Happy Birthday Luce❀️ I'm so glad I got to spend the day with you, hope your birthday was outstanding! Love ya😘 #mybestfriends17#notlegal#onemoreyear#lovemybestie#shoptillyoudrop
mybestfriends17 - notlegal - onemoreyear - lovemybestie - shoptillyoudrop -
lucyrodriguezz_ : omg I love you so much❀️
michellenicole98 - tillieefsienko - wrapnrelax - chenzie_ -
Dat new #starwars trailer tho #usetheforce #onemoreyear
starwars - usetheforce - theforceawakens - onemoreyear -
farmerjuan990 : #theforceawakens
catarox : πŸ’¦πŸ’¦πŸ’¦πŸ’¦
0rtiz_ - christypg85 - thecurioustrooper - stephieeeem -
Oh my god the teaser trailer is so fucking good. God, this shot of some sith fuck in the snow is just πŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒ#starwars #theforceawakens #onemoreyear #why
theforceawakens - starwars - why - onemoreyear -
ammanc92 - episode_vii - starwars_xxl - finish_her -
Hated the voice over, but I definitely liked what I saw. Can't wait to see what Disney has in store for us.
starwars - favoritepartoftheteaser - onemoreyear - teaser - tiefighter - aerialcombat - theforceawakens - 2015 - millenniumfalcon - disney -
crayy_zee : #starwars #theforceawakens #2015 #onemoreyear #millenniumfalcon #tiefighter #aerialcombat #disney #teaser #favoritepartoftheteaser
dinobot90 : I can't wait 😍😍😍😍
iprestoned - xtinaamp - starwars_xxl - christina_arbonne -
So sexy. #givingthanks #thisishowallourpixturnedout #momanddaddidntknow #YuFamily2014 #onemoreyear
givingthanks - thisishowallourpixturnedout - onemoreyear - momanddaddidntknow - yufamily2014 -
missuslala : @mayliao @ayusdream can you see sundae? He's part of the fam now!
mayliao : I do see the little cutie patootie!!
mary_loera - kimilylouie - lee_hee_uh - instajennay -
Sólo 37?!? Ahora es que falta! #Bdaygirl #Onemoreyear #Blessed #SandWritting #Since1977 #justagirl #WonderfulYears
bdaygirl - since1977 - sandwritting - onemoreyear - justagirl - blessed - wonderfulyears -
lilispuzzle : Pásala bien y muchas felicidades!!!!
lavinia05 : Mi brujis querida!!! Que Dios te me bendiga mucho y llene tu vida de felicidad. Que la pases bien! Te quiero @yosoyheidi
deliciosoyligero : Felicidades querida @yosoyheidi que el Señor te siga cubriendo y te conceda esos deseos que el tiene reservado para ti! Un gran abrazo!!😘
amordan - julieclase - bladepimentel - angiesm23 -
I can't stop watching the first trailer of Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Only a minute long but it delivered it in the perfect way for a movie that doesn't come out til next year. I like how it barely gave away any plot details and made us wonder what will happen. Made me feel like the Avengers Age of Ultron and Jurassic World gave away too much information about their movies, all due respect they were both still great trailers. Does John Boyega start off as a Stormtrooper then become a Jedi? Or was it resembling Luke and Han disguising themselves as Troopers on a mission? Also gave us glimpses at Adam Driver and Daisy Ridley and the Mileniumm falcon with a new droid. JJ I know you gave it πŸ’― and I will never lose my excitement before the film releases. Go check it out if you haven't yet. #starwarstrailer #theforceawakens #jjabrams #starwarstheforceawakens #newstormtroopers #mileniumfalcon #crosslightsaber #johnboyega #daisyridley #adamdriver #tiefighters #starwarsepisode7 #onemoreyear #attacktheblock #diehardstarwarsfan #maytheforcebewithyou #tooexcited
starwarsepisode7 - starwarstrailer - mileniumfalcon - newstormtroopers - attacktheblock - tooexcited - daisyridley - theforceawakens - tiefighters - crosslightsaber - diehardstarwarsfan - maytheforcebewithyou - adamdriver - starwarstheforceawakens - jjabrams - onemoreyear - johnboyega -
mjdg620 : I agree it's left us wonders what's going on, who's is that, is that Dark revan ? Ultron and Jurassic did gave a lot of what to expect and some ppl don't see that and understand. I am still watching the trailer after this morning. It's a perfect way to make us happy (fans) and long journey for the movie to premiere.
