little critter harvest tea party. #oxbowfarm #harvesthoedown
oxbowfarm - harvesthoedown -
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Frog and Mouse have tea at the Oxbow Pumpkin Tea Shoppe #oxbowfarm #harvesthoedown
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rootedinthevalley : We try to make the farm a magical place for kids. Feeding minds, bodies and imaginations.
robert2386 : @nikkilapre
ancientamber : So precious! And colorful
rootedinthevalley : #whpteatime
rootedinthevalley : #farmlife #thisisfall
vinileakastila : @yulentadora
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Its a pumpkin tea shoppe for all the wee critters on the farm. #oxbowfarm #harvesthoedown
oxbowfarm - harvesthoedown - whpteatime - farmlife - thisisfall -
lebothemom : @theotherkirsten Awwwwwwwww!
lindstrom_lindstrom : @sarahdisfordancing
genscarfone : @ma_ry_sol
goldbike : @nicmf
rootedinthevalley : #whpteatime
rootedinthevalley : #farmlife #thisisfall
sleepingmorris : @theaviatorswife
theaviatorswife : How adorable... @sleepingmorris
mustard_gas_and_roses - bablanch - cocorocigoto - barbafou -
oxbowfarm - harvesthoedown - farmlife - thisisfall -
rootedinthevalley : #harvesthoedown #oxbowfarm
rootedinthevalley : #farmlife #thisisfall
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Bare feet and an assist from dad are good strategies for getting to the top of the grease pole! #oxbowfarm #harvesthoedown
oxbowfarm - harvesthoedown - farmlife - thisisfall -
whateverislovely : Great crop.
rootedinthevalley : #farmlife #thisisfall
rootedinthevalley : @whateverislovely ◻️ little boxes on a screen....
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Can you find my little friend? #hummingbird #oxbowfarm
oxbowfarm - hummingbird -
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Fun time at #oxbowfarm with great grandpa today!
oxbowfarm -
rootedinthevalley - joannaabishag - addisons_better_beer - onebluebirdart -
Going home tired and happy #oxbowfarm #hoedown
oxbowfarm - hoedown -
swtgrl1231 : Looks like it was a fun day!
lucyflowerdew - ya_rimma - whitleydabbs - _jessicarangel -
My lovely people #oxbowfarm #hoedown
oxbowfarm - hoedown -
spiral_infinity : Um i hope everyone had their shots
krchafamily - ya_rimma - whitleydabbs - _jessicarangel -
My girl went bobbing for apples #oxbowfarm #hoedown #thisisfall
oxbowfarm - hoedown - thisisfall -
matthewaskari : Like πŸ˜„
cheekycharley4 - bethelrising - _jessicarangel - moondoula -
We had a great time at the farm today.
oxbowfarm - hoedown -
joannaabishag : #oxbowfarm #hoedown
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#sunflower #farm #harvest #seedsaving
oxbowfarm - greenhouse - sunflower - farm - seedsaving - harvest -
heathashli : #greenhouse #OxbowFarm
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living #playground #garden
farm - oxbowfarm - arbor - playground - tunnel - garden -
heathashli : #arbor #tunnel #farm #OxbowFarm
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Lovely time with friends at Oxbow Farm! #oxbowfarm #toddlerfriends
toddlerfriends - oxbowfarm -
mustard_ada : This picture is nice @anqi_z
heinzhair - krystylerock - shalynn59 - anisabazan -
Power chard smoothie! #oxbowfarm
oxbowfarm -
wifemomathlete77 - redchillimango - jaymaltos -
Most ginormous sunflower evarrr. #oxbowfarm #outdoorplay #hugenormoussunflower
outdoorplay - oxbowfarm - hugenormoussunflower -
kidsplayspace : Whoa!! That is big!!
crozetplayschool : Wow!!!!
mamapapabubba : Woah! That's insane!!
funathomewithkids : Right? I don't even understand how the plant was able to stand for so long. I tried lifting it and it was easily 20 pounds!!!
allisonrae22 : Hoooooooly cow!!!!!!
sarajane1023 - sarahlynn9008 - rozzi585 - paola__blabla -
Apple Bobbing
harvesthoedown - oxbowfarm - hoedown - thisisfall -
rootedinthevalley : #oxbowfarm #hoedown #thisisfall
dumbwittellher : Such a fantastic shot! What kid didn't love bobbing for apples!!
somethingtosnackon : Love this!
rootedinthevalley : #harvesthoedown
wingandaprayerfarm : Fantastic!
