I love him enough for the both of us .....#onlytimecantell #yesterday #myheart
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aj_bitches : Yes lbvs @khaliq_tyler95
khaliq_tyler95 : Look at yuπŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡πŸš˜πŸš˜πŸš˜ @aj_bitches
aj_bitches : Lmao lil shit but thanks @khaliq_tyler95
khaliq_tyler95 : Yu better slide & come get me πŸ‘Œ @aj_bitches
aj_bitches : Yeah I got you but gass ain't cheap lbvs @khaliq_tyler95
khaliq_tyler95 : I got gas money. Yu be having the car a lot????? @aj_bitches
aj_bitches : Yep an nigga gass money ain't 5$ @khaliq_tyler95
khaliq_tyler95 : Yes it is. @aj_bitches
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Keeping this in mind with us moving away and #startingnew in #wyoming. #life #changes #quotes #newbeginnings #hopingforthebest #letsseewhathappens #onlytimecantell.
life - onlytimecantell - startingnew - quotes - hopingforthebest - dontbeafraid - wyoming - changeisgood - changes - letsseewhathappens - newbeginnings -
mr_n_mrs_puentes : #dontbeafraid #changeisgood #
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Talk is cheap... And time isn't on our side. #onlytimecantell
onlytimecantell -
phuckyopiks : πŸ‘‹ hey
nnv_xo : πŸ‘‹ @phuckyopiks
kbtaughther : Nice ring
nnv_xo : I agree. πŸ’ @kbtaughther
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Your heart it like a clock it can break and stop its only a matter of time #the_heart #clock_work #onlytimecantell
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Margaret Thatcher was up every day at 5 am. Frank Lloyd Wright at 4 am & Robert Iger, the CEO of Disney wakes at 4:30am just to name a few . I knw wht u thinking #OnlyTimeCanTell #Finishlines #DoYouLikeTheSimpleThingsOrYouAimBigger?
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Looks like I'm starting September off right! #labordayclassic #cflfootball #goesksgo #monsterjam #buffetdinner #free
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jerimiah28 : I'm so jealous
colton_kent89 : #spoileralert #edmontongetsstomped
coach_deanna_ : @colton_kent89 #onlytimecantell
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#patience #onlytimecantell
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80% locked up and 20 in the grave...or is 20 in the cage and 80 in the dirt? #tbt #TALIBAN #whereitallstarted #myniggasdeadorinjail #idonttrustnothing #onelovetonobody #theydontknow #theyonlyknowwhatutellem #rideordiefoo #onlytimecantell
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#onlytimecantell πŸ•πŸ•œπŸ•‘πŸ•šπŸ•˜πŸ•¦βœ”οΈ God always has a plan for your life πŸ’―Don't try to cheat it. I'm ready for #change and I can't #wait to move #forward #life should be #simple #happy and #stableπŸ’– Take the #negativity out of your #life and replace it with #positive #free #space😘
life - space - simple - positive - onlytimecantell - free - negativity - stable - forward - happy - change - wait -
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My heart won't let me unprep the top drawer. #onlytimecantell
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skittlesk : #thetimewillcome
ngaleharcourt : <3
emab9119 :
sranasuriya : Hang in there @lissamarieb ❀
canadianlindsay : Love you πŸ’—
skittlesk - jennelleyelley - ngaleharcourt - emab9119 -
minihautedog : Wow like it!
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alexlastkingg : Time heals everything causa rizzuto tomorrow
richard_ortiz : Hmu @alexlastkingg
alexlastkingg : Pasame tu numero
richard_ortiz : @alexlastkingg 9082671055
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agirlsbestfran : Trick I been trying to call you
nyra_tyrie : @agirlsbestfran i just saw it
guwop_92 : Hey how you doing @nyra_tyrie
nyra_tyrie : @guwop_92 good morning
guwop_92 : Good morning how u doing @nyra_tyrie
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itstyra_ : What's that ? A snail?
taylorr.j : Btch txt me bck, I'll kill you @itstyra_
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I'm really feeling this pic... I just wanna ask The Lord to let me accomplish "MY" goals first then blessed me with a woman that's beautiful inside and out! I dnt have a specific time on when I'm going to get married because I dnt have a time on finishing wat I got going on for myself first. Most people say they will get married by age 26 or 27, we'll I know that's not me. I want to enjoy my life and get prepared for my family first so I want get myself into something I can't handle. One thing I can say is I can't wait til I have a branch of me enter this world either if it's a boy or girl. I will always be behind my little one no matter wat and there for her and the mother as a family. I will spoil him/her and be there as a father and not just as a man. I want a "FAMILY" not a "BABY" and a "BABY MAMA". S/o to every man out their taking care of their responsibilities as a father and doing wat they need to do. #ooocray #OnlyTimeCanTell #IGuessImInMyFeelingsπŸ’ #JustAThought
alleyez_onlee : Respect det shit cuzzo! Det was sumn real shit! βœŠπŸ’―πŸ’―πŸ’―
hater_hoe4 : βœŠπŸ’―πŸ’―
kayleesc : πŸ’―πŸ’―πŸ’―πŸ’―πŸ’―
hotfiremarley_gma : βœŠπŸ’―πŸ’― @tampacountry
tampacountry : I love it @hotfiremarley_gma
queen_of_bounce01 : Who is that
chels_loves : Lol look at youuuuuu #ooocrayyyyy
iam_awarhawk : ✊✊ Lol #ooocray @chels_loves
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ayyye_maggiie : Are you working today ?:)
lesly_birdsflyyhigh : Noo ma'am ! :) why whats up? @ayyye_maggiie
ayyye_maggiie : When's another day , your not working ? And come to Brenda's 15 !!
