Time to do some cleaning! #J10 #jeep #nomoreoil
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#repost_ @thewickedgriffin #nomoreoil
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micks2much : @hoeky_pokey
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Soooooo this happened today..... The struggles of being low 😅😭 #leaky#bitch#nomoreoil#brokenheart #mazda3 #hatch#oilpankiller #😓#😢
😢 - nomoreoil - oilpankiller - brokenheart - 😓 - bitch - hatch - leaky - mazda3 -
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#solarsystem #ilovethesun #greenenergy #nomoreoil #greenchoice
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umbertobeverlyhills just announced the 6 top Dry Shampoos & Umberto is one of them. Available at a Target near you #target #umbertobeverlyhills #shinyhair #shampoo #dry #nomoreoil #beverlyhills
dry - umbertobeverlyhills - target - nomoreoil - shinyhair - shampoo - beverlyhills -
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When it's your turn to cook! Haha just waste the gas ga Lol #nomoreoil#bored#refill#stove#freshman
freshman - refill - bored - stove - nomoreoil -
marshal_la_ : What are you trying to prove? 😂
taniela_that_legend : Ahahahaha...... .I have no idea.. Lol
___foreverkanalevuuuu - marshal_la_ - sillavolau_192028 - auqes_ -
#healthycooking #nomoreoil our new air fryer, first try, frying up some chicken #perfection
healthycooking - perfection - nomoreoil -
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#clean #nomoreoil #goodasnew #esrwheels
goodasnew - esrwheels - clean - nomoreoil -
foxbodymike : @drew_jackson27 People have different opinions. Me personally I HATE nittos. Ran the 555s twice and both times they were junk. Horrible life and hydroplaned like crazy. The NT05s are supposed to be a little better but I've never driven on them. Nittos look good but that's about it
drew_jackson27 : Yeah that's what I've been hearing I do a lot of hard mountain driving and I'm needing something that'll hold a corner and not spin much off the line. My tires I've got now are shot
drew_jackson27 : How do these hook from a dig?
foxbodymike : Um...not great hahaha ======= ==== ==
foxbodymike : @drew_jackson27
drew_jackson27 : Oh haha I'm glad I'm asking around and doing research before I drop around a grande on new tires lol I've had Bridgestone tires on the front and they was amazing and sumitomo on the rear and they are dead awful
drew_jackson27 : What size wheels and tires u running?
kidnoah_ : Hey man, I'm looking at getting the same wheels (different color) for my fox and was just wondering if you went with the 20mm & 25mm offset and did you have to run spacers at all? Thank you
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Hair color is personal. Dry shampoo should be too. By popular demand, Moroccanoil® launches its first-ever dry shampoo in two formulas, for Light Hair Tones and for Dark Hair Tones. Ultra-fine rice starches absorb oil, buildup and odor, leaving hair instantly cleansed and refreshed. UV-protecting, argan oil-infused. #moroccanoil #dryshampoo #hair #beauty #fast #nomoreoil #bestproductever
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A) WE DONT. THIS IS OUR UNIQUE AND ONLY HOME!!! B) even IF THEY FOUND TWIN PLANETS, that's not the point. We dont deserve to go to another planet only to fuck it up. We need to be adults, put on our big boy and big girl undies (tagged Monday), and clean up this mess we made. This means: #nomorehunting #stopanimalabuse #gogreen admitting that #globalwarming and #climatechange IS REAL BECAUSE ITS A GEOLOGICAL N SCIENTIFIC FACT!!! #nomoreoil dependency because we can harness geothermal, solar, wind and hydro power like never before so there is no more excuse. We dont deserve another planet so lets stop being bitches, roll up our sleeves, and fix the one we have. #becausescience
stopanimalabuse - climatechange - nomoreoil - gogreen - nomorehunting - becausescience - globalwarming -
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Using this hand and body lotion as a primer and I love it! Bye bye oily skin 👋🏻 #nomoreoil #makeupstaysput 💗
makeupstaysput - nomoreoil -
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Japon'ya da elektrikli otomobil kullanımı çok yaygın Mind the cars are working so silent in JP #pictureoftheday #kawaguchiko #fujimountain #cars #nomoreoil
fujimountain - cars - pictureoftheday - nomoreoil - kawaguchiko -
