Sample of today's haul: assorted cards, some snaps for stories, and a sleeved vintage shawl that stopped me dead in my tracks (TARDIS blue and purple velvet.) #shoplocal #ohfshop #memosvintage
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What a relief. #ohfshop #fullerton #februaryflipflops
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Sunday in one of my favorite shops in the world. #ohfshop #fullerton #oldthings
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christymacncheese : I want that whole setup.
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Happy Friday! Isn't life so good? We're loving this tote that reminds us of that! It's the perfect thing to carry our @katespadeny 2016 planner in (plus some lovely blooms, of course!) What are your weekend plans, friends? πŸ“· by @allicansee
katespade - love - abmlifeiscolorful - bouquet - ohf - friday - ohhellofriend - livethelittlethings - darlingweekend - planner - igers - prettylittlethings - thatsdarling - weekend - dailydoseofwhimsy - lifeisgood - flowers - darlingmovement - tote - roses - tgif - fridayinsp - nothingisordinary - ohfshop - pursuepretty - shopsmall - thehappynow - 2016 - friyay - abmhappylife -
ohfshop : #lifeisgood #tgif #friday #friyay #weekend #love #tote #katespade #flowers #roses #shopsmall #thatsdarling #darlingweekend #2016 #planner #bouquet #ABMLifeisColorful #ABMHappyLife #pursuepretty #dailydoseofwhimsy #darlingmovement #thehappynow #livethelittlethings #prettylittlethings #nothingisordinary #fridayinsp #igers #ohf #ohhellofriend #ohfshop
mitzidavis : @thedavilles
thenowmassage : stunning
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Good morning friends! We're so excited to announce that we're hosting a Valentine's Day floral POP UP SHOP featuring the incredible @lavendersflowers on February 13th from 11am-5pm. Tag your sweetheart, friends, and be sure to tell all your loved ones! Come let them create something pretty for youπŸ’• πŸ“·: @chandlerawilliams
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theviennesegirl : πŸ’ŸπŸŒΈπŸ’Ÿ
ohfshop : Hope to see you there! @theviennesegirl @yaellovesyou12 @mybabyolivejuice
ihaveaturtlee : @yolizalibre lets do this!
yolizalibre : @ihaveaturtlee what is this?
kellyxchen : @caseyxchen totally! I'd do that
makersmess : πŸ‘πŸ½
avenle : Love it!
aliaserban : Very nice
ellierosewitt - cheavire - jess_winn2409 - _fabmav -
feb 1 happy february! 🌻 ✱ last week I taught my first full length beginner's hand lettering class & it was TONS of fun getting more time + more supplies to play with!!! πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’• thanks to all of you who came! πŸ€“ already can't wait for my next one on feb 20th! (more info @ #sunletteringworkshop #ohfshop #ohfworkshop
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Happy Monday, #FriendFollowing! Did you know February is #NationalWeddingsMonth? It's perfect because one of our own OHF girls got married just a few weeks ago and wore our gold "Love" @ohhellofriend earring studs on her special day! It made for this sweet capture from @marycampbellphotography! Have a friend getting married soon? These would be the perfect "Something New"!
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ohfshop : #Wedding #Weddingphotography #love #marriage #januarywedding #weddingmonth #married #photography #portrait #earrings #jewelry #thatsdarling #ABMHappyLife #dailydoseofwhimsy #bridal #bride #igers #instdaily #instagood #ohfshop #ohhellofriend #littlethings #livethelittlethings #pursuepretty
mrsanglo : @icarumbah 😜 5 days!
jeesun3 : Cute! Do you have these earrings in store?
ohfshop : We do! @jeesun3
kelbyschaeffler : @rachelhneal you're the cutest!!!!
chloeandisabeloc : 😍 love these!
sydney_eleanor_hire : Pretty!
ohfshop : Thanks for the love! @chloeandisabeloc @sydney_eleanor_hire
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The name of this store @ohfshop!! @thingamatot and I found some great things here can't wait to go back! #ohfshop
ohfshop - : Dude Ikr. I've been following them for almost a year? Idk and I still haven't been! I need to go!
joshgfilmalter : yes yes you do!! 😍
thingamatot : it was the cutest 😍
jeff_filmalter : Y'all lets go I wanna see it @thingamatot @joshgfilmalter
thingamatot : @jeff_filmalter let's goooo
c_l_official : πŸ‘
c_l_official - secondstartowonderland - luagh_with_me - moisesshh -
watercolor fun #ohfshop
ohfshop -
crisiskor : My favorite medium!
