Happy birthday to my partner in crime, the crazy girl I've been getting in trouble with since the beginning. Dangerous things happen literally every time we hang out (car accidents, infidelity, etc) but we're not dead yet so I'm glad we continue to take the risk. I love u 4ever cuzzo &thanks for loving me even when I was ugly πŸ˜˜πŸŽ‚ #UVblue #happyopeningday #onemoreyear
uvblue - onemoreyear - happyopeningday -
One year ago today I started as a liquor rep...I think. Wait...yeah, year ago. Sweet, it's been sweet. #whiskeybusiness #whiskey #onemoreyear @nedistilling #newengland #rye
whiskey - newengland - whiskeybusiness - rye - onemoreyear -
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#WCW the birthday girl @starzee_94! Happy birthday! #birthday #gethigh #20 #onemoreyear
onemoreyear - birthday - 20 - wcw - gethigh -
sammirubenstein - visine.queen - that_one_kid14_ - universalvapestore -
My mom send me a whatsapp for my birthday today :) I share this. Thanks mom love you so much. #HBD #thanksGod #OneMoreYear
hbd - thanksgod - onemoreyear -
edithchm : Feliz cumpleaños @jozhualara Dios te bendiga te sorprenda y te maraville en este día felicidades un abrazo!! Eres una bendición para muchos de nosotros gracias por ayudarnos con nuestros problemas tecnológicos siempre
cinthya_acosta : Jajajaja ya revelo la edad! Jejeje pretty Mom! @jozhualara 😌😌πŸ‘ͺπŸ‘ͺ
jozhualara : Gracias cuate @ivandanieljdr amén lo creo πŸ˜‰
jozhualara : Sos todo man @josueechavarria gracias crossfitter πŸ’ͺπŸ‘Š por la felicitación
jozhualara : Saludos anciano amigo @cmejenes igualmente Feliz Cumple un abrazo hasta donde andes en las naciones
jozhualara : Muchas gracias ministro @edithchm jeje estamos para eso le agradezco sus palabras 😊
jozhualara : Creo que debí borrar la edad jajaja @cinthya_acosta πŸ˜•πŸ˜¦πŸ™ˆ
abraham_lions : Acavo de llorar @jozhualara cuate
j2cesar - juancarloszacarias - mirtarl90 - eddye04 -
LETS GO ISLANDERS!!!#ItsOctober #BestTimeOfYear #isles #IslesUp #islesnation #islanders #IBleedBlueAndOrange #OneMoreYear #NassauColiseum #Tavares #Okposo #HalaHalak #CJtreinta #Grabo #Kule #HeyJoshBaileyIWantToKnowIfYouCanScoreAGoal #
itsoctober - islesup - grabo - halahalak - besttimeofyear - isles - okposo - islanders - onemoreyear - heyjoshbaileyiwanttoknowifyoucanscoreagoal - islesnation - ibleedblueandorange - nassaucoliseum - kule - cjtreinta - tavares -
kristobel_ - jony_fills - coreykobs - lyndsayyxoxo -
Well today @madisundeann turns 19 today!!! I'm not so sure but I'm pretty sure she had a few grey hairs coming in. (Don't tell her I said that tho) I haven't know madi that long but I will tell that that the time i have know her has been a blessing in my life just as she is in other people's lives as well. I'm so thankful that it's her birthday and that she has been on this earth making people happy one extra year and I hope she had a 1000 more in her. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MADI!!!! #collage #photogrid #flawless #nofilter #didnthaveanybadpicsofher #whenyourgirlfriendslooksstrongerthanyou #birthday #19 #onemoreyear #twomoreyearstill21 #collegegirl #party #sike #maybenot #txther #blowupherphone #momanddadmadeagoodone #shesakeeper
whenyourgirlfriendslooksstrongerthanyou - collage - maybenot - sike - txther - birthday - twomoreyearstill21 - didnthaveanybadpicsofher - blowupherphone - shesakeeper - photogrid - collegegirl - onemoreyear - 19 - momanddadmadeagoodone - flawless - party - nofilter -
madisundeann : Those hashtags though! Haha thank you baby 😘
vannah_m - andrew_1513 - __patrick__starr__ - paige_lizzy -
Rough sketch of my first tattoo can't wait! #tattoos #art #drawing #onemoreyear
tattoos - art - drawing - onemoreyear -
maurer17 : Who's it for?
