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Good morning. 夏が近づくとOwlcityのAll things bright and beautifulが心地よく聴ける😌 初めてOwlcityで買ったアルバムだったからかもしれないが、どの曲も好きだけどこのアルバムだけは特別好き👈 Honey and the Beeを聞いた瞬間にめちゃくちゃ心奪われました🎧 有名なGood timeよりも僕はこっちの方が好きです👏🏻✨ He is Great pop artist. I always respect you. #Owlcity#owlcitybgc #owlcityjkt #owlcityphotoaday #owlcityrocks #allthingsbrightandbeautiful #owlcityisadamyoung #adamyoung #dreampop #respect#musiciansofinstagram#green#jkt#ep#nature#design
dreampop - nature - jkt - owlcity - allthingsbrightandbeautiful - musiciansofinstagram - design - respect - adamyoung - ep - owlcityjkt - owlcitybgc - owlcityrocks - owlcityphotoaday - owlcityisadamyoung - green -
ronnemusic : cool
galaxy_union_tokyo : @ronnemusic You too!
shun_officially : 僕もです!The Yacht Clubがヒットしない理由を逆に知りたいです
galaxy_union_tokyo : @shun_officially そうですね、名曲沢山入ってるアルバムなんですけどね!
87hay_ato - unforgettable_passion - garnet_heart_ - h65_a -
#throwback Adam Young @owlcityofficial performance at Rolling Stone Cafe Indonesia. #instagram #instastageid #stageid #stage #stagephotography #stagephotographer #concert #concertphotography #music #musicphotography #livemusic #musician #vocalist #guitarist #owlcity #owlcityjkt #bnw #blackwhite #blackandwhite #hitamputih #monochrome #adamyoung #vsco #vscocam #jakarta #indonesia #bestmusicshots
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argasitepu : coyooo followback yaa
sophiaxoariane - im_with_the_band_headbands - bigtimebuzzpromo - magazinesociety -
Adam Young @owlcityofficial performance at Rolling Stone Cafe Indonesia. #instagram #instastageid #stageid #stage #stagephotography #stagephotographer #concert #concertphotography #music #musicphotography #livemusic #musician #vocalist #guitarist #owlcity #owlcityjkt #adamyoung #vsco #vscocam #jakarta #indonesia #bestmusicshots
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khuchinkadller : idola
sydneyellenmusic - iheartgigsid - thikynnrider - frhniss -
Breanne Duren of @owlcityofficial #instagram #instastageid #stageid #stage #stagephotography #stagephotographer #concert #concertphotography #music #musicphotography #livemusic #musician #vocalist #pianist #owlcityjkt #owlcity #breanneduren #vsco #vscocam #jakarta #indonesia #bestmusicshots
concert - musician - owlcity - breanneduren - stageid - stagephotography - vsco - vocalist - stage - instagram - owlcityjkt - livemusic - pianist - musicphotography - bestmusicshots - jakarta - instastageid - indonesia - stagephotographer - music - vscocam - concertphotography -
shubaloo_app : Awesome pic! :)
sancoyopurnomo : @shubaloo_app thx mate :)
surroundingsounds : good pic! :)
i_x_i_x_r - nadiahein - spotifypremiumgiftcard2015 - cityvita -
This was like the coolest thing ever! @owlcityofficial @jaspernephew @breanneduren @therobmorgan @gabrielhagen #OwlCityJKT #owlcity #adamyoung #yay #comebackplease
owlcityjkt - yay - adamyoung - owlcity - comebackplease -
shun_officially - ujitest - imassp -
Hope you'll be back to southeast asia soon for Mobile Orchestra. Good luck for your show in South Korea and Japan. #owlcity #owlcityjkt #owlcitybali #owlcityph #owlcitysg #hootowl
owlcityjkt - owlcityph - hootowl - owlcitysg - owlcity - owlcitybali -
gracecieleen : It's definitely a unique and one of a kind experience!! 😊 one for the books!
