New tote O, Hello Friend bags! Would be great for Spring Break or just because! Come see us! Open 10-6! #shopmerch #ohfshop
shopmerch - ohfshop -
jazmena - tsgchattanooga - macklgreen - holleyatkinson -
Loving these items currently in the #ohfshop (retail) stop in if you're in the area, we get new stock weekly!
ohfshop -
constellationco : ❤️
shortsweetblog : I.Want.Everything.
bgarcia03 : I love the phone case. Couldn't find it on your website though :(
crookedstovetop : Hi!! Will you guys have the crazy cat lady phone case online?
ohhellofriend : @coutch6 those are candles from @nordicfoxshop :)
ohhellofriend : @paper_wishes @conniedoan @constellationco @shortsweetblog ❤️😘
ohhellofriend : @bgarcia03 @crookedstovetop @coutukitsch @shells42 sorry friends, these items are at our retail shop! The phone cases are by a etsy seller, I'll get you the name in a bit :)
hammerpress : Love the layout!
obelisk_press - elisedsanders - justinemarie757 - kerry_ann_stokes -
We spent the morn shopping and planning for a certain someone's upcoming baby shower 🙊💗 (@calikatrina we can't wait to shower you and baby June)
ohfshop -
pen_and_paint : So fun!
1brittneyrose : Now off to Layer Cake to stuff ur self silly!!
lorieloo : Woot woot!
mollyjunegrams : @linenandink we totally squealed when we saw them there! sooo cool!!🙀 i shoulda got a pic of them displayed for you. doh!😑
camp_staples : I'm just leaving BNA now :) such a fun city you live in. Also we checked out Valley and loved it.
camp_staples : Village not valley!
linenandink : @mollyjunegrams No way! Go back now.👈
ohdawna : You guys are the cutest 😍😍
krystal_keen - megancamille - christymaines12 - julie_hett -
Man, the struggle was too real for this lefty. Oof! But still had such a great time this afternoon at @monvoircalligraphy's Modern Calligraphy Workshop! ☺😁👍 #ohfshop #monvoirworkshops #moderncalligraphy
ohfshop - monvoirworkshops - moderncalligraphy -
jazzysaurusrex : ooooOooooo
chocomufn : Yay you went!!
ninjapuppycat : Lefties rule
ldybugnae - jugadorgraphy - mojojoelle - xmanisdman -
Paper goodies from @ohhellofriend 😍
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paperpanduh : #planner #washi #paper #cards #stationery #handwritten #snailmail #mail #paperlover #plannersupplies #plannerlife #erincondren #kikkik #filofax #katespadeplanner #travelersnote #plannercommunity #happymail #cute #journal #exploremore #adventure #ohfshop
rinnesbliss : Eeek! That CA Keychain!
merlisha : Where did you get that keychain!?
angiemelis - extragordinary - juliannacabarcas - emrosodrawings -
All set up and ready to go for another class @ohfshop - and my students get these totes that @ohhellofriend printed for me 👌 #ohfshop #nicolemiyukiworkshops
ohfshop - nicolemiyukiworkshops -
slambo3 : Proud to be your friend! Can't wait to hear all about this one!
kimmyj3 : I am in LOVE with that bag @nicolemiyuki 😍
makeupdollx : @jenjaffe
mrssetoguchi : SO much fun! Thanks again @nicolemiyuki - I am addicted😉
perkypetunia : Love them!
nicolemiyuki : @kimmyj3 thank you girl!
nicolemiyuki : @mrssetoguchi love to hear this and it was so great having you and your friends! Thanks so much for sharing the love 😊
lacelit : @nicolemiyuki Oh! How I wish I could have been there. I just know it was lovely.
shopmiguez - lacelit - partytaskforce - melmil669 -
Hoping to take a workshop in this beautiful space someday 🌿
darlingweekend - thatsdarling -
melissasonico : @simply_saraaa thank you! That really means a lot 💞
melissasonico : @_foodstories_ isn't it? ✨💫
melissasonico : #thatsdarling #darlingweekend
darianmorris : You're just so eclectic, I can't deal 😻
nana_ha : So pretty 🌿
_mariannejacobsen_ : Gorgeous indeed💗
melissasonico : @nana_ha thank you so much!
