#NoMoreCast πŸ™Œ Feels good to see my wrist again
nomorecast -
itsme_melli : Are u gonna keep it?
jakebix12 : My wrist yeah I think so
jakebix12 : Jk Jk @itsme_melli yeah I'm keeping the cast
itsme_melli : Ok lol
faith_yass - moto_dude_62 - zmanmcwilly - itsme_melli -
#finally #nomorecast #yougotago
nomorecast - finally - yougotago -
thenerdjock : Did you limp when you first walked? I remember trying to just feel the ground and falling on my face because my legs were a bit uneven lol
1kingd : Lol @thenerdjock yea im still limping a bit fells kinda wired walking again.
aldoyess : Ok dude! Now you are able to drink tequila!!! Lol be happy! @1kingd
iamthird33 - elaine204 - mannycbr - wheres_edwin -
We are super #stoked to announce that @codyhunnicutt11 has made a full recovery from his broken leg and is eager to get behind the all new 2015 @moombaboats #MoJo and see what all the hype is about! #nomorecast #nomoreboot #nomorebootjuice
nomoreboot - nomorecast - mojo - stoked - nomorebootjuice -
adam_adub : Yeah @codyhunnicutt11 !!!
seth_ketner - leah_benay - cassondragore - t_hammock -
I missed u. #nomorecast
nomorecast -
irish_dad_13 -
He is back! #football #allgood #nomorecast #myguy #blessed
allgood - myguy - football - blessed - nomorecast -
cali_bee_88 : So handsome 😘😍 @admiyermuah4
kittycandykisses : Omg!!!! He's so adorable Tami!!!! @admiyermuah4
jumana_nasir : So cute!
__renaa__ : Yay!!
a_garay_17 - serena_andujo - rosec83 - changnphasesbydelmar -
#nomorecast #smilindog #BulletDoggie
nomorecast - bulletdoggie - smilindog -
mylis80 - n_balchak - bearbisquit - msjhale -
Sutherland was SO happy to cheer and stunt without her cast! #susugrace #gobulldogs #maurycountybulldogs #cheer #nomorecast
susugrace - gobulldogs - maurycountybulldogs - cheer - nomorecast -
connershane_fansforever - connershane_fan - mcpherm1 - that_fanpagetho -
Totally milking it for all it's worth!!😍😍😍😍#blessmybaby #nomorecast #shemakesitbetter
blessmybaby - nomorecast - shemakesitbetter -
_lizkateofficial : @tim_tim01_ πŸ’‹β˜ΊοΈ
_ae16 : Why are they like the cutest little couple ever ? πŸ˜πŸ˜‚
justin_willis21 : Did they take it off
tim_tim01_ : Yeah @justin_willis21
justin_willis21 : Your arm small @tim_tim01_
melodyhogann - lisadelgado17 - just_kissa246 - mandynichole423 -
#shestoocute #nomorecast! #finally #messyhair #dontcare #blondie #toddlersofinstagram
finally - toddlersofinstagram - nomorecast - messyhair - blondie - dontcare - shestoocute -
jneill10 : nice
teri_m90 - alyssa_angioline - ladyybug_12_ - mandanicolee95 -
#fbf to #pinkcast #nomorecast #beach #riding #florida #gopro #gopro_alive
florida - gopro - fbf - gopro_alive - riding - pinkcast - beach - nomorecast -
blackzzjewel : Looking cool
vass1l : 😁 @blackzzjewel
veggiegirl_em : You're from Florida, right? What part? We are going to Orlando this week!
vass1l : Nooo don't come, weather is horrible and it will be all week!! Work/school in Orlando but live north of it @veggiegirl_em
veggiegirl_em : I know!! The weather is supposed to be awful! But everything is already booked!! Ahh!! I was gonna ask you though.. What beaches are the best to go to from Orlando? We will have a rental so definitely taking a couple days to beach it! I've heard coco beach but I'm sure that's totally packed and touristy. Are there any beaches you recommend?
vass1l : That are not touristy, checkout New Smyrna it's south of Daytona beach and if you don't mind driving a couple of hours Clearwater north of Tampa on the west coast ... But hopefully it clears up @veggiegirl_em
veggiegirl_em : Yea I'm crossing my fingers. No one wants to walk around Disney in the pouring rain with a 5 year old. πŸ˜‚ Thanks, dude for the recommendations! πŸ‘Œ
vass1l : No problem 😁, hopefully the weather clears up for you guys πŸ‘ @veggiegirl_em
veggiegirl_em - alphahealthcoach - photo_ash - pinklynx -
Welp today is the day people. 4 weeks ago I broke my beautiful right hand. Today I go into get my dragon cast off n make sure its healed. Pray to goddd I dont need another castβ™‘ #pray #to #god #broken #hand #cast #dragon #mixedgirl #cute #f4f #lgbt #l4l #nomorecast #chochospital #choc #chocclinic #silly #creative #me
cute - mixedgirl - hand - lgbt - nomorecast - creative - chocclinic - me - choc - cast - pray - god - dragon - to - silly - f4f - broken - chochospital - l4l -
chocchildrens : We hope that adorable cast did its job! Thank you for choosing CHOC. It's our privilege to care.
mirandachavira221 : @_muzikk_purrz_ we miss you at work!
