Removed a sconce to repair some cracks in the plaster and found some wall paper that must've been original to the house! After picking away some of it, there was nothing but unpainted plaster beneath. #danville #danvilleva #OldWestEnd #historichouse #oldhouse
historichouse - oldhouse - danvilleva - oldwestend - danville -
petstains - bay41949 -
Good Morning #Oldwestend! Thanks for tagging @helchert. #owegrammers #toledoproud #glasscityhalffull #flowers #youwilldobetterintoledo #itmatterswhereyoumakeit
toledoproud - oldwestend - glasscityhalffull - youwilldobetterintoledo - flowers - owegrammers - itmatterswhereyoumakeit -
helchert : Thanks so much!! β˜ΊοΈπŸ˜ŠπŸ˜ƒπŸŒ·
musicxmeyer - 1800askdawn - audrafitzwater - the_uber_guber -
#artomatic419 #aigatoledo #owetoledo #mural #oldwestend
aigatoledo - owetoledo - mural - artomatic419 - oldwestend -
alexdarttdesign - handmadetoledo - kerri.harding - brookebrecke -
Surprises around every corner
ohiogram - toledoohio - blackkitecoffee - collingwood - oldwestend -
kratszil : #blackkitecoffee #toledoohio #ohiogram #oldwestend #collingwood
toledo_insta_grammie_carolyn : Fantastic mural!!😊
thefiercestpearce - kchunkel - serfinusa - joshuacj_ -
Enjoy some sunshine today! Thanks for tagging @cydnichery! 🌞 #owegrammers #oldwestend #toledoproud #toledoisbeautiful #itmatterswhereyoumakeit #youwilldobetterintoledo #glasscityhalffull #archilovers
toledoproud - oldwestend - glasscityhalffull - youwilldobetterintoledo - toledoisbeautiful - archilovers - owegrammers - itmatterswhereyoumakeit -
alice_marie74 : Great pic
cydni.chery : i am SO blessed. today i am finally over all of pain of the cancellation of my wedding. today i sat on the grass with my phenomenal neighbors and pets and realized....after 4 years, i CAN do better in Toledo. last Saturday, when I was performing as the Black Lives Matter anthem person or whatever, I realized that I cried from stress because there were SO many events....I never thought that Toledo would be the way that it is now. I met travelers and walked them down Adams to the OWE and I cried because I showed them over SEVENTY places and things they could do. I will be honored to release my album in Toledo, OH. xo Cydni Chèry
ktuck2589 : My neighborhood! Live right down the street from this beautiful house!
risab37 - 1800askdawn - luckybirdphoto - naturally_tlg -
Tasty corned beef sandwich for lunch with @elizdeanna at Pumpernickels Deli & Cafe in the #oldwestend. #osmentfundayfriday #smashingtoledo #owegrammers
osmentfundayfriday - oldwestend - smashingtoledo - owegrammers -
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Photographed Magnolia & magnolias in the Old West End this morning!! ☺️🌸
igers_toledo - oldwestend - itmatterswhereyoumakeit - magnolia - toledoisbeautiful - doublexposure - canon5dm3 -
rikkireneec : This would look awesome printed on wood!
abbyrosephoto : dude! This is UNCANNY. I've been waiting for my magnolia to bloom and planning the same portrait with Mabel!!!
marywyarphoto : Great minds!! πŸ˜‰πŸ‘ Did you get the frost last night?!? The trees down here now have brown blooms! 😟 Just in time! @abbyrosephoto
marywyarphoto : @rikkireneec hmmm I have a vendor who does bamboo prints, do you have a lab recommendation??
marywyarphoto : @exploringnwo @dnltd thanks!!
abbyrosephoto : Ughhhh I'm so bummed - ours was just on the verge of blooming when the cold and snow came back so now I'm not sure what we'll get πŸ˜•
rikkireneec : I have ordered through @woodsnap and love it :)
marywyarphoto : @rikkireneec I follow them here haven't ordered a sample!!
sewmelee - exploringnwo - theblackwoodstudio - ann.strickland -
#tbt #throwbackthursday to the Old West End Festival last year! The Tassels are looking forward to spring and the annual celebration of the best neighborhood in Toledo! #owe #oldwestend #owe_grammers πŸ“·:Ginger Jane
owe - owe_grammers - oldwestend - tbt - throwbackthursday -
ttowntassels : @ttownemma
courtnicole1123 - elizdeanna - madddiemarie_ - mikebalonekphotos -
Can't believe this has been mine for 8 years! #OldWestEnd #victorian #OWEToledo #shinglestyle
shinglestyle - victorian - oldwestend - owetoledo -
loveitjewelry : @aimee_van_goren I miss those old homes!
mirossj : Just came across this photo in the search.Where in the US is this wonderful home? Blessings!
