Makeup guru πŸ™Œ @beautybyrosita shows us her Deluxe Beauty Box! Check out her YouTube channel for some amazing tutorials πŸ’—www.youtube.com/rositaspplebum
love_cc05 : I effin need this!!!
auxiev : Will be getting one ASAP!!!
eime_xxv : Nice @flawless_24
trish6the9dish : I want one! and I can't wait to get one!
virginiac7214 : @josephctri buy me this pleaseeee
dennismuana5 : Woww..by me also.....
x0x0lilmags : Check Dm love. Can't wait to hear back @originalbeautybox
zulay402 : @bullieranch_ashleyy
itslizzylee - glamourdolls2 - zulay402 - natalieskrt -
Wake up and makeup πŸ’• cute photo by @irinabilka #originalbeautybox
originalbeautybox -
zsparkybob : Where can I find one of those mirrors?
itsmekristenp : @natlermy love this setup
natlermy : @itsmekristenp this is pretty fab
katyana_rae : @katloveskat omg I want this!😫😫
nuyorkdreamer : @claudia_shops she's the originator of the beauty box. πŸ’
claudia_shops : @nuyorkdreamer I like these they're simple
originalbeautybox : @nikkismallz28 You can purchase at www.originalbeautybox.com πŸ’—
lilfoot28 : @saladbar31 Dream vanity 😍😍😍
koke2019 - essexbabe13 - makeupbythuycao -
Loving my acrylic organizer from @originalbeautybox ...looks so pretty on my vanity ! Obsessed 😍 #lovemakeup #originalbeautybox #chanel #organized #nars #mac #instamakeup #pierone #hayworth #lipsticks #lippies #makeupgeek
originalbeautybox - hayworth - instamakeup - lovemakeup - organized - nars - lipsticks - mac - pierone - chanel - lippies - makeupgeek -
beautyby_driav : gorgeousss
eryka_marin : Thanks hun πŸ˜‰
julie_clarisse - ro53po531 - gabrielaoj - alexandra_nicole_elliott -
How cute is this vanity setup?! πŸ’• Love the Lucite chair, fur throw and #originalbeautybox on the left! Photo by @cheristyling
originalbeautybox -
lettyr4 : @reynar_16 you can create yourself
lettyr4 : @reynar_16 I'll help u
alyssa_luxxoxo : Where's the mirror from?
carolherrera0320 : @stephenmaltos23 yes please !!
stephenmaltos23 : You wouldn't leave that chairπŸ˜” @carolherrera0320
shadowgreyv : Ohhhhh love ur chair *-*
kaylacrosno : Will you be having a pink Friday sale for Valentine's Day?? @originalbeautybox
nonelikekathy : This is what I need in my life @theregoespaola @isthatisaac 😩 #goals lol
lavishandluxe - angiestephx3 - rebekafuentes - theregoespaola -
originalbeautybox -
totaldivarea : Anyone have the @originalbeautybox? What's your thoughts on it? #originalbeautybox
queenpreneur : Have you tried the muji boxes
totaldivarea : No i haven't. Ive seen them but the drawer seem pretty thin @queenpreneur this one seems to have deeper drawers...
queenpreneur : Side note. I remember you once said you don't see the purpose of instagram dm because anyone who might dm you already has your number. Here is a good example. I have all three sizes. I'll dm you a photo so you can see their capacity. Lol.
totaldivarea : Lmao!!!! πŸ˜‚ that would be gr8! 😊 @queenpreneur
isisdawonder : @totaldivarea I totally need that in my life.
queenpreneur : Look for it tonight. I got kids to round up
originalbeautybox - flaczekinwonderland - imaprettybae - anumnabi -
So happy with my deluxe @originalbeautybox purchase!! 😍 definitely worth the splurge and the quality is excellent! Still have so much room to add more to the collection πŸ’„πŸ‘„πŸ’… #bestinvestment #noregrets #onlineshopping #organized #originalbeautybox #deluxebeautybox #productjunkie #roomtogrow
originalbeautybox - noregrets - makeupjunkie - bestinvestment - organized - makeupcollection - onlineshopping - productjunkie - roomtogrow - deluxebeautybox - makeuporganizer -
_lauralie__ : #makeuporganizer #makeupjunkie #makeupcollection
cassandraklein : @_lauralie__ omg I want one!
