Yea #cameron#jumping#me#yea#box#ourimbah
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elviiram_ : πŸ“·: e mac
michaelabaxterr : You look so happy hahha
zac_starkey : Haha
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#tbt to some 4 hour racing @rockytrailentertainment #ourimbah #lightbro #speed #forest #trail #xc #mtb #singletrack #win
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#latergram from a great #SummitCycles Social Ride on the weekend at #Ourimbah and #Awaba. Thanks for the 30+ riders who came along. Stay tuned for another one on the horizon. For the best of shots head to the #twowheeltours facebook page. @summitcycles
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So happy to be back in a routine, first week of uni was cool. Have a picture of a random staircase in the library #ourimbah #centralcoast #library
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Walking to my morning class & can't help but take a photo of this beautiful sustainable university campus I get to learn at everyday πŸƒ
major - australia - beauty - nature - rain - morning - class - studydays - lovemyuni - university - environmentallyfriendly - environment - pretty - english - sustainable - uon - ourimbah -
rhianna_claire : #sustainable #environment #university #ourimbah #UON #lovemyuni #studydays #class #morning #rain #Australia #nature #beauty #environmentallyfriendly #pretty #english #major
awaken_the_haus : ❀️
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Ourimbah has a long sporting history dating back to its earliest days, with many clubs having participated in and even won varying levels of regional leagues and competitions over the century. The cluster of buildings and fields that now sits near the true current centre of town, between the "old" and "new" sides of Ourimbah. Amoungst them: Bill Sohier hall, the current town hall; cricket pitches; tennis courts; a rugby field; skateboard ramps; and picnic facilities. William (Bill) Sohier as a man remained a bit elusive to me at first, but with a bit of digging, I found that he was president of and a long term member of the "Ourimbah Sports Club" who had worked for nearly 60 years in order to secure a sports ground for the town. True to the foundational logging history of the town, Sohier found employment in the lumber industry, including driving timber hauling horses and bullocks. In it's early days, the park would have sat closely adjacent to Brownlee's lumber mill. This building still stands today, but is used as a residential shed and parking garage. Mill Street still runs along the West most side of the park. Oddly, a review of the park's name in the mid 1990s stated that the name-sake of the park had particular social and historical value, however there is precious little information immediately available regarding Sohier or the park's collective story.
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brittbritt2789 : πŸ‘Œ
_savanna_grace_ : I wish my dogs would pose like Shiro does!
adventuresetter : Nice. <3 your dog is so adorable.
wolfysworld : Great shot!!!!!!!
monkeyyybiz : 😍
mickeyboyjs : Shiro is so calm and composed
irrelevantic : @mickeyboyjs Shiro can go crazy with the best of them when he wants to, but we have a great trusting relationship which I think is very important 😊.
maisy_the_klee_kai : ❀️🐢❀️
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#latergram from #Welby during our two day #mtb tour. Looking forward to the @summitcycles #Ourimbah and #Awaba social ride this Sunday. All are welcome. For more details email
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dubonab1ke : @arthur_alston
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Lizard at my arrival in Ourimbah 🐲 #lizard #ourimbah #animal #beautiful #australia #greattime
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Race day cancelled :( #mtb #downhill #rainsucks #ourimbah #racedays #letsjustgetmuddy #biltbikes
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jadogz : Devo
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Sweet dreams in your own private sandstone cottage. #boutique accommodation #Ourimbah #centralcoast #eco #getaway #romantic
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safavieh_couture : wow
onbumblescreek : Thank you @safavieh_couture you'll have to be our guest sometime.
believeorganics : Love it!!!😊
shisongyoushupi : very nice @nicoledaii
onbumblescreek : Many thanks @believeorganics and @shisongyoushupi do come and stay.
julia_cavanagh : Need to check out this place!!
onbumblescreek : Hi @julia_cavanagh yes please be our guest. April is the perfect time to visit. πŸƒ
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#nature #green #ourimbah #plant
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... And they even have a jumping castle 😝 #unilyf #Ourimbah #oweek #funtimes #hot #sunny #centralcoast
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Trying out my new colors at orientation at the central coast campus today #businessandlaw #orientation #uon #uniofnewcastle #ourimbah #redisthenewblack
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caspianspatula : Your what?! No way!!!
minxiecat : Yep!! @caspianspatula after 12 years being purple I am now red!!!
caspianspatula : I leave you for 6 months and you change everything!
sharonscottxo : You look GREAT in red..luckily huh:)
kristentola57 : Red's cool.
minxiecat : @kristentola57 @sharonscottxo 😘😘😘😘
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Life in the slow lane ! Spent today relaxing with this view πŸ‘Œ Ourimbah your so peaceful and tranquil πŸ‘ #ourimbah #getaway #roadtrip #relaxing #blessed #lovemylife #centralcoastnsw
ourimbah - centralcoastnsw - relaxing - lovemylife - roadtrip - blessed - getaway - : Pretty!
