Perfect day for an OWE Latte. β˜• _______________________________________________ #owegrammers #oldwestend #toledoisbeautiful #toledoproud #itmatterswhereyoumakeit #youwilldobetterintoledo #coffeeshop #toledocoffee
toledoproud - oldwestend - youwilldobetterintoledo - toledocoffee - coffeeshop - toledoisbeautiful - owegrammers - itmatterswhereyoumakeit -
mr_hipsterdoofus : Tobes loves it there. @owe_grammers
chris_osment : Our kids like it too! @mr_hipsterdoofus
stargazer06 - elainemariek - exploringnwo - tiger_bakery -
Snowy weekend on deck. Stay warm out there! Photo credit: @burlj13 #owegrammers #oldwestend #itmatterswhereyoumakeit #youwilldobetterintoledo #toledoisbeautiful #toledoproud
toledoproud - oldwestend - youwilldobetterintoledo - itmatterswhereyoumakeit - owegrammers - toledoisbeautiful -
april_rum : That doesn't happen to be the building for sale, does it?
_heytheremere : @owe_grammers know of any apartments/duplexes available in OWE right now?
owe_grammers : @april_rum we are not sure. This picture is of an apartment building on Scottwood. @_heytheremere there are a couple listed right now on the "Historic Old West End" open Facebook group. We also recommend looking up property owners Dave Miller and Mouse House Studios for rentals in the neighborhood.
kr_snapshots_ - titafreddie - annievalade431 - jupiteroakjewelry -
Old West End.
jj_forum_1100 - igers_toledo - oldwestend - art - rsa_graffiti - goodmorningflashmob - 419 - toledolove - toledoohio - graffiti - architecture - jj - toledooh - justgoshoot - instagood - gramoftheday -
bjk2001 : #igers_toledo #oldwestend #graffiti #goodmorningflashmob #rsa_graffiti #art #toledooh #toledoohio #toledolove #419 #justgoshoot #jj #instagood #gramoftheday #architecture
victorchadarov : Nice
bjk2001 : #jj_forum_1100
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Oh Betty! What a charming shot @bettyfloored shared of the Winter Wonderland that is her backyard. Truth is, we're kind of in love with Betty and all of the amazing things she does around the neighborhood and the city. Please take a moment to check out @handmadetoledo, which is the Instagram feed of the all-handmade shop that Betty founded for a glimpse of its unique and beautiful wares. #owegrammers #oldwestend #itmatterswhereyoumakeit #youwilldobetterintoledo
youwilldobetterintoledo - oldwestend - owegrammers - itmatterswhereyoumakeit -
bettyfloored : Y'all are too sweet.
happybeeday - jlark78 - auntiemechelle - veritastoledo -
Mesmerized. I don't think she can get any closer to the window. #oldwestend #goldendoodle
goldendoodle - oldwestend -
moni_kaur - whiskydarlin - mebabble - seeyinso -
Back yard winter wonderland.
owe_grammers - oldwestend - itmatterswhereyoumakeit - youwilldobetterintoledo -
bettyfloored : #oldwestend #owe_grammers #youwilldobetterintoledo #itmatterswhereyoumakeit
thelunchrooma2 : Cute digs
banannasour - sarahmillersandford - humblemama - kjtimber -
I love my neighborhood.
oldwestend -
heatherdarling : Wow, it's gorgeous! 😍
flwrpwrr : #oldwestend
mrsbrownupsidedown : Cute hatπŸ˜‰
chelseadreamin - dannywisersucks - carorein - mrsbrownupsidedown -
I could stay here all day. #blackkitecoffee #oldwestend #toledo @owe_grammers
blackkitecoffee - toledo - oldwestend -
luckeylassie : I hear you are hanging with Mare today;) Beware of the raccoon 🐼LOL!!! Just kidding;)No, she is a cutie just a climber;)❀️
baileydick : My favorite!
