BIGGEST pet peeve when playing ranked? People who use all 40 seconds to select their character. If in a tournament setting, yes that makes sense, but online? You come off as a troll. What annoys you about online play? #YouKnowWhatGrindsMyGears #USF4 #Capcom #fightinggames #onlineplay #ehonda
capcom - youknowwhatgrindsmygears - usf4 - onlineplay - ehonda - fightinggames -
ohitsjmz : you never have pizza at the door / someone calls you from the other room / small fire breaks out?
8_bithero : @ohitsjmz seems legit
ohitsjmz : skullgirls is I think 90 seconds? could be worse =3
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Goddess Josie Jae✨ #goddess #photoshoot #modelmistress #goddesslife #goddessworship #treatme #spoiltlife #princess #moneymistress #melbourne #findom #financialdomination #onlineplay #nomoneynohoney #nopaynoplay #highclass #highstandards #highlife #curves #ladylumps
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Hello everyone! How are all of you doing today? So tonight was a pretty great night FFAing with the clan and tbh we had some grade A FFAs tonight. Like this awesome FFA! It was Me and Sal on a side against Eddie and some random guy that FFAs with us sometimes and overall it was hilarious and fun! We did another FFA too but ill be posting that one tomorrow since i gotta get going but if you'd like to watch this video the Battle Video Number is right there. (YUJW-WWWW-WWXT-NLDA) And if youd also like to have a chance to battle with us in an FFA and Skype with us too make sure to tell us your Skype name or let us know down below if you'd wanna join one. We'll most likely pick random people to come battle with us! ♧ Anyway everyone i gotta get going but ill see yall here soon with more pokemon posts. I hope you all have a fantastic rest of the night! Goodnight everyone c: Sweet dreams c: ♧ (Boring tags) #pokemon #pokemonaccount #pokemonxy #pokemonx #pokemony #shiny #shinypokemon #ffa #freeforall #battler #battling #onlineplay #gg #goodgame #oras #omegaruby #alphasapphire #smogonbattle #seeyallsoon #haveafantasticnight #goodnight #haveagreatnight #sweetdreams #TheUberTherians
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thegalaxybrozinc : No sorry @electricfox12103
electricfox12103 : Awwww... @thegalaxybrozinc I got dat shiny mewtwo tho
thegalaxybrozinc : So do I. I only trade for regular pokes cx if you have an Ekans with Sucker Punch or Anorith with rapid spin and aqua jet then we can @electricfox12103
electricfox12103 : Well. I have a freaking shiny yveltal @thegalaxybrozinc
thegalaxybrozinc : Hacked tbh. Not tradeable @electricfox12103
electricfox12103 : Well screw that it's still awesome @thegalaxybrozinc am I right or nah
thegalaxybrozinc : I don't use it so I don't know lol @electricfox12103
battlemaison : ^^^ lmao shiny yveltal
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Hello everyone! How are all of you doing today? So i just had one of the longest ass stall battle of all time. 104 turns of nothing but predictions and stall. But anyway this was a fun match against my bro @devinownsyall to determine who was the real stall king and my team prevailed cx It was extremely great and i would love to do more of those cx We both had misplays but we both did our very best. Gg man. ♧ Also I did find my list of my top favorite underrated pokemon that I'm doing so be prepared to see at least two pokemon from that list tomorrow. ♧ Anyway everyone imma head to bed since its 4:30 am here so ill see yall here soon with more pokemon posts and battles to come! I hope you all have a fantastic rest of the night! Goodnight everyone c: Sweet dreams c: ♧ (Boring tags) #pokemon #pokemonaccount #pokemonxy #pokemonx #pokemony #oras #omegaruby #alphasapphire #smogonbattle #outier #stallbattle #kingofstall #pokemonshowdown #battler #battling #onlineplay #gg #goodgame #seeyallsoon #haveafantasticnight #goodnight #haveagreatnight #sweetdreams #TheUberTherians
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thegalaxybrozinc : Lol same but that's why I compete in tournaments and I'm bound to get noticed by how many tourney Wins I got (27) @devinownsyall
twilight_the_shiny_umbreon : Battle me later today?
