This band is all instrumental but it's amazing music. Check them out. Similar to Moving Mountains. #ofsinkingships
ofsinkingships -
katemkk - jongrantt -
Fresh off the press, gorgeous vinyl for #ofsinkingships by our very own @lakesbrent and #brokencircles
ofsinkingships - brokencircles -
patgrune : Does that mean these are finally shipping?
juliapepler - celestialoceans - lakesbrent - image_archive -
First attempt at a little #timelapse action. Used my shoe for a tripod :P Some #campvibes from this weekend. Soundtrack courtesy #ofsinkingships
timelapse - campvibes - ofsinkingships -
vmpugliese - tr927 - essentialoilsupply - andrew_duh -
#trashpoem for @maggiedonelan . Ink, goache, watercolor, and rivermud on paper. Big by biggerish. Next up is up for grabs. Now accepting any all all offers. #trashpoem #belieber #honesty #inalldeeds #butnotdreams #metallica #rodethelightning #justalittletoohard #johnboehner #dreams #ofsinkingships
honesty - trashpoem - belieber - inalldeeds - rodethelightning - ofsinkingships - dreams - johnboehner - butnotdreams - metallica - justalittletoohard - 50 -
trashpoems : @twowheeledterror - do it, dude, though the last one turned into pizza and a-team night. I'll steal and forget all yr tricks, just like I did Todd's.
trashpoems : @maggiedonelan -rad. It's kind of big. I'm trying to flatten it back out by burying it under a bookshelf.
twowheeledterror : Hahahaha! Perfect!
ahoctor : Good morning, hope all is well with you , haven't received a package yet no hurry , just wondering. ..@trashpoems
trashpoems : @ahoctor - really? I sent it out the other week with two others which arrived ok. I remember you mentioning you were in the midst of a move - perhaps a forwarding delay? Anyways - if it doesn't get to you by Tuesday, let me know. I'm unable to track it, but I will get an extra special package out to you. This will be the 2nd postal mishap in this venture. My big package to joe arrived empty with stamps all over it.
ahoctor : Righton, thanks I'll hit you up on Tuesday if I don't get anything. @trashpoems
trashpoems : @ahoctor - if it's lost, the good news is I think I've gotten better at painting. So you might end up winning.
ahoctor : Received the package today! Love it , the little painting on the card is awesome too! Let you know when I get set up agin for another possible trad!? Thanks agin, keep doing what your doing , you make the world a better place with your art!@trashpoems
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16 more great records from 2014 - check them out. #everytimeidie #angeldu$t #thiswildlife #whitelung #pyrrhon #whitesuns #swans #expire #theblackkeys #whitereaper #ladispute #lordmantis #theantlers #ofsinkingships #koansound #chuckragan
everytimeidie - lordmantis - expire - thiswildlife - whitelung - ofsinkingships - whitesuns - whitereaper - theblackkeys - chuckragan - pyrrhon - theantlers - angeldu - swans - koansound - ladispute -
iamkevinluong : Angel Du$t is in the lead so far!
kyleadams : Love that new ETID
shpoogen : Etid has a new record?
jasoncarne : @shpoogen - Yep and it rules!
epitaphrecords : @shpoogen Where you been?!! Get on it \m/
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Got these awhile ago and I often forget how stunningly awesome the re release artwork/vinyl is for The Frailty of Words - also ...of Sinking Ships ;) #hopesfall #ofsinkingships #posthardcore #postrock #vinyl #sick
postrock - techdeck - posthardcore - vinyl - sick - hopesfall - ofsinkingships -
eventhetrees : Oh yeah #techdeck
paytondavidson_ - justinjayhamilton - thejoshuastrain - blvck_jack -
#ofsinkingships #snugharbor
snugharbor - ofsinkingships -
jtriddle89 - cuhhrisstull - 8sourcil8 - themusketking -
Tonight! Come celebrate the release of the new full-length record The Amaranthine Sea by ...Of Sinking Ships! #queencity #charlottenc #snugharbor #rocktheboat #ofsinkingships #bask #recordrelease
snugharbor - queencity - recordrelease - rocktheboat - charlottenc - ofsinkingships - bask -
purgeb4ubinge - viajando_band - crrollyson - justinreich -
Been waiting 6 years for a new Of Sinking Ships release!!! @michaelnordeen #ofsinkingships
ofsinkingships -
michaelnordeen : YES๐Ÿ‘
michaelnordeen - swischeeks - amanderinchief -
Of Sinking ships rules! #ofsinkingships @timcossor @ethanricks & chad. True love.
