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antitheist82 : #2of3
repinsk : Intense. Super intense.
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the fine line between tools and torture devices. #hipstamaticonly #purehipstamstic #paranoidandroid #perspectivejunky #hipstamaticonly #hipstamaticaddict #insomniacsunite #nonfuckinghuman #greyeverything #paranoidandroid #sickpics #holdencaulfield
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siouxzeeque : Or we all have our vices.
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myself my biodad and his buddy earl. #purehipstamstic #hipstamaticonly #hipstamaticaddict #perspectivejunky #robotoglitter #blanko #insomniacsunite #nonfuckinghuman #greyeverything #walkingcontradiction #vigilantesidekick #paranoidandroid #andarecbaser #sickpics #holdencaulfield
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tonie12 : Interesting... Bio dad... We adopted my daughter 23 yrs ago and her bio mom is mom in our lives and more importantly hers, in such a good and amazing way!!!! Just in time for her wedding in the Fall!!
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boredom is poison. #purehipstamatic #hipstamaticonly #hipstamaticaddict #hipsta4life #hipsta #hipstaroll_week36 #tejas #dreamcavas #shyselfie#artpourléart #klasik #nonfuckinghuman #idowhatiwant #vigilantesidekick #insomniacsunite #iphonography #instagood #picoftheday #holdencaulfield #editmypic
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redskull2 : nice 👍
lizziecoco : Poison if you believe it. Rad roll
antitheist82 : @lizziecoco : it is to. i have a tendency to self destruct like a note from inspector gadget's chief.
antitheist82 : it is to me... i meant in the first sentence. @lizziecoco
lizziecoco : Ahhh....You are saying boredom is poison. I was referring to you sitting in front of the word fail as poison.
antitheist82 : oh thats only the bottom of the door it says i will not fail but it is further up. i have a picture of the finshed product somewhere on ig in the past two weeks. i try to be positive as possible. negativity is true poison.
antitheist82 : @lizziecoco :above for you. sorry i always forget.
jjade42918 : Wen u commim bak to bodymore;)
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#29days #4hideous #unitedbyedit #hipstaedit #idowhatiwant #runningonempty #nonfuckinghuman #vigilantesidekick #insomniacsunite #permanentrecord #holdencaulfield #sleepwhenimdead and yes that was my leg one day after surgery. i did it in retro 3D so get your glasses out. you know you still got a pair somewhere. i had something else in mind but it was kind of mean and i would have felt bad. this is my shit thats fucked up. or was. i am 99% now. just a scratch. pales in comparison to this. that whole situation was a hideous tragedy.
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parkerlewislost : That's awful!
samnason : Don't know what to say, Wade. I'm sorry you had to go through that. Did you write a letter to the editor?
repinsk : Thanks for editing a tad ♥
sierra_db : Damn! That's a lot of shit to go through. Tragedy indeed.
relish : Geez...I'm not sure whether to like this or not! 😱 I'm sorry you had to go through that.
antitheist82 : @relish : it was dread-ful. but it is for #29days and the dsys topic was hideous so i went with it. it looked way worse without the edit. the edit was a favor to all from yours truly. toned it down a bit. but thanks for your kind words.
jenniferherbig1 : @antitheist82 - Hi Wade - not sure why I was drawn to this in your feed but yikes! Hard to make out but looks rather fleshy. How u feeling now?
antitheist82 : it looks like any other battle wound now. they never stitched it so its a dark deepscab about the size of a rambo knife. but its fine now. thanks for asking. how are you chic?