melissasonico : @_mariannejacobsen_ 😌 thanks
kilian.ka - annerfly - all_our_wonder - klarysssa -
"Let your roots grow down into him, and let your lives be built on him. Then your faith will grow strong in the truth you were taught, and you will over-flow with thankfulness." //Colossians 2:7
socality - vscocam - instafaith - ohfshop - visualsoflife - detail - socalitycalifornia - vsco - socalityca -
victoria_xoxo_ : #vsco #VSCOcam #visualsoflife #socality #socalityca #socalitycalifornia #instafaith #detail
thephotodatebook : Follow and tag #thephotodatebook for a chance to be featured! 😊🙏
victoria_xoxo_ : #ohfshop
ryanboy - baseball_angels_11 - adrienradford - debguerrero -
Mini victory for me: What with all the different moves, the word 'home' lost its importance to me for a while. Lately all I've heard from God is that my home is in him, and his home is in me. All that to say that I am finally happy to be in the physical home I find myself and I'm excited about decorating it. | | found my room aesthetic !!
gettingrealwithinsta - socality - visualsoflife - vsco - calledtobecreative - ohfshop - vscocam - socalityca - socalitycalifornia -
victoria_xoxo_ : Thank you so much!😌💕 @mona_0928
victoria_xoxo_ : Thank you!☺️ @angelaakay
lookitsemma_ : Amen!
kellyfellows : The Fellows can relate. Thank you for the encouraging Word. You are wise beyond your years.
victoria_xoxo_ : Thank you! That totally blesses me hearing that from you guys! @kellyfellows @lookitsemma_ 💙
victoria_xoxo_ : #calledtobecreative
_emilylind : ❤️
victoria_xoxo_ : #ohfshop
ohfshop - _emilylind - joselynjalapeno - christopher__olson -
Loving this product shot taken by @hellogabbi! Include #ohfshop to possibly have your photo featured, we love seeing photos from our customers!
ohfshop -
ohfshop : @hellogabbi fixed 😊
hellogabbi : @ohfshop ☺️💕
cheerskait : Love!
amymoore921 : @sarahascher those matches 😍
sarahascher : @amymoore921 🌌❤️
mackbenevides : @thespoonandfork these matches
__joha : @ohfshop has the shop received any new year planners ???
ohfshop : We currently carry monthly and weekly planners as well as desk planners 😊 @__joha
plattcollegesandiego - chasinglinen - h_nadiya - eightcrates -
Our dried flower section is filled with new spring blooms! Come visit us today 😊 #ohfshop
ohfshop -
misssallyrae : @sarajanemckay lets goooooo
theherreras : I need to make another stop... those yellow buttons are calling my name!
ohfshop : Swing by! Open until 6 pm tonight :) @burniikay @williams0914 @misssallyrae @sarajanemckay @theherreras
sarajanemckay : @misssallyrae fav part about this store is the dried flowers!
marmalime : You might like this insta @wearecaribou
piedmonttriadliving : All kinds of happy here.
wearecaribou : Oooo. Sweet. Yes I do. @marmalime
alyssaforeverr : 😍
jollyvoyagerblog - chasinglinen - velvetandcompany - drachebb -
"I get homesick for people." -@aeweeoo A six hour adventure with some women from my small group today was a great reminder of how important people are and can become in our lives. Our God in Heaven never leaves us but when we forget about His love He brings people along the way as a reminder. 🌞 From great food, dance parties, laughter, prayer, worship, and discussion, I am all the more finding myself thankful for those around me and for the further confirmation that this is where I am supposed to be. ❤️ #thisishome #yeartwowisebutfoolish #ohfshop #hiu #fromwhereistand
fromwhereistand - ohfshop - thisishome - yeartwowisebutfoolish - hiu -
aeweeoo : Love my girls!! 💜💜
thattrombonegirl - trendy_butler - prettysurethisisreal - misspersonality91 -
Working on another project at work for a much needed update for our workshops. I wish my painting partner didn't abandon me @ohhellofriend :) #crafts #projects #chalkboardpaint #chalkboard #ohhellofriend #ohfworkshop #ohfshop #paint #luv #crafting #work #creativity
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_sunnyyu - rosh_kitchen - iheart2hope -
ohhellofriend - planner - journal - ohfshop - fullerton - igdaily - california - crafts - stationery - vscocam - flowers -
paperpanduh : #ohfshop #stationery #igdaily #vscocam #flowers #fullerton #california #planner #journal #crafts #ohhellofriend
clariuxsh : @elleandish 💫
kindabrunette : <33
beckaburke : @paperpanduh I love #OHF!!!
