'21 days is kind of a long time' @josephholway - full film up @searchandstate sear #nyctogsc #searchandstate
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donkharian : πŸ™πŸ™
diegocagnato : Hope someday can be part on an amazing project like this one!
fstop13photo : @nateimelli
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Head over to to check out the full short film. Thanks again @searchandstate #nyctogsc
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A short film on #nyctogsc narrated by @josephholway can be viewed at
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hertzdohnut : Rad
mikeschneider : Right on SAS! Loved this.
andrekivijarvi : So damn inspiring
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Put a few clips together from the #NYCtoGSC ride. Check it out at
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jefftherobot : πŸŽ₯πŸ‘
kristenkarnold : πŸŽ₯πŸ‘πŸ‘
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This is all @josephholway needed to cross the country alone in 21 days. We were in the studio with him this week and will be publishing a full recap soon. #nyctogsc #searchandstate
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hertzdohnut : @lionambience yeaaaahhhhhhhh lets do it
hertzdohnut : @idawg hahah
searchandstate : @westendbikespdx thank you!
thebakedgoods1 : @josephholway where did you spend your nights? Campgrounds? And how much did you have to spend on food and such?
josephholway : @thebakedgoods1 I don't think I actually spent a single night in an official campground. Mostly camped on the side of the road or at scenic overlooks. Outside bars. Anywhere I could find really. Good was pretty much my only cost and was around 40 to 60 dollars a day.
josephholway : Food
thebakedgoods1 : Dang man.. I hope to cycle cross country someday
peony_rose_collection : @liley_tom
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#nyctogsc #goldensaddlecyclery
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NYC to GSC! @searchandstate #goldensaddlecyclery
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jweeeks : Quite a feat.
blackcoffeecycling : So inspirational.#dope
searchandstate : We might have to request a copy of this one...such a great shot!
skullcrusher84 : @searchandstate You want it, you got it!
skullcrusher84 : #nyctogsc
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#nyctogsc @josephholway in full party mode!
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kylebkelley : #goldensaddlecyclery
outsideisfred : Sweat it out!
go_die818 : "Beer me"
saltycyclingcap : Nice to meet ya dude! @josephholway
josephholway : @saltycyclingcap you as well
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@josephholway made it to the Pacific. Congratulations
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jefftherobot : For those of you that don't know, Joseph rode his bike from NY to LA for @searchandstate
jefftherobot : #nyctogsc
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It's not all sunsets and tailwinds out there. As romantic as crossing the country can be, it's a physically punishing experience. The hands of @josephholway #nyctogsc
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matthewrduer : Great πŸ“·. Perseverance and grit. Well done.
notmatthewmoore : @searchandstate that's a mistake. I just did Seattle to LA, gloves were one of my better investments. Not even $20
mikewindisch : So what was in that package anyway? Pizza? Cronuts? Viral marketing manual?
searchandstate : @notmatthewmoore we suppose he's just a no glove kind of guy.
searchandstate : @mikewindisch our latest jersey release, the S2R
notmatthewmoore : @mikewindisch #3 then
searchandstate : @mikewindisch although a few souvenirs were added along the way. Most notably, a rattlesnake rattle.
jhbartell : @josephholway if you would have wiped out earlier in the ride you could have had some strange bandage tan lines.
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This young man logged over 3,000 miles from New York City to Los Angeles in 21 days and a few hours. We'd like to congratulate @josephholway on an amazing achievement and sincerely hank him for taking on the #nyctogsc challenge, it's been inspiring and exciting for all of us to be part of it all.
nyctogsc -
notmatthewmoore : Oh shit! I just did Seattle to LA in about the same time. Then again it was no challenge. Great job @josephholway !
blake_bedoya : Congrats @josephholway
yomamainstagrama : Respect! πŸ‘Š
mikewindisch : Kick ass. Enjoyed the photos
bryanbanducci : Fuck yeah!
searchandstate : @mikewindisch thank you.
searchandstate : Photo: @adammoran
ladolcevelo : Amazing!
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Thanks again @josephholway !
goldensaddlecyclery - nyctogsc -
kylebkelley : #goldensaddlecyclery #nyctogsc
jeffisfindingit : Jandd is is badass!
josephholway : @kylebkelley no thank you
xshtlckx : Nice bag!
