Happy Friday everyone! Our neighbor @itsmeshlee shared this perfect shot from the @toledomuseum. Thanks for tagging! #tmamoment #owegrammers #oldwestend #toledoisbeautiful #toledoproud #itmatterswhereyoumakeit #youwilldobetterintoledo
toledoproud - oldwestend - itmatterswhereyoumakeit - youwilldobetterintoledo - tmamoment - owegrammers - toledoisbeautiful -
itsmeshlee : Thanks for the feature @owe_grammers !
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#oldwestend #toledo love this city
oldwestend - toledo -
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My neighborhood is a Norman Rockwell painting. #oldwestend #vintagehomes #history #toledo #youwilldobetterintoledo
youwilldobetterintoledo - vintagehomes - oldwestend - toledo - history -
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Through Vintage curtains on an Antique street. #oldwestend #owe #owegrammers #Victorian #Edwardian
owe - victorian - oldwestend - edwardian - owegrammers -
ninkybink : Love it
owe_grammers : Love this! @nichnew
nichnew : @owe_grammers Thank you!
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Interesting capture of the Collingwood Arts Center by @greynavy. The black and white really expresses a lot of emotion in this picture. Thanks for tagging! #owegrammers #oldwestend #toledoisbeautiful #toledoproud #itmatterswhereyoumakeit #youwilldobetterintoledo
toledoproud - oldwestend - youwilldobetterintoledo - itmatterswhereyoumakeit - owegrammers - toledoisbeautiful -
greynavy : Dang.. pulled this one from the archives @owe_grammers! πŸ˜‚ Thanks so much for the feature! This was my very first visit to the Collingwood Arts Center and I absolutely loved it! πŸ’™πŸ’œπŸ’›
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Looking for something to do this weekend!?! Tag someone you want to bring to "Flashback Burlesque" at The Moxie Live this Saturday at 9pm and you could win a pair of tickets! Winner will be announced on Friday! πŸ’‹πŸ’‹πŸ’‹πŸ’‹πŸ’‹πŸ’‹πŸ’‹πŸ’‹πŸ’‹πŸ’‹πŸ’‹πŸ’‹πŸ’‹πŸ’‹
glasscity - oldwestend - toledooh - 419 - owegrammers -
nikkii_g : @mischevious_mel free entry = more $$$ for drinks! tehehe 😍
nikkii_g : @woodzilla78 this is what i'm thinking for saturday nite...
mrdirectorllc : @charisecrawford @charles_lane @vatella30
anitra_bby : @deltricee @darrius.white @iam_lucymarie @blackbeautyshar 😩😩😩 I wanna go so bad
kelseywhelan : @lindsmaee lets go see the sexy sassy sumptuous sultry seductive sirens!
brihartbarger : @honeybeagibson
rebecca_________________ : @lyd_reb check this page out!!
ttowntassels : The winner as been selected! If you missed out you can still get tickets at Brownpapertickets.com tonight for only $5! Price goes up to $10 at the door tomorrow!
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from the other night. Good times with this lady! #Ottawatavern #oldwestend #alltheboubonthatnight
alltheboubonthatnight - ottawatavern - oldwestend -
corwinthebarbarian : Poor gal
corwinthebarbarian : Glue your hair back on old man! I'll be in town Friday!
vvill_dclxvi : Lol...I'm coming to the show Saturday. You ready to get blown off stage by those sisters? @corwinthebarbarian
corwinthebarbarian : Dee camp town ladies?
corwinthebarbarian : Doo darr doo darr
vvill_dclxvi : Lol!!! @corwinthebarbarian
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"Spring won't let me stay in this house any longer! I must get out and breathe the air deeply again."~ Gustav Mahler #owegrammers #oldwestend #toledoisbeautiful #toledoproud #youwilldobetterintoledo #itmatterswhereyoumakeit
toledoproud - oldwestend - youwilldobetterintoledo - itmatterswhereyoumakeit - owegrammers - toledoisbeautiful -
brittanytenbarge : Beautiful.
aliceschreiber : Incredible photo - love it
owe_grammers : Thank you! @rikkireneec @brittanytenbarge @aliceschreiber
culturalsnow : +10 for Gustav Mahler quote.
owe_grammers : I hoped you'd see that @culturalsnow.
april_rum : Love!
