#throwback Adam Young @owlcityofficial performance at Rolling Stone Cafe Indonesia. #instagram #instastageid #stageid #stage #stagephotography #stagephotographer #concert #concertphotography #music #musicphotography #livemusic #musician #vocalist #guitarist #owlcity #owlcityjkt #bnw #blackwhite #blackandwhite #hitamputih #monochrome #adamyoung #vsco #vscocam #jakarta #indonesia #bestmusicshots
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argasitepu : coyooo followback yaa
edufindme_indonesia - cristhers - cherno.beloe -
Breanne Duren of @owlcityofficial #instagram #instastageid #stageid #stage #stagephotography #stagephotographer #concert #concertphotography #music #musicphotography #livemusic #musician #vocalist #pianist #owlcityjkt #owlcity #breanneduren #vsco #vscocam #jakarta #indonesia #bestmusicshots
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shubaloo_app : Awesome pic! :)
sancoyopurnomo : @shubaloo_app thx mate :)
surroundingsounds : good pic! :)
suciainunr - surroundingsounds - kartweel - new_image_entertainment -
Adam Young @owlcityofficial performance at Rolling Stone Cafe Indonesia. #instagram #instastageid #stageid #stage #stagephotography #stagephotographer #concert #concertphotography #music #musicphotography #livemusic #musician #vocalist #guitarist #owlcity #owlcityjkt #adamyoung #vsco #vscocam #jakarta #indonesia #bestmusicshots
indonesia - concert - musician - owlcity - stageid - stagephotography - adamyoung - vsco - vocalist - stage - instagram - owlcityjkt - livemusic - musicphotography - bestmusicshots - jakarta - instastageid - guitarist - stagephotographer - music - vscocam - concertphotography -
khuchinkadller : idola
musicians_prosper - ask_baby_dinosaur -
This was like the coolest thing ever! @owlcityofficial @jaspernephew @breanneduren @therobmorgan @gabrielhagen #OwlCityJKT #owlcity #adamyoung #yay #comebackplease
owlcityjkt - yay - adamyoung - owlcity - comebackplease -
dianaroyan - michellesndkh - imassp - ujitest -
Hope you'll be back to southeast asia soon for Mobile Orchestra. Good luck for your show in South Korea and Japan. #owlcity #owlcityjkt #owlcitybali #owlcityph #owlcitysg #hootowl
owlcityjkt - owlcityph - hootowl - owlcitysg - owlcity - owlcitybali -
owlcitysaid : Cool! 😊
gracecieleen : Awesome!!! :)
ivanhanover : Its hard to move on after that day 😭😭😭
gracecieleen : It's definitely a unique and one of a kind experience!! 😊 one for the books!
owlsome_lights : #SexyHand :v
happydeath_dauntlessloki : It reminds me when he went back here in Manila. 3rd times a charm really. Missed his first 2 shows and decided to go to his 3rd one. He made me fall in love with him. He is just gracious and into his music @ivanhanover @owlcityofficial
adamyoung.warl0ck : Hey stop givin him ideas i havent seen him he finally is comin to north america, after i can see him, you can have him back XD dont worry ur cool XD
owlsome_lights - sekarrima - the.real.kobe - the_saltwater_sky -
#OwlCityBali #OwlCityJKT #owlcityindonesiatour2015 #OfficialTourMerchandise #OfficialMerchandise #LatePost
owlcityjkt - owlcityindonesiatour2015 - latepost - officialtourmerchandise - owlcitybali - officialmerchandise -
zararosyidah - ruckymarkiano - mellairvana - mutestoreid -
How are my favorite friends doing? :) #owlcity #adamyoung #owlcityJKT // I hope everyone has a good time!