wingandaprayerfarm - bemissu - nicksegner - tacomahues -
#minichefintraining gets the assist on the bicycleblender™ by @chefandfather at the #oxbowfarm #hoedown #chardsmoothies
oxbowfarm - harvesthoedown - minichefintraining - hoedown - thisisfall - farmlife - chardsmoothies -
dreezy_the_dietitian : @guidisan legit
redticking : Looks so fun!!!! @rootedinthevalley
bricabreck : Total health
thekaleproject : @annabrones bicycle blender!
lyndahallinan : That is hilarious
annabrones : @thekaleproject yes!! So very #culinarycyclist
rootedinthevalley : #harvesthoedown
rootedinthevalley : #farmlife #thisisfall
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Hey Seattle! Tomorrow is our annual fall farm festival - the Harvest HoeDown! Come on out and enjoy hayrides, pumpkin patch, apple bobbing, live music and farm art projects like fairy houses and flower crowns and sceptors for the pumpkin parade! #minichefintraining will be there demoing his famous kale smoothies on the bicycle blender! Come on out - 12-4 #oxbowfarm #harvesthoedown location geotagged
oxbowfarm - harvesthoedown - minichefintraining - igers_seattle - livewashington - igers_seattle_fav -
zup2u2 : @katecbrown
chefandfather : Girls and I will be there!
hikergirl11 : @braeghan wanna take someone? Id love to, but i could be playing fence builder.
redticking : Oh my goodness will try to come!!!! Will you be there??? @rootedinthevalley ☺️
rootedinthevalley : @copperk @chefandfather see you there!
rootedinthevalley : @redticking yes! Its my last event of the season and then I hibernate! ☺️
redticking : So sad.... We aren't going to make it
redticking : Next year for sure ... Does that mean you can come to Seattle soon? πŸ˜‰ @rootedinthevalley
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imperfectly perfect
oxbowfarm - oxbowbox -
rootedinthevalley : @farm2me Oxbow Farm | Carnation WA #oxbowbox #oxbowfarm
verdenius : Pretty range!
joclarkcookingetc : So good!
ripe_mangoes : I wish we have this luxury.... amazing!!
tinsleybuick : Beautiful
richnz : Love this. Tasty too!!
iliana_dv : Provincial
hoghealthyorganicgreen : The tops are delicious in soups,stews,salads,wraps, salsa's 🌱
organikalbloom - stylemajordomo - emmy62488 - elaina_marie -
They say that all good things must come to an end, and if that's true, why not make it a sweet ending. My final photo and recipe for my week of utilizing my CSA share from OxBow Farm is a carrot, coconut, and ginger ice cream. Yes, that's right, carrot ice cream. I wanted to make a dessert because produce doesn't always mean a salad or a side dish. I have to confess, I felt a bit bad when I saw the beautiful baby carrots and knew they were going to be shredded. As soon as I took a bite of this ice cream, I didn't feel bad anymore. This is delicious and it's the type of ice cream, where, a little bit goes a long way because it's fairly rich from using coconut milk. Thank you again, OxBow Farm for letting me participate in the Oxbow Farm Oxbox Project. So goodbye for now to my CSA share. You were my first CSA box, but, you will not be my last. Recipe below in the comments.
rainydaybites : @pazsnewyork lol thanks! 😁
rainydaybites : @halfdimehomestead love it! Thanks! 😊
rainydaybites : @allaboutmycharmedlife @oilandsalt @eva_sparks @theunprocessedhome thank you everyone! This was a great way to end the week using my CSA box.
rainydaybites : @housewild_ thank you! I'm trying to really stay away from processed foods. It's nice to know what is going in to what you are eating and that everything is natural.
rainydaybites : @the_baked_baker84 @anja_kookt @theglobaltaster @allieoosta thank you everyone! I appreciate it.
sarachoate : @rainydaybites I guess I was more thinking about using a professional ice cream machine for something like that. When I want something added I have to fold it in afterwards!! But to purée making sense too!! Thanks!!
sherimiya : Whoa!! Never imagined I would find carrot ice cream appetizing, but you've done itπŸ’›
basilandpoppyseeds : πŸ’›
bakemystyle - alexthepirate - seasonallyjane - thekitchenspace -
Fennel, green apple, and celery salad topped with toasted pine nuts, Parmigiano Regianno, and drizzled with a lemon Dijon vinagerette. This salad was made to highlight the fennel that I received in my CSA box from Oxbow Farm. This fall salad is crisp, refreshing and light. It makes for a nice change of pace from a traditional dinner salad. Recipe below in the comments.
rainydaybites : @snackingkitchen thank you! I really prefer simple and light salads.
rainydaybites : @naturalkindagal thank you! πŸ’•
rainydaybites : @chezlarae I love fennel too! I had some growing for a bit in my yard...and then they died. Lol story of my gardening life.
eatzcateringco : Beautiful presentation!
treeclev : So beautiful
life_in_3d : Thank you! :) I will try to replicate
rainydaybites : @eatzcateringco thank you! I love how the apples in particular look sliced crosswise.
rainydaybites : @treeclev thank you!
ssoyeon20 - ashklieb - zahrahajjari - ambrosicheeseusa -
#nofilter #oxbowbox #oxbowfarm #csaproblems
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Thursday Market 4-7 in Dewitt Park. Get your midweek fresh, local fix!
