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#collar de #oroiña#terminado. #pedidosdeldia #listos #olabiefunokan
listos - oroiña - pedidosdeldia - terminado - collar - olabiefunokan -
olabiefunokan -
#shango #coronación. #obatala #yemaya #oshum #shango #eleggua #aggayu #oroiña + pulso . Se hacen combos para tus encargos solo dinos que necesitas y con gusto lo haremos
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voodoopriestman : I think your page is amazing, Follow my facebook page, my link is on my Bio I am Voodoo Priest. Looking to connect, Follow my page and I will follow you right back. Have a good day.
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El regalo que me dio @adiaryrodriguez para mi cumpleaños. El es el padrino de mi mejor amigo que esta de Iyawo y son muy grande en mi vida. Los quiero a los tres!!! #fabooshness #aggayu #oroiña
aggayu - oroiña - fabooshness -
hazy_luna : Beautiful ... Always doing an awesome job
elekes_and_ildes : This was a gift from a good friend! @hazy_luna he does amazing work.
lalas.gram : 😻 it's beautiful!
idalismar : @ms_iyawo bello!!
adiaryrodriguez : @elekes_and_ildes Awe...Love you too Ms. Fabooshness! 😉 Enjoy your gift. 😊
adiaryrodriguez : @hazy_luna @ms.dalila.marie @idalismar Thank you ladies! 😊
hazy_luna : @elekes_and_ildes if I would of read it I would of known lol but you also do beautiful work !!!
ms_iyawo : So nice I love it
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El regalo de mi iyawosito favorito @iyawoerinle7 Ashere para Aggayu, el gigante de la religión. #Aggayu #oroiña
aggayu - oroiña -
elekes_and_ildes : @bdanito gracias!! Como me encanta.
afro_taina2 : Beautiful
_zulunation : Amazing !
andrealaobatala : Perdona pero que es ?@elekes_and_ildes
elekes_and_ildes : @andrealaobatala un ashere
ashleybankzx : Beautiful
okanire : @luisuarez96
luisuarez96 : Pal tipo @okanire
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Trono para mi padre Aggayu. El Tambor estaba oddara!! #Aggayu #Tambor #trono #oroiña
aggayu - trono - oroiña - tambor -
ayevelazquezz : It is stunning!!! Felicidades!
o_i_see : Congratulations! It looks absolutely amazing!
elekes_and_ildes : @omo_aggayu Ashe abure!!
elekes_and_ildes : @yane_8 gracias!
elekes_and_ildes : @o_i_see thank you!
rosicenteno : (♡.♡) @elekes_and_ildes
misfranco : Beautiful 😍
slim_biggins : @philip_mdd_4truth this is beautiful
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Dia de la tierra #selfieVenezuela #diadelatierra La tierra es nuestro refugio, ayudemos a cuidarla ya que de ello depende el futuro de muchas generaciones. #tierra #planeta #vida #oroiña #diadelatierra #todoslosdias #diadelatierra2015 #madretierra #lapachamama #selfie #tonylorusso #planetaverde #espartanos #spartacuswarofthedamned #Spartacus
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Ashe.. 👑🌋🍍 #aggayu #aggayusola #kinigba #biaya #oroiña #reina #cabeza
oroiña - kinigba - cabeza - aggayu - biaya - aggayusola - reina -
rosie_starz : Ache
lady_unique_07 : 👌🙌💪 ASHÉ
aylin_la_reyna : Ashe!"
yalordes : Ache
iretteamor : Ache
nalbe_7 : Asi Es 😊 @elekes_and_ildes
its_rice : Ache ! Eyiogbe
leonanamaria03 : Asi es yo soy cabeza
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Mff biayaa. Mff Oroiña. #aggayu #santeria #biaya #oroiña
aggayu - oroiña - biaya - santeria -
vodunsi : Same can be said for Obba. I've been told many times that if they do Obba to me that I'll go crazy, that I have to make Oshun @elekes_and_ildes
elekes_and_ildes : @vodunsibry yup and a few others. I was crowned Aggayu direct in Cuba and I have 7 months of being initiated... All is well and I love my father so much... I wouldn't have it any other way.