qdot93 : @mjdg620 Yep I like how it didn't follow everybody else with what it gave out in the trailer
mjdg620 : True, it's good day today lol - alexfieldmusic - cinemaobsession - mjdg620 -
Perfect representation of me next year on my 21st birthday! Knocked out on the couch with a dress on and a bottle by my side! #lmfao #littleme #huge3yearold #picturefromthefuture #cantwait #onemoreyear #twentyone
huge3yearold - twentyone - cantwait - onemoreyear - lmfao - picturefromthefuture - littleme -
the1creator9 : I like this! β›Ί
new_crp : your picture is wonderful! β›Ί
aileeng_10 - _ahdez - yesenianunezzz - gueriita_ -
Star Wars: The Force Awakens. December 2015. Good job Disney... I'm impressed. #starwars #looksepic #cantwaitnow #onemoreyear #Disneydonedidit #theforceawakens #onthenerdside
cantwaitnow - starwars - onthenerdside - looksepic - onemoreyear - episodevii - disneydonedidit - theforceawakens -
aleceephoto : #episodevii
aleceephoto : @rsnowy ;)
david_hmorcos : @aleceephoto not Disney, JJabramsdonedidit :p
aleceephoto : Dont take things too literal @david_hmorcos
savannah.garcia - acastaneda3589 - ponygirlpup - mariscaldad -
Thanks cousin, for one more thanksgiving! I love you so much do you're always taking care of me and teaching me #yesterday #thanks #onemoreyear #cousin #love #family #poa #fitsqn #thanksgiving
love - family - fitsqn - onemoreyear - thanksgiving - yesterday - thanks - cousin - poa -
mullergabriela : #fitsqn hahahah 😘
mullergabriela - djdemetriusfa - fekitadai - debbyallves -
H20BD bff ilysm #onemoreyear
onemoreyear -
rickynunez12 - gainster_bryan - xtrin - i_came_in_like_a_regan_ball -
It's crazy that this seasons already over😳 we ended with a good win yesterday at VinelandπŸ’ͺ you already know we're gonna be back at it next year🏈⚑️ #73 #onemoreyear #grind
grind - 73 - onemoreyear -
katherineconwaay - isaiah_holden - alexisgearyxo - b_pettit21 -
So now that a nigga is officially in MATRIC.... on a serious hunt for this nigga.... lmfao help a sista out yal...#Passed#Matric'15#wemadeIt#onemoreyear#leeeeetttttsssss#senioryear
passed - leeeeetttttsssss - onemoreyear - wemadeit - senioryear - matric -
nella_dc - jamiedohertya - bowman.shirley2015 -
New Star Wars trailer!!!!! #stoked #starwars #onemoreyear
starwars - stoked - onemoreyear -
thisbealex - ivapemag - vivian_ward - vaderhead_customs -
Coordinator! 😁 #GranRecapte #BancDelsAliments #OneMoreYear #SuperPowers
granrecapte - onemoreyear - superpowers - bancdelsaliments -
drukyta - abriileta21 - emilio.pastor.m - estefaniaprats -
Woke up to this!!! Ah! Nerdgasm!! #starwarsvii #theforceawakens #nerdgasm #thedarkside #thelightside #jedi #soexcited #onemoreyear #hollyfuck #ItunesTrailers #Icantwait #thisistoomuchtohandle #starwarsfan #starwarsVII
thedarkside - thisistoomuchtohandle - starwarsvii - onemoreyear - itunestrailers - soexcited - nerdgasm - jedi - starwarsfan - thelightside - hollyfuck - icantwait - theforceawakens -
don_vader23 - daniel.phantom - blythe_lewismd - omaralejo -
Last night with my love and family!!! #thanksgiving #latepost #family #onemoreyear
latepost - thanksgiving - family - onemoreyear -
wendylicious02 - __gonzo__ - _rustyzipper - kings_life101 -
#InstaSize #starwars #theforceawakens #onemoreyear
starwars - onemoreyear - theforceawakens - instasize -
jemma_adamyan - hookkitty - longshot555 - haley_nicole014 -
#memory #onemoreyear #far
far - onemoreyear - memory -
nhoxaris456 - sharjly - starxxx2612 -
Happy birthday to me. πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽŠπŸŽ‰ And happy Black Friday shop safe everybody. #Bigtwenty #onemoreyear #blessed
bigtwenty - blessed - onemoreyear -
bigseaaan : @nari3lov3 thank you
bigseaaan : @__eileenv thank you
bigseaaan : @gqueeenjo thank you πŸ˜€
chizzlevann : Miss you too! Y'all needa visit again soon lol
youngsam562 : Happy butsday!:)
bigseaaan : @chizzlevann I know we need to go there again
bigseaaan : @youngsam562 thanks bro
azusaraised : Happy birthday my boy, have a good one.