chriselcam : @crisiskor you must teach me
meooooowza : That looks so cool!
samshakusky33 : The one in the right is a blueberry
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I truly believe that we should continue to learn throughout our lives. Enjoying this intro to watercolor class with @jessweymouth_ at @ohfshop πŸ–Œ -lisa Paper: #strathmore watercolor Brush: #royaltaklon Paint: #winsornewton #gouache #inkandsea #moderncalligraphy #calligraphy #watercolor #inkandseaquotes #ohfworkshop #ohfshop #brushcalligraphy
royaltaklon - winsornewton - strathmore - moderncalligraphy - brushcalligraphy - watercolor - gouache - inkandsea - calligraphy - inkandseaquotes - ohfshop - ohfworkshop -
inkandsea : Thanks so much @joann_pink !
deysign : πŸ˜πŸ‘ŒπŸ»
inkandsea : Thanks so much @deysign 😊
kellyleungtadesigns : How fun!!
inkandsea : @kellyleungtadesigns yea it's always fun to try new things!! 😊
dsgnexpressions : Awesome!
carojo18 : Beautiful.
inkandsea : Thanks so much @dsgnexpressions @carojo18 ! It's definitely a new skill I'm trying to practice. 😊 - karlaferreiramarques - thepaperanvil - gym.jojo -
Is there anything better than waking up to freshly baked muffins? We think not. πŸ’•
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.|Let Go|. This morning, as I was pulling a Bible from the top shelf of our kitchen bookcase, something fell to the floor. It rolled some feet away, wobbled, & then finally laid flat on the ground. At first I thought it was a coin. Turns out, It was actually a pin I had purchased long ago & forgotten all about. I turned it over. The message was so personal, so timely for me...Let it Go. Just last night I laid in bed for some time, unable to sleep- the feelings of inadequacy circled my thoughts, the old tapes of "you're not good enough; how are you different?" started playing in my mind, & I felt discouraged that I hadn't made any real steps (or so I thought) towards the dreams/goals I had for this year. But God is always so tender with me- He reminded me in that moment to "Let Go. Let Go of all those things holding you back- the mindsets, the negative self talk. The doubt. The fear. Let Go & give it to Me. I can handle it." And the truth is- He can. He has. Maybe this is a message for you too, lovely. It'll be hard, definitely. Old habits die hard. But keep at it- keep letting it go. And I'll be doing the same along with you. πŸ’— {pin from @ohhellofriend @ohfshop}
godisgood - ohhellofriend - bossbabe - vscocam - ohfshop - letgo - letitgo - encouragement - youareloved - bosslady - truth - vsco - youareenough -
merakipaper : This is exactly what I needed to see right now. Thanks, M.
hello.filo : πŸ’— you ARE enough, friend. I have those thoughts often as well... I'm pretty sure we all do. *hugs*
e219thpl : @merakipaper *hugs* always here for you, S. You are loved πŸ’—
e219thpl : @hello.filo Aww πŸ’• thanks friend! I appreciate your words & your hugs. Always here for you too ☺️
monicaderek : Lovely post. 😘
saradrurylocallooks : Nice!πŸ˜ƒ
e219thpl : @monicaderek thank you, love πŸ’•β˜ΊοΈ
e219thpl : @saradrurylocallooks thank you so much lovely lady πŸ’•
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Tonight was powerful. I took this photo toward the end of our event as letters were being written to rescued victims of human trafficking. A big thank you to Cory from @destiny_rescue for bringing awareness, sharing his personal stories of working on the front lines rescuing children from human trafficking, and inspiring + challenging others to get involved. Thank you to everyone who took the time to join us tonight to fight for freedom and be a voice for the voiceless. #ohfshop #takeastand #destinyrescue
destinyrescue - ohfshop - takeastand -
katherinea.carr : I'm so excited about this and a
katherinea.carr : So happy you're doing it
amyelizabethlove : Look at your supportive husband!!!! 😭
alethialov : @amyelizabethlove I know!!! He's the bestπŸ˜­πŸ™ŒπŸΌ
alethialov : @happilyeveretched @tay_fink @mefergason πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•
alethialov : @katherinea.carr thank you for the encouragement, love!πŸ’›
alexisatarian : It was a privilegeπŸ’›
corynickols : What an honor to be with all of you!! Thank you Alethia and Danni for the vision and inspiration of the night!
