Florida seems to have more #notrespass posted signs then any other state I visited. A dock in fort Walton beach was a perfect place to #birdwatch while #tornado warning was in place. On my way to Alabama...
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So here is my #staywithme #writingchallenge #poemchallenge that I was tagged for from the very beautiful and extremely talented @simplyme_ellen ---------------------------------------------- she slipped the knot tight and went to find the goddess of the night pass the no trespass sign she fashioned some cutout versions of herself and hung it from the only secure wooden shelf never aware that her constriction had lifted the curse... she confused truth and fiction And recited the verse "stay with me" unforeseen grasping for last breathe and tied a slip knot in between the meaning of life & death carving the idea of immortality in the minds of the living tempting hypothetical love and leaps of faith giving let their imaginations run wild declare it so, said mother night run away together, parent and child In their wake, leaving an inexplicable fright
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katnip71 : Love this πŸ’ž
thetattooedpoet_harleyqz : Absolutely beautiful
sheswideawake : Fantastic.
cer.liz : You gallery is breathtaking...need to read mooooore...which i will do! Beautiful poetry.
echo_squares : "And tied a slip knot in between the meaning of life and death" Wow! I love this! Thank you kindly for tagging me, but, I'm neither a writer nor poet be. I am however a lover of words.. And I'm thrilled our paths have crossed.
buckar008 : #FA_SACRAL
sevensoulsdeep : This is exquisite and haunting - a perfect combination, IMHO. ❀️
fiercewaters : This is so beautifully written and sad and as said by sevensoulsdeep , haunting. Definitely haunting. I love that you keep asking me to write even though I'm doing poorly at writing ... Thank you @buckar008 πŸ˜ŠπŸ’™ I'm hoping that the writing muse returns to me.
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Some saturday fun checking out #mines and driving down dirt roads #exploring #stayoutstayalive #notrespass #lol #wedidntseethenotrespasssigns #oooops #keegan
exploring - notrespass - wedidntseethenotrespasssigns - mines - lol - oooops - keegan - stayoutstayalive -
jenaguayo : Looks like it was pretty awesome! Thanks again for coming to breakfast ☺ love you and keegs! @jeremeye_oneeye
jeremeye_oneeye : Yes had a great time. Breakfast was good. It's always good to see the fam. And enjoy a gluten free breakfast at xetava
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Had a wet and fun photo shoot with @rockiheartexpress today. #photography #model #NoTrespass
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frankie_mulahh - luisvaldez26 - illestbunny - rockiheartexpress -
Paint me a picture Make sure it sings Words full of wisdom Everyone's dreams Paint it with love Colored with care Don't add any sorrows Our life's aren't fair Paint it with sunshine Swirl in some light So I'll not feel lonely With the coming of night Paint me a picture Make sure it sings Words full of wisdom Everyone's dreams
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buckar008 : I am very touched you feel that way @enjoy_well thank you
buckar008 : So thankful that you have enjoyed my work @thesarahdoughty
buckar008 : Much appreciated @d.la14
buckar008 : It excites me to know that I have been given artistic freedom to create on such a beautiful canvas @seelenklang thank you so much for all your feedback and also being such a fan. I still want to see more work from you... Please post some more for us... Me!
buckar008 : Thanks a million @lisalovesjava
cathartic_rhapsodies : Wow!!
fiercewaters : Oh my gosh!! So beautiful and bright!! It gleams with sparking words!! I love it!!! 😊😊❀️😘
mymindwindows : Love this
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#canada #thunderbay #ontario #grainelevator #forgotten #desolate #decay #urbandecay #abandoned #abandonment_issues #notrespass
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makeup_by_jeri : <3
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#canada #thunderbay #ontario #abandoned #abandonment_issues #grainelevator #graf #grime #unsafe #urbex_explore #sign #notrespass #herion #love
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Visiting Dad's farm, grateful for times like these ☺ #OG'sOnly #NoTrespassing
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alii_nui717 : Kapaka farm? Lol
oka83 : Aww now I miss my dad and his farm
seenayyy : I see Tava πŸ˜‚ just kidding!
