Musica é vida!!! #ownperception #bandasuprema #aniversariorotam #music #musicislife
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thiagoruby : #ownperceptions
polarodrigues : Concordo.. musica é vida!
itsme_r_d : Nice!
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Holy week? The week before Easter during which the last days of Christ's life are commemorated. This holy week, other people will read their bibles, will go to different churches, they will carry the cross and others will have their crucifixion. But aren't we fooling ourselves? We only get holy in that specific week, but on our daily weeks, we go to bar, don't read bibles, and EVEN don't go to church on a sunday? Oh Yes, holy week is an important celebration because we remember the sacrifice of Our Jesus Christ. But do we need to wait for every year's holy week just for us to be holy? Wake up! Let us be reminded that EVERYDAY is a gift that comes from God! Let me leave you my favorite memory verse. "For God so loved the world that He gave His only son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have an everlasting life. -John 3:16." GOD LOVES US ALL! HAVE A MEANINGFUL HOLY WEEK! GOD BLESS US! 🙌❤️😇🙏 #justsaying #ownperception
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My angel, your demon. 😁😉😍😲 #quote #love #life #ownperception #ohehano
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I might not go to church every Sunday like I used too or talk to certain religious people I once did. But I still believe in him and praise him my own way. #God. #StillAGoodPerson #JustDifferent #OwnPerception
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dayanax_x : Agreee 👍😄 @pazjnicole
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#capturedmoment #freedom #believe #achieve #inspire #live #love #appreciate #create #ownperception #ownchoices #owngoals #laugh #beyourself #bereal #staytrue #amazingplacestosee #travel
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Que loca obsesión tienen las mujeres con su peso y su extraña percepción de lo que es estar bellas!! Se que no es la mayoría pero a muchas les sucede esto! No lo nieguen... #woman #weight #shape #look #looklike #beautiful #instawoman #girls #crazy #perception #culture #problems #eat #workout #healthy #anorexia #bulimia #ownperception
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javierjaimezm : Con la 3 esta bien bro, buen color, buen tamaño y es sabroso darles sus nalgaditas jajajajaja @gustavsanteliz
goyoyounes : Viejo babosooo @javierjaimezm ajjaajaj @gustavsanteliz
gustavsanteliz : @javierjaimezm @goyoyounes Jajaja Que vaina con el Viejo y sua babosadas. Mire Que ud Ya es un padre de familia. Tiene que estar pendiente de su Sra esposa y su hijo.
javierjaimezm : @goyoyounes ctm pajuo
raquepina : Yo quiero aumentar siempre Lo he necesitado y nada, no hay método alguno! :( @gustavsanteliz
luisanamdno : Tu eres caso perdido @raquepina jajaja
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If music can play your rule, then your rule can play music. #logic#ownperception#boredome#alone
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Most valuable Ramen #ownperception 🍜
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Reality #people #judge #people #ownperception
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Cool~~ It's my first time to get that such bag #Creative #OwnPerception when buying books #nationalbookfair #bangkokinternatinalbookfair at #queensirikitnationalconventioncenter
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Saw this on one of ABS-CBN's window. I guess this simply reminds us that too much of something is bad. We all need rest and don't be other people's slave. Own yourself. You control it. 😉 #ownperception
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annemacasinag : And remember, do what makes you happy. Afterall, it's you who will face all the consequences ☺
annemacasinag : *these
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สิ่งเดียวกัน..อยู่ที่จะมองและอยากให้เป็น #OwnPerception
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