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15/01/2015 03:05:04
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#northcoastbrewing #craftbeer #cellarreserve #oldstock2011
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#fancybeer #oldraspyxv #abyss2008 #thisiswhyimfat #oldstock2011
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nilaphotoworks : Nanti di arrange ya levvv... Yg pasti bari kulineran ๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ‘Œ @levilexiloxe
levilexiloxe : yup! culinary on the road in frame !
kbiphone : Beautiful!
match_feeling : Gorgeous!!!
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North Coast Brewing Company - Old Stock Ale 2011 Cellar Reserve, an old ale brewed in Brandy Barrels . (15.2%) 500ml bottle. Very limited Today I was at one of my favorite hidden gem stores , The Coffee Grounds in Eau Claire, WI to grab some beers to taste for the week , but near the end of my scout-out I saw this lonely gem sitting right next to it's brother Old Rasputin XVI and immediately had to purchase this before anyone else did . A very highly rated old ale/beer for that matter and no one picked it up . This is the 2011 Cellar Reserve Old Stock Ale with Brandy barrels . This has over 4 years of age on this , so I am pretty excited how complex this beer will be when poured in the glass. I never had the Old Stock non-barrel aged , but I hear that's great by itself as an old ale. Pour: Pouring into the glass this beer appears to be carbonated somewhat high for 15% , but eventually all the nice off-white bubbles fade into nothing but a boozy appearance in the glass . This beer is looking like a liquified caramel apple candy , and looks more vicious than the anniversary beers by The Bruery . This beer has less carbonation than Sucre ! Wow , already I know this is going to be one hell of a beer .
adamav : @keags_beer most definitely!
keags_beer : Contact me. 7156424160
keags_beer : @adamav
adamav : Alright man
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Brandy Barrel greatness, I just had to open it... #OldStock2011 #craftbeer #NorthCoastBrewing #cellarreserve
northcoastbrewing - craftbeer - cellarreserve - oldstock2011 -
ggodzik : Great beer. Glad we got to try it!
nvporter : I will be opening that same bottle on sunday
fronkled : @nvporter it is tasting great, sir - beer_scout_jessie - ggodzik - hoppygal -
Happy new year. #fancybeer #abyss2008 #oldraspyXV #oldstock2011 #thisiswhyimfat
fancybeer - oldraspyxv - abyss2008 - thisiswhyimfat - oldstock2011 -
ameswright7 : Cheers my friend!
bdonnis : Cheers! @ameswright7 here's to a 2014 trip to Bend! Xo
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North Coast Old Stock 2011 now available! #northcoast #northcoastbrewing #oldstock #oldstock2011 #oldstock2009 #craftbeer #beer #beerstagram #instock #nowavailable #oldstockale #cellarreserve
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