Cast free!! #broken #ankle #orthopaedic #outpatient #hairy #skinny #leg #smelly #sore #nomorecast #skinnyleg #musclyleg
hairy - leg - skinnyleg - orthopaedic - outpatient - sore - smelly - musclyleg - ankle - nomorecast - broken - skinny -
sabrinapn25 : soo happy for u babe
breeskye2506 : I can see the hairs from here @ayla_vesala
x_missayla_x : @breeskye2506 haha i know right!! Its hot :-P @imsirelis88 thanks babe ill be able to walk again with no crutches sooner than expected!
sally_mack_ : But be careful Hun @ayla_vesala
x_missayla_x : I am babe :-) i cant walk very fast on the crutches lol. @smmmack
vintagehippy : #fromwhereistand
breeskye2506 - fast_eddy_machete - kitty_kat86 - sabrinapn25 -
The cast came off today!! Still no weight so the scooter stays for another 2 weeks 😭 but it's a step in the right directions!! So weird seeing screws in my foot!! #jointfusion #footsurgery #nomorecast #screwsinmyfoot #needapedicure
nomorecast - footsurgery - jointfusion - needapedicure - screwsinmyfoot -
sevenyearstitch : @erin1860 because you love bones....
sevenyearstitch : @livingwellbykel We are both bionic now! I've got pins in my leg!! Glad you are making progress!
livingwellbykel : Thanks @sevenyearstitch I'm very happy to making progress. It's been a long couple months.
chrisreyes - becca_wicker - brittbitar - moni_underconstruction -
Last selfie with my cast I hope ._. #nomorecast #hopefully #ahhhh
nomorecast - ahhhh - hopefully -
c.sulemaa98 : πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯imy😒
lexiacat : Qtpie! No more cast so, we can be hardcore saturday >:)
suckafuck__ : Imy too 😫 @c.sulemaa98
3algorithms2thinking : My mind is blown right now! ⭐
lovleemisfit : 😍😍😍❀❀❀ QT
jaykwizz : πŸ‘
swankydanky_ : Hmu yo (:
riotgrrrl327 - goothies - i_am_arctic_wolfy - juanted666 -
Cripple got an upgrade! #nomorecast #finally
nomorecast - finally -
kittyrennie - rileyclairecoleman - a_k_patton_ - addievaughters -
The pleasure of being healthy ☺️#nomorecast #twohands #living
nomorecast - twohands - living -
delfsbag : 😍
j2thel : Fuchi face
nicolexochie : @j2thel geeee thanks!
j2thel : But stil pretty
nofamejustgame - mr.an_drew45 - jmbs_ - kinessean24 -
#nomorecast So glad Rob's arm healed quickly!
nomorecast -
kirstenloy - lexy_collier - bluweyed - amyjarbs -
Finally after 9 long weeks they took off his cast #Jadenanthony #nomorecast #abouttime
nomorecast - abouttime - jadenanthony -
my1luv652211 : πŸ˜™
litaaaaaaa__ : His hands so skinny lol
terrrioo_ : Annabelle I need to see my nephews 😩 lol
4js_him_and_i : I know, Joseph was sad when you left that day.. But we move into are place soon so you could come stay the night with all four of the Js.. @terrrioo_
terrrioo_ : Okay girl ! πŸ˜˜πŸ’ž
nessuhleenee : ,call me
terrrioo_ - mc9o9 - chinos_fresh_cutz - lovinlayla10 -
Finally free !! #brokenankle #nomorecast #cast #oneskinnyleg #tattoo #nirvana #fourstar #marvinthemartian #death #life
oneskinnyleg - tattoo - life - death - fourstar - marvinthemartian - brokenankle - nirvana - cast - nomorecast -
capturethemomentjm : πŸ˜πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
kore264 : Now I can paint your partsπŸ‘
jesse2382 : @kore264 hell yea ! πŸ‘Œ
livelaughluvit - abel1985 - warth_katherine - 100_fit_and_recovered -
The cast came off!! He has to learn to walk again but he's doing good with it!πŸŽ‰πŸŽŠ #nomorecast #learningtowalk #gsp #gspdaily #gsppuppy #gspoftheday #germanpointerofinstagram #germanshorthairedpointer #puppy #birddogoftheday
learningtowalk - gsp - germanpointerofinstagram - puppy - birddogoftheday - gspdaily - nomorecast - germanshorthairedpointer - gspoftheday - gsppuppy -
heady_spaghetti : BEAUTIFUL!!!😍😍😍😍😍😍
laurenkennedy_345 - wiseman_olivia - sieanna_is_here - natalie_savannah -
It's a foot! #AllAmerican #surgery #nomorecast
allamerican - nomorecast - surgery -
haleygard - matthewnulty - kperds - sriley110 -
You can only get better.. #CLEARED #NOMORECAST #WEIGHTS #WORK
nomorecast - work - weights - cleared -
j3nnyfrmdablck : You fake lifting πŸ˜‚ #niggasbelike
williamp9thv : Young bro I see you
afellah1 : How's the wrist
akaylataylor - albeautyy - lexisevans - nicole_christina2003 -