oras.norman : I thought there's the endless battle clause mod on showdown?
emerald.head : I suck at showdown... I gotta git gud
voxaloid : I would want to battle in showdown >. < If I only had time
thegalaxybrozinc : I'd love to if your able too but I'm more of an in game player cx @voxaloid
devinownsyall : ;) Kirk WANNA do ps today?
kritikalhit : Hi we should battle on showdown sometime! DM me if you want to
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If you have this game and want to play it can I please play with you maybe I like people. So yeah, if you want to exchange FCs just comment or whatever. My Re-Tail is buying apples and wallpaper today at a premium and I have the bell boom ordinance if you people want some extra bells. #animalcrossing #newleaf #friendcodes #codeswap #friendcode #onlineplay
codeswap - friendcode - onlineplay - newleaf - harvestmoon - taleoftwotowns - animalcrossing - friendcodes -
screaming.peasants : oH I ALSO HAVE HARVEST MOON:TALE OF TWO TOWNS IF YOU GUYS ALSO HAVE THAT #harvestmoon #taleoftwotowns
screaming.peasants : Not to mention I also have Smash Bros.
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I'm serious: people #online can be so #rude. This guy has been blasting #loudmusic the whole time I was online. Was he trying to drown out the game so we can't hear what's going on when we play? What a #cheat. 😡📢 #onlineplay #multiplayer #CallofDuty #BlackOpsII #BlackOps2 #videogames #Nintendo #WiiU #gamingproblems #gaminglife #gaming
gamingproblems - rude - blackops2 - gaming - cheat - multiplayer - callofduty - gaminglife - loudmusic - wiiu - online - videogames - onlineplay - nintendo - blackopsii -
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Awesome new mmo rpg i just started playing today its awesome so far if you have steam check it out its free "Neverwinter" its amazing #DNDNW #gamer #mmo #rpg #mmorpg #onlineplay #awesomegameplay
mmo - gamer - awesomegameplay - mmorpg - onlineplay - dndnw - rpg -
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I suck playing, im the total opposite of how I used to play SUCK. Hit me up my PSN name is...MrzMoKilla_575 #ps4 #CODAW #PS4 #onlineplay #gamergirl #nerdtypeshit
onlineplay - nerdtypeshit - codaw - ps4 - gamergirl -
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Hello everyone! How are all of you doing today? So imma be posting quite a bit today since Yesterday i wasnt able to. But on the bright side i got to spend time with my girlfriend at Prom and i also did have a great time. But anyway im back and am ready to start posting some of my favorite pokemon that i personally think are underrated. Now for my first choice of underrated pokemon we have a Hitmontop. Now Hitmontop is an interesting pokemon to use. What makes it so interesting to me is that it has access to both Technician and Intimidate. Since Hitmontops stats are all around pretty good it can be both a physical attacker of a defensive monster. With both a high special defense and high defense Hitmontop can be quite a fun wall to run. But if your more of the offensive player you should give the Technician Life orb set a try. With Decent attack and speed Hitmontop can be pretty useful. With stab priority and alot of other priority too Hitmontop can be a great clean up sweeper. Since it has fake out it can help remove sashes or help eliminate sturdy. But in an all around suspect I think Hitmontop is just a pure amazing pokemon! But anyway if you do like this new theme/idea im doing let me know down below! Ill be bringing you some more competitive pokemon posts here soon! ♧ For now imma be heading off to my Realms to finish up a couple of my own minigames. If youd like to join in my survival world or would like to help me build a minigame make sure to leave your minecraft username below! ♧ (Boring tags) #howareyalldoing #pokemon #pokemonaccount #pokemonxy #pokemonx #pokemony #shiny #shinypokemon #oras #omegaruby #alphasapphire #competitivepokemon #battleready #battler #battling #onlineplay #minecraft #realms #servers #survival #seeyallsoon #haveafantasticday