owlcityjkt - adamyoung - owlcity -
adamcityowlyoung : F4f?😊😊 - sumit.09 -
I CAN'T DESCRIBE MY FEELING. DREAMS DON'T TURN TO DUST ADAAM!! Meeting and hugging you are priceless things 💋❤😘👯💁 @owlcityofficial @breanneduren @jaspernephew @therobmorgan @gabrielhagen #owlcityindonesia #owlcityliveinjakarta #owlcity #adamyoung #owlcityjkt
owlcityjkt - owlcityliveinjakarta - owlcity - adamyoung - owlcityindonesia -
colla_trick - arif.kardus - cacaa.p - owlcityeve -
#AGNEZMO #RikaRejaWedding
owlcityjkt - agnezmo - rikarejawedding -
diniismala : Video pliis ka endrik 😄😄😄
endrikoko : Ada dooong! ☺️ @diniismala
ichaicho01 : Upload videonya dong @endrikoko
akbrid : Aduh yg lg nikah malah ikut joged waka waka @hamada_abdool kapan nyusul waka waka
endrikoko : Upload #owlcityjkt juga dong, chooo! 😭 @ichaicho01
irawan.danis : ikutnn
supriantodamanik_economics : Follback ya nic
ismawan657 - zam_sitorus - septiharumlestari - annisatei006 -
"I'll be long gone, cuz I've been dying to live." // #owlcity #adamyoung #bnw #musician #owlcityJKT #ocasiatour2015
owlcityjkt - owlcity - adamyoung - musician - ocasiatour2015 - bnw -
heavy.dose.of.atmosphere : Adamazing 😍
jcanopa21 - yoon_abbie - atikaaa88 -
Just some girls called hootowls tried to calm down themselves because they was too freaking out to finally meet and hug Adam @owlcityofficial 👯👯 nice to meet you guys. It was the BEST nighttt 👧❤💋 Till mobile orchestra concert girls, next year maybe? 🙋🙌 #owlcityindonesia #owlcityliveinjakarta #owlcityjkt #owlcity #adamyoung #mobileorchestra #friendship #hootowls #owlsome
owlcityjkt - friendship - owlcity - owlsome - owlcityindonesia - owlcityliveinjakarta - hootowls - mobileorchestra - adamyoung -
eviephee : Yay! Nice to see you too wid, see ya on next @owlcityofficial concert! 🙋
widiastutidm : Yeayyy. Next year... But we are getting older ya. Hahahaa 🙌🙌
eviephee : Lol iyaaak yaa huhuu.. Adam juga makin mateng lah.. Maybe next year kita datengnya sama suami.. Aaaw wkwkwk 😝
widiastutidm : Hahaa lo mungkin bisa vii sama suami. Gue belom boleh nikah dulu 😭😭😭 hahaha.. Adam jadian aja sih sama breanne, xixiixi 😝
deschavyana : Hello there, girls! Boleh minta bantuannya untuk shout out buat akun @OwlCityIndo di Twitter? It went back online! Semoga bisa jadi tempat kumpulnya HootOwls se-Indonesia kayak dulu. :) Thanks!
adamyoungforever - dyunsolidarios - yacobuss - synthetic.blanket.hairs -
Will you ever comeback to Indonesia @owlcityofficial ? *sobs* #owlcity #owlcityJKT #adamyoung you haven't seen beautiful places in here, Adam. Next time you really need to go to Raja Ampat to see green panoramic beach, Yogyakarta to see temples, and Banyuwangi to see mountains. Please do.
owlcityjkt - adamyoung - owlcity -
owlcityisahistory : @owlcitysings *-* hhhhhahahahahaha i need about $5000 to do that lol but not really i guess. Let's go backpacking ahaha
owlcityisahistory : @owlcitysings got a job but not with high salary, yet. Hope it'll change soon! Life's a process. Cool! What are you planning to do there?
idamews : Look at that.. the light from above shining right down upon him.. ♥
owlcityisahistory : @idamews brighter than a shooting staaaaar!!!!
funny_shampoo : your photos are really great, thank you! do you have full size somewhere or they are on instagram only?
owlcityisahistory : @funny_shampoo why thank you so much! Glad you like them. :) i have full size ones and they're on my phone but they're not edited yet. I took some photos of Adam during the concert.
jcanopa21 - angelica_cassy - the_midsummer_hootowl -
Honestly speaking, it was so hard to get a perfect view of Adam and his face. Baby @owlcityofficial are you really that shy? :')) #owlcity #owlcityJKT #adamyoung #musicians May 11th 2015, Rolling Stone Cafe, Jakarta. Give credits, please if you want to repost. :)
owlcityjkt - adamyoung - musicians - owlcity -
owlcityisahistory : @ancient_civil you'll see that face soon!!