jawnypants : Hey @solomon_harris
solomon_harris : Lol oh hey look my house! @jawnypants
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πŸ“· | #OldWestEnd
oldwestend -
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The Tassels spent the weekend crafting in our lab. Did you know many of the items and costumes worn are handcrafted by the troupe and our producer @baslinger? Come see our handiwork in action this Saturday March 7th at the Moxie "Burlesque Flashback" and March 28th at the Collingwood Arts Center for "Burlesque through the Decades" 😘
collingwoodartscenter - toledoproud - youwilldobetterintoledo - glasscity - toledoisbeautiful - burlesque - toledooh - itmatterswhereyoumakeit - burlesqueperformer - themoxie - oldwestend - burlesquedancer - adamsstreet - toledo - ttowntassels - 419 - owegrammers -
ttowntassels : #burlesque #burlesqueperformer #burlesquedancer #toledo #toledooh #419 #glasscity #youwilldobetterintoledo #toledoisbeautiful #itmatterswhereyoumakeit #oldwestend #owegrammers #themoxie #adamsstreet #collingwoodartscenter #ttowntassels
ttowntassels : #toledoproud
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@happytubbs shared this picture of her girls bundled up tight from a recent visit they made to the #oldwestend neighborhood. Thanks for following and tagging! #owegrammers #toledoisbeautiful #toledoproud #itmatterswhereyoumakeit #youwilldobetterintoledo
toledoproud - oldwestend - youwilldobetterintoledo - itmatterswhereyoumakeit - owegrammers - toledoisbeautiful -
happytubbs : Thanks! πŸ‘πŸ‘ hey look @rwkurek 😊
rwkurek : @owe_grammers & @happytubbs Gotta love our hood!
owe_grammers : You're welcome @happytubbs! Thanks for sharing. We couldn't agree more @rwkurek!
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Homemade pancakes and coffee. #pancakecoma #oldwestend
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Fun day at our preschool co-op! Little yogis in the making here!
unschooling - oldwestend - yoga - unschool - youwilldobetterintoledo - owegrammers - homeschool - mamastΓ©withherlittleoms - preschoolcoop - homeschoolcoop - preschool -
kellyrye : #yoga #MamastéWithHerLittleOms #homeschool #preschool #preschoolcoop #homeschoolcoop #unschooling #unschool #youwilldobetterintoledo #owegrammers #oldwestend
oliveustv : πŸ™
legacylearningacademy : Fun!!!
caitlincosmarchy : Lovely!
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These two are my favorite!!! They're so excited for preschool coop today because a yoga teacher is coming to our house for school! #yoga #youwilldobetterintoledo #myloves #unschool #unschooling #itmatterswhereyoumakeit #toledo
unschooling - oldwestend - yoga - unschool - myloves - youwilldobetterintoledo - owe - toledo - owegrammers - itmatterswhereyoumakeit -
jamierye5 : #owegrammers #oldwestend #owe
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Three-Storied Splendor #itmatterswhereyoumakeit #youwilldobetterintoledo #owegrammers #oldwestend #toledoproud #toledoisbeautiful
toledoproud - oldwestend - youwilldobetterintoledo - itmatterswhereyoumakeit - owegrammers - toledoisbeautiful -
margemayhem : Used to live in the top floor! It was gorgeous inside too. My favorite place I ever rented.
kbslawyer : Bought that back in 1971. Spent hours stripping the woodwork on the second floor. Great place.
kbslawyer : Oh, sold it some years later.
owe_grammers : @margemayhem No kidding? Some of these homes are unbelievably beautiful on the inside.
owe_grammers : @kbslawyer, that is a very interesting piece of history!
rocknrollbob : My grandma moved in to the first floor when I was a teen.
starrwoman80 - annievalade431 - __rachellyn__ - jaylajayyyy -
Shoe chair will be at The Moxie for Burlesque Flashback, will you??? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Come out to 1205 Adams on Saturday March 7th at 9pm to see the T-Town Tassels grace The Moxie stage!πŸ‘ πŸ˜˜πŸ’‹ ______________________________________ Only $5 tickets on brownpapertickets.com, it's $10 at the door and presale tix are going fast! πŸ’Έ
burlesqueperformer - oldwestend - youwilldobetterintoledo - glasscity - adamsst - toledoisbeautiful - burlesque - toledooh - toledo - uptown - ttowntassels - 419 - owegrammers -
ttowntassels : #burlesque #burlesqueperformer #toledo #toledooh #toledoisbeautiful #youwilldobetterintoledo #uptown #oldwestend #owegrammers #adamsst #419 #glasscity
ttowntassels : #ttowntassels
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Pretend springtime in the #OldWestEnd. #toledo @owe_grammers
oldwestend - toledo -
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Hey look! It's @ruthieharpper_xoxo & @violetsass from the #oldwestend's own @ttowntassels! πŸ‘ πŸ‘  Please take a second to check out their feeds for beautiful pictures and info on upcoming shows and events. #owegrammers #toledoisbeautiful #toledoproud #ttowntassels #itmatterswhereyoumakeit #youwilldobetterintoledo
toledoproud - oldwestend - itmatterswhereyoumakeit - youwilldobetterintoledo - ttowntassels - owegrammers - toledoisbeautiful -
nomadic.baker : @vvill_dclxvi nah, all I want to do is come up and watch you guys lol. Honestly once our music is on we can't even hear you.
