"The more your actions honor your soul, the better off your universe is going to be. I made a promise to my soul to put her first, and I am committing to that promise." Emotional Delusion & Our Choices in Love - We've all been there. Nourish your inner goddess on my first installment on my Oh My Goddess Series. A weekly blog & video series dedicated to channeling your true self 🙋🏽💅🏽 Link in bio! 💘 #OhMyGoddess #BringBackTheGoddess #ArrryCarter
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mand.ala : 💜
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Love those moonbeams last night. enjoy the weekend beautiful peeps. #alohafriday #BRINGBACKTHEGODDESS #onceinabluemoon #love 🌊☀️
alohafriday - goddessrising - onceinabluemoon - love - champagnegirls - happybubbles - goddesstribe👑👑👑 - ohmygoddess - bringbackthegoddess - bubbles -
nailsbyisbel : Lovely peeps sis. Aloha
belight91 : @nailsbyisbel Aloha Lovely. 🌺🌺🌺Have an awesome weekend. 💃😘
misunflower108 : 💙💙💙💕💕💕
vegansarethechange : 💦💙🌊🔮🏊
belight91 : #goddessrising #ohmygoddess #goddesstribe👑👑👑
belight91 : #bubbles #champagnegirls #happybubbles
jordgubbarochsocker : ❤️
jordgubbarochsocker : Have a wonderful weekend sweetie 💙💛
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#ohmygoddess 💛
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Ultra limited, belldandy. On the Earth. #kaiyodo #ohmygoddess #belldandy
belldandy - ohmygoddess - kaiyodo -
vonhex77 - shosk8 - sebasvelasquez9 - naoto__ichikawa -
One of my favorite (or maybe just favorite) woman character and anime. Love it so much! Hope you love it too, because it is just awesome anime about true love and kindness. Coser: @tis_art Photographer: Sketch_Turner Fandom: Oh! My goddess! Character: Belldandy / Werdandy #cosplay #werdandy #belldandy #ohmygoddess #cosplayer #sketchturner #shinkarchuk
belldandy - shinkarchuk - cosplay - ohmygoddess - sketchturner - werdandy - cosplayer -
elfyen : @sketch_turner о прости. Одно без другого невозможно по мне)может быть красивый косплей,но съемка неудачна,но тогда и сам косплей не столь прекрасен бы был. Так что туи все при всем!!!эх. Еще бы увидеть ее в образе именно богини)там такое платье просто милота)))
tis_art : @elfyen спасибо) платье есть, но надо переделывать все - это был мой первый косплей)
verdandi_ : @tis_art @sketch_turner у вас очень здорово получилось!
sketch_turner : @elfyen так-то лучше :D
sketch_turner : @verdandi_ спасибо )
elfyen : @sketch_turner 😋
elfyen : @tis_art будем ждать настроения на это дело)
tis_art : @elfyen я не сама шью,поэтому тут скорее вопрос в планах и времени) но будет)
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Ugh I just love @hollywhip so damn much <3 #wcw #yeahiknowwhatdayitis #lostkawz #doingonlyjunglistshit # tbt #tooturntles #drumnbaess #wife #wecutenshit #damnireallyhopedatainttru #smangin #pentagramcage #bsc #turnupturtles #weneedyeezus #hoopstew #wat #astateofcats #bestfriend #ohmygoddess #gogodancer #allthehashtags
doingonlyjunglistshit - ohmygoddess - tooturntles - damnireallyhopedatainttru - smangin - wecutenshit - lostkawz - bsc - pentagramcage - wat - bestfriend - wcw - wife - gogodancer - yeahiknowwhatdayitis - allthehashtags - drumnbaess - hoopstew - astateofcats - weneedyeezus - turnupturtles -
elegantlyghetto : Haha smangin
hollywhip : 😂😂😂 gogo dancer. #AStateOfKitty
heatthherrrrr - dtlamodels - getmetipsee - elegantlyghetto -
#BlueMoon #FullMoon #OhMyGoddess
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How can you not be in love with her, when it looks so magical 🌕😍😍😍😍😍 #nofilter #themoon #bluemoon #newmoon #fullmoon #ohmygoddess #cantwaitfortomorrow