4mulan_ : @alii_nui717 lol No, but I don't even know the name of this farm too
4mulan_ : @seenayyy hoiiiii we still on the hunt for those! Haha πŸ˜–πŸ˜‚
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So #inspired by the statement of @mkjrfoundation at this morning's NTSB trespass prevention forum. #Trespassing affects families, train crews, and communities. #NoTrespass #stayoffstayawaystayalive
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Y E L L O W I S H #gti #Notrespass #chrome
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Stranded! #islandplatform #notrespass #howmuch? #Ayr #daylightrobbery #railway
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#Abandoned #southFlorid #Glades SR80 #PumpHouse #CanonPhotography #t1I #cloudPorn #noTrespass
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thaytelees : πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
alexx_hannah : Awesome picture.
jenevieve713 : That new new photo game heavy
misfit1417 : Wow. Love this
miss.edyta : πŸ™Œ πŸ™Œ πŸ™Œ
janiscuts : πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
shaunmcgratho : Cool
tybosslife : dope rp
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#BigBen #london #notrespass
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"She headed for a wide flat rock on the creek's bank, her posture still demanding 'no trespassing' but no longer 'trespasser's' will be shot." ~ Kristin Heitzmann #notrespass #quotes #quoted #nothingisordinary #nothingisordinary_ #thephotographerwithin #happybirthday #usa_naturehippys #ct #connecticut #visitct
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jpfarish : Love this shot. So haunting and you can feel the stillness. πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘β€οΈ
augustus_pablo : oooo this is so prettyyyy!
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Because I'm a rebel #notrespass #barrtrail #incline #hiking #colorado
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thoseredbo.ots : #NoTrespass #NoFilter
maryjane_xoxxo - kwhyliee - visual.expo - theteganator -
Crime Scene #NoTrespass #DoNotCross #YellowTape
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Mr Right förbereder sig för morgondagens rävjakt. #drevjakt #rävjakt #foxhunt #notrespassing #defendyourland
rΓ€vjakt - foxhunt - defendyourland - huntersthompson - drevjakt - notrespassing -
mattias.kroon : Mr Right skjuter med vänstern, från höften!
ewajosefsson : 😍
reinholdtzon_belfrage : @mattias.kroon #huntersthompson
myhomeisacastle : Mrs always right hälsar och undrar vart är tweeden?
reinholdtzon_belfrage : @myhomeisacastle Tweed är så 1914. Detta är JÄGAREN 2.0. Följ jakten live via Instagram imorgon. Garanterat mer spännande än någon 5-mil från Falun.
myhomeisacastle : Hmm tänk på att det är mycket berg på Kössö. Du bör vara rädd om Isabelles gudfar. 😜 jag ska följa detta med spänning, men vill vidhålla att tweed aldrig är ur mode. Och vet att hade det funnits där hade du burit den 😝
reinholdtzon_belfrage : @myhomeisacastle Använder bara tweed när jag älskar. Eller jonglerar med gamla VHS-kassetter av Brideshead Revisited.
reinholdtzon_belfrage : @ewajosefsson 😘
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They didn't think I saw anything They didn't think I heard They didn't think I knew a thing because I never said a word They didn't think I could They said through paper walls They didn't think I understood For I was much too small They didn't think I saw the one Sitting in his favorite chair They didn't think I saw the gun Or blood running in his hair They didn't think I understood What it was upon the floor They didn't know I was hiding There behind the wooden door They didn't know I saw it all They didn't know I heard They didn't know I saw it fall For I never said a word
buckar008 : If they are exposed, they are meant to be pulled at @inspire_niki
buckar008 : Thank you @fitzsimmons_katie @texascaliforniagirl
buckar008 : Thanks for not πŸ™Š and saying such kind words @monkie_2012 means a lot from you
buckar008 : Happy I could share the moment with you @oceanpoetics
buckar008 : Too dark @inspire_niki ?
bebelrn : You're welcome @buckar008 😊
monkie_2012 : @buckar008 Would not laugh!! Didn't consider this piece as humor πŸ˜” Can totally relate .. Thus πŸ™‰ #ActLiKeHeardNothing and πŸ™ˆ #SawNothing
buckar008 : You are awesome @monkie_2012
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Keep it simple. How to show the others that someone is moving! #sign #tag #easygoing #seoul #box #notrespass
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Came home to a rutted up yard. Don't break into my house. #notrespass #keepout πŸ˜‚
notrespass - keepout -
smitty51890 : Woah we got a badass πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ jk @_shaye_
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#halloween #skull #terminator #notrespass #eye
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#theBridgeFactor #notrespass #notraffic #taketheroadaboveroad..
