No, no make up please #nooe #notforme #aunt #cousins
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Need to go to lectures, when else can I passively learn while drawing houses ✏️ #thisterm #notforme #nothankyou #ijustwanttosellpoppies #poopiestotheterm #vsco
thisterm - notforme - poopiestotheterm - nothankyou - vsco - ijustwanttosellpoppies -
theofficialiansmith : Cheer up popp-et @_marsymarsy_
_marsymarsy_ : I would bud I am ded. Come back to me @theofficialiansmith xox
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And they screamed at me "one's missing" #friendsforlife #tattoo #notforme #youcanttouchthis #cantcatchme @mouse_2sexy @misstedatious @xxvictor1axx
youcanttouchthis - tattoo - friendsforlife - cantcatchme - notforme -
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With two of our very loved brats away at survival camp for school this week, I only had to do dinner for three! It's so different only having our youngest in the house. Yep...she is up for spoiling, starting with choosing her favorite lamb French cutlets over salmon please mummy and a request to have goats feta with the sweet potato! #missingmybabies #itssaidtobegoodforthem #notforme #homeappreciation #naturalearthhealthproducts
itssaidtobegoodforthem - homeappreciation - missingmybabies - notforme - naturalearthhealthproducts -
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✨Glamour✨ #notforme#seconhandshop#heels#glamour#gold#bronze#
glamour - seconhandshop - notforme - gold - heels - bronze -
gioepepita : 👠
marij1956 : I can't walk on this stiletto's...haha! Break-a-leg..or two!! @gioepepita
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It's 5am and I'm up bored! #eehbodysleep #alltheboystired #vampersainteenup #thislifestyle #notforme #idratherbedrunk #upfornothing #slideinDMlike
slideindmlike - alltheboystired - vampersainteenup - idratherbedrunk - eehbodysleep - notforme - upfornothing - thislifestyle -
pbjlunchbox : Y u up
nonchalant_nique27 : Went to sleep to early lol @pbjlunchbox
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Bon appetite🍩 #tomsk #перчини #mylife #mylove #eclair #sweetlife #notforme #янеемсладкое #freetime
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#whatsNormal #myLife #notForME!!!
notforme - mylife - whatsnormal -
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I don't drink, but maybe bartender is what I'm meant to do. #shots #notforme #winning
notforme - shots - winning -
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First time surfing in California, decided I'll just stick to MMA #NotForMe #NoBalance #WestCoastRoadTrip
nobalance - notforme - westcoastroadtrip -
simonebateyx : Haha would of loved to see that @lhtrainer was it better than your rollerblading experience ? Haha xx
rory_barton : I would have used a different filter bro...
shannonxoquinn : Twit toooooo
mandytrainer65 : Got your mumma's sense of balance unfortunately sunshine - great pic tho - as dad would say "all the gear ..."
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We doen van bling bling op het werk #notforme
notforme -
malinoislove4ever : 🚗🚗🚗🚗🚙🚕🚖🚐🚗🚗🚗🚗🚘🚖
piempampoentje : @malinoislove4ever schoolverlaters in IT richting worden hier verwend..
malinoislove4ever : Dju dan val ik er naast😂😂😂👋
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Always remember your PRESENT Situation is not your FINAL Situation. The Best Is Yet To Come!! #sundaysselfie#morningpicture#alillate#nobiggy#thinkpositive#goodnight#holidaytomarrow#notforme#ohwell#itsallgood#hahaha#gottamakemoney
morningpicture - thinkpositive - itsallgood - holidaytomarrow - sundaysselfie - ohwell - gottamakemoney - goodnight - notforme - hahaha - alillate - nobiggy -
amazingshockingvids : :) @VinesBeLike
chelyyyy_ : Love your hair 😍😍👍
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Mi vida está completa ahora.👌❤️🙏🙋 #iMac #Apple #loveit #finally
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mrk_rom : #banal
mel_romdu26 : #notforme @mrk_rom
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#children #kids #notforme #nothanks #laughter #silence
kids - notforme - nothanks - laughter - children - silence -
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I love that my main man and I are on the same page. No secrets, no hiding us & no sketchy stuff. It's a shame that some people get in relationships just to have someone around & still act single. The whole "I'm taken but only I know that" type is whack. #notcool #notforme #straightenup
straightenup - notforme - notcool -
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Today was a good day😊 #photoshoot #philly #me #notforme
me - photoshoot - philly - notforme -
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Can you find Waldo? I did. #Budweiser #beer #whereswaldo #drinks #notforme #staysoberkids
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blairesydney : Text me @blondylocks1
blondylocks1 : I dont have your number anymore I got a new phone
blairesydney : 7802882699
blairesydney : @blondylocks1
shareesha - blondylocks1 - bunnypchina - flipthepaige111 -
#pitstop #krispykreme #notforme #honest #gardenia #la
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slgbabauta : Best donuts ever
zaiizee - katloved - celjitsu671 - sydneyraelg -
Cheers for the freaking wkend 🍸 #OffFfomWork #LongWkend #NotForMe #Holiday #MemorialDay
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This girl>you @marshmellow_bunny_11
thatstruebae - youknowit - notforme -
marshmellow_bunny_11 : 😘😍#toofab4u
meh_im_dev : #notforme @marshmellow_bunny_11
marshmellow_bunny_11 : @meh_im_dev #youdontcountyouremywifey
meh_im_dev : #thatstruebae @marshmellow_bunny_11
meh_im_dev : #youknowit
marshmellow_bunny_11 : #bae
meh_im_dev : 😉😝😍😘😁 @marshmellow_bunny_11
marshmellow_bunny_11 : @meh_im_dev 😝😜😘😍☺️😉😊😝😜😘😋❤️💞💕💋😜😝😍😘
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#disgusting #ihatebugs #floridalife #notforme #herecomestheraid #bugs #gross
gross - herecomestheraid - ihatebugs - notforme - floridalife - disgusting - bugs -
chacha_wraps : Where is that?