vvill_dclxvi : Lol!!! I was wondering if we disrupted you guys. We had to be stopped one night during a play understandably. Nothing to see real just ugly guys with tattoos playing loud and fast! I'd much rather come watch you guys! @nomadic.baker
nomadic.baker : @vvill_dclxvi well were just a bunch of gals with tattoos dancing around xD for real though it's nice that there is a place like the CAC where artists can work on their crafts, however different they may be
vvill_dclxvi : Very true. Plus that building is just amazing! @nomadic.baker
ttowntassels : Come see @ruthieharpper_xoxo, @violetsass and πŸ‘† @lily.la.roux at Flashback Burlesque Live at the The Moxie Saturday March 7th! Thanks for the shout out @owe_grammers hope to see you there too! πŸ˜‰πŸ˜˜
owe_grammers : Tickets are bought! @ttowntassels
ttowntassels : @owe_grammers πŸ‘πŸ‘Š
ilovelolachampagne : Ow ow @owe_grammers !!!
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T U D O R 🏠 T U E S D A Y #itmatterswhereyoumakeit #owegrammers #oldwestend #toledoisbeautiful #toledoproud #youwilldobetterintoledo
toledoproud - oldwestend - youwilldobetterintoledo - itmatterswhereyoumakeit - owegrammers - toledoisbeautiful -
c_lininger : Tudor style homes will always be the greatest.
owe_grammers : We tend to agree. Especially on a Tuesday! @c_lininger
c_lininger : Or any day that begins in a y.
kellywj : ❀️ so beautiful!!
hammye : Scottwood?
hammye : Or Parkwood? I think a friend of mine lived on the first floor of that place.
adamdohm : Tudor goin up, on a Tuesday
owe_grammers : Parkwood. @hammye
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It won't be long before it's time to "get growing" in all of the community gardens around the #oldwestend neighborhood. Our good friend @drewbierides shared this picture from a walk we hosted last year. Nice shot Drew! #owegrammers #toledoproud #communitygarden #itmatterswhereyoumakeit #youwilldobetterintoledo
toledoproud - oldwestend - youwilldobetterintoledo - communitygarden - owegrammers - itmatterswhereyoumakeit -
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Chilly night for a walk with @nichnew. Keep tagging #owegrammers and we'll keep featuring all of your brilliant shots of the #oldwestend neighborhood. #toledoisbeautiful #toledoproud #streetlight #winter #toledo #itmatterswhereyoumakeit #youwilldobetterintoledo #owegrammers #urban
urban - toledoproud - oldwestend - winter - youwilldobetterintoledo - toledoisbeautiful - toledo - streetlight - owegrammers - itmatterswhereyoumakeit -
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Another shot from inside the Mansion View Inn by @kdr42, this time of some beautiful antique lace curtains. Little touches like these are what make #oldwestend homes so unique, they are full of examples of turn of the century craftsmanship and artistry. #owegrammers #toledoisbeautiful #youwilldobetterintoledo #itmatterswhereyoumakeit
itmatterswhereyoumakeit - oldwestend - owegrammers - toledoisbeautiful - youwilldobetterintoledo -
akurth21 - drewgrod - 1800askdawn - jupiteroakjewelry -
• the Collingwood arts center, toledo, Ohio • #toledo #ohio #old #haunted #hauntedohio #hauntedtoledo #oldwestend #art
hauntedohio - oldwestend - old - hauntedtoledo - haunted - toledo - art - ohio -
madelineee_n - amberlyons12 - samsowardsss - katiekerekes -
"Weather should be either celebrated or ignored" - Tom Robbins "There is no inclement weather, only inclement clothing" - unknown. #oldwestend #arboretum #owegrammers #blackandwhitephotography
oldwestend - blackandwhitephotography - owegrammers - arboretum -
la_ciscolita : I have a cache of inclement clothing then!!
jasteee : The two best winter quotes (or rather just weather quotes) that I've heard in quite some time.
katecarew : The Norwegians say that there is no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing.
zapwallah : Ah well there you go! @katecarew
b_randy78 - atm1162 - grateful_j - katecarew -
Antique lace curtains from inside the Mansion View Inn in #toledo 's Old West End. #oldwestend #glasscity #youwilldobetterintoledo #latergram #owegrammers
oldwestend - owegrammers - youwilldobetterintoledo - glasscity - toledo - latergram -
eatpomegranate : Wow! Incredible shot
kdr42 : @eatpomegranate Thank you sir!
