$10 MM @ RiteAid 2 Oral-b spin brushes, $6 each -used 2 $2/1 p&g =$4, receive 2 $4 +Ups Revlon bogo 50% off, $1.39 & $0.69 -used $3/1 Revlon =free plus major overage ($3.62 in overages wyb 2 with 2 coupons)!!! Plus receive $1 +Up wyb 2 =$0.19 oop #coupon #couponcommunity #freebie #freedeals #couponers #deals #frugal #extremecouponer #couponfamily #couponingcommunity #qpons #couponer #couponing101 #couponlife #onlinedeals #storedeals #couponnewbie #savemoney #couponfinds #moneymaker #free #revlondeal #overage #naildeals #beautydeals #freetoothbrush #freeoralb
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Sundays Target run. BICs, H&S, Revlon, Secret, Old Spice, Post Its, Scotch Tape, Sharpies, Purell, Band Aids. All free or super cheap. #RolledGiftCards #Overage #YippeeSkippee
overage - rolledgiftcards - yippeeskippee -
808chad : Tiga
cheapdate808 : @808chad Target biting 🎣
_tutuhine - qpon_sha_sha_1 - clipit_808_qpon - knitsncoupons -
10 boxes of pizza rolls, PM Kroger 10 for $10, got paid $2.50 to take em home! #couponing #ilovecoupons #overage #yeahbuddy #txcouponers #xtremecouponer #loveit #freebies
loveit - yeahbuddy - freebies - overage - txcouponers - ilovecoupons - couponing - xtremecouponer -
corycoupons2010 : What coupon did u use if u don't mind me asking?! @cherylk16
cherylk16 : @corycoupons2010 $1.25/1 Any Totinos
charissemurray - mosquedarosamondgpoj - tavitas_wifey - lovellajrac -
Couldn't find the $0.99 airborne chewables so I came back from 🎯 with these for $4.xx OOP #coupons #couponing #crueltyfree #yesto #coupon #overage #freebies
overage - yesto - coupon - couponing - freebies - coupons - crueltyfree -
sariena559couponer : BD on yes products plz
vhcoupon : @sariena559couponer use (4) $3/1 printable from the Yes To website along with a $5/$20 or more Made To Matter coupon. It didn't scan for me but my cashier just took off $5. Then used the Purell overage
free.skullshotglass - beautyunboxing - thecarriefairy -
Let's just say I got a little #chocolatewasted!! 🍫🍫🍫🍫 88 candy bars for ZERO dollars!!! πŸ†“πŸ†“πŸ†“πŸ†“ Deal is at Safeway: Buy 2, get 2 free. Used 44 of the BOGO tp that I found at CVS. 😍😍😍 Half of them melted because I bought 36 of them during 104 degree weather like a dumby. πŸ˜’ Any ideas on what I could use those ones for? I'm thinking maybe chocolate covered fruits?
breakdown - teamoverage - moneymaker - couponcommunity - peelies - free - couponing101 - hangtags - tearpad - couponer - extremecouponing - couponing - couponingforlife - coupons - lovecouponing - deals - chocolatewasted - couponhaul - couponersunite - extremecouponer - ipaywithcoupons - overage - neverpayfullprice - stockpilewasted -
qponsonqponsonqpons : #couponersunite #hangtags #couponing101 #lovecouponing #ipaywithcoupons #overage #teamoverage #neverpayfullprice #couponingforlife #moneymaker #stockpilewasted #couponhaul
qponsonqponsonqpons : #extremecouponer #extremecouponing #couponcommunity #couponing #coupons #breakdown #deals #free #tearpad #peelies #couponer
stephhcoupons : Just put the melted ones in the fridge and
stephhcoupons : Take them out when they are firm. Should be good to go after that
qponsonqponsonqpons : I did that, I just don't wanna give weird shaped ones to friends/family. :/ plus then you have to peel them off the wrapper and it's just no good! Lol @stephhcoupons
stephhcoupons : Hey if you are giving them away for free, they shouldn't be complaining!! Lol
qponsonqponsonqpons : @stephhcoupons hahaha okay when you put it like that, I don't feel so bad. πŸ˜‰
labelsandloveboutique - patboogy - millionairmind - beckicoupons -
Happy BDay to my amazing man Who is 18 Year-old today! I love you β€οΈπŸ˜πŸŽ‰ #us #party #birthday #overage #finally #fun #love #happiness #smart #style #fashion #royal #forever #always #iloveyou #myman #like4like #like4follow #tags4like #instalove #photooftheday
fashion - love - myman - instalove - forever - birthday - happiness - style - like4like - tags4like - always - royal - iloveyou - us - overage - finally - fun - party - like4follow - smart - photooftheday -
_harrison_plummer_ - neriahjewels_paris - kellyjxws - jolabrenda -
Hot deal @ TARGET LINK IN BIO TO ORDER COUPONS AND USE PROMO IN PICTURE FOR 15% off! Buy 4 Deodorant @ $2.69 & 2 Sprays @ $3.97 Use 2 B2G1= $10.76 without auto deducting Roll $10 GC's PAY .76 for all πŸ’ƒget back $10 GC's πŸ‘Œ thank you @coupon_mom14
kimoralee_of_coupons : @skencira well post office states to allow 3-4 days some people have received in 2 days depends on your mailman as well
calicouponer909 : @doralyscoupons
meek_myria : What does link in bio mean?