aimee_van_goren : Toledo, Ohio @mirossj ! There's an entire neighborhood full of them. Great place to live!
aimee_van_goren : I know @loveitjewelry ! I was obsessed with having one! Dreamed about since I was a little girl.
finnanigans : Beautiful! I'll have to visit while I'm in town in June!
aimee_van_goren : Please do @finnanigans! I'd love that!
mirossj : Well, i'll just have to make my way over.San Jose is infamous for building and tearing down perfect and well built buildings, it's a shame.Although we do have some amazing victorians and bungalows, most start at $700,000.Your home would start at 800,000, probably sell for over a million and paid in cash.I need $100,000 to put down, it's so sad.I won't even comment on the gentrification that is forcing our poorest communities to leave their homes.Ohio sounds like a great place to live.Stay blessed chika!!
heatherhartford1 - zanderzone27 - loveitjewelry - memaelbr -
#MLK #mural #toledo #owe #oldwestend #collingwood #streetart #streetscene #wallporn #youwilldobetterintoledo #nikon #nikon_photography_ #d5100 #stilljustabillphotography
oldwestend - streetart - youwilldobetterintoledo - owe - mlk - wallporn - mural - d5100 - nikon - streetscene - nikon_photography_ - collingwood - toledo - stilljustabillphotography -
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Had to #repost from @lasjewelry today's shoot #bts my fav pattern on the floor of @misterboombastic + @ladypagne 's beautiful #oldwestend #1907 #darktower digs βž•πŸ™Œβž•
1907 - darktower - oldwestend - bts - repost -
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Fav pattern on @ladypagne 's floor βž•πŸ™Œβž• #oldwestend
oldwestend -
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+Meet Your Neighbor+ Say hello to Julia! You can usually catch her on her bike or hanging out #UptownToledo #owegrammers #oldwestend #glasscityhalffull
uptowntoledo - oldwestend - glasscityhalffull - owegrammers -
wingatsm : Hey Julia. I'm moving to Parkwood. I won't know anyone
youidiot_damn : Uh.. Creepy
dirtykics : ^^lol
youidiot_damn : Jk
charbertos : Hey! She was a friend of mine in high school!
emmahwithanh : I πŸ’™ Julia!
itsmeshlee : Do that Pharell impression!
danixraymond - elisabethpaigephoto - mothaflippinhope - jaylajayyyy -
Best buds! The #oldwestend neighborhood is absolutely ablaze with beautiful early-blooming Spring flowers. Photo credit: @adamdohm #owegrammers #magnolia #toledoproud #toledoisbeautiful #glasscityhalffull #itmatterswhereyoumakeit #youwilldobetterintoledo #archilovers #tudor
tudor - toledoproud - oldwestend - glasscityhalffull - youwilldobetterintoledo - magnolia - toledoisbeautiful - archilovers - owegrammers - itmatterswhereyoumakeit -
marywyarphoto : @myyellowflameshedances
speckledfrecks : Do you know the name of that tree?
speckledfrecks : *by any chance
owe_grammers : I believe this is a magnolia. @speckledfrecks
speckledfrecks : Thank you. They are in full frickin' bloom all over my route and they are so pretty.
bella.gabrielle - 1800askdawn - aaron.cain - the_uber_guber -
Even on the gloomiest of days, the view from my front porch is always beautiful 🌸🌸🌸 #annmanor #oldwestend #toledo #lovemyhood
lovemyhood - oldwestend - annmanor - toledo -
owe_grammers : Ann Manor comprehensive! Very nice πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
daphnemercedes : @owe_grammers thank you!