caitlincosmarchy : Nice!
kdr42 : @caitlincosmarchy Thank you!
andymorrisonphotography - caitlincosmarchy - enochwu - redpeavey -
"In the midst of Winter I found there was within me, an invincible Summer." ~ Albert Camus #owegrammers #oldwestend #toledoproud #toledoisbeautiful #itmatterswhereyoumakeit #youwilldobetterintoledo
toledoproud - oldwestend - youwilldobetterintoledo - itmatterswhereyoumakeit - owegrammers - toledoisbeautiful -
antique_home_ : πŸ‘
orchidgold - tyrannosaurus_lux - mkazie - antique_home_ -
A snuggly cold brisk winter walk on the Museum Place block. Hello from my neighborhood. #oldwestend #owe #owegrammers #Toledo #winter
owe - oldwestend - winter - owegrammers - toledo -
convincingmike : I miss living at Museum Place 😩
rachellejansen1 : Beautifully serene @nichnew
owe_grammers - andymcsween - idlepilots - adrianday77 -
Old West End in Toledo #ohioarchitecture #deserve2preserve #nationalregisterofhistoricplaces #oldwestend #toledoohio #youngohiopreservationists #yop
deserve2preserve - toledoohio - oldwestend - ohioarchitecture - youngohiopreservationists - nationalregisterofhistoricplaces - yop -
emilyseeks : Sooo beautiful!
mlato22 - illanabessica - the_hungry_pandabear - daviddacey -
Another snowy Saturday in the #oldwestend. Luckily, our neighborhood is beautiful in all seasons! This photo was originally shared by @akurth21. #owegrammers #toledoproud #itmatterswhereyoumakeit #youwilldobetterintoledo
youwilldobetterintoledo - toledoproud - oldwestend - owegrammers - itmatterswhereyoumakeit -
akurth21 : Can't wait to take a spring and summer photo and put them all together! Prettiest neighborhood ever! #oweproud
owe_grammers : Super-creative edit @akurth21. Love it! πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
akurth21 : It was pure luck I took the same photo 3 months after the first. I was floored. Haha.
amanda_snowdy : Neat-o
roopics - rkartist - catherinerjr - kfgarrow -
"In order for the light to shine so brightly, the darkness must be present." ~ Francis Bacon #owegrammers #oldwestend #toledoproud #toledoisbeautiful #itmatterswhereyoumakeit #youwilldobetterintoledo
toledoproud - oldwestend - youwilldobetterintoledo - itmatterswhereyoumakeit - owegrammers - toledoisbeautiful -
mrwade1966 : @owe_grammers , I lived in that house on acklin back in the 70s . It was a duplex . There was some hippies living up stairs LOL
aeralynlayla : Like this!
kirsten_ingram : πŸ’™
owe_grammers : @mrwade1966 are you coming into town for festival this year?
mrwade1966 : @owe_grammers , going to try . I will be in Toledo March 4,5,6th for art show . Doing a panel discussion on the 5th at Toledo museum of art
orchidgold - shramik1 - borja_gngo - miep333 -
Neighbor @kyruxmacist shared an image of a Tiffany lamp he found at the Mansion View Inn estate sale. We love this picture! The light and shadows, the composition and the houses across the street are all just perfect. #owegrammers #oldwestend #toledoproud #toledoisbeautiful #tiffany #itmatterswhereyoumakeit #youwilldobetterintoledo
toledoproud - oldwestend - youwilldobetterintoledo - tiffany - itmatterswhereyoumakeit - owegrammers - toledoisbeautiful -
dirtykics : Beautiful. Makes me want to clean up my royal
aeralynlayla : Its as if it was taken back in the day ;)
emkhughes - mkazie - aeralynlayla - phaithoh -
Good Morning #oldwestend Neighbors! Please take a moment to check out @loveisgreaterphoto's feed for some beautiful local photography. Also, they are currently hosting a wedding giveaway, details are available in the bio section of their page. Have a great Thursday! #owegrammers #toledoproud #itmatterswhereyoumakeit #youwilldobetterintoledo
youwilldobetterintoledo - toledoproud - oldwestend - owegrammers - itmatterswhereyoumakeit -
jeez_louise_ - elizdeanna - jamieluster - aaron.cain -
#mural #ArtCornerToledo #ACT #theblackkite #collingwood #oldwestend #toledo #toledorestaurants #youwilldobetterintoledo #wallporn #downtown
oldwestend - youwilldobetterintoledo - wallporn - artcornertoledo - downtown - toledorestaurants - collingwood - act - mural - toledo - theblackkite -
3000thieves - redtailphotography - hholmes21 - matthafer -
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