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_180_ : There's a party over here... #gsc #nyctogsc #searchandstate @goldensaddlecyclery
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Celbrating Joseph Holway's 3100 mike bike ride from #ny2la with the #gsc #searchandstate #drinkit
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_180_ : @kylebkelley @josephholway #nyctogsc
kylebkelley : Holla!
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@kylebkelley @josephholway #nyctogsc
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kylebkelley : So good!!!
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Last minute pop up yesterday at @goldensaddlecyclery ! Served up some jackfruit burritos & tacos to some hunks!
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jefftherobot : Thanks again for the tacos, they were great!
xfurnx : When's the next one?
electric_cher : @where do I find jackfruit?? I've been desperately searching!
bike2121 : @xfurnx july 12th! For the wolfpack hustle race in dwntwn 12-8pm
monodistortion : @electric_cher Most Asian grocery stores like Ranch 99 or A Grocery Warehouse have it. It's called young green jackfruit in brine.
electric_cher : @monodistortion thank you soooo much!!! Yay!!
josephholway : That was one of the greatest meals ivd ever had. Thank you @pureluckpopup
richardthelionhearted : That's one handsome dude. @strelly72
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@talltimbers is killing it!
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kylebkelley : #goldensaddlecyclery #nyctogsc
get_wildeor : #beercasehelmet
randonnerd : So heavy.
baronvonfancypants : He was wearing the same thing the day he left Philly.
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Because @goldensaddlecyclery + @searchandstate.
nyctogsc -
nickbrandood : #nyctogsc
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This kid just rode across the USA to deliver a @searchandstate jersey to @goldensaddlecyclery. Bicycles are amazing.
nyctogsc -
velo_drone : That's one way to save on shipping cost
rowleyrides : Does he do returns?
nickbrandood : @rowleyrides yea, but I think you have to pay.
nickbrandood : #nyctogsc
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Boy, can Golden Saddle can throw a party, or what? #nyctogsc
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area45 - zis_ka_ - freebirdvelo - imartinbicycles -
Well... @josephholway made it!
goldensaddlecyclery - nyctogsc -
professormoptop : awesome...great job.. #BEASTMODE
geraldactyle_ : πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
mcdreamerson : Huge. Nice work bro!
cadencecollection : Nice work @josephholway
ladolcevelo : Yes! Killer job dude @josephholway"
randonnerd : Yeah dude!
blackcoffeecycling : Amazing riding @josephholway!
createfolly : So solid✊
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Right now @goldensaddlecyclery !!!
goldensaddlecyclery - nyctogsc -
kylebkelley : #nyctogsc
senorflaco : #volvervolver
mikepowers1207 : Wish I could have been there for this!
cogjoint : You guys know how to party
marktassi : I guess I got there a little late.
saltycyclingcap : Such a good night!
rmdub : Ok... Now I'm REALLY pissed I had to work.
tobiedepauw : Daaaaaang. That's the way to do it.
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Hello @goldensaddlecyclery ! We have arrived. See you all tonight at 6 for @josephholway arrival and the celebration of an amazing journey #nyctogsc
nyctogsc -
mattjchristensen : Woohoo! Well done.
why_pea_are : @irammai #storefrontswaggin
randonnerd : Yes! Congratulations!
ladolcevelo : WHOO!
brad4130 : Nice, that dude hauled ass !
ace_metric : πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
milkyspeedvagen : Fuckin' ballz for sure
blackcoffeecycling : #dope
searchandstate - local_drinkers_union - tommyraccoon - roidaf -
Along with welcoming @josephholway to LA, the food and the beer, there be a surprise photo show at GSC tonight!
goldensaddlecyclery - nyctogsc -
kylebkelley : Joseph has taken hundreds of photos along the way and the guys @searchandstate have printed all of them!
kylebkelley : #goldensaddlecyclery #nyctogsc
c_baller : Wish I could be there!
hotrodperlmutter : What's good this weekend, @kylebkelley ? I'll be in Santa Monica, and wanted to roll through gsc.
kylebkelley : @hotrodperlmutter sorry bud...just saw this. I think we're all partied out but super stoked you made it by!