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No trespass. No entry. #abandonhomes #nightshot #longexposure #windy #exploreoregon #notrespass #noentry #oregonexplored #night_shooterz #nikonphoto
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paddygross : your photos are a real trip sometimes but in a good thoughtful, dreamy and appreciated way @calebrueckersphotos your unique talent is that connection of your mind and eyes. love it!
calebrueckersphotos : @paddygross thank you!!! I try my best to capture what see with my eyes.
calebrueckersphotos : @rosscockrell thanks man!
paddygross : you just have like every other photographer your own way of swing things which seperates you from the other and I like your 'own' way a lot! @calebrueckersphotos
paddygross : "Seeing" i meant
calebrueckersphotos : @paddygross thanks paddy,means a lot.
letitbekps : remind me to chat you up about filters next time i see you!
nicholas_risi : Great shot! πŸ”πŸ“·
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#notrespass #noflexzone#Blindmouf #expression #atitsfinest#opportunity#looks #peekaboo #logolife #support
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Moonlight filters into the dark attic windows Dust swirls race across the wooden floor, In the corner, hiding from midnight shadows. The night breeze held its breath outside the door. Feeble hands fumbled with an old wooden box, gently, almost in reverence pulled to the breast. The lid creaked open, there was no need for a locks. Musty memories of a lifetime lay there in the chest. Pictures, drawn on a leisurely sunflower afternoon, poems of love to capture her young elusive heart. Every written word a melody, every written line clung to a tune. Tied in red ribbon, every page hand written from the start. Each page bringing back a memory from the past. Written in a shaky hand each poem for his soon to be wife. It is hard to be all alone, how long can this last? Moonlight, memories, and ghosts from the tattered life...
barbedwire - ctself - fence - divisions - farm - sunshine - robertishere - keepout - everglades - floridawinters - post - homestead - poem - notrespass - crops - southflorida - florida - poetry - nosnow - 65degrees - sunflowers - gate -
buckar008 : Happy you felt it @zweetpeaz
buckar008 : Thank you @fiercewaters
buckar008 : I bow to your πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ @_patceccato thanks
buckar008 : Much appreciated @mlivensparger
buckar008 : Thank you @searching_for_my_identity
buckar008 : Happy you enjoyed it @bluejean219
buckar008 : Your ❀️❀️❀️❀️❀️ is very special... Thank you
buckar008 : I effing appreciate your Loooooooooooooove @inspire_niki
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#itsmymoscow #notrespass
notrespass - itsmymoscow -
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Alrighty. All set for the #DNOART LVL UP show. Opens tomorrow night (01/30) at #ROCBrewing.... #roc #art #robots #acrylic #notrespass #notalenthack
notrespass - art - dnoart - notalenthack - roc - robots - rocbrewing - acrylic -
hanlonfiskestudios : @rocbrewingco
jrdnrenee : Can't wait for the show!
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Whazzzzup? #eccentric #eclectic #ipulledoverfotthis #signs #notrespass #budweiser #americanflag #ispywithmylittleeye
notrespass - ipulledoverfotthis - eccentric - budweiser - ispywithmylittleeye - signs - eclectic - americanflag -
faxmax2000 : Cool pic, please check out my art
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If you are going to display your eccentric self so openly you're going to need more than a No Trespass sign and an axe to keep me away. Perhaps a shotgun might do the trick. #eccentric #display #roadtrip #curiosity #justshootsomething #notrespass #signs #ispywithmylittleeye
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