I just want to say a big thank you to Carissa at @originalbeautybox for really making me feel like a valued customer! I noticed some breakage in my #originalbeautybox and emailed them for help before attempting to ruin it with super glue. There wasn't much she could do since my box is 2 years old, so for the inconvenience she sent me a brush holder and the #Novus scratch removal kit. Companies with these same standards are exactly how you make customers for life, please take note! Thank you so much! I have nothing but great things to say about OBB! πŸ’•
originalbeautybox - novus -
kim.eag : You are so lucky! I've asked questions here and on Facebook and never get answer so I just deleted them + my box & brush holders are only like 1 Month old and I've seen some cracks on them. So sad I was so excited about them :( @originalbeautybox
jazznharv - alln2makeup - adrianabonilla34 - crystaalpalacios -
Finally got my @originalbeautybox shipping took forever!!! I scratched off the logo because i hate the color pink and would not match my room was feeling really ocd about it! dont know if i'm going to keep all of this inside might change it!! | #makeup #makeupjunkie #cosmetic #beauty #makeupaddict #makeupmess #instamakeup #instabeauty #makeupcollection #meka_meeks #oilviaxobeauty #xxojess_ #ohmymakeupxo #makeupjunkies101 #originalbeautyboc#z
originalbeautybox - beauty - makeup - cosmetic - makeupaddict - instabeauty - oilviaxobeauty - originalbeautyboc - makeupjunkies101 - instamakeup - makeupjunkie - makeupcollection - xxojess_ - z - meka_meeks - ohmymakeupxo - makeupmess -
annanicolebeauty : #originalbeautybox
annanicolebeauty - alexamaraviglia - saraha1523 - prettyandpolished22 -
Would any of you wanna see what's inside each of my drawers of my @originalbeautybox???
vixenbosz : Hell fck yeah ! Like ahora nancy .
glamladyjed : Yes yes yes
danixdanger : You never cease to amaze us on how you organize your drawers :) we love you!
grungefairy : 😍😍😍
milkamireille : πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ‘Œβœ¨πŸ˜ƒπŸ™‹
bobsey3004 : Yes
nancys0fresh : @danixdanger thank you so much for that. I love you guys more.
tgifabulous85 : Of course, you know it!!!
cierabrianna_ - evangeliacazarin - giselagigi - kanaejay -
Photo shared by our lovely customer @princesa_santandereana πŸ’— ***We're doing free shipping on our lipstick holders and NOVUS polish kits, now is the time to get yours! #originalbeautybox
originalbeautybox -
visagiepakize : πŸ’• @originalbeautybox
abirda : @sephora
_cas_sandra_ : @bridtrix @b_vazz you need obv
b_vazz : @_cas_sandra_ already have it!!
su_atmaca - thisisambre - preciosa7373 - r_o_ze -
SO STOKED to have gotten my @originalbeautybox brush and lipstick holders in the mail!!! πŸ’‹πŸ’„πŸ’œπŸ“¦!!! Seriously the best investment I have made to organize my beauty products!!! And it isn't expensive at all!!! ✌️ #originalbeautybox
originalbeautybox -
danalaprincesa : Awesome!! Thanks for sharing!! @princesa_santandereana
princesa_santandereana : No prob!! I love all of my @originalbeautybox pieces!!! And I did my research before I got my large box and then the rest 😘 @danalaprincesa
annanicolebeauty - noranmo - ashnentzy - oliviabjones -
Last but not least, my nail polish organizer!!!! πŸ’…πŸ’—πŸ’œπŸ˜˜πŸ‘ #originalbeautybox
originalbeautybox -
originalbeautybox - noranmo - crystal_niqqa33 - osmajenny -
It is just SOO perfect!!! I love that it is simple too. πŸ‘βœŒοΈ #originalbeautybox
originalbeautybox -
missprettyinthesky - g_torres9 - laurararat - canela082 -
Waaah, I have no more room in my @originalbeautybox 😿 I thinks it's time for another πŸ’.!! #OriginalBeautyBox #MakeUpJunkie
originalbeautybox - makeupjunkie -
vale_gee : 😻😻😻😻
ariannagarcia91 : @__axoxo omg 😍😍😍
coco_butternut : U have the best collection!!!!πŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ lol
_loverbones : That is such an impressive collection!