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this is the end. all the people i could not include but wanted to are here. #unitedbyedit #hipstaedit #top10igérs #idowhatiwant #runningonempty #longestprojectever #nonfuckinghuman #editfromtheheart #insomniacsunite #vigilantesidekick #permanentrecord #holdencaulfield #sleepwhenimdead #11
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antitheist82 : @sierra_db :above.
foxintheroses : I'm honored to be on here Wade, thanks, you are a rare breed and that's something I admire 
bpahl1 : <3 cuz
antitheist82 : thank you. you just got lucky. i just typed a long story because i am not feeling like rare breed currently. but the comment was too long. probably way too long. its okay though. i will work it all out. i have til monday to decide.
niwrasera : I think maybe I'm
niwrasera : ...on there. If so thanks:-)
antitheist82 : yes you are. how could i forget you. when i come home we need to do some off the wall shit. outside the box and all. agreed. we were supposed to last time but things came up i understand. but its on when i get back chicca. okokok???
antitheist82 : @niwrasera above
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@parkerlewislost : i made a list of my top 10 ig users/artists and you made the list. you are brand new compared to everyone else that i chose to cut but you can only pick ten people and ive been working on this nonstop since midnight. it was pretty important to me and i am a bit of a perfectionist so this is it. you were my choice because i like yr style and you are very interesting as an individual. so i hope it makes you smile. each person recieved only their portion so this is an edit of the whole thing. you can find them all in a row on my profile if you are interested in finding some great people to follow and be inspired by. you should check out their art. they are all phenomenal. all different styles. all chosen for a specific purpose. heres yours. #unitedbyedit #hipstaedit #top10igérs #idowhatiwant #runningonempty #longestprojectever #nonfuckinghuman #editfromtheheart #insomniacsunite #vigilantesidekick #permanentrecord #holdencaulfield #sleepwhenimdead
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parkerlewislost : Wow Wade! I am utterly flattered! Thank you so much. I enjoy talking to you as well. Time for you to get some sleep though I think! Turn your phone off 😉
repinsk - janeburbank - nolpgh -
@psychedelicpig : i know we havent known eachother very long but i put together a list of my favorite ten ig users. you made the list. the first five were super easy but once i got down towards the end i had to really evaluate peoples artwork and their personalities i realized who i talk to the most and whos art is most provacative and etcetc. so point being you made the cut. hope it makes you smile. i modified the theme as always. it was a long list of only ten people but long because i included a paragraph about why each person was chosen. if you want to check the whole thing out go to my profile. but i edited it so each person got their own part. #unitedbyedit #hipstaedit #top10igérs #idowhatiwant #runningonempty #longestprojectever #nonfuckinghuman #editfromtheheart #insomniacsunite #vigilantesidekick #permanentrecord #holdencaulfield #sleepwhenimdead i have not slept yet. this took way longer than i thought. @psychedelicpig
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antitheist82 : thats what i will call you then. because psyche sounds all wrong and pig doesnt fit you at all.
antitheist82 : @psychedelicpig : above.
antitheist82 : @psychedelicpig : thats a great idea. i spent a long time on that project. they are all definitely worth following. including yourself. the new chic @parkerlewislost is good too. you should check her work out if you have not already done so.
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@computerjones : you may have seen this floting around last night. mine is still a top ten. but i used writography to do it. then edited each person out along with why i chose them. this is yours. #unitedbyedit #hipstaedit #top10igérs #idowhatiwant #runningonempty #longestprojectever #nonfuckinghuman #editfromtheheart #insomniacsunite #vigilantesidekick #permanentrecord #holdencaulfield #sleepwhenimdead
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computerjones : Nice man! Thanks for shout out.
side_two : Yeah, Will is the man! @computerjones
repinsk - lillmill - cincinati -
my favorite ig users. list of top ten. idea was someone elses but style was all me as you will see. writography. edited. made a four page list. includes ten people and why i chose them. @mjdoesthephotothang #top10igers #realdeal #hipstaedit #idowhatiwant #vigilantesidekick #nonfuckinghuman #runningonempty #insomniacsunite #hipstaforlfe #editfromtheheart #unitedbyedit #permanentrecord #holdencaulfield
nonfuckinghuman - hipstaforlfe - top10igers - realdeal - permanentrecord - hipstaedit - runningonempty - editfromtheheart - holdencaulfield - insomniacsunite - vigilantesidekick - idowhatiwant - unitedbyedit -
side_two : Yeah MJ!
