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ohfshop : Learn how to craft your own paper flowers! Workshops by @handmadebysarakim are happening 10/24 & 11/14. Spaces are limited so sign up for your spot online at ohhellofriend.com/workshops
plaidpoppy : Gorgeous!!
ohfshop : #ohfshop #ohfworkshop #ohhellofriend #creative #paperflower #diy
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Learn how to make these adorable hanging himmeli terrariums! Come join us for Kelsey Cooper's workshop and take home 3 geometric mobile planters of your own along with some air plants! Class is limited so sign up online now for 10/25 and 11/13 workshops
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sesameshoe : @jennhsu704
ohfshop : #ohfshop #ohfworkshop #ohhellofriend #creative #airplant #diy
koonsie : @dotkoons wish u were here we could do this!
katepewthers : @sambarrett6 want to do this with me?
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Instantly transform your desk with our new Love More Worry Less candle and some adorable finds from @ohfshop and @homegoods. #ohfshop #ohhellofriend #homegoodshappy #homegoods #customcandles #lovemore #nandndesigns #love #airplant #sunshine #targetstyle #target
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huge #OHFSHOP moving sale next week - all this stuff will be 50% off! question: would you guys rather have the sale be on a weekday (morning or evening) or a weekend? trying to decide when to set the date/time! thanks ;)
ohfshop -
theindefatigablebeth : GOING @breannawong
campfirechic : @irisgenevieve3 let's go
koonsie : So when is this?! Hoping for weekend!
irisgenevieve3 : @campfirechic yes, let's!
_nessyg : Omg let's go πŸ‘πŸ‘ @sammychance @heidemariee @elsieejoan
heidemariee : @_nessyg @sammychance @elsieejoan πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
lars.lori : The weekend would be great!
melanie_melgar : Weekend, please (:
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Learn how to make your own scented candles at our workshop this thursday! Sign up for a spot at ohhellofriend.com/workshops & Thanks @joekathrina for this photo #ohfshop #ohfworkshop
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emptynest : Come up to Fresno and open a shop!! I will work for you and take all of your awesome classes!!!
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it's hard to believe it's been 2 years since #ohfshop opened! this was a great space for our first shop, but I'm excited to move to a slightly bigger space where we can hold workshops in the same space as the shop! Stay tuned for a HUGE shop moving sale announcement! :)
ohfshop -
katieneesham : We still need to stop by your shop.
ohhellofriend : @cyskb @annemijnkroon aw thank you! That would be a dream to open in Singapore or the Netherlands! Maybe one day! :)
ohhellofriend : @katieneesham yes!! You're closer now! Let's all 3 of us do lunch @lillian_chang!! :)
kmgillespie81 : @ohhellofriend meet @fallenoakdesigns !!!
kathrinadiane : @ohhellofriend eek YES we are!!!!! 😊 thank you friend!!! seriously, I hope we can hang out soon!
cyskb : @ohhellofriend make that dream happen now! But really... Your stuff looks very pretty. Different. Pple will love them. Kikkik and Typo does very well here!
daveandkeri : So proud of you Roomie!!!
katieneesham : @ohhellofriend yes let's plan on that when we get back from Thailand next month:)
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A few more workshops added with @ohhellofriend @ohfshop check our workshops page for details link in profile. #letsmakeflowers
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handmadebysarakim : #ohhellofriend #ohfshop #fullerton #workshop #paperflower #paperflowers #papercrafts #crafts #crafting #crafter #diy #events #wedding #gno #bridalparty #handmade #handmadewedding #flowers #flower #vsco
mommytechdiary : Nice pic!
whereisalessa : Do you think you could make centerpieces for my wedding, is that something you are able to do?
gnehcynaffit : Hope your workshops come to LA soon!