mzoobek : @luckeylassie I love a climber! I was one as well πŸ˜€
luckeylassie - lkowalik - c_bakers13 - pfunk3 -
"Love is the only force capable of transforming an enemy into friend" ~Martin Luther King Jr #owegrammers #oldwestend #itmatterswhereyoumakeit #youwilldobetterintoledo
youwilldobetterintoledo - oldwestend - owegrammers - itmatterswhereyoumakeit -
adamdohm : so beautiful
jawnypants : hey that's me
piksoritdidnothappen : Hey that's my car. And that's Jawny in the passenger seat. Yes, my car does make Toledo better. Cant say that in reverse though...
heyspringrose : Hey that's @piksoritdidnothappen 's car and @jawnypants in the passenger seat.
owe_grammers : Hey @piksoritdidnothappen, nice ride! Hey @jawnypants, nice face! Hey @heyspringrose, good eye!
piksoritdidnothappen : @owe_grammers you know u gotta drive old if you live old that's what im sayin
jawnypants : That, or an art car!
owe_grammers : @piksoritdidnothappen, thanks for following!
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#takemorepictures #saturday #collingwoodartscenter #oldwestend
collingwoodartscenter - oldwestend - saturday - takemorepictures -
kyruxmacist - psross - taylor.jen - thegoldknight -
Here's to something we're all a little better at with practice after these last couple days. @cheriechat took this great picture after shoveling the other morning. #owegrammers #oldwestend #toledosattic #itmatterswhereyoumakeit #toledoisbeautiful
toledosattic - oldwestend - toledoisbeautiful - owegrammers - itmatterswhereyoumakeit -
cheriechat : Wow...we do live in a beautiful neighborhood! Thanks for repost!☺️
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#toledomuseumofart #oldwestend #blackandwhitephotography #owegrammers ◼️◻️◾️◽️β–ͺ️▫️
blackandwhitephotography - oldwestend - toledomuseumofart - owegrammers -
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Amazing capture by our neighbor @mzprior! The #oldwestend is exceptionally pretty when blanketed in a layer of January snow. #owegrammers #toledoisbeautiful #toledoproud #snowday #itmatterswhereyoumakeit #youwilldobetterintoledo
toledoproud - oldwestend - youwilldobetterintoledo - snowday - itmatterswhereyoumakeit - owegrammers - toledoisbeautiful -
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Hope you are staying warm out there, Toledo, maybe this will help. @ttownemma Emma Darling is going to slip into something little more.... comfortable πŸ˜‰ photo: @glindacatherine
burlesqueperformer - burlesque - oldwestend - toledo - owegrammers - toledoisbeautiful -
ttowntassels : Dress: Rejoice Bridal Shop in Delta
ttowntassels : #burlesque #burlesqueperformer #toledo #toledoisbeautiful #oldwestend #owegrammers
jsheath714 : @glindacatherine Beautiful photos!
alcoholico4a : this photo is so great! β˜€
glindacatherine : That you mrs Heath
leonalustre - msfayenoir - __aphrodisiac__ - gorillatangoburlesque -
It's Friday out there! This beautiful sunrise was originally shared by @burlj13. #owegrammers #oldwestend #toledoisbeautiful #toledoisbeautiful #sunrise #itmatterswhereyoumakeit #youwilldobetterintoledo
oldwestend - sunrise - youwilldobetterintoledo - itmatterswhereyoumakeit - owegrammers - toledoisbeautiful -
exploringnwo : Great shot @burlj13!!!
starrwoman80 : Wow, that is amazing!