repinsk - janeburbank - cincinati - americangypsy13 -
top ten ig users by wade. i saw this last night. the idea. i liked it. but setup was uncreative. they basically wanted you to comment with your answer on the same pic. so i changed it up. wrote it down. didnt like it. after the third time i was satisfied. so this is it. @janeburbank #top10igers #realdeal #hipstaedit #idowhatiwant #vigilantesidekick #nonfuckinghuman #runningonempty #insomniacsunite #hipstaforlfe #editfromtheheart #unitedbyedit #permanentrecord #holdencaulfield i sent each person their section only. or i am halfway done so far. so if you want to read the whole thing thing in succession go to feed or my prophile and go from bottom back to top. yours truly. wade.
nonfuckinghuman - hipstaforlfe - top10igers - realdeal - permanentrecord - hipstaedit - runningonempty - editfromtheheart - holdencaulfield - insomniacsunite - vigilantesidekick - idowhatiwant - unitedbyedit -
janeburbank : you are remarkable. Thank you. xo
antitheist82 : no thank you. i m not sure if you realized that i have been in and out of the rooms for 13 years. no anniversaries to date. but when i read those words i knew then that you may very well end up playing a key role in my accension from the bottom. the climb has begun. bottom is over. but i still dont see any light at the end of the tunnel. not yet. but i am on a mission. that much i am sure of. everything else happens one day, sometimes five minutes at a time. i know war. i battle everyday.
antitheist82 : @janeburbank : above. and you are welcome to save that if you want it. thats why i broke them up. i wanted them all to be signifigant to everyone but that would not have been quite the same if i didnt separate them by edit and it also made it look much more creative. which is what i was going for. so i am happy. i have been working on that for entirely too long.
janeburbank : I will indeed. the impact we have on the world around us reminds us of our place. I am touched, and very grateful you are in the world. I'd love to read it in its entirety. xo
janeburbank : it takes what it takes Wade. I'm glad you have the rooms to come back to. It was not until I was desperate, that I became willing to surrender.
janeburbank : I am always here if you need a friend to talk to, I don't want to assume you know that. Where is home btw? Or, where are you living?
repinsk - janeburbank - cincinati - americangypsy13 -
i saw this good idea last night with a lame suggestion. it basically said use this picture and under it comment on your top 10. so i thought that wasnt up to par for creativity. so i permanently wrote this all out like three times. finally came up with this. @momma2maxh : but it would be cool for everyone to do the top ten thing. not like i did. i havent even slept yet. i was extremely focused. but its a good idea. but i made it so instead of just one four page list. fronts only used marker. i would edit the list to where each individual was separate. you can go through the feed and see them all in order. first 5 were easy. then had to start elimination. but it went well i think. you tell me. #instamood #top10igers #realdeal #hipstaedit #idowhatiwant #vigilantesidekick #nonfuckinghuman #runningonempty #insomniacsunite #hipstaforlfe #editfromtheheart #unitedbyedit #permanentrecord #holdencaulfield
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momma2maxh : Awwww GO TO SLEEP Holden. Thanks. I think I follow you. This is sweet. 💜🙏💜 #nonfuckinghuman you're a vampire then correct?! Since you haven't slept. 😁😱
momma2maxh : You inspire me too Holden. 😜
antitheist82 : @momma2maxh : since we have established that you are indeed a lil older than yours truly. do you remember the song mothers little helper? addie's.