handmadebysarakim : @whereisalessa yes we offer them in our online store, for more details contact us at info(at)Handmadebysarakim.com ~
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Shop announcement • We will be closed next week from 10/20-22 to prepare for our move right next door- stay tuned for our shop opening announcement towards the end of this month! We are also having a re-grand opening party on Nov 8, come and celebrate this exciting moment with us πŸŽ‰
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wrapbullysla : Wow like it!
kenzie_reese : So the re-opening will no longer be the first of November? :)
borupkim : Good luck with the move. So exciting.
ohfshop : The shop will open before the re-grand opening party, stay tuned for the announcement! @kenzie_reese
kenzie_reese : Okay, thanks! 😊
ohhellofriend : @kenzie_reese hi friend! We're hoping to be back open on oct 25! But we're doing a grand re-opening party too so we'll announce the date for that soon. Hope you're doing well! ;)
kenzie_reese : Sounds great, thanks! Hope you're also doing well! πŸ’› @ohhellofriend
katiemarkus : @juliannabayley let's go here!!
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Thank you all for coming. Another super fun paper flower workshop @ohhellofriend #letsmakeflowers
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handmadebysarakim : #paperflowers #paperflower #workshop #ohfshop #ohhellofriend #diy #handmade #flowers #flower #crafts #crafter #crafting #craftnight #gno
pipsqueax : @jamennn
pipsqueax : @handmadebysarakim thanx for a great class!
jessjsng : @bonnieyeechiu @choilatte this looks like it was a better venue... :)
hi.rah : Great class. Thank you!
choilatte : @jessjsng most definitely... breathing room!
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no. 2 || this week's feature shop is quite possibly the only place you will ever need to go to buy celebratory cards or stationary from ever again + there's a whole array of other product to pick up as well. step into @ohhellofriend, I promise you. And as I was writing this feature (which is #ontheblognow ) I realized something...while it is important to have a core group of friends who challenge you, keep you accountable, and encourage you, it is equally as important to step out of your comfort zone, say "oh, hello" a bit more often and expand your network. You just never know, that person may be the next friend who becomes a part of your innermost circle. || #FridayFeature #ohfshop
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alysha.miller : @jessilynnn___ let's go! (And Warehouse 1333, still 😁)
raji.mukhtar : Nicw
mehcore : OHF is awesome!
alysha.miller : @mehcore isn't it!?
chasinglinen : We have to meet up for coffee! So lovely meeting you 😊
alysha.miller : @chasinglinen yes! I tried texting you today and it wouldn't go through. I'll try tomorrow :)
kimmiero : I love that place!
chasinglinen : Oh its probably because im switching my data plan right now. I'll text you monday once its finalized!
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We recently started a family tradition/ministry of inviting old and new friends to join us for breakfast on our Family Day Off. It has been such a blessing! Today we met Rebecca. Rebecca found us on Instagram a while back and has been following our work and felt like she just wanted to meet us! So she shot us an email, perhaps not expecting to hear back from us so soon, but we were excited to reply and meet her! Today we enjoyed our time together over delicious food and lattes and seriously made a new friend! I love when social media can be used for the good!! I encourage you all, if you don't do so already, to take the time to catch up with old friends and perhaps make new friends in the process! Nothing sets the stage better for conversation than over a meal and coffeeπŸŽ‰ Acts 2:42. #anchorfamilyshenanigans @becksterz86 @anchorfamily #rialtocafe #downtownfullerton #ohfshop
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thecrystallewis : We will be in town next week. Just, you know, fyi πŸ˜‰
closertolovephotography : @thecrystallewis Are you kidding me!? πŸŽ‰ Let's do it!!!
