Good Evening! We hope you all survived Monday in one piece. Looks like @allisonnne is doing just fine with a cool drink and a warm fire. Perfect late summer night in the #oldwestend! #owegrammers #toledoproud #toledoisbeautiful
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Would someone please buy this house. #oldwestend #muncie #indiana
indiana - muncie - oldwestend -
ameliahotfoot : Yes
pabstpunk : Is it the house that has another house leaning into it
thebryanbaer : #touching
archetype99 : @pabstpunk yes.
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#aftertherain #oldwestend #muncie #indiana 7.
aftertherain - muncie - oldwestend - indiana -
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@meowmoobark shared his beautiful home with us that could be mistaken for a magazine cover. #owegrammers #oldwestend #toledo
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๐Ÿ’™ #OldWestEnd #Toledo #Ohio #Love
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Hey! Toledo has an awesome local coffee shop! It's called Black Kite n it's on Collingwood! Great espresso and beautiful brick artwork ๐ŸŒˆ #Toledo #Ohio #OldWestEnd #Collingwood #Love
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paola4ndrea : Love black kite
thegracefulthread : โ˜•๏ธ
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Moose and boy. #oldwestend #owegrammers #arboretum #dogwalk
dogwalk - oldwestend - arboretum - owegrammers -
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Grabbed a quick pic of the fam leaving brunch today. @mrtaylordevicious mural really pops on camera!! #oldwestend
oldwestend -
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Beer darts for Seรฑor @nolan_rosenkrans' birthday bash. "WHO PUT ALL THESE HOLES IN MY CAN?" #beer30 #oldwestend #summerfuntimes
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Happy Saturday from the #oldwestend! We hope everyone is having a good day. Keep tagging #owegrammers to share your weekend with us! #toledoproud #toledoisbeautiful
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aperum : Gorgeous!
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I can't even. Haven't even gone upstairs yet!! #igers_toledo #chandelier #toledo #oldwestend
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heyyycourt : #tiffany #vintage #asfuck
whitehorsegrey : <3 (-:
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@exploringnwo captured this truly epic picture of the sun setting over the neighborhood from the other night. This is looking west from around Collingwood with @toledomuseum on the left. If you're not already following them, hit the jump for the most interesting photos of our area hands down. #owegrammers #oldwestend #toledoproud
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nichnew : I can see my house/apartment! Woot!
chris_osment : @exploringnwo Was this from the Instameet?
exploringnwo : Thanks @owe_grammers!! ๐Ÿ‘
exploringnwo : @chris_osment Hey Chris, yep shot this during the rooftop instameet!
carlaannpinson - wgtepublic - aperum - shotbycanon -
Yesterday I was blessed to enjoy a homemade soup + salad with a friend on her big, wrap-around porch in the Old West End, Toledo, OH. My husband grew up on the same street. The character and history of these homes make me weak in the knees. The company was even more lovely.
breeloverly : Some of my favorite homes are in historic Toledo, @laurloewen ๐Ÿ‘โ˜บ๏ธ
laurloewen : @breeloverly that's awesome. Maybe as a Midwestern girl (MI) I just take the other like-states for granted. ๐Ÿ˜Š
caroline_north : @breeloverly the old homes in Toledo are beautiful.
mrsrum06 : I recognize that porch ;) Noah was born in that house! I assume its the Kerrigans....
breeloverly : TMI, @mrsrum06 ๐Ÿ˜‰
breeloverly : I traveled out west in some gorgeous areas but there's nothing like a Midwest or New England style home โ˜บ๏ธ @laurloewen Michigan is beautiful๐Ÿ‘
mrsrum06 : Heehee!
mrsrum06 : Hey, I said born, not conceived! ;)
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Sun setting over the Old West End. The intersection is Collingwood and Jefferson and you can see the Museum of Art to the left. #igers_toledo #sunset #toledo #owe #oldwestend #owegrammers
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rubbersoul_ : Awesome shot. I just took one of the sunrise on the east side!
mr_repp : Amazing!
toledomuseum : Beautiful @exploringnwo.
lennonphotography : @exploringnwo, thanks for the photo.
chris_osment : @adamdohm did you see this?
adamdohm : uh. maze.
exploringnwo : Thanks @mr_repp & @adamdohm!!
exploringnwo : Thank you @toledomuseum!