nword_britt : omg. beautiful. @__axoxo
goldenbrittknee : I want to go over and have you do my makeup for funnn ☺️
__axoxo : @mslizziebear_xo @kakareena @creative_heart @vale_gee @ariannagarcia91 @coco_butternut @_loverbones @nword_britt thank you ladiesπŸ™Šβ€οΈ @goldenbrittknee OMG Yes.! It'll be fun✨😁😘
sweetlove_xo : 😁😁😁😍😍
annanicolebeauty - lionessleonora - karissadiamondss - melamelodic -
Thanks for sharing your beauty setup with us! @friedalove23 πŸ’—#originalbeautybox
originalbeautybox -
friedalove23 : You welcome im so in love with it @originalbeautybox
originalbeautybox : @the_fashion_part_of_me Yes we do! It's $65 USD to ship either size box
the_fashion_part_of_me : Thank you so much πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ
raquelvazquez05 : @stephperdomo aki está las cajas!!!
stephperdomo : Gracias! 😘 @raquelvazquez05
beautybeatz_ : What is the size on the deluxe box?? @originalbeautybox
kim.eag : Do you have a coupon code?? @originalbeautybox
xo_mermaid : Any coupon codes discount codes anyone? Pls?
danixdanger - hoory88 - flowersgiggles - kim.eag -
Quick Makeup Storage/Collection video😘 #originalbeautybox #acrylicdrawers #ikea #linmontabletop #linmontable #alexdrawers #acrylicorganizer #makeupstorage #makeupartist #mua #makeup #bedbathandbeyond #marshalls #acrylic #makeupcollection #professional #colourpop #mac #cosmeticorganizer
originalbeautybox - linmontabletop - makeupstorage - makeup - acrylicorganizer - mac - linmontable - ikea - bedbathandbeyond - alexdrawers - colourpop - cosmeticorganizer - acrylicdrawers - makeupcollection - mua - makeupartist - professional - acrylic - marshalls -
darlenesmakeup : Where are the acrylics from hun?
darlenesmakeup : ❀️
sancapaccio_mua : @darlenesmakeup some are from Marshall's, Amazon, Muji, and I have the "original beauty box" also 😘
darlenesmakeup : How much was the beauty box?
harrietwu : Beautiful collection!
sancapaccio_mua : @darlenesmakeup I'm gonna say around $130 maybe?
sancapaccio_mua : @harrietwu thank you!😊
darlenesmakeup - harrietwu - marissa_moreno - lexiotto -
#makeup #originalbeautybox
originalbeautybox - makeup -
frenchie_six - aditlwtomei - snwalt - havfruen88 -
Behind the scenes of @violetartistry makeup & photography studio with our #originalbeautybox πŸ“·
originalbeautybox -
kelleyharaughty : @awkwardkiersten NEED those organization cubes
danixdanger : Not one, but twooooo!!! 😍
lasantine : @amanndeee RIGHT!
beauty_by_ness : Nice
forevera_27 : @beautifulbt75 need and want!!
fancyfacechris : Been wanting this mirror but the nearest IKEA is so far away! My poor vanity is sans mirror. 😭
violetartistry : You are the best Jessica @originalbeautybox 😘😘😘😘 I'm done with the show on Saturday, long but good summer, so much needed 🍷 Miss you!