rmaldaya - laceynicole04 - giuseppe_rositano - queenlibrascorp -
Good morning! Our friend and extremely talented local Instagrammer @greynavy captured this shot of the Collingwood Canopy Mural. Give her a follow for more brilliant pictures like this one. #owegrammers #oldwestend #toledoproud #toledoisbeautiful #mural #itmatterswhereyoumakeit #youwilldobetterintoledo
toledoproud - oldwestend - owegrammers - youwilldobetterintoledo - itmatterswhereyoumakeit - mural - toledoisbeautiful -
greynavy : Thanks for the IG love @owe_grammers! πŸ’™πŸ’œπŸ’›
lyssbugg - cheriechat - tanyamary89 - sehlhobs -
Exactly four months later... #welcomehome #wheretheheartis #oldwestend #owegrammers
welcomehome - oldwestend - wheretheheartis - owegrammers -
theobanoth - kmrothfeld -
The @toledomuseum is always acquiring new pieces! This untitled, golden head by Indian born artist Ravinder Reddy is a recent addition to the #tma's world class collection of artistic works. We are so lucky to have the museum as a neighbor in the #oldwestend! #tmamoment #itmatterswhereyoumakeit #toledoisbeautiful #toledoproud #youwilldobetterintoledo #owegrammers
toledoproud - oldwestend - youwilldobetterintoledo - toledoisbeautiful - tma - tmamoment - owegrammers - itmatterswhereyoumakeit -
balancegrille - miep333 - jared_thatcher_ - c_lininger -
The girls are hard at work at practice this week, we may just have a something special up our sleeves before our big show March 28th! Burlesque is all about the tease 😘 photo @adamdohm of the @owe_grammers
collingwoodartscenter - igers_toledo - oldwestend - blackandwhite - burlesqueperfomer - dance - burlesquedance - toledoisbeautiful - burlesque - thetease - heels - owegrammers -
ttowntassels : #burlesque #burlesqueperfomer #burlesquedance #toledoisbeautiful #oldwestend #owegrammers #collingwoodartscenter #igers_toledo #blackandwhite #heels #dance #thetease
chris_osment : @adamdohm is the #truth
ttowntassels : He has a great eye, we loved having the @owe_grammers come take a peek into our practice!
instaplant - ryanarmbrust - __aphrodisiac__ - photographicforte -
night moves
oldwestend -
flwrpwrr : #oldwestend
howlinwitch : 2 girls 1 drumset definitely has to cover night moves. I mean that song just means something!
flwrpwrr : yessss! i will start practicing now. ;) @howlinwitch
andrea_says_ - jemmamoondi - spiresinthesky - elisalmoliveira -
@vvill_dclxvi has the right idea by hitting First Saturday! Mere blocks away from The Old West End is The Glass City Cafe on 11th & Jackson. There's nothing like the warm atmosphere there filled with delicious smells, Toledo memorabilia, friendly faces, and soulful music. Make it a destination for early morning breakfast, or late night munchies after a night out on Adams Street. #owegrammers #glasscitycafe #bluegrassbreakfast #uptowntoledo #itmatterswhereyoumakeit #toledoisbeautiful #youwilldobetterintoledo #oldwestend #toledosattic
toledosattic - oldwestend - youwilldobetterintoledo - glasscitycafe - bluegrassbreakfast - uptowntoledo - toledoisbeautiful - owegrammers - itmatterswhereyoumakeit -
heavynthestreetz : @rdps1977
rdps1977 : Sounds like a great plan. πŸ‘ @heavynthestreetz
vvill_dclxvi : Thank you regramming my picture. Its awesome to be apart of this community and togetherness that seems to be getting stronger all the time. The adding of new businesses on Adams only shows the growth and the attraction of living in the uptown Toledo/OWE area.
chris_osment : @vvill_dclxvi πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
starrwoman80 - drewbierides - shawniee_s - msfayenoir -
@Daisyadorlee, member of the #oldwestend's own @Ttowntassels Burlesque Troupe, is simply stunning in this Armani gown. This image was captured by @corib722 at the #collingwoodartscenter. #owegrammers #toledoproud #toledoisbeautiful #toledo #itmatterswhereyoumakeit #youwilldobetterintoledo
collingwoodartscenter - toledoproud - oldwestend - youwilldobetterintoledo - toledoisbeautiful - toledo - owegrammers - itmatterswhereyoumakeit -
ttowntassels : Thank you @owe_grammers for the shout out! We love having guest IGers out and providing an inside look into our troupe that supports the local arts and the OWE!
corib722 : So much fun meeting these beautiful ladies! Thanks for the feature @owe_grammers 😊
daisyadorlee : Thank you so much for the nice words!! 😊 😘
owe_grammers : You're welcome ladies! @corib722 @daisyadorlee
corib722 - audreyblowfish - 1800askdawn - greynavy -
Save the date, the next show with these lovely ladies will be March 28th! Be sure to check us out on Facebook for more details coming soon. We may just pop up around town before then, make sure you are following us to get all our updates! photo @adamdohm with @owe_grammers.