I got my cast taken off yesterday now I have to a walking boot πŸ‘πŸ‘ŒπŸ˜Š #learninghowtowalkagain #nomorecast #mylegisfree
nomorecast - learninghowtowalkagain - mylegisfree -
shadia_varela -
My munchkin got her cast off today!!! 😊 #nomorecast #sheshappy #mybrat 🐢🐢
sheshappy - nomorecast - mybrat -
cinderellacjh : @callenkelley YAAAAAAAY dorofia!! #dorofia #devildogs #papillon
sandyflkeys11 - curly_ann92 - cinderellacjh - bridgetweiss212 -
Bella and Nathan in the zone! Just realized this morning that this was the only pic I got of Bella at her team dinner/get together last night - but it's a keeper! Thanks to Frank, Wind and Wave and all the team riders - she had a blast and is nearly ready to get back to the waves! #surfbaby #texassurf #surfergirl #corpuschristi #texascoast #goodtimes #blessings #nomorecast
surfergirl - texassurf - corpuschristi - blessings - goodtimes - nomorecast - surfbaby - texascoast -
bellasurfergirl6 : Thanks mom!! Love you 😘
slowridetx : Good One
lanaii_bikini_denmark - txreefdude - angelarae_h - mindiscigliano -
Lol. There is literally no muscle definition in my left leg. I guess 2 months in a cast will do that to you. #nomorecast #footsurgery #gimpy
nomorecast - footsurgery - gimpy -
yung_debonair : Glad to you're back on your feet now.
misswinterlinggg : Oh god I'm not looking forward to getting my cast off lol
c.hibb7 : Wow
nettebrooks : Lol I need help to get back in shape. @c.hibb7
_ang3lina_ball3rina - yung_debonair - beatriie - selfie_rae -
So #weird #nomorecast
nomorecast - weird - socks -
citrezene_ : #socks
michigandaddy : Sexy... still got my piece
cleopatra_hookah_lounge - roseliaemorgenroth - f.moore2014 - yesenia_b1979 -
It's off!!!!! Back to work I go! #nomorecast #frenchfriesinthemix
nomorecast - frenchfriesinthemix -
rockys.horror : ITS FINALLY OFF!!!!!
citrezene_ : Lol yes! It freakin stinks lol! @rockys.horror
citrezene_ : Can't wait to shave
rockys.horror : Ew and ewwww
michigandaddy : Foot looks swollen
papa_midnite77 - my_numbs_are_lips - havingallthefun - yesenia_b1979 -
#stinkyArm #NoMoreCast
nomorecast - stinkyarm -
ayo_bl0wmee87 - nece0510 - inky_niecy - cb4real -
The cast is off and my arm is free! #nomorecast #bummer #nomorelefty
nomorecast - nomorelefty - bummer -
zoelucas3 : bracko bama
abigail.courtney : πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚yass Zoe @zoelucas3 you can see my "A" message.
zoelucas3 : πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ @abigail.courtney
resanel5 - hannisteller - juliamarieb_99 - theaterchick4life -
Cast off and pins out today. She's finally on the mend. #countingthedaysuntilshecancheeragain #sohappy #nomorecast #happymomanddad #ProSpirit
nomorecast - prospirit - sohappy - countingthedaysuntilshecancheeragain - happymomanddad -
christylatwood : You broke all the rules... No. Medical. Procedures! 😒😒😒
mfoley7 - bettydieguez - kathshort1963 - court9399 -
nomorecast - freedom -
johanna_zxh -
Found myself at this intersection today. Watch out for a crazy girl going full tilt down this hill.... Ironically it's #tbt #nomorebrokenbum #nomorecast #nomorecrutches
nomorebrokenbum - nomorecast - tbt - nomorecrutches -
kathyebrown - innaciondays - connorjosephmuman - djskoshi -
Levi's stinky cast is off!! And looking at his X-rays after he healed up, I am even more confident of my mommy intuition. I seem to have X-ray abilities because I knew his foot was broken......not just the leg. There were a few fractures that healed up that the dr didn't see in the original X-ray. So happy they put the cast on but even more happy it's off! So done with sponge baths ........ Active 2 year olds need REAL BATHS!! #2yearsold #nomorecast
nomorecast - 2yearsold -
armymom67 : Woo Hoo!!!!
papabryan10 - armymom67 - lanzjackie - momallday -
Finally I got my cast off yesterday πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ it felt so weird my arm looks so much smaller than the other oneπŸ˜‚ but I'm just glad my wrist isn't broken any more, still hurts a little bit but is ok I can handle it #nomorecast #finallyfree
nomorecast - finallyfree -
erica801 : Of course you can, you're the toughest! Love you baby girl!