anairgzz - myminimallife - leahbaena - denisahv -
Excited for @destiny_rescue documentary to start @ohfshop πŸ‘­πŸ‘­πŸ‘­ #destinyrescue #endslavery #ohfshop #stophumantrafficking #pataya #thailand #rescuers #isaiah58 #makeadifference #ohhellofriend #takeastand #togetherwecan
togetherwecan - ohhellofriend - pataya - ohfshop - stophumantrafficking - makeadifference - destinyrescue - takeastand - endslavery - isaiah58 - thailand - rescuers -
mefergason : Love this!
alethialov : Thank you for coming!!
iwearheart : And thank you for hosting such a wonderful event! It was good to see you again @alethialov πŸ’›β€οΈ
corynickols : THANK YOU Dani and @alethialov for having @destiny_rescue out to bring to light the issue of child sexual slavery and what we are doing to fight against it. It was such an honor!
corynickols - alethialov - mefergason - cynthiazepeda1 -
Tonight we'll be writing letters to survivors of human trafficking at #ohfshop. The letters in this photo are from last year's awareness night - they were sent to and given to encourage these brave women who have been rescued out of some of the most unimaginable evil i can think of. If you're in the area and free tonight, come join us. No need to RSVP! 6:00-8:30 p.m, 122 N Harbor Blvd Fullerton, 92832.
ohfshop -
vmraisch : @caseyelofson
caseyelofson : @vmraisch oh wow! I love this. ❀️
uyenneruyenner : I wish I could go! But I don't want to get anyone sick. Have an amazing event! Sending my love to the survivors and attendees and organizers!
lauritb : How did it go? 🌹
ynobia_park : Great work!!
stephwaung : @lindap313
barquegifts : @ohhellofriend love that you do this - how can we help??
paperepiphanies : Love this!
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Valentines Day is quickly approaching and we're in love with this darling "love love" necklace! It's the perfect gift for your sweetheart or bestie. πŸ’•
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ohfshop : #ValentinesDay #love #inlove #necklace #jewelry #gold #simple #accessory #thatsdarling #ABMHappylife #ABMLifeisColorful #shopsmall #ohfshop #igers #photooftheday #ohhellofriend #instadaily #thehappynow #livecolorfully #livethelittlethings #pursuepretty #popsofcolor #dailydoseofwhimsy #colorgram #closeup
laurenwdavis : @stdavis99 I want this, please? πŸ’‹
hjadams : @nataliescottw
walkertwins : How much & do you ship?
ohfshop : Hi @walkertwins! This necklace is $12.25 and is only available in store. πŸ’•
lissshhhaaa : wow!
walkertwins : Ahhh, such a bummer! Wish I was closer.
elitedecorbysns : Love
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Really looking forward to our TAKE A STAND - human trafficking awareness event this Thursday at #OHFSHOP. We're also doing a raffle fundraiser with tons of prizes you can win from all the incredible brands you see pictured here. Raffle tickets can be purchased at the shop, winner does not need to be present to win. All proceeds raised from this event οΌ‹ raffle will go to @destiny_rescue as they daily work to rescue those in modern day slavery. The average cost it takes to free a child from sexual slavery or exploitation and put them into a safe home is $1,500. Friends, will you partner with us to raise this money and rescue a child? If you're local to Orange County or Los Angeles, please join us for this powerful night where we'll hear from someone who has been on the front lines of rescuing girls right out of the places that have kept them in bondage. The event is this Thursday from 6:00-8:30 p.m. - information and RSVP at: ❀
ohfshop -
happy_micah : Wow ✨
hayley_bee_ : I'm in! πŸ™‹πŸΌ @aabeets
perfecthairties : @dannihong I'd love to donate products to this event or a future one!
brianndorris : Amazing!