burlesqueperformer - burlesque - oldwestend - toledo - owegrammers - toledoisbeautiful -
ttowntassels : #burlesque #burlesqueperformer #toledo #toledoisbeautiful #oldwestend #owegrammers
kimberlytattoo : Use more hashtags guys #gorgeous #beautiful #girls #instagirls #instamodel #modellife #girlswithtattoos #altmodel #tattooedwomen #photoshoot this all helps builds fan base :)
kimberlytattoo : U have to tag them though not everyone else ;)
ttowntassels : You are welcome to add all the hashtags you like!
avwifey2309 : How do i go about going to the show...getting tickets
ttowntassels : @avwifey2309 make sure you are following us on IG and Facebook and we will post that information closer to the show date. Probably beginning of March :) hope you come out to the show!
avwifey2309 : Ok sounds perfect...it would be a great bday present for me
phoenix_amore : Yyesssssssss
cfelton_12 - phoenix_amore - kdr42 -
We are kicking off the Toledo Library Throwback Thursdays (featuring photos from our Images in Time collection) with a look at winter in the Old West End circa 1900. Let’s hope our snowfall doesn’t compare to this anytime soon! #Snowmageddon #OldWestEnd #tbt #TLCPLImagesInTime
tlcplimagesintime - oldwestend - snowmageddon - tbt -
sarahjg : I love these old photos!
toledolibrary : We love them too and have many more to share in so check back each week!
moverlee - jeffabke - gfreelaura - sehlhobs -
Happy New Year's Day from the new T-Town Tassels! They are working hard and getting very excited for their first full production show with the Tassels... Which is... Stay tuned 😘
burlesqueperformer - artoftease - oldwestend - burlesque - allaboutthetease - owegrammers - toledoisbeautiful -
ttowntassels : Photo credit @adamdohm of @owe_grammers
ttowntassels : #allaboutthetease #artoftease #burlesque #burlesqueperformer #oldwestend #owegrammers #toledoisbeautiful
owe_grammers - phoenix_amore - daisyadorlee - kdr42 -
Happy New Year's Day from the Veteran T-Town Tassels! Give us a follow on Facebook, link in our bio, as we start our "Meet the Tassels" feature on both IG and FB. You will get to know each one of these classy and sassy Tassels!
burlesqueperformer - burlesque - oldwestend - youwilldobetterintoledo - toledo - owegrammers - toledoisbeautiful -
ttowntassels : Photo credit: @adamdohm Co-admin of @owe_grammers
ttowntassels : #burlesque #burlesqueperformer #toledo #toledoisbeautiful #youwilldobetterintoledo #oldwestend #owegrammers
cfelton_12 - phoenix_amore - rubyjade419 - daisyadorlee -
The final shot of our IG meet-up from @corib722 of all the @ttowntassels in gowns from Rejoice Bridal shop in Delta, Ohio. Thank you again to @corib722 @courtnicole1123 @jsheath714 and @greynavy for capturing beautiful images of the the ladies. Our numbers have quadrupled since the meet-up and we are so excited for the new year and a new show announcement, stay tuned!
burlesqueperformer - collingwoodartscenter - igers_toledo - meetthetassels - youwilldobetterintoledo - toledoisbeautiful - burlesque - oldwestend - toledo - ttowntassels - owegrammers -
ttowntassels : #burlesque #burlesqueperformer #meetthetassels #ttowntassels #toledo #toledoisbeautiful #youwilldobetterintoledo #igers_toledo #oldwestend #owegrammers #collingwoodartscenter
greynavy : Thanks for having us @ttowntassels!
courtnicole1123 : So much fun! Thanks for letting us be a part of this! @ttowntassels
jsheath714 : @ttowntassels It was a blast!!
bbyhandz : You're all so beautiful!!
corib722 : Thanks @ttowntassels, glad I got to be a part of it!
photographicforte : @ttowntassels LOVE that RED dress
picturedetroit - phoenix_amore - captain_scrummy - photographicforte -
Can't help but admire the superb makeup by @baslinger! Photo by @boydhambleton. @ttowntassels #ttowntassels #leonalustre #CAC #toledo #burlesque #mirror #oldwestend
burlesque - oldwestend - toledo - mirror - cac - leonalustre - ttowntassels -
baslinger : Love my make up is only as pretty as the canvas its on so thank you for letting me apply it
ttowntassels - victoriaanwuzia - misstess189 - lucreziatrevellyan -
Glamorous gowns and gorgeous girls. Photo by @corib722. Visit the pages of @leonalustre @violetsass @msfayenoir and @daisyadorlee for full image.
