It was our third year and it was a great one, thanks to all of you. So many good memories but sending @josephholway across the country for #nyctogsc was the highlight for us. Thanks for all your support and happy new year. We're excited for 2015 and all the new things we're busy making right now. #searchandstate
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bryanbanducci : πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
andrekivijarvi : Still need to meet up with you dudes!!
kevinscottbatchelor : Great to meet you! Looking forward to hanging more in 2015!
searchandstate : We'd be remiss to not say thank you to you @johnprolly - you've been a tremendous part of what we're building and we are very grateful.
searchandstate : @kevinscottbatchelor excited to hear where you're headed next! Fun hanging in boulder.
premium_russian : Thank you so much for helping me and @zebrakeys get out to redhook last year! Deeply honestly appriciate it. As we say in Russian. A new year, and new happiness! Keep being rad and classy.
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Anyone see the @searchandstate #nyctogsc article in the Nov/Dec issue of Road?
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goldensaddlecyclery : #goldensaddlecyclery
kylebkelley : That was a good time @searchandstate and @josephholway !
jefftherobot : @josephholway is taking finals right now...63 day backpacking trip with no food, water, or clothes
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Outtakes from the @searchandstate #nyctogsc party.
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searchandstate - md_sweeney - justridingalong - _nicolizardi -
Outtakes from the @searchandstate #nyctogsc party.
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justridingalong : #nofilter
outsideisfred : SEARCH AND STATE IS COOL
nickbrandood : @outsideisfred I AGREE
searchandstate : @outsideisfred not sure how we missed this one...thank you!
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'21 days is kind of a long time' @josephholway - full film up @searchandstate sear #nyctogsc #searchandstate
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donkharian : πŸ™πŸ™
diegocagnato : Hope someday can be part on an amazing project like this one!
fstop13photo : @nateimelli
roeyroeyy : @sydq_
slimelliott : @tulefogger
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A short film on #nyctogsc narrated by @josephholway can be viewed at
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barleymadeit : Rad
mikeschneider : Right on SAS! Loved this.
andrekivijarvi : So damn inspiring
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This is all @josephholway needed to cross the country alone in 21 days. We were in the studio with him this week and will be publishing a full recap soon. #nyctogsc #searchandstate
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barleymadeit : @lionambience yeaaaahhhhhhhh lets do it
barleymadeit : @idawg hahah
searchandstate : @westendbikespdx thank you!
hobogreg15 : @josephholway where did you spend your nights? Campgrounds? And how much did you have to spend on food and such?
josephholway : @thebakedgoods1 I don't think I actually spent a single night in an official campground. Mostly camped on the side of the road or at scenic overlooks. Outside bars. Anywhere I could find really. Good was pretty much my only cost and was around 40 to 60 dollars a day.
josephholway : Food
hobogreg15 : Dang man.. I hope to cycle cross country someday
peony_rose_collection : @liley_tom
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#nyctogsc #goldensaddlecyclery
goldensaddlecyclery - nyctogsc -
mike_honcho10 - ki.kko - breakawaymanny - rj_agc -
#nyctogsc @josephholway in full party mode!
goldensaddlecyclery - nyctogsc -
kylebkelley : #goldensaddlecyclery
outsideisfred : Sweat it out!
go_die818 : "Beer me"
saltycyclingcap : Nice to meet ya dude! @josephholway
josephholway : @saltycyclingcap you as well
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It's not all sunsets and tailwinds out there. As romantic as crossing the country can be, it's a physically punishing experience. The hands of @josephholway #nyctogsc
nyctogsc -
matthewrduer : Great πŸ“·. Perseverance and grit. Well done.
notmatthewmoore : @searchandstate that's a mistake. I just did Seattle to LA, gloves were one of my better investments. Not even $20
mikewindisch : So what was in that package anyway? Pizza? Cronuts? Viral marketing manual?
searchandstate : @notmatthewmoore we suppose he's just a no glove kind of guy.
searchandstate : @mikewindisch our latest jersey release, the S2R
notmatthewmoore : @mikewindisch #3 then
searchandstate : @mikewindisch although a few souvenirs were added along the way. Most notably, a rattlesnake rattle.
jhbartell : @josephholway if you would have wiped out earlier in the ride you could have had some strange bandage tan lines.
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This young man logged over 3,000 miles from New York City to Los Angeles in 21 days and a few hours. We'd like to congratulate @josephholway on an amazing achievement and sincerely hank him for taking on the #nyctogsc challenge, it's been inspiring and exciting for all of us to be part of it all.
nyctogsc -
blake_bedoya : Congrats @josephholway
yomamainstagrama : Respect! πŸ‘Š
mikewindisch : Kick ass. Enjoyed the photos
bryanbanducci : Fuck yeah!
searchandstate : @mikewindisch thank you.
searchandstate : Photo: @adammoran
ladolcevelo : Amazing!
goforward : @hectorg620 @trekuno
surfer722 - outsideisfred - uerr -
@josephholway made it to the Pacific. Congratulations
nyctogsc -
jefftherobot : For those of you that don't know, Joseph rode his bike from NY to LA for @searchandstate
jefftherobot : #nyctogsc
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Thanks again @josephholway !
goldensaddlecyclery - nyctogsc -
kylebkelley : #goldensaddlecyclery #nyctogsc
jeffisfindingit : Jandd is is badass!
josephholway : @kylebkelley no thank you
xshtlckx : Nice bag!
