Turn your own handwriting in to a piece of art at our Beginner's Hand lettering Workshop with Nicole Miyuki (@nicolemiyuki)! It's on September 12 from noon until 2pm and you'll receive a Black Copic Sketch Pen, a black Micron Pen, a tote bag and a hand lettering packet to take home that includes lettering styles and tips to refresh your memory. Trust us, you do not want to miss it! Reserve your spot now at ohfshop.com/workshops!
nicolemiyuki - ohhellofriend - workshop - ohfworkshop - handlettering - ohfshop - create -
ohfshop : #ohfshop #ohfworkshop #workshop #handlettering #nicolemiyuki #ohhellofriend #create
_amanduh_c : Please schedule a calligraphy class soon ☺️
ohfshop : Hi @_amanduh_c! We actually have three calligraphy workshops coming up on September 5, September 13 and September 23! See ohfshop.com/workshops for more info!
_amanduh_c : Hi! I know but I can't make any of those, darn! I'll keep checking for Oct. classes tho. Looking forward to it!
ohfshop : So sorry about that @_amanduh_c -- we also have a mini Calligraphy workshop coming up October 21st! But we should have others scheduled soon. Keep checking back. :)
mesobrent : @annalizard - so you
sassygirl91165 : Fun! Will you offer this hand lettering class again?
california_and_newyork - posiprints - chickenfriedsigns - papermooncollective -
For anyone who is interested in taking their calligraphy skills to the next level: we're having our very first intermediate calligraphy class with Angi of @angeliqueink this Saturday, 9/5 from 12:30-3:00! Go to ohfshop.com/workshops/sept-5-intermediate to sign up!
workshop - ohfworkshop - calligraphyworkshop - intermediate - ohfshop - calligraphy - moderncalligraphy -
ohfshop : #ohfworkshop #ohfshop #calligraphy #moderncalligraphy #intermediate #workshop #calligraphyworkshop
mrs.amybennett : Wow this is beautiful πŸ’•
yumsterfriends : @Cassandrachae. Calligraphy fun.
kreepyk : @mamasuzie are you going?
arlenereyes7 : @adelinetrott
california_and_newyork - thecutequipster - morganmac14 - readysetmake -
For the September Fullerton Art Walk, OHF will be featuring Irvine-based indie band SkyDive (@weareskydive). Come by the shop on September 4th from 6-10pm and listen to their awesome electronic tunes. If you want to know more about these two talented artists, check out our interview with them at ohfshop.com/blog! 🎢
ohhellofriend - indiemusic - artwalk - ohfshop - fullertonartwalk - ohfblog - weareskydive -
ohfshop : #weareskydive #fullertonartwalk #artwalk #indiemusic #ohfshop #ohfblog #ohhellofriend
jardamaxi : Amazing πŸ’―
tumblr_baby2004 - flyawaymusicandmediastudio - oldsoulhomemade - readysetmake -
YOU ARE EXACTLY WHERE YOU NEED TO BE πŸ’›βœŒοΈ #inspiration #motivation #goodmorning #ohfshop
motivation - ohfshop - goodmorning - inspiration -
objet.petit.yoga - gamartyna - jj_pernqvist - kassidy._.mae -
We still have spots open for our September 12 Watercolor Brush Lettering Workshop with Nicole Miyuki (@nicolemiyuki). This class is perfect to learn a new skill and apply it to art for your own home, letters to your friends, or just to try something new! You'll even receive a watercolor set with 18 different colors, 2 paint brushes, practice paper, a tote bag and a packet to take home of lettering styles and tips! Spots are limited so reserve your spot now and see ohfshop.com/workshops for more info! πŸ’Œ
watercolor - ohhellofriend - workshop - ohfworkshop - brushlettering - ohfshop - create -
ohfshop : #ohfshop #workshop #ohfworkshop #ohhellofriend #watercolor #brushlettering #create
sheriwilso : I'll be there!
godotchris : @kathyellendavis just FYI.
godotchris : What about southpaws? Is that an issue?
prettyplanning : @plannedprincess
tiinak.cho : @theresaparklee !! :)
kathyellendavis : Thanks @godotchris but wedding that day :(
kristankery : @myriamnadia watercolors and penmanship! Why didn't I think of this!!