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gabriel_rangel92 : Ok mines in the bio
thegalaxybrozinc : I can't add atm cx I'm not home cx @gabriel_rangel92 I'll be home in an hour tho
gabriel_rangel92 : Ok
thegalaxybrozinc : Added ya. Fc in bio ign Galaxy @gabriel_rangel92
gabriel_rangel92 : Ok adding right now
thegalaxybrozinc : Ok @gabriel_rangel92
thegalaxybrozinc : Ask me to battle when ready @gabriel_rangel92
hello.pokemon : New Pokemon account can u give me a shoutout please It will be awesome if u could do it ✌🏼️
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Hey everyone! How are all of you doing today? So today i had two incredible games with this NU team that really made me wonder if i should actually start uploading videos. Now today i was in a couple of Twitch streams just enjoying the battles until i won a raffle to have a battle. Now both of these battles were in NU and were pretty fun. Now my first battle i had with this team was just a pure sweep. Kingler set up one Swords Dance and continued to sweep this guys whole team. I basically ended up 6-0ing him in his own stream cx now my second battle i got an amazing Exeggutor sweep. Now it was 6-1 and i actually made a streamer rage quit lol he got so salty that he went offline and ended his stream cx Anyway just letting yall know that some NU pokemon can do work cx ♧ Also I did just get past my first round opponent in @poke_breeder_sal 's tournament. Man those were some great matches and I really hope I receive more of those matches further on in the tournament. Wish me luck! Cause imma be going for the gold! C; ♧ Anyway imma be heading to bed since i have Prom tomorrow with my girlfriend so I'll see yall here soon with more pokemon posts and updates on the giveaways and adoptions! I hope you all have a fantastic rest of the night! Goodnight everyone c: Sweet dreams c: ♧ (Boring tags) #howareyalldoing #pokemon #pokemonaccount #pokemonxy #pokemonx #pokemony #oras #omegaruby #alphasapphire #competitivepokemon #battleready #battler #battling #onlineplay #tournament #twitchstreams #streamers #nuteir #smogonbattle #seeyallsoon #haveafantasticnight #goodnight #haveagreatnight #MercenaryBodyBag
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psytician : XD i can see i use seismitoad in ou lol
psytician : Its a funny poke overall the only problem is health recovery :/
thegalaxybrozinc : True but it's most used to stall/use rocks cx my real wall/sweeper is Exeggutor
thegalaxybrozinc : @psytician ^
psytician : Exeggutor... i never used him much but he has a killer special attack stat
thegalaxybrozinc : Yup lol you should try him paired with Ninjask or Emolga c; @psytician
psytician : Hmmm... i will
psytician : Thanks lol
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Hey @playstation i see the contoller silhouettes all over my #Camo #Joystick #Gamer staus #Appreciation #Sony # Playstation #Playstation4 #TheLastOfUs #PSN #AddMe MarsMaximus #Geek #Tech #Design #Art #Creatives #WeAreTheCreatives #OnlinePlay PS4
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#these #updates #are #killing #me #cod #callofduty #advancedwarfare #exo #exozombies #flatscreen #xbox360 #xboxlive #xboxlivegold #member #onlineplay #manicupdates
manicupdates - advancedwarfare - flatscreen - killing - updates - xbox360 - xboxlive - xboxlivegold - exozombies - me - these - exo - callofduty - member - cod - onlineplay - are -
shelle.clash : Do you have the map packs??