owlcityisahistory : @therealshelliered thank you!
owlcityisahistory : @just_another_owl_citizen second that!
ancient_civil : @owlcityisahistory Yes, yes..., I know...✨😌✨
heavy.dose.of.atmosphere : I'm in love okay 😍
owlcityisahistory : @heavy_dose_of_atmosphere OKnever mindddd!
yasn_ha : Amazing dear!
idamews : This was too cute a picture *__*
jcanopa21 - the_midsummer_hootowl - atikaaa88 -
This is the legendary @jaspernephew :) thank you for the very short convo, Jasper. It was really nice to meet you too! Late update Owl City Concert Rolling Stone Cafe Jakarta, May 11th 2015. #jaspernephew #owlcity #owlcityJKT repost please give credits :)
owlcityjkt - owlcity - jaspernephew -
heavy.dose.of.atmosphere : He rocks! :))
shun_officially : Nice pic!
spiritedlittletyto - annajovendel -
So yeah, that was not a complaint anyway. Just a thought that I would like to share. I hope I'm wrong. :) I'm still glad to see him. Everyone who meets him say he is so friendly, humble, and an ordinary guy. I just haven't met him yet. // Anyway, these pictures were taken using Canon pro cam. I'm not a pro but the camera is. Lol. I was in the second row. When you see a pic has a closer view, it is either I zoomed in the lens, or Adam was pretty close right in front of my face. Late update Owl City Concert Rolling Stone Jakarta, May 11th 2015. #owlcity #owlcityJKT #adamyoung #musician #ocasiatour2015
owlcityjkt - ocasiatour2015 - adamyoung - musician - owlcity -
hootowl_lps : I love the fact that Adam is always so humble and kind and friendly with everyone. He acts like he's an ordinary guy and that's amazing, in my opinion ^^ This shows that hs stays honest and true to himself :)
owlcityisahistory : @owlcitysings wwwwwoW *flips the words you wrote*
owlcityisahistory : @hootowl_lps awww that is right, I hope! That is the most important thing, to be honest and true to yourself, and other people. But in the matter of singing performance, an attractive one is important. Hehe. Just a thought. And he used to sing and act like a crazy person, I've seen that. He's growing up. Adam is a mature person now.
owlcityisahistory : @owlcitysings who doesn't. :") thank God I'm not the only one who feels that.
hootowl_lps : Haha that's true x) But I think he still acts like a crazy person sometimes.. He never changes when he's on stage xD He's having fun and that's the most important thing :3 Maybe we'll see new dance moves soon haha xD Like the chair dance and stuff loke that x) Oh Adam.. :')
spiritedlittletyto - annajovendel - a.e.vendel -
As a person who concerns about Adam and Owl City himself, I need to be honest in giving statements about Adam and his performances. The shows here in Indonesia were not as huge as in Philippine. The crowd wasn't too huge too. But I hope that didn't make Adam less-excited for being and performing here. I said this because I felt something missing in his performance, or it was just because my first time seeing him that I didn't really know how he usually performs. He didn't really "close" and make eye contacts with us, the audiences. He also looked like he wanted to end the show as fast as possible. For those who has been in his concerts, does he always perform like that? . . I really don't want to have a misconception. I know he was tired and having jet lag. However, I'm still thankful for him for being here and still remembering us, Indonesians. Thank you, Adam. Thank you so much. #owlcity #owlcityJKT #adamyoung #musician #ocasiatour2015 Late update May 11th 2015 Rolling Stone Cafe Jakarta. (TAKEN BY ME. Repost please GIVE CREDITS. Thanks)
owlcityjkt - ocasiatour2015 - adamyoung - musician - owlcity -
heavy.dose.of.atmosphere : Singing with his eyes closed 😍I love it ❤️❤️❤️ Your photos are making my day sis , Thank you!!