nordicfoxshop : Happy to be a part of this giveaway for such a deserving cause πŸ’›
jessicamkim : @mamaaa_g
heyjenbae : @ms.le
ms.le : @heyjenbae I see Rifle paper co. stuff πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™
brxnds_ - e.kymchi - samayamoment - lostinthevillage -
A special raffle fundraiser is going on at @ohfshop this Thursday from 6-8:30p.m. There are 12 prizes from awesome brands including some of our 12 oz. candles. All proceeds from the raffle will be donated to the fight against human trafficking. Go to the original post on @ohfshop for more info ✨ #ohfshop #ohfshopgiveaway #giveaway #endhumantrafficking #soycandles
giveaway - ohfshop - ohfshopgiveaway - soycandles - endhumantrafficking -
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In my Sunday's best, my hole-y Sunday pantalones πŸ˜‚ Been totally avoiding this #20beautifulwomen tag because I've been feeling so gross and insecure buuuttt screw it, better late than never. Here's one for you ladies, @franzi_yogi @chinacat_sunflwr & @linneaskywalker ! I don't think I should be tagged in this but uhmm I'm totally flattered. You beautiful ladies are the sweetest 😘 Thanks for thinking of me girls. If you're tagged feel free to post if you haven't already! Wish I could tag everyone cause everyone deserves to feel beautiful! And you all are 😍 Kisses πŸ’‹ #selfie #selfiesunday #ootd #outfit #igoutfit #style #igstyle #whatiwore #wiw #inmycloset #fashion #igfashion #fashionista #fashiondiaries #motd #makeup #sunnies #rayban #brandymelville #brandymelvilleusa #levis #ohfshop #la #losangeles #ca #california @rayban @brandymelvilleusa @levis @ohfshop #paidextratohaveextralargeholesinmypants
fashion - selfiesunday - inmycloset - selfie - makeup - outfit - wiw - losangeles - california - ootd - sunnies - igfashion - rayban - style - fashiondiaries - igstyle - la - paidextratohaveextralargeholesinmypants - motd - fashionista - whatiwore - ohfshop - levis - igoutfit - 20beautifulwomen - brandymelville - ca - brandymelvilleusa -
jnugggz : omg thank u:33 you're beautiful!πŸŽ‰
jj_pernqvist : Thank you for tagging me cutie! You're truly amazing and inspiring! Please keep up your wonderful work soul sister, I'm you big fan! πŸ˜˜πŸ’•πŸ’πŸ™πŸΌπŸ™πŸΌπŸ™πŸΌ
emmagrvs : Thanks 😍😘
da_via_yoga : You are so gorgeous ❀️
krisxtine216 : @jnugggz @jj_pernqvist @emmagrvs @da_via_yoga you are all true beauties 😍😘❀️
queeniephair : Babe you are gorgeous and totally inspiring!! But even the best of us can feel a bit off sometimes.. Hope you feel better soon! Sending you lots of love! And thanks for the tag, I'm flattered! 😘😘😘😘😘😘
shanti_love10 : Stopppp.. you are beautifulll girl!! πŸ˜€πŸ’—πŸ’•
krisxtine216 : @queeniephair @shanti_love10 much love to you girls!! 😘😘😘 - happypage20 - aryn.cameron -
Fun times at the @ohfshop flower workshop πŸ’• #ohfshop #community #bedeeplyrooted
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sophiarose.home : #paperflowers #workshops #oc #southerncalifornia #weddingdecor #flowerworkshop #communityovercompetition #risingtidesociety #pursuepretty #livethelittlethings #thehappynow #thenativecreative #thatsdarling #california #fullerton #bebold #learnsomethingnew #sophiarosehome #nurserydecor #wallflowers #wallart #crepepaperflowers
m.freidline_ : That's so cool!
sophiarose.home : It was fun @m.freidline_ !
miss_vivian69 - telavivcouture - _j.scarlett_ - glitzylady02 -
We had the loveliest going away party for our OHF girl @savannahrenee! Missing her and this beautiful set up already! πŸ“· by @marissaosswald
thehappynow - abmlifeiscolorful - goingawayparty - livethelittlethings - igers - colorinspiration - instadaily - thatsdarling - event - ohhellofriend - livecolorfully - dailydoseofwhimsy - abmlifeissweet - ohf - instagood - abmlifeisbeautiful - pursuepretty - popsofcolor - ohfshop - darlingweekend - abmhappylife -
hellochloemarie : Oh ❀ this!!
ohfshop : #ABMLifeisBeautiful #goingawayparty #event #ABMLifeisColorful #ABMLifeisSweet #thatsdarling #thehappynow #igers #darlingweekend #instagood #instadaily #ABMhappylife #livecolorfully #livethelittlethings #pursuepretty #popsofcolor #colorinspiration #dailydoseofwhimsy #ohf #ohfshop #ohhellofriend
czugrun : @savannahrenee I left you a little goodbye something at the shop! Hope it finds you eventually haha ♥
angeyvonne : @letty5511 @tfig1 @calicarlita22 @miss_shancorleone cute decor!
shetalkstoflowers : @lil_franks
auroremcb : πŸ‘Œ
calicarlita22 : @angeyvonne I freaking love that!! So adorable!