kimoralee_of_coupons : @meek_myria Link is a website link in bio is the biography part of everyone's page all the information under the profile picture is the "BIO"
skencira : Okay thanks I was just wondering cs this is my first time ordering @kimoralee_of_coupons
reecelovesone : @kimoralee_of_coupons thank you so much for explaining that for me I always wondered πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘
sbrown907 : Can you use the promo at target?
d_thecleanupwoman : Yes you can use qp on 50% off item at rite aid.@reecelovesone
kimoralee_of_coupons - kellyo29 - beverly1518 - bethasore1meow -
.82 CENTS EACH AT TARGET AFTER COUPONS!! Buy 6 @ $4.99 use 3 $5/2 roll $10 in Giftcards Pay $4.** get back $10 in GC's LINK IN BIO FOR WEBSITE UNDER PROFILE PICTURE πŸ‘ πŸ”₯Use promo code in picture for additional 15% off!! πŸ”₯ πŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒ
kimoralee_of_coupons : @mirnisie you should have gotten them today if not tomorrow Sunday doesn't count as a mailing day and if you check post office it states to allow 3-4 business days
kimoralee_of_coupons : @chendaharris at the register? I'm confused
hnybee04 : @naty4147
naty4147 : @hnybee04 I have six! Love it!
aaam_couponing : Do u still have a set for this qs? @kimoralee_of_coupons
kimoralee_of_coupons : @aaam_couponing yes go to website to order and use promo code
aaam_couponing : I can use pp to that website?first timer
kimoralee_of_coupons : @aaam_couponing yes and you use promo code right before confirming payment
nikki3071g - grocerybudgettutor - b3ky87xoxo - nessuh2404 -
On sale at Walmart $3/2.... .50 Cents each after coupon LINK IN BIO TO WEBSITE UNDER PROFILE PICTURE ... πŸ”₯USE PROMO IN PICTUREπŸ”₯
kitkat5577 : @mimi_1510
chinesebighair : @mich_tran
mmsdolezal1 : @kimoralee_of_coupons this was a regional q? Sacbee didn't have it in NorCAl :(
kprudhomme : @kstoute830
71pairsofshoes : Thanks for the heads up!
kellyo29 : @lilmandab22
tvela7 : @proud71
vanny562_ : @dianita_g562
mexicanma05 - anniescott114 - netime_yo - nessuh2404 -
Rolaids Wasted! Tablets on clearance for .95 Bought 18=$17.10 Used $3/2 overage of $1.10 for every 2= $9.90 Liquid on clearance for $1.47 bought 3 = $4.41 Used $4.50/1 overage of $3.03 for each = $9.09 So got them all for free plus $18.99 overage!!!! πŸ‘πŸ™ŒπŸ‘πŸ’ƒ#txcouponer #coupons #couponcommunity #savings #overage #moneymaker #extremecouponer #extremecouponing #ifitsfreeitsforme #whypatfullprice
txcouponer - whypatfullprice - moneymaker - extremecouponer - couponcommunity - overage - savings - ifitsfreeitsforme - extremecouponing - coupons -
monicheri88 : Where at?
momoftwobogins : What store? Where did you find the q's?
jnmmedellin : Heb @monicheri88 @momoftwobogins I'm not sure what week the Qs came our since I clip all of them but it was a few weeks back!