owlcityisahistory : @heavy_dose_of_atmosphere will send them to you if the data connection is possible. Ok? :)
heavy.dose.of.atmosphere : Okay :)) thanks sis ❤️
just_another_owl_citizen : Yeah, you're right. About my thinking it was a charity concert, I was mislead by an article I read about it. In the article they said it was a charity concert and not that it had been sponsored. Thank you clearing that up! ☺️
idamews : I'm wondering if it might have to do with his introverted personality as well? <3 Haven't seen him live though, so can't really say for sure.. I know I find it difficult to interact with the crowd a lot of days.. often it is so that the smaller the crowd, the more difficult is it to be extroverted. Dunno why, but it's just gets that much more scary. I watched him on YT doing these VIP-acoustic performances for small crowds once, and he seemed to be in his own little bubble there at least. Maybe it was something like that?
idamews : btw the picture was gorgeous!
owlcityisahistory : @idamews right after the show my friend who has seen him live twice before said "it wasn't him, i guess. Idk. He was more interactive and attractive at that time. Tonight's show, I was even bored, in some songs". But maybe you're right, "the smaller the crowd" makes sense. The energy is gotten from also the audiences? Maybe it is that natural. I'm just hoping he'll not be disappointed performing here. Thank you though for the point of view <3
rachel_amabel : Are you Indonesian?
spiritedlittletyto - annajovendel -
@owlsings is right! Breanne's like a living doll. Da-da da-da-da-da-daaaaa was the one line from The Tip of The Iceberg that I hope she sang. But didn't. Hehe. Did you have fun performing in Jakarta @breanneduren ? //#owlcity #owlcityJKT #ocasiatour2015 #adamyoung #breanneduren Late update, May 11th 2015. Rolling Stone Jakarta, Indonesia.
owlcityjkt - ocasiatour2015 - adamyoung - owlcity - breanneduren -
ryanuries : prettyyy
owlcityisahistory : @owlcitysings NEVER MIIIINDDDDDDD bby
owlcityisahistory : @lobster_shell yuss lol
heavy.dose.of.atmosphere : Gorgeous 💙 She is amazing!
spiritedlittletyto - the_midsummer_hootowl -
Adam sang 20 songs. They were all mixed from the first to the latest album or EP called Ultraviolet. I was on the second row, watching him coming to the stage, singing the 20 songs. Weird that I didn't even feel my heart beat fast for him. However, I screamed. Lol. // Late update #owlcity #owlcityJKT #ocasiatour2015 #adamyoung #musician #concert May 11th 2015 . Feel free to repost, please give credit :) taken by me.
owlcityjkt - concert - ocasiatour2015 - adamyoung - musician - owlcity -
idamews : and I can't- he's- I'm so happy for you T__T
owlcityisahistory : @idamews THAT... Bby... WHen he stood in the stage, then practically I thought of you and I'm sorry to tell that he's probably about 180-185, not more than that I bet. My brother is even taller than him. BUT that's just a prediction, because I didn't stand right in front or beside him.
owlcityisahistory : @idamews just incase you missed my comments about his height
idamews : Hyaaaaaaah I dunno if I should laugh or cry
owlcityisahistory : @idamews but his body is compact, cuddle-able (lol), ah i can't stand *-*
idamews : can I have that piece of cuddly musician plz
owlcityisahistory : @idamews ahhhh my friend hugged him in meet and greet and she said she wanted mooooooooreeeeeeeee and.can.we.share.plzzzzzz
spiritedlittletyto - the_midsummer_hootowl -
Late update. Stage set Owl City Indonesia Tour Rolling Stone Jakarta, 11 May 2015. Taken by me. Feel free to repost. Please give credit. // I've been suspicious that this banner must be his cover album and heck yes I'm right I'm feeling fab lol jk // #owlcity #OwlCityJKT #adamyoung #ocasiatour #musician
owlcityjkt - ocasiatour - adamyoung - musician - owlcity -
hootowl_lps : Oh yeah you're feeling TOTALLY FAB #2fab4U x3
ancient_civil : Oh, the design of "Mobile Orchestra" is!!✨😳✨
owl_citizen_mag : This gave me chills
spiritedlittletyto - a.e.vendel - annajovendel -
Muka lucu mana muka lucu, maap ya abang dikerjain gw selama 90 menit penerbangan 😂😂😂 #owlcity #photooftheday #adamyoung #vsco #vscocam #hootowl #owlcityjkt #owlcityjakarta2015
owlcityjkt - vscocam - hootowl - owlcity - adamyoung - vsco - owlcityjakarta2015 - photooftheday -
deschavyana : Dirimu salah satu panitiakah? Atau just luckily met him on the plane? Huhuhu envyyy :((
