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hope everyone had a great thanksgiving! Our fullerton shop is open in 30 minutes for our big Black Friday sale - free necklace with any purchase, doorbusters, and $40 grab bag with any $40 purchase! If you can't visit the retail shop, visit us online (ohhellofriend.com/shop) and get FREE SHIPPING - enter code "thankful" at checkout :) happy friday friends! #ohfshop #blackfriday
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hope everyone had a great thanksgiving! Our fullerton shop is open in 30 minutes for our big Black Friday sale - free necklace with any purchase, doorbusters, and $40 grab bag with any $40 purchase! If you can't visit the retail shop, visit us online (ohhellofriend.com/shop) and get FREE SHIPPING - enter code "thankful" at checkout :) happy friday friends! #ohfshop #blackfriday
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kgagas : Is the free necklace and grab bag only at the store?
ohhellofriend : @kgagas we can do a free necklace for online orders as well, just leave a note at checkout :)
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The perfect reminder to just stop & give thanks- not just for today or tomorrow or only in the best or most convenient of seasons but, everyday. Happy early Thanksgiving friends! #givethanks #thanksgiving #Heisgood #ohfshop #vscocam
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kristinesolorzano : You went! ❤️ love that store!
elleryslife : 🌟💖 I love this! Join me in being thankful everyday this month! Let's start a movement 🌟
myragavini : My second time visiting the store, ever! I love it so much 💛 @kristinesolorzano
mama_bloom - tkufner1 - stitched_by_god - lovewalkn -
This store. 💛
ohfshop - vsco - ohhellofriend - vscocam -
myragavini : #ohfshop #ohhellofriend #vsco #vscocam
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Learn how to create this beautiful floral wreath just in time for the holidays! Workshop with Allie of @abloomingbud will be on Dec 13 from 5-7pm, reserve your spot online today!
ohhellofriend - wreath - ohfworkshop - floral - ohfshop - abloomingbud - creative -
ohfshop : #ohfshop #ohfworkshop #ohhellofriend #creative #floral #wreath #abloomingbud
kartella : Will the branch for wedding look similar to this? @mrscait_the_great
bpaperie : So lovely!
alyssamjulian : @emilioshea !!
kathryncarrington : @michelecazares @maryktrujillo @joyfulcreationsdesign might be fun to go to a workshop and make this in downtown Fullerton.
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love this section at the shop! it's been so busy around here lately, feeling really out of touch! How is everything going with you friends? :) #ohfshop #airplants #soycandles #stockedup
ohfshop - airplants - soycandles - stockedup -
ohhellofriend : @vozcollective thanks friend, your stuff is looking AMAZING these days! ❤️❤️
ohhellofriend : @hannahtenpas @lightruststudio @calyptecollection @dearestnature @dawbis thank you friends! 💛😘
uppdoo : Beautiful display! Sp fresh and lovely! #display #design #goods #follow
popcandyco : Can't wait to see you in a couple of weekends at Seattle's UCU! Word is to bring your OHF galoshes. It's been raining ... hard!!
annfley : Are those @thewilderess candles ❤️❤️❤️the best.. Her scents are so great and burn so clean 😍
thewilderess : @annfley thank you!!! @ohhellofriend how absolutely gorgeous!
skippee : Love this arrangement! Hope I can visit the shop soon. Time for some major Christmas shopping!
coralimes : @ohhellofriend hi! Will you be open today?
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Support small business Saturday this weekend! Shop from local artists and crafters and pick up some holiday goodies from 11am - 5 pm this sat 11/29!
ohhellofriend - popup - smallbusiness - ohfshop - dtf - smallshop - localartist - holiday - downtownfullerton -
ohfshop : #ohfshop #ohhellofriend #smallbusiness #smallshop #localartist #holiday #popup #downtownfullerton #DTF
happn_app : #happn
femmedebloom : Yay!
sheeleste : @mrsartista you should check this out! It's in your neighborhood :)
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Sold out calligraphy for beginners class taught by @artbysarahku
ohhellofriend - skuworkshop - ohfworkshop - ohfshop - calligraphy - creative -
ohfshop : #ohfshop #ohfworkshop #ohhellofriend #skuworkshop #calligraphy #creative
iamacreativ : Love it!