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This is one unique home! Every time we walk around, we see someone we've never met, or some architectural aspect that amazes us. Show us something on your street that made you stop and take note by tagging #owegrammers #oldwestend #itmatterswhereyoumakeit #toledoproud
toledoproud - oldwestend - owegrammers - itmatterswhereyoumakeit -
owe_grammers : @chicadelpadre more incentive to come visit!
owe_grammers : @reneecanfield you're welcome! more to come
kaylacardean : One of my favorites!
chicadelpadre : @owe_grammers agreed! I'm a sucker for pretty houses. Looks like I'll have to make some time for a visit up that way ๐Ÿ˜Š
jolene278 : We're fortunate to see this lovely home from our front windows. Excellent neighbors are a bonus!
erodrico3 : I always loved that house! I miss that neighborhood
carlaannpinson : Gorgeous house and beautiful shot of it
nziegle : My old neighbors. Miss those guys.
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Good Morning #oldwestend! Today is your day, "bloom where you are planted"! Photo shared by @pdavidge #owegrammers #toledoproud
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sarahersig02 : Beautiful, thank u
kaylacardean : ๐Ÿ˜‹
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Walking around the Arboretum in the morning makes you feel like the whole place is yours. It must be one of the most beautiful places in our city. Trees are named with a plaque so each time you go you can learn a little more. From spring weddings to late summer movies, it has you covered. #owegrammers #oldwestend #toledoproud
toledoproud - oldwestend - owegrammers -
drewbierides : Awesome photo @owe_grammers!!!! Keep up the great work
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Running on #oldwestend time...now folks are here! Drinks, dinner, and a great show. #owegrammers
oldwestend - owegrammers -
jolene278 : Julie, that's your Uncle Dave's knee in the lower left corner on the picture! :)
owe_grammers - carlaannpinson -
Sunday evening concert at the arboretum. Come on down! #owegrammers #oldwestend
oldwestend - owegrammers -
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@benmorales and his Toledo Rephotography series continues to amaze. This is The First Congregational Church on Collingwood with a 100 year old photograph. Go follow Ben for the full story about this beautiful building, and what goes into making these stunning images. #owegrammers #oldwestend #toledoproud
toledoproud - oldwestend - owegrammers -
benmorales : @owe_grammers Thanks so much! It's my pleasure to share the history and beauty of our fair city
toledosattic - r11x_jhl - tyler_tabernackelz - kimleps -
Oh @cheriechat! Where was our invite?! ;) This low country boil looks like a beautiful, well planned summer dinner party. Thanks for sharing! #owegrammers #oldwestend #toledoproud
toledoproud - oldwestend - owegrammers -
gigisuccess : So pretty!
farmwarrior - thereare2sides - mr_repp - haley_jeannnnn -
Drink station at our Low Counrtry Boil in the OWE #owe_grammers #oldwestend
owe_grammers - oldwestend -
crcannon : So fancy
thomaschat : As always, it looks incredible...
nadre11 : Is that that yummy cucumber drink?
pryncesskathy : @instagram this is beautiful
buckeyebarbara1968 : Beautiful!
thomaschat - melviers - katynozar - maddiechat29 -
How we do a low country boil in the OWE! #owe_grammers #oldwestend
owe_grammers - oldwestend -
crcannon : Oo la la
lauragallaher420 : Looks awesome!
pryncesskathy : @instagram Low Country Boil. in the Old West End Toledo
buckeyebarbara1968 : Fabulous!
melviers - katynozar - maddiechat29 - mthomas826 -
Established in 1833, the First Congregational Church is the oldest congregation within Toledo's original city limits. Originally located on St. Clair Street, the church later moved to this beautiful building on Collingwood after 1913 when it merged with Central Congregational Church. Based on the design of Madison Square Presbyterian Church in New York City (which only stood for seven years), you can see obvious Romanesque influences in the architecture and detailing, especially the resemblance to the Pantheon in Rome. From grand columns to the octagonal dome, this house of worship was built to be a timeless classic. When the congregation moved to their new location from St. Clair Street, they brought their pews, brass balcony, and most importantly eight stained glass windows, seven of which are by no other than Louis Comfort Tiffany. This collection of windows is said to be the finest in the region, a breathtaking example of one of the great master craftsmen of his time. After 100 years, this gorgeous Toledo icon has stood strong in the Old West End and even now looks immaculate. Have you ever attended this church? Is the interior as beautiful as the exterior? The historic photo shown was taken around 1915 by Korb Photography Company and is courtesy of the Lucas County Public Library. This is part of my Toledo Rephotography series, displaying historic images of Toledo photographed again in the present day at the exact same location. Hope you enjoy!
jj_forum_0926 - owegrammers -
benmorales : @carolynfaust My pleasure Carolyn!
benmorales : @susannefrb Thanks Susanne! I'm sure Copenhagen is rich with amazing history
benmorales : @yusta__7 Thank you!
benmorales : @amweills Thanks so much Andrew!
benmorales : @tksev69 That's awesome! I can tell you all take very good care of it
benmorales : #jj_forum_0926
dwazi_2 : Beautiful
charlyvlchoff : @benmorales hi Ben.! ..Pleasure finding you! Amazing gallery. Love your history pics, the old/new sequence.. excellent. Me, graphic Designeer too. New follower from now on, from Buenos Aires, Argentina. Congrats!.