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Last minute pop up yesterday at @goldensaddlecyclery ! Served up some jackfruit burritos & tacos to some hunks!
jackfruit - spellcheck - nyctogsc - hardhunkin - goldensaddlecyclery - vegan - tacos -
pureluckpopup : #nyctogsc #goldensaddlecyclery #jackfruit #vegan #tacos #spellcheck #hardhunkin
jefftherobot : Thanks again for the tacos, they were great!
xfurnx : When's the next one?
hotstixx : @xfurnx july 12th! For the wolfpack hustle race in dwntwn 12-8pm
monodistortion : @electric_cher Most Asian grocery stores like Ranch 99 or A Grocery Warehouse have it. It's called young green jackfruit in brine.
josephholway : That was one of the greatest meals ivd ever had. Thank you @pureluckpopup
richardthelionhearted : That's one handsome dude. @strelly72
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gsc - searchandstate - nyctogsc -
180pics : There's a party over here... #gsc #nyctogsc #searchandstate @goldensaddlecyclery
rafikasm - searchandstate - thr_sh_r - slimwonder -
@talltimbers is killing it!
goldensaddlecyclery - nyctogsc -
kylebkelley : #goldensaddlecyclery #nyctogsc
get_wildeor : #beercasehelmet
randonnerd : So heavy.
baronvonfancypants : He was wearing the same thing the day he left Philly.
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NYC to GSC! @searchandstate #goldensaddlecyclery
goldensaddlecyclery - nyctogsc -
jweeeks : Quite a feat.
blackcoffeecycling : So inspirational.#dope
searchandstate : We might have to request a copy of this one...such a great shot!
bearthebrunt : @searchandstate You want it, you got it!
bearthebrunt : #nyctogsc
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Well... @josephholway made it!
goldensaddlecyclery - nyctogsc -
professormoptop : awesome...great job.. #BEASTMODE
geraldactyle_ : πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
mcdreamerson : Huge. Nice work bro!
cadencecollection : Nice work @josephholway
ladolcevelo : Yes! Killer job dude @josephholway"
randonnerd : Yeah dude!
blackcoffeecycling : Amazing riding @josephholway!
createfolly : So solid✊
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Right now @goldensaddlecyclery !!!
goldensaddlecyclery - nyctogsc -
kylebkelley : #nyctogsc
senorflaco : #volvervolver
mikepowers_ : Wish I could have been there for this!
cogjoint : You guys know how to party
marktassi : I guess I got there a little late.
saltycyclingcap : Such a good night!
rmdub : Ok... Now I'm REALLY pissed I had to work.
tobiedepauw : Daaaaaang. That's the way to do it.
mikepowers_ - eliezertavora - jmccona - cyclopsfixed -
Because @goldensaddlecyclery + @searchandstate.
nyctogsc -
nickbrandood : #nyctogsc
randonnerd - l_l_cool_james - ahantoft -
Hello @goldensaddlecyclery ! We have arrived. See you all tonight at 6 for @josephholway arrival and the celebration of an amazing journey #nyctogsc
nyctogsc -
mattjchristensen : Woohoo! Well done.
why_pea_are : @irammai #storefrontswaggin
randonnerd : Yes! Congratulations!
ladolcevelo : WHOO!
brad4130 : Nice, that dude hauled ass !
ace_metric : πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
milkyspeedvagen : Fuckin' ballz for sure
blackcoffeecycling : #dope
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Along with welcoming @josephholway to LA, the food and the beer, there be a surprise photo show at GSC tonight!
goldensaddlecyclery - nyctogsc -
kylebkelley : Joseph has taken hundreds of photos along the way and the guys @searchandstate have printed all of them!
kylebkelley : #goldensaddlecyclery #nyctogsc
c_baller : Wish I could be there!
carltheyounger : What's good this weekend, @kylebkelley ? I'll be in Santa Monica, and wanted to roll through gsc.
kylebkelley : @hotrodperlmutter sorry bud...just saw this. I think we're all partied out but super stoked you made it by!
carltheyounger : I'm glad I got to see the picture wall! Good stuff.
hamza_abazov - andy.frakes - netaro0720 -
Tomorrow's the big day #nyctogsc !!!
nyctogsc -
notmatthewmoore : Cool. Nice job!
kylebkelley : Come by the shop to welcome @josephholway to Los Angeles!
kylebkelley : Food by Pure Luck @squidcirclepit and plenty of adult beverages provided by our favorite neighborhood liquor store Big Mac's!
outsideisfred : My adult beverages are prune juice and Ensure.
michale_mutant : Y'all need a dj?
stubone : @timaiken
breakbrake17bikes : Let's get some bb17 products in GSC! -@alxgonzalz
josephholway - kescapade - jhyun902 - teamloblolly -
After 20 days on the road, @josephholway finally comes across a sign with the name of his destination #nyctogsc
nyctogsc -
danedum24 : So cool.