cjlavigne : My family
cjlavigne : @maurer17
kirstinkarma - kat420.6 - margaret_ann201 - _christofer_drew_ -
My SWEET SEVENTEEN!!! 01/10/1997 - 01/10/2014 Birthday on my own!!!! #17 #birthday #onemoreyear #yoho
birthday - yoho - 17 - onemoreyear -
kitkwon : @_huonn hihi
_huonn : @kitkwon tag gì =)) mai bọn t có hαΊΉn Δ‘á lαΊ» rα»“i
trachanh1110 : Hpbd my 🐢 πŸ‘πŸŽ‰πŸŽˆβ€οΈπŸ’“
vananhnguyen_ - nhatanhlla - _3597 - thaomydoan -
Awwwwwwww!!!! Growing up so fast. Happy Birthday..... ^_^ hope you see many more. #happybirthday #Ariel #onemoreyear may be older, but never taller... Any more :p
happybirthday - ariel - onemoreyear -
xomandy1xo - the_little_mermaid_fans - jerry_musickidd - kutekiddpro -
onemoreyear -
agmxz : Goodmorning πŸ‘Œ #onemoreyear
vic_vera_gmq - bklyn91 - __bleezus__ - milfsandcookies -
Last first day of medschool 😊 #medschool #medicine #neonatology #baby #onemoreyear
medicine - baby - onemoreyear - neonatology - medschool -
mirelleisac : 😍
jennialicious : Awwwwww 😍😍😍😍❀️❀️❀️❀️❀️
lidastukan : Ääämeeen jag dööör πŸ˜πŸ˜€ heeiii bebe πŸ‘€
ealmcrantz - nadiakapsaliari - gunillagw - _marietherese_ -
Yaaaay! What a season for the Eagles, especially to this one who made clutch shot after clutch shot all year.. He wasn't born great, he worked hard for it! So much love and respect for you @kieferravena15. #alammoyan Proud of you no matter what! #onemoreyear #redemptionneverends hahaπŸ˜‚ Head up! I miss you πŸ’“
redemptionneverends - alammoyan - onemoreyear -
enricoooooooo - elajam22 - dayle0720 - maryelllaaah -
Happy birthday to my little princess @jeeensterrr. I always say this but you are my complete mini me and together we will take over the world. Had to throw it back to last years bday shin dig because I can't wait for this years. Te amo bebecita. #happybirthday #almostlegal #onemoreyear #bigandlittle #waybackwednesday #sportstheme
happybirthday - almostlegal - onemoreyear - sportstheme - waybackwednesday - bigandlittle -
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Zawadi from my colleg :-) #onemoreyear #moktobre
moktobre - onemoreyear -
ibeenhadelin - luqmaan_bin_lashku - mudriq_le_jahmin -
Happy birthday for the best managerπŸ‘Œ #behappy #onemoreyearπŸ‘†πŸ‘
behappy - onemoreyear -
patrick__stephanie -
Happy birthday too my dude #big20 #onemoreyear @isthistim
big20 - onemoreyear -
isthistim : Let's get it wild
bailey_purser - groll151 - lizajbrown - sydney_ariellaa -
Hello there October, long time no see!!! The year is flying by so fast but I'm glad you're here because that means it's really Autumn! The leaves will soon change colors, the weather will make me wanna sleep all day but the best part? This is the last October I will be in grad school!!!!! #October #fall #autumn #onemoreyear #noteven #halloween
autumn - october - onemoreyear - noteven - fall - halloween -
rahdigital - jessipoo_ - kimmy_diaries - mrs_wick -
Birthday shoutout to my one and only! The most amazing funny and not to mention sexy guy I know! You're perfect in every way and I wish you a very happy birthday bubba! @eddietomos #birthdaybitch #boyfriend #loveyou #itshisbirthday #onemoreyear
birthdaybitch - onemoreyear - itshisbirthday - loveyou - boyfriend -
eddietomos : Thank you bubba😘
calihateslosing : Happy Birthday eddie! , I love you brother and hopefully i'll see ya'll soon. Enjoy your day πŸ’™ @eddietomos @kimmykims13
kimmykims13 : You're welcome 😊
eddietomos : @calihateslosing thank you token!😜 love ya yooo! Gotta chill ASAP!