ohfshop : @iamacreativ 💕
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much needed reminders // one of my favorite corners of our cozy little apartment. 💫🙌🏠 #vsco #kitchen #home #ohfshop #reminders #quotes #cozy
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We have 3 spots left for our floral arranging & garland combo class! Reserve your spot now for our friday class happening tomorrow from 6-8pm with Jona Javier. In case you were wondering, yes it will be fall themed 😉 Sign up online at www.ohhellofriend.com/workshops
ohhellofriend - garland - ohfshop - creative - workshop - ohfworkshop - floral - diy -
ohfshop : #ohfworkshop #ohfshop #ohhellofriend #floral #garland #diy #workshop #creative
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#shopmorninglavender • #ohfshop • #downtownfullerton • thanks @hanhnguyenphoto you're a great saleswoman 😊
shopmorninglavender - downtownfullerton - ohfshop -
tashgyatso : @kim.vo where U at?
kim.vo : @tashgyatso I'm off to my nephew's bday dinner. are you at @bevmo912 ?
tashgyatso : @kim.vo not today.. I spent all day there last Sunday... You're always just it seems lol 😛
bevmo912 : Seems like i see @tashgyatso more than @kim.vo these days... haha 🙈
tashgyatso : @kim.vo I meant " busy" but ya
hanhnguyenphoto : Thanks for coming out girls! @kim.vo @maiohmaii @julie__nguyen! 😘
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Visit @shopmorninglavender at Oh Hello Friend this weekend for their Holiday Pop Up Shop. Too many pretty things to look at. #pictapgo_app #ohfshop #morninglavender #holidays #holidaypopupshop #ohfshop
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Holiday cheers! Our shop is now fully stocked with #christmas items, come do some early gift shopping for loved ones 🎄🎁
ohhellofriend - ohfshop - holidaycheers - christmas - tistheseason -
hellogabbi : Yay! Will stop by this weekend!
bluewindowslb : 🌲merry christmas!
haleyakemi : @rebusbeckers soon!
nellychungphoto : Hi @ohhellofriend hope to see you in the shop! Nelly
lalagracepaper : Oh so pretty, it looks great!
jessicajanehandmade : Lovely
ohhellofriend : @bluewindowslb miss you!
reesesupplyco : Cool shop!
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finally visited this charming little store. it completely stole my heart. 💛 #ohfshop #vsco #handmade #boutiqueshop
ohfshop - vsco - handmade - boutiqueshop -
samanthamho : Hehehe love that store!! Find anything good?
jenfujihan : Oh my gosh! My old classmate owns that place. I've been meaning to visit! Is it everything you hoped for? Haha
hicheeky_ : @samanthamho lots! thankfully I had saved some bday money to buy some goodies! @jenfujihan it was more. my only hope now is I wish I could live there. :oP
smyip : Ahh they used to come to UCSD each quarter for our vendor sales! Love them!
loisclee : I love her stuff!
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✒️ New hobbies. @artbysarahku #skuworkshop #ohfshop
ohfshop - skuworkshop -
pinkjaney : So fun meeting you and @fueledbycheezits today! ✌✌✌✌✌📝📝📝📝
getmunny : @pinkjaney you too! So glad we were at the same table!
sprinties : @getmunny so jealous!!! 😣
elanaloo : Hey darlin'! Did you get my email yesterday pertaining to @threadsence??
tosouleye - kingbear3472 - mf.wd - elanaloo -
There's only one spot left for our calligraphy workshop saturday morning! Sign up & reserve your seat for tomorrow's class at ohhellofriend.com/workshops #ohfworkshop #ohfshop
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armelle_blog : So fun!
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Hit the @ohhellofriend sale this morning! Thank you Danni for sneaking me next door, your husband is so sweet! The new store looks amazing already.....So excited for you!
vintage - ohf - ohfshop - ohhellofriend -
emilyjcover : Darling.
myvintagenest : #vintage #ohf #ohhellofriend
myvintagenest : #ohfshop
piecesofmeegs : I die for your sweater!!!
sojobells - katieconwell_ - mistressblue - kate__eliz -
All.the things. @ohhellofriend
ohfshop -
myvintagenest : #ohfshop
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Best friends wake up at 5:00 am and drive with you to Fullerton for an antique sale. #OHFShop @ohhellofriend
ohfshop -
rowdy_goudy : 😱😱😱😱 let's get lunch!!!
lenahelensmith : You guys are lovely.
elizabethrenee29 : Is that all day long????
amberamaya : @rowdy_goudy we missed you!
amberamaya : @lenahelensmith we got some pretty great things!