_lauralie__ : @cassandraklein look into them! SUPER impressed with the quality and size! I love it :)
cam_man22 : @_lauralie__ you're insane.
asylvester29 : @_lauralie__ that's such a space saver, I love it!
sonya_cookie - facebyhisah - kaylapeterson29 - love_me_makeup34 -
#love #makeup #makeupislove #beauty #maccosmetics #narscosmetics #lipstickJunkie #lashes #lipstick #dior #chanelbeauty #myvanity #itslove #urbandecay #originalbeautybox #hellokitty #colourpopcosmetics #nailpolish #perfume #toobalmcosmetics #thebalmcosmetics #motivescosmetics #ysl
originalbeautybox - chanelbeauty - urbandecay - dior - lashes - makeupislove - beauty - ysl - lipstickjunkie - myvanity - itslove - makeup - love - maccosmetics - lipstick - motivescosmetics - nailpolish - hellokitty - toobalmcosmetics - thebalmcosmetics - perfume - narscosmetics - colourpopcosmetics -
gsxr_freak02 : ❀❀❀❀
drives5besides5 : I love this picture! β˜€
alwaysbam : Thanks for the follow hunπŸ’œ
chrstn.b - k_schastlivaya - claire.piper - xyzoea -
Beauty Room Tour Is Up! Link In My Bio!! πŸ‘†πŸ‘† Don't Mind The Little Bit Of Gum Smacking, And A Little Unsteady Shooting..I'm Learning. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜ Don't forget to subscribe & share!! πŸ’—πŸ’— #glowbyb #beauty #youtube #beautyroomtour #makeup #office #vanitygirlhollywood #originalbeautybox #ikea #katiebcosmetics #canon70d #homemadexojules #nyx @originalbeautybox @vanitygirlhollywood @katiebcosmetics @homemadexojules #bestdamnbeauty #dove
originalbeautybox - nyx - glowbyb - beauty - homemadexojules - vanitygirlhollywood - office - makeup - youtube - canon70d - bestdamnbeauty - ikea - dove - beautyroomtour - katiebcosmetics -
homemadexojules : I'm watching this vid once kiddo is down for bed!!
bgorgeousguurrl : @homemadexojules Thanks love! I posted your etsy link on my youtube page! 😘😘
homemadexojules : @bgorgeousguurrl You are the best!!😘
princessrhenei : 😍😍😍
meka18 : @bgorgeousguurrl can't wait to watch it love☺️☺️
jolmakeup : Loved the decor and everything!! Very inspirational. 😊
kimsmith : @inmyvintagedreams
cyberangel666 : cute
inmyvintagedreams - rosannbrenowitz - leahkristin25 - kenzie_maisel -
Finally retired from a makeup bag #originalbeautybox
originalbeautybox -
originalbeautybox : Cute! I love how it glows pink with the colored wall in the background!
tnlacy9 - whosmaryjane - katie_gable2011 - ehopkittens -
It's mounted!!! I still have stuff to add and need to fix up my desk, but I'm so so excited!!!!! Eeeeek. So happy with my @vanitygirlhollywood mirror!!
vanitygirlhollywood - vscocam - originalbeautybox -
alxswvr : Thanks!! I wanna add so much more @4daluvofmakeup
4daluvofmakeup : U will little by little take ur time with it and get pieces u really luv ..
alxswvr : Yeah that's what I plan on doing
alxswvr : @4daluvofmakeup
liasimonee : I'm jealousssss 😩😩😩 my entire vanity was broken during a move now all my shit is in suitcases πŸ˜’πŸ˜’πŸ˜’
alxswvr : What!! Omg I'd die if that happened to me. @liasimonee
ukrainianbella : 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
debbiedee65 : β€οΈπŸ˜πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
myrchris - corin_elizabeth - untouchabl3e - oh_myosh -
Finally finished organizing my vanity 😍 Pics of inside my vanity and how I organized it coming soon πŸ’• @vanitygirlhollywood @zahrabeautystore @originalbeautybox #vanitygirlhollywood #zahrabeautystore #originalbeautybox
vanitygirlhollywood - zahrabeautystore - originalbeautybox -
aaashlyn_ : This is gorgeous! Love it :)
estoystoned : @lipsticklesliee peep
_luckylady777_ : I love the whole vanity, it's beautiful! Where did you get it?