happygosarah : @micahdejesus
noelalala7 : @aliexpresslovers
aliexpresslovers : @noelalala7 (●´∀`●)
lunaticas27 - theaavenger11 - psaguilar - jm1018 -
😍 Such a beautiful shop!
craftlife - planneraddict - weloveec - katespadeplanner - plannercommunity - erincondren - washi - happymail - travelersnote - planner - ohfshop - ilovewashi - kikkik - plannersupplies - plannernerd - stationery - plannerlife - filofax - diy -
paperpanduh : #ohfshop #planner #washi #ilovewashi #plannersupplies #weloveec #plannerlife #planneraddict #erincondren #kikkik #filofax #katespadeplanner #travelersnote #plannernerd #plannercommunity #happymail #diy #craftlife #stationery
fernanda.cruzz : @ddeborrah
planningwithjess : You're like 10 minutes from my city :) if you're into vegan food there's an amazing vegan cafe around there called Green Bliss Cafe.
vegan_nails_makeup : Ohhh what city is this?
paperpanduh : @vegan_nails_makeup they're located in Fullerton, CA!
theaavenger11 - faithew - theinstamate - psaguilar -
☀️Had to visit my favorite stationery shop @ohhellofriend before I head back to Seattle! #ohfshop #stationery #planner #snailmail #mail #paperlover
paperlover - planner - stationery - mail - ohfshop - snailmail -
whovian_planner : did I hear Seattle?!? r u a Seahawk ?
kingzmeg : why the hell would you ever leave Seattle to go to Fullerton? lol
paperpanduh : @kingzmeg I'm from Newport Beach 😏 Moved to Seattle about 5 years ago to be closer to family!
paperpanduh : @unicorn_planner Yep 💚💙
paperpanduh : @jellybirdsigns 😱😱😱
kingzmeg : seattle>>>socal (I'm from El Segundo, but I'd live in Seattle in a heartbeat. my favorite place in the world)
denamidesign : I am in Seattle and love it!
sbull25 : Do you know of any great stationary stores in The land of 12?
beehluvs4 - amapaperfreak - dream_big_135 - aishaiyad2002 -
this @ohfshop wall has been changed now but love this shot taken by @melissasonico.
heatherdarling : How much?
thebleee : @Steph wall gems!
thebleee : Oops! @stephr726 wall gems!!
moomoomama : How much is the green wall clock? What size is it?
leahsim_z : Please put the wall gems up for sale on your site 🙏 please
foranea_ : @thesignns!!
albuchheit : @donnamartika ~ can you see them? 😊
crazy_eights : I would love to buy the clock, too, but I didn't see it online. Is it possible to get it through your website, somehow? Pretty please?☺️
cvcm_ - albuchheit - ___teay___ - tk_lis -
got myself lots of pretty little gifts from 'oh, hello friend'! ♡
treatyoself - ohhellofriend - hellogabbi - ohfshop - thatsdarling - fullerton - liveauthentic -
hellogabbi : #hellogabbi #treatyoself #ohfshop #ohhellofriend #fullerton #liveauthentic #thatsdarling
boopsie_daisy : You should oughta make a book featuring all these types of pics, Gabs. They're THAT good! 😍
taylorntobin : 😍😍😍
pfcandleco : 👍
ohfshop : Love this! Can we repost on our instagram? :)
hellogabbi : @ohfshop yes, of course! 😊💕💖✨ thank you!