amberamaya : @elizabethrenee29 no, there were two sales. One from 8-10 / the other at 10:15
edith_perez - lizlopezz - shey12311 - lenahelensmith -
don't forget! vintage sale tomorrow at our new shop location - 122 n harbor blvd, suite 104/105! 8:00 am, $1 & $3 tables, tons of deals :) then the #ohfshop 50% off sale will be at 10:15 tomorrow at our old shop. the old shop is still PACKED. Hope to see you tomorrow! RSVP at ohfmegasale.eventbrite.com
ohfshop -
breannawong : @theindefatigablebeth
its_twee_here : @mrsphan
kristankery : @kathryn_c
kathryn_c : Eeps!! I'm so there!! @kristankery
kristankery : @kathryn_c not true. But I saw Amanda, well she saw me!
claudiasoong : @ohhellofriend @ohfshop Hi Danni! It's Claudia. I came by today to the vintage sale & 50% sale and I was with Jenn too. I was contemplating buying that little "treasure box" at the vintage sale but decided to think about it. I forgot about it but I still would like to buy it if it's on sale! It was a wooden box with a compass, a stamp, and other little things :) please let me know! Sorry I don't have your email or I would've emailed! I can try to direct message you too.
keanaflores : @valgto
kimmynguyen : @tifftran dang this is where we needed to go. barely missed it
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My awesome finds at oh hello friends 50% off sale! Wow I've gotten so many new followers recently, nice to know there are so many planner nerds out there 👍👋. The Japanese sticker sheets are my fave. So pretty I don't want to use 😢. #ohhellofriend #ohfshop #planner #plannerlove #plannernerd #planneraddict #plannerjunkie #organiser #organizer #washitape #eclp #plumpaper #filofax #filolove #filofaxlove #filofaxaddict
planneraddict - washitape - organiser - filolove - organizer - plannerlove - ohhellofriend - planner - filofaxlove - ohfshop - filofaxaddict - eclp - plumpaper - filofax - plannerjunkie - plannernerd -
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Who's coming to the #ohfshop sale tonight? 6:30-8:00! The old shop is packed with everything at 50% off!! If you can't make it tonight, don't worry -the sale is also this Saturday! Check ohfmegasale.eventbrite.com for all the details!
ohfshop -
e2beauty : Hmm I'll drag Daniel and we can spend our anniversary shopping 😁
katepewthers : @susiea13 yes!! I'm in
liindschandler : @argiacoletti 🙉
brittanylauriereenan : @mrsortiz @cakesandcuties
hausofw : @ohhellofriend is this cash only?
ohfshop : Yes cash only! @hausofw
deddingsfan : Wish this was somehow online as well. I live 6+ hours away. @thetinygirl, you should go so I can be there vicariously.
spazzhappylinedesign : ✿◕ ‿ ◕✿ Love this display!
ellenarevents - spazzhappylinedesign - thiswildheart - lifeofpopeye -
Just visited @ohhellofriend's adorable new shop! Can't wait to host our #popup shop there in a couple of weeks! #morninglavender #shopmorninglavender #ohhellofriend #ohfshop #ohfstudio
morninglavender - popup - ohfstudio - ohfshop - ohhellofriend - shopmorninglavender -
clivabethphotography : Amen!
vickylee51 : The cutest !!
lynzlou28 : @amyotterby
abbey.a : @rachaelmporter
northern_daisy - ryanbyryanchua - thiswildheart - lauraadams86 -
#ohfshop 50% off sale is happening this week!! Thursday, October 30th from 6:30-8:00 p.m. and Saturday, November 1 from 10:15 a.m. until noon! We're also having our huge warehouse+vintage sale on November 1st (8-10am) so come for both sales - there will be some major deals and discounts :) 122 n harbor blvd, suite 103, fullerton. Info will be posted at the shop tomorrow & follow @ohfshop for more details!
ohfshop -
kristinacalas : @annalizard @ellainecalas @jcrewpnay
annalizard : @rowingdavid @kristinacalas lol thanks for thinking of me ;)
jennyrdai : @duhveenah
ryanrogers35 : @alibeamish :)
alibeamish : @ryanrogers35 yahoooo!
kamichiang : @k3llyhu come this Thursday or sat morning?
leahisradical : @jettles gotta work 👎
cakiesblog : @hopeleigh not me! I'll be in bed doing nothing!!! Lol
julianawrites - joelsview - carleyscamera - cassandramonroe -
ohhellofriend - vintage - ohfshop - typography - youareloved - diy - calligraphyworkshop - calligraphy -
poooka : @artbysarahku hostin' a calligraphy workshop on @ohfshop re-grand opening day. it's only the beginning, keep going! :D
poooka : #calligraphy #calligraphyworkshop #typography #vintage #ohhellofriend #ohfshop #youareloved #diy
maricarcrash : This is so cool!! 😳
hobo_kitty - carechiao - vintageinstincts - diyluv -
your shop looks UHMAZING, danni. I could seriously stay here FOREVER. 💛
driedflowers - youareloved - ohhellofriend - diy - dannihong - vintage - ohfshop -
poooka : #ohhellofriend #youareloved #ohfshop #driedflowers #diy #vintage #dannihong
jeannenkim : Love!!!