california_and_newyork - pippasprintshop - sophie_798 - 10junesoul -
Just got to experience a magical place that is close to the heart of @thejoycekim #ohfshop
ohfshop -
annakietz : LOVE THAT PLACE.
maddyyyjoy : The BEST!
kerianddavid : Yay!! My dear friend owns that shop!! @ohhellofriend Just thought you'd like to see this :)
urbinasarah : Oh, hello beautiful is what is should be! Am I right? @happyjordanweaver @thejoycekim
james.t.stinson - rachelhallan - lab_photography_ - ohfshop -
Thank you to everyone who came out to my candle workshop at @ohfshop tonight! More dates will be added to their website soon! #nordicfoxshop #ohfshop #ohhellofriend #candlemaking #workshops #soycandles
ohhellofriend - ohfshop - workshops - candlemaking - soycandles - nordicfoxshop -
backwardprints : Fun!!!
earth2sydney : I want to go!!!!!!!
nordicfoxshop : There will be a September 25 and October 18 date added soon to their website @earth2sydney! You should try to come to one of those!!
randicurby : Love it!
krisxtine216 : Candle making was soooo much fun!! Thanks so much for all your help! Learned a lot and had a blast πŸ˜πŸ‘
tealandsmith : Love your candles and the candle making class! These soy candles are the best.
thesimpleknot : Hi! I just found you thru @cylcollective I also live in Fullerton! See fun to see all the makers! Your stuff is awesome!!!
nordicfoxshop : Hi @thesimpleknot! Thanks for the kind words. So nice to meet a fellow Fullerton maker!
tikilehoot_designs - healingblends - theflowercartfullerton - songofasparrow -
"We are to be an explosion of hope to the world." -@annai6. Tonight left my heart so full. Thankful for the opportunity to partner with incredible women to build community, fellowship and the joy of the Lord. Tonight Pastor @annai6 taught on conquering fear and how by releasing those fears, we are able to live life abundantly and mobilized for His kingdom. \\ Be sure to check out next month's encouragement night at @ohfshop. #YouAreLoved #OHFShop.
socality - thatoccommunity - ohfshop - vsco - youareloved - liveauthentic - thatsdarling - vscocam -
dez_a_rey : #thatsdarling #vsco #vscocam #liveauthentic #socality #thatoccommunity.
kevinjacobphoto : πŸ˜„πŸ˜„
dez_a_rey : Missed you tonight @_wizcarleyfa! Will you be in town in September? I'd love to see you at the next event if not sooner. 😊
_wizcarleyfa : @dez_a_rey I already have the September one on my calendar!!! I would love to do coffee or something with you sooner though if you are ever free! I want to hear your heart out!
nessarica : Thanks again for having me come out tonight :) Word was on point @annai6 !
sunflowershannon_ : The night was unforgettable and so deeply inspiring. I'm grateful for all you ladies who put this on; can't wait for the next one! Thank you, God bless!
pursuelovedesignco : Love you sister! It was a blessing to serve with you ladies again! πŸ’—
annai6 : Truly fantastic! I'm still overwhelmed with the beauty of last night! @nessarica @pursuelovedesignco
martin.pribyl - seacalligraphy - tadesplace - raisskenza -
You will be a crown of splendor in the LORD's hand, a royal diadem in the hand of your God. β—„ Isaiah 62:3 β–Ί #belovedlife #liveauthentic #bedeeplyrooted #pursuepretty #seekmoments #thatsdarling #OHFShop
belovedlife - liveauthentic - pursuepretty - bedeeplyrooted - ohfshop - thatsdarling - seekmoments -
localandlejos : So good!
applemayblossom : @adairbird My dearest Adair you're always so sweetπŸ’– Love you.
applemayblossom : @anaismariee_ thank you😘
applemayblossom : @alexandrajordan πŸ’– thank you!