christina8819 - _m42nebula_ - amelie_lisa - josu_donostia -
πŸ”ΈπŸ”Ά Feelin' Fine in the 4 1 9 πŸ”ΆπŸ”Έ #owegrammers #oldwestend #toledoproud #toledoisbeautiful #itmatterswhereyoumakeit #youwilldobetterintoledo #glasscityhalffull #tfp419 #419day Photo Credit: Mr. @adamdohm
toledoproud - oldwestend - glasscityhalffull - youwilldobetterintoledo - tfp419 - toledoisbeautiful - 419day - owegrammers - itmatterswhereyoumakeit -
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Enough with the rain already. #danville #danvilleva #OldWestEnd
danvilleva - oldwestend - danville -
shatteredyuuki -
Sitting on the stoop of a once beautiful building that no longer exists with a view of my favorite home in the #OldWestEnd in the background. #EdwardFordHome #CollingwoodManor #thisismyneighborhood #Toledo
collingwoodmanor - edwardfordhome - thisismyneighborhood - oldwestend - toledo -
davidfriz - mrskatiesieboldt - greenlaurajean - nichnew -
It's started! Come on down to #Artomatic419 in Downtown #Toledo! #ToledoArts sponsored by @ArtsCommission. Come see us and help paint this HUGE #paintbynumber of the #oldwestend created by the amazingly talented @maura.amato! ___________________________________________ #419 #toledoart #toledoohio #instagood #artofinstagram #oldhouses #oldhouselove #interactiveart #instalationart #youwilldobetterintoledo #theartsycouple
oldhouses - youwilldobetterintoledo - toledoart - toledoohio - instalationart - paintbynumber - oldwestend - oldhouselove - theartsycouple - instagood - toledoarts - interactiveart - toledo - artofinstagram - 419 - artomatic419 -
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Stay boring #stayboring #wallporn #wallart #mural #owe #oldwestend #collingwood #youwilldobetterintoledo #stilljustabillphotography
oldwestend - wallart - youwilldobetterintoledo - owe - wallporn - mural - stayboring - collingwood - stilljustabillphotography -
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Oh what a welcomed sight! Thanks for tagging @mzprior! #owegrammers #oldwestend #toledoproud #toledoisbeautiful #glasscityhalffull #itmatterswhereyoumakeit #youwilldobetterintoledo
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🏰The Henahan-Byermann Castle🏰 Thanks for tagging @ktuck2589! #owegrammers #oldwestend #toledoproud #toledoisbeautiful #itmatterswhereyoumakeit #youwilldobetterintoledo #archilovers #glasscityhalffull
toledoproud - oldwestend - glasscityhalffull - youwilldobetterintoledo - toledoisbeautiful - archilovers - owegrammers - itmatterswhereyoumakeit -
itsmeshlee : Looooove this house!
ktuck2589 : Thanks! @owe_grammers for featuring my post! It is a beautiful place!
deeracksmcsmythe : @elan_____
ginamsares : @billsares
mikebalonekphotos : Great shot @ktuck2589!
cbkitz : Wowzer!! What a gem!
ktuck2589 : As always Mike thanks! @mikebalonekphotos
mashjaja : My fav house!
bella.gabrielle - 1800askdawn - camelstache - naturally_tlg -
"We must learn to live together as brothers or perish together as fools" #mlk #quotes #brothers #owe #oldwestend #collingwood #youwilldobetterintoledo #uptown #nikon #stilljustabillphotography #wallporn #mural #toledo
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soogularte - 3000thieves - jennifer__novack - leonidasurvis -
those columns. 😍
oldwestend -
danielleharami : Gah! Where do you guys live? 😩😍
flwrpwrr : we live in toledo, ohio in the very beautiful #oldwestend neighborhood. ;) @_pocketmouse
danielleharami : Well holytoledo I'm insanely jealous of your neighborhood!! (Bad pun, I'm sure you've heard it before) πŸ˜‰
theshirleys : Magical
mawjaw - - sarifleuri - courterfly -
Group ride to Maumee Bay! Thanks to everyone that came out!! Next ride will be Wednesday, the 22nd. Meet at the #oldwestend arboretum at the corner of Delaware and Robinwood between 5 and 5:15. We'd like to make this a weekly ride so if you have a day or time that works best for you let me know! #30daysofbiking419 #30daysofbiking #30DOB #bike #biketoledo #toledo #toledoohio #ohio #cycling
oldwestend - cycling - 30daysofbiking419 - toledo - biketoledo - 30dob - toledoohio - bike - 30daysofbiking - ohio -
lmlucas : That's awesome.
kfalphoto : @lmlucas come out with us!! πŸ˜„
lmlucas : @kfalphoto I plant too! Wanna get my bike tuned up tomorrow hopefully!!
tdiesenberg : #ride419 !
srgoddess - sunburntjetwings - thetequilamockingbird - kbro419 -
Castle fit for a King. #toledoohio #OWE #oldwestend #owegrammers #igers_toledo #urbanexploration #castlehouse #toledo #blueskies #glasscityhalffull #tfp419
igers_toledo - oldwestend - glasscityhalffull - owe - tfp419 - toledoohio - castlehouse - blueskies - toledo - urbanexploration - owegrammers -
mexican_boy_16 : I've never seen this one before is it on collingwood?
theutopinator : Tight pick, nice feed!
ktuck2589 : @mexican_boy_16 it is actually on Robinwood closer to the Toledo Museum of Art I believe is where this house is very beautiful place with a lot history!
ktuck2589 : Thanks! @theutopinator
mexican_boy_16 : Okay thanks for the info @ktuck2589
sarahdindinger - daniellemolinaa - troyzam - mikebalonekphotos -
"Martin for All" by Yusuf Lateef. The #oldwestend's newest #mural, installed yesterday on Collingwood Boulevard near Delaware Avenue to celebrate 40 years of the Toledo Fair Housing Authority will be dedicated this Saturday following a march beginning at Robinwood and Islington at 11am. #owegrammers #toledoproud #streetart #itmatterswhereyoumakeit #youwilldobetterintoledo
toledoproud - oldwestend - streetart - youwilldobetterintoledo - owegrammers - mural - itmatterswhereyoumakeit -
jacob_parr : Long live Yusuf. Always good stuff
stilljustabill : I was just there shooting an hour ago or so! I love this piece!
