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Thank you God for every blessing you have blessed upon me🙌 Thank you to my unique & loving family for their ongoing support. Always drop me off to training & wait till I finish ❤️ Thank you to all my mates who had faith in me. Big thanks to all my coaches who have helped me a lot and made me understand the game more👌Lastly a HUGE thank you to my JK16 management crew, Coach & Peter honestly miss our road trips w you's. Trainers Junior & Greig for your hard work you guys put into us lads & our kindhearted manager who we call our second mum... Anita😊 my Samoan Fijian manager. You are truly one of my fav managers💯 I honestly wouldn't make it this far without all this support. I humbly appreciate everything you guys have done for me. Hopefully this isn't the end 🙌❤️ Love you all 👊👊 #OtaraBoyz #KiwiToa #TheBeastManu @manuvatuvei @themtsmartjoker
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themtsmartjoker : Say hi to mum for me...
jppapani04 : 🙌🙏💞
_michaelmckinnon : My man good game uce 👍
etenenanai_ : Thanks uce @_michaelmckinnon thanks for the photo! Tell mum I'll let her when I get credit 😂 🔫
etenenanai_ : Sorry guys I fobbed out in the beginning 🔫🔫 I was meant to say ... Thank you God for constantly showering your blessings upon me you have opened so many doors of great opportunities and I give all the glory back to you!
lauryn_steed : @etenenanai_ good work etene😄 keep up the hard work 💯behind you👌
holli_osullivan : @ashney_may 😎
ashney_may : Oheee @holli_osullivan 👌👌
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