_tiffanyk_ : Your ig is so cute!!
francina10 - lacelit - thomasneuberger - breeee1989 -
we added this new wall display to the shop a few weeks ago. $5 crates (score craigslist!) cut down and stained by @allicansee, she has some serious skills! thanks for snapping this shot @harmonycreative!
paulashim : @beteyoshida
harmonycreative : @kellyjvalentine Look! From our visit 💕 : How cool!
theycall_mesarah : @gracieadams_
risovanna : @kfeirby тоже какие то коробки...)
sarahleeba : @ohhellofriend Just did this👏👏👏
komopoko : Cool. @shapesounds
paper_wishes : @ohhellofriend this looks great!!
maesarahsmile - tk_lis - ___teay___ - komopoko -
Featuring some of ohf's tiny treasures including a robot card holder, piano smart phone speaker, gold antique scissors, cupcake stand and tiny message bottles (& the teeniest air plant!)
ohfshop - ohhellofriend - tinytreasures -
ohfshop : #ohfshop #ohhellofriend #tinytreasures
guyblanco : 😍😍😍
virukkagifts : That piano smart phone speaker! 😍❤️😍
goodnessgathering - jennicoker - yeinnpaark - perfecthairties -
finally stopped by the #ohfshop, so stoked 🌾 #VSCOcam
ohfshop - vscocam -
lalalalasteph - gummyvenus - jenineeely - jaeso -
Some words for you lovely humans to brighten your weekend💭
jaaaay.rose : I love ohhellofriend! 😍
carmenhodgsonn : I love
vanesukkss - kelly_adeline - nastia_bry - frennsis -
:: Because when you're in one of your favorite shops and you're surrounded by the prettiest stationery+dried flowers you have ever seen, you must treat yo'self. It is law 💐
driedflowers - craspedia - ohhellofriend - abmlifeiscolorful - bouquet - ohfshop - fullerton - adventures - purple - treatyoself - flowers - abmhappylife -
theuncommonplace : #ohhellofriend #ohfshop #treatyoself #flowers #driedflowers #bouquet #craspedia #purple #abmhappylife #abmlifeiscolorful #adventures #fullerton
ohhellofriend : @theuncommonplace I like this law ☺️ thank you for capturing such beautiful shots of the shop. It's easy to just come and go when I'm there every day and miss certain aspects but I love seeing new perspectives from others! Love your work!
theuncommonplace : @ohhellofriend Of course! I get caught up in daily routines all the time, but I've learned to open my eyes and see the beauty in the everyday! Appreciate the little details in life, they're often the best things! 😊 also thank you for having the CUTEST shop to ever! Definitely always inspiring me with new stationery design ideas! If I could live in your store, I totally would
tiffanyima - alishylishy - christinaheaston - arielleestoria -
:: Yes, I am ☺️
craspedia - ohhellofriend - quote - notsorry - icanthandleit - adventures - nothingbutshoeshots - cuteness - flowers - ohfshop - inspiration -
theuncommonplace : #ohhellofriend #ohfshop #cuteness #icanthandleit #nothingbutshoeshots #notsorry #flowers #craspedia #quote #inspiration #adventures
murryclurr : ☺️
risse616 : @emarieswan this quote is for you, friend!
amandambell : TOTALLY needed this message today. 😊
cxmxrxnlxx : Thanks for this!
leahlaniskincare : @heyhalimae I love her feed 💛 reminds me of you
sarahwindy - ohsweetlovely - breeee1989 - fromwhereistand -
Yes! Today, let's do this. All of it! 🙌 Have a beautiful Wednesday! | #ohfshop #ohhellofriend
ohhellofriend - motivated - gsdgetshitdone - makeithappen - happywednesday - ohfshop - bekind - positivevibes - greatwork - happyhumpday - loveoneanother - behappy - dowork - today - humpday -
thepolishedpress : #happywednesday #happyhumpday #positivevibes #bekind #dowork #greatwork #today #behappy #motivated #loveoneanother
thepolishedpress : #makeithappen #GSDgetshitdone #humpday
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I am so happy to announce that I will be joining the oh, hello friend team! 😍 #ohfshop #ohhellofriend
ohfshop - ohhellofriend -
riapants : I'm so proud and excited for you!!!
charisseegreen : Ahhh I'll have to visit when I'm home! I love that store!😍
rebeccajeanrawr : My friend @alethialov is going to be working there too!
alethialov : Oh hey! We met at the interview – we worked on that setup together! Hahaha☺️ Yay, so happy you got it, too!!