applemayblossom : @pursuelovedesignco It was very nice to see you againπŸ’• can't wait for the next oneπŸ˜†
adairbird : I love you dear 😘
wildflwrmusic : I loved your hat!! 😊
applemayblossom : @wildflwrmusic Thank you! I loved your flower crown❀️ I hope to see you againπŸ˜‰πŸ’•
edith.rvr - ingrid_mar_md - stargazerl16 - keiichi.mr -
Today I commit to not live in fear...for I have been given a spirit of courage.. #ohfshop #youareloved #courage #infp #livingforapurpose
youareloved - ohfshop - courage - livingforapurpose - infp -
do_you_smell_weed - ohbell - kpopkris - ashlyhart -
Taking the night off to be with a friend and a night of Godly encouragement #ohfshop #Fullerton
ohfshop - fullerton -
meghangeoghegan : All of my creative juices LOVE this!! So much!
jamieleighla : Hope you have the most wonderful time!!
henninglove : @meghangeoghegan you need to come visit, check out this store with me and come to the next encouragement night they have next month!
ginasees : Wish I was there!
henninglove : @ginasees it was the most wonderful message about fear, how God wants us to defeat it with Him and how much He loves us that He doesn't give us a spirit of fear but of love. I can't wait to go back next month
ginasees : What was this?!
meghangeoghegan : @henninglove yes! It's a date! I'll text you πŸ™ŒπŸ»
henninglove : @ginasees it was an encouragement event of worship and a message for women held at a local stationary store
raymondjsf - missyrissy427 - laina_louise - rach.vendetti -
Yes you are ! #OHFSHOP #ohellofriend #youareloved #encourage #encouragementnight
youareloved - ohellofriend - ohfshop - encourage - encouragementnight -
drewberd - everythingdarling - skinny.fit.mom - alybuendia -
This week is Be Kind to Human Kind Week! Did you know every purchase you make at #OHFSHOP will go toward helping support someone? Each month, we give 10% of our proceeds to a charity close to our hearts. This month, we're giving to Not For Sale (@nfs). NFS is dedicated to addressing the profound and enduring effects of violence and exploitation, leading the fight to create a world where no one is for sale. Support them at notforsalecampaign.org! And tell us – what's a charity that is near and dear to your heart?
ohhellofriend - ohfshop - bekind - bkhk - bekindtohumankind - nonprofit - notforsale - giveback - charity -
ohfshop : #BKHK #BeKind #Charity #Nonprofit #GiveBack #Ohhellofriend #BeKindtoHumankind #NotForSale
pirouettephotog : Camp Ronald McDonald for Good Times, a cost-free, medically supervised, emotionally safe environment/camp for children with cancer and their families. It's the happiest place on earth for campers and counselors alike. It's a place where, strangers become family and where healing happens. It is truly a magical place. And I'm proud to call it "home." πŸ’™πŸ’šπŸ’›β€οΈ @campronaldmcdonald
sepiacharm : @brenbren0518 check out @nfs for Freedom Fellows research.
ariellecaputo : you are awesome
nfs : Thank you so much! We deeply appreciate your support.
stand4 : Way to #MakeYourMark!
anelbresu - thedeppsfoundation - goldenafternoonshop - eventgal12 -
Thank you, #OHFshop for this beautiful reminder πŸ’› #chooselovely #belovedlife #thatsdarling #ohhellofriend #vscocam
belovedlife - ohhellofriend - thatsdarling - ohfshop - vscocam - chooselovely -
bellissimaincubo - patsybrian - dd_azooz_00 - sabrgood142 -
Hi friends! There has been some confusion about the date & time for the encouragement night at #OHFSHOP. Just to clarify – it is tomorrow night, Thursday, August 27th from 6:30-8:30 p.m! View all the information at http://youarelovedohf.eventbrite.com. You don't need an RSVP – just bring yourself and a friend or someone who needs encouragement! We can't wait to see you tomorrow night!
ohfshop - ohhellofriend - youarelovedohf -
tiffanyglee : @dorisanndesigns @emilyglee I feel a Christmas wish coming on!!!! 😍
gingerhairedgirl711 : love this, wish I could attend but I work until 6:30 and live in west LA... 😒😒
celizloves : @alexamihalla HOLLA for a DOLLA!!
