On the night you were born, The moon smiled with such wonder That the stars peeked in to see you And the night wind whispered, “Life will never be the same.” Because there had never been anyone like you…ever in the world. So enchanted with you were the wind and the rain That they whispered the sound of your wonderful name. ... Not once had there been such eyes, Such a nose, Such silly, wiggly, wonderful toes. So whenever you doubt just how special you are And you wonder who loves you, how much and how far, ... (Remember that) Never before in story or rhyme (not even once upon a time) Has the world ever known a you, my friend, And it never will, not ever again… Heaven blew every trumpet And played every horn On the wonderful, marvelous Night you were born. ✨✨✨ Os 4 meses mais intensos e mais maravilhosos da minha vida!! 💙
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patiraine : Lindoooooooo😍😍😍😍😘
ligiarmachado : É tão lindo que não tem como mensurar 😍
eagoracinderela : #babyliam #babyboy #bunny #buddies #4months #4meses #nyc #nycmom #onthenightyouwereborn #booklover #childrensbook #maedeprincipe #maedemenino #maedeprimeiraviagem #maternidade #maternagem #maternagemconsciente #criacaocomapego #amor #instamommy #instababy #instacute #socialmediamom
bazardagretha : Parabéns, Liam lindo! ☺️
yohmartins : Que coisa mais linda.
shipsogood : 🎶
carolremor : Que lindo!!! Tirei da minha pequena assim tb, na poltrona e com o body branco! 😍 Com 6 meses ja começou a ficar complicado! 😂😂😂
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Avoiding nap time, but at least he's reading a book! #toddlerlife #onthenightyouwereborn
onthenightyouwereborn - toddlerlife -
ashmbarrett - craftfoodlove - megan830meyers - laylajenks728 -
My little princess, #onthenightyouwereborn #nancytillman #beautiful ❤
onthenightyouwereborn - beautiful - nancytillman -
missbraithwaite - jenlpxo - elise_mielnik - charb2304 -
Bedtime 📚 #Arihanna #onthenightyouwereborn #classicstory #ithinkiloveitmorethanher lol #nancytillman #storytime #bedtime
onthenightyouwereborn - storytime - arihanna - ithinkiloveitmorethanher - classicstory - nancytillman - bedtime -
adelagrados : 😘😘😘😇😇😇😇❤️❤️❤️❤️
effie_grace - platosclosetedison - prettyrican5 - gio_0516 -
A lot of people have been asking if I look like my big sister Hava Rose. I would like to quote the great novelist Nancy Tillman, "You are the one and only ever you." But seriously, I thought this was a cute comparison. Ari (top) at 7w4d & Hava at 5w5d. Conclusion: Vogt girls are adorable. -Ariella Violet #sisters #sevenweeksold #roselovesviolet #handmedowns #comparisons #nancytillman #onthenightyouwereborn
onthenightyouwereborn - sevenweeksold - roselovesviolet - handmedowns - sisters - comparisons - nancytillman -
sk_griffith : I love that book 😊 It makes me cry! Haha... 😭😌😁. Is ariella on top??
a.little.garden : @sk_griffith Yes! Me too. I cry. And yes, Ari is on top. :)
connielynnwiese : How similar these two beautiful babies look-yes-Vogt girls are adorable! Thanks for sharing the comparison photo!! Love it!!
a.little.garden : @connielynnwiese Thanks! I thought they looked so very different... But Dustin said the same thing as you.
elizabethyay : So beautiful!
kkl1010 : I did not see it until you put these pics together! They are unique, yet alike! And so adorable!! See you soon!! 😍
hayshome5 : I agree! ADORABLE!
debwiese - paigewiese - cathysuea - dustimv -
Thanks @baileyskiles for the awesome book! #dancingtilldawn #wolfgangevenden #nancytillman #onthenightyouwereborn
onthenightyouwereborn - dancingtilldawn - wolfgangevenden - nancytillman -
baileyskiles : So glad it arrived! I hope Wolfgang enjoys it! Hugs to you all!