lesly_birdsflyyhigh : I dont work sunday- Wednesday lol xP
lesly_birdsflyyhigh : &when is it?? @ayyye_maggiie
ayyye_maggiie : September 27 :) and what's good to do over there ? :D
lesly_birdsflyyhigh : Oh fuck thats my cousins 15 too !....wheres it gonna be at?
lesly_birdsflyyhigh : Depends what do you wanna do?? @ayyye_maggiie
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meliissa_yz : @kamiab_yz
nutri_veru - christianlangford - mayanroseshop - kirstinrawr -
k_dicostanzo : @zoedoll3 so true!!!!!!!!
lauleigh : πŸ‘πŸ‘
joyce_lynn_galati - thisiz_liss - dee511xo - richcanci -
krazie__liaa : GNight 😊
cancer_bby96 - anniemcflyfanny - mariaa.ortegaa - sal1278 -
ashweerae : Your hair 😍
_elismom_ : btw ur not a grandma lol
candy_princessss : @_elismom_ #yassss
bonita.cholitaa : And my Bowie shirt 😐 lol
candy_princessss : @bonita.cholitaa This was when Martin took me to the mall... You were suppose to get it when you brought my stuff! Grr well I'm here for 3 more days!☺️
bonita.cholitaa : Come see me today!πŸ˜ƒ
candy_princessss : @bonita.cholitaa I'm actually headed to Concord right now... If I'm back later I might.
nic_ocean : Wait you are honestly the prettiest girl I have ever laid my eyes on
trudytabooty - danzirose - julieveach - poisoned_veinz -
_mmrsv : What! !!?
nessa_g35 : Pa que veas :o @_mmrsv
_mmrsv : Wtf !
gnarlyxprincess : You got me boo 😘
nessa_g35 : @_mmrsv text me!
nessa_g35 : @gnarlyxprincess love u floresita:)
nessa_g35 : @mr_martinez_4u what???
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heatfreecurls_lamia : Stealing
meloo_007 : Lol, Go right ahead my dear @heatfreecurls_lamia
roy.geez - ultimatebodyspa - hotice1n1 - _tallist_ -
mekaylah_elizabeth : Well wow
joelleng08 : Haha @mekaylah_elizabeth right!
veefernie - whoa_its_desi - jesscruz95 - bremartineez -
lil_v97 : Tbh- we don't talk anymore what's so ever rate:8
impossible_girl96 : I try to talk to you @lil_v97 you just don't respond
lil_v97 : Yeah I do
impossible_girl96 : Not always @lil_v97
lil_v97 : Sorry it's cuz I'm bizzy
jaredgerardw - _because_jordan_ - elijah_dowdall7 - magicalfamily3 -
slthomas90 - justlivingnpeace - _justcalllmemami - taiesha_lilo -
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nessa_g35 : @t3mit0 wash my car??:)
t3mit0 : Haha me miro con cara De kava carros? Lmao
nessa_g35 : @t3mit0 te miras como un good friend that wants to wash nessas car:) lol
t3mit0 : Haha you have that face too.. Wash mine
nessa_g35 : @t3mit0 ill wash yuurs u wash mine??? :)
t3mit0 : Lmao me.da hueva just wash both
nessa_g35 : @t3mit0 awww youll wash both?! Thanks!:)
brenda_daniellaa - papii.juanito - jullyyq - t.foust22 -
mcasa_nova : Lmaoo word and I'm guessing soo dogg @teammelo718
nelson_pacheco : Don't get it twisted man, this old guy still got it..lol it's just the kid is busy as hell @mcasa_nova @teammelo718
teammelo718 : Lol like the jigga man told me, believe nothing of what u hear and half of what u see. So u gonna have to show me #nahmean 😝😝😝 @nelson_pacheco
mcasa_nova : That right #OnlyTimeCanTell @nelson_pacheco @teammelo718 we gotta set a date for it
teammelo718 : I'm down, before work like 5ish any day and when I'm off don't matter the time #yadigg
esehombrejg : @teammelo718 @mcasa_nova @nelson_pacheco guess I have to dust off the kicks and stop on the court once last time! Shit you be gone for a minute people forget about your ass. Look at Allen Iverson shorty took a pic with him and didn't know who he was!
teammelo718 : Bring em out, bring em out! @esehombrejg lmaoo that was wild about AI πŸ˜³πŸ˜³πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
fvck_convention : Lmaoooo
maldonaski - pearlofthestars_ - alexo_324 - orchidfordinner -
jmezrahstyle : @angelindisguize πŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ
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