teachjoyandlove : @pandalove177 @biancs33 you don't have to RSVP anymore
biancs33 : @carlyy.gutierrez you should come to this! It's right here in Fullerton πŸ’—
alethialov : @phylnicole we will be having it again next month on September 24th! Hope you can make it then😘
janeyhong : @aalicebeck
jusetaylor : @jwillis808
_edinorogek - foldedgarden - paperbyparcel - exodus_illustration -
Good afternoon, friends! Get your spot for our September 11 Stamp Carving Workshop with Heather Bowling (@prettyinink3) and you can learn the basics of stamp carving and printing! For only $40, you'll get to carve at least two of your own stamps to make beautiful prints with! It's going to be so much fun, so come join us! Reserve your spot today at ohfshop.com/workshopsπŸ˜„
ohhellofriend - stampcarving - ohfshop - creative - stamps - workshop - ohfworkshop - crafts -
ohfshop : #workshop #ohfworkshop #stamps #stampcarving #creative #crafts #ohfshop #ohhellofriend
flashanimals : @hannahkhk !!!!!
loft301 : This is sweet :)
ktdm9 : @evathe8 would be fun!
evathe8 : @ktdm9 soo fun, love it!!
rybakovasia - chickenfriedsigns - kraftykelsey1 - lovefreshpaint -
"You are exactly where you need to be." Thankful for this beautiful affirmation from one of my fave shops πŸ’› #ohf #ohfshop #chooselovely #belovedlife #livethelittlethings #thatsdarling
belovedlife - ohf - thatsdarling - ohfshop - chooselovely - livethelittlethings -
lheanaboo : Aw I like that!
kristine.alcantara : 😍
leah.carrillo.rivera - francesgealon - meghan_joy - christina.ariana -
Happy Monday everyone! While you're daydreaming about weekends to come, why not sign up for my workshop at @ohfshop? Just a thought ;) #shameless #selfpromotion #workshop #artclass #stampcarving #stamping #linocut #printmaking #teaching #supportlocalartists #trysomethingnew #diy #ohhellofriend #ohfshop #ohthepossibilities #isittheweekendyet #daydreaming #happymonday
ohthepossibilities - stamping - linocut - artclass - printmaking - trysomethingnew - stampcarving - supportlocalartists - shameless - happymonday - ohhellofriend - isittheweekendyet - ohfshop - workshop - selfpromotion - diy - teaching - daydreaming -
prettyinink3 : Call Oh, Hello Friend at (714) 441-9157 or visit ohfshop.com/workshops to reserve your spot!
ericvonzip - connaychen - mike_schultz_studio - daydream4evr -
There are still some spots left in my soy candle making workshop at @ohfshop this Friday, August 28 from 6-7:30p.m.! Go to ohfshop.com/workshops to sign up. #nordicfoxshop #ohfshop #ohhellofriend #candleworkshop #soycandles
nordicfoxshop - ohhellofriend - ohfshop - candleworkshop - soycandles -
jamieeann : @mandaaleigh I think we need to support some cousin love and attend one of these. I'd cover my house in candles if I knew how. πŸ™‹πŸΌ
mandaaleigh : I know I think so too lady! @jamieeann
draagynelise : Count me in @jamieeann @mandaaleigh
mypersonalcoffeebreak - goldpresspaper - yartstore - soybreeze -
Hi lovelies! Have you reserved your spot for our August 27 Candle Making Workshop with Heidi Mefferd of @nordicfoxshop? You'll get to learn the fundamentals of making candles — and you'll even get to design your own signature scent! How amazing is that? For more info go to www.ohfshop.com/workshops! πŸ˜„
ohhellofriend - workshop - ohfworkshops - ohfshop - candlemaking - crafty - nordicfoxshop -
ohfshop : #OHFworkshops #workshop #nordicfoxshop #candlemaking #crafty #ohfshop #ohhellofriend
caseyelofson : @marissaheil ??
marissaheil : @caseyelofson fun!! Let's look into it.
shantipath : Loved visiting your store today! Looking forward to attending some workshops!
squarespectacles - visionarysbox - elenina_elenosa03 - eventgal12 -
βœ’οΈ Calligraphy classes with @kamillev so happy I got to catch up with her! Lots of fun despite some minor lefty setbacks πŸ˜… #leftyproblems #wronghanded #calligraphy #luminouslines #ohfshop #ohfworkshops
wronghanded - leftyproblems - luminouslines - ohfworkshops - ohfshop - calligraphy -
cchristinej : I thought that said Nerd Yuan πŸ˜‚πŸ˜˜
r_macciocchi : That looks fun!
