My seven year of being a teen is coming to an end #onelifetolive
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takingcareofmypeople : Yes it is @adnarimsive
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Sunday Chilling#VIPLife#OneLifeToLive
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sososeductive_98 : Sexy πŸ‘
sexypulee : @sososeductive_98 It's A lifeStyle. Miss Ya
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don't know what I was doing or why my face is like that but hey I'm still sharing it πŸ˜‰ #SundayFunday #OneLifeToLive #Free #BeingMe
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theblackzackmorris_ : ?? Da fuq ??
_sashayshantay_ : Lol @theblackzackmorris_
missyisblackbeauty : Hey cousin.
_sashayshantay_ : Hey luv! @missyisblackbeauty
sosa_da_igk : Cause u krazy as hell!!! @_sashayshantay_
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Spend less time chasing people and chase your dreams. ☁️There’s a million people chasing the same dreams as you are. You’re nothing special until you prove yourself otherwise #DreamChaser #IHaveSomeToProve #StopChasingTheWrongThings #LoveYourselfToWantWhatYouDeserve #OneLifeToLive πŸ™
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No second chances, So make the best of it.. Enjoy the ride, no regrets! #onelifetolive
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pedrooos.queeen_ : πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ
yourstruly24___ : @phoraone wow amen girl I agree
fuckurfacedawg : #WORD Love for Phora too the fullest....
fuckurfacedawg : Only bump the best... ! Love for @phoraone .... @yourstruly24___ & @pedrooos.queeen_
poohbevrr : Yuss.
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Counting my blessings on the daily. We only get one shot at this life. I intend to make mine worth living. #onelifetolive #iliveitformyloveones #blessedalongmypath
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About last nite...#fun#onelifetolive#OneLove#liveitloveit#goodenergy#.
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Bring party to your life and be the life of the party #OneLifeToLive #LiveRare #HOCO2014
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I never take this life for granted because it took to long to build it. The value in life to me is what you build. Anyone can live a life. Not many can build one. #BuildYourLife #chasinggreatness #staypositivealways #OneLifeToLive
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We out chea #onelifetolive #staytrue ##stayhumble #staytoyourself
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jay_ache1 : Is that the "Get along Gang"?? Lol
g.doh : @jay_ache1 lol it's the steal your girl crew
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The hottest woman in Daytime history! There is no woman who looks as good in a sweater & jeans as she does her lingerie (btw thank you #oltl #onelifetolive reboot for that) Melissa is beyond words breathtaking in every scene she is in & also someone I wouldn't wanna be slapped by lol. Whether on OLTL or #beaconhill she brings it in every scene! One day I hope I get to sit down & interview @_melissaarcher & if I do lets hope I'm not a babbling fool like I think I will be lol.
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shady_sykes : #sos #soapoperasunday
From childhood to adulthood @krisalderson has been one of my favorite actresses in all of daytime. She literally grew up on #OLTL #OneLifeToLive as Starr Manning & then as OLTL ended she moved from Llanview to Port Charles & transformed from a Manning into a Jerome. No longer Starr she is now Kiki. Kristen Aldersom, just like myself, is from Philly. I've never met her but I hope one day I have the honor of interviewing her. Kristen thank you for being the shining Starr of every soap you are on whether OLTL or #GH. Thank you. #SOS #SoapOperaSunday
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Be real with yourself! #onelifetolive
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#lovenomatterwhat πŸ’š #beablessing ☺ #onelifetolive πŸ’―
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Gra ham cracker kids #myultimofavio #newreasonforliving #thetruestcat #onelifetolive
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jamiealison87 : So sweet
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As long as you ain't hurting anyone...then live your life the way you choose. #onelifetolive #nofuckstogive
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jim_roberts76 : Hell ya!!
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Just enjoying life#onelifetolive
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In an effort to prepare you for another are have purpose...keep going. #liveyoungbefree #purpose #dontgiveup #onelifetolive
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Making memories #goodtimes #friends #realrecognizereal #sillygirls #teamsingle #drinks #onelifetolive
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xiomugen : 😘😘😘
cville79 : JeSS!!! πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™
vane0407 : @xiomugen I miss u girl. @cville79 u see her lol
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If you could be anything in the world, what would you choose to be? I would choose to be forever happy ❀️ #happy #onelifetolive
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breannabeez : Btw them lashes are 100% natural! #lashes #eyelashes #natural
ginabobina24 : You look beautiful! Healthy!
ginabobina24 : That is... id choose to be forever healthy πŸ˜‰
breannabeez : @ginabobina24 thank you!
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The celebration continues! #BirthdayBoy #OneLifeToLive #Virgo
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_jus_different : Happy Birthday!!!
flip_da_realist_ : @_jus_different thanks luv
cream_ofda_crop : Cuzzo hbd nigga
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Decided I'm going to compete for first time this year, hoping my training partner decides to do it with me so we can do it together , nothing like motivating each other to become the best we can be, thinking of investing in DLB trainer George Farrah , worth the money life is too short to not invest into what you want and I want us to succeed. Hopefully she agrees and is on board even if not by my side. I only want the best for this life and I feel like I messed up my past due to being an angry individual , starting to work with a therapist this week so I can see only happiness and positive. The more I read on positive karma and attitudes the more I want to be a better man and only see the good in people. Proud to have been a part of a special woman's life but feel as if I might have lost that, but fear not I will always be there for her continually and never get my tattoo covered as she has shown me the righteous path. Mr. Olympia tonight all alone will leave me thinking of future goals and aspirations. I have lived my life with too much hate and regret to keep goin on this way. Tomorrow is another day and I will always support the family I have been given and by that I mean the ones I have been given as an adult not the blood ones. Never forget who you want to be and who was therre for you as you will always wonder what if if you don't. Money is nothing means nothing as long as your happy. I will continue to love and have positive hope even in the face of darkness. Never take those you love for granted as they can disappear in a moment as I have learned. #onelifetolive # alwayswithyou #lifeisshort #regrets #shouldhavetreatedyoubetter
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πŸ’– My Mom and Gary on vacation. πŸ’– #onelifetolive
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Be yourself. Follow your path and dreams. #inspiration#beyou#unique#followyourdreams#nofears#noregrets#onelifetolive
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#Iwillsucceed. #onelifetolive #nevergiveup #bigthingscoming
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The occupation of a man does not define his value. Ones heart, his passion, his pursuit of the greatness inside, and his humility & reverence to Christ are the determining factors. #OneLifeToLive #HigherPurpose #CallingOverCareer
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_iprosper : πŸ™Œ It is done! To GOD be the glory. Keep pressing @ckirby813 Your greater is coming #StayInHisPresence
hunnyrozay : No more dance videos lol
creativejunkie_est87 : Whoop there it isπŸ‘Š
ky_nkanez_iam : Veru true!!! Well said
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