juditea : @juliana.moni8
annanicolebeauty - eng_zahraa86 - cuencojoanna - skylerswenson -
A lot of people ask me how/ where I store my makeup and here if is. All the main product on the bottom right is an @originalbeautybox and the lipstick holders are from Winners & Marshall's. On my Vanity I hold all my palettes and blushes/bronzers in the pull out keyboard drawer. The brushes are in vases from Walmart. #makeuporganization #originalbeautybox #lipsticks #mac #vanity #darkwood #blush #bronzer #palette #eyeshadow #mua
originalbeautybox - palette - darkwood - eyeshadow - bronzer - mac - mua - makeuporganization - blush - lipsticks - vanity -
prettygvng : Love the vanity
thoughtful_vee - kayljoyner - mama_chaun - makeup_by_kim -
Love this photo from @nancys0fresh πŸ™Œ This is the Deluxe size, with our Lucite Brush Holder and 12 slot lipstick holder on topπŸ’—
millaskary : @ammer_askary cheaper version of cosmocube
ammer_askary : @millaskary. u r a cosmocube
annanicolebeauty : I order a box and i called to see the estimate arrival date and she said i would get the shipping/tracking email on the 10th but still have not received it! @originalbeautybox
3afari07 : @royltee this brand is also good sis tried it πŸ‘
royltee : @3afari07 I love this one πŸ’—
3afari07 : @royltee the quality is πŸ‘
carlyisolano : @salvatriceee
salvatriceee : @carlyisolano deaddddd
rubyy_dntripp - glitznglam88 - feranre - midsummers_night_masquerade -
Got my @originalbeautybox today πŸ˜πŸ‘Œ #beauty #makeup #organizer #originalbeautybox #makeupaddict #potd #doubletap #instalike #followme
originalbeautybox - beauty - doubletap - instalike - makeup - makeupaddict - organizer - potd - followme -
chillinlikeapillion2 - shesadaydream - nickiandari16 - lashdoll918 -
Cute photo of our Deluxe Beauty Box by @crassyladies πŸ’— Make sure to follow their!
beautyblog - originalbeautybox - cosmetics - beauty - makeupstorage -
originalbeautybox : #originalbeautybox #beauty #makeupstorage #beautyblog #cosmetics
tmariecarismadesigns : @allthingsbee you may like something like this!
salutooskins : Nice pic!
stephanie_kennedyy : πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ
missboss247 : I need a beautybox in my life
awesome_rena : @rick_rock559
crassyladies : @originalbeautybox we πŸ’œ you!!
glambymeli : 
angelica_marie1989 - laurenfriedman23 - anny.000 - taliablaney -
😝 Sunday = clean & reorganize day πŸ™ˆ lol but really I'm changing my room around so it must be done πŸ‘Ž
originalbeautybox - sundayfunday - messyvanity - vanitygirlhollywood - reorganize - makeup - makeupaddict - bathandbodyworks - blah - ilovemacgirls - jbl - makeupbrushes - vanity -
robpswifey : #vanity #messyvanity #blah #makeup #makeupaddict #jbl #bathandbodyworks #ilovemacgirls #originalbeautybox #vanitygirlhollywood #sundayfunday #reorganize #blah #makeupbrushes
kiss89_love : 😍😍😍😍
urayoan_media - keilahale - sundayinsearchoflosttime - christinaa_marieexo -
New post on our storage for our #obsessive #makeup #collection featuring the one and only @originalbeautybox πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’• #storage #originalbeautybox #nars #mufe #ilovemufegirls #limecrime #mac #inglot #artsandcrass #muji
originalbeautybox - beauty - ilovemufegirls - blogger - limecrime - makeup - storage - nars - blog - mufe - mac - mua - collection - makeupartist - muji - inglot - obsessive - artsandcrass - beautyblog -
originalbeautybox : Love it!! 😘
tylerrrrr21 : @brittanyyynicole this looks like your setup
crassyladies : @originalbeautybox 😍😘
crassyladies : #blog #beautyblog #beauty #mua #makeupartist #blogger
awesome_rena : @rick_rock559 this is what I need
makeupjunkie_27 - mchelle0708 - rose__wilson - dollface__666 -
After pic...all filled up! Thank you @bittersweet086 for sharing with us! 😘
originalbeautybox -
evelyn_bebe_hernandez : @originalbeautybox I think @pinkiesicebox is using your pix! Check them out! #originalbeautybox
christina.ig : @nailsby_rachelcaroline I WANT ALL OF IT 😍😍😍
briannamariecastillo : @originalbeautybox will you be having a Labor day sale
skinnymini516 : @kaaitlynmj
kaaitlynmj : I want it so bad but it's like $300 -_- @skinnymini516
kennsmom18 : @jvazquez79
lgazivoda7 : @lelezaj
jessica_ireland : @kaaitlynmj This one is $119 πŸ’—
annanicolebeauty - angelica_marie1989 - yourbeautykills_ - pinkzone92 -
Time for a clear out because it doesn't all fit in here. Call a wahhhhmbulance! #beautyhoarder
originalbeautybox - beautyhoarder - nobuy - themakeupboxshopau -
wtmontana : Hahaha always happy to help me @morgspaige_
morgspaige_ : Of course I am!! I'll come over Sunday afternoon?
