Some words for you lovely humans to brighten your weekendπŸ’­
jaaaay.rose : I love ohhellofriend! 😍
carmenhodgsonn : I love
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A big congrats to @alethialov for being a part of this cute shop😊 I can't wait to visit you & buy more cute stuffπŸ˜­πŸ’– #ohfshop #ohhellofriend #postitfortheaesthetic #thatsdarling #bedeeplyrooted #cute #folkliving #liveauthentic #solovelysofree #socality
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adairbird : I love this all!
alethialov : Ahhhh, thank you so much!!!😍😘
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:: Because when you're in one of your favorite shops and you're surrounded by the prettiest stationery+dried flowers you have ever seen, you must treat yo'self. It is law πŸ’
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theuncommonplace : #ohhellofriend #ohfshop #treatyoself #flowers #driedflowers #bouquet #craspedia #purple #abmhappylife #abmlifeiscolorful #adventures #fullerton
ohhellofriend : @theuncommonplace I like this law ☺️ thank you for capturing such beautiful shots of the shop. It's easy to just come and go when I'm there every day and miss certain aspects but I love seeing new perspectives from others! Love your work!
theuncommonplace : @ohhellofriend Of course! I get caught up in daily routines all the time, but I've learned to open my eyes and see the beauty in the everyday! Appreciate the little details in life, they're often the best things! 😊 also thank you for having the CUTEST shop to ever! Definitely always inspiring me with new stationery design ideas! If I could live in your store, I totally would
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:: Yes, I am ☺️
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theuncommonplace : #ohhellofriend #ohfshop #cuteness #icanthandleit #nothingbutshoeshots #notsorry #flowers #craspedia #quote #inspiration #adventures
murryclurr : ☺️
risse616 : @emarieswan this quote is for you, friend!
amandambell : TOTALLY needed this message today. 😊
cxmxrxnlxx : Thanks for this!
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Yes! Today, let's do this. All of it! πŸ™Œ Have a beautiful Wednesday! | #ohfshop #ohhellofriend
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thepolishedpress : #happywednesday #happyhumpday #positivevibes #bekind #dowork #greatwork #today #behappy #motivated #loveoneanother
thepolishedpress : #makeithappen #GSDgetshitdone #humpday
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I am so happy to announce that I will be joining the oh, hello friend team! 😍 #ohfshop #ohhellofriend
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riapants : I'm so proud and excited for you!!!
charisseegreen : Ahhh I'll have to visit when I'm home! I love that store!😍
rebeccajeanrawr : My friend @alethialov is going to be working there too!
alethialov : Oh hey! We met at the interview – we worked on that setup together! Hahaha☺️ Yay, so happy you got it, too!!
savannahrenee : @riapants Thank you! 😽
savannahrenee : @charisseegreen Yes! I miss you! 😊 @rebeccajeanrawr Oh, yeah! I remember her! @alethialov Happy for you too! Can't wait to work together πŸ‘Œ
themovement : 😍
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Overjoyed because today God gave me a new job opportunity (at #ohfshop) 6 minutes away from home. I'm so excited to be on a mission in this city to relentlessly love the people Jesus first loved. Life is exciting. Celebrating creativity, storytelling, and the Maker of all things – one thousand times over.
ohfshop -
_bem18 : This is wonderful 😊
alethialov : @_bem18 Yesss, thank you!☺️
_daily_grace_ : Follow usπŸ™
creoleladydeej : Awesome congrats. It's so you!
alethialov : @creoleladydeej thank you, sweet friend! My home misses you already. But my heart more soπŸ’›
arleney_c : yeah!!
arleney_c : by the way i got a new phone can you shoot me a text please lady :T
alethialov : @arleney_c yes!
