stumbled across this amazing peace by @jr #soho #nyc #nycstreetart #ballerina #wheatpaste #nycbartseries #newyorkstreetart #streetart
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#Regram of @museymary from last nights #EffieAwards Gala. On hand to accept the two Silver #Effies for #DDBNewYork's #nycbArtSeries was our own Mary Bakarich (@museymary), Cindy Nguyen (@cinnastix) and Lauren Neuman (@nwulauren). Go team!
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Look at all those #Effies. Pour some more #champagne. #nycbArtSeries
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I have fallen in love with this image from the artist. The human body is extraordinary and beautiful and I miss the NYB performances. See more @jr #regram #nycbartseries
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NYC Ballet #LesBosquets -- artist collaboration with @jr featuring #LilBuck -- it's like seeing the word 'magnificent' in action -- amazing #graceful, vividly #emotional and a truly #beautiful art form -- I'm in awe 🙌🙌
beautiful - nycbartseries - lesbosquets - breathetaking - graceful - emotional - lilbuck -
rachellelouis : #NYCBArtSeries @lilbuckdalegend @laurenlovette #breathetaking
katieshill9 : OMG you saw it?!?! So jealous.
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The ballet today was nothing short of amazing. I literally managed to shed a tear during this piece. I am moved by Art that is beautiful and the final show of #LesBosquets was the perfect blend of visual movement, modern dance, ballet, music, costume | The performance was a visual instillation that was both powerful,moving, delicate and full of everything ... It honestly defied description because it was the sum total of all things great on a stage... It truly was intense | Touché to @jr @lilbuckdalegend @laurenlovette @woodkidmusic for bring such an incredible piece to the forefront #nycbartseries #newyorkcityballet #lesbosquets | photo 📷 via @jr
nycbartseries - lesbosquets - newyorkcityballet -
dana_kirk : Nice
missjag23 : 💛
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#NYCBARTSERIES mega congrats @jr - another stellar piece.
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scottwebsters : Hey Chelsea. Why won't it lift. Do u bleach or high lift ? Xx
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I just want to thank @jr... I was fortunate enough to see the final show that he choreographed at the #NYCBARTSERIES. It was nothing short of amazing. How this man manages to break molds and rules is beyond me. A visual artist that took his visions to encompass moving people, music, dance, costume design, lighting and more...it was just enthralling!!! People in the audience were brought to tears of joy. I want to thank @JR for showing the world what artists can do. (Also want to give a "standing ovation" to the main stars of his show, @lilbuckdalegend & the lovely @laurenlovette.) 👏👏👏
nycbartseries -
thejulielogan : That pose! ❤️
jr : Thank you @jeffstaple for supporting and coming to this very spécial moment ! Love having your vibe around #respect
larypoppins : I wanted to see this so bad.
justinejjackson : Nice 👏
daheatadakid : @maxxeva
rachellelouis : Yes 👏👏 I saw the final show today as well - it took my breathe away 🙌
basilsema : 🙌
9chie3 : 😳👍
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Bravo @jr @lilbuckdalegend @laurenlovette @woodkidmusic @nycballet
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reubenhernandez : #jrnycballet #nycbartseries #nycballet #jr #vscocam #vsco #vscophile #nyc #ballet
lfader : Awesome photo
nicolekrusehair : 💜❤️💜❤️💜❤️💜❤️💜
danvjohnson : Wow
marcoantoniostello : 👏👏👏👏👏👏👌👌👌
marcoantoniostello : Parabéns cara @jr !
reubenhernandez : #lesbosquets #lesbosquetsballet #newyorkcityballet
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#lesbosquets #jr #nycbartseries
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avalbh : @spagheddie how was it??? Can't wait to see it!
spagheddie : @avalbh the jr production was insane, the one by Benjamin Millepied was another crowd pleaser
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moxiie : Take a bow. @JR @WoodkidMusic @Lilbuckdalegend, Lauren Lovette and the fierce rioters of France tonight @nycballet.
moxiie : #JRNYCBallet #LilBuck #Woodkid #NYCBArtSeries #NYCballet
theothertypeofasian : Woodkid 🙌🙌
moxiie : #LesBosquets
jasminlinton : Wow I love thisssssss
ariccalis : @brittybooboo3 that's so sickk! Very creativee :o
chudnaya : 👍👍👍
ananewyork : @chromat_party thought of you!