miss_shancorleone : This is perfect!!! @angeyvonne
iferjen_ - cheavire - lillyngreen - shinekindness -
It's Friday – we made it, friends! And we're swooning over this adorable shelf featuring our @ohhellofriend patterned tape! This super cute #regram comes from crafter and blogger @amandarydell – Check her out at! If you IG our products be sure to include the hashtag #SharemyOHFShop and you might see your photo on our feed!
regram - crafter - colorful - cute - blogger - ohf - styled - home - sharemyohfshop - thatsdarling - instadaily - repost - pastel - ohhellofriend - ohfshop - abmlifeiscolorful - picoftheday - photooftheday -
ohfshop : #crafter #blogger #styled #repost #ohf #ohfshop #ohhellofriend #picoftheday #photooftheday #instadaily #cute #home #thatsdarling #ABMLifeisColorful #colorful #pastel
linenandink : Oh hey @katygirldesigns
katygirldesigns : 😊❀️
museumfullerton : Love this! πŸ₯
happynfull : This store ! @cheriexjeska
ellierosewitt - cheavire - christina.rdr - natureinspireddesigns -
#ohfshop #fullerton #downtown
downtown - ohfshop - fullerton -
veiled_sophia : μ΄μ˜λ‹€ λ‹€ 쒅이야?
sophiarose.home - atelier.j - lini129 - sinae.5 -
#ohfshop #fullerton #downtown
downtown - ohfshop - fullerton -
atelier.j - veiled_sophia - cfo_banksale - twilighthookahlounge -
ν•œμͺ½μ—” 원데이 ν΄λž˜μŠ€κ°€ μ—΄λ¦¬λŠ” κ³΅κ°„πŸ‘πŸΌ #ohfshop #fullerton #downtown
downtown - ohfshop - fullerton -
veiled_sophia : μ—¬κΈ° κΈ°μ—½λ‹€. μ˜μ€μ•„ λ‹ˆκ°€ μžˆλŠ”λ°κ°€ μ–΄λ””μ•Ό? γ…Ž λ‚΄κ°€ μΈμŠ€νƒ€ μ“Έλ°μ—†λŠ”κ±° νŒ”λ‘œμš°λ₯Ό λ„ˆλ¬΄ λ§ˆλ‹ˆ ν•΄μ„œ γ…‹γ…‹γ…‹γ…‹ 남에꺼λ₯Ό 거의 λͺ»λ΄μ„œ λ‹ˆκΊΌλ‘ μ΄μ œλ΄€λ‹€ γ…‹
youngeun1022 : @summer_breeezy μ—¬κΈ° λ„˜ μ’‹μ•™γ…‹γ…‹γ…‹μ—°λ“€μ•Ό~ λ‚˜ μΊ˜λ¦¬ν¬λ‹ˆμ•„ μ˜€λ Œμ§€μΉ΄μš΄ν‹°μ— 있였!!!!
veiled_sophia : @youngeun1022 γ…‹γ…‹μ•„ κΈ€μΏ λ‚˜. κΈ€κ³  μΆ”μΉ΄ν•΄ γ…‹γ…‹γ…‹γ…‹γ…‹γ…‹ λ―Όλ§ν•˜λ„€. γ…‹γ…‹γ…‹γ…‹γ…‹ λ‚΄κ°€ κ·Έμͺ½ 갈일이 μžˆκΈ°λŠ” ν•œλ°.. μ–Έμ œ κ°€κ²Œλ˜λ©΄ κ±°κΈ°μ„œ κΌ­ 보자 γ…Žγ…Ž @cali !!
youngeun1022 : @summer_breeezy γ…‹γ…‹γ…‹κ³ λ§ˆμ›Œ μ—°λ“€μ•ΌπŸ˜† 응응!! 였게되면 κΌ­ 봐야징 γ…‹γ…‹μ—¬κΈ°μ„œ λ§Œλ‚˜λ©΄ μ—„μ²­ 웃길듯!!γ…‹γ…‹
veiled_sophia : @youngeun1022 γ…‹γ…‹γ…‹γ…‹γ…‹κ·ΈλŸ¬κ²Œ γ…‹γ…‹γ…‹γ…‹
sarah_ku : I taught calligraphy here for 6 months! :)
youngeun1022 : @sarah_ku yeah!! We thoungt and said "Sarah ku도 μ—¬κΈ°μ„œ class ν–ˆμ—ˆμ„κ²ƒ κ°™μ•„" γ…‹γ…‹ λ©‹μ Έμš”πŸ‘πŸΌ
atelier.j - understood_brothers - calivinowinepub - artistgon -
Today we're celebrating one of our favorite days – #NationalHugDay! So we thought this print was the perfect way to sum up today's rules. Leave the frowns at home and go hug some people for us!