ofsinkingships -
ethanricks : Good seeing you man, sorry I missed your set!
wermgoesgonzo : Neat!
morequieterplease : Awesome.
juttinp - craigf80 - morequieterplease - wermgoesgonzo -
#ofsinkingships #of #sinking ships #theamaranthinesea #the #amaranthine #sea #new #album #2014 #postrock #rock #instrumental #music #follow #follows #followme #following #follow4follow
sinking - theamaranthinesea - rock - instrumental - postrock - sea - new - follow4follow - follow - ofsinkingships - amaranthine - album - follows - music - of - following - 2014 - the - followme -
sabrina5827 - alenyakubov - so_doqe -
Hey guys.. ...Of Sinking Ships has a new full-length that just went up for preorder over at Only 300 copies were pressed. 100 on Orange and 200 on Half Clear/Half Purple. Please help support some of my really good friends. Also.. The amazing art was produced by my good buddy, @chanmanimal, who also did all the art for oak of our hopesfall albums. #ofsinkingships #brokencirclesrecords #vinyl #nowspinning #records #vinylgram #vinyljunkie #vinyladdict #coloredvinyl
coloredvinyl - vinylgram - nowspinning - brokencirclesrecords - vinyljunkie - vinyladdict - records - vinyl - ofsinkingships -
purgeb4ubinge : @rob_b_ no problem, dude. ๐Ÿ‘
rob_b_ : @purgeb4ubinge you ever hear anything on this? Emailed those guys three times with no response about shipping dates
purgeb4ubinge : Yeah.. I just talked to my buddy, Chad, last week. He said the records are running a little late due to the pressing plant scheduling, regarding RSD. Hopefully it won't be too much longer.
purgeb4ubinge : @rob_b_ ๐Ÿ‘†
rob_b_ : Thanks. Was starting to wonder
rob_b_ : @purgeb4ubinge - haven't talked to him recently have you? Guy totally flaked out and sent a message about records being on a boat two months ago. Never returns emails or anything. Think I am chalking this one up to being scammed by Broken circles
purgeb4ubinge : @rob_b_ the last I heard about this was in an email that was sent out on July 24th. It pretty much said that the test presses were approved in March, and that they were on their way from Europe. But that was 2 months ago, so who knows.
purgeb4ubinge : @rob_b_ word is that they have arrived and will be shipping ASAP.
father_and_son_records - foxesdream - dudustorm - matthewdurnford -
Pre-orders for ...Of Sinking Ships' new album "The Amaranthine Sea" are up now at! Only 300 vinyls are being pressed. 100 orange and 200 half clear half opaque purple. Can't wait for this! #OfSinkingShips #postrock #instrumental #hopesfall #hrvrd
instrumental - postrock - hopesfall - ofsinkingships - hrvrd -
petevonrock - enjoytheriderecords - drumstrongmusic - silvio_pfiffner -
#earworm #OfSinkingShips #TheAmaranthineSea #ISetSailOnWindsOfRenewal
theamaranthinesea - ofsinkingships - earworm - isetsailonwindsofrenewal -
eggsandspam - toweabunga - ratiobakeshop - mrswindupbird -
From early this morning . ...Of Sinking Ships #ofsinkingships
ofsinkingships -
xcanwestartagainx : Played some of their jams at my wedding!!!!