_muzikk_purrz_ : @mirandachavira221 i misssss u guyz β™‘ n makin eggs n burnin muffins n droppin sausages
mirandachavira221 : @_muzikk_purrz_ haha we cant wait to have you back, hope the healing process is good to you! πŸ’ͺ☺
_muzikk_purrz_ : Thxxx ^-^ @mirandachavira221
daddy_kane_blackmamba - carlsteezy - yoackim - steezetheday -
Fingers are a wee bit crooked but she's all healed πŸ‘Œ #broken #hand #healed #crooked #fingers #nomorecast #finally #nowforphysio #youshouldseetheotherguy
nowforphysio - crooked - fingers - healed - youshouldseetheotherguy - broken - finally - nomorecast - hand -
holmbergkatie - meaghanmeyers - rebeccameier214 - stoneygnome -
Oh hey, guess who doesn't have to wear a cast anymore! THIS little guy!!! #allbetter #happyday #happypuppy #blackpomeranian #instapet #pomsofinstagram #pomeranian #nomorecast #healed #instapom #pomoftheday #pomoakley2014
blackpomeranian - happypuppy - pomeranian - instapom - pomoakley2014 - happyday - healed - pomsofinstagram - instapet - nomorecast - allbetter - pomoftheday -
once_upon_a_dane : Very cool!
bellaboova - matuyamanagisa - danyaslade - cbcsporthorse -
Today is the dayyyyy!!!! #nomorecast #bringonthesaw #readytowalk #TCBtime #pedicureondeck #bestdayeverrrr
readytowalk - tcbtime - bestdayeverrrr - pedicureondeck - nomorecast - bringonthesaw -
kbninja85 : πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰
killa4rilla : Hallelujah!!!! πŸ™
mehranmolaeiofficial - joyannatotheworld - hayley_face - mrs.williams_est86 -
Just 4 more weeks! πŸ’ͺ #morehealing #halfwaythere #myworld #lovehim #hisnumber1fan #bracetime #nomorecast #instagood #instahappy #instablessed
morehealing - instablessed - instahappy - halfwaythere - instagood - myworld - nomorecast - lovehim - hisnumber1fan - bracetime -
rubylips69 : :(
vidamia : @rubylips69 he walked out with the biggest smile ever! He finally got his cast off and transitioned to this brace, he's on the road to recovery :)
rubylips69 : I'm so happy for himβ™‘
trevor.jm : Pretty!
iluv_ee - rubylips69 - yournextbarbershop - ksusha -
nomorecast -
jamie7839 -
whatcha know about the brace life. #bracelife #nomorecast #nomakeup #lookinamess
nomakeup - nomorecast - bracelife - lookinamess -
alexrollsblunts - nu_jerzeydevil - ewreckkk - livetoride496 -
#transformationtuesday #nomorecast πŸ˜„
transformationtuesday - nomorecast -
kannmarie_96 : Yayyyy!!!!! 😊😊😊😊
josi_harms - bethhhreth - brittany_shannon98 - ccloud19 -
GamedayπŸ˜ˆπŸ‘ŒπŸ…Ύ #nomorecast
nomorecast -
sydney_clements : ooh kill em
t_dover11 : @sydney_clements are you coming?πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜‚
sydney_clements : i gotta go home & clean πŸ˜‚
kendal_bumpus : me:8 Mattie:10
marianna_coley - princess_absw31 - a.le.x.is - madisnow88 -
#walking #nomorecast #limpingaround
nomorecast - walking - limpingaround -
cdmorgan16 - dtomshak - codyyani -
I forgot how much fun this game is, great to be back! #BTO #TheReturn #nomorecast
nomorecast - bto - thereturn -
giladswim - chazfully93 - nikgoed93 - g8r_ -
The pins are out and the cast is off!!! Payton will be back at it in no time! #brokenarm #nomorecast #healingfast #yay
nomorecast - yay - brokenarm - healingfast -
ma_mafaye : Good job Payton! Grammy feels so much better
freckles_and_blues - areneau444 - elle_est_tee - kmgkmgkmg -
#bros #breakinginangiesnewroom #Bootlife #nomorecast
breakinginangiesnewroom - bootlife - bros - nomorecast -
_indogwetrust_ : @robert_flocka_flame
sbennett16 : Snuggle buddies
throughtheyesofagirl : This is fantastic
throughtheyesofagirl : When do you leave for euro?