femmechanics : Does heb roll over overage to remaining transaction? Do they limit qs? They're policy online doesn't help :/
jnmmedellin : They don't limit qs unless the q itself has a limit! And yes they roll the average to your basket! They will not give you back cash! @femmechanics
19amazingracie77 - momoftwobogins - noemilopez26 - dadswhips -
#haul from the weekend lots of deals lots of transaction and best of All #overage whoooo most stuff is from target and wags #extremecouponer #extremecouponing #vegascouponer
overage - extremecouponer - haul - vegascouponer - extremecouponing -
tupusina99 : @adcaans can u do a bd for the fabreeze pls:))
roro_coupons : @adcaans is the H2O q the digital? Tia 😊
la_couponera702 : πŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ
adcaans : @karissa_vincent_velia no I don't bd on wat
adcaans : @tupusina99 febreeze was on clearance 2.54 used bogo coupon autodeducted 3.99 and used overage from revlon nail files
adcaans : @roro_coupons no it's in their august booklet in the store
adcaans : @la_couponera702 @mamicupon_original @jewelssgreen thanksss
roro_coupons : @adcaans thank you...I actually just got the booklet, it's the same, I hope I find some H2O! πŸ˜„
jennifer_lynn209 - myrna98 - sarahtimminsphotography - pompolinka_ -
$1.50/8 only 8 left. Overage at Wal-Mart or target. #coupons #couponsforsale #Couponfamily #overage #freecoupons #iso #ilovecouponing #uft #extremecouponing #foodcoupons #hangtag
foodcoupons - hangtag - overage - couponsforsale - iso - couponfamily - ilovecouponing - freecoupons - extremecouponing - uft - coupons -
626couponer : Found that @ ralphs
socalcoupons : @iluvcouponsmedfordoregon I'll take them if still available
iluvcouponsmedfordoregon : @socalcoupons yup my pp is in my bio. Lmk when you send! Ty
socalcoupons : @iluvcouponsmedfordoregon sent :)
iluvcouponsmedfordoregon : @socalcoupons thanks got it! Mail out tomorrow!!
iluvcouponsmedfordoregon : 🚫GONE🚫
fanuatogia - mizevoo - socalcoupons - hollywood_couponing -
SMH really though ... You get mad when people take peelies.... but you do to You get mad when people clear shelfs.... But you do to You get mad cuz you take all tear pads..... But you do to You get mad when people commit fraud... and guess what SO HAVE YOU ... I see this A LOT in Couponing most of the time I keep my mouth shut because in all reality I still get my stuff done lol BUT FOR REAL stop being a HYPOCRITE HAHA THEN AGAIN β˜•οΈπŸΈ
couponswithfina : πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
coupondivasaves : Rightttttt
missdimples_26 : This tea is bomb tho πŸΈβ˜•οΈπŸ™Š
mbxcouponinc : @clipawayq
coup_gal : :)
couponkawaii : Too
suestuff : I didn't do this deal! Knew it wasn't right. But people who are new don 't know. I don't judge others. Just want to be good with what i do,
hyphywiifey : @suestuff aww the wipe deal was not right!?! What did I miss lol I'm fairly new to couponing
raches83 - millionairmind - naryqpons43 - pha_rol -
Have y'all seen the hashtag WAGS πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ smh soooooo you're telling me you thought this was cool? LOL Then again NONE of my business haha
kimoralee_of_coupons : @myfrugalcentsphilly I'm@not gonna for from it believe that lmao! but it gets SO OLD
clipqs2save : @kay78
pinkshugga65 : Tried to use the barcode Manager says we need the barcode printed out ;( sad face did not even get 1
myfrugalcentsphilly : @kimoralee_of_coupons .. I know I'm Asian and all.. and my English is pretty broken too.. but, huh? πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ I felt like I was in school again getting scolded and berated for something I didn't know I shouldn't do πŸ˜” I get accused of committing fraud and giving good composers a bad name if I do the deal and tag the store. Meanwhile the Big shot IG'ers post their haul with step by step instructions on How to commit said "fraud" and It's not only liked 5,000 times.. they encourage you to πŸƒπŸƒ. So now I know not to tag the stores but please people.. take a chill πŸ’Š πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
kimoralee_of_coupons : @myfrugalcentsphilly oops lmao!! I text fast stuff always gets messed up I meant DIE* not for
myfrugalcentsphilly : And said couponers have now since remove every trace of said transactions or hauls ever even happening.. really?! 😞
providingwitcoupons : @myfrugalcentsphilly that is why I don't run after every deal. You have to be careful of those who don't want to give break downs, pay attention to some of the things they say and post. Since I have been couponing I have learned that it is every man for himself.