xcanwestartagainx : @joshautree 1 self titled LP.... And I got it on vinyl!!
purgeb4ubinge : @joshautree yeah. 1 full-length, entirely made by just Chad. (Which is about 12 years old) And they have a split 7" that came out this year, which has all the members you see playing here. New full length out early 2014
purgeb4ubinge : @xcanwestartagainx that's awesome, man. Also.. (See info I posted above about other ...of sinking ships releases)
daneabernathy : I hate I missed that show. Went to the milestone for my one band mates other band's final show.
xcanwestartagainx : Fuck, split 7" you say @purgeb4ubinge ?? I've been sleeping on the scene....happens when you get married I guess. Will pick up ASAP. Good lookin out.
purgeb4ubinge : @xcanwestartagainx no problem, dude. You can get it at @brokencircles
morequieterplease : Knew that was gonna be a great show. Hate I had to work. That clip sounds awesome though.
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Can't get enough #ofsinkingships
ofsinkingships -
justin_fierce - shinaram3 - daneabernathy - ethanricks -
#ofsinkingships dear god this band is making me feel things. Love every one of these dudes.
ofsinkingships -
craigf80 - joana_gram - daneabernathy - robby5cents -
Hey Charlotte, Snug Harbor is the place to be tonight! #ofsinkingships #sidewalks #charlottenc
charlottenc - sidewalks - ofsinkingships -
purgeb4ubinge - crrollyson -
ofsinkingships -
royalknox : #akalooselips
claireeclaire - sweetgrump - ssdoah - munjoyboy -
...Of Sinking Ships - s/t. Garbage Marble #vinyl. #ofsinkingships #hopesfall #records #record #np #nowspinning #vinyligclub #vinylporn #vinylcollector #vinylcollection #vinyloftheday #ilovevinyl #bestvinylrecords #nowplaying
vinylcollector - bestvinylrecords - records - nowplaying - nowspinning - hopesfall - ilovevinyl - record - vinyligclub - vinyl - np - vinylporn - vinylcollection - ofsinkingships - vinyloftheday -
purgeb4ubinge : New album coming soon
vinyl365 : @purgeb4ubinge I'm looking forward to it!
thevinylhub - thejoshuastrain - dan.cabral - lincolnkarlsson -
#tbt I think I've had this shirt since 11th grade. #hopesfall #satelliteyears #bestalbumever #ofsinkingships
bestalbumever - backwards - ofsinkingships - hopesfall - satelliteyears - tbt -
southernviking : #backwards
natebarnestattooer : Daaang I'm jelly. Satellite years wassup?
molehillmountain - _rusty_ - nikski28 - amanderinchief -
Of Sinking Ships / Glower Split 7". black / 100. #vinyl #record #collection #vinylcollection #recordcollection #vinyligclub #clubrpm #nowspinning #vinylcollective #vc #LP #vinyljunkie #vinylgram #instavinyl #vinyladdict #ofsinkingships #glower #brokencircles @brokencircles
vc - vinyladdict - nowspinning - collection - vinyljunkie - vinyligclub - vinyl - recordcollection - ofsinkingships - instavinyl - brokencircles - glower - vinylgram - lp - record - vinylcollection - clubrpm - vinylcollective -
brokencircles : ๐Ÿ‘
wadik - vinylfy - kil3n - scarymilesdavis -
Thanks @jasonleefields #OfSinkingShips #Glower
glower - ofsinkingships -
jasonleefields : @throwinthuhtowe you're welcome man! thanks for the warriors split
pastrami_wings : Wow.
papa_punk - runxhomexjack - radical_sabbatical - barryofguilder -
glower - ofsinkingships -
matthewof1979 : #OFSINKINGSHIPS / #GLOWER - Split
ramblinpan : That's an awesome album cover
sweetdeal420 - slavesbc - sayjaykaymay - thedeadbadger -
Somewhere there is a @iammikeenglish drooling over this #...ofsinkingships vinyl
ofsinkingships -
taas_shaun : #ofsinkingships
iammikeenglish : fucking love that you have this.