_yazette_ : @chacha_wraps outside our freaking door...I came home and there was that huge who the hell knows what and all them damn ants....I was like oh hell no and I grabbed the raid and a pot of boiling water to kill and drown those suckers
christianaashlee : I love how you explain this 😂👌
_yazette_ : @christianaashlee haha I had to give a play by play just in case someone wasn't sure what was happening
christianaashlee : Haha of course !
chacha_wraps : Yup boiling water thats what I do @_yazette_
s.o.n.u - woogsters - karlathompson - ambo0 -
#normal #notforme
notforme - normal -
gera.fortin -
Perfect 👌💯 #ionlydatebeasts #yesplease #regularmen #notforme #beautyandthebeast #haha #thistho #amazing #doyouevenlift #holdingoutforabeast #yesplease #thingis
thistho - doyouevenlift - regularmen - beautyandthebeast - thingis - haha - yesplease - amazing - ionlydatebeasts - notforme - holdingoutforabeast -
royg_animal : 👌💪
julieeguino - bellamia2 - lleahjjean - forgotten__beauty -
by @followthelita "Waist Training?! or Getting Waisted?! Women that ask for my opinion on waist trainers get an honest response, common conversations I've had include the following; ___________________________________ 1. But I only wear my corset during exercise /// Wearing a corset during exercise gives your core muscles a false sense of support. Your core like any other muscle group needs to be free to function the way it's suppose to during exercise. Go without a corset during exercise so you can strengthen your core and build up it's conditioning. 2. But I like how it makes me look and feel // Ladies, but at what cost? When worn tightly for hours at a time you risk bruising your internal organs, specifically your liver, spleen and kidneys. In some cases the restrictions of a corsets can lead to constipation and gas ...do you like that feeling too?! 3. But it works! I definitely see a significant difference after taking it off after exercising. // Please understand that these body corsets and cinchers are designed to make you perspire and therefore that's not body fat you're losing, it's primarily water. Do not mistake fat loss for sweat shed. 4. It's a little uncomfortable at first but I've gotten use to it like a second skin. // Not good. I can only assume that your body has then gotten acclimated to taking in less oxygen then what's it's truly capable of and needs. Not only are you putting unnecessary pressure on your internal organs you most likely are restricting oxygenation. OXYGEN HELPS YOUR METABOLISM RUN ESSENTIAL. It helps the functions of each and every organ of the body. Restricting oxygenation of the body could do long-term damage to your metabolism and your health. ___________________________________ HEALTH BEFORE ANYTHING ELSE! I have nothing against those that choose to sell/promote waist training garments of any type, brand. I believe it is our sole responsibility as consumers to do our own research on all things we purchase for the purpose of improving our health. Everyone is free to voice their opinion and I am no exception. I hope this brings new insight to those wanting a different perspective. Thank you. FULL WRITE UP ON MY WEBS
lovemybody - notmystyle - healthyjourney - fitnessjourney - behealthy - doyou - waisttraining - teamfit - notforme - therightway - teamhealthy - curvyfit - shebangs - loveyourbody - befit -
way2the : #waisttraining #behealthy #befit #healthyjourney #fitnessjourney #teamfit #teamhealthy #curvyfit #lovemybody #loveyourbody #therightway #doyou #notmystyle #notforme #shebangs
sexyhardrick205 : Love me some @followthelita she does no wrong, the way she train, encourage, and the energy all good..