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Loved seeing @siennejosselin's work all over the adorable #ohfshop in Fullerton last night!
ohfshop -
siennejosselin : Aah thank you for coming!!!
bangupbetty : I'm dying to believe that's a unicorn horn 2nd from the right.
academyofhandmade : @bangupbetty close! It's a narwhal... Unicorn of the sea. :)
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[day 45] Loving my new/old shoes :) I'm so happy about my latest vintage find that I got for $5 at @ohhellofriend today! I was even lucky enough to run into the darling shop owner, Danni, & chat for a bit! Before she opened up her first shop last year, I used to visit her booth at UC Irvine's vendor fair over 4 years ago when I went to college there. It was lovely chatting with her today & amazing to see how far she has come! It's rather inspiring to see a young woman achieve success in following her dreams β™‘ #100happydays #DMontgomery100happydays This quote describes how I feel about vintage treasures: "What I really love about them... is the fact that they contain someone's personal history...I find myself wondering about their lives. I can never look at a garment... without thinking about the woman who owned it. How old was she? Did she work? Was she married? Was she happy?... I look at these exquisite shoes, and I imagine the woman who owned them rising out of them or kissing someone... I try to imagine the face beneath it... When you buy a piece of vintage clothing you're not just buying the fabric and thread—you're buying a piece of someone's past." —Isabel Wolff
100happydays - autumn - shoes - dmontgomery100happydays - vintage - ohfshop - thatsdarling -
withlovedarlene : #ohfshop #vintage #shoes #autumn
withlovedarlene : #thatsdarling
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"I'm so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers" - Anne Of Green Gables || #lovelyday #thatsdarling
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tessahull : So cute!!
mpulido_xx : Happy October 1st! πŸŽƒ
amscarlson : You are there? Inside the shop? I SO want to visit OHF! Tell Danni hi for me. :) xoxo
alysha.miller : @amscarlson I was yesterday :)
emilyballmaier : I LOVE oh hello friend!
alysha.miller : @emilyballmaier oh my gosh so.do.I!!! Cutest stuff!
alysha.miller : #darlingweekend
sayyesblog : 😊
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Cutest Shop Ever! 😍@ohhellofriend Great Meeting You @chasinglinen ! 😊 #ohfshop Great Recommendation @estherrjkim ! 😘
ohfshop -
ohfshop : Thanks for stopping by 😁
natterfly : It's one of my favs!
estherrjkim - teianniawraps - thepowersurged - lynshopp -
ohfshop -
jm.nz : @manny.guerrero APL.
manny.guerrero : πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ APL @jm.nz @gottahavejuice @chris.baso
manny.guerrero : APL
jm.nz : APL
gottahavejuice : APL
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Absolutely obsessed with my finds from @ohfshop's moving sale today. Can't wait to see the new store! #OHFSHOP
ohfshop -
manilynmae : I LUV THAT SHOP
ohfshop : 😘
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This local shop had us at "HELLO"! See for yourself at ohhellofriend.com! @ohhellofriend preview night hosted by @localemagazine @unionmarkettustin #ohfshop #lovelocal #local #oc #orangecounty #tustin #californialove #california #instaawesome #instahealth #inspirational #familyforhealth
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love the @ohfshop @unionmarkettustin!! all things creatively #handcrafted! #ohfshop #unionmarkettustin
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drinkbarjuicery : We love her too πŸ’›
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#ohfshop moving sale tomorrow: 30% off the entire shop!* Check out the @ohfshop account for more details :) happy Friday friends, have a great weekend!
ohfshop -
natterfly : @al_ex__g lets go!
al_ex__g : 😣 @natterfly I work
natterfly : @al_ex__g all day? Well then I'm going!
ohhellofriend : @caroline_chavos 11:00am!
ohhellofriend : @annadelores 11:00am!
cdcd71 : Best mom ever!