wtmontana : Sure @morgspaige_ to play, clear out, and let me practice?
wtmontana : πŸ’ πŸ’ πŸ’ 
morgspaige_ : Sounds good πŸ‘Œ
wtmontana : Excellent @morgspaige_ because I start my #nobuy thr next day!
morgspaige_ : Okay, that works well then
thestylealley : That collection is tdf
makeupjunkie_27 - aishajaiy - camerronkimble - sanikkimakeuplove -
Finally a good way to organize my make up πŸ˜πŸ’„
originalbeautybox - makeup - cosmetics - makeupaddiction -
xjennifernicole : #makeup #cosmetics #originalbeautybox #makeupaddiction
ashleeyblairr : Whered u get ur box?? I need doseee
xjennifernicole : @ashleeyblairr get one I'm obsessed!
ashleeyblairr : Love it so much!!
brunettespylove - kaylamarielehman - jenniferosever - sammuscoo -
About that time again for an update ! Tap the photo for deets #originalbeautybox #makeupstorage #pier1 #hayworthcollection #hayworthvanity #beautyroom #wakeupandmakeup #instamakeup #makeuporganization #acrylicstorage #makeuplover #simplehumanmirror #roomdecor
originalbeautybox - hayworthvanity - instamakeup - makeupstorage - makeuplover - beautyroom - wakeupandmakeup - makeupcollection - hayworthcollection - beautyvanity - roomdecor - simplehumanmirror - makeuporganization - makeupvanity - pier1 - acrylicstorage -
brunettespylove : Thank you girls. 😘 @lisakilinski @simplepursuit
bebeluvr1986 : I have the same set up πŸ‘
arely__55 : Love it looks very pretty πŸ’–
brunettespylove : Thank you !! @arely__55 it should be done now lol.