momma2maxh : Haha yes I do & my bf is 33, so age means nothing to me. You're funny. go to sleep. Haha
top ten ig holden caulfield. sam you are in the top three because you are so mature for 15. i still cant let that go. no its because you are inspirational and you stand up for what you believe in even if youre standing alone, aside from being a great photographer and friend. #top10igers #unitedbyedit #editfromtheheart #hipstaforlfe #insomniacsunite i have been up since 7:40 am yesterday. im good. but should not drive anywhere. #instamood #nonfuckinghuman #vigilantesidekick #idowhatiwant #hipstaedit #realdeal #wade
nonfuckinghuman - top10igers - realdeal - hipstaedit - vigilantesidekick - editfromtheheart - insomniacsunite - hipstaforlfe - wade - idowhatiwant - instamood - unitedbyedit -
antitheist82 : i saw a thing where you were just supposed to comment with the names and decided that was not being creative at all so i borrowed the title "writographer" from my business associate and got creative. i think it is way better than just commenting. this looks better and took many hours of writing and scratching out and blending to get it just right. so everyone i tagged gets their part only. i like it. hope you do to @samnason
side_two : Yeah Sam is cool!
samnason : @antitheist82 @andreclemente I'm flattered! Very kind of you to say, Wade, and I really like the editing!
samnason : The comments I've posted.
antitheist82 : shes the fn best. @andreclemente sharp as a razor too. i wish that i wouldnt have screwed up so bad as a youth. i would be all mixed up in that shit to. i still could i guess. but my right to vote or own a gun or live in the house with a gun have been stripped. i am none too happy about this.
repinsk - janeburbank - americangypsy13 - nolpgh -
top ten picks of igers. first five were easy. then you start to figure out who to eliminate. i have been working on this for three hours straight. no sleep at all. but i havent been doing much. writograpy. writing on my walls. made a tribute to jim carroll to hang up out of an old new york times. etcetc.
nonfuckinghuman - hipstaforlfe - top10igers - realdeal - permanentrecord - hipstaedit - runningonempty - editfromtheheart - holdencaulfield - insomniacsunite - vigilantesidekick - idowhatiwant - unitedbyedit -
antitheist82 : #top10igers #realdeal #hipstaedit #idowhatiwant #vigilantesidekick #nonfuckinghuman #runningonempty #insomniacsunite #hipstaforlfe #editfromtheheart #unitedbyedit #holdencaulfield #permanentrecord @89greenmantle
kiss_of_a_wave : 💙💙💙💙💙
repinsk - janeburbank - cincinati - americangypsy13 -
wade's top ten igérs. it was hard to pick only ten. but it was easy to pick the first five.
nonfuckinghuman - for_repinsk - top10igers - realdeal - hipstaedit - vigilantesidekick - editfromtheheart - holdencaulfield - insomniacsunite - hipstaforlfe - wade - idowhatiwant - instamood - unitedbyedit -
repinsk : Tag me #for_repinsk and close your little baby eyes.
janeburbank : heart strings..... xo @repinsk xo
antitheist82 : #for_repinsk
antitheist82 : @repinsk : im like waron zevon. i'll
antitheist82 : @repinsk i'll sleep when i'm dead.
repinsk : Won't we all😉
antitheist82 : i am already mildly hallucinitating. from the lack of sleep. adderall is not helping.
repinsk : I think you should close your eyes and breathe and think good thoughts.
repinsk - janeburbank - cincinati - americangypsy13 -
a clockwork orange. #29days mechanichal #unitedbyedit #editfromtheheart #hipstaforlfe #hipstaedit #hipsta #idowhatiwant #vigilantesidekick #vigilantesidekick #nonfuckinghuman #photooftheday #insomniacsunite #instamood #holdencaulfield
nonfuckinghuman - hipstaforlfe - hipstaedit - editfromtheheart - 29days - holdencaulfield - insomniacsunite - vigilantesidekick - hipsta - idowhatiwant - instamood - unitedbyedit - photooftheday -
antitheist82 : @repinsk : above & : especially because i find beauty in almost everu
antitheist82 : @repinsk fuck i always hit send on accident. need to slow it down. : i find beauty in almost everything except myself. and thats all inner stuff. i know what to do i think though. its a surprise! i have to wake up early so i took some benedryl. good night rebecca.