owlsome_lights : #SexyHand :v
happydeath_dauntlessloki : It reminds me when he went back here in Manila. 3rd times a charm really. Missed his first 2 shows and decided to go to his 3rd one. He made me fall in love with him. He is just gracious and into his music @ivanhanover @owlcityofficial
adamyoung.warl0ck : Hey stop givin him ideas i havent seen him he finally is comin to north america, after i can see him, you can have him back XD dont worry ur cool XD
ilhamsyabani2804 - christpramudia - owlcityeve - owlcitysaid -
#OwlCityBali #OwlCityJKT #owlcityindonesiatour2015 #OfficialTourMerchandise #OfficialMerchandise #LatePost
owlcityjkt - owlcityindonesiatour2015 - latepost - officialtourmerchandise - owlcitybali - officialmerchandise -
mutestoreid - ruckymarkiano -
I CAN'T DESCRIBE MY FEELING. DREAMS DON'T TURN TO DUST ADAAM!! Meeting and hugging you are priceless things 💋❤😘👯💁 @owlcityofficial @breanneduren @jaspernephew @therobmorgan @gabrielhagen #owlcityindonesia #owlcityliveinjakarta #owlcity #adamyoung #owlcityjkt
owlcityjkt - owlcityliveinjakarta - owlcity - adamyoung - owlcityindonesia -
owlcityeve - mockingjames__ - eviephee -
How are my favorite friends doing? :) #owlcity #adamyoung #owlcityJKT // I hope everyone has a good time!
owlcityjkt - adamyoung - owlcity -
adamcityowlyoung : F4f?😊😊
hootowltibi - sunshinethelion32 - ugkyppl - anggiedp09 -
#AGNEZMO #RikaRejaWedding
owlcityjkt - agnezmo - rikarejawedding -
akbrid : Aduh yg lg nikah malah ikut joged waka waka @hamada_abdool kapan nyusul waka waka
endrikoko : Upload #owlcityjkt juga dong, chooo! 😭 @ichaicho01
irawan.danis : ikutnn
suprianto_damanik : Follback ya nic
eniisma - thony14_ - ayulastriaty - fortucoffee -
Just some girls called hootowls tried to calm down themselves because they was too freaking out to finally meet and hug Adam @owlcityofficial 👯👯 nice to meet you guys. It was the BEST nighttt 👧❤💋 Till mobile orchestra concert girls, next year maybe? 🙋🙌 #owlcityindonesia #owlcityliveinjakarta #owlcityjkt #owlcity #adamyoung #mobileorchestra #friendship #hootowls #owlsome
owlcityjkt - friendship - owlcity - owlsome - owlcityindonesia - owlcityliveinjakarta - hootowls - mobileorchestra - adamyoung -
eviephee : Lol iyaaak yaa huhuu.. Adam juga makin mateng lah.. Maybe next year kita datengnya sama suami.. Aaaw wkwkwk 😝
widiastutidm : Hahaa lo mungkin bisa vii sama suami. Gue belom boleh nikah dulu 😭😭😭 hahaha.. Adam jadian aja sih sama breanne, xixiixi 😝
deschavyana : Hello there, girls! Boleh minta bantuannya untuk shout out buat akun @OwlCityIndo di Twitter? It went back online! Semoga bisa jadi tempat kumpulnya HootOwls se-Indonesia kayak dulu. :) Thanks!
synthetic.blanket.hairs - eviephee - rizkaaaaariz - sarihandayn -
"I'll be long gone, cuz I've been dying to live." // #owlcity #adamyoung #bnw #musician #owlcityJKT #ocasiatour2015
owlcityjkt - owlcity - adamyoung - musician - ocasiatour2015 - bnw -
heavy.dose.of.atmosphere : Adamazing 😍
plmimhim - to_the_galaxies - ultra_goldowl -
Prepare official merchandise for D-1 #KatyPerryJKT and D-2 #OwlCityBali & #OwlCityJKT #MMInfo
owlcityjkt - mminfo - katyperryjkt - owlcitybali -
elien_ka - desyanaajeng - dikiess - katycatkaty -
"I'd like to make myself believe That planet Earth turns slowly" Owl City - Fireflies #owlcityjkt #owlcityindonesia #musicindustry #concert #multiplatinum #industrimusik
owlcityjkt - concert - musicindustry - owlcityindonesia - multiplatinum - industrimusik -
_iamrashad : great job👍
candycoatedclouds - dheaanindhita - jessicajekisa - alenaonmica -
Owl City Indonesia Tour 2015 #owlcityjkt #owlcityindonesia #musicindustry #concert #industrimusik
owlcityjkt - industrimusik - concert - musicindustry - owlcityindonesia -
khansamanda - universal_indo - kamalachemberlin -
TONITE!! Make sure you get your OFFICIAL Tour MERCHANDISE @owlcity inside Venue at Rolling Stone Cafe ,Jakarta Promoted: @7KingsEnt #OwlCityJKT
owlcityjkt -
jessicagrace14 - khansamanda - ivandynt - ridhoopangestu -
#Regrann from @kawankumagz - Pengakuan #AdamYoung #OwlCity: dia masih suka #NasiGoreng, girls! 🍚🍚🍚 #OwlCityJKT #OwlCityJKT #video #fancam The way he says nasi goreng is cute and funny 😂😂😂 #nasigorengisgold
owlcityjkt - regrann - nasigoreng - owlcity - nasigorengisgold - fancam - video - adamyoung -
shun_officially : You were so close to him!:0
candycoatedclouds : It wasn't me lol I just reposted it from someone else @shun_officially your profile pic tho 😱
shun_officially : Yeah I met him!