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🌏Oh darling, lets be adventurers ✈️ Made a DIY cover for my Midori! #emmasjournal
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paperpanduh : #planner #midoritravelersnotebook #plannersupplies #paperlover #erincondren #plannernerd #plannerlife #filofax #kikkik #hobonichi #journal #kawaii #washi #travelersnote #travelersnotebook #midori #journal #diy #travel #traveljournal #ohhellofriend #ohfshop
inspiredblush : Omggggg
michelle.n_n : you r adorbs ! and thaaat gold washi ! ah
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In search of a little inspiration today and I found it in Fullerton πŸ’˜ @OHHELLOFRIEND has some amazing workshops and weekly craft nights at their shop. What better opportunity to get creative and inspired! #new skills #crafting #Fullerton #SettlingIntoSoCalLife #OHFWORKSHOP
crafting - settlingintosocallife - ohfworkshop - new - ohfshop - fullerton -
chambredesucre : Thanks to @shiftingstatuskuo for recommending this gem πŸ’Ž πŸ˜‰
shiftingstatuskuo : @chambredesucre isn't it darling?! Glad you like it and can't wait to meet you soon πŸ˜‰
chambredesucre : #ohfshop Thanks for all the goodies today @ohfshop 🌸
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Missed our seating area? Well it's back! Sit back and relax, we'll be open everyday of the week πŸ˜‰
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ohfshop : #ohfshop #ohhellofriend
guyblanco : 😍
lilpocketsera : @alex_cv
ivyhwang : Love the lighting in this photo!!
beveezy : @john_reyes
ohfshop : 😘😘 @guyblanco @lilpocketsera @ivyhwang @beveezy @john_reyes
koonsie : This would actually be a cute sidetable @dotkoons
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Tillandsia, also known as an air plant, is one of the easiest plant to take care of! We have all different sizes from small to extra large and also sea urchin air plants 🌱
ohfshop - tillandsia - airplant - ohhellofriend -
ohfshop : #ohfshop #ohhellofriend #tillandsia #airplant
whimsyandwild : Air plants are the best.
ohfshop : @whimsyandwild love them!!
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#ohfshop #candlemakingworkshop #love #feelingfree #superexcited
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Thanks, I am (at least, trying to follow my dreams) | 🌿😌🌿
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my valentine to my boys. can love day always be on a saturday? πŸ’•
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shererjoy : I love that butter dish! Where did you find it?
calikatrina : @shererjoy from @ohhellofriend @ohfshop 😘
calikatrina : #ohfshop #anthropologie
sarachelbella : I was thinking the same thing! Let's change it to Saturday every year!
citystarmama : on my waaaaay! hashtag I wish 😩😘
emksweeney : Holy cow. Best mama ever award
calikatrina : #ABMlifeissweet
candicerwilliams : I want!!
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HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY FRIENDS! You are loved, today and everyday! Hope you have a wonderful day today. ps: the #ohfshop is fully stocked: stop in for a card, sparkler, or gift for your special someone! We're also offering affordable floral bouquets from @JennyBFloralDesign! Open 11:00-7:00 today.
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cynlastudio : Gorgeous selection!
bohemecircus : what a beautiful selection , oh yes I love it  !
uppdoo : Happy Valentine's day! #bags #leatherbag #fashion #handmade #design #style #trend #Valentine #studio #love #follower #follow #followus
inhonorofdesign : ❀️❀️
mmgray7 : @marisakrumbein @shanshan805 I will be working
skippee : So many cute goodies! Happy Valentine's Day!
marisakrumbein : @mmgray7 πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„
marketmemgmt : Nice shot!
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Happy Valentine's Day friends!!!Celebrate someone special in your life with a beautiful bouquet from our shop today, courtesy of our wonderful neighbors @jennybforaldesign. Bouquets are priced at $7, $10, $15, and $30. #ohfshop #flowers #jennybfloaldesign #valentines #bouquet
bouquet - ohfshop - flowers - valentines - jennybfloaldesign -
jandlcope : What time do you open today?
ohfshop : We open at 11am @jandlcope
willowandpine : @alanxmichael
thedirtycookieoc : Happy Valentine's Day from The Dirty Cookie OC!