dushy1604 : Pretty 😍😍😍
brunettespylove : #makeupcollection #makeupvanity #beautyvanity
sr_afghan : @brunettespylove
brunettespylove : Tap the pic to see where everything is from @sr_afghan
pinklove861 - beautynewswithangelica - anny.000 - irenelimap -
My @originalbeautybox, I absolutely love it!!!!! Looks so neat and pretty! #originalbeautybox
originalbeautybox -
vixenbosz : Omg im coming over 😍
therealmacaddict : I need one 😍😍😍
nessieluvjujus : @maria_sephos
maria_sephos : I want one so bad but they are kinda expensive @nessieluvjujus but soon all my make up is going to go in a case wheels lol
misz_sanabria : @nancys0fresh love it
originalbeautybox : Ahh it's so perfect! πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—
fancieland : Looks amazing πŸ˜πŸ’–πŸ˜
nogapisk_ : Goals @anitaarajcinoskaa
rradmadd - diamond_jazee - mya0909 - rebecka33 -
Finally all filled up !!! πŸ’–@originalbeautybox #originalbeautybox in all it's glory #acrylicstorage #makeupstorage #makeuporganization #beautybox #beautytalk #makeuptalk #instamakeup #ilovemakeup #tartecosmetics #beccacosmetics #makeupcollection #wakeupandmakeup
originalbeautybox - makeupmafia - makeupworld - instamakeup - makeupstorage - beautybox - ilovemakeup - wakeupandmakeup - makeuptalk - makeupcollection - beautytalk - hayworthcollection - beccacosmetics - tartecosmetics - acrylicstorage - makeupvanity - makeuporganization -
arely__55 : Love how organized it looks 😍
brunettespylove : Me too. I love the dividers @arely__55
arely__55 : Yea looks neat and now you can pick up your products more easily 😁
brunettespylove : I was surprised by how much it holds. I kept moving stuff around. Fit all my highlighters with room. And like more than half of my blushes. And still plenty space @arely__55
beabordy : Where did you buy these boxes?? They're wonderful!!! @brunettespylove
brunettespylove : Tap the photo .... @beabordy
beabordy : Oh sorry I didn't look it @brunettespylove
brunettespylove : #makeupworld #makeupvanity #makeupmafia #hayworthcollection
analaurabuendia - beautynewswithangelica - mzlibra17 - makeupbymeag -
Personally, I can't wait for Fall! Can anyone guess why?πŸ˜πŸ’„πŸ’‹ #fall #boldlips #amrezy #sancapacciomua #colourpopcosmetics #colourpop #mua #makeupartist #makeup #professional #originalbeautybox #mac #makeupjunkie #makeupmafia #mascaramafia #chrisspy #desimakeup
originalbeautybox - makeupmafia - amrezy - makeup - mac - fall - makeupartist - colourpop - chrisspy - desimakeup - makeupjunkie - mascaramafia - boldlips - mua - sancapacciomua - professional - colourpopcosmetics -
amandamazza_ : My favvvvv lip color 😍😍😍
sancapaccio_mua : @amandamazza_ same here!😍
mevlalala : please tell me what lip color this is!!!
sancapaccio_mua : @mevlalala there's a range of colors on this photo but I know that one that's on here that I have is Urban Decays revolution lipstick in the shade "Shame" Love it! 😘
carolvzito - recycledstardust - theglamgeekconfessional - ozfacekillah -
Loving this video from our customer @freedah2323 πŸ’— #originalbeautybox
originalbeautybox -
friedalove23 : @brightandearlyproductions oh yes i do i love makeup and of course my original beauty box
faniserdaridismua : Love this! Need it in my life!!
jenn100065 : @prissycolon
prissycolon : Love this @jenn100065!
lizzyridge_ : Can you ladies take the time to check out my latest YouTube video? Please leave some feedback because I would love to improve my videos ! :) the link to my channel is in my bio , thanks xoxo ;*
leonelaandrade : I want this so bad!!! Is there any discount codes?, ):
leebeauty829 : It is my 21st bday tomorrow and I really want to order one of these boxes and I was wondering if there is a coupon code that any of you know of that I could use. It would really help out.
vanessansotta : Parce mire @pintokarinas 😍😍😍
reynae7 - glambymeli - sweetcheeksmia - farahjoana -
All of our lipstick holders ship free on our website πŸ’— Thanks for sharing this photo @ambeautylife, we love Audrey too! #originalbeautybox
originalbeautybox -
ambeautylife : This is awesome!!! Day made already πŸ’œπŸ’„thank you haha!
suzie_137 : @r0b1n_ you will need this soon for all your pink lippies
soleilmoon : @j3nnif3ros3
ftariqk : @ayshaalserkal
j3nnif3ros3 : @soleilmoon I need these!!!!
kim.eag : @originalbeautybox do you still make the palette holders?
lovemarii_0803 : @originalbeautybox are you going to have a labor day sale?
lexluv - lamita1402 - sweetcheeksmia - hollyashleybeauty -
My new #tartecosmetics #eyeliners fit so well at the top drawer of my deluxe #originalbeautybox #obb!!! Thinking of doing a look tonight before bed. Hmmm...