hotrodperlmutter : I'm glad I got to see the picture wall! Good stuff.
gormlessjake - hamza_abazov - russkuuninja - vinitanaka_ -
@searchandstate the package is oh so close to @goldensaddlecyclery going to take a break and savor this feeling. Go USA #ibelieve #nyctogsc
ibelieve - nyctogsc -
richardthelionhearted : Well done, dude!
felixgitelman : Enjoy
jhbartell : Yeah! Make them wait! Good stuff.
kellisam : It's all down hill from there
drd3ad : You are a MACHINE!
porkchopparkin : GO USA! See you tonight dude!
jordan_clark_haggard : Nice work pal!
reganmarie : #beastiality
cmbkln - elscoon - jawnathawn - robbiesell -
I'm coming for you LA #nyctogsc
nyctogsc -
mrtimo75 : Great job man god bless brother and be safe.@josephholway
soundsystemlove : @josephholway - get it BWOY!!!! welcome to Cali
randonnerd : Fuck yeah!
meekmcgowan : So close
magitisa : Amazing. πŸ‘ŠπŸš²
tjculbreath : Nice work dude!
ritajoseedqueen : I'm so proud of my Son! Only about 25 more miles to go! Go Joseph Go!!! Love it all!
lowlyworm : Wow. Most epic journey, congrats!
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Your guess is as good as mine #nyctogsc
nyctogsc -
jonherrell : Is it supposed to be like those cars they had the same way out in like Arizona or New Mexico?
kylebkelley : So good!
kylebkelley : Maybe Texas? @jonherrell
josephholway : @jonherrell @kylebkelley maybe erosion control?
xbmumpowerx : Death Valley..
jonherrell : @kylebkelley Yeah, it was Texas. Sorry. I looked it up. It's called #CadillacRanch apparently.
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Tomorrow's the big day #nyctogsc !!!
nyctogsc -
notmatthewmoore : Cool. Nice job!
kylebkelley : Come by the shop to welcome @josephholway to Los Angeles!
kylebkelley : Food by Pure Luck @squidcirclepit and plenty of adult beverages provided by our favorite neighborhood liquor store Big Mac's!
outsideisfred : My adult beverages are prune juice and Ensure.
michale_mutant : Y'all need a dj?
stubone : @timaiken
breakbrake17bicycleco : Let's get some bb17 products in GSC! -@alxgonzalz
joel_d_g - kesca21 - octaviojggr - skeeter8k -
Fresh jerkey? #nyctogsc
nyctogsc -
jefftherobot : Can you run some errands for me too please?
josephholway : @jefftherobot sure! Give me a list
tjculbreath : It's gotta be good!
nikhar_ : If you're in the 395, hit up jacks in bishop for a blueberry muffin!
tpkruse : Looks legit.
rob__day : So fresh you need to round it up.
nickteja - codylovestoflex - elgringo75 - kevin_anderson -
Weezz gonna party #nyctogsc
nyctogsc -
tj__christensen : Hell yeah joe!!
ashleyseier : Congrats ! Glad to see you made it
josephholway : @ashleyseier not quite yet. About 200 away!
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After 20 days on the road, @josephholway finally comes across a sign with the name of his destination #nyctogsc
nyctogsc -
danedum24 : So cool.
jhbartell : Yeah! I took this photo! I'm famous. Keel up the good work @josephholway!
tjculbreath : Brooooo! So pumped for you you guys! @josephholway is a beast!
littleringvillian : @iamtheelephant
j_aralar : Almost there!
searchandstate : @jhbartell thanks for the epic shot!
ladolcevelo : Soon! We wish we could make it to the party!
iamtheelephant : @littleringvillian Badass! Let's tour.
suzette1186 - lostalpinist - jesskettelkamp - blackcoffeecycling -
Enjoying the shade on a 105+ degree day out here in the desert #nyctogsc #gallonanhour
gallonanhour - nyctogsc -
josephholway : Pounding Pedialyte
dean_pritcher : Thats a great photo.
randonnerd : #dope
littleringvillian : Welcome to so cal
josephholway : @dean_pritcher thanks dood
eriknoodle - ladolcevelo - davidklayton - megantada -
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