cantwaitfortomorrow - themoon - nofilter - bluemoon - fullmoon - ohmygoddess - newmoon -
overthemoonmag : 💗
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Here is what was in the Volks box. This is an extremely rare old ceramic Ah My Goddess coin bank made by Volks. #volks #ahmygoddess #ohmygoddess
volks - ahmygoddess - ohmygoddess -
figurecollectorfanatic : @archangeli
autoreiv0 : Very nice 😎
x.azura.x - scanley_ripken - paula_taglia - garrabhoficial -
#dvjbazuka #ohmygoddess
ohmygoddess - dvjbazuka -
daftwellsound : Красавица
vladislav_varsanov - d.bedny - izvanzemen77 - vikulyayakubov -
My #wcw is going out to the truly beautiful Ruby Rose 😍😍😍 #ohmygoddess #inlove #OITNB @rubyrose
ohmygoddess - oitnb - wcw - inlove -
snickernikker - briibellaa - w3irdo_supreme - ampage23 -
be superior 2 yr former self #goddess ✨ #everywomanisagoddess ✨ #bringbackthegoddess ✨ #ohmygoddess
goddess - everywomanisagoddess - bringbackthegoddess - ohmygoddess -
mmegahawkk - tesslarie - timeslikethese33 - woahcomely -
#sketch #draw #pencil #markers #ohmygoddess #urd #angel #goddes #feather #girls #miloedge #instasize
urd - pencil - sketch - angel - ohmygoddess - girls - draw - markers - instasize - goddes - feather - miloedge -
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#dvjbazuka #ohmygoddess
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It's hard enough to love our bodies without constantly being told that they're offensive. Fuck your societal gender norms, I don't want anything to do with 'em. I am fired up about the banning of the #goddess hashtag (not #god or even #bitch) and you should be too. The explicit content they think they're avoiding is insignificant compared to the number of women who feel empowered by it. #goddessnotdead #bringbackgoddess #ohmygoddess
bringbackgoddess - goddessnotdead - bitch - god - ohmygoddess - goddess -
earthtouchlove : What?! That is ridiculous.
burdie_6 : Umm I don't want to see this again ... thank u lady
geekoutlet : @burdie_6 Maybe don't follow?
valerieross : @burdie_6 relaxxxxxx fool! Haha your pits don't look any better 😜
burdie_6 : Hahaha @valorie
burdie_6 : @valerieross u know what I meant haha and calm down @geekoutlet she's my cousin so I'll follow my family when I damn well please
talooshh : Yes girl 🙌
valerieross : @arbitraryorthography so ridiculous 😑 @snorlaxthefat you are da sweetestttttt! 💕😘✨🌀💜
kenhogue42 - josh_hoxie - abdalh34509 - mteverest_medical -
#Repost from @erbodyloveslucy with @repostapp --- Not too long ago, Instagram decided to ban the #curvy hashtag....for content censory. After people having to come up with alternate hashtags the ban was lifted. BUT NOW, they've banned the hashtag #GODDESS, but #God still remains. I'm not sure what Instagram is attempting here, but to ban a word that embodies the Divine Feminine and all that it stands for to CENSOR content, is absolutely absurd! #ohmygoddess
curvy - god - goddess - ohmygoddess - repost -
erbodyloveslucy : Thanks for the support! 🙏🏼
arveegee : @erbodyloveslucy of course girl
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#dvjbazuka #ohmygoddess
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love thing♥ #내미미 #포메라니안 #pomeranian #ohmygoddess #밀크티 #꼬떼아꼬떼
꼬떼아꼬떼 - pomeranian - 밀크티 - 포메라니안 - 내미미 - ohmygoddess -
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Yo #instagram! Why the ban on #goddess ?? #bringbackthegoddess #ohmygoddess
curvy - goddess - instagram - god - ohmygoddess - bringbackthegoddess - bringbackgoddess -
psychicdelight : What!? They really did ban #goddess !!
cassphe : But #god is okay?
aliciabusa : Huh?
ferphinyosh : @vic_torie u see this shit?!