koonsie : @dotkoons
withlovedarlene : Hey Danni! It was lovely running into you today :) Thank you for taking the time out of your busy day to chat with me for a bit! I look forward to visiting your sweet little shop again the next time my husband & I come back to CA :) Congrats again on the 2nd shop! Good luck & best wishes with everything! Sending love & light your way β™‘
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We began a new family tradition a few weeks ago. On our Family Day Off Thursdays we wanted to spend breakfast at our favorite spot in Downtown Fullerton with new and old friends. This week we invited new friends along and enjoyed great conversations filled with delicious food, honey vanilla lattes, much encouragement and joy. These two are best friends and a dynamic duo doing great things for the Lord - making lasting impacts in their communities! We are grateful for their new friendship and so glad they spent their Thursday morning with us. Who's next?! πŸŽ‰πŸ˜‰ #backtosimplicity #anchorfamilyshenanigans #noelleneedsaninsta @tee_am_i @anchorfamily #RGNRT #worldchangers #ohfshop #rialtocafe #downtownfullerton
rialtocafe - ohfshop - worldchangers - backtosimplicity - noelleneedsaninsta - downtownfullerton - anchorfamilyshenanigans - rgnrt -
anchorfamily : Love this!!! So much fun. Hehe I'm ticking Audrey's feet to get a smile out of her! @caligirl0316 yes! That would be awesome!
silverandgoldphotography : Yay! So fun!
rosannamontoya : I would love to meet and join you guys. I was going to ask but I don't personally know you guys but all I do know is that you are a sisters in the Lord since we're Christians. The one bond that ties people together that would never really talk or meet with one another BUT it's all because of Him, right? @anchorfamily I've been wanting to stop at that shop with my three-year-old daughter.
anchorfamily : @rosannamontoya it would be awesome to meet you!!
southerncaliforniabride : Me me me!
thechrisholt : We'd love to hang with you guys! Let us know when the next one is!
anchorfamily : @thechrisholt @southerncaliforniabride ok! Yay this is exciting!!!
crysvelazquez : Oh I live in Fullerton! You guys are neighbors!
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This was neat. I've followed the blog Oh Hello Friend for years admiring cyberly from afar. Tonight as hubs and I sat on a random bench enjoying the summer air and our coffees I look up and notice the Oh Hello Friend blogs shop in downtown Fullerton!!! I love seeing people go after their dreams and enjoy the fruits of it. Very inspiring. #ohhellofriend #ohfshop #downtownfullerton #blogger #getitgirl
blogger - ohhellofriend - getitgirl - ohfshop - downtownfullerton -
povertyluxe : I remember doing craft fairs with her years ago, i had no idea she has her own shop now!
aimejewelry - rachelarnold - nicransley - lilasmyth -
So I went to this amazing little store today. πŸ’•πŸŒΏ #ohfshop
ohfshop -
dawnshenton - monicabains - vic_lesoleil - miatiguelo -
working on #ohfshop number two - opening soon at union market in the district! so excited to get this shop finally open! #tustin @unionmarkettustin
ohfshop - tustin -
babyology : Love the green metal shelving
georgiaguild : We would love to do a feature and collaboration with you.
averyandaugustine : Cannot wait to visit!!!
toxiclxrry : @stylinsonspolaroids
bdao : @ohfshop is it open yet?
merbeamish : @ohfshop opening date?
ohfshop : Due to delays with construction the opening of our new shop at the Union market in Tustin has this been postponed. We will keep you updated as soon as we are given the all clear to move in! @bdao @merbeamish
kmgillespie81 : @fallenoakdesigns this place looks like they would be perfect for your stuff!!