macgirl_christy : @_luckylady777_ I got the table top and drawers from ieka and mirror is from vanity girl Hollywood
_luckylady777_ : Thanks! πŸ˜€ enjoy your new vanity πŸ’„
thebudgetbarbie : I really love your setup! Especially the table and the organization - AWESOME!
makeupnotbreakup : Life goals right there!! Vanity girl Hollywood πŸ™Œ
macbeautyy_ : I need your vanity! 😍😍😍
alexxandria03 - rachel_rosenfeld - kimluvsbeauty - mrschadwick_ -
So colorful and girly! πŸ’—πŸ’™πŸ’œπŸ’š Thanks for sharing this photo with us @_m3din4__ary__03_ #originalbeautybox Purchase yours at www.originalbeautybox.com
originalbeautybox -
totaldivarea : How many of the lipstick holders can fit in the bottom drawer??
originalbeautybox : @totaldivarea You can fit 2 of the 24 slot lipstick holders in the bottom drawer. We are sold out of this size at the moment though, we only have the 12 slot
thenicolelopez : This is what we need
thenicolelopez : @lolowood_
jacqlyn_love : Coupon code
yanilanastascia : @karilovexo look how pretty!
karilovexo : @yanilanastascia omg I need one of these! My makeup is currently all over the place 😭
glamourdolls2 : 😻😻😻
el_miniblog_de_lola - flawless_24 - taybwhite - lisrattan -
Yeeeiii!! Finally my #originalbeautybox got here!! πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’• #makeuporganizer #makeupaddict #makeupjunkie #iloveit #itsperfect πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ’— @originalbeautybox
originalbeautybox - iloveit - makeupjunkie - makeuporganizer - makeupaddict - itsperfect -
suvabeauty : #makeupjunkie 😊☺️
yoo_its_sammy : 😭😭😭😭 u guys killed animals for ur make up
vicoescoto : Está increíble!!!
_m3din4__ary__03_ : Thanks πŸ‘§ @vicoescoto
mykindofbeautiful : Love it!! πŸ’–πŸ’œπŸ˜Š
libbybaldockxxx : Where this from @_m3din4__ary__03_
ky__baby : LoveπŸ’–! What app did you use Hun?
_m3din4__ary__03_ : Originalbeautybox.com @libbybaldockxxx
jessicalove.85 - kailabear_210 - ciearika - a_mari -
Words cannot express how excited I am that finally ordered thisπŸ˜πŸ™Œ @originalbeautybox #dreamcometrue #makeupheaven #organization #originalbeautybox #YESSSSS
originalbeautybox - yesssss - makeupheaven - dreamcometrue - organization -
natalieeliseexo : @natcatcatcat Ahhhh I'm sure I will LOVE it! So excited πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ‘Œ
brittanyanne_ : Go ahead and get me one tooπŸ˜‰
tangibled0f : cool picture! β˜€
_vmaries : @natalieeliseee I love mine! :)
organizingny : @lb1223
natalieeliseexo : @_vmaries Ahhh I can of wait to get mine! It feels like I've wanted one FOREVER😍
bargainbeauty20 : How much are these
natalieeliseexo : @bargainbeauty20 The deluxe one I got is $119
shandarsh - tinamlndz - organizingny - koko_keane -
Almost done organizing. Just have to find a home for my brushes. #originalbeautybox #muji #mujidrawers #acrylicorganizer
acrylicorganizer - originalbeautybox - mujidrawers - muji -
queenkatherinee_ : Where are those acrylic organizers from?
moonlette : @queenkatherinee_ The larger one is the deluxe beauty box from @originalbeautybox, the other two are from muji.
prettyoddbeauty_ : @beatbybrandi these drawers are nice.
desithediva : I love melted
fatimazahrabr - justminemine - sofeea_mousa - trustaminah -
Look at how well this baby is packaged! #originalbeautybox
originalbeautybox -
originalbeautybox - lnbabe1505 - luckygirlbeauty - princessbitchfacethefirst -
It's finally here! #originalbeautybox
originalbeautybox -
Time to transfer over my makeup to my new Beauty Box πŸ’•
originalbeautybox - benefitcosmetics - beauty - makeup - organized - mac - cosmetics - makeuporganizer -
megannrossee : When will they lipstick holder restock?
artistic_b3auty : @diva_xtremme
originalbeautybox : @ocmom15 Hi Nadia! I'm so happy to hear your enjoying your Beauty Box! πŸ’—
makeithappen198 : I want one!! 😍😍
makeupby_z : Do you deliver to Germany?