reeaaddcoupons : @couponloveremma I'm learning to be really careful
tavitas_wifey - tuticake - daliandric - viviantran21 -
But that's none of my business πŸ˜‰ Happy shopping and good luck πŸ‘
mrsparker921 : @amylooo28 Yayyyy not.
sweeetkisses_ : @bdcoups @yourstrulycn 😩
marissalhouse : @msbleah
qponlove : Omg nooooo!!
stephy_sixqpons : @qponlover_mommy @tracie_coupons
unique_brit : @jess_vides11 @81lorenzo it might not work now!!! You can still go give it a try if you'd like!!
clipqs2save : @kay78
anneuhnette0991 : Valencia isn't doing it
amayaevelyn1 - stefanigtndeals - tuticake - sandiegomomof5 -
🌟Home Depot🌟 YMMV Use $2/2 makes them πŸ†“πŸ†“ Coupon was found MONTHS AGO at Walgreens in a booklet by the vitamin section (no they are not walgreens coupons just found at walgreens)
anniepps : @karolinajimenez24
tweetykilla_vi : @redzcruzian
eveetx : Ty @pamasnz21
westcoast_couponer : @mandypyt
kristybourgeois : @_lexid_
iheartmeijer : @calli_coupons
lindayim : @aaus1895
adaliz_15 : @mya_n_mommy
hyphywiifey - couponlife007 - shecouponz - francis33alv -
#coupon #coupons #couponers #couponing #couponhaul #frugal #couponcommunity #extremecouponer #extremecouponingy #couponing101 #follow #likes4likes #lovecouponing #likesforlikes #likes #stockpile #photooftheday #ipaywithcoupons #overage #teamoverage #neverpayfullprice #couponingforlife #moneymaker #stockpilewasted #ipaywithcoupons
likesforlikes - teamoverage - moneymaker - coupon - couponcommunity - couponing101 - likes - follow - couponing - couponingforlife - coupons - lovecouponing - couponhaul - couponers - extremecouponer - likes4likes - ipaywithcoupons - overage - frugal - stockpile - extremecouponingy - neverpayfullprice - stockpilewasted - photooftheday -
snookeyjbcouponing : We used to have a lot of them on every two blocks now you have to drive 10 to 20 miles to find one
mrsgeissel : I hate albertsons! I find them way over priced compared to vons!
bethaneyrenee : @rsbracey πŸ˜‚πŸ˜©πŸ˜‚πŸ˜©
mickiearthrain : This scares me a tad bit. I work at Safeway up in NorCal and I don't know what gonna happen with my job and everyone else's. πŸ˜₯
sherlockedtoatea : Always shopped at Albies, not a huge fan of Von's. I find it kind of pricey, so I'm feeling pretty neutral about this. πŸ˜•
sfmommy415_qponer : @tomorrowlamb
brianna_garrow : @brittany_silva9 meh
oisor_coupons : Yup. One of the vons here has closed
teresayoussofi - nicofaela - camcoupon - marialadominicana -
in a kiddy ride. #overage #lmao #swaggram #sup #cp #basement #kiddyride #lol #rotf
cramp - lmao - sup - lol - overage - swaggram - basement - cp - kiddyride - rotf -
themalaydude : #cramp
_iirandomii_ : #omgurtobig4datalrhahahahahah
meltingheartsusa - sherr23_ - qarinah_one_direction - keyi_4ever -
#weraisehell #whattheygonnado #overage #finally
overage - finally - weraisehell - whattheygonnado -
jessieannx3_ : What did you doo
codysmith12 : I was at a party and 6 cop cars rolled up haha @jessieannx3_ i did nothing lol
jessieannx3_ : Lol goooodd
bacohemi87 - ericturley - morganbeck798 - cat_marie_tarleton -
Thanks @kimiioo πŸ˜‰
vernejp : @mamiwebster I found the tide couponsssss
jennifer2436 : @kaywonebryan @dee5559
tweetykilla_vi : @redzcruzian
tina.ortiz.50 : How do you get the $3/$15 q from wags?
mrsbearcat29 : @shirlsthepearl
shirlsthepearl : Thanks @mrsbearcat29
trishapod : @nct6825
sherieberry2 : @lyteeuh
winenbrandyplz - qponaudrey - torres__nancy - ericacane29 -
$4.44 each for the 14ct pks. Using the $2/1 from july p&g and paying with publix #cashback #overage to make these #FREE !!