momma2maxh : Perfect I was sleeping. Lol. Awake now. Does it work?? It's lovely. I'm deleting the first lists post. 😉
antitheist82 : @mjdoesthephotothang : thats okay. i know how hectic things can be and all that i know of japan is wrapped up in the anime i watch here in the states. and i know homesick. believe me mj. i will explain more some other time. but i know what it is to miss your family. i am not married but would imagine it makes it that much harder. so no apologies neccessarary. i just hope you are having fun and return to those that are waiting for you safely. miss talking to you chicca. take great pictures. i know you will. yours truly. wade.
antitheist82 : @momma2maxh : no unfortunately it does not. but with an alarm clock an iphone and a reg watch it really doesnt matter.
relish : I love the edit!
cincinati : 💚
jjade42918 : Time aint on my sidel
kiss_of_a_wave - niwrasera - noon_bgjourney - chook128 -
its a miniature buddha... with my awesome finshed door in the background. #febphotoaday no. 1. mini... #purehipstamatic #hipstamaticaddict #hipstamaticonly #hipstaforlfe #hipsta #robotoglitter #blankonoir #idowhatiwant #instagood #vigilantesidekick #nonfuckinghuman #holdencaulfield #photooftheday
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antitheist82 : @momma2maxh : heres my mini. next is mechanical. this one is way better.
antitheist82 : #29days
momma2maxh : Great
parkerlewislost - jaymac999 - adrianne_montalbano - volpiani -
book of martyrs. one of four books i am currently reading. its a documented list of every known christian martyr since the original who needs no intro. #purehipstamatic #hipstamaticaddict #hipstamaticonly #hipstaforlfe #hipsta #jamesm #blanko #idowhatiwant #insomniacsunite #instagood #vigilantesidekick #nonfuckinghuman #holdencaulfield #febphotoaday no. 2.
nonfuckinghuman - febphotoaday - hipstamaticaddict - hipstaforlfe - hipstamaticonly - jamesm - purehipstamatic - holdencaulfield - insomniacsunite - vigilantesidekick - hipsta - idowhatiwant - instagood - blanko -
mineowneye : I like anime too. I love Satoshi Kon, who did Perfect Blue and Paranoia Agent.....
antitheist82 : @mineowneye :awesome. cowboy bebop is my favorite. but i love a bunch of more recent ones. deathnote bleach samurai champloo afro samurai black blood brothers durarara fooly cooly and many more i am just discovering. but nothing beats my books. i love history. and kerouac. burroughs. rimbaud. hs thompson. kafka. dostoyevski. tom robbins. camus. sartre. spengler. ginsburg. and i am getting into drama of late. pinter. albee. miller. mamea. tolstoy. freud. jung. blavatsky. salinger. ( hence the name on my profile). sophocles is my all time favorite though as far as drama goes. how about you ? if you had to pick three favorites. whom would you pick. you can do books or authors. surprise me.
kiss_of_a_wave : @antitheist82 fascinating. VEEERY fascinating.
mineowneye : Hey, sorry it's taken me so long to get back to you. I love Cowboy Bebop too. I like so many writers (I'm quite old so it feels like years since I've been properly passionate about writers), but if I had to choose a few right now I'd pick David Foster Wallace, John Cowper Powys (crazy old dude, but Glastonbury Romance is the best book I've ever read), Vladimir Nabokov, and Neal Stephenson. I love poetry, I studied literature years ago, Emily Dickinson and John Berryman are my all time favourites....but I also like pulp literature, Jim Thomson, James Ellroy, James Sallis and Cornell Woolrich to name a few....but man, the names on your bookshelf are all the best of what there is..I love Salinger too...