the_bok : Can't believe you sent it all the way to Abu Dhabi for us! We love it!
aliciaorzo - baileyskiles - britanisteele - joneslmegan -
The corner of my boys playroom - how cute is my little fire man (sitting on the ledge of the toy box!!)?! #playroom #playroominspo #cornerofmyhome #pocketofmyhome #batman #batmangarland #garland #batwings #bookshelf #shadowbox #kmarthack #fireman #firefighter #wallprints #feathers #arrows #athomewithmocka #superhero #spiderman #lovemyboys #dinosaurs #guesshowmuchiloveyou #onthenightyouwereborn #batcave #embracethechaos #goldfoil #kmartaus #kmartausinspire #kmartaddictsunite
pocketofmyhome - onthenightyouwereborn - kmartausinspire - batwings - batman - styleatmine - playroominspo - feathers - embracethechaos - dinosaurs - guesshowmuchiloveyou - kmartaddictsunite - shadowbox - bookshelf - athomewithmocka - batcave - playroom - superhero - garland - batmangarland - goldfoil - cornerofmyhome - fireman - firefighter - kmarthack - lovemyboys - spiderman - wallprints - arrows - kmartaus -
wayne_official.uk : Thanks for sharing :-P
kyliemcc2 : Look at the cute fire chief!!
mumma2bnw : Isn't he gorgeous?! He had it on all day. We had a fight last night to get him to bed without it!! And Blaze is meant to be the fireman!!!
mumma2bnw : #StyleAtMine
mumma2bnw : @atmine @tellkiddo
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Bedtime books are the best! #onthenightyouwereborn #makememories #thepolkadotpenguin
onthenightyouwereborn - thepolkadotpenguin - makememories -
lildeb1961 - kathyhines - shoeclosetchicettes - anjils54 -
Ayla's face at me last night after reading her story "mum why the hell are you crying" geez this book 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 #aylarosefarac#goodonenancytillman#onthenightyouwereborn
aylarosefarac - goodonenancytillman - onthenightyouwereborn -
stacewar : Omg, don't read the 'I'll love you forever' book then....I still sob my heart out reading it!! 😭😭😭
clairecandice : @stacewar oh no! Yep I think one crying book is enough haha
ginawhite30 - sarah_marto - kisabella_kendall - karlsmoon -
#all_shots #snapshot #exposure #composition #face #me #handsome #TFLers #selfination #sunset #selfie #onthenightyouwereborn #p#r#tbt #igdaily #instagramers #amazing #foodphotography #golook #hair #handsome #colorful
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#onthenightyouwereborn #wedidyoga
onthenightyouwereborn - wedidyoga -
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3 months old with a bigger book collection than Mamma... Safe to say someone has an obsession... #whodoesntloveagoodbook #reading #kidsbooks #drsuess #thedaythecrayonsquit #therainbowfish #theirlovewassobig #onceuponanalphabet #loveyouforever #guesshowmuchiloveyou #onthenightyouwereborn #thestorymachine #theeleventhhour @thelittlestlibrary
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thelittlestlibrary : Fantastic collection 👌🏼💜👶🏻
jacknjett - breelgibbs - chloemareex - kimalyce -
The most beautiful children's book I've ever read #Onthenightyouwereborn brought tears to my eyes lol #Hormonal ..."Life will never be the same" Because there had never been anyone like you.. ever in the world"... 💜💗💙 My three children..
onthenightyouwereborn - hormonal -
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"Heaven blew every trumpet and played every horn on the wonderful, marvelous night you were born." #bedtimestory #onthenightyouwereborn
onthenightyouwereborn - bedtimestory -
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my favorite page of my favorite book to read to my beautiful babes 🌝 #onthenightyouwereborn @tacarswell
onthenightyouwereborn -
bmeyer9883 : One of my favs too!