gatsbylives : @ohfshop stopped in for some last-minute cards today and you guys were packed! So great to see so many folks shopping local!!πŸ’•
victoria_xoxo_ : I am absolutely in love with all of your merchandise! And am so thrilled to know you guys are so close to me! :)
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Feelin' cute in polka dot pants and my #ohfshop temporary tattoo today. πŸ’› There is inspiration everywhere.
ohfshop -
rjtkdblackbelt8 : Great seeing you the other night!!! You're stunning and LOVE the tattoo!!!
katwise_the_brave : I LOVE Oh Hello Friend!!!
savannahrenee : @rjtkdblackbelt8 It was absolutely amazing to see you too! I was so happy to finally see your pretty face in person! 😊
savannahrenee : @katwise_the_brave Me too! They make my crafty girly heart happy. πŸ’–
katwise_the_brave : My heart wishes it was crafty when I go in there!
savannahrenee : @katwise_the_brave Haha! You're silly. πŸ˜‚ Buy a card and pretend πŸ‘
katwise_the_brave : That's what I do! πŸ˜‰
savannahrenee : @katwise_the_brave They fulfill every need!
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we're stocked at #ohfshop with gorgeous arrangements for your special someone from @jennybfloraldesign choose from $7, $10, $15, and $30 bouquets. stop in today and tomorrow! #valentines #shopsmall #shoplocal #jennybfloaldesign #flowers
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mcmammma : Love this!!
loveandwhiskey : When are u opening at Union Market Tustin???
lionlizz - cldlrness - disney_stitch1 - thepaperpeddler -
Thank you @ohhellofriend for the gifts! Love them !! I was really happy to work together with your company. Thank you!! 😍✨ ✨ #ohhellofriend #ohfshop #vintage #vscogrid #art #design #artwalk #gift #thankyou #friend #happy #studio #livefolk #liveauthenic #dryflower#candle
art - artwalk - dryflower - thankyou - studio - candle - vscogrid - ohhellofriend - gift - vintage - ohfshop - livefolk - liveauthenic - design - friend - happy -
ohfshop : Thank you for for being our artwalk artist for this month! It was a pleasure meeting you and seeing your work in person!!! Thank you for the beautiful prints!!!
joohelen : @ohfshop I had really good time ! Thank you ! : )
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Stop by oh hello friend for your last minute Valentine's Day gifts for a friend or loved one! Our candles and magnets are in stock along with tons of great cards, gift items and my favorite, sparklers! #ohfshop #nordicfoxshop
ohfshop - nordicfoxshop -
sylviapark115 : Hi! Saw that you do workshops at OHF. I can't attend either of the ones you're offering this weekend! Any chance you do workshops at a different location or are there any other workshops coming up soon?
nordicfoxshop : Hi @sylviapark115. I currently only teach workshops at oh hello friend. They should be adding additional dates for the month of March though! I would check the website again next week.
sylviapark115 : @nordicfoxshop Thanks for your response! I'm going to your Friday one! I said WHATEVER, I'm going to be late to a birthday dinner after your workshop but I need some self-loving this week and I'm super excited for your workshop! I invited a friend so we will see you on Friday! Yay! Cheers from a stressed out elementary school teacher who needs some fun and candles in her life. See you soon! : )
nordicfoxshop : Great glad you guys can make it! @sylviapark115
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Valentine's is this Saturday! We're partnering up with the amazing @jennybfloraldesign and offering budget-friendly flower bouquets at #ohfshop this Friday & Saturday. (price points will be $7, $10, $15, and $30!) Limited quantities available, so hurry in! :)
ohfshop -
ashleemorton : @brkdalebullies πŸ˜‚β€οΈ
serenasparkles : @steventreglia
paperjar : I'll tell my husband!!
xkillerxkitten : @icem tell berty
icem : @berty809
jessica_denges : @rebecca_marie_d
catsgap : @dreaagarcia_ :)))))
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you are exactly where you need to be, yes you are. (floor decal at #ohfshop) #encourage #inspire
ohfshop - encourage - inspire -
erin_thibodeau : @sweetbean
mjallthewayy : @lia_dalpini Thank you. I really needed this.