vic_torie : @ferphinyosh yeah girl it is a strange band on such a uplifting hashtags #goddess why the hold back and hold down? Maybe the computer will explode with all the goddess love rituals and rise of the female power that whom ever runs and owns Instagram still feel the need to suppress women. #goddesses hummmmmm I call BS on this. Bring back #goddess !
piperalexis : @igniteherfire it's ridiculous! You can find porn on here with the right emoji hashtags, but women can't use a word meant to uplift and inspire and be positive???
igniteherfire : Yes, it's absolutely infuriating. I guess they banned #curvy a while back too but lifted the ban due to peoples' outrage. Yes, #god is still ok. #bringbackgoddess
_cestla.banafrit - vic_torie - psychicdelight - misslil_innocent_ -
I AM A WOMAN. A creature who posses the power of the Divine Feminine. A soul capable of the magick of intuition, unconditional love, inner and outer peace, understanding, and brilliant light. I am a woman, a #GODDESS in my own right. I will not be suppressed by misogyny, I will not be degraded by man, I will not be shamed by ANYONE, EVER, FOR ANY REASON! I follow the signs of Mother Earth and the omens of Lady Luna; channelling the feminine energy that surrounds us every day. I am a human, with a soul and a body, I am a woman, and I am AWAKE! ✨🔻🚺🔮 #ohmygoddess #bringbackthegoddess #everywomanisagoddess 🌱 progress shot of the new piece by @lu_skywalker 😁
goddess - ohmygoddess - bringbackthegoddess - everywomanisagoddess - : You are so beautiful!
valerieross : ❤️✨ mamacita you are magical and inspiring!
china_cat_hooping : Yes to this tattoo and this post you are an amazing being, my friend 🙏🏼
robot.alien : @sunnydevo
sunnydevo : @robot.alien #goddess
leyahsunshinelove : #godis #goldenrising #soltribe #ase
alisarosep : Please sign and share the petition requesting the reversal of Instagrams ban on #goddess
mountain_b3ar : Such a sick piece!! 😍😍
didgerihang - mostheady - sunflowerchild1995 - abstinence_profonde -
So they remove the hashtag 'goddess' from instagram but not 'god'? I thought this was an app for expression of who you are and whatever you wanted (not as extreme as tumblr of corse) #bringbackthegoddess #ohmygoddess #goddesses #god #goddessoflove #goddesslife #goddessworship #goddess #goddessenergy
goddess - goddessworship - goddesses - god - ohmygoddess - goddessoflove - goddessenergy - goddesslife - bringbackthegoddess -
cosmic.kittyy : And they want to "protect us from nudity"? Yeah of course none of the very suggestive MALE hashtags aren't banned like #fellatio..great job instagram all you did is piss off a bunch of badass goddesses
anugrahayogatt - elazarus_ - rainbow.spirit.child - caitlin_mary_margarett -
My mom found this in a box. I'm assuming it was at an Anime Expo in high school because I'm wearing contacts. #ohmygoddess #ahmygoddess #animeexpo
ahmygoddess - ohmygoddess - animeexpo -
jimbotrondesign - hellokigurumi - hazelbaby1982 - shoeboy69 -
@kanne_13 tagged me to post eight cosplay photos and one regular one (Party Viking is my true form). I tag @vooducandy and @kodonacupcake! Going through photos was so much fun and brought back lots of wonderful memories. ♡
starwars - worldofelegance - may - ohmygoddess - mandalorian - sailormoon - kingoffighters - asukalangley - allenby - nge - utena - cosplay - revolutionarygirlutena - ggundam - sailorjupiter - mature - guiltygear - evangelion - disney -
lafilletterevolutionnaire : And @viceyvice if homie wanna play~
lafilletterevolutionnaire : #cosplay #evangelion #nge #asukalangley #sailormoon #sailorjupiter #revolutionarygirlutena #utena #ohmygoddess #worldofelegance #kingoffighters #mature #ggundam #allenby #guiltygear #may #starwars #disney #mandalorian
elennele91 : how beautiful!)))😀
lafilletterevolutionnaire : @elennele91 Thank you so much! 😄 😄
kodonacupcake : Oh gosh! The very first time I met you, you were wearing May! I was so scared to come up and ask about the contest because you looked sooooo good and I was in my very first cosplay.