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세현이 돌보면서 읽어준 책 중 하나인데, 너무 좋아서 끝나고 제일 마음에 와닿은 부분들 찍어서 올린다. "앞으로도 영원히, 너처럼 어여쁜 아이는 이 세상에 없을 거야" 너도 나도, 우리 모두 누구한테는 소중한 존재라는 걸 잊지 않았으면 하는 마음이다 :) #childrenbook #OnTheNightYouWereBorn #NancyTillman #special #네가태어난날엔곰도춤을추었지 #이상희 #어여쁜아이 #베이비시팅 #엄마아빠보고싶다
onthenightyouwereborn - 네가태어난날엔곰도춤을추었지 - childrenbook - nancytillman - 어여쁜아이 - 엄마아빠보고싶다 - 이상희 - 베이비시팅 - special -
joy9465 : 오 ㅠㅠ 난 오늘 드뎌 역할놀이를 할수잇게 된 서진이 보면서 왕 감동 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ
joy9465 : 오바햇어 애엄마인것마냥ㅋㅋㅋ
eunyoung94 : @joy9465 그게 엄마의 마음이야 ㅠㅅㅠ ㅋㅋㅋㅋ 너도 오늘 수고했어😊
jloveyc : 은영아누나야 한국이지? 엉엉 드디어 한국 가게됐어어어 엉엉 지금 비행기 기다리는중 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ
eunyoung94 : @jloveyc 영채야!!! ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ 얼른 와 ㅠㅠㅠ 그나저나 은영아누나야? ㅋㅋㅋ 은영이누나야 아닐까? ㅋㅋ 빵 터짐 ㅋㅋㅋ
danaakimmy - jloveyc - hb_0927 - 2nd.coming -
hiding out in elliot's room for some sunday reading, little brother has all the classics. #onthenightyouwereborn
onthenightyouwereborn -
cascompton : @oldjoy he loves the illustrations!
mrssydney : Love that book. Read it with my girl every night :) such a sweet photo!
haileyderoo : ❤️
billie_and_i : So sweet!!!
theroadknows : Most handsome little reader!
whirlybirdwhitney : Love
gigiwhitt : I love your pictures! Beautiful kids!
cascompton : @gigiwhitt thank you!
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Possibly the sweetest children's book of all time. ❤️📚 #onthenightyouwereborn #nancytillman #Childrensbookauthor #boardbooks #readtome #motherhood #lifewithbaby
onthenightyouwereborn - motherhood - lifewithbaby - childrensbookauthor - boardbooks - readtome - nancytillman -
kariotto22 : I have this one completely memorized! 💗💗💗
jinvodka - joyaeubanks - lovliam - nickiegill -
Yeah!!! It finally arrived!!! Thank you @takealotcom Can't wait to read it to my Marshmallow #readingisfun #nancytillman #onthenightyouwereborn #shukranhubbyforbuyingit #awesomehusband 💖👣💝💞👼
onthenightyouwereborn - awesomehusband - shukranhubbyforbuyingit - nancytillman - readingisfun -
zj_mm05 - wisaalh -
Can't make it through the first page of this book without ugly crying and I haven't even met her yet, not sure how I'm supposed to read the whole thing to her. 😭 Please tell me it gets easier! #theatkinsonadventures #morganandwestakeonparenthood #onthenightyouwereborn #pregnancylife #allthehormones #babygirl #29weeks
onthenightyouwereborn - 29weeks - theatkinsonadventures - pregnancylife - allthehormones - morganandwestakeonparenthood - babygirl -
jgbagwell05 : Oh Morgan. This is Weston's favorite book. We read it every night. Wait until she's pointing at the animals and gets excited.
jgbagwell05 : Heaven blew every trumpet and played every horn on the wonderful marvelous night you were born
jjjess803 : I love that book!