citybythasea - zariieee - _geoorgiee - xxsoulja562xx -
Beautiful geek tears have been shed 😭😭😭 #StarWars #EpisodeVII #TheForceAwakens #shessobeautiful #milleniumfalcon #KesselRunIn12Parsacs #somanytears #onemoreyear #cantgeekoutanyharder #jkOfcourseican
starwars - kesselrunin12parsacs - jkofcourseican - onemoreyear - shessobeautiful - milleniumfalcon - cantgeekoutanyharder - theforceawakens - somanytears - episodevii -
shelby.savage : I just watched it and I cried omgπŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ™Œ
dylan_the_green : Abrams style really comes out. I like it
mjdg620 : I did too :) very proud be a Star Wars fan
ogee_georgie : When they said it would a teaser they didn't mess around! They're teasing all of us!! 😭
coffee4vane : She's beautiful...😒😒😒😒
ivant12 - emilytadros - _r0bcmedina_21 - datdudevm -
Happy 20th Birthday Meg!! Love you lots πŸ˜˜πŸ’‹πŸ’šπŸŽ‰πŸŽˆπŸŽ‚πŸŽ @mgnmiller
birthdaygirl - meg - birthday - 20 - onemoreyear -
mgnmiller : Aw thanks I love u my bestie for life! ❀ @knaftzinger
knaftzinger : #Meg #Birthday #BirthdayGirl #20 #onemoreyear
knaftzinger : Bestie forever and ever πŸ˜™ @mgnmiller
famouslady - sneeringer67 - mgnmiller - jcool1332 -
Happy Birthday to my craziest friend I have! We are so much alike and I love that about you. So glad you are my roommate;) I love you much and hope you have an amazing day!!! @kandacebrittanynicole
soontobenurses - onemoreyear -
kandacebrittanynicole : Aww thank you beautiful I love you too 😘 hope today is wonderful and can't wait to make more memories with you. @jaimiconwell
jaimiconwell : @kandacebrittanynicole ❀️❀️❀️❀️ #SoonToBeNurses #OneMoreYear WHOOOPPP
calibeauty16 - jay11_ali14 - hannahrosehartigan - ____daniellenicole -
I need to take a minute..... #starwars #theforceawakens #thatnewlightsabertho #darkside #justpeedalittle #onemoreyear
starwars - darkside - onemoreyear - thatnewlightsabertho - justpeedalittle - theforceawakens -
plaguedfitnessapparel : #icanteven
ramrod10 : I wonder if the old characters will be in it!!
supa_papa - b_rent_bb6 - nichols8452 - j_kennedy11 -
onemoreyear -
camilagerroos : Nää-ä e de sant :D haha have fuuun ;)
camilagerroos - malinelmiina - malinevelinas - veronicastenroos -
OMG!! call up all your friends and family cuz the first teaser trailer of the force awakens is HERE!!!!!!!!!!...... btw that lightsaber is pretty badass lol #starwars #starwarsvii #ahhhhhhhhhh #iwantmore #onemoreyear
starwarsvii - starwars - ahhhhhhhhhh - onemoreyear - iwantmore -
vic_allday : πŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ
jblade05 : @vic_allday lmao HELL YEAH!!
vic_allday : not sure how i feel about the new sabers but ah well thats how they are in the comics apparently @jblade05
jblade05 : @vic_allday I think its cool cuz its different lol but I get what u saying. We got to get used to use to it.
jblade05 : @vic_allday but I think its only his hilt that is like that in this film
vic_allday : yeah we just grew up looking at the same old hilt, ill get over it lmao @jblade05
jblade05 : @vic_allday lol dude exactly!! Even tho I always liked dooku's hilt cuz it curved so that was already different for me lol if you see the cartoon star wars rebels on disney xd, the sith in the show named The Inquisitor, his hilt is really different but cool.