lafilletterevolutionnaire : @kodonacupcake Omg that costume had so many flaws; I really want to remake it soon. But thank you! I'm glad you did come talk to me haha! You were so sweet when we first met (and still are now obvs), and it's been wonderful watching your skills grow so much over the years since your first costume! ♡
kodonacupcake : It's been great getting to know you over the years, even if it has been a CRAZY rollercoaster. I can't wait until there are so many memories, it becomes story time everytime I talk about cosplay~
elennele91 - bishoujosenshi_sailormoon - quameth - viceyvice -
👋🏿You can't sit with us 👑 @kryskyne @jmekyne @lau_lau44 @kimbaspace @mirthamichelle #malibu #thebu #carbonbeach #macallan #bgmeyer #dinner #stk #thankyou #familyandfriends #withmywoes #realhousewivesofmalibu #ohmygoddess
malibu - thebu - withmywoes - ohmygoddess - familyandfriends - stk - thankyou - dinner - macallan - carbonbeach - realhousewivesofmalibu - bgmeyer -
domscalise : Miss u
sacha.victoria : Miss you everydayyyyy 💕 @domscalise
kimbaspace : @sacha.victoria 😍😘😘😘👐🏼
mirthamichelle : ❤️❤️❤️❤️
jmekyne : Love usss 😘
dspencenyc : That house looks familiar
sacha.victoria : @dspencenyc yeah cause it's @mikehellertr
jazzy__boo_ - studiomagnuscramer - littleemouse - undertheinfluenceofhappiness -
Manga picks of the week.!!. #ohmygoddess #aquarionevol #imsakumoto
ohmygoddess - aquarionevol - imsakumoto -
nokone65 -
Instagram banned the hashtag #GODDESS for some stupid reason (But they allow #god??!!?!!) Screw that, let's outsmart the corporate conglomerate and popularize new alternates to #GODDESS Here's a pic of my fellow #goddess and I atop an ocean cliff embodying divine #shakti - feminine energy ⚡ connecting to mother Earth 🌍 #ohmygoddess #wombynpower #powertotheshe
🍆 - goddess - goddesses - curvy - shakti - goddessesbelike - god - wombynpower - ohmygoddess - goddesspower - goddessessence - powertotheshe - bringbackthegoddess -
radhobo : @meennnaaa apparently it's a tag that perpetuates nudes which violate the insta rules 😑 Same reason for why they banned the eggplant emoji #🍆 and the #CURVY tag #bringbackthegoddess
maeva.stancil : WHAT THE FUCK
maeva.stancil : Also yall look cute #goddess #everythinggoddessy
leahnatasha__ : Wait what they banned it for real?!
miranda_sunflower : So jealous we have to hang and do this Ellen!!! It's happening!!!
radhobo : @maeva.stancil oooh thanks bby 👶
radhobo : @miranda_sunflower heck ya! I'll let you know when I'm in town again, we can do a beach trip 🙌🌊
radhobo : @atefehsamiei I can't see why you would need to know that!
aliatortia - sircaseybro - kevynngomez - lilsyrupp -
Why is #goddess being blocked by Instagram?
goddess - ohmygoddess -
the_moon_maiden : how so?
brightsunblessed : @the_moon_maiden it's no longer an active hashtag because instagram says so. #ohmygoddess
smellyykellybelly : That's so strange
brightsunblessed : @the_moon_maiden ^
the_moon_maiden : thanx for bringing it to my attention
veganafood : Beautiful card 🙏🏼 I was gone to go through a divorce. Now waiting for papers to deliver to my country to sign and be official. It's neutral. We both grew up and realize we are on different paths. He refuses to go on Mother Earth's grown foods & help protect our animal cousins with me. Rainbow Earth Warrior.