ivanhanover : Hahaha bukan.. Gw balik Jakarta karena abis nonton doi di Sky Garden malemnya. Kecewa abis sama Meet and Greetnya yang cuma bentaran gak boleh ini itu. 😓
anggiedp09 : Beruntung bgttt
anggiedp09 : @werdini507
sekarrima : Ultra cute! 😆
adinms : Papaku sayang @niarin
priscigrazzi : What. Aww he's so nice. Thanks, @ivanhanover. :)
eviephee : trololol sneaky you just so sneaky
owlsome_lights - sekarrima - flashspellsofficial -
Owl City Live at @RSCafeINA #concert #OwlCityJKT #concertphotography #music #musicphotography #bestmusicshots #stagephotography #stageID #iPhonesia #Indonesia #Jakarta #eventdonesia
owlcityjkt - concert - musicphotography - bestmusicshots - jakarta - indonesia - iphonesia - music - eventdonesia - stageid - stagephotography - concertphotography -
expensive_performance : ❤
berggruen_studio : I love your pictures
mahdesi : merci bien 😄
berggruen_studio - bestmusicshots - joeyshootsmusic - oxalis410 -
They are unique and different. There is a soul in every songs of them, even the instrumental one. They don't sing songs about sex, drink, drugs, violence, or most other nowadays songs. They sing songs about happiness, enjoying life, and absolutely, love. They fill me. I love them. For you guys who still wondering what is Owl City. Is it a band or not? I'll answer it. It's not. It's Adam Young's project, with all music written, composed, recorded, and produced by him. But, when it comes to live perform, he is accompanied by a group of supporting musicians, his band. But still, I adore him and his band. But I adore Adam more. Breanne too, she is beautiful. I love Owl City forever. Keep singing, Adam! Big fan of Owl City, Me
owlcityjkt - owlcitytour - hootowl - owlcityconcert - adamyoung - owlcity -
rivisatria : #owlcity #owlcityjkt #owlcityconcert #adamyoung #hootowl #owlcitytour
suciainunr : Follback😊
adamyoungforever : Great picture and caption
rivisatria : @hurricane_owl @adamyoungforever hootowl united!
dipnavp - heshaam.abubakr - dhafintyanoorca - seblakpedasmommy -
Breanne Duren of @owlcityofficial #instagram #instastageid #stageid #stage #stagephotography #stagephotographer #concert #concertphotography #music #musicphotography #livemusic #musician #vocalist #pianist #owlcityjkt #owlcity #breanneduren #vsco #vscocam #jakarta #indonesia #bestmusicshots
concert - musician - owlcity - breanneduren - stageid - stagephotography - vsco - vocalist - stage - instagram - owlcityjkt - livemusic - pianist - musicphotography - bestmusicshots - jakarta - instastageid - indonesia - stagephotographer - music - vscocam - concertphotography -
khuchinkadller : Bahayaaaa
sancoyopurnomo : @khuchinkadller sadiss cink, amerika punya
khuchinkadller : Bibirnya gk tahan bang 😍😍😍
silp3h : @breanneduren
officialstageid : tau aja yg lucu2 ;)
sancoyopurnomo : @officialstageid yang kayak gini ga boleh lewat min ;)
officialstageid - munemqureshi - physis_piano -
Adam Young @owlcityofficial performance at Rolling Stone Cafe Indonesia. #instagram #instastageid #stageid #stage #stagephotography #stagephotographer #concert #concertphotography #music #musicphotography #livemusic #musician #vocalist #guitarist #owlcity #owlcityjkt #adamyoung #vsco #vscocam #jakarta #indonesia #bestmusicshots
indonesia - concert - musician - owlcity - stageid - stagephotography - adamyoung - vsco - vocalist - stage - instagram - owlcityjkt - livemusic - musicphotography - bestmusicshots - jakarta - instastageid - guitarist - stagephotographer - music - vscocam - concertphotography -
epinepon : 👉👉👉
sancoyopurnomo : @epinepon 👆👆👆
suciainunr : Follback😊
amozyaudrey : Alusssss 💯👍
sancoyopurnomo : @amozyaudrey yang alus, cewe mz :3
amozyaudrey : 😯😯😯 (alusnya cewek Jepang) 😨😨😨
silp3h : Jiiiirr T.T
munemqureshi - cami.fda_v - royalhighniss -
Owl City Performance at Rolling Stone Cafe last night. #instagram #instastageid #stage #stagephotography #stagephotographer #concert #concertphotography #music #musicphotography #musician #livemusic #vocalist #owlcity #owlcityjkt #vsco #vscocam #jakarta #indonesia #bestmusicshots #kamerahpgw
concert - musician - owlcity - stagephotography - vsco - kamerahpgw - stage - instagram - owlcityjkt - livemusic - musicphotography - bestmusicshots - jakarta - instastageid - indonesia - vocalist - stagephotographer - music - vscocam - concertphotography -
colwin : How was the show?