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. . . every thursday we come here... sometimes we buy something, sometimes we don't, most of the times we do. its become a family tradition at 11am every Thursday and the sales associates have come to recognize it too. Say loves to run around the store and grab at all the nick-nacks and point out all sort of new things she's learning. here she is twirling away! #ohfshop @ohhellofriend
ohfshop -
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{Relevee Benefit- Day 7: Win $75 from Oh, Hello Friend!} Here are some more goodies you could get with your Oh, Hello Friend winnings: alphabet stamp set, to do notepad, diamond paperclips, and epecially for you wood tags. Win $75 store credit from Oh, Hello Friend while supporting @madebysurvivors in their fight against human trafficking! For details and to enter visit www.atiliay.com. Find OHF on ohhellofriend.com and their retail shop in Fullerton, CA with another location in Tustin opening Summer 2014! #ohf #ohfshop #ohhellofriend #papergoods #office #rubberstamp #gifttag #desk #officesupplies #madebysurvivors #ReleveeBenefit #humantrafficking #giveaway #empower #fullerton
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Went to @ohhellofriend today and ate a yummy cheese burger. We love when meme comes for a visit #addioandmeme #suchaniceday #ohhellofriend
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itselyse_bandtshop : #vscocam #afterlight
clau_jas_manion : So what is #afterlight? You always right that
itselyse_bandtshop : @clau_jas_manion it's the app I use to edit my pictures πŸ˜‰β˜ΊοΈ
xokelleenelson : Dani has such cute things, but I havent been to her Brick and Mortar yet, love @ohhellofriend style
itselyse_bandtshop : #ohfshop
jennajuby - sarah.oak - jennaleehall - miss_janaaa_ -
#OHFSHOP #Chicago #renegadecraftfair #lovelyfind
ohfshop - renegadecraftfair - lovelyfind - chicago -
becky.bui : Beauty!!
woodro91 : Ooh?
meshamour : Thanks ! @becky.bui
woodro91 : Dope
meshamour : Oh what? @woodro91
woodro91 : Didn't mean to say it like that. Was more of a "oooo!" Lol. Artsy
janettedior - dannyantjeff - ninaerazo - jerronimo -
My favorite store #ohfshop #BandT #tiffcomestovisit
tiffcomestovisit - ohfshop - bandt -
audreydao - ambouche - hell0mell0 - tiffshark -
Hanging out with my wares at Oh, Hello Friend till 9pm! Stop by! #ohfshop
ohfshop -
jayemmseestudio - art_slave - mariyasuzuki - destineisenberg -
Today's bike adventure consisted of 15 miles multiple cities and coffee locations. Not bad for the 2nd time I rode a bike in 2 years! #ridebicycle #wearehrc #ohfshop #packinghouse #bernhelmets
bernhelmets - ridebicycle - packinghouse - ohfshop - wearehrc -
edukaycheon : Into it.
thekidfromcalifornia : @edukaycheon I missed it! Didn't want to stop but my knees started hurting
ristrettoroasters - freddyp829 - dristenc - edukaycheon -
photographing new products. #ohfshop #ohfstationery #airplants
ohfshop - airplants - ohfstationery -
yourpalcassie : @ohhellofriend
ohhellofriend : @yourpalcassie hi! Yes we are open 11-7! :)
yourpalcassie : Hmm no one was there from 12-1, but well try again later today! Thanks! @ohhellofriend
mslynnchen : πŸ™Œ
carleyscamera : πŸ’šπŸ’šπŸ’š
ohhellofriend : @yourpalcassie hi again! I am so sorry about that - we just found out the shop wasn't open when it was supposed to be and we're looking into what happened with our employee... really appreciate you making the trip out though and sorry for the trouble :/ it should have been open. If you come back, please show the cashier this for 15% off your purchase :)
lot801 : ❀️❀️
lolajanepaper : πŸ’› those stamps πŸŒ±πŸƒπŸŒΏπŸŒΎ
hollybrown_thelane - cherrycherry19 - sylbiee - danske_kamera -
If you are near Fullerton CA, swing by Oh Hello Friend Shop. You might run into some familiar prints 😊 photo credit: @brittcastellano #ohfshop #oneworddesigns
ohfshop - oneworddesigns -
lolajanepaper : Love this! Wish I was close enough to visit!
oneworddesigns : @lolajanepaper doesn't it look so cute? Good thing I don't live closer... I'd be broke! ;)
lolajanepaper : I almost bought that hanging wire shelf! I think I saw it at Home Goods ♥️ Now I almost want to go back for it!
mandimore - maggiehyde - kindiolo - cherinethebean -
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