kotashley - smellyykellybelly - withlittlewillow - the_moon_maiden -
#Repost @erbodyloveslucy ・・・ Not too long ago, Instagram decided to ban the #curvy hashtag....for content censory. After people having to come up with alternate hashtags the ban was lifted. BUT NOW, they've banned the hashtag #GODDESS, but #God still remains. I'm not sure what Instagram is attempting here, but to ban a word that embodies the Divine Feminine and all that it stands for to CENSOR content, is absolutely absurd! #ohmygoddess
curvy - god - goddess - ohmygoddess - repost -
bettiecracker : Wtf
arazkii : Wow.. Really
arazkii - _juicesnberries - bettiecracker - laceyisntcool -
Not too long ago, Instagram decided to ban the #curvy hashtag....for content censory. After people having to come up with alternate hashtags the ban was lifted. BUT NOW, they've banned the hashtag #GODDESS, but #God still remains. I'm not sure what Instagram is attempting here, but to ban a word that embodies the Divine Feminine and all that it stands for to CENSOR content, is absolutely absurd! #ohmygoddess
curvy - god - goddess - ohmygoddess -
rastafairyann : Yas! #curvygoddess for the win!
duhlylahh : I am beyond raged about this! My whole childhood I struggled with my muffintops, 'love' handles, "spare tires" and didn't feel as if I was part of the "Norm society"...I don't ever want anyone feeling the way I did. I tried every diet in the book...nothing helped...I learned to just learn to love me for me! Luckily last year I found Hooping and lost a whoopin 45 Pounds! Now I <3 my curves even more! Everyone is perfect just the way they are. <3 We are #goddesses#Goddess#curvy#curvygoddess
sarahgorvin : Wow.
solhealing : @sliceofamberpie
ashkate95 : @mojorisinnn
hoopsadaisynl : @i_m_a_y_a
smashley_lynn_bo : Wow. #sad
yoon_li : @instagram why would you block goddess? Pls fix/unblock
abbyyswann - lulu.incognito - thebrownkidsbrownkid - sarahflowbeara -
#sweetgirl #ohmygoddess #diffrentday #bored #alonetime
diffrentday - sweetgirl - bored - ohmygoddess - alonetime -
delalyldrmm - fthklblk - ess_100 - panpa_10 -
#dvjbazuka #ohmygoddess #moscow
moscow - ohmygoddess - dvjbazuka -
2k_samara : Ты молодец! Я бы мечтал почитать рэп с тобой! Добавляйся
sonyk30 - izvanzemen77 - vikulyayakubov - a.n.t.j.e_ladi_ -
Thought I would do the eight #cosplays, one #muggle photo thing :) #annieandtibbers #anniehastur #leagueoflegends #yui #sao #inuyasha #kagome #kagomehigurashi #belldandy #ahmygoddess #ohmygoddess #mirriellebouquet #noir #zatanna #zatannazatara #dccomics #elizabethcomstock #elizabethdewitt
sao - annieandtibbers - kagomehigurashi - ohmygoddess - mirriellebouquet - dccomics - cosplays - anniehastur - ahmygoddess - belldandy - zatannazatara - noir - inuyasha - kagome - yui - muggle - leagueoflegends - elizabethcomstock - zatanna - elizabethdewitt -
ladystarwind - thomasthetrainey - kawaiikuma98 - cosplayturkiye -
DARA HAS ARRIVED IN MANILAAAAAA!!! YAAASSSSS!!!! OMGGGG TT.TT 😍 #WelcomeBackDara #sandarapark #sandara #dara #krungy #krungkrung #ssantokki #darabbit #daraxxi #2NE1 #blackjacks #daralings #goodgirl #cl #bom #minzy #ygladies #ohmygoddess #ygent #ygfamily #kpop #bigbang #gdragon #MADE
kpop - ygladies - cl - goodgirl - ohmygoddess - gdragon - krungkrung - 2ne1 - sandarapark - ssantokki - sandara - welcomebackdara - darabbit - dara - ygfamily - made - daralings - blackjacks - bigbang - krungy - bom - ygent - daraxxi - minzy -
geila75 : U came back,thank u!
yg_baby21 : I knew it...
mari_nacleto : @gegebelles look! 😍
yheeelavila : I think she's here because the Bigbang's concert hahahaha Maybe? She's going to be the guide again like the last time hahaha
iameljae : @eldoradox_ totoo ba toh?
sabmallow : @iameljae yasss haha
demigod2ne3 : @iameljae ay nde joke lang 😒
iameljae : Hahahaha omg fback @demigod2ne3
minhhang_dao - yg_baby21 - parkbom_of_toanyone - vitamindara -
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