jhbartell : Yeah! I took this photo! I'm famous. Keel up the good work @josephholway!
tjculbreath : Brooooo! So pumped for you you guys! @josephholway is a beast!
littleringvillian : @iamtheelephant
j_aralar : Almost there!
searchandstate : @jhbartell thanks for the epic shot!
ladolcevelo : Soon! We wish we could make it to the party!
iamtheelephant : @littleringvillian Badass! Let's tour.
slf1980 - francesca_tiddia - josepra28 - angel_mayorga -
@josephholway's shoes have been quarantined in the minifridge. So rank. #nyctogsc
nyctogsc -
wildcactus : 😷😷😷😷😷😷😷😷😷😷
wildcactus - ladyhaleigh - natashabriana - brittwillock -
Good day riding with @josephholway on his cross country bike ride. @searchandstate #touring #crushingit
nyctogsc - touring - crushingit -
b.bartell : #nyctogsc
searchandstate : Yes!
wildcactus - searchandstate - jhbartell - esutorka -
Friends in LA: You're invited to join us @goldensaddlecyclery on Tuesday, July 1st at 6pm to celebrate @josephholway 's arrival and the completion of his solo cross-country #nyctogsc ride. Yes, there will be drinks and much celebrating. (This event will not conflict with the USA v Belgium match)
nyctogsc -
thr_sh_r : @focus_mark @endoverendo
tjculbreath : @rebekahculb ok, let's skip CO and head out to CA. You've always wanted to go to CA....right?
searchandstate : @tjculbreath @rebekahculb come party!
kwaichang : @searchandstate hey guys I filled out the online form a couple of times re: stock availability. Not sure if they are getting through on your end. Can you let me know? - Kane.
searchandstate : @kwaichang we are sorry! We actually had an issue with that submission form that was just resolved this week - can you shoot an email to with any questions.
ritajoseedqueen : Jim Holway and Rita Jo Anthony are really looking forward to the BIG finish of the ride and the PARTY!!!
searchandstate : @ritajoseedqueen and a big party it will be.
jefftherobot : @davidhcrawford
richstoneprojects - slf1980 - eivindfurnesvik - erxpharm -
@josephholway is probably in Colorado by now. Check out his blog as he rides across the US to deliver a jersey for @searchandstate . Dude is 11days in and making killer time. #nyctogsc #jealous #rideyobike
jealous - nyctogsc - rideyobike -
josephholway : @tjculbreath in Colorado and about 150 miles east of Denver
tjculbreath : @josephholway heck yes!! Hello Rocky Mountains!
searchandstate - cadencecollection - noah_soap - bi_gorca -
Adapting to the heat and humidity of the Midwest, @josephholway has gone nocturnal for the third night in a row. Here a brief respite in Cameron, MO
nyctogsc -
heyjoshhaines : #nightmoves
richstoneprojects : Phenomenal effort keep going and stay safe @Josephholway they're pretty big trucks in the background
searchandstate : @blake_bedoya thank you.
josephholway : @richstoneprojects thanks man
josephholway : The night is the way to go but you gotta be sure to keep your mouth closed, the bugs are wild out here.
reachforyourmind : @josephholway midnight snack
josephholway : @reachforyourmind and a few beers
dundeecycles : Great photo!
routesixtyfix - mrtimo75 - slf1980 -
This is what @josephholway looks like after 100+ miles in brutal heat and humidity crossing Missouri. The guy is an absolute legend. It's almost midnight and he's still turning the pedals #nyctogsc
nyctogsc -
ignissanat : fuck the crack harder @richardthelionhearted
joelcastillomusic : @joshuaklutch
smilinjoefission : @ignissanat check out his blog. it's unsupported,
photojbartlett : Does he have a delivery deadline?
searchandstate : @photojbartlett no deadline, but @josephholway claims July 1st we will be celebrating @goldensaddlecyclery
tjculbreath : So rad! Your doing great @josephholway !! Making greet time!
porkchopparkin : @kahnwhore
roeyroeyy : @sydq_
angelll_735 - becausetim - soulsan_ - clover_seven -
Hey @goldensaddlecyclery @kylebkelley @tytanium - the package is safe & sound. #nyctogsc
nyctogsc -
tytanium : Where's the feather?! Aawwww man
searchandstate : @tytanium blowin' in the wind.
richstoneprojects : For a moment I thought he was carrying left over pizza 😳
photojbartlett : @richstoneprojects it'd be funny if it is left over pizza. Wonder if that box is gonna last?
richstoneprojects - angel_mayorga - chlpie - imau_sg -
Look who we found! @josephholway #nyctogsc about to cross the Missouri River
nyctogsc -
geraldactyle_ : πŸ’ͺπŸ‘
craigfreemantle : Mad props
bilsko : That's the right cap for the job. #goldensaddlecyclery #goldensaddle
searchandstate : @craigfreemantle indeed! @josephholway is a madman
tjculbreath : @velo_steef @josephholway is going to be in Denver in a few days! Check out his blog at
velosteef : @tjculbreath nice!
slf1980 - jacobflit - kingrussdagreat -
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