_indogwetrust_ : In 2 hours @throughtheyesofagirl
mudd_honey - sydniekalinofski - jessegasface - natsowinski -
See there...2 weeks ago it was all crack!!#nomorehockey#nomorecast#brokenwrist#not#lucky#at#all#want#to#jump#on#the#ice#but#i#cant#need#6#more#week
week - all - on - brokenwrist - lucky - but - jump - need - cant - at - want - not - nomorecast - nomorehockey - i - ice - to - 6 - the - more -
zippehisako - karianne_dri - closetvanity - cha_gagne -
Wahoo! So this happened today after a wee incident with some water. The specialist is happy with how Rubees foot is sitting. We're back Wednesday for another appointment and all looking well will have a follow up in 6 months! #nomorecast
nomorecast -
ladystap : Yay!!!!
staceyir : So yay @ladystap she had a proper bath tonight and the excitement was 100% lol. How's wee Mack doing?
ladystap : The casts aren't bothering him at all. First night was tough. We give him a bath at hospital on Friday. We do that then new casts straight back on. Did you take before and after photos? Im keeping a diary for Mack so he can look back
staceyir : I have a few photos of how bent it was and we have her cast to show her. But I do wish I had done more. Does he just have 2 casts up to his knees? How often do they get changed? Do they have a time frame yet? Sorry 101 questions 😳
ladystap : Up his thigh too. Basically covers his legs. Get changed every Friday. Casts for 6-8 weeks. Then it's a boot and bar thing full time till he mobile then for sleeps only till he 2. So a long process but will be so worth it
staceyir : Oh wow! I never realised it was such a long process. So do they actually have to bend his bones in his feet back the right way? I'm off to Google, I no nothing about this but am so intrigued!
ladystap : Yeah they kinda have to manipulate the bones back in place. Gotta cut the tendon too at his heel. Basically that's what causes it the tendon too tight. I think anyway lol
staceyir : I just read that on Google lol was coming back to ask if they had to cut his tendon. It's so good there sorting it for him at such a young age ☺
kel_jamo - mimosadesigns - 4cornors - jetta_p -
Chilling in Manly with my new foot accessory! ☺️ #moonboot #nomorecast #free #manly #beach #happy
manly - nomorecast - moonboot - beach - free - happy -
mikool47 - juliette84 - val972 - nattywattyoz -
It was a cowboy kinda of day β˜€οΈπŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸ”« #oatman #wildburros #fordayz #nomorecast!!!!!!
nomorecast - oatman - fordayz - wildburros -
justin_low - jpedroni15 - sadieschroeter - sydneybrice26 -
Today I purchased a coffin and I ain't even die yet, smoked about 100 blunts and I ain't even high yet πŸŽΆπŸ’¨ #selfie #thugwaffle #smile #nomorecast
smile - selfie - nomorecast - thugwaffle -
__gingyy__ : That's you @_kailaashley_ 😘
emily_patey - missvernon_xo - jakephilloppy - frame_jacobs -
It has returned! #nomorecast
nomorecast -
therealjose1 : Finally!! :) @isaac.nichols
elia_deptuch - justcallmeregan_ - alexa_6295 - sydneyparisian3 -
Look who's got shoes on!!!! #nomorecast #healing #sprainedankle #justkeepswimming
sprainedankle - nomorecast - justkeepswimming - healing -
sabrina_fiorenza : Yay!!! πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ so proud of u!! :)
prayapp : Hi! do you need prayer? Follow me on Instapray :)
sabrina_fiorenza - renee_mariie - aespada939 - samanthamarie2811 -
#footsurgery #healing #nomorecast #ontheroadtorecovery #slowandsteady
footsurgery - ontheroadtorecovery - healing - nomorecast - toms - slowandsteady -
jackie_escala315 : #toms courtesy of @mrs_raab
elousalas24 : Oh no. Prayers for a fast recovery (: @jackie_escala315
mrs_raab : Movin right along! πŸ˜πŸ‘ lookin good girl! Xo love you 😘
jodstr2 - nichogo_ - whitneyjeanr - mindyonmaui -
#progress #nomorecast
progress - nomorecast -
delorsebeales - viabryce - peytonjamie - tke_a_minute_ -
@_marleybug55_ is enjoying this WAY too much. May be the reason she is a frequent flyer at #AOSM. #nomorecast For now, anyway. #dirtyfoot #realshowertonight
realshowertonight - nomorecast - aosm - dirtyfoot - bigfoot -
tasha_sitton98 : Omg... look at that shoe! What size does she wear? @blakesheltonsnextwife
blakesheltonsnextwife : @tasha_sitton98 She's a size 6. #bigfoot
tasha_sitton98 : Not ok.. She isn't suppose to get big.. :-( @blakesheltonsnextwife
blakesheltonsnextwife : I know 😒 @tasha_sitton98
coachestip : Proof that Abby actually works!
blakesheltonsnextwife : Ha ha! She does! At least today 😜 @coachestip
tammyhorn72 - jcp_ma - kaitph7 - brooker_83 -
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