diegoc.ufc : No can you please help me out with that lol and me and you could play online I'm really good on zombies I barley got xbox 360
shelle.clash : Dunno how to ' game share '
diegoc.ufc : I'll show you add me on Xbox BLACKERTHRBERRY
shelle.clash : I read online, you can only game share via tags wich makes me loose rights untill i come to your console and take it back!! Soo nok thank youu
shelle.clash : **noo
diegoc.ufc : You Don't do it like that it's a whole nother way but u should add me anyways
shelle.clash : Im not game sharing lol. If u happen to BUY the Dlc Your self then feel free to play along 👍👌
articoriginal - calloflol - keegan_helton_hi - diegoc.ufc -
Hey everyone! So imma be heading to bed here soon but tbh i kinda wanna rant. Its not a bad rant but its something that happens everytime i battle a Streamer on Twitch or a YouTuber. Now i was in a LGLegendary stream today and i did get to battle him. Now we were going back and forth in this battle and so far it was extremely good. But after 12 minutes of this battle he DCs. Now idk if he was pissed off that i kept predicting and U-Turning but man he seemed to not enjoy this battle. I mean i get you wanna keep your battles a certain time but cmon it was a great start to a fun battle. Anyway sorry for the rant but i just hate having Streamers/YouTubers DC against me in a really good battle. ♧ Anyway imma head to bed but before i do i really wanna show off this sexy looking eel. Man this guy is pretty amazing in RU and is just extremely fun to use. Especially if you decide to set up with him cx ♧ Anyway Goodnight everyone c: Sweet dreams c: Have a fantastic rest of the night! ♧ (Boring tags) #pokemon #pokemonaccount #pokemonxy #pokemonx #pokemony #shiny #shinypokemon #battler #battling #onlineplay #competitivepokemon #battleready #streams #oras #omegaruby #alphasapphire #rant #seeyallsoon #haveafantasticnight #goodnight #haveagreatnight #sweetdreams
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excadrills : But I still need improvement I will win ya one day 😏
thegalaxybrozinc : Yes but one day you will cx your good bud but you let me set up cx @excadrills
excadrills : Welp .-.
thegalaxybrozinc : Lol your doing good bud cx hope you get stronger c: Goodnight @excadrills
excadrills : Thanks and GN
davus77 : Like wouldn't it look like its slapping instead of punching? XD
kingdraz : Gn bud and I saw Manny OT xD
spence.gaming : Kirk !!! I'm @winter.ash
team_porygon_z - smearg1e - mxgikarp - sword_master27 -
Hello everyone! How are all of you doing today? Lately ive been pretty lazy with posting because of irl things that have been making me extremely stressed out but Imma try to post a little more often than usual since i haven't been posting everyday as i should. So be prepared cause imma be posting some more pokemon content and a new theme ill probably be changing too. ♧ But anyway i decided today imma be posting a few of my favorite battle ready pokemon that i just find extremely cool. So first off today we got my beautiful and just overpowered powerhouse that i started to use more often. I swear this guy can literally sweep teams if you arent careful. With basically all the same offensive stats as Kingdra this guy can be a real threat. And if you decide to smack Eviolite rather than Scope lens on this bad boy you will have a great defensive wall. It has awesome natural defensive bulk but at the cost of the horrible special defense. But anyway i just find Seadra pretty damn cool. (This pokemon is never for trade or clone so please don't ask.) - Also if you have any Suggestions on what competitive pokemon I should post next let me know down below! ♧ (Boring tags) #howareyalldoing #pokemon #pokemonaccount #pokemonxy #pokemonx #pokemony #shiny #shinypokemon #competitivepokemon #battleready #oras #omegaruby #alphasapphire #battler #battling #onlineplay #smogonbattle #seadra #seeyallsoon #haveafantasticday
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insta.blaziken : do focus energy draco meteor XD
thegalaxybrozinc : It can't learn Draco unfortunately @typhl0si0n
insta.blaziken : but kingdra can
thegalaxybrozinc : Yes but I don't wanna evolve Seadra as I already have Kingdra cx @insta.sceptile
delta.diggersby : Nice to see you back
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Seeing how this game is never coming down in price, I bought it again #xbox360 #gtav #gta5 #gamer #gamenerd #xbox #wicked #goodtimes #dope #rockstargames #lossantos #onlineplay
rockstargames - dope - xbox360 - goodtimes - xbox - wicked - gtav - gamer - gta5 - onlineplay - lossantos - gamenerd -
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MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAH #takeda #fatality #onlineplay #mkx #mortalkombat #mortalkombatx
takeda - mortalkombat - fatality - onlineplay - mortalkombatx - mkx -
cerberex99 : Welcome to the hype train
mikachu102 : @cerberex99 SELL YOUR BED AND ARTWORK
cerberex99 : I love faction kills
cerberex99 : Another ermac hm
mikachu102 : I STILL HATE ERMAC!!