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#urban #urbanart #graffiti #toledo #toledooh #bancroft #oldwestend #dog
urban - urbanart - dog - bancroft - oldwestend - graffiti - toledo - toledooh -
redheads_taste_like_strawberri : Is that your house
redheads_taste_like_strawberri : Or a abandon bulding
jackknive : I think it is abandoned, although could still be in use. No use was evident, so leaning towards likely abandoned.
spiritchaserrr - ars_lads - kirsyp - benjaman005 -
The Professional Building is home to the newest mural in the neighborhood. It just got some color the other day, and is really looking great. It's located directly across Monroe St from The CVA, and it's one of our favorite Art Deco buildings in the city. #owegrammers #oldwestend #publicart #tmamoment
oldwestend - publicart - owegrammers - tmamoment -
april_lynn923 : This is looking awesome. I drive past it everyday to work.
nicoledunwald : My daughter is working on this! She is part of YAAW! :)
artistmother : Does she love it, @nicoledunwald? I was a YAAW instructor about a decade ago and it was a ton of fun.
fotofoolery : Love love love murals and graffiti. Awesome shot.
nicoledunwald : @artistmother she loves it! Such a great opportunity for young folks.
autumnrosewood_ - joelwashing - wrestlingaddict - norange31 -
Adventures in #Urbanhomesteading! @kellyrye has been sharing some images of her beautiful birds. Keeping chickens seems like hard work, but the rewards are big. Invaluable life lessons for the kids, the pride that comes from self-sustainability and of course... fresh eggs! #owegrammers #oldwestend #toledoproud #itmatterswhereyoumakeit
toledoproud - oldwestend - toledoisbeautiful - urbanhomesteading - owegrammers - itmatterswhereyoumakeit -
kellyrye : #toledoisbeautiful
owe_grammers : #toledoisbeautiful indeed @kellyrye
eiselysgramma : Chicken coops, fresh eggs! Gotta love it!
whitmhatfield - 419farmer - thiggsrn - mr_repp -
Sundown over the #oldwestend as seen from the roof of the Mercy College parking garage this evening. It was so nice to attend the impromptu Instameet with @ohsnapjeff @greynavy @exploringnwo and some of the other @igers_toledo regulars! #owegrammers #toledoproud #igers_toledo
toledoproud - oldwestend - igers_toledo - owegrammers -
exploringnwo : Great to meet you!! Awesome pic too!
greynavy : Good to see you! @chris_osment
ohsnapjeff : @owe_grammers it was a fun night Chris.
mo0nbeam13 : ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜
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Good afternoon Old West End! With weather like today it's pretty easy to see ourselves relaxing on this most epic porch. What kind of outdoor activities do you have planned? #owegrammers #porchhangs #toledoproud #itmatterswhereyoumakeit #oldwestend
itmatterswhereyoumakeit - toledoproud - oldwestend - owegrammers - porchhangs -
autumnrosewood_ - orchidgold - chey__carter - cindypurplehappy -
Acklinwood Sunset tonight #owegrammers #oldwestend #toledoproud
toledoproud - oldwestend - owegrammers -
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"Collingwood Canopy" mural was officially dedicated yesterday! Big thanks to @jolene278 for tagging this beautiful shot. We can only hope to see more of this kind of public art in the #oldwestend! #owegrammers #toledoproud #itmatterswhereyoumakeit
toledoproud - oldwestend - owegrammers - itmatterswhereyoumakeit -
margemayhem - proof419 - ninjatachyon - jeanyholt -
Toledo museum of art โค๏ธ #toledoohio #oldwestend #wedding #toledomuseumofart
toledoohio - oldwestend - toledomuseumofart - wedding -
mainlyaboutsteel_ft : congrats dude
ramon_d - paintoutloud - bmiss3 - thatartista -
Long live the trees. #CollingwoodCanopy #OldWestEnd #Toledo @mrtaylordevicious
oldwestend - collingwoodcanopy - toledo -
hickeyemily : @erippe3 That is gorgeous! Is it near Black Kite Coffee?
erippe3 : @hickeyemily Yes ma'am, it's on the same building that Black Kite is,
erippe3 : It's a backdrop to their parking lot!
gobethgo - ss3000 - emrez4985 - hickeyemily -
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