originalbeautybox - obb - eyeliners - tartecosmetics -
sayohmy : te odio
xkiyora : Sooo awesome!β™‘
missnoire : ❀️❀️❀️❀️❀️❀️
originalbeautybox - jadecorrine93 - missnoire - chay_2300 -
originalbeautybox -
missherby : @originalbeautybox #originalbeautybox
originalbeautybox - brunettespylove - angi_correa - mirandanicole -
A beautiful mess πŸ’— Photo by our customer @miss_piico #originalbeautybox #makeupstorage
originalbeautybox - makeupstorage -
bellaobsession : HeavenπŸ’•
thestylemavenla : @originalbeautybox we need to set up a meeting soon!!! Are you back? Xox
originalbeautybox : @thestylemavenla Yes I'll be back next week! We definitely need to link up before the end of summer! β˜€οΈ
thestylemavenla : Yes totally!!
youwithmylove : @sofysalem @kouod @mmeshoos Ω‡Ψ―ΩŠΨͺΩƒΩ… ΩŠΨ§Ψ¨Ω†Ψ§Ψͺ 😍😍
chaleewanv - __emilyc__ - brooke_menace_bby - tiare_leahlanii -
With my girls yesterday! Thanks again Fritzie for the invite, definitely showed me what it felt like to be ypu for a change :) and thanks again Jen, you seriously spoiled me and i didn't deserve it. Your generosity seriously is appreciated and I'll use the hell out of your products! and it was nice to meet Marjorie, a fellow #originalbeautybox blogger! You're too sweet and we should definitely hang out again soon!!! #beautyconla #beautycon #beautycon2014 #tarte #tartecosmetics #makeup #makeuptalk
originalbeautybox - beautyconla - makeup - makeuptalk - tarte - beautycon - tartecosmetics - beautycon2014 -
marjoriedelac : Loved seeing you!!😍
mrsnacole - weezy_wee - amboneelovesmac - marjoriedelac -
@colourpopcosmetics Fall 2014 collection swatches! from bottom of my arm to my wrist: ✨ Bae, Bandit,Cricket,Krinkle, Shameless, Mittens, Mooning, Hammered, So Quiche, Game Face and Tea Party ✨ LACE got cut off, sorry! I will post a seperate picture of Lace! #colourpopcosmetics #colourpopco #colourpop #makeup #makeupjunkie #makeupmafia #mascaramafia #mua #makeupartist #norvina #anastasiabeverlyhills #originalbeautybox #fallcollection #favbrand #sancapacciomua
colourpop - originalbeautybox - makeupmafia - sancapacciomua - makeupjunkie - makeup - mascaramafia - favbrand - fallcollection - mua - anastasiabeverlyhills - norvina - makeupartist - colourpopcosmetics - colourpopco -
sancapaccio_mua : @sfudurich 😘
sfudurich : OMG thank you so much!!! 😘😘
adriekaye : Beautiful colors
danixdanger - khendry81 - penguindc - newamericanbeauty -
Welcome home @colourpopcosmetics Fall Collection 2014 😍😍 #colourpopco #colourpopcosmetics #colourpop #fallcollection #makeupcollection #makeupstorage #anastasiabeverlyhills #makeup #makeupjunkie #makeuphoarder #mua #makeupartist #professional #mac #makeupmafia #mascaramafia #originalbeautybox
originalbeautybox - makeupmafia - makeupstorage - makeup - mac - makeupartist - makeuphoarder - colourpop - makeupjunkie - mascaramafia - makeupcollection - fallcollection - mua - anastasiabeverlyhills - professional - colourpopcosmetics - colourpopco -
colourpopcosmetics : 😘😘😘
sfudurich : Can you do swatches please?
sancapaccio_mua : @sfudurich absolutely! on all?
sfudurich : Yes please, if you don't mind. πŸ˜€
danixdanger - newamericanbeauty - brittanyeck22 - mngbymango -
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