cerberex99 : Here's a dead ermac
mikachu102 : :D
mikachu102 - fabianabra12 - nintendocafe - snow8333 -
To trade or not to for a shiny Gardevoir #pokemon #pokemonY #gts #nintendo #3ds #arceus #gardevoir #trade #specialpokemon #pokeworld #onlineplay #pokemoncards
pokemony - gardevoir - specialpokemon - 3ds - pokeworld - pokemoncards - arceus - trade - gts - nintendo - onlineplay - pokemon -
chloayy_15 : Um.....
lucky_victini : I have gardevoir...
clipper.swag34 : Follow me
myth_blitz - niboo248 - chloayy_15 - peyton.wapelhorst -
Hey everyone! How are all of you doing today? So today i did have a couple of great battles that went to and fro but one of my favorites i had was with my bro Eddie! If youd like to watch this fun battle between me and Eddie there is the battle number below c: I decided in this match to bring back one of my first teams i use to use back in X and Y and i forgot on how amazing it was. Man i did miss it but here is one of the battles i had with my old team today. Btw Eddie if you see this we should do some more battles like this in different tiers. Maybe Ru and Nu after we do UU but thats for you to decide bro c: - Make sure to Follow Eddie @livelifeslowbro for more battles,pics, and fun ideas! Lets try to get him to start his own YouTube channel c; - Battle Video Number- NUKG.WWWW.WWXS.45FT - Tier- OU ♧ Also everyone ive decided i will be Twitch streaming soon so if you got twitch and would love to see me stream let me know down below. Ive currently gotten most of the equipment i need to do this but i wanna know who would watch me? ♧ Anyway everyone imma head off to bed so I'll see yall here soon with more pokemon posts and updates on the giveaways and adoptions! I hope you all have a fantastic rest of the night! Goodnight everyone c: Sweet dreams c: ♧ (Boring tags) #pokemon #pokemonaccount #pokemonxy #pokemonx #pokemony #shiny #shinypokemon #battler #battling #onlineplay #competitivebattle #smogonbattle #oras #omegaruby #alphasapphire #oldteam #seeyallsoon #haveafantasticnight #goodnight #haveagreatnight #sweetdreams
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thegalaxybrozinc : Fam. Naw @livelifeslowbro most people forget about it
delta.diggersby : What happened to you ??
thegalaxybrozinc : Nothing important. I needa be alone @delta.diggersby
delta.diggersby : Was it something the community did
thegalaxybrozinc : No irl things @delta.diggersby
delta.diggersby : Dang. You sure you don't want to talk
thegalaxybrozinc : Yea I'm sure @delta.diggersby
intense.haxorus : Chansey....
gurchomp - intense.haxorus - fuzzvulpix - rayzenn.bran -
Got that GTA Online Heists for yo ass! Join and add me my psn: Pat2theDog #playstation #playstation4 #playstationnetwork #psn #playstationplus #gta #grandtheftauto #gta5 #gtaonline #heists #heistmode #shootemup #fourthgeneration #likethis #dt #doubletap #follow #followers #followme #follow4follow #joinme #addme #onlineplay #multiplayer
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floatinggrip : ✌️ Nice
pmonsterizedc : Naturally @floatinggrip
officialswave - rebound.queen - tazz___styless - rosalie79pt -
Remember my hilarious "King Dededes knocked out each other at same time" video? Well, the double knock out happened again during my playing time online, but this time with Mega Man's charge shots. #supersmashbros #supersmashbrosforwiiu #smashbros #gameplay #hilarious #megaman #nintendo #wiiu #nintendowiiu #onlineplay #videogame #video
videogame - megaman - nintendo - smashbros - video - supersmashbrosforwiiu - wiiu - hilarious - onlineplay - gameplay - nintendowiiu - supersmashbros -
bijan_studio - hijacqie - vickykilljoy - hello.rachael -