lovebhme : @skyeshelina here's another one you can order from ☺️
skyeshelina : Thank ya 😊 @lovebhme
stonecoldbetch : Hi @originalbeautybox! Do you work with bloggers? I would love to discuss a beauty/organization collab and feature one of these in a post! Is there someone I could contact on your end to discuss? Thanks πŸ˜˜πŸ™ŒπŸ’„πŸ’…πŸ’‹
mellejax - dorisc1 - fresaelsa - kiss89_love -
I cannot contain my excitement for this right now😁😁😁 I love my new vanity 😍 @vanitygirlhollywood @originalbeautybox @zahrabeautystore #vanitygirlhollywood #originalbeautybox #zahrabeautystore
vanitygirlhollywood - zahrabeautystore - originalbeautybox -
herbrushstrokes : πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯❀️❀️ Gorgeous!!
keepitglam : ❀️
taybwhite : ❀️❀️❀️😍
x0x_alyssaa : Is the tabletop just the white or the high gloss??
macgirl_christy : @x0x_alyssaa white gloss
barbietx24 : Sorry to ask what the name of the table ?? Trying to look for at ikea !!
macgirl_christy : @barbiefl21 it's the linnmon 59" glossy white and the alex drawers
_laurarose : Simply gorgeous πŸ˜πŸ‘Œ @macgirl_christy
beauty_ba - kuddos_to_you - steffiesworld - beautywithbecc -
Checking out mama's new @theoriginalbeautybox #originalbeautybox #curiousbulldog #bulldog #englishbulldogpuppies #englishbulldogs #petloversofinstagram #IGbullys #leona #dontmindifido #needisaymore #furbaby #january2015 #bullysworld #bullypicoftheday #picoftheday #luvmybullys #lovemybully #doglovers
originalbeautybox - lovemybully - englishbulldogs - bulldog - curiousbulldog - needisaymore - igbullys - luvmybullys - furbaby - january2015 - doglovers - bullysworld - petloversofinstagram - bullypicoftheday - dontmindifido - leona - picoftheday - englishbulldogpuppies -
louieandleona : @originalbeautybox
queen_m29hotmilcom : ---->> @GET_153_FOLLOWERS_NOW <<----
gusgusthefrenchie : Hahaha
originalbeautybox - mk_bulldogs - graceelizaa - storytime_with_fozziebear -
She is all set up!!! I had to move this room around for better filming!! I wanted to make this space easy for filming, so that I could just sit down and get it done, without having to move furniture around to get good light!! Videos I will be working on this week will be: Quick Beach Waves, @jlo #goldenglobes look & A New product haul!! If you haven't subscribed to my channel, please do!!! I can't tell y'all how thankful I am for all the follows and sweet comments!!! I am so excited to see what this year will bring!! Btw, Having a 2yr old at home all day, doesn't make for easy filming!! But I am going to try my best to get as many as I can, up and going!!! 😘☺️#glowbyb #beauty #makeup #lifestyle #glammom #youtube #youtubeguru #katiebcosmetics #kbc #canon70D #britneyb #oklahoma #tulsa #makeupobsessed #beautyproducts #originalbeautybox #vanitygirlhollywood
originalbeautybox - youtubeguru - glowbyb - beauty - kbc - makeup - glammom - lifestyle - tulsa - vanitygirlhollywood - oklahoma - youtube - goldenglobes - canon70d - beautyproducts - britneyb - makeupobsessed - katiebcosmetics -
cellessence : Love it!
homemadexojules : Can't wait to see more of your videos!!!! Love your filming space!!!! πŸ‘
katrina_joi : So awesome! Can't wait for your videos!
kristilooper : @bgorgeousguurrl can you show some pictures of your Alex IKEA drawers?! I'm going this weekend & I want to build this exact same vanity!
meka18 : @bgorgeousguurrl I'm so excited to see your upcoming videos❀️❀️❀️
bgorgeousguurrl : Thanks For The Love, Ladies!!!! @roseofsharon7 @nrortiz727 @cellessence @homemadexojules @katrina_joi @meka18 😍 @kristilooper I sure can!!! What's your email, and I'll email you! 😘
kristilooper : It's kristirlooper@gmail.com!