antitheist82 : the only thing better than sitting down to a good book is a talking to someone who knows the people/ books you speak of and can add something to an otherwise one sided soliloquy broken up on occassion by ignorant grunts by the listen suggesting they agree or know what you mean when they clearly do not have the faintest idea of what you're talking about but were just too afraid to say i don't know rather than wasting everyones time. so i enjoy other well read people. they don't have to like what i like. you can't dislike greats like e dickinson and shakespeare and sallinger.
antitheist82 : @mineowneye : above to you jamie.
antitheist82 : @89greenmantle : it is indeed. the first martyr after old jesus himself was st. stephen and along with him 2000 other christians were persecuted & executed shortly thereafter.
antitheist82 : yeah i was thinking of you when i picked it. it was one of my recent scores. i love it. its the 1824 edition of a 1563 first written by rev. j. foxe. so this one is practically new. seriously though it is in bad shape. such a shame. probably rare as hell. if it was in good shape it would be worth some dough. but i love it. @89greenmantle
repinsk - sarahxleee - tomiejane - kehlertaylor -
coffee time. slaintè. @89greenmantle #purehipstamatic #hipstamaticaddict #hipstamaticonly #hipstaforlfe #hipsta #jamesm #blackeyesuc #idowhatiwant #insomniacsunite during the day #instagood #vigilantesidekick #nonfuckinghuman #holdencaulfield #coffeecoffeecoffee
blackeyesuc - nonfuckinghuman - coffeecoffeecoffee - hipstamaticaddict - hipstaforlfe - hipstamaticonly - jamesm - purehipstamatic - holdencaulfield - insomniacsunite - vigilantesidekick - hipsta - idowhatiwant - instagood -
antitheist82 : @tvanal : im so sorry. i hope it works out. although coffee is a staple. tea is wonderful too. @89greenmantle : we shall have to do tea on monday i guess huh?
samnason : My Scottish clan is Inglis which is a sect of the Douglas clan. They lived in the borders which is where I spent a month in 2009. My Irish roots are from the Finnegan family, but that's all I know. Spent a week in Belfast, also in 2009. Didn't like Belfast too much.
antitheist82 : @samnason : the douglass clan needs no explaining if you know history a little bit. all i know of finnegan comes from the irish folktale finnegans wake which i'm sure you know. and joyces book finnegans wake. the only book that means something different for each individual that reads it. he call
antitheist82 : @samnason he calls jacob and esau jackoff and eatsoup. great stuff. great book. lots of fun. impossible to translate without adding some guesswork. ullysses is tough enough but its a cake walk compared to finnegans wake.
momma2maxh : Coffee ☕= life
parkerlewislost : Coffee is great, but a nap is even better!
kiss_of_a_wave : To answer your question, I'm a Gaelic nut. Partially because my mothers side is veeerryyy Irish, Coney, probably from Galway we found out. Other side is Mexican/Spanish as you can probably tell from my last name. And it's AWESOME that you're so close to your fathers second husband. Those of us with subpar step-parents give you a sincere 
antitheist82 : yeah my dad is far beyond step dad. i dont even look at it like that. he is dad. awesome guy. i will post a picture of him and mention your name. i have great role models between him and my grandfather ( and uncle chip ). so i know who to look to for what would they do situations. although they may damn well all do different things. and i may not end up taking any of the advice given. i am fairly independent. but if i need it i know they are there. but my dad is the coolest, so to speak. not that coolness means anything. not high school coolness. i mean the most laid back rational man i know. who i would like to be just like if i wind up being a parent. that man has patience and tolerance not to be equaled. me and my kid brother were hell on wheels. not when we were really young. it all started spiraling downward when i was twelve and decided i smoked marlboros and pot. my little bro justin was only ten. then came. hello lucey gens. that got out of control. he never gave up. most would have. i got moms house raided when i was fifteen. thats ridiculous. already on juvy house arrest. expelled from school. shipped off to juvy hall for two months until the courtdate and judge ahmadeusche sent me to juvy bootcamp. no picnic. but he was always there. he never did give up. we still talk at least weekly. a good man. great parent. thats why i know i would be a good parent because i learned from the best. mom and dad were the greatest. still are. but i am a mamas boy. not gonna lie. @89greenmantle
bookshelve next to my bed. i think this will make number two easy. i'll do them both now. but its gotta be interesting words. i have an idea. this ancient book i am reading now. the title may surprise you. for such a small shelf and number of of books it certainly has some heavy heavy stuff in it. #purehipstamatic #purepoetry #hipstamaticaddict #hipstamaticonly #hipstaforlfe #hipsta #jamesm #blanko #readingrocks #idowhatiwant #insomniacsunite #instagood #vigilantesidekick #nonfuckinghuman #holdencaulfield #coffeecoffeecoffee day 1.