naturally_tlg : This is Awesome! ❀️
oumood - camelstache - naturally_tlg - the_uber_guber -
Lovely capture by @akurth21. Thanks for tagging! #owegrammers #oldwestend #toledoproud #toledoisbeautiful #itmatterswhereyoumakeit #youwilldobetterintoledo
toledoproud - oldwestend - youwilldobetterintoledo - itmatterswhereyoumakeit - owegrammers - toledoisbeautiful -
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In this filter my house looks like a haunted house. #oldwestend #owe #springclean #hauntedmansion #lasthouseontheleft #120yearsold #home
oldwestend - hauntedmansion - lasthouseontheleft - home - owe - springclean - 120yearsold -
katiemurtha : #spooky
shoeytennis : Where do you live and don't say old west end lol
akurth21 : @shoeytennis Robinwood near the Art Museum
lovely_reflections_by_hannah - jesskolinski - jasonkurth - __k.e.n.n.y__ -
Now all I need is some outdoor furniture and I'll be ready for my first cookout! #danville #danvilleva #historic #americanfoursquare #OldWestEnd #OWE
historic - oldwestend - americanfoursquare - danville - owe - danvilleva -
petstains : can i come
momijisama : Sure! There's an extra bed and a few sofas to choose from. :3
lvl55sf - kayle_cyclescape - petstains - slipknotgurl666 -
What a weekend so far! Looks like it's going to be a good afternoon to get out and say "hi" to your neighbors. 🌞 Thanks for tagging @coreywhodgson! #owegrammers #oldwestend #toledoproud #toledoisbeautiful #streetart #mural #itmatterswhereyoumakeit #youwilldobetterintoledo
toledoproud - oldwestend - streetart - youwilldobetterintoledo - mural - toledoisbeautiful - owegrammers - itmatterswhereyoumakeit -
djaugustine : @mrtaylordevicious β˜€οΈ
taylor_wooz : I see this every day after school it's so pretty!
tabbythis - aj.b1 - aaron.cain - brycer419 -
Nothing better than coming home to a garden. #spring #flowers #oldwestend #nofilter 🌸🌹🌻🌷🌺🌼
spring - nofilter - flowers - oldwestend -
daphnemercedes - lovely_reflections_by_hannah - katiemurtha - kalmagu -
I LOVE MY JOB?! πŸ‘³πŸ½πŸ“±πŸŽ’πŸŽ“πŸŽ€βš½οΈπŸš΄πŸΎπŸŠπŸ½πŸŽŽπŸΊπŸ΄πŸ©πŸŒΌπŸŒ·πŸŒ±πŸŒ²πŸŒΊπŸŒΏπŸŒΎπŸ‚πŸƒπŸ€πŸ‘£πŸ‘§πŸΌπŸ‘©πŸΌπŸ‘¨πŸΌπŸ‘±πŸ» today is THE perfect day. I am an excellent vegan chef now, a phenomenal cleaner, I had TV shows and tours being booked. I'm playing in NYC in a few weeks. Going to ATL and then hopefully MI and TN if I have time. Also Detroit and of course what I am MOST looking forward to is being in the #oldwestend #kingwamba #2015 parade. if I am a selected winner in the #chosen #beatsheadphones app (Since I am a featured artist) I get o go to #bonaroo2015 for free and have #VIP and meet #earthwindandfire #florenceandthemachine and I kid you not #robertplant // I have to finish my #extremetourapplication and I am also a board referred artist. that is 150 cities and 15 countries in the #USA #mexico #india #europe #japan and #africa ! time to apply for that passport because I'm going to #Toronto soon! I'm also starting online college and I'm technically a #junior and will finish my #as in #paralegalstudies in less than ONE YEAR! I LOVE MY LIFE #nowplaying #blessings @champagnepapi #bigsean #kanyewest /// I am working on my #interpretivedance and did an original piece I wrote yesterday to #videogirl my @fkatwigs and I will be posting it to my #youtube #today! I have a NEW YouTube video that was posted yesterday!
europe - interpretivedance - videogirl - nowplaying - paralegalstudies - mexico - kingwamba - africa - india - earthwindandfire - kanyewest - as - florenceandthemachine - japan - junior - toronto - oldwestend - usa - chosen - vip - youtube - beatsheadphones - extremetourapplication - robertplant - blessings - 2015 - bonaroo2015 - bigsean - today -
bombayiger : πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘
mohammadmusictv : literary wondrous picture
bombayiger - kevinlyttle - mohammadmusictv - cam.knows -
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