semoetketjil - suciainunr - foto.mozaik.terunik - priskawibisana -
Owl City Indonesia Tour 2015 Official Merchandise: @merchmaniacs #owlcityindonesiatour2015 #OwlCityJKT #OfficialTourMerchandise #OfficialMerchandise #mminfo
owlcityjkt - officialmerchandise - mminfo - officialtourmerchandise - owlcityindonesiatour2015 -
mellairvana - amozyaudrey - khuchinkadller - kingiklan50 -
Baby, She was on her way back home when she saw city lights with its scape dancing around the night Yet all the euphoria seems so worthless So that time the tears fell down like a silent rain Yet all the euphoria seems to be nothing "This journey seems to be so bitter..." Perjalanan ini terasa sangat menyedihkan... Sayang engkau tak duduk di sampingku kawan... #citylights #cityscape #lights #night #indonesia #jakarta #instanusantara #owlcityJKT #poems
owlcityjkt - instanusantara - jakarta - indonesia - citylights - lights - night - cityscape - poems - : Beautiful 😊😍 Say hi to Adam for me :)) Haha have fun sis!
silp3h : Ceritain kemareeeen T.T
theimperfection : @silp3h coba pergi ke akun @owlcityisahistory :') itu akun nyeritain persis dgn apa yg aku rasakan
saiun_c6n : COOL Lina❤
theordinarymind - ileftmydrillinmetropolis - little_mk_shop - antipodean -
Owl City Indonesia Tour 2015 Official Merchandise: @merchmaniacs #owlcityindonesiatour2015 #OwlCityJKT #OfficialMerchandise #OfficialTourMerchandise #mminfo
owlcityjkt - mminfo - officialtourmerchandise - owlcityindonesiatour2015 - officialmerchandise -
seblakpedasmommy : kamu keren
fitriaheidiana - mellairvana - lizwantangguh - kingiklan50 -
Rob called Bali as a paradise. Well dude @therobmorgan 24 hrs in paradise won't ever be enough. :') #BALI #indonesia #owlcityBALI #OwlCityJKT have fun though! When you have more time, please visit other places in Bali such as Tanah Lot, Lombok (across from Bali), Bedugul, etc.
owlcityjkt - indonesia - owlcitybali - bali -
owlcityisahistory : @maverictorian NICE *-*
owlcityisahistory : @maverictorian do you remember all the songs he sang? List of the songs
maverictorian : Do you have your facebook account?
rugie_young - fu_22 -
#LiveUpdate 3:03pm. Rolling Stone Cafe, Jakarta. The stage hasn't finished yet to set out. There's nothing like Adam's smell or hint lol #owlcity #adamyoung #ocasiatour2015 #owlcityJKT.
owlcityjkt - ocasiatour2015 - adamyoung - liveupdate - owlcity -
mr.ivan_young : Cool
owlcityisahistory : @owlcityholic i was in the second row... Right in front of him...
owlcityholic : omg you're lucky! did you get to touch his hand?
owlcityisahistory : @owlcityholic noooooo i didn't Jason... :'
tyasip - hootowl_lps - denisse_saiyan -
Still waiting @owlcityofficial at the parking lot. My friend just came inside to have a meet and greet moment with him. Adam is scheduled will be arriving here at 06.00pm. Now it's 5:18. Guys I'll be replying all your comments after the show, ok? I'll be posting some pics (not too many) due to the battery of my phone. But THANK YOU SO MUCH for keeping yourself update at #owlcityJKT Rolling Stone Cafe, Jakarta, Indonesia, May 11th 2015. 3 hours to go to the shoooooowwww!!!!!! Seriously I WISH YOU ALL WERE HERE! *smooch* #owlcity #adamyoung #ocasiatour2015
owlcityjkt - ocasiatour2015 - adamyoung - owlcity -
yasn_ha : @owlcityisahistory thaaanks, but remember it's better than never see him...
hootowl_lps : She was so lucky :0
sara_swastini : @owlcityhistory how was the performed ? Is that fun ?
owlcityisahistory : @sara_swastini i made reviews in my latest posts :) thank you for asking.