savannahrenee : @riapants Thank you! 😽
savannahrenee : @charisseegreen Yes! I miss you! 😊 @rebeccajeanrawr Oh, yeah! I remember her! @alethialov Happy for you too! Can't wait to work together 👌
themovement : 😍
av_whosoever - kitkatlandreth - famegenius - mellydeeze -
Overjoyed because today God gave me a new job opportunity (at #ohfshop) 6 minutes away from home. I'm so excited to be on a mission in this city to relentlessly love the people Jesus first loved. Life is exciting. Celebrating creativity, storytelling, and the Maker of all things – one thousand times over.
ohfshop -
_daily_grace_ : Follow us🙏
creoleladydeej : Awesome congrats. It's so you!
alethialov : @creoleladydeej thank you, sweet friend! My home misses you already. But my heart more so💛
arleney_c : yeah!!
arleney_c : by the way i got a new phone can you shoot me a text please lady :T
alethialov : @arleney_c yes!
erimariaa : <3
alethialov : @erimariaa 😘☺️
_sweetdarling - kindheartedmiss - jeymivic - kthrnhnsn -
🌏Oh darling, lets be adventurers ✈️ Made a DIY cover for my Midori! #emmasjournal
emmasjournal - kawaii - midoritravelersnotebook - travelersnotebook - erincondren - washi - travelersnote - hobonichi - filofax - ohhellofriend - planner - ohfshop - traveljournal - plannersupplies - kikkik - paperlover - diy - midori - plannerlife - journal - plannernerd - travel -
paperpanduh : #planner #midoritravelersnotebook #plannersupplies #paperlover #erincondren #plannernerd #plannerlife #filofax #kikkik #hobonichi #journal #kawaii #washi #travelersnote #travelersnotebook #midori #journal #diy #travel #traveljournal #ohhellofriend #ohfshop
inspiredblush : Omggggg
michelle.n_n : you r adorbs ! and thaaat gold washi ! ah
tamarack_friendship_circle - missproverbs - kawaiifulcliips - roni_love_25 -
In search of a little inspiration today and I found it in Fullerton 💘 @OHHELLOFRIEND has some amazing workshops and weekly craft nights at their shop. What better opportunity to get creative and inspired! #new skills #crafting #Fullerton #SettlingIntoSoCalLife #OHFWORKSHOP
crafting - settlingintosocallife - ohfworkshop - new - ohfshop - fullerton -
chambredesucre : Thanks to @shiftingstatuskuo for recommending this gem 💎 😉
shiftingstatuskuo : @chambredesucre isn't it darling?! Glad you like it and can't wait to meet you soon 😉
chambredesucre : #ohfshop Thanks for all the goodies today @ohfshop 🌸
lostinmsw - fantasticdonuts - teadrinkertrixie -
Missed our seating area? Well it's back! Sit back and relax, we'll be open everyday of the week 😉
ohfshop - ohhellofriend -
ohfshop : #ohfshop #ohhellofriend
guyblanco : 😍
lilpocketsera : @alex_cv
ivyhwang : Love the lighting in this photo!!
beveezy : @john_reyes
ohfshop : 😘😘 @guyblanco @lilpocketsera @ivyhwang @beveezy @john_reyes
koonsie : This would actually be a cute sidetable @dotkoons
flourishpaperco - mamamia21103 - drinkbarjuicery - salvaginggrace -
Tillandsia, also known as an air plant, is one of the easiest plant to take care of! We have all different sizes from small to extra large and also sea urchin air plants 🌱
ohfshop - tillandsia - airplant - ohhellofriend -
ohfshop : #ohfshop #ohhellofriend #tillandsia #airplant
whimsyandwild : Air plants are the best.
ohfshop : @whimsyandwild love them!!
shiawase_panda - jollyvoyagerblog - unfoldeddesigns - drinkbarjuicery -
#ohfshop #candlemakingworkshop #love #feelingfree #superexcited
feelingfree - ohfshop - love - superexcited - candlemakingworkshop -
missmccafff - mo_sely - cgreen1109 - miss_chelsea_lynn -
Thanks, I am (at least, trying to follow my dreams) | 🌿😌🌿
kayyren05 - estarha - thytkerjobs - yellowduckie49 -
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