kyungsmthere - semuuuut - acariahadm - kamalaqysolo -
So close haha #upallnight #OwlCityJKT @jaspernephew @owlcityofficial
owlcityjkt - upallnight -
suciainunr : Follback
stormer_hootowl : You're the luckiest girl ever 😌 congrats
dianaroyan - mirantinggrn - hutapeayohana - haoelss -
Thank very much Adam Young @owlcityofficial GOD BLESS #OwlCity #OwlCityJkt #AdamYoung
owlcityjkt - adamyoung - owlcity -
deschavyana : Huhuhu envyyyy youuu
reyna_egan15 : @werdini507 abang adam selfie nih nad :)
fionamcfadden : Maaaaaak mas adam😭 #seketikapatahhati
dumbrss - - monichaitink -
I'd like to make myself believe, that planet earth turns slowly @owlcityofficial #owlcityjkt #indonesiatour2015
owlcityjkt - indonesiatour2015 -
meisriputri : It's hard to say that I'd rather stay awake when I'm asleep🐝🐝
fallhunt_ : 'Cause everything is never as it seems...😄@meisriputri
nandaayola : Owl city!!
nadiafirdanaaa - subahn7 - tiaracindyy - alfinoashari -
Adam 😍 #OwlCityJKT
owlcityjkt -
dinaseptia : Thank you Adam for the great show yesterday 😊 @owlcityofficial please come back soon!! Indonesian Hoot Owls ❤️ U!
liasboutique_id : follback yaaaaaa😊
anggiedp09 - hutapeayohana - imassp - henyrac -
#Regrann from @kawankumagz - Pengakuan #AdamYoung #OwlCity: dia masih suka #NasiGoreng, girls! 🍚🍚🍚 #OwlCityJKT #OwlCityJKT #video #fancam The way he says nasi goreng is cute and funny 😂😂😂 #nasigorengisgold
owlcityjkt - regrann - nasigoreng - owlcity - nasigorengisgold - fancam - video - adamyoung -
shun_officially : You were so close to him!:0
candycoatedclouds : It wasn't me lol I just reposted it from someone else @shun_officially your profile pic tho 😱
shun_officially : Yeah I met him!
eatcook - priskawibisana - semoetketjil - owlcavecity -
Sincerely, I love you dearly but I am clearly destined to wonder~ Till next time Adam @owlcityofficial ❤ #owlcityindonesia #owlcityliveinjakarta #owlcityjkt #owlcity #adamyoung
owlcityjkt - owlcityliveinjakarta - owlcity - adamyoung - owlcityindonesia -
andridwiprasetyo_ - derrafadhilla - qwerty_abcx - xcindybrianax -
Maafkan muka lelah & lepek itu. Tp apalah arti lelah & lepek jika bs melihat org yg kita suka. Ulalalaaa! 😍👏🎉😘😘⭐️ @owlcityofficial #owlcity #owlcityjkt #indonesiatour2015 #adamyoung
owlcityjkt - adamyoung - owlcity - indonesiatour2015 -
anggunkurniaa - cipmul - settiasenja - zz_stuff -
Yeay! 😍👏🎊🎉🎉🙌 @owlcityofficial #owlcity #indonesiatour2015 #adamyoung #owlcityjkt
owlcityjkt - adamyoung - owlcity - indonesiatour2015 -
qotooo - inshafmalik - niketutiwi - ekanduy -
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