vodunsi : That's great!
iworyb : Sigan @oico_ifa excelente página al igual que está amigos religiosos
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#yoko #osha de mi #oyubona @hechumiwa #eleggua #obatala #chango #ochosi #oggun #yemaya #oshun #oya #ildeu #jimaguas #oroiña
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My life. #iyawo #allwhiteerrthang #aggayu #agayu #biaya #oroiña
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tattedupnerd : @awo1orunmila how's the fam??
awo1orunmila : we good getting back to our normal routine. Finally being able to get back into studying. How bout you iyawo how's the baby. Tell aldo what's up.
tattedupnerd : I'm getting there. Trying to get over this busy month. I forgot to invite y'all for the baby shower so now it's too short of a notice. I'm so over being pregnant and being a Iyawo at the same time. Lol but other than me complaining about the world, the fam is good and I will definitely tell aldo you said what's up. We need to get together! @awo1orunmila
awo1orunmila : That pregnancy is getting to you lol it's called Momnesia you DM me the invite remember hopefully we make i just talked about it to china this past weekend
tattedupnerd : You see?? I'm a hot mess. I can't even remember that I sent it to you. Smh. Yes Momnesia. Lmfao. De madre. I just want to give birth and enjoy my baby and the rest of my iyaworaje. @awo1orunmila
awo1orunmila : 😂😂😂 dale see you guys soon hopefully
tattedupnerd : Lol 😆 @awo1orunmila
tajosecorp : Ache !!! @tajosecorp
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For custom pieces and/or pricing information send an e-mail to OrisaCouture@aol.com #ileke #oroina #oroiña #oroinya #orisa #orisha #lukumi #santeria #yoruba #orisacouture
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Orgullosa de haber recibido esta orisha que no muchos pueden decir que la tienen. Dicen que Oroiña es la mama de Aggayu pero yo siento que Aggayu y Oroiña son uno. Cuando tuve la oportunidad de conocer a mi baba en la tierra el se decía Oroiña a el mismo y de tocaba la cabeza. Maferefun Oroiña maferefun Aggayu. #aggayu #oroiña #jehima #santeria #iyawo #kariosha #santo #orisha
oroiña - jehima - orisha - iyawo - santeria - santo - aggayu - kariosha -
abedkhawam : @jorgesankari @el_musa26
omo_aggayu : Ashe
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Aggayú & Oroiña #aggayu #oroiña #kariosha #iyawo #santeria #yoruba #lucumi
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phaseislyfe : I want one
elekes_and_ildes : They are seperate @vuduchild9
phaseislyfe : How much for one of each
phaseislyfe : And what's up who came out as your mother en santo ?
elekes_and_ildes : I already told you Ochun. @vuduchild9
elekes_and_ildes : Aggayu with shells is $15 and Oroiña is $10 @vuduchild9
phaseislyfe : I ain't see if you did lol, but lemme know pr... Thnx!
meel_6 : @elieni13
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nosh_36 : 👌🌟🌟🌟
5fingersofdeath : Wow!
archieoffduty : Superb shot mafrend 👍☺️
ranaaan : Owesom ♥
anitaesham : Wow! Spectacular
tenmei350z : Amazing!
scotti1976 : Bromo, Indonesia?