kamillev : ❀️❀️❀️! I think it's time to start being a righty.. Thanks for spending time with me! ❀️ you!
typography_and_calligraphy : Love it! ❀❀❀
1857_studio - adriana__k - carlygeneration - sofiehelenevc -
Awesome space and class. #ohfshop #luminouslines #ohfworkshops
ohfshop - luminouslines - ohfworkshops -
itsmeeeeva : @kamillev where's this ?
kamillev : @itsmeeeeva: it's in downtown Fullerton. It's called oh, hello friend.
iloveregrp - phamcrystal - sjsantos217 - bianca_g15 -
Love this girl! Thank you for seeing me today! ❀️ #ohfshop #luminouslines #leftyproblem #calligraphy #ohfworkshops
leftyproblem - ohfshop - calligraphy - luminouslines - ohfworkshops -
veelalala : @kamillev So happy I got to see you 😍 love ya 😘
larlar83 - eugene_g_ - jfivefour - maaarielle -
#luminouslines #ohfshop
luminouslines - ohfshop -
daniotero : You are so good @cherriego !!
mjow - daniotero - jackieotero - chacheng -
❀️ hᎬᏞᏞᎾ ᎽᎾu αŽͺα’αŽ¬ αžαŽΎα‰αŽ¬αŽ  😊 @ohfshop @luminouslines #ohfworkshops #luminouslines #ohfshop
luminouslines - ohfshop - ohfworkshops -
nikkizun : Omgsh I've always wanted to take one of their calligraphy classes!!!
leahnosnits : So cool! I'm gonna hire you calligraphy everything
maytheforcebrewithyou : @nikkizun I loved it! 3 hours went by way too fast! next time we should do a class togetha!
maytheforcebrewithyou : @leahnosnits whateva you want BB GURL πŸ˜…
katilynnenichole - _erika_diaz_ - shelovesfoodoc -
Hi beauties! Will we see you at our second You Are Loved Encouragement Gathering on August 27th? Come celebrate who God has called His daughters to be. There will be worship, speakers, refreshments, & an encouragement gift. Please be sure to RSVP as space is limited. The event will start at 6:30pm and is completely free, so bring your friends! Go to ohfshop.com/events for more information! Hope to see you all there! πŸ˜€
pursuelovedesignco : @nessarica
paperprovision : omg love everything you guys do
catherinehwang : Amazing!!
janeyhong : @aalicebeck
aubreeannacutz : @_wizcarleyfa can we go to this next time??
sunflowershannon_ : Last night's event was incredible! Do you know the time and date for September? @ohfshop
arielleestoria : Oh my gosh just heard about you all! When is the next one ?? @ohfshop
elaineetaing : @irenetaingg @kimtography_ lets go guys!!
eventgal12 - pursuelovedesignco - elenina_elenosa03 - rybakovasia -
inspired by these brilliant paper flowers and that lovely hand lettering. today, i'm jetting off for one last summer trip to welcome home my sister and her fiancé and throw her a bridal shower. here's to a weekend of wedding planning and family time!
belovedlife - livewell - vsco - shoplocal - bedeeplyrooted - ohhellofriendshop - handmade - livefolk - petitejoys - vscocam - ohfshop -
debbie_gilley : #ohhellofriendshop #ohfshop #shoplocal #handmade #vscocam #vsco #petitejoys #belovedlife #bedeeplyrooted #livefolk #livewell
ladyday21 : KIMMY?!?
debbie_gilley : @ladyday21 yes!
lisabandco : awesome.
lisabandco - lissletters - jennas505 - yanchik_denisenko -
Did you cook any delicious dishes this summer? Store all your new favorites in this adorable recipe tin! If any of them involve a dash of honey, we also have the sweetest (literally) Honey Bear Gramz with words of encouragement on them. They make perfect gifts for friends! Sweeten their day! πŸ’•
shopsmall - honey - ohfshop - kitchenwares - summerrecipes -
ohfshop : #ohfshop #shopsmall #kitchenwares #honey #summerrecipes
letsputabirdonit : 😍😍😍
creativecoopinc : Cute!