Hey everyone! Sorry for earlier i wasnt feeling myself because of some things that got me extremely stressed but im back and am looking for a theme change. Tbh thegalaxybrozinc is my legacy but im really wanting to change into a Seadra or Kingdra account. Or maybe just stay Scizor with a new name. Anyway some of the names i might use are- Scizorite2.0 SeardaXD KingdraXD ScizorXD XScizorX - Anyway let me know down below which one you like better and maybe ill change or if you like my current name then tell me to stay the same cx ♧ Also everyone im kinda getting bored with my new team and did forget about one of my older teams i made back when i still played X and Y and well i thought id bring it back for some more battles! Its extremely balanced and really good so hopefully it puts in work just like it used too. ♧ Anyway everyone imma be up for a little longer but will be heading to bed soon so ill see yall here soon with more pokemon posts and updates on the giveaways and adoptions! I hope you all have a fantastic rest of the night! Goodnight everyone c: Sweet dreams c: ♧ (Boring tags) #pokemon #pokemonaccount #pokemonxy #pokemonx #pokemony #shiny #shinypokemon #battler #battling #onlineplay #competitivepokemon #teambuilding #outier #newtheme #changes #oras #omegaruby #alphasapphire #seeyallsoon #haveafantasticnight #goodnight #haveagreatnight #sweetdreams
outier - shinypokemon - teambuilding - pokemonxy - alphasapphire - goodnight - newtheme - omegaruby - pokemon - pokemonaccount - haveafantasticnight - pokemony - pokemonx - oras - seeyallsoon - competitivepokemon - battling - changes - battler - sweetdreams - onlineplay - haveagreatnight - shiny -
livelifeslowbro : U almost let the game slip away and when u battle me u can't be doing all that cuz I will come back ☺️ just a word of advice
thegalaxybrozinc : I needed to let Lando go so I can set up with Scizor @livelifeslowbro
livelifeslowbro : Even before the double protects and conk literally in red you pull him back in lmao I'm like bro act like u been here before lol
livelifeslowbro : But either way Rotom was freaking annoying
livelifeslowbro : Lol
thegalaxybrozinc : Lol that's why I use Rotom cx and I thought I'd need Conkeldurr for Chansey but I did calcs and saw Scizor would do the trick @livelifeslowbro
delta.diggersby : Whyed you leave ubertherians?
thegalaxybrozinc : Cause of magic tbh. Lol idk thought it'd be fun to be a Mercenary @delta.diggersby
the.designer.and.the.geek - intense.haxorus - rayzenn.bran - lovely.lilligant -
Yayyy. Just received this gift from @bankaix87. Gaming time 🎮 💙 #diablops4
win - diablops4 - ftw -
kickass_breed : Are you on consol or PC?
shyoctober : @kickass_breed I'm on the ps4. I haven't started playing online. So idk if that same room name will apply to online play.
kickass_breed : Most likely not
doughboysf : COD
tancio91 : If anyone is on PS4 D3 please add Triggaruzzz could use some company and help :)
jr687555 : How is this game?
shyoctober : @jr687555 I love it
jr687555 : Your a gamer too .. request me on ps4 chance687555
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Good morning everyone! How are all of yall doing today? So today im not gonna be really busy so i decided why not do some Survival on LichCraft! Anyway if youd like to both play woth me and Skype let me know down below! Ill give you my Skype in a Dm so we can chat while we play! Anyway back to making my farm lol ♧ Also I'll be having a few battles later on and will be giving random people on my friends list 2 shiny Battle Ready pokemon so if your on my friends list make sure to be on when im on lol you might get a shiny from me c; ♧ (Boring tags) #goodmorning #howareyalldoing #minecraft #survival #building #factions #lichcraft #pokemon #pokemonaccount #pokemonxy #pokemonx #pokemony #shiny #shinypokemon #trading #onlineplay #oras #omegaruby #alphasapphire #seeyallsoon #haveafantasticday
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poketrainerjake01 : What game is this ? Sorry it just looks kinda cool XD
thegalaxybrozinc : It's minecraft bro xD @poketrainerjake01
poketrainerjake01 : Ohhhh XD oops
myko_broski : I would like to play minecraft with you but what's Lichcraft?