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ithacafarmersmarket : #healthycooking #ithaca #farmtotable #farmers #farming #fingerlakes #ithacafarmersmarket #ithacamarket #localfood #locavore #veggies #cleanfood #beans #greens #oxbowfarm #knowyourfarmer #smallfarm #familyfarm #eatclean
motomakan : ✨
myndwalk : Beautiful greens! This time of year I like to make a greens pie in a cheesecake pan lined with filo layers and filled with wilted greens and other additions, covered with the excess Filo layers and bake. So easy!
ithacafarmersmarket : That sounds delicious @myndwalk !😊🍴 Be sure to tag us if you post a picture I'd love to see it.
adolfo.doring - eric.b1 - ithagram - kronangelina -
Drying out. #oxbowfarm
oxbowfarm -
rootedinthevalley : Will I see you this weekend?
iamamypennington : That is stunning
ninadfoster - angelapayton - derbyfarmflowers - evergreenviolet -
Risotto with organic radicchio, bacon, shallots, and fresh thyme from my garden. I'm cooking my way through my CSA box from Oxbow Farms, for their annual Oxbow Farms Oxbox Project. This meal uses the gorgeous head of radicchio and some of the shallots from the box. I've seen recipes for a red wine radicchio risotto but I decided to use white wine instead. I don't often buy radicchio and I'm not sure why. One of the great things about participating in a CSA is getting produce that you might not buy very often and getting creative. Radicchio seems to love the salty sweetness of pork so this was a perfect combination. After having this meal, I can say, without a doubt that I'll make sure to get radicchio more often.
rainydaybites : @lisa_vipond you are so sweet! Thank you. Glad to share what I know and what I learn. That bowl is another estate/garage sale find! Thank you!
rainydaybites : @singleandservingit so true! Risotto is my idea of great comfort food.
rainydaybites : @rusticjoyfulfood yes!!! I love it! Sorry I've been slammed with finishing off my CSA and we brought our puppy home yesterday. Sent you a private message. πŸ’•
rainydaybites : @spencer_guy_photo thank you! Risotto is one of my favorite dishes to eat.
rainydaybites : @johannaramsell thank you!
rainydaybites : @thecookerywife ha! I had leftovers the next day with an egg on it for breakfast. πŸ‘― great minds think alike!
amberblondin : Indeed, I'm going to have to attempt making this soon! Perfect comforting fall dish.
spencer_guy_photo : @rainydaybites me too, but I go light on with the celery and heavy with the stock! Throw in some peas, prawns and mint. Happy days!
healthy_food_and_more - actorsdiet - gharbisabrina - kwaibs -
I finally have a few moments to sit down and share what I have been making from my Oxbow Farm Oxbox Project CSA share. This beautiful, end of summer salad, features Oxbow Farm's organic Bibb lettuce. One head of lettuce made this entire family serving. The crisp Bibb lettuce is topped with golden grilled yellow peaches, warm toasted pecans, crumbled feta cheese and a homemade balsalmic vinagerette dressing. I served this with a whole roasted chicken, but, with a good hearty bread this could be a meal all by itself. Now, I know I could have done more with the lettuce, but, I have seen so many posts featuring grilled peaches, which I have never tried before, that I had to make this salad. Recipe not really need but I've posted it below in comments.
csa -
rainydaybites : @theunprocessedhome thank you! It's all the beautiful ingredients!
rainydaybites : @pinkpatisserie thank you! I'm having fun with my OxBox! I need to post a few more things. Been a busy week. Hope you are doing well. πŸ’•
rainydaybites : @daviesx4 it's mine now too! Grilled peaches were a first for me. I wish I hadn't waited so long. I've been missing out! Lol thanks!
rainydaybites : @thejudylab you are so sweet! Wish we were closed of happily invite you over and share. πŸ’•
tefta2 : I've always wanted to try. Now I've got a real incentive with your beautiful plate/pic
rainydaybites : @tefta2 I kept seeing grilled peaches in so many dishes that I finally just had to do it. There are great peaches out there right now so the timing is perfect! Let me know what you think if you do. I was surprised by how good they were.
eitherorfinds : Grilled peaches--brilliant! Will try!
belleannee : That is so lovely! Great work.