california_and_newyork - karla.blignaut99 - creativecollaboc - stefydesigner -
If you're needing some encouragement today, we have so many inspiring books and journals in stock right now! Put down your kindle and pick up a hard copy...it will be worth it!
ohfshop - reading - books - ohhellofriend - encouragement -
ohfshop : #reading #books #encouragement #OHFShop #ohhellofriend
phylnicole : The one on the right. πŸ‘β€οΈ
jusetaylor : @saaamantha___
manon.rqt - juliette.reader - mamasofafeather - lovefreshpaint -
Day 97: Went to a Calligraphy workshop taught by @thethingshannahloves at @ohfshop this evening! Loved learning a new skill and it was really relaxing to just sit and practice. πŸ˜Šβœ’οΈπŸ’•
100happydays - ohfshop - calligraphy - happyco100 -
olivial902 : #calligraphy #ohfshop #100happydays #happyco100
emimori124 : I wanna go next time!
olivial902 : @emimori124 it was fun! You can go on @ohfshop 's website to see all the workshops they have, there's a lot of different ones!
olivial902 : And different dates available, you should def take this calligraphy one! @emimori124
handmadesammade : That sounds like so much fun!
olivial902 : @handmadesammade it was! I want totals more πŸ˜„
ilikeyelp - liveonceinkoc - lesebi - handmadesammade -
Tried my hand at calligraphy with nib and ink tonight at @thethingshannahloves workshop! It was a lot of fun-- thank you Hannah for sharing your skills and knowledge! βœ’οΈπŸ’•
ohhellofriend - workshop - ohfshop - calligraphy - moderncalligraphy - thethingshannahloves -
thethingshannahloves : It was so good to finally meet you in person!!!! You were amazing! :) hope to run into you again in the future!
atiliay : #calligraphy #ohhellofriend #ohfshop #workshop #moderncalligraphy #thethingshannahloves
atiliay : @thethingshannahloves Thank you for your encouragement and definitely hope to see you again! :)
trishmv : So good!
atiliay : @trishmv 😘
rabbitsloopcalligraphy - janie.ridenour - seacalligraphy - thevioletmagnolia -
How adorable are these 'Home Sweet Home' pens? We want to use them for absolutely everything — from sending sweet postcards to friends to writing in our journals! It's a small way to add a bit of whimsy to your everyday tasks. 🏠
ohhellofriend - aihao - pens - shopsmall - ohfshop - riflepaperco - laughingelephant -
ohfshop : #pens #ohfshop #ohhellofriend #shopsmall #riflepaperco #laughingelephant #aihao
imhannahgurl : Do you sell the pens online?
pallavikaushal : @arijit899
delovelydetails : So cute!
california_and_newyork - loveandbisous - chickenfriedsigns - lovefreshpaint -
Have you heard? We still have spots open for our August 22 Beginner's Calligraphy Workshop with Julia Mattox of @luminouslines! Everyone will take home a starter kit and a tote bag. Light refreshments will be provided and all attendees will receive a 10% off coupon to #OHFSHOP! Go to www.ohfshop.com/workshops to sign up! πŸ˜ƒ
luminouslines - workshop - ohfworkshop - ohfshop - calligraphy - moderncalligraphy -
filet0fishie : @ohfshop That workshop is not showing up on the website.
rachelhallan : I know the date in the URL is wrong but try going to http://ohfshop.com/workshops/june-27-calligraphy @filet0fishie :)
filet0fishie : @rachelhallan Thanks!
nickiegirrl : @jeanettegrby @alex_andrade you gals in? Bridesmaid duty? I need to learn for my invites 😁 1-4
nickiegirrl : @stephizzz__ ?? Lol any bodyyyy???????
stephizzz__ : @nickiegirrl no puedo πŸ‘Ž you're making your own invites?
nickiegirrl : @stephizzz__ I think I might
stephizzz__ : @nickiegirrl 😁
california_and_newyork - chickenfriedsigns - sophie_798 - eventgal12 -
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