thegalaxybrozinc : It's a server on PC cx @myko_broski
myko_broski : Oh ok thanks. ;) @thegalaxybrozinc
the_gaming_brother : I'd like to play with you. What's the IP
thegalaxybrozinc : I just got off cx @the_gaming_brother
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That time of day again 😊💕🎮 #borderlands2 #maya #siren #gaming #gamingsesh #xbox #onlineplay #fps #xbox360 #borderlands
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tmax_gaming : 😄 👍
helenny.g : Awesome gamertag your friend has there 😝 😉
alissamew : I know right shame she's a noob at games ;)
the_mr_stephengj : You want me to get this game x
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The western Canadian premiere of #rihannaboi95, a live-streamed #viral play will be presented by @downstageyyc. Find out more about this play, which deals with topixs like bullying, queer identity, and the pain of self-invention ay youthcentral.com/events/rihannaboi95-a-free-viral-play/. #theatre #play #onlineplay #livestreamed #arts #yycarts #YouthWeekYYC #yyc #yycevent #yycyouth #awesomeyouthyyc #yycplays #yyctheatre #artscommons #downstageyyc
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#Destiny меня преследует! захожу в подъезд, а тут💀🔫💣
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lady_shotgun : @silych у меня такое же было ощущение.. Иду с работы, ветер с градом т дождем, вбегаю в подъезд, а тут...всё черным-черно и зелёный свет..безумный денек
silych : Stop madness 😉
to4kakto4ka : Откуда такое в подъезде? Почему Григ не спасает мир? Он знает что на этой неделе сурос в продаже?
lady_shotgun : @to4kakto4ka я на кроту хожу и в страйки.. Вся галактика на мне👾 уже мерещится по всем углам нечисть всякая..хм, думаю, что не в курсе.. Надо сказать!
to4kakto4ka : Давай вместе ходить
lady_shotgun : @to4kakto4ka окай:3 тогда заставлю его соньку настроить
lady_shotgun : @to4kakto4ka про сурос сказала, но он теперь в думках, ибо я с кроты принесла пушку недурную
lady_shotgun : #earth #exotics #titan #tower #onlineplay #ps4 #sony #shoottokill #Destiny #destinyps4 #destinylife #guardian #guardians #hive #helpothers #helpotherguardians #Lv31 #lovethisgame #Crota #BDK #bungie
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I believe this is every gamers dream. #gamerproblems #moms #ihaveadream #onlineplay #nopause
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Here's a modern house design took me aprox 2hrs to make Get inspiration;) #minecraft #minecraftpe #modern #house #design #terraria #PS4 #onlineplay #inspiration #rate
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Hey everyone! Sorry for not posting much ive been a bit sidetracked lately with posting but im back and am ready to post a little more! But anyway heres a fun little battle i had with my friend Cody aka @team_porygon_z Gg bro that was a fun battle and i hope to battle you again! Btw watch out for Clefable c; ♧ Also everyone ive been thinking and im gonna be making myself a squad cause i think itd be pretty fun to get more competitive squads going on Instagram. But anyway the Squad name is "The Mercenaries" Now ill be only accepting 5-10 people into this clan since i wanna keep it small so if youd like to tryout Dm me or kik me at Kirkgalaxy. Ill make sure to test you out either today or tomorrow. Im only gonna be letting you in if you show potential and spirit to grow more as a battler and if you show some pretty good skill as a battler. ♧ But anyway imma get back to breeding a Rotom for my friend so I'll see yall here soon with more pokemon posts and updates on the giveaways and adoptions! I hope you all have a fantastic rest of the night! A Possible Goodnight everyone c: ♧ (Boring tags) #pokemon #pokemonaccount #pokemonxy #pokemonx #pokemony #shiny #shinypokemon #shinygiveaway #giveaway #gtsgiveaway #gts #gtsgiveawaytomorrow #sneakpeak #sneakpeaksoon #oras #omegaruby #alphasapphire #battler #battling #onlineplay #themercenaries #breeding #seeyallsoon #haveafantasticnight #goodnight #haveagreatnight #sweetdreams
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intense.haxorus : Damm u can't 6-0 and I won't try u lel , yesterday we had the Dc party 😂😂 u started it
hylian_magnezone : Check dm @thegalaxybrozinc
thegalaxybrozinc : Lol thanks cx @raazorsharp
thegalaxybrozinc : Lol our DC party was good cx @intense.haxorus that's how you piss off your opponent c;
intense.haxorus : Ikr 😂
team_porygon_z : I failed like hard core failed
hylian_magnezone : When can we battle @thegalaxybrozinc ?