hellorachello - tami_kim - cat_scratch - bradleyjohnson -
when was the last time you sent a handwritten note? we've got plenty of cards at #ohfshop! :) come visit us at our new location jn fullerton - @ohfshop! #ilovestationery #greetingcards #sendmoremail
ilovestationery - ohfshop - sendmoremail - greetingcards -
emers : @fraulinelk yes please
theneighborgoodswithlove : Love these! 👍
atari23182 : @ohhellofriend: will you be hosting a holiday swap this year?
blogger_bp : Incredible incredible collection!!! 👏👏👏
redcapcards : 💙
witandglory : Love! Who to contact about selling cards thru your shop?! @ohhellofriend ❤️
_themanplan_ : Amazing 👏👏👏
llkcake : Such a fun picture!
claire_29 - llkcake - sparkvites - rthnrm -
My friend's darling niece Laura is here from England. She found the most perfect shirt ever, no? #ohfshop
ohfshop -
watchinmystep - virginieburch - lefflerfmly419 - kvald5678 -
at my favorite store #ohfshop #melandbilly #dreamlifestyle
melandbilly - dreamlifestyle - ohfshop -
audreydao : You went to the new store!
angela_boswell : Cool picture! How are you anyway?
melly2886 - hell0mell0 - tiffshark - yelahe -
👋 Oh, hello friends!
calligraphyclass - workshop - skuworkshop - calligraphyworkshop - moderncalligraphy - calligraphy - ohfshop -
krystaaaal_k : Thanks for an awesome beginners class! Can't wait til you have more advanced ones! ☺️
chasinglinen : 😊😘💕
artbysarahku : @natwongalong @alicedang @krystaaaal_k thank you all for coming!! So glad you enjoyed the workshop 😊
artbysarahku : @chasinglinen 😊😁
vivianelee : I just went through a huge catch up session on your ig. sorry for all the likes
artbysarahku : @vivianelee LOLLLL holy crapppp 😶💕
premiersoirees : Great class @artbysarahku!!! Thank you for a great introduction to calligraphy. 😍👍
artbysarahku : @premiersoirees thank YOU for coming! 😁
daniel.mc.kim - ohlea_kim - pg7inc - lindak68 -
We are now open during our regular hours! Come stop by and check out the new space (right next door from the fullerton location) open at 11am today 👋
ohfshop - ohhellofriend - grandopening -
hellogabbi : Yay! Congrats! i'm totally skipping the anaheim fall festival to come check out the shop hehe!
sambarrett6 : So happy for u guys!! 🎈🎈🎈
ohstephaniee : Congrats on the new space!!
terliedesignco : Congrats Danni!
myragavini : 😍😍😍😍
myragavini : @paulgavini PLS take me!
bdao : Love the new space!!!
felissamife : This cute shop is opening in Tustin! @allibidalli
paulgavini - its_jenee - clmclennan - caroline_chavos -
the shop is finally all set up and ready to re-open tomorrow in our new space! Hope you can stop by and visit: 122 N Harbor Blvd, suite 104-105. Fullerton 92832, open from 11-7! (we're literally the next door over from our old shop!) #ohfshop have a great weekend friends!
ohfshop -
cyskb : @ohhellofriend I will go if I live in California!
hellopeachdavis : @19keightyfour - all the pretty things!
mayasonico : 😍
icarleyjayne : @littlebabushka reminds me of your store
littlebabushka : @icarleyjayne 👍
heart_holly : @dollynrossi we need to come here!
dollynrossi : @heart_holly I was going to tell you because they are having a pop up boutique with morning lavender today until 5pm
reesesupplyco : Awesome shop!
spencerabei - lorina_daiana - julianawrites - rivabelle -
ohhellofriend - ohfworkshop - paperflower - ohfshop - diy - creative -
ohfshop : Learn how to craft your own paper flowers! Workshops by @handmadebysarakim are happening 10/24 & 11/14. Spaces are limited so sign up for your spot online at ohhellofriend.com/workshops
plaidpoppy : Gorgeous!!
ohfshop : #ohfshop #ohfworkshop #ohhellofriend #creative #paperflower #diy
blissfulperfections - threadsandshreds - pg7inc - caroline_chavos -
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