overage - cashback - free -
freeisbetter : β™₯β™₯β™₯β™₯β™₯β™₯β™₯
jlv83 : @freeisbetter I figured you'd like it :) β™₯β™₯
coupon_gurl - couponsam - lottiedottie1 - nycouponista -
couponing_for_8 : Will ypu be having any more @kimoralee_of_coupons
ar4359 : How do I buy
new2dagame : have these been sent out? I haven't received mine ...
kimoralee_of_coupons : @ar4359 I stated in caption just read please
kimoralee_of_coupons : @new2dagame sure have when did you order?
new2dagame : Tuesday
kimoralee_of_coupons : @new2dagame okay can you contact @wecouponclip provide them with your name and confirmation number please :-)
afghanrani : @kimoralee_of_coupons thanks to u I never have to go hunting down newspapers I just order from my bed n in 2 days I have a nice stack of coupons clipped for me 😊
lizr485 - - missmercylee - makemoneyworklessnow -
kimoralee_of_coupons : @estelleclaire3 most current post has a bd as with Revlon overage makes it free
anchick25 : @lyubchik1
dev_peace : @super_tayq @dev_peace
tnguyen0109 : @ttnguyen124
talon31vgomes : I ordered from your link and still haven't received what I ordered ? Im getting worried that I wont ever get them @kimoralee_of_coupons
talon31vgomes : Is it an honest company ? I placed two orders almost 5 days ago... and it has been paid in full....
talon31vgomes : @kimoralee_of_coupons
yengva316 : sold out :(
couponinfous - - msjones_wifey - lizr485 -
Target Debated even going... Thought it would be wiped out By Saturday evening... Obviously not... Multiple transactions Stacking... $5 Personal care coupon Manufacturers Target coupons Cartwheel Iβ™₯EAS Overage! #Save #Couponcommunity #manufacturers #Whypayfullprice #Sale #Overage #Free some items #Cheap #Storecoupons #Savings #Jessica #onelove
onelove - jessica - manufacturers - storecoupons - couponcommunity - cheap - sale - free - overage - savings - save - whypayfullprice -
mirimichel_ : What Q did you use for EAS?? @caliqponho
caliqponho : @mirimichel_ Go to then to offers tab
caliqponho : @concharodrigez a couple bucks a transaction... didn't have time to add it up but I kept rolling the gift cards also
caliqponho : @naaaatttteeee it's Ok bcz your not in Haul mode your in $ell Mode... Even Betta!!! Not to mention drink mode ; ) Ü Win!
naaaatttteeee : πŸ˜‹ no matter what, I'm always on making money mode. drink mode on the other hand... 😁 (drunk as I type this) Hell yeah. all the time!! LOL
caliqponho : @naaaatttteeee Nice..The Up and Up mode the only way to go!
mirimichel_ : Ooooh thanks @caliqponho
couponsgalorestore : Are you using expired eas or the printable
lbcoupongirl - couponkrazy777 - occouponer - melqponsintx -
Jumper! Happy Birthday Kaylan!!! #jumper #kids #fun #family #filipinoparty #nephews #love #jump #overage #basketball #slide
overage - kids - love - family - nephews - filipinoparty - jump - slide - basketball - fun - jumper -
insanehandles : Follow @craziestplays πŸ€πŸ”₯
hard_essli89 - viajumper - princess_yesi1987 - latinohenry -
All #free thanks to #coupons and #overage πŸ‘Šand someone said u can't #coupon for #axe #essence could get more if I had more mobile q's 😜 #couponaddiction #couponproblems #ipaywithcoupons
coupon - essence - ipaywithcoupons - free - overage - couponproblems - couponaddiction - axe - coupons -
rtali87 - rochellelavettecastro - merryfrhoda - mommee04_wifeyy12 -
.12Β’/each bar Buy 2= .24Β’ Use .50 wyb 2 chrunch q's πŸ”Ή.26Β’ mm Side note: these are bomb!!!πŸ˜œπŸ‘Œ #couponing #couponcommunity #couponfamily #candy #free #freebie #ilovefreestuff #chololatewasted #ymmv #socalcouponer #socalcoupons #longbeachcouponer
couponfamily - freechocolate - couponcommunity - free - ymmv - socalcouponer - couponing101 - chocolate - longbeachcouponer - extremecouponing - coupon101 - coupons - ilovefreestuff - couponing - newcouponer - mm - candy - overage - freebie - newbiew - boom - chololatewasted - socalcoupons -