taas_shaun - dangerxdan - iamtomenglish - iammikeenglish -
Enjoying the last of this beautiful sunny day with some relaxing music. Of Sinking Ships / Glower split, Broken Circles Records. #ofsinkingships #glower #brokencircles #bcr #brokencirclesrecords #vinyloftheday #nowspinning #vinylcollection #sunny
vinyloftheday - brokencircles - glower - nowspinning - brokencirclesrecords - sunny - vinylcollection - ofsinkingships - bcr -
pandaclawrecords - townhallhq - justinwhenry - diggario -
Ordered these back in December, finally came in today. #hawkboy #ofsinkingships #vinyl
hawkboy - ofsinkingships - vinyl -
matthewof1979 - jamesneremiah - caseydowell - c_low713 -
Also finally getting to spin these tonight. Having talented friends is awesome #glower #ofsinkingships #vinyl @raerach828 cause I know Josh isint on the gram, man
glower - ofsinkingships - vinyl -
himynameisphilip - badbuddhist - plniuo27012 - christiannoel -
Newest vinyls #soikwork #collectors #pinkfloyd #glower #ofsinkingships
glower - soikwork - pinkfloyd - ofsinkingships - collectors -
zachzachman - plniuo27012 - brandywiinee - _brittneylee93 -
...Of Sinking Ships/Glower Split 7" My good buddy, Chad Waldrup, use to play in a band with me called Hopesfall. He is now the main man behind the instrumental band "...Of Sinking Ships". Check them out when you get a chance. He has a full-length coming out later this year. 7" released by @brokencircles #vinyladdict #vinyl #vinyligclub #vinyljunkie #nowspinning #vinylcollection #...ofsinkingships #ofsinkingships #glower #coloredvinyl #instumental #brokencircles #brokencirclesrecords #vinylgram #hopesfall
instumental - coloredvinyl - brokencircles - vinyladdict - nowspinning - hopesfall - brokencirclesrecords - vinyljunkie - glower - vinyligclub - vinyl - madamorgansrecords - vinylcollection - vinylgram - ofsinkingships -
creatureandtheblackballoon : @purgeb4ubinge U played in Hopesfall?!
purgeb4ubinge : @creatureandtheblackballoon yes sir. Drums on the first 3 albums.
creatureandtheblackballoon : Nice! FanBoy hear. My old band opened up for Hopesfall back in the day in Spokane Wa. You guys were super kind to us.
purgeb4ubinge : @creatureandtheblackballoon No Way!! Small world, dude. Do you remember what year it was? What was your band's name?
creatureandtheblackballoon : Gosh! Like 2003-2004ish I believe Calico System was also on the bill. It was too long ago. Hahaha. Our band was The Midnight Society
purgeb4ubinge : @creatureandtheblackballoon ^^^
creatureandtheblackballoon : @purgeb4ubinge it must have been around 2004-2005ish. It was a while ago. Hahaha. Our band name was The Midnight Society. I believe CalicoSystem was on the bill also
purgeb4ubinge : #madamorgansrecords
matthewof1979 - xcanwestartagainx - pharoesband - foxesdream -
stoked to get my copies of the #ofsinkingships #glower 7 in. i love the artwork on this. @brokencircles @chanmanimal
glower - ofsinkingships -
purgeb4ubinge - plniuo27012 - papa_punk - padovanb -
Oh, and this. #ofsinkingships #glower #nowplaying
glower - nowplaying - ofsinkingships -
madamorgan - teclas - _francy_ - papa_punk -
Looks like I get to test this out. #vinyligclub #vinyl #ofsinkingships #glower #testpress
glower - testpress - vinyligclub - vinyl - ofsinkingships -
nowspinning : ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘
gregdaniels : #testpresstuesday
thejoshuastrain - michaelpageabrams - rfinlay_ - benhamvenom -
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