thegalaxybrozinc : Later on @ash_collectum
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What what! #skyrim #360 #xbox #xbox360 #onlineplay #whatwhat
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Hey everyone! How are all of you doing today? So sorry for not posting very much lately ive been a little busy with both getting myself a tuxedo and a suit to wear to my grandpas funeral. But im back and will be trying to post a little more than normal! But anyway here is an OU Offensive team im working on. Tbh its not as balanced as id like it to be so ill be making some more changes to it later but for right now heres what i got for an offensive OU team! Im more of a balanced stall player but i thought it was time to make a change to my battling style and become both a stall player and an offensive player. Let me know what your thoughts about it are down below! ♧ Anyway so I joined in a tournament and sadly my first round match was having trouble connecting but hopefully I can actually get to battle my next opponent in the tournament. Wish me luck cause I'm gonna need it lol cx ♧ Also for those asking me Yes i did leave TheUberTherians. The reason i left is a bit personal so imma just leave it at that but i am gonna become a Mercenary battler which means ill be for hire if you need me to battle for your clan or etc. Im only looking for specific items and if you have the items im looking for ill be your mercenary. But anyway just letting yall know. ♧ Anyway everyone imma get back to team building, breeding, and battling so I'll see yall here soon with more pokemon posts and updates on the giveaways and adoptions! I hope you all have a fantastic day today! ♧ (Boring tags) #goodmorning #howareyalldoing #pokemon #pokemonaccount #pokemonxy #pokemonx #pokemony #shiny #shinypokemon #shinygiveaway #giveaway #gtsgiveaway #gts #gtsgiveawaytoday #gtsgiveawaysoon #sneakpeak #sneakpeaksoon #oras #omegaruby #alphasapphire #teambuilding #outier #battler #battling #onlineplay #seeyallsoon #haveafantasticday
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livelifeslowbro : Yo u still have that registers
livelifeslowbro : *registeel
thegalaxybrozinc : No bro I checked and I traded the seismic toss one @livelifeslowbro
thegalaxybrozinc : Sure @leprechauno
thegalaxybrozinc : Hmm alright. Should be fine. Idk if I got something to do later @leprechauno
dogdrawer : * Do you, by any chance, have a timid, Chlorophyll Five iv bulbasaur? I would give zekrom, latias, torterra, empoleon or kyurem in return. Thanks.
s_crafty : Do you use showdown?
thegalaxybrozinc : Yes but I play 3ds more @s_crafty
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Breh, somebody gonna get dey ankles broke #nba #ballinlife #ps4 #onlineplay #crossover #basketball
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davidcollins5 : dcolls5 add dat
heart_of_gold_92 : On ps4?
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✌️✌️ #clashofclans #clash #of #clans #play #strategy #Strategie #spiel #online #group #onlineplay #onlinespiel #app #game #spiel #Attacke #onlinegame #games #clan #instagram #insta #instagame #truppen #Verteidigung #chillit #chillout
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textperts.3.14159 : You are a lucky winner! Follow us and you will geta follow back and a shout out!!!
coc.elixir.gold.for.free : Excellent share, post more get better at coc, take our Completely free Elixir, gold, gems give away shown on our account page
clash_clan_gem_giveaway : 👉Cool! i think you will like the link in my bio :)
_pear___ : Wanna join my clan? Well if u are looking for a clan, we are open for staff members. The clan name is req n fly 2.0
floatinggrip : 🙌
clash_clans_giveaways : Nice!
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