silverflutters - mobileorchestra_ - maverictorian -
owlcityjkt - adamyoung - owlcity -
martainpurple : Thanks!! I wish I could see him live someday! Your pics are so cool, you were very close 😝
heavy.dose.of.atmosphere : Oh sis 😔 I don't know how it works in Indonesia but here we need to buy a special ticket to watch the sound check. :((
owlcityisahistory : @martainpurple where do you live? My prayer belongs to youu!
owlcityisahistory : @martainpurple thank you so much! <3
sara_swastini - tyasip - anggiedp09 -
owlcityjkt - liveupdate - owlcity -
owlcityisahistory : @hootowl_lps i think this is the song he really enjoyed to sing last night
hootowl_lps : Yup, I think so too :3 He always put so much love when he sings his songs 😍
hootowl_lps : puts*
anggiedp09 - rik_narumaki - keana_oc -
#owlcityjkt #owlcity just started OMFGGG
owlcityjkt - owlcity -
anggiedp09 : Ini kamu @werdini507 atauuuu???
tyasip : 😍😍😍
hootowl_lps : So lucky *-*
rachel_amabel : You're so closeee... I couldn't come at that day T-T
anggiedp09 - hootowl_lps -
Yeay! 😍👏🎊🎉🎉🙌 @owlcityofficial #owlcity #indonesiatour2015 #adamyoung #owlcityjkt
owlcityjkt - adamyoung - owlcity - indonesiatour2015 -
niketutiwi - hapsahlubis - tripschaniago - qotooo -
I'm so happy for you kak @werdini507 :D Masih inget gimana kamu cerita mau ngasih kopi luwak buat Adam tadi siang kak :D Bang @owlcityofficial bakalan makin insom nanti -_- Kalo dia insom siapa yang repot???? Hahhaha #hootowls #adamyoung #owlcity #owlcityjkt #giftfromfans #bestfriends
owlcityjkt - bestfriends - giftfromfans - adamyoung - hootowls - owlcity -
rizkashafirarharyanto : Lucky heeer :') @shafiraamirah @hoobahhoobahhooop @lutfi_andriani @nhh.nur @shofa_dilla @margaretaw1
anggikna - sundariutami - yonimichaeltiting -
Its always a goodtime..(cuman hafal lagu ini aja selain Fireflies)..#owlcityjkt
owlcityjkt -
arviputra - komoricky - anggieletsgo -
ng-Owl city..#owlcityjkt
owlcityjkt -
ansaraindra - iqbalgimbul - reza_alqadri - gitapertiwi_ -
Big Thanks to Adam Young ' Owl City ' @owlcityofficial :) GOD BLESS #OwlCity #OwlCityJkt #AdamYoung
owlcityjkt - adamyoung - owlcity -
deschavyana : Ya udah bahasa Indonesia aja kalo gitu. :")) Dirimu salah satu panitia, kah? Aku agak kecewa sama prosedur meet and greetnya. Kayaknya yang Philippines bisa foto satu-satu. :((
elronisitepu : Saya kira td Mba org philipina malah...:D...bukan mah dr kampung atuh..emang meet n greet nya gmana mba @deschavyana fotonya bareng2 ya
deschavyana : Weh, kok terus sempat ketemu, mas? Tau gitu ikutan. :(( Iya, dikelompokin per 5 orang gitu masaaaa'.. No selfies, no autograph, padahal aku udah bikinin dia gambar sampe ga tidur. :"((
elronisitepu : kalau gak salah mba sama temennya ada ke belakang tenda sponsor dah..kirain ke ruangan nya rolling stone..kan msi di dlm td Mas Adam Young nya...,pas td menjelang konser..dia keluar naik mobil..terus brkt ke balik panggung..disitu td sy ktmunya
duringhiccup - herianalistya - gabbymantiri_ - khansamanda -
So close haha #upallnight #OwlCityJKT @jaspernephew @owlcityofficial
owlcityjkt - upallnight -
suciainunr : Follback
stormer_hootowl : You're the luckiest girl ever 😌 congrats
dianaroyan - mianahap - cymilia - hutapeayohana -
#OwlCityJKT #owlcity #adamyoung #LiveUpdate 4.20pm Looks like the crew is briefing! Rolling Stone, Jakarta.
owlcityjkt - adamyoung - liveupdate - owlcity -
maverictorian : Hey hey. Dont forget to tag me. Pleaaaase.
silverflutters : jealous af
owlcityisahistory : @maverictorian i will. Soon, okay? Right when I get a computer!
owlcityisahistory : @silverflutters you don't have to. I'll tell you why in WhatsApp!
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