bgorgeousguurrl : @kristilooper I'm uploading a beauty room tour, video! So you can see what's in the drawers!!😘😘
shambria_danielle - busesandbackpacks - ______brooke____ - nicolee.anna -
Perfect simple vanity setup using our #originalbeautybox πŸ’—photo by @looreinagm
originalbeautybox -
kerri9693 : I'm so in love with these beauties...I need to get a few for my collection! Got to be honest though, it could get me in trouble if my husband can actually see how much makeup I have, lol!!!
ieshaphillips : @gold_freckles
pamake_up : Amiga olha esse insta ! 😍 @thaaa_cruz
__shootingstarr : @ms.anna.banana
original_costa : @elizabethmesh This is what I need.
elizabethmesh : Yeah it literally organizes so well and condenses everything! @original_costa
_jenniferleee_ : @ems_n_ems
zulay402 : @bullieranch_ashleyy
laura_delo - nlvza - lisrattan - mariahmaexo -
Obsessed with my #originalbeautybox @originalbeautybox #makeup #makeupaddiction #makeupporn
makeupporn - originalbeautybox - makeup - makeupaddiction -
nataliaguti : Esa pared necesita EL espejo!
looreinagm : Si Nati el que quiero vale $500 😫 jajaja aún no
lisaixxvi : Where's your table from??
looreinagm : @lizbethixxvi Ikea
milerocha24 : Quiero jodidente todo tu maquillaje
haaaaaa88 - crystalrose331 - rustymarie - faceofsjw -
My #makeupvanity πŸ’„πŸ’•βœ¨ #cuzimsuchagirl #maquillaje #makeup #ikea #organized #howilikeit #lipsticks #myfave #fauxfur #instamakeup #clearchair #originalbeautybox #diy #makeuporganizers
originalbeautybox - instamakeup - organized - makeup - clearchair - makeupvanity - makeuporganizers - diy - maquillaje - myfave - ikea - howilikeit - fauxfur - lipsticks - cuzimsuchagirl -
makeupbydefault : Ummmm!!! As If u couldnt get anymore amazing!!! #ujustdid #inlove
pattys_kloset : Omg love!!!!
inspire_bystyle : 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
_miss_lyss_ : 😍
_sarahvega_ : Omg I love it
hellnotesforbeauty : Love!!
kiss89_love : It's a dream 😍😍😍😍😍
letyosornio : What the name of the table
robpswifey - californiabeauty10 - brendaisaac - nelida.renee -
Finally finished organizing one side of my beauty products!! And look at my beauty box it's lovely and organized!! I need another one!! Pa la que quiere todo lo que yo tengo πŸ’‹#organizingmymake #deluxebeautybox #originalbeautybox #ilovemakeup #ineedanotherone
originalbeautybox - organizingmymake - ilovemakeup - ineedanotherone - deluxebeautybox -
maalgcia : I have one just like that and I love it!! @pam_eh_lah . I had to buy another storage . For my brushes. U should have bought the bigger one since u do make up:)
pam_eh_lah : @maalgcia that's the biggest lol but I need another one because that's just half of my makeup. I need the one for my brushes & lippies
maalgcia : No they a bigger one. Pero cuesta como 3 sometthing @pam_eh_lah let me see if I can find it and ill tag u in it
pam_eh_lah : Oh okay. @maalgcia thanks
patriciahercules - cely_3112 - m_n_m_felix - taghreedmansour -
Benefits of a flex day; beauty organization!!! I love it when my little area is nice and neat. Let's just see how long it can stay this way. My guess? <24hrs! πŸ˜‰ #OriginalBeautyBox #MacCosmetics #LimeCrime #HouseOfLashes #OccLiptar #HelloKitty #DeluxeBeautyBox #MakeupJunkie #MagicsInTheMakeup πŸ’œπŸ’‹πŸŒˆπŸŒŒπŸŒž
originalbeautybox - houseoflashes - makeupjunkie - limecrime - hellokitty - occliptar - deluxebeautybox - maccosmetics - magicsinthemakeup -
__cynsin__ : I want all your "little area" @xtina__marie
lorenag_18 : πŸ™ˆπŸ˜πŸ™ˆ #loveit #makeupfordays
girlinred84 : So half of it is mine....lol πŸ˜‰ @xtina__marie
xtina__marie : @girlinred84 since I'm married to your brother, I suppose we can say, yes, half is yours! 😘
sexi_mexi_mami - urs48 - blasfamily3 - dms7500 -
Love my#beautybox although I think it's time I got another..... #firstworldproblems #makeup #igot99problemsButMakeupAintOne #originalbeautybox #makeupstorage #girlie #nakedpalette #zebraprint
originalbeautybox - igot99problemsbutmakeupaintone - zebraprint - makeupstorage - beautybox - makeup - firstworldproblems - girlie - nakedpalette -
sindu3 : 😍
bethc1224 : What website would I order this from?? @trixi_trini
trixi_trini : @bethclancy_ I ordered mine from originalbeautybox.com Its the best quality and value I've been able to find! This one is the larger one....they have a smaller one too that cost less. Follow at @originalbeautybox whenever there's sales or they have discounts she puts it on her instagram page :)
bethc1224 : Thanks!