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antitheist82 : @repinsk : you dont have cheating in you. i have faith that whatever you do will be amazing. consistent is boring. youre technique needs no adjustments. do you.
janeburbank : I like this idea, and don't even know what it is yet. @repinsk
antitheist82 : @janeburbank : i will show you. i will mention you on the pic
antitheist82 : @parkerlewislost : oh michelle. you have never had seattle's best no. 5 chicca. try it. its the strongest they make. then take your nap about six hours later. i do love naps though. i sleep during the day as i am sure you have noticed. except i have to get up early tomorrow. so how are you anyway?
parkerlewislost : I will try it. The coffee we get at work is so weak it's amber colored. Naps are great I usually only take them on weekends for some odd reason. I am well, stressed from work, but well. How are you?
antitheist82 : doing great myself. interested in a project? we are doing a feb photo a day thing you up for it?
timjcoffee : 👍
louielouieroasters : 😀👍
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new mission takes priority. #unitedbyedit #editfromtheheart #insomniacsunite #hipstaedit #hipstamaticaddict #hipsta #vigilantesidekick #holdencaulfield #instagood #klasik #holdencaulfield #nonfuckinghuman out of the firm grasp of time.
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antitheist82 : @parkerlewislost : yeah. i cant even imagine what this is going to be like. but i love surprises. it only lasts for a couple of hours.
parkerlewislost : Well you will have to enlighten us all next week!
antitheist82 : what ive come to understand is it easily evade communicable descriptions. even the scientists that took it in the name of research of course and they have trouble describing it. the strange thing about it is that everyone sees similar things when they are on it and also unlike other hell lucies it is a natural substance closely related to seratonin and trytophan which is metabolized into 5- hydroxy- tryptophan which is responsible for release of serotonin. proper sleep. they think it is a sort of precursor for for both trytophan and serotonin believed to be used as a neurotransmitter responsible for one organisms subconscious recognition of their symbiotic relationships with all of the other organisms. as a whole. so its looking like dr. jung may have been correct in his assumption of there being a collective unconscious. thats my interpretation of it. the documentary didnt get into the psychological aspects of it in too much detail it was only like a half hour long. but it all sounds familiar. have you ever read carl jungs psychology and religion or his shorter one about dream interpretation?
antitheist82 : @parkerlewislost : above at you
parkerlewislost : No I haven't read those. But you've sparked my interest in this documentary and further research.
cozmic_corinne : Interesting feed!!!
antitheist82 : @cozmic_juice : thanks. i try to keep it interesting and not get stuck
antitheist82 : @cozmic_juice : sorry. not get stuck on one style. honestly i haventfound my knack or style yet. so everything you see is for the most part researchgrade photography. or writography. sometimes i photo things i write or tag. writography. sounds logical. meant to be humorous in a dry sort of way. but most people dont pay attention when they read. it just flies by their busy brains. ive never got called out for using no punctuation when i write. but thanks for the likes and input. you also picked some of my favorites that were not all liked by my followers. excepting the pocketwatch which everyone loved but i wasnt impressed with. anyhow you have peaked my interest so i am going to go check out what you have going on in the old portfolio. i am a chronic commenter. i enjoy raw street photography but appreciate anything creative. titles are also important.
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