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・・・ A group of environmental activists rappelled off a bridge in Portland, Oregon, at 2:45am PT, in a bid to block a key vessel in Shell’s Arctic drilling fleet leaving the city’s port. The vessel’s depature time has been delayed but it is unclear if the protesters have played a role. The vessel was originally scheduled to leave at 4:45am, according to the Columbia River Pilots website. No new depature time has been listed on their site. The Columbia River Bar Pilots website now lists the launch time as 12pm. Greenpeace said that 13 of its climbers were hanging off St Johns bridge and had enough supplies to last days in their attempt to hinder Shell’s Arctic drilling plans, with another 13 people assisting them. The oil company’s 380-foot Fennica icebreaker arrived in a dry dock in the city for repairs on Saturday, following damage to its hull in the Aleutian Islands earlier this month. The vessel must be at Shell’s drill site before they can reapply for federal approval to drill deep enough for oil in the Chukchi Sea, according to the latest federal permit. Annie Leonard, executive director of Greenpeace US, said, “Every second we stop Shell counts. The brave climbers here in Portland are now what stand between Shell and Arctic oil. This is president Obama’s last chance to wake up and realize the disaster that could happen on his watch.” Sergeant Peter Simpson, a Portland police spokesman, told the Guardian that arrests may take place later today: “We are aware of the demonstration and are monitoring it in the area. The St Johns Bridge remains open to all vehicle traffic. Arrests may be possible as the day goes on. Our top priority is public safety, including that of the demonstrators and other people using the river.” The US coast guard was reported as monitoring the situation. Onlookers said the activists were handing out diapers to one another because they could be on the river for a long time. Other protesters have taken to the water in kayaks to attempt to block the vessel from leaving Portland. They met at noon on Tuesday in North Portland’s Cathedral Park before taking to the water. Source:
abundance - love - cleanenergy - paradigmshift - loveyourmother - shifthappens - solar - stopdrilling - gaia - bethechange - gratitude - nomoreoil - saveourplanet - peace - hydroelectric - environment - wind - drilling -
enthusiastic_joyful_life : Whether they stop or slow down Shell isn't the point. These people are standing up for what they believe in and doing it in a peaceful way. No bullets, no fire, no bricks, no fists. Peaceful protest, their actions speak for them. We can all learn a thing or two here. #BeTheChange We can ALL make a difference. No will ever change my mind about that. ✌🏼️
enthusiastic_joyful_life : #environment #drilling #stopdrilling #cleanenergy #wind #solar #hydroelectric #nomoreoil #saveourplanet #LoveYourMother #Gaia #paradigmshift #shifthappens #love #peace #gratitude #abundance
lauren.ceallaigh : You'd think they would have gotten the message with the BP oil spill in the gulf. I saw firsthand some of that damage and it was very severe. Oil is not worth it!
quantumrush : This country needs to move on from big oil. It's not the way of the future
kellyyoumans : 👏Your account is awesome!
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Coming Back Real Soon ✂️🔛🔝💯 #Maniac #ManiacCarClub #NissanHardbody #BlueDream #Str8Choppin #GettinHerReadyFor #JAYDENERCANBRACK #Cruise2015 @_keenzstylin706
jaydenercanbrack - str8choppin - thatswhyhaaad - inthetrans - cruise2015 - maniac - maniaccarclub - nissanhardbody - bluedream - nomoreoil - gettinherreadyfor -
_ladymaniac : Unreel (in Keenan's voice ) I calling DA cops @_keenzstylin706 😂😂😂 👍👍
makanaona : You guys got em
lil_maniac808 : Got em but kinda hard to put it in gears ... #NoMoreOil #InTheTrans #ThatsWhyHaaad lol @makanaona
r.n._shine : those rims doe ! @lil_maniac808
ravagestryker : @bush_wookie1
xobjxo : Wea he been anyway
zion.eye : @808pali_prowler
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#outofgas #restarea #noservice #empty #peace #stop #unleaded #regular #irregular #oneday #nomoreoil #gasoline #burnit #burnbabyburn #hybrid #nocaption #captionthis #fuckwar #roadtrip #spare #sparetire #aintgoingfar #shorttrip
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n8murphy : Gold mine gutted
honestyogiduke : Discover
tomsugarnan : my dream home
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If you own a @netflix account, (a car) and are in the mood to have your eyes opened to the lack of freedom US citizens have then watch PUMP!!! Step back for a second and think to yourself. Ever since you bought your first car you have been forced to fill your car up with one form of fuel, gasoline, when in reality you could've been filling it up with numerous other fuel choices! That's all I'm gonna give away from the movie. Please watch and if your interested leave some comments and let's have a discussion! #climatechange #fuel #earth #saveme #cars #action #nomoreoil
action - saveme - climatechange - nomoreoil - fuel - cars - earth -
tobi_frensh : I'm gonna whatch it!