malzie13 : @ladyzcoupons best kind of wasted! Lol
ladyzcoupons : @malzie13 yes lol
ladyzcoupons : #chocolate #freechocolate #mm #overage #boom
joymgloria : Until when is the sale?? :)
i_pay_with_coupons : Is this still going on?!? Hmmmm 🍫🍫🍫
ladyzcoupons : Yeah I believe so! :) @i_pay_with_coupons
iluvmykids72 : @maansbizniz @boink_kirby
maansbizniz : 😱 @iluvmykids72
hapavegasgirl - heven1ei - rosa_flores_palma_1 - rosekathryn85 -
Belmont #toold #overage #40yearoldvirgins
overage - 40yearoldvirgins - toold -
colette_mckeown : You a virgin good one ✌️✌️ lmao oj ❀️
ciaraohara_ : Couldn't ye laugh x
fionnuala_savage : Gorge gals 😘
emma_105 - colette_mckeown - bmcdonald94 - fionnuala_savage -
Ralphs $11.89 w/tax Including 4 LA Times papers With tomorrow's Coupons. #stackem #Clearance #Sale #Free items #Overage #Cheap #Manufacturer #couponcommunity #Save #Money #Whypayfullprice #Jessica #Onelove
clearance - save - jessica - money - couponcommunity - cheap - stackem - free - sale - overage - onelove - whypayfullprice - manufacturer -
deecouponing : Awesome !!!
caliqponho : @deecouponing Thanks... originally I just went in for the papers and the free Friday download items. Oops:)
deecouponing : Lol 😊
nanceytranh - clipsavelove - ilovecouponing_ - nakita10 -
Jackpot!!! πŸ™ŒπŸ‘πŸ‘ #coupons #couponcommunity #savings #txcouponer #extremecouponer #extremecouponing #free #whypatfullprice #overage #ifitsfreeitsforme
txcouponer - whypatfullprice - extremecouponer - couponcommunity - free - overage - savings - ifitsfreeitsforme - extremecouponing - coupons -
daa.queenn - cristianfdz - quirkymurkybeauty - koolyphresh -
Got my overage on today at 🎯 Thanks @iqshopsmart for my early inserts! β–ͺ️Buy (4) Revlon Nail Files $1.27 = $5.08 ▫️Use (4) Revlon Nail Product $3/1 MQ (SS 7/27) = -$12.00 ‼️ $6.92 OVERAGE‼️ #extremecouponing #calicouponer #norcalcoupons #couponing #couponcommunity #igcouponer #uft #ufs #iso #idso #coupon #coupons #coupontrade #tradingcoupons #bayareacouponer #couponing101 #cheapcoupons #moneymaker #overage #wholeinserts #inserts
inserts - moneymaker - bayareacouponer - coupon - couponcommunity - couponing101 - ufs - wholeinserts - calicouponer - extremecouponing - couponing - uft - coupons - idso - coupontrade - cheapcoupons - norcalcoupons - overage - tradingcoupons - iso - igcouponer -
lexilu2410 : @crazycouponmomma89 going down !
veectee : @ariez_cyrus_mami let me know when sheila is ready. Lets get our inserts
meliimelii25 : @link2savings so u can get any revlon product doesn't have to be nail polish as it shows on the MQ
msbleah : @marissalhouse oh my overage
marissalhouse : Ah yes let's do this ha @msbleah
notyouraverageperuvian : @jazminnunez
iecouponchik : @lupitasbeautynails here's this too!!!
vvhdz45 : @talymarie137
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misstia81 : @luvmyqpn Yes how many sets are you looking for?
luvmyqpn : One ill send pp right now. Thanks
misstia81 : @luvmyqpn ok go ahead and send
misstia81 : @luvmyqpn got Your payment thank you these will go out tomorrow
itspensavingmoney : when do these expire?
misstia81 : @itspensavingmoney exp 12/1/14
committed3loyalty : Can I pp
misstia81 : @committed3loyalty yes go ahead and send pp
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jn0201 : πŸ‘πŸ‘
azcpnr75 : @azcouponqueen1222
qponer401 : πŸ‘πŸ‘ 2 targets didn't ad for me !! 😫
esmith382 : @khansbrough YES!!!!
esmith382 : @qponer401 DON'T YOU HATE WHEN THAT HAPPENS??? The cashier is like, "That'll be $1.56." And you're like, "Are you sure?? Seems high!" Lol!!!
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