aep11 - neneg_93 - tall_country_girl - _hannahhhlove -
A little night time reading anyone?lol😊👶🏻🍼📚 #childrensclassics #baby #babybooks #cantwaittobeamommy #cantwaittoreadtoher #parentingpractice #futureparents #preggo #pregnancy #pregnancyfun #presents #itstimetosleep #onthenightyouwereborn #areyoumymother #guesshowmuchiloveyou #giraffescantdance #babymemorybook #babytouchandfeelanimals #amazon
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dkleighdesigns - lisa3889 - babybellyblog1 - xoanb09 -
This is officially his favorite book. The one we had specially made for him. ♡ The thing that drives my heart crazy is when I read this dedication to him and he looks up at me and does "Hehe" with a smile and laugh because he knows exactly what it means and because it's for him and he knows. I also read this entire book by memory when were out and about and he knows exactly where I'm at in the book and how I know is because he'll point to his nose way before I even mentally turn the page onto where the verse and paragraph say to and in the back of the book it reads "You are the one and only ever you" he waits until the very end for me to say this to him and he again looks up at me and smiles and laughs. ♡ #onthenightyouwereborn #favoritebook #littlebear #leobear #kaleoandres #smarttoddler #aloveforreading #luckymama
onthenightyouwereborn - favoritebook - kaleoandres - luckymama - smarttoddler - leobear - littlebear - aloveforreading -
dojomojo : 😍😍😍 too precious!!
vee_8a - nessaa_23 - villeegaas1291 - larisha_loves_floflo -
On the night you were born, the moon smiled with such wonder that the stars peeked in to see you & the night wind whispered, "#LifeWillNeverBeTheSame"... Because there had never been anyone like you... ever in the world! #Goodnight #BedtimeStories #OnTheNightYouWereBorn #tinyfingers #littlehand
onthenightyouwereborn - goodnight - littlehand - lifewillneverbethesame - bedtimestories - tinyfingers -
paulormarks - lucy.e.j - prayers4every1 - itsmarimc -
#onthenightyouwereborn #birthdayboy #1yearold #truelove
onthenightyouwereborn - birthdayboy - truelove - 1yearold -
sstrange.cloudss -
My story. This is the beginning of everyone's story if you ask me. It's such a beautiful book. #onthenightyouwereborn #nancytillman #fmsphotoaday #mystory
onthenightyouwereborn - mwc_215 - mystory - nancytillman - fmsphotoaday -
mamasaurus__ : That book is so wonderful and brings tears to my eyes every time ❤️
theselittlesquares : Beautiful xx
gray_shell_ : Naw how cute! ☺️
rachel_baldacchino : It is beautiful @jenniferjoyce68, a great gift for a newborn!
rachel_baldacchino : Mine too @mamasaurus__
rachel_baldacchino : It is the most beautiful book @gray_shell_ and @theselittlesquares
quintessential_moments : Wonderful shot and such a beautiful story ❤
rachel_baldacchino : #mwc_215
ourbeautiful_adventure - im_mrs_u - mamacita_mama - snaphappymama101 -
Whew. 😌 We've finally been able to slow all our time on the road just a bit these past 2 weeks and spend more time at home. My hubby @thisisshawny planted a sweet baby willow tree in the front yard that we're hoping to watch little Ireland grow up under! It's so bittersweet that these wiggly toes will be running around in the shade of this tree some day 💕 /// "The sound of your name is a magical one...It sailed through the farmland high on the breeze… Over the ocean… And through the trees…Until everyone heard it and everyone knew of the one and only ever you. Not once had there been such eyes, such a nose, such silly, wiggly, wonderful toes." From bedtime book #onthenightyouwereborn #contax645 #portra800
onthenightyouwereborn - portra800 - contax645 -
jennahillphoto : I met another girl about 9 years old with the name Ireland :) beautiful picture ❤️
lambandmeadow : Love that book for my bebes. Precious photo.
paperbirchdesigns : So sweet! That is one of my very favorite books. I cry every time I read it to my kids.