lexabexaa : Happy birthday Edward!!!! :D @eddietomos
eddietomos : @lexabexaa thank you!!!!
captain_cavigz : Happy birthday bro :) I miss you @eddietomos
eddietomos : @captain_cavigz thank you!!! Miss you toooo
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Oh how I want to finish filling this out and hope to be lucky enough to get a job! But I'll only be 19... #onemoreyear! #fuge @fugecamps
fuge - onemoreyear -
macypollard : I thought you only had to have a year of college by the time it starts?
tristan344 : I thought so too but the website says 20 for youth and 19 for the kids fuge
tristan344 : @macypollard
jelliottemt : I'm planning out fuge today for next year. Getting excited, just don't know where to go? You gonna work any kids camp? @tristan344
tristan344 : @jelliottemt yea I would say new orleans because it was my favorite ha but they closed that one some reason and Glorietta is so far from yall and I don't think so I think I might try and find another youth camp for this summer :/
mk_coffee.96 - hunterlandrum - vaalleeriiee - kelseycgee -
#OneMoreYear #Birthday #Fun #Bestfriends #Blessings #Hangover #Memories
bestfriends - birthday - onemoreyear - fun - memories - blessings - hangover -
nouman_f : Happy birthday @gaganmokha
gaganmokha : Thankx bro :)
bhattutkarsh87 - bunnybindra - vitasquad - jazz_iiee -
OMG stupid school! Already talking about college class shit the school just started like calm down I have one more year to go!!
onemoreyear - collegeplan - helpimsinking - onthetocollege - notready - gottoworkhardnow - thepressuresofahighschooler - tomuchingmind -
stem_nerd_girl : #ThePressuresOfaHighschooler #notready #onemoreyear #collegeplan #ToMuchingMind #helpImsinking #GotToWorkHardNow #OnTheToCollege
swarrss -
One more year until my life will really begin 😍😍 well happy birthday to me ! #birthday #october1 #twenty #onemoreyear #bishh
twenty - birthday - bishh - october1 - onemoreyear -
cassgrossman : Thank you so much love you too!! @dresh65
chloemcclincy_ : Happy birthday !!