burlesqueperformer - collingwoodartscenter - igers_toledo - meetthetassels - tasselsmeetup - toledoisbeautiful - burlesque - oldwestend - toledo - ttowntassels - owegrammers -
ttowntassels : #ttowntassels #meetthetassels #tasselsmeetup #burlesque #burlesqueperformer #toledo #toledoisbeautiful #oldwestend #owegrammers #collingwoodartscenter #igers_toledo
jsheath714 : @corib722 These are superb!
corib722 : ☺️ Thanks, Jamie! @jsheath714
adamdohm - magdelynnwagner - ozqrmct - hannahb5285 -
A timeless capture by @corib722 of @daisyadorlee in a beautiful Armani gown from Rejoice Bridal Shop.
collingwoodartscenter - igers_toledo - meetthetassels - blackandwhite - tasselsmeetup - toledoisbeautiful - oldwestend - ttowntassels - owegrammers -
ttowntassels : #ttowntassels #tasselsmeetup #meetthetassels #toledoisbeautiful #blackandwhite #owegrammers #oldwestend #collingwoodartscenter #igers_toledo
leonalustre - owe_grammers - jsheath714 - tuneons -
Happy birthday to my Serpent Speech brother and drinking partner @abominableclay ...ladies, ladies, ladies #ottawatavern #ot #oldwestend #owe_grammers #owegrammers #serpentspeech #letmetellyouaboutmybestfriend
owe_grammers - letmetellyouaboutmybestfriend - serpentspeech - oldwestend - ottawatavern - ot - owegrammers -
abominableclay : Hahahaha yes! Thanks man
sketchyscooter : YO! HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY DUDE!!! @abominableclay
abominableclay : Thanks homie!!! @sketchyscooter
the_koala3066 : Happy birthday clay! @abominableclay
abominableclay : @ashashdouble_a thank you!
bradonvanwinkle : @abominableclay ayeeee son happy birthday
momfia6 : Is this old or does your hair grow like a fuckin' Chia Pet?
mckywhtsl - susanlooong - vinceisdope - nickelback69 -
The extremely talented Chicagoan @michaelhallviola visited our fair city and took some breathtaking shots of our humble little neighborhood. This is just one example of how he captured the sense of awe that overwhelms you while visiting The Rosary Cathedral. Please go checkout the other locations he photographed in town, and be sure to follow him for a steady stream of truly gorgeous pictures. #owegrammers #oldwestend #itmatterswhereyoumakeit #toledoproud #toledosattic #toledoisbeautiful
toledosattic - toledoproud - oldwestend - itmatterswhereyoumakeit - owegrammers - toledoisbeautiful -
tlm0000 - prettylikeapoem - ericasperling - 2corgidogs -
Thank you to @ethanramsey for this pic of the lights at The Old West End Commons. We'll be sad to see them go. Do any of you old schoolers remember the old Commons before the renovations? ______________________________________________________ #owegrammers #oldwestend #itmatterswhereyoumakeit #toledoproud #toledosattic #toledoisbeautiful
toledosattic - toledoproud - oldwestend - itmatterswhereyoumakeit - owegrammers - toledoisbeautiful -
ethanramsey : I stopped by on Christmas night and checked it out with @supskyle. What a cool little spot.
owe_grammers : @ethanramsey I can see the commons from my place. it's a really nice little park. glad you're liking the neighborhood!
ethanramsey : Nice! I'm looking forward to some warm weather and walks around that area.
ethanramsey : And thank you!
sofositalianmarket : Did not look like that back in 1990 when I lived there.
owe_grammers : right @sofositalianmarket it kinda had a rolling hill and many more trees
catherinerjr : The Christmas Tree Lighting used to involve a school choir, the mayor lighting the tree, candles and a lot more people. The old set up was much better for the event.
adamdohm - iamdondre - emilyafgordon - kokomokali -
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