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Internationally known French street artist, @jr (creator of @insideoutproject) has been working for over 6 months on a collaboration with the New York City Ballet as part of their Art Series. What makes this project so cool is that J R has never even choreographed before- he's just a guy who takes pictures that was given an extraordinary opportunity to collaborate with some of the best dancers in the world! According to the #NYTimes, City Ballet master in chief approved this project to, "see if we can get some young people in this house." I hope it works! I support local art and collaboration. Show opens today and runs until THIS Sunday, 5/4. Tickets start at $60. #NYCBArtSeries #nyc #ballet #art #jr (photo cred: @jr) #regram
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heidiologies : I was just watching his insta video at the NYC ballet. This is amazing.
sheenamedina : @heidiologies yeah girrrrl! 👍👯👟
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On the floor! Haha
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larissa_alves_silva : #jrnyc
larissa_alves_silva : #nycbartseries
larissa_alves_silva : #jrnycballet
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@jr #newyorkcityballet #nycbartseries #jrnycballet
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Street art game is real #nycbartseries #nofilter #breathtaking #springbreak2014
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mykiah_ebonee : I wish we were still there!
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הפיקטוגרמה היומית לילד The Daily Pictogram "ככה יעשה לאיש אשר המלך חפץ ביקרו" "Thus shall it be done to the man whom the king delighteth to honour." ( Esther Chapter 6 )
horses - dailypictogram - horse - centralpark - nycbartseries - newyork - horsestagram - pictogram - horseshoe - horses_of_instagram - funnysign - nyc - sign -
meron_s : #DailyPictogram #pictogram #CentralPark #NewYork #nyc #nycbartseries # Buggy #Horses #horse #horsestagram #horses_of_instagram #horseshoe #sign #funnysign
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#pool #photo #pretty #palmtrees #instago #instame #instagood #instafamily #instafriends #instagramers #nycbartseries #belle #beauty #beautiful #me #my #moi #marriott #magnifique #wcw #wonderful #queen #quito #and #amazing #
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#pool #photo #pretty #palmtrees #me #my #moi #marriott #magnifique #nycbartseries #belle #beauty #beautiful #wcw #wonderful #and #amazing #queen #quito #remy #retrica #erika #exotic #equador
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regram @instagram "Ballet is a lightness and heaviness. Hard work in the classroom and weightless beauty on stage." These are the words of Russian Instagrammer Darian Volkova (@darian_volkova), a dancer based in St. Petersburg who regularly takes photos and videos of her ballet friends on Instagram. Darian started her #soulinfeet series six months ago, giving a rare insight into the life of a ballerina through video clips of rehearsals, classroom warm ups and backstage. Instagrammers such as the artist JR (@jr) have also explored the world of ballet and how to shoot dancers on Instagram through his collaboration with the New York City Ballet (#NYCBArtSeries). Want to learn more about how to shoot dancers on Instagram? Here are Darian's tips: "During rehearsal, when a dancer moves I may ask them to stay in a certain position. Ballet poses can look completely different depending on your point of view. If you ask a ballerina to stand in an arabesque and walk around her, providing she doesn't move, you will get different shots and angles. I shoot in ballet halls. Often there are large rooms with large windows and nothing to interrupt your view—lots of natural light for the dancer's body to catch. In ballet, there is often an important special moment in the middle of a move. If you are interested in ballet, pay close attention and speak to the dancers so you know when to push the shutter. The human body is like clay: you can mould it. And the body of a ballerina is super soft, like plastic clay, which can be very beautiful." For more photos and videos of Darian Volkova's dancers, browse the #soulinfeet hashtag and follow @darian_volkova on Instagram. For more great photos and videos of ballet dancers, follow @ballerinaproject_, @balletzaida and @balletbeautiful on Instagram. Photo by @darian_volkova
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Sketching time
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mancia_arts : #wip
mancia_arts : #nawden_arts#miiart#artfido
mancia_arts : #nycbartseries
_luis_22_ : Incredible and nice!
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#Ballerina #drawing #art
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mancia_arts : Did it for an #arttrade #artswap
lisa9.7 : You r really good
mancia_arts : @lisa_will_fly_over_the_rainbow Want to trade sketches? It's pretty fun
lisa9.7 : R u from germany (brcause of the name)???
