŸ†
nicole__who : πŸ΄πŸ˜‹
maxferd : Perfect!!!
tinsleybuick : Beautiful
oneleaffarm : @rootedinthevalley that Red Russian kale is a beauty!
rootedinthevalley : @oneleaffarm thank you'ngrew it myself! ☺️
nicksegner : ⚑️
misskittycatchow : SO beautiful!!! @nucc03gator
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summer, meet fall. the time of year when you can have it all. #oxbowfarm #ballardfarmersmarket #lastdayofaugust #bringmeahottoddy
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moovierv : Gorgeous!
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rootedinthevalley : #oxbowfarm
kristagolden : Pretty
vgredfern : Yum.
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kimbrooksstyle : #wwllt #oxbowfarm #photoshoot #photographer #stylist #feature #425 #duvall #farmtotable
kimbrooksstyle : Behind the scenes of today's early morning shoot...
kimbrooksstyle : #bts
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A gorgeous morning in my valley. Working with @dlackenphotos and @kimbrooksstyle on a fun shoot for #425magazine #oxbowfarm
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azysko : So nice πŸ’›
nicksegner : πŸ‘Œ
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This mornings office....
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#Kale for miles at #OxbowFarm! It was great to see where the greens are grown for a new fall seasonal pizza. #FarmtoPizza #EatLocal
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Freshy fresh goodness from #oxbowfarm. What to make with all this goodness?! Thank you Oxbow Farm for the generous gift!#theoxbowbox #farmlovingbloggers
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thefeedfeed : @pinkpatisserie gorgeous!
pinkpatisserie : Thank you @thefeedfeed !! Pretty yummy too!
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Happy campers! #oxbowfarm #fairyhouse #farmlife #wildernessawareness
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Spoils from my farmer friends. Parsley from #oxbowfarm and tomatoes from @localrootsfarm - looks like a quinoa taboulleh is in my future?
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hikergirl11 : Farm friends are THE. Eat
hikergirl11 : Oops! the best!!
farmersiri : Yes he did, but not as much as the ice cream!
pizzapreacher : Fantastic shot. I really love your work. Thanks for sharing.
rootedinthevalley : @pizzapreacher how kind! Thank you so much!
rootedinthevalley : @farmersiri I bet!
rootedinthevalley : @hikergirl11 the best. 😻
rootedinthevalley : #feedfeed
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Bean teepee #oxbowfarm #oxbowslowdown
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Raspberry Forests #oxbowfarm #oxbowslowdown
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Lunch time #oxbowfarm #oxbowslowdown
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#eatroots #oxbowfarm #oxbowslowdown
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Ready for harvest. #oxbowslowdown #oxbowfarm
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#oxbowfarm #oxbowslowdown lunch.
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#oxbowfarm bounty! where are we going to put all of this?
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meshcka : My belly?
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The way it is. #oxbowfarm #oxbowslowdown
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Tractor. #oxbowfarm #oxbowslowdown
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