way2the : @sexyhardrick205 girl yes! I've always admired her and never harsh with her opinions. She's set a great health n fitness example and her body bangs!! Luv luv luv @followthelita ❤️! Hope you and jelly bean are well. I've been a bit under the weather and need to catch up with everyone.
ajgpromo : Uh oh
way2the : @ajgpromo this lady always motivated me...getting back on my game! This summer has been wack..I'm reborn lol!
ajgpromo : You're doing great. Keep at it!
way2the : @ajgpromo well thanks and I am! Hope you're cool...we ain't chatted in a min. I've been riding an emotional roller coaster. Congrats on the show last night tho👏👏👏
ajgpromo : All is well, hope you are too.
fitelektra - michellesmith1911 - diva_lola - motiv8ed_mama -
Not a big chips eater, unless it's tortilla chips, but I am a sucka for a new chip flavor. So you know I had to try the 4 new #LaysChis. My opinion: Cappuccino is just dead wrong. Sweet with hints of coffee is just not what I'm looking for in a chip #Pass. Bacon and Cheddar Mac was fun but tastes like other chips already on the market #CloseButNotAWinner. Mango Salsa was a surprising flavor. Sweet and mango-y. But I didn't like em because they were sweet and mango-y #NotForMe. Wasabi Ginger was.....slamming! Like a onion and garlic chip but with hints of wasabi, plus they used a kettle cooked chip which for perfectly with the flavor. I didn't detect any heat which is surprising since it's wasabi flavored, but I was still very satisfied! #HandsDownWinner Did you taste the new chips? What's your favorite flavor? #DoUsAFlavor
layschis - notforme - pass - handsdownwinner - closebutnotawinner - dousaflavor -
kimepoo - _tiajoy_ -
Imma bust my ass out here messing around with my boys. #lovethem #skateboard #notforme #crown #flask #beer
beer - notforme - flask - crown - skateboard - lovethem -
justtrina2 : Get it Mel
garnetsndpearls : I see you Mel! Lol
euphonix_musix : You need to buss your ass
melsworld__ : Girl...he dared me to get on!! I been drinking lol @justtrina2 @garnetsndpearls
garnetsndpearls : The reason why he dared you. DUH! Lol
melsworld__ : Lol. Right! @garnetsndpearls I can balance tho...
toolivefortv4 - _imhers14 - rell_59 - mrs.stelly -
Perfect end to a lazy weekend #longweekend #notforme #worktomorrow #lazyweekend #wineforall
lazyweekend - worktomorrow - notforme - longweekend - wineforall -
jeff_thekid - naomibir -
I had Pho for the first time ever today. NOT FOR ME. I really tried so hard to like it but nope. #pho #vietnamese #soup #ricenoodles #tofu #vegetables #broth #itried #notforme #nothankyou
pho - ricenoodles - vietnamese - itried - vegetables - tofu - soup - notforme - nothankyou - broth -
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Guess I should have been on a boat today #YachtsOnTheReg #NotForMe #MiddleClassProbs
yachtsonthereg - notforme - middleclassprobs -
anthonywadesc : Is that the view from the condo?
anthonywadesc : @tylerthiede @mph725 dayummmmm sign me up
mph725 : @anthonywadesc yes sirrrr
anthonywadesc : We over here like this 🚣
arandsss - dmull32 - mrose1992 - rylandpond -
Never stop learning, have a good week everybody! #education #backtoschool #monday #notforme
backtoschool - education - notforme - monday -
chea_mia : Go to bed
caoimhe.w : @chea_mia YOU go to bed
smcfly85 - kaylie.mills - melanie_sc_x0x0 - mark_campion -
notforme -
Tron game on point #gtr #trongtr #purpleandorange? #notforme
gtr - purpleandorange - trongtr - notforme -
motiv_wheels - danitgagne - dougles93 - tampafastcarclub -
...my sunday ❤ ....breakfast for lunch like abuelita used to make: huevitos, chorizo, casamiento y tortillas con cafecito...& they make whole wheat tortillas now! lolol... and of course movies n my couch. never saw this movie before but its sooo good! points for anyone who know it! ;)
80sbaby - foodie - 90swerethebest - classic - sundaylife - sundayfunday - zigzag - salvicooking - comecuddlewithme - movienight - grinddontstop - notforme - rainydays - labordaywknd - salvadorean - couchpotato - foodporn - recoverymode - guanaca -
bettybesos : #zigzag #classic #90swerethebest #movienight #80sbaby #foodie #foodporn #sundaylife #sundayfunday #salvadorean #guanaca #salvicooking #rainydays #labordaywknd #notforme #grinddontstop #recoverymode #couchpotato #comecuddlewithme 😜
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