mancia_arts : @lisa_will_fly_over_the_rainbow Do you fly over rainbows? lol No it's a just a combination of part of my first and last name
lisa9.7 : Ohhh i see hehe no i don't fly over the rainbow 
mancia_arts : Oh, I was just wondering cause of the name  lol
mancia_arts : #nycbartseries
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New York Public Library Tower Clock seen in the windows of the Joffrey Ballet School on the Avenue of The Americas
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upstairz : #jj_forum_0917
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«Балет это легкость и тяжелая работа. Тяжелая работа в классе и невесомое прекрасное выступление на сцене» - это слова российского инстаграммера Дарьян Волковой (@darian_volkova), балетной танцовщицы из Санкт-Петербурга, которая ежежневно снимает фото и видео балетных друзей в Instagram. Дарьян начала делать серию фотографий #soulinfeet 6 месяцев назад, показывая редкое понимание жизни балерины через видео репетиций, разминок в классе и закулисья. Такие инстаграммеры как артист JR (@jr) также исследовал мир балета и то, как снимать танцоров в Instagram во время его сотрудничества с Нью-Йоркским балетом – вы можете увидеть его фотографии по хэш тегам #JRNYCBallet и #NYCBArtSeries. Хотите узнать как снимать нацоров в Instagram? Вот несколько советов от Дарьян: «Во время разминки, когда танцоры двигаются, я могу попросить их встать в четкую позицию. Балетные позиции могут выглядеть по-другому с той точки, с которой вы смотрите. Если вы попросите балерину встать в арабеск и пройдете вокруг нее, показывая то, как она не двигается, вы получите несколько интересных кадров. Я снимаю в балетных залах. Часто это большие комнаты с большим окном и ничто не отвлекает ваш взгляд – достаточно натурального света, падающего на танцора. В балете часто важен момент в середине действия. Если вы интересуетесь балетом, уделите больше времени и поговорите с танцором, так вы будете всегда знать когда нажать затвор. Человеческое тело подобно глине: вы можете формировать его. И тело балерины мягкое, как пластичная глина, которое может быть совершенно прекрасным». Для того, чтобы посмотреть больше фото и видео балерины Дарьян, используйте хэш тег #soulinfeet, подписывайтесь на аккаунт @darian_volkova. Чтобы увидеть больше фото и видео балета в Instagram, подписывайтесь на аккаунты @ballerinaproject_, @balletzaida и @balletbeautiful. Фото: @darian_volkova
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darian_volkova : Огромное спасибо команде инстаграм ;))))(
russian_moscow : @darian_volkova очень! 👍👏👏👏
ksy_skobenko : @darian_volkova моя гордость!!!
sinitcyna : ✨@darian_volkova 👏👏
toma_shelyakova : @darian_volkova ❤️📷😘👏🎉💐красота))))))))гордимся)))))))
po_barabanu : 👍😍
zoodkov : Молодец 💘
rodinalera : Ты з такой балерун с хабарэйро прорвался.люди спорта аплодируют стоя😋👏
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liquid I need
nycbartseries -
anildinc : thanks lipa moja @maggggda
davidandres18 : @anildinc do you have the original? I kind of wanna put this on my desktop
anildinc : the original is on my tumblr, link in my bio @davidandres18
sitala : Crispy! 👌 I love this.
anildinc : #nycbartseries
davicho_mj : Great capture
mariagoberna : Gorgeous pic
celest42 : Wow
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annie.bagnall : ⒠⒱⒠⒭⒴⒪⒩⒠ ⒡⒪⒧⒧⒪⒲ ⒨⒠ ⒫⒧⒵!💕👐
ferran_mc : I do L¡K€forL¡K€ / f¤||¤w4f¤||¤w
m.nj0 : #قطوتي
efigenia2014 : 💃
alena__posh : nice
cristianfelipe__ : 90% of people marry their 7th grade crush. Since you are reading this you will get great news tonight. If you dont repost this on 9 pics your worst week starts now. In 53 minutes your crush will realize they love you
robyn.buckley : @bellasbatllexo old account was deleted. #bringbackbellasbattle
omhent07 : Hvvvgvggv
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#Manhattan #capture #eyewear #Glasses #like #sketch #blackandwhite #art #bicolor #detail #skyscraper #city #nycbartseries
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My fav snowstorm spot #nyc #ballet
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chudnaya : #jrnycballet #nycbartseries #ny
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This is pretty epic in person @jr #nyc #ballet
nyc - ballet - ny - jrnycballet - nycbartseries -
chudnaya : #jrnycballet #nycbartseries #ny
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Fine artwork by @jr #nyc #ballet
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chudnaya : #nycbartseries #jrnycballet #ny
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Words can't describe it... You gotta see it person #nyc #ballet @jr artwowk
nyc - ballet - ny - jrnycballet - nycbartseries -
chudnaya : #jrnycballet #nycbartseries #ny
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No filter #nyc #ballet @jr i promise its the last one
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bobbygubin : 😆
marikol : Davay ewe!!!
chudnaya : #jrnycballet #nycbartseries #ny
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Selfie at the #nyc #ballet #jr #art
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chudnaya : #jrnycballet #nycbartseries #ny
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#nyc #ballet eye #jr
nycbartseries - ballet - ny - nyc - jrnycballet - jr -
chudnaya : #jrnycballet #nycbartseries #ny
hmontanarini : @vivianleite
nikazhuk : слежу иногда за тем, что он делает, но не совсем понимаю... это разовые заказы для балета? он еще на домах портреты развешивает- не совсем понимаю из перевода, в чем заключается проект)
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