serenapaea : Loops how long were you guys down here for? Was gonna come n see you folks. πŸ˜ƒ
nauti_ruby : Wish it was longer but we shall be headed back tommorrow but dw hopefully we shall be bak soon for longer @serenapaea xx ps. I think ive fallen in love with the central coast areas haha
serenapaea : Glad you enjoyed one part of the coast love. You haven't seen our beaches yet. It explains why we can't be bothered going to Kai me'akai in Sydney because we live right next to some beautiful beaches here. Lol! Glad you guys got home safe. 😘 xxx
nauti_ruby : Thanks doll and yeh hard were headed bak tommorrow morning to sydney so gutted but hopefully we will be bak in central coast for longer nxt time ofa atu to u guys xx
nauti_ruby : @serenapaea xx
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Cruisy start to #OWeekUON #Ourimbah #UON #uonourimbah #uonourimbahcampus
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@streetertwo went to plaid #spaceballs #mtb #mountainbike #skidmasterskidfaster #skids #ourimbah
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#treetopadventures #ourimbah
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Love birds.
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onbumblescreek : #nature #centralcoast #rainforest #boutiqueaccommodation #centralcoastaccommodation #getaway #eco #ecoretreat #ourimbah
linadecoarts : Cute!
onbumblescreek : Cheers @linadecoarts hope your Valentines Day is fun
linadecoarts : You too @onbumblescreek 🌹
papayafactory : Beautiful shot! πŸ’™
onbumblescreek : πŸ™ @papayafactory
anna_placidi : πŸ’™πŸ’™so sweet
onbumblescreek : Cheers @anna_placidi 🐦
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Fabulous butterfly @jakobdezwart #ourimbah #rainforest #eco accommodation #getaway #nature #butterflies #boutiqueaccommodation #onbumblescreek
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iforgotmylifeinthebus : πŸ’šπŸ’šπŸ’œπŸ’œ
onbumblescreek : Cheers @iforgotmylifeinthebus πŸΈπŸƒ
aquabungalow : MAGNIFICENT
the_outlookcabana : Delightful
mynotestoself : Gorgeous
onbumblescreek : Thank you @aquabungalow @the_outlookcabana and @mynotestoself Jakob is a great photographer and lovely guest who has stayed at 'on bumbles creek' a few times. πŸƒ
thegreennaturopath : Love the wildlife, your end x
onbumblescreek : Thanks @thegreennaturopath we have a rainforest jungle here.πŸƒπŸΈπŸŒ΄
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Built in a style not disimilar to the 1920s Californian Bungalow, with features such as external cladding seen in many of the older buildings in the town and greater area, Ourimbah post office was not the first post office that was in the town, but it remains historically significant due to its age and location. Like many of the older buildings in the town centre, it was constructed during the local boom that occured between the world wars (1925) and after the coming of the railway (early 1900s). Located on Station Street, by the railway station, the centralised position of Ourimbah post office helped to remove any doubt about the name of the town, which many locals still referred to as Blue Gum Flat. A post office was once a sign that the town was "on the map", and the postal tradition of Ourimbah helped solidify its place as one of the first towns in the region. However in recent years Australia's postal service has seen a decline in use and societial relevance due to the rise of the Internet and issues with reliability of contractors when compared to the cost and efficiency of private courier companies.
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candandyroo : Love the beauty at the top of the steps!☺️
hazeofgreen : Very cool, thank you for posting this photo. I love old buildings and structures, & I absolutely love hearing about the history of them. :-)
hayashiyaya : The national postal services in the U.S. and Canada are also experiencing declining revenues and higher operating costs. Countries with large areas and sparse populations makes efficiency improvements quite difficult.
mickeyboyjs : Inspired to bring my human on a longer walk to find a notable post office of Singapore too!
foxypaprika : Very interesting. Thank you for the post!
mandiijelly : @lilsarsar on the porch
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Sunday Funday πŸ‘Œ #selfiestick #gopro #downhill #ourimbah #mates
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finchturner : @waylon_harding319 @n1k_farr3ll
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With Primary Industries Minister Katrina Hodgkinson MP at #Ourimbah - #Michael4TheEntrance
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#Ourimbah with Minister Katrina Hodgkinson MP #PrimaryIndustries #Fishing #Fisheries #Michael4TheEntrance #CentralCoast
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Meet the Ourimbah Creek Road locals.#ourimbah#alpaca#animals
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onbumblescreek : #alpacas
igerscentralcoastnsw : So cute!
onbumblescreek : Thanks @igerscentralcoastnsw
camp_funtime : @julian_n_tobias
julian_n_tobias : Id slow cook that ! @camp_funtime
oceanmantra : Ha ha! 😊😊
onbumblescreek : Yes they are pretty comedic @oceanmantra - more alpaca images in a few weeks for you!