jennauchinleck : happy birthday :)
cassgrossman : Thank you! @chloemcclincy_
cassgrossman : Thank you Jenna miss you! @jennauchinleck
jennauchinleck : miss you too!!! look what I just posted 😜
ballerx3 : Happy birthday! πŸ˜„ @cassgrossman
cassgrossman : Thank you!! 😊 @ballerx3
rdiehl23 - ckyle92 - taylor121111 - samssofresh5 -
Getting ready for bed #PJs #LookingCute #LongHair #CookieMonster #Gay #GayMan #Instagay #HairyGay #GayLatino #Beautiful #Gorgeous #LongHair #CurlyHair #OneMoreYear
beautiful - gay - instagay - onemoreyear - lookingcute - gaylatino - cookiemonster - curlyhair - gorgeous - hairygay - gayman - pjs - longhair -
jrymed : #follow4follow ?😊
j_valenzo - yvonne.kelly.921 - _0rlando - jrymed -
Today is this beautiful boy's birthday. I cannot accurately describe how happy he has made me. I hope he is around much longer to bring me even more happiness ❀
heisstillababy - gay - onemoreyear - thenhewillbealegaladult - lgbtq - imisshim - iloveshowinghimoff - pride - boyfriend -
budward42 : #LGBTQ #Gay #Pride #Boyfriend #ILoveShowingHimOff #IMissHim #OneMoreYear #ThenHeWillBeALegalAdult #HeIsStillABaby
ultraviolence_g - jailenn - nowadayssmh - puckkkk -
I tried to pick pictures that had a lot of meaning. But then I realized every time we hangout is rememberable. Vania isn't only completely beautiful on the outside, she loves the weekend, wants a twilight epic love, she pours her cereal before her milk, she's strong, funny, occasionally drops her dog on the head πŸ˜‚ we are similar and different in the perfect way and we bound just by eating and watching movies. Let's not forget her pearl game πŸ˜‹ Thank u for your friendship and I can't wait for the future. And it's crazy that we just used to be two losers scrambling to get tacos then sway came along and completed our little thingy. Anyways, Love u Vania, happy birthday πŸ’— #OneMoreYear
onemoreyear -
the_jay_jay : 😍😍😍😍 your both a dime
kyliemaya : You both are flawless
__vania : Soooo I just saw this for some reason. But wow made my night honestly ❀️ love your cranky ass
_williamyoung_ - amiggo_vizzo - jj_lynne - kdlyles13 -
I turn 20 tomorrow!!! #yay #happybirthdaytome #happyunbirthday #20 #onemoreyear #freedom
happyunbirthday - 20 - happybirthdaytome - onemoreyear - freedom - yay -
eedthedisneynerd : Happy Happy Birthday!!!! πŸŽ‰πŸŽŠ
disneymommy94 : Thank you!!!! πŸ˜„ @eedthedisneynerd
takemewithyu - exievilla - disneybritty924 - lifeofchobani -
Best birthday month ever 😊 #BirthdayMonth#Spoiled#Seventeen#OneMoreYear#Happy#Thankful#Birthday#Scars
seventeen - onemoreyear - scars - thankful - birthday - spoiled - birthdaymonth - happy -
das_booben - alexoshay - heathertheravagingcupcake - wolfgangjb02 -
Even though it's missing the last 2 years this clearly represents who has always and will always be championsπŸ†πŸ’™πŸ» #onemoreyear #TF #BruWin #CODEBRUIN
tf - bruwin - codebruin - onemoreyear -
ohhlogic._ : #CODEBRUIN
jailenelopez12 - priscilllamarie - benchilauda_33 - angimariena -
Funny how my Jeep just won't die! To think while owning this beast I have gone from a beeper to a phone that is more powerful than my G3 Power Mac @spicyrubi used to find it on CarSoup! #onemoreyear
onemoreyear -
spicyrubi - jessb_la - m_vansickle - stpattygirl -
Coastal Riverines. #onemoreyear #Rah #trackin' #freedom #HonorCourageCommitment
freedom - trackin - honorcouragecommitment - rah - onemoreyear -
whitit14 : #Etiquette
kellygeary10 - missrosie2012 - caseyrobb - iv_clark -
Happy birthday to meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee #onemoreyear #fakebody #readthehashtags
readthehashtags - fakebody - onemoreyear -
Best birthday ever!! And it was all thanks to my boyy ❀️❀️ took me shopping and out to eat and didn't once complain while we shopped! #Lucky #Birthday #20 #OneMoreYear
birthday - 20 - lucky - onemoreyear -
natiaya13 -
In before I forget. Happy bday to my best friend Selina! Hope u have an awesome night! #hbd #stillnotlegal #onemoreyear
hbd - onemoreyear - stillnotlegal -
selisuu : Lol just kidding. #stillnotlegal #twomoreyears
domshankem : Oh damn haha @selisuu keep forgetting
mxxhie - stephahhnee__g - aljandraolivra - ransleyabarca -
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