bohemecircus : @ohhellofriend thank you, I like the good mood and the good vibrations of these words !
lalagracepaper : Love that this Declan is on the floor, how perfect! One day I'm going to make it out west and visit your shop in person!
lorenlovesvintage : @cjbmama7606
lemonsandtwine : Love this! @ohhellofriend
j.r.phillips : @tinaecarroll πŸ‘πŸ‘†
ashlinmai : @rowdy_goudy
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Looking through some pictures from our paper flower workshop this past weekend at @ohfshop @ohhellofriend loving the colors! Don't miss out on our next ones! #letsmakeflowers #handmadebysarakim
paperflowers - datenight - fullerton - ohhellofriend - flowermaking - paper - paperflower - flowers - flowergarland - paperleaves - crafting - flower - orangecounty - oc - craftnight - ohfshop - handmade - gno - handmadebysarakim - workshop - papercrafts - chalkboard - crafts - letsmakeflowers - events - diy -
handmadebysarakim : #paperleaves #paperflowers #paperflower #paper #papercrafts #chalkboard #crafts #crafting #craftnight #workshop #ohhellofriend #ohfshop #oc #fullerton #orangecounty #events #gno #datenight #flowers #flowermaking #flower #flowergarland #diy #handmade
reggiculous : Sara! I went to michaels to look for the stems and couldn't find them :( where do you get them? :)
handmadebysarakim : @reggiculous they have it at michaels at the floral section or joanns. It's usually near the floral tape and mini rocks, moss etc. You could probably ask a worker for floral wire.
baesiksounds : Love it!
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Let's roll. 🍣 #sushi #ohfshop
ohfshop - sushi -
larrysaysrelax : Omg. I need that
champagnekiller : Lol
jeaniebeanss : Lol @tinaluuuuu @anna_lin
anna_lin : @jeaniebeanss I love it!!!
_biscuitandhoney : Lol love this
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Only couple spots left for Modern Calligraphy class this Friday! Reserve your spot & learn from @monvoircalligraphy from 6-9pm on 2/13
ohhellofriend - calligraphy - ohfshop - ohfworkshop -
ohfshop : #ohhellofriend #ohfshop #ohfworkshop #calligraphy
aevans : @beanbag80 want to go??
co0langel - aekietzman - swirleygooey - fox_in_lace -
Calligraphy workshop with @artbysarahku is completely full! Be sure to sign up for the 3/7 class early to reserve your spot! All information and sign ups can be found online :)
ohhellofriend - skuworkshop - ohfworkshop - ohfshop - calligraphy - creative -
ohfshop : #ohfshop #ohfworkshop #ohhellofriend #calligraphy #skuworkshop #creative
oneclassydish : I have been searching all around my local area for something exactly like this! & I finally found one! I have been wanting to learn calligraphy! 😍
ohfshop : Perfect!! So glad to hear that :) @oneclassydish
co0langel - johanna.ek - purepaperny - katetaylormade -
#calligraphy time! βœ’οΈ perfecting our technique! #ohhellofriend #ohfshop #skuworkshop
ohhellofriend - calligraphy - ohfshop - skuworkshop -
jchangart : Rrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
haokaren : Fun! I got a calligraphy kit for XMAS but haven't gotten to use it yet!
daphnezly : Is it too late to start practicing for the first time in my life? 😒
reggiculous : @daphnezly never too late! Lots of fun but so hard! My hands keep cramping up! :P
kennygomolpl - haokaren - tjeon23 - hadokenneth -
First workshop of the year sold out and was a success! So much fun, don't miss our next ones coming up #letsmakeflowers #handmadebysarakim @ohhellofriend @ohfshop
crafter - paperflowers - oc - ohhellofriend - flowermaking - wedding - paperflower - bridalparty - flowers - crafting - flower - orangecounty - craftnight - ohfshop - fullerton - handmadebysarakim - bride - workshop - papercrafts - crafts - bridal - letsmakeflowers - events -
deewinslow : πŸ‘πŸ‘
dandeliongreens : @emim12
masweettooth : Omg! Can believe I missed it!!!