artprint - colorful - abmlifeiscolorful - ohf - yellow - words - thatsdarling - freehugs - ohhellofriend - flowers - nationalhuggingday - nationalhugday - picoftheday - hugs - print - smile - ohfshop - fuzzyfeelings - photooftheday -
bluebird_supply : I gotta have that!
ynobia_park : Oh my goodness. ..this is the cutest sign, love it!!
jeanhardie : @elizadiament going to print this out and give it to mom to bring with me everywhere
ohfshop : #nationalhuggingday #freehugs #flowers #yellow #thatsdarling #ABMLifeisColorful #colorful #hugs #smile #fuzzyfeelings #picoftheday #photooftheday #ohfshop #ohhellofriend #print #artprint #words #ohf
youandyoursfinevintage : Beautiful!
ohfshop : Thanks for the love, @youandyoursfinevintage! :)
shylahwalks - denisahv - primandpaper - papermooncollective -
jan 20 put the finishing touches on my new @ohfshop workshop packet!!! πŸ€“ ✱ my January workshop is all sold out (πŸ™†πŸ» eek!!) but you can still sign up for Feb 20th from 2-4pm or March 19th from 1-3pm at β™‘
handlettering - sunletteringworkshop - ohfshop - handletteringworkshop -
sunlettering : #sunletteringworkshop #handletteringworkshop #handlettering #ohfshop
melaniespoon : Woo!! 😁
xojaye : @18_hearts
gracieyousef : I'm so glad there's a packet!
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Crazy Friday night over here #ohhellofriend #macrame
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wino63 : Love this! I may need one@mishafrench
cmlepstein : Takes me back to junior high #70s
larkandarrow : So glad to have you in the class!! ☺️
larkandarrow : Ps do you mind if I maybe share this?
mishafrench : @larkandarrow please do!!
apprvl : πŸ’™
sarah_lit : Yes! Wanna do this! πŸ‘†πŸΌπŸ’•
mishafrench : @sarah_lit do you live in orange co? The next class is In March it's so fun!
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Workshop life. #macrame
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lefmle : Oooh are you serious...I've been wanting to go there for a (any) class!! Enjoy!
mishafrench : #ohfshop
mishafrench : @lefmle soooooooo good! Come with me to the next one in Feb!
lefmle : @mishafrench oooh, yes..what's the date? That would be fun!
mishafrench : @lefmle feb 5
lefmle : @mishafrench gonna sign up today!
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Bedroom #westelm #ohfshop #diy #thatsdarling #hats #succulents #mywestelm
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im_luke_andrew : I like your fan. It better not take my place as your #1 fan.
allicansee : Nothing could ever take your place as my #1 fan! And I totally jacked it from @chelseaannscott_ :) she has such great taste
lisaliberatore : I love it!!
amanda.gallinger : Very nice :)
austinflowermarket : ✌
allicansee : Thanks @tracyreinard, @nelle_nicole, @teen_bop, @lisaliberatore, and @amanda.gallinger! You women have incredible style and are always an inspiration!
kathlady : YAASSS @allicansee 😍 we need a date soon 🍦
allicansee : Yes we do @kathlady! Let's plan something soon!
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Monday's are rough. But this helps.
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emily_hinde : πŸ’•
jennamarieclark : #ohfshop #thehappynow #thatsdarling #thenativeheart #theeverydayproject #peoplescreative #socality #flashesofdelight #fromwhereistand #godostuff #happenings #livefolk #livecreative #liveauthentic #liveintentionally #lovethelifeyoulive #creativehappenings #vsco #vscocam #vscogood #nothingisordinary #mybeautifulmess #gimmeallthethings
melraeshel : Amen, sista' ;) <3
thesocialsociety : Omg YES! πŸ™Œ
specialdayagency : πŸ‘
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when your purchases remind you to get it together πŸ‘Œ"be productive, don't waste time, be kind, let it go, make it happen, love one another" #mondaymotivation #mondayz #ohfshop
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vibratehollywood : πŸ’—
_drnadia_ : @vibratehollywood πŸ’›πŸ’›
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Caligraphy 101. #caligraphy #ohfshop #ohhellofriend #newhobby
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kate_irl : Yay you guys did it! Wasn't it awesome?
joeagogo : What? Where do I take this calligraphy course?
pengelon : @kate_irl It was fun!
kgu : Ooooh I wanna do this!
ohhemmgee : I wanna do this too!
masteroftravel : Nice
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