climatetruth : Nice let me know how you like it @tobi_frensh
tobi_frensh : I will!
car_spoon : Incredible documentary
climatetruth : Did it revolutionize your thought method about your freedom in your fuel choice? @car_spoon
car_spoon : To some degree. Really showed our inability to use the sources at our disposal
climatetruth : Yes exactly! It's sad but true @car_spoon
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After 3 years of dreaming... I can now take this off of my vision board! #tesla #nomoregas #nomoreoil #electiccarsrock
tesla - nomoregas - electiccarsrock - nomoreoil -
angelawoodmusic : Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
kat_chiring : Dang!
aborkmann : That is a good reason for celebration!
jegrady : When do you get it? :)
dustin_hillis : @jegrady by the end of August! Next time you come visit we'll take her for a drive! :)
actionway : 💥
priesttoaking : Dude! Congratulations! We are doing a Tesla event at the shop this Fall, you should stop by and show off your new baby!
dustin_hillis : @priesttoaking thanks. It was good randomly seeing you on the flight this week!
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#Refugio #refugiobeach #sun #sand #surf #santabarbara #instagood #instalove #living #nature #summer #summeroflove #nomoreoil #happyday #greattobeback #lovethebeach #beach #california
surf - summer - nature - instalove - happyday - refugio - refugiobeach - living - summeroflove - nomoreoil - sun - lovethebeach - santabarbara - instagood - sand - california - greattobeback - beach -
wendya5656 : Great to see the beach open again:)
kassey_kniepma : fresh!! 🙌 @Talnts
danaban12 : Beautiful pic :)
kennethsenstad : @andrewparseghian
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#cleanenergy #renewable #waterpowered #nomoreoil
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⛽. #nomoreoil #timetorefuel 🆘
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Perfect day in Manhattan beach #nomoreoil
nomoreoil -
Check out the world's first cushion blotter! #nomoreoil #oilblotter #cool #pink #beauty #beautybloggers #beautylovers #bbloggers #makeuplovers #makeupjunkies #cushionblotter #blotterazzi #beautyblender #makeup #oilygirl
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melanie.novel107 : I know I've seen it! 😍😍 @lizzrunsohio
winnly_love : We've got to try this one out!! If you love makeup, follow us to find out how to win awesome products for absolutely free!!
jdobbins : @jellymora thought of you
keshakewi : This is amazingggggg
tvitijs : Anyone tried it?
angieeeeee18 : I have it
beautyo_ : @angieeeeee18 What are your thoughts ?
angieeeeee18 : @beautyo_ it's okay if u have make up on be prepared to reapply as it can take off ur make up
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So excited for this! #blotterazzi by @beautyblender #nomoreoil#oilfree#beautyblender#sephora#makeuo#makeupjunkie#beauty#maquillaje#makeuoblogger#blogger#makeupaddict#products#loveit#excited#newstuff
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theartagency : nice
clairedobsonphoto : Terrific :)
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~Oil Absorbing Facial Tissues~ Jean Pierre™'s oil absorbing facial tissues instantly remove shine from your face (without smudging makeup), helps prevent blemishes by removing excess oil and impurities. Use them anytime anywhere throughout the day. For more information: For shipping: #FacialTissues #OilAbsorbing #portable #Clean #NoMoreOil #Clean #Clear #facialcare #skincare
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We Support The California Coastal Protection Act. Read more at #California #coast #protect #SantaBarbara #SB #oil #Refugio #OilSpill #sustainable #renewable #responsible #BeTheChange #local #protections #beach #ocean #NoMoreOil #GoSolar #GoWind
oil - coast - gosolar - california - gowind - bethechange - renewable - protect - refugio - nomoreoil - beach - oilspill - responsible - ocean - santabarbara - protections - sustainable - sb - local -
adriftimagery : Ahhh!