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#oxbowfarm veggies!
oxbowfarm -
sjbartnikowski - emmieb78 - meshcka -
You can always count on our farmers to help bring the local flavor of the Finger lakes to your table.
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ithacafarmersmarket : #healthycooking #ithaca #farmtotable #farmers #farming #fingerlakes #ithacafarmersmarket #ithacamarket #localfood #locavore #veggies #cleanfood #beans #greenbeans #oxbowfarm #knowyourfarmer #smallfarm #familyfarm #eatclean
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Representing at the gourmet fair for #oxbowfarm - thanks to @boligphotography for the shot! #eatmorecarrots #farmfancy
ifbc - ifbc2014 - oxbowfarm - eatmorecarrots - farmfancy -
rootedinthevalley : @lavendermarigold that is so nice. Thanks! :)
rootedinthevalley : @everydaymaven @boligphotography she specializes in it you know! πŸ˜‰
rootedinthevalley : @rainydaybites they're the prettiest carrots in town!
rootedinthevalley : @runfar_100 right? Happening far too often for my comfort level! 😜
rootedinthevalley : @designak 😘😘 thanks Janell!
rootedinthevalley : @bloombainbridge 😘 i'm farm fancy! πŸ’ƒπŸšœ
rootedinthevalley : @steffiej you too!! ❀️
rootedinthevalley : @verdenius ❀️❀️❀️❀️
vintagemixer - factandlabel - _irenenatalie_ - kraut_source -
My friend Audra @rootedinthevalley ! #ifbc #oxbowfarm
ifbc - oxbowfarm -
chefkirstenmesadevida : Great shot!
rootedinthevalley : So good to see you and catch up a bit!
farmstr - skeltizzle - mandysroka - juliettem13 -
Pulling out the decorations for the booth at #ifbc #ifbc2014 - we farm folks are like the country mouse visits the big city in this gourmet fair ! πŸ˜‰ #oxbowfarm #CookingBackwards
ifbc - ifbc2014 - oxbowfarm - cookingbackwards -
ametch : #lemoncukes ?
rootedinthevalley : @ametch those are the pluots but we did have lemon cukes and introduced a whole lot of people to them!
fresheggsdaily : Looks awesome!
phreadd - jillanthropist - originsfarm - tricialouevans -
Beautiful, organic, and fresh produce from Oxbow Farm, located in Carnation, Washington. Have you ever thought about participating in your local CSA(Community Supported Agriculture)? I admit I've given it some thought in the past, but one of my concerns was whether I would use it all. This April, I was contacted to see if I was interested in participating in Oxbow Farms annual Oxbow Box Project. Oxbow Farms reaches out to local bloggers, and in exchange for a free one week share of their current CSA, I write about my experiences with my box and share what I make. Of course, I jumped on the opportunity! I was incredibly honored to be selected as I don't even have a blog yet, I just have my Instagram account. Yesterday, with much excitement, I picked up my Oxbox! Inside are the following: Romaine lettuce Bibb lettuce Red chard Fennel Heirloom carrots Shallots Baby red potatoes Radicchio Aren't these beautiful! I was struck by the gorgeous vibrant colors of everything. This is their small share, which would cost $21, and feeds 2-3 people. To sign up for the entire season of weekly boxes from June through October, would only cost $420 for 20 weeks of fresh organic produce. It's hard to believe that all of this beautiful produce is being grown only a few minutes from my home. Now, I just need to decide what to make first.
rainydaybites : @susanlcoleman I like how I'm already thinking about meals and I'm focusing on the vegetable first. What a great approach!
rainydaybites : @fromfarmtofamily thank you for all the great ideas! This is my first ox and so it's new to me. I mentioned above that I like how ready I'm planning things out and focusing on the vegetable first. My goal had been to incorporate more vegetables in our diet and this is a great way to do it. Thank you again! Great advice!
rainydaybites : @enog_foodphotography thank you!
akdifrancesco : I participated in a CSA in NJ and enjoyed it.
bridget80 : Pretty box of produce you have there!!
lisa_vipond : This is so great and the box looks so fresh! Look forward to seeing your creations! 😊
eitherorfinds : What a great deal for you--and for us who get to see what you do with your lovely produce!
annapetisidoro : I don't know how I missed this beautiful CSA Box!
rootedinthevalley - gabepllrn - audreyruns - farmersroots -
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