paperozy : I'd like to learn your style... But I am living Turkey... How can it possible?! 😭😣 :) @handmadebysarakim
oohlieandaahlie : Is that garland on the front table also paper @handmadebysarakim ??
handmadebysarakim : @oohlieandaahlie yes it is paper 😊
handmadebysarakim : @masweettooth we have other classes coming soon, check out our events page☺️
handmadebysarakim : @paperozy thank you ! I have tutorials on my blog~
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Having so much fun at the paper flower workshop with @handmadebysarakim! If you missed today's class, sign up for the next one on 3/13 from 5-7pm. All workshop information and sign ups can be found online πŸ’
floral - ohhellofriend - workshop - ohfworkshop - paperflower - ohfshop - creative -
deedeemotique : @richeysmama let's do this for our next BFF date night!
serenasparkles : When is the next morning date?!
katie_eliza_ : @maddyygrayy so cute!!
ohfshop : @serenasparkles please check online for the schedule for all our classes :)
pandapapoose : @kelleennotcolleen
simplejoy9 : @kathymcjulian For your wedding! Should take the class!!
richeysmama : @mom2deangelina
handmadebysarakim : ☺️😍
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Set up dessert table for anniversary event at work. #styling #food #ohfshop #decorations
food - ohfshop - styling - decorations -
ponderswander : Turned out so good!
cassiedjohnson : Looks awesome!
ohhellofriend : @allicansee I really do love your styling skills, the shop looked amazing! πŸ‘πŸ‘ŠπŸ‘ πŸ™Œ
ohhellofriend - ane4ka1796 - bethanybolt1 - gardenofroses4 -
Join us !! 😁✨✨✨ --------------------------------- #artprint #design #illustration #art #painting #drawing #collage #gouache #studio #vintage #joohelen #poster #dt #fullerton #fullertonartwalk #popupshop #vscogrid #ohhellofriend #ohfshop #stationary #card #originalart #pattern #helenjoo
artprint - art - fullertonartwalk - collage - poster - joohelen - gouache - popupshop - design - illustration - helenjoo - dt - vscogrid - card - ohhellofriend - originalart - vintage - ohfshop - fullerton - painting - pattern - studio - stationary - drawing -
soyounlee : κ°‘λ‹ˆλ‹Ή~~~
joohelen : @soyounlee 😍✨
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Besides my addiction to nail polish I also love a good bag or purse. This one was definitely hard to resist today at #OhHelloFriend but I did. πŸ™ But of course I found something else to buy. 😊 Happy 2nd Anniversary @ohfshop πŸ’›πŸŽ‰πŸŽŠπŸŽˆπŸ° #ohfshop
ohhellofriend - ohfshop -
radar39 : A girl can never have too many purses or shoes! πŸ‘œπŸ‘ πŸ’œ
lifeuncurled : I agree! @radar39
radar39 - narmmon - kksofierce - amandarn3 -
Happy 2nd Anniversary @ohhellofriend ! πŸŽ‰πŸŽˆ I can spend hours and hours here...thank you! ☺️ @ohfshop #ohfshop #2ndanniversary #thebest #ohhellofriend
thebest - ohfshop - 2ndanniversary - ohhellofriend -
jgaste : My fave!!
esther_j_kim : πŸ˜πŸ‘
mrskatherinejimenez : You're obsessed haha!
esther_j_kim : ^ I agree!!!😊
samanthageee : @mrskatherinejimenez Esther started it! πŸ˜‚ @esther_j_kim
esther_j_kim : @samanthageee @mrskatherinejimenez My apologies!!πŸ˜”πŸ˜Š
steph_224 - stylingstartshere - linda__franco86 - david9691 -
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