javier_vega_villarroel : Fantastico
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Maferefun Aggayu! #iyawo #aggayusita #aggayu #oroiña
aggayu - oroiña - iyawo - aggayusita -
tattedupnerd : Smh wow. Did u tell your godparents? @gc8_kevin
tattedupnerd : De madre... @gc8_kevin I paid $4500 including tickets and it was more than enough
gc8_kevin : Yeah ...that's weird my comments got. Deleted lol. And yeah my dad friend Padrino is charging me $4000 for it but I don't think it includes ticket . @tattedupnerd
gc8_kevin : How was it though
tattedupnerd : It was amazing. @gc8_kevin
gc8_kevin : Damn congrats again on that and also congrats on your pregnancy! @tattedupnerd I'll keep you posted on the whole santo situation. @
tattedupnerd : Thanks abure.. Please do and talk to our father so he can help you get there. @gc8_kevin
gc8_kevin : Yeah that what I'm gonna do @tattedupnerd
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#ashe #oroiña #agayu #shango #santeria #yoruba #ifa #babalawo #iyawo #baba #maferefun #maferefum #ire #obi
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elekes_and_ildes : Mff Oroiña!!!! 🌋🌋🌋
damarys_c - _creyv - abedkhawam -
Padrino I love you Thanks for bestowing me with a crown @chrisochun. My brother nala @jaitragic I love you and am in debt to you for the rest of my life. @elijah_fr3sh Thanks can nobody stir them pots like you lol. My beautiful God daughter @estapellia and god son @b_joel_ your sacrifices and efforts have not gone unnoticed by me nor orisha love ya. My god sister and God mother @bambi_odada Thanks. My beautiful sister @jensoinnocent86 I can Always count on you no matter what. Steph @bratt0907 Thank you for everything my love. Charly my friend and god son I love you Thanks for your art and efforts may orisha continue to bless you with health and stability @thecharlymagazine. For all those who attended, I am short of words Thank all of you who came. For those who didn't show your loss lol. For those of you who have no respect for orisha their home or their children I pray for you may your eyes be open to the light and may orisha handle you. #maferefun #orisha #kariocha #agayu #yemaya #chango #obatala #eleggua #oggun #oloccun #ibeyis #ochosi #oya #oroiña #aina #ideu #obamoro #ochanla #ochun #inle #albata #africandiety
obamoro - eleggua - yemaya - agayu - ochosi - kariocha - oggun - ochun - chango - albata - inle - ideu - obatala - oroiña - ibeyis - orisha - oloccun - ochanla - aina - maferefun - africandiety - oya -
chrisochun : Hugs
elijah_fr3sh : ♡♥♡♥
edwin_twista_agayusito : @chrisochun and @elijah_fr3sh right back at ya
thecharlymagazine : <3 love u @edwin_twista_agayusito
edwin_twista_agayusito : Love u more @thecharlymagazine
estapellia : @edwin_twista_agayusito ♥ !
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Oroiña nació directamente de Olorun; representa la lava del volcán y la energía calórica del centro de la tierra, es donde nacen los terremotos, sus poderes forman las montañas, colinas y cordilleras; así se le considera la madre de Aggayú y hermana gemela de Orisha Oko. #oroiña #aggayu #orisha #santeria #yoruba #lava #religion #madre #orishaoko #regladeosha
oroiña - orisha - yoruba - santeria - lava - madre - religion - aggayu - regladeosha - orishaoko -
elekes_and_ildes : @lorepth
elekes_and_ildes : @karla_aggayu_oshun
elekes_and_ildes : @aina_lade
eshu_smurfette_21 : I just learned something! Thank you :-)
elekes_and_ildes : @was_ur_wonderwoman21 :)
mariaortega42 - nalbe_7 - gerardomarin13 - netopopeye -
Yo como hija de Aggayu. @yorubareligion The volcano dance #aggayu #agayusola #aganju #oroiña #religion #volcano #santeria #orixa #oricha #orisha #lucumi #yoruba
aganju - oroiña - religion - orisha - lucumi - yoruba - santeria - agayusola - volcano - oricha - orixa - aggayu -
elekes_and_ildes : @yorubareligion lol
lorepth : Oroiña madre de mi hermoso padre aggayu solá! 🌋❤
elekes_and_ildes : @karla_aggayu_oshun viste?! ;)
kbomb1976 : Thanks for this. It's beautiful.
elekes_and_ildes : @kbomb1976 :) you're hija de aggayu?
kbomb1976 : @elekes_and_ildes No ma'am. I am not in the faith but am learning what I can out of respect for a loved one. If only I spoke Spanish... :)
elekes_and_ildes : @kbomb1976 cool. There are many english speaking practitioners out there. Blessing to you. :)
blondietrash : Maferefun aggayuuu.
paoola.quiroz - 0318pinkprincess - aiden.harmony2920 -
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