perryvaile : @lambandmeadow and @paperbirchdesigns I love it so!!! It always gets me 😢 so sweet!!!
ellebeee__ : I have ten (TEN) friends who are either currently pregnant or have recently given birth...that book has made the rounds at many a baby shower already this year! ✨
suemissy - storyofegypt - sarah.poepel12 - hope_pl -
Bedtime story 😴😴😴 #harpermichelle #momlife #lovemylife #blessed #bedtime #onthenightyouwereborn #storytime
momlife - onthenightyouwereborn - bedtime - lovemylife - blessed - storytime - harpermichelle -
valeriepettis : My favorite book of all time for kids.
dani_alaniz : @valeriepettis I'm not gonna lie I get a little emotional when I read her this book.
valeriepettis : @dani_alaniz I totally get that. I do too!
angeliqueamarie - leiidens_labyrinth - marisalee24 - valeriepettis -
"On the night you were born, the moon shined with such wonder that the stars peeked in to see you and the night wind whispered, 'Life will never be the same.'" I can't even get through reading the first page without tears. #onthenightyouwereborn #favoritebook #somuchlove
onthenightyouwereborn - somuchlove - favoritebook -
letitbe.at -
"Heaven blew every trumpet and played every horn on the wonderful, marvelous night you were born." 🌙 #onthenightyouwereborn #babytoes #clarajane
onthenightyouwereborn - babytoes - clarajane -
natalierae17 : Love that book! 😍
janeelizabeth3 : So does Clara!
anetka2013 - pos_vita92 - alliemac16 - mrs.bhood -
#storytimebeforebedtime #onthenightyouwereborn
onthenightyouwereborn - storytimebeforebedtime -
mcheri027 -
Books for Emily :) #wherethewildthingsare #loveyouforever #ferdinand #daddykisses #onthenightyouwereborn #ilovebooks #startthemyoung
wherethewildthingsare - onthenightyouwereborn - daddykisses - startthemyoung - ferdinand - ilovebooks - loveyouforever -
itsashleyraeee : Yes! Carter is 3 months & we read to him already, he looks at the pages too!
lilith_fay : Me and my husband are different when it comes to reding I love books holding them owning then it's part of the reading experience to me if he reads it's always on the computer or tablet he says books just take up space
itsashleyraeee : Mine feels the same way, probably because I have like 500 books. I buy some on my kindle, check out from the library & occasionally buy them from thrift stores!
amber_lucera - icanhazally - cort.ney - itsashleyraeee -
Shipping one of these out soon! I still love reading this book to my kiddos 🌙 #newbornbaby #onthenightyouwereborn #newborn #neutralnursery #nursery #nurserydecor #nurseryart #handmade #giraffes #wonderful #marvelous #nightyouwereborn #etsy #etsyseller #etsyshop #shopsmall
onthenightyouwereborn - neutralnursery - giraffes - newborn - nurseryart - nursery - etsy - nightyouwereborn - etsyseller - etsyshop - marvelous - newbornbaby - handmade - wonderful - nurserydecor - shopsmall -
lulumc17 : This is way too cute!
fieldshannon : Love this
sweetieandroo : Thanks @lulumc17 & @fieldshannon 💙 it's a sentimental one for me!
aram_09 : @beckygoesrawr
thebullbungalow - xtinarenee9 - cardsbykristi - lafer53 -
Snuggled my two year old for the last time this evening. When he wakes up in the morning, he will be THREE. What a special night that was. #onthenightyouwereborn #youarefearfullyandwonderfullymade #turnergoodwinthornbrough
onthenightyouwereborn - youarefearfullyandwonderfullymade - turnergoodwinthornbrough -
lanier717 : Have read Ella that book at bedtime every night since she was born ❤️
idaholly : ❤️❤️❤️
momclaire1 : How sweet!!!
kristinaad2 : My favorite book. I still cry every time I read it!!
superj5976 - eden_buchert - anols829 - marcieseberline -
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