ca_dangerbird - maleeonline - adriftimagery - makeyourbestself -
😎 I been puttin in work! Got me a fly ass truck, fly ass woman and some gainzzzz lol #rocketsjersey #swanginthaford #manchester #startedoneastavenuep #freehector #nomoreoil
startedoneastavenuep - manchester - rocketsjersey - nomoreoil - swanginthaford - freehector -
ddotsmith12 : Been in that weight room hahaha
joy13_3 : Lol trying to get some muscles on me @ddotsmith12 you been good bro?
ddotsmith12 : Shit I been making it bro. I see u living good right now. That's wassup keep it that way mayne
joy13_3 : Yea trying to be living good, I'm graduating this December, hoping life will change. I see your little boy is getting big. Stay up bro I'm glad to see another homeboy doing good. @ddotsmith12
ddotsmith12 : 💯
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Dreams do come true! #berfdaegift #nomoreoil
berfdaegift - nomoreoil -
jean_rod18 : Happy late birthday! Chris asked me to tell you yesterday! :)
realdielawn : Are u a peanut too?
chacolatecoco - ashrubio - _lolaa_mac - gingah23 -
Today is the last day i start to work at 5.00 am...present from the sky. #nomoreoil #nomoremechanic #nowicansleepmorethanfivehour #sun #larouetournetourne
larouetournetourne - sun - nowicansleepmorethanfivehour - nomoremechanic - nomoreoil -
brosbikestore : 🙌
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Mother Earth is trembling. #NoMoreOil #rideyourbike #carpool #mts
mts - carpool - rideyourbike - nomoreoil -
nancydeargunz : Oh wow what happened
betterbelievus : @nancydeargunz. I was peeking through the fence, but They hushed me away. check Channel 5 news😒
ryanhollins - bare__necessity - bree_cortez - stashahealthcatalyst -
#BringBackOurGirls #Chibok #Naija #Nigeria #RescueOurGirls
naija - nomoreoil - nigeria - chibok - rescueourgirls - bringbackourgirls -
tara_shine4 : @knycky 😢😢😢😢😢 the thought of being without Mors for all this time....
knycky : @tara_shine4 I so abhor thinking about it i really do. But I have to because these children are living it. It's sickening. And even more sickening that this is allowed. After alllllll this time and nutten! #NoMoreOil?
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Perfect for any kitchen 12 piece pan set #cermalon #ceramic #stainlesssteel #copper #rustic #potsandpans #cooking #cook #foodie #cookhappy #healthy #nomoreoil #picoftheday #favouritedish #stylish #kitchen
copper - ceramic - foodie - stainlesssteel - favouritedish - cook - kitchen - rustic - cermalon - cookhappy - healthy - cooking - potsandpans - nomoreoil - stylish - picoftheday -
jill.mcdonald.54 : ❤
bednkitch : Love this 😄
formulx - jaredpiconi - holisticlittlesprouts - freshfoodz -
I couldn't agree more #organic#green#vegan#cleaneating#nomoremilk#nomoreoil#vscocam#earth
organic - nomoreoil - vegan - green - cleaneating - earth - nomoremilk - vscocam -
sarahctnapier - mrchristian83 - elenicakess - earthmedia -
My new kitchen favourite barbecue/grill frying pan. Heavy thing! No more oil! #barbeque #nomoreoil #cooking #fryingpan #grill #grillathome
grill - grillathome - nomoreoil - cooking - barbeque - fryingpan -
margo.granovskaya2015 - herats.mari - kris.shmidt2015 - lehotspots -
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