bargainbeauty20 : How much are these! X
trixi_trini : @bargainbeauty20 the one that I have is the large one and its normally $159 I believe. There's a smaller one that's $119 also. I didn't pay full price though. I bough mine the week after thanksgiving, she had a sale and the large ones were $129 and the smaller ones were $99 :) you should follow @originalbeautybox because she has sales throughout the year and posts the dates in instagram. These are the best value I've been able to find. I was at HomeGoods the other day and they had a similar box to the smaller one and it was $149
missdesousa06 - jlo_418 - xvanessav - animalprintbrasil -
It's Friday...be happy! Cute photo by @hellotosha featuring our #originalbeautybox
originalbeautybox -
beautyglamfam : 😍😍
trixi_trini : Cute!
eirenezzy : @ayoitsdaron the cup
valeriealiciaq : Will you guys be at imats???? @originalbeautybox
glambychristine : I'm wondering the same thing ☝ but I don't think so because they aren't on the exhibitors list @valeriealiciaq
ellonious : Are u having another sale similar to the one from black friday anytime soon? πŸ’„
zusy_37 - meeaghans - fresaelsa - kiss89_love -
Surprisingly roomy. I think I just need one more... #originalbeautybox
originalbeautybox -
gg_alvizo : That is more makeup than i have ever owned in my life. #truestory #idontknowhowtoshopformakeup
andreanunez : @gg_alvizo I'll teach you 😁
rena_lauvelle : πŸ’–πŸ’—πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ’—πŸ’–
no_pos_sta_cabron - kim77anastasiya - cosmeticaddictions - gg_alvizo -
Watched an #episode of #hoarders and decided to #clean out my #makeup. #lol ended up with a whole bag of makeup for the trash. I #hate these plastic drawer things. I need a #originalbeautybox
originalbeautybox - episode - clean - hoarders - makeup - hate - lol -
dammeskieft - betulkisamakeup - itsmsmegan - ashl3ymari3 -
Slowly fillin on up! @originalbeautybox @maccosmetics @ardell_lashes @toofaced @hairfinity #glamtalk #makeupforever #makeupartist #bostonmakeupartist #mua #organization #originalbeautybox
originalbeautybox - whiteninglightning - mua - bostonmakeupartist - glamtalk - organization - makeupforever - makeupartist - anastasiabeverlyhills -
dominique_beautique : @anastasiabeverlyhills @whiteninglightning #anastasiabeverlyhills #whiteninglightning
therealmakeupchic - jemappellechloee - jamisonspendlove - shadez_of_beauty -
LOVING my new vanity area & drawers 😬❀️ so much SPACE! Now to convince hubbs to hang up all the other new things for my room. 😊❀️
originalbeautybox - yay - loveit - alexdrawers - vanitygirl - makeuproom - makeuphoarder - vanity -
robpswifey : #vanitygirl #vanity #loveit #alexdrawers #makeuphoarder #makeuproom #yay #originalbeautybox
_lipstickandl0ve : 😻😻😻
4evafashionprincess : 😍 xoxo
ninebuu : @j_garcia_1986
triciab8488 : Super cute, I need one for sure.
mzsparklez_17 : Omg love it
hellybellxo : Beautifully done!!! @robpswifey
julep_d - shuga_foot23 - hellybellxo - kiss89_love -
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_lipstickandl0ve : 😻😻😻
gsxr_freak02 : Love πŸ’– πŸ’– πŸ’– πŸ’–
hibasaleem__ : @manjyotkaurr
romans_a_billionaire : Hey check out my friends mixtapehttp://www.datpiff.com/Ukamea-Absentminded-Official-Mixtape.652656.html I hope you like it! :)
_hbates : Gosh love it haha
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