oceanmantra : Sounds good. 😊😊
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We enjoyed a big treetop thrill this weekend, right here @ourcentralcoast. We tried the new Xtreme roller coaster zip line - the longest in the world. Visit at for our blog post on the crazy experience @treetopadventurepark
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coastalchic_au : #treetopadventurepark #zipline #rollercoaster #trees #gumtree #adventure #ouradventurecoast #crazyrider #ourimbah #ourimbahstateforest #centralcoastnsw #newsouthwales #centralcoast #australia #adrenaline #exciting #thrill #fun #xtreme #pioneer #treetop #crazy #weekend #showusyourcentralcoast #traveler_bucketlist #bucketlist
trusted4readers : You should be a photographer β˜€
ourcentralcoast : Looks like u had plenty of FUN!!
coastalchic_au : So much fun @ourcentralcoast, thanks for the opportunity!
igerscentralcoastnsw : Scary fun πŸ˜³πŸ˜±πŸ‘
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The grandparents back yard! So retro!! #backyards #rollingwiththetimes #ourimbah
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some old flat goodness from @kirkonut from way back #skateboarding #ourimbah #skatelife
skatelife - foshovideocomp - ourimbah - skateboarding -
icemagic89 : #foshovideocomp @foshogrip pt two on behalf of kirk :)
legacyclothing_ : Nice!
noahmooon : Nice!
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Summer is the perfect time to visit the neighbouring Forest of Tranquility'. Enjoy a shady bush walk though the lush rainforest and find the Potters Tree. Regramed from @erinsusan
ourcentralcoast - forestoftranquility - sculptures - erinsusan - rainforest - ourimbah - nature -
onbumblescreek : #erinsusan
onbumblescreek : #rainforest#sculptures#forestoftranquility#ourimbah#nature
onbumblescreek : #ourcentralcoast
ol1ver_d : Good shot!
onbumblescreek : Thanks @ol1ver_d Erin Susan is a great local photographer.
ecopirates : I didnt know bumbles creek was in ourimbah? Are you on Ourimbah Creek rd too? We could be neighbours! :)
onbumblescreek : Hallo neighbour. Yes we are just off Ourimbah Creek Road, just past The Forest.πŸƒ
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The #wild #mickybull we got back from the neighbours. #quiet #hay #bull #simmbrah #station #outback #ourimbah
mickybull - simmbrah - quiet - hay - outback - station - bull - wild - ourimbah -
ninnb_ : niiicee @VinesBeLike
networkreminding : amazing pics btw! β˜€
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A warm welcome awaits you at 'on bumbles creek, from Kia and Michael, the bellbirds and friendly native wildlife. #ourimbah#eco#nature#romantic#getaway#boutiqueaccommodation#centralcoastaccommodayion#4StarRated#tetreat
boutiqueaccommodation - romantic - nature - eco - getaway - tetreat - centralcoastaccommodayion - 4starrated - ourimbah -
onbumblescreek : Thank you @handpickedharvest and @nikokav please be our guest. While we are not Bora Bora) , a relaxing stay in a 4 star boutique sandstone cottage on 100 acres might be just what you need! Shoot us an email at info@onbumblescreek with your dates and well work out an Instagram friends special accommodation booking.
mistlindeman : @onbumblescreek @nikokav is a bit of a joker, but I won't need to convince him too much to stay here.
papayafactory : Cozy
onbumblescreek : It's really cozy in winter with a glass of wine or toasting marshmallows around the open fire place @papayafactory
papayafactory : πŸ˜€
onbumblescreek : You'll have to visit @papayafactory when next you come down under. πŸƒ
papayafactory : I'd like that! πŸ˜ƒ
chicandfabby : Looks inviting!
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#homemade #soymilk in #process :) #healthy @fentania @jaja_k :p
healthy - omg - homemade - process - throwback - soymilk - ourimbah -
lilpr1nce : @yeeping88
lilpr1nce : Remind me of you ping! @yeeping88 #ourimbah #throwback
jaja_k : 😍😍😍 @lilpr1nce sorry for the delay~just saw it
lilpr1nce : #omg only after 5 glasses of #soymilk πŸ˜₯
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Welcome to your Australia will you spend it? #boutiqueaccommodation #unique #getaway #romantic #nature #outdoors #eco #retreat #ourimbah
boutiqueaccommodation - romantic - nature - eco - getaway - outdoors - unique - ourimbah - retreat -
applecoreliving : I need to come for a visit I think!
onbumblescreek : Please be our guest. Send some dates you are interested in and I'll work out some special pricing.
applecoreliving : Ohh, okay I'll speak to my hubby and see when we might be free, thanks @onbumblescreek!!
wholesome_homemade : Lovely lovely. We do live in a BEAUTIFUL place don't we?!
beachhousehames : Amazing!
onbumblescreek : Thank you and couldn't agree more @wholesome_homemade and @beachhousehames . πŸƒ enjoy your Australia Day.
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Stop in at Ourimbah on our way to Sydney 🚴🌲 #ourimbah #centralcoast #mtb #xc @danbarry409
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timothyhinchey - oochi29 - meakankellner - chelcaulfield -
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