vic_allday : i had a feeling you were gonna being up count's hilt ! that was my favorite lmao ! @jblade05
ms3_jd - vicious_noelicious - whelihancierra - kenyettasadowsky -
B day three days after! #cake #onemoreyear
cake - onemoreyear -
camunas28 - py_lee - rodzmiri - israel77 -
Well well well, look who is an old lady! We've come so far in this past year and a half and I wouldn't have made it this far in college without you! So happy birthday to the kindest and most genuine person I know! Thanks for putting up with me and wanting to live with my crazy ass again πŸ’ Roomiez fo lyfe guuuuurl #bigkidnow #onemoreyear
onemoreyear - bigkidnow -
eliza_thornberryy : Thank you so much crazy lady 😍 I'm so glad that we have gotten as close as we have and I'm so happy to have been through so much with you. I can't wait to be roomies with you again ❀️ @brookebreanne
_cieraaaa_ - melanieyeoman - awkwarducksauce - jb_radical -
onemoreyear - lafelicidadesunaeleccion - itspartytime - graciasdios - bdaygirl - felizdia - goshortyitsyourbday - hoyvivo -
elith06 : Ya lo hice por fb, hay que agitar todas las redes πŸ˜† feliz cumple mana! Como dije anteriormente sigue así , nunca cambies #happy#forever 😘 @yosoyheidi
elith06 : *agotar todas las redes πŸ˜†
licelotmordan : Felicidades hermosa! ! En tu bday!β™‘, que Dios te llene de tantas bendiciones que tengas que repartir!!, y que te permita seguir siendo ese maravilloso! Ser humano que eres un beso! ! @yosoyheidi
vivilchez29 : Feliz cumpleaños mi bella!!! Dios te bendigaa Muchisimo!! Muuuuuahhhh muahhh @yosoyheidi
harrydisla : Feliz cumpleaños... πŸŽ‚πŸ»πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰
lizalex9020 : Happy Birthday gorgeous cousin!may The Lord keep watching over you and blessing you all the way!! Enjoy your beautiful dayπŸ™πŸπŸ’πŸŽ‰πŸŽˆ@yosoyheidi
gracesmontes : Muchísimas felicidades!!!!!
candy_nami : Helloooooo I'm calling u 🐝otch!!!!! Coge el cel!!!
a_nalag - lizparedes15 - cerinelly - candy_nami -
19 e 1 dia mas tá valendo Hahahahah #onemoreyear
onemoreyear -
ioroowdias : πŸ”‘
mylenaagarcia - ngnoatto - luizfviola - eliopiccolijr -
OMG I thought this day would never come, next November can't come fast enough! I just want to be an RDH already πŸ˜₯😷😁 #dentalhygiene #hygieneschool #ONEMOREYEAR #365days #letscelebrate #futureRDH
letscelebrate - dentalhygiene - 365days - onemoreyear - futurerdh - hygieneschool -
brit78 : Omg this is music to my ears!!!! Hahaha I can't wait!!!
courtcourtmagort : Yesterday I kept telling everyone. .exactly 1 more year to go! Woohoo!!
samanthaquadlin - sally_clouse - heyohkaye - brit78 -
Happy Birthday @siobhandang πŸŽ‚ #onemoreyear #godifeelold
godifeelold - onemoreyear -
siobhandang : Q
tiffanyholongyee : Nice dressssssssss hbd megan's sisterr
meganed96 : Thank you @tiffanyholongyee 😊😊
sakadoodle : You guys are so cuteee
angelg90 : omgah adorable 😍
vyviekins - sakadoodle - jess.le - oscabruuu -
#Matric #Physics #MatricDontBeABitch #OneMoreYear #DamnIFeelOld #StillTooImmatureForMatric #OhWell #LetsDoThisShit
letsdothisshit - onemoreyear - ohwell - damnifeelold - matric - matricdontbeabitch - physics - stilltooimmatureformatric -
nikkishapillay : That textbook πŸ˜’
caleb_m01 : I'm scared to open it πŸ˜’πŸ˜”
jadenejulian - tashmikanaidoo - rayesha.s - sohil_daya -
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