lil_jumpy1105 : Love you too @erica801
romeerome10 - soniad__z - martiamber - lowkeyjazz_ -
One more picture from yesterday, because he's just so cute. #allbetter #twoarms #slightlygrossedout #brownmeowmeowcametoo #castday #nomorecast #wahoo
wahoo - allbetter - twoarms - nomorecast - slightlygrossedout - brownmeowmeowcametoo - castday -
crpetron - emerald_ann_2552 - joelle.wyffels - beckybormann -
Cast free and climbing all over me! πŸ˜† #castfree #nomorecast #6weekspostop #syndactylysurgery #bigguy #toughguy #myboy #mybaby #lovehim
syndactylysurgery - bigguy - castfree - myboy - mybaby - lovehim - nomorecast - toughguy - 6weekspostop -
shabbycatsandroses : Hi baby D πŸ˜€
lee_crochet_knits : What surgery, Mom?! ☺
justinerdevos - ashleymiller2012 - mattys_mommy - lindsayjowright -
So damn proud of myself right now! Just took my first steps in 2 months! Extremely painful, but it's progress! No walking boot for this girl! My foot looks great but it's going to be awhile until I'm up and at it again! And yes, my left foot is officially smaller than the right. It's been 9 incredibly long weeks! #footsurgery #nomorecast
nomorecast - footsurgery -
beatriie : Yay!
beatriie : Doesn't it feel so good to be out of the cast! Did they give you the moon boot?
nettebrooks : YES! Literally the most satisfying feeling ever as the lady was cutting the cotton off! And no boot! I'm still on "bed rest". I'm supposed to be walking a little bit, and my doctors want me off crutches a week from now! I'm soo happy right now! In pain, but happy! @beatriie
kalini17 : So your on crutches now without a boot? So when walking a little bit, u will b putting pressure directly on your foot?
nettebrooks : Correct. I can't put all my weight on it yet. The only reason he was thinking I was going to be in the boot was because of the broken ankle and heel. But xrays showed that the breaks are healed. So I have to work by myself at home as well as pt. @kalini17
kalini17 : Wow I'm still in the boot for probably another week-week and a half. I think jts because the surgery is 1/2 under my foot. I'm getting around though and able to do things, so that's good. Glad u r doing good.
_ang3lina_ball3rina - _hanhunter02 - teemeeksy - selfie_rae -
Havn't been in the water in 3 months so this icy dip was well worth it. #NoMoreCast
nomorecast -
carcustomizer : Freedom!! πŸ™Œ
landonselby : @carcustomizer ...and brotherhood... OK I'll stop lol
carcustomizer : @landonselby πŸ˜‚ hahaha
carligg - crabbytrabby - _katbut_ - cicinicole -
Because today I lead a room full of doctors and nurses to Jesus. So many tears wept. So many insecurities and hurts. The surgeon who put the pins in my arm said he couldn't stop thinking about me the past few weeks and he knew that what had happened was true. Only God could've removed the pins and healed my arm. He stood weeping sharing story after story of surgeries that he had done and the patient didn't make it. And how he battles with himself every night with guilt and shame and the heaviness that it brings to his heart. As an 18 year old learning to love Jesus and just be real--I had a hard time answering some of the questions-- but I did know that Jesus loves each one of them and desires a relationship with them. With tears streaming down all of their faces--Jesus showed up and did what only He does best. Today He was made famous. And I'm 110% healed. No scars. No pain. No signs of any broken bones. #NOMORECAST So this picture means so so so so so so much more then just a typical picture. It's just the beginning of an amazing testimony and miracle.
nomorecast -
_brittanymiller_ : That's such an amazing story Jenna! :)
isabelannekruse - beccajean1717 - naveda15 - emkruse81 -
The joys of being able to wear a coat again simply because it fits over my arm😍 #nomorecast #lol
nomorecast - lol -
jadecleary_x - louisedaly27 - adamantiis - jordan.dunne -
#nomorecast #nowletsgetridofthefever
nomorecast - nowletsgetridofthefever -
marissa_anton - delanybreitbach - delaney_hannan9 - karimarzen -
Alhamdulilah dgn izin Allah & berkat doa semua no surgery needed to be done.😊 Terima kasih yg mendoakan moga anda diberkati. But now my left hand is on customized splint fabrication for another 2 weeksβœ‹ Berkat hari Jumaat😊 #castswag #casthand #nomorecast #09012015 #Alhamdulilah #doatermakbul #relieved #happy #2weeks #splint #splintfabrication
09012015 - castswag - relieved - casthand - splint - doatermakbul - nomorecast - 2weeks - splintfabrication - alhamdulilah - happy -
surayazainolabidin : Speedy recovery dear cuzzy...take care ok..
86chucky : Oh thanks cuzzy Insya Allah Aamiin😊 @surayazainolabidin u too take cate
86chucky : Care
surayazainolabidin : Ok...thank u... ;)
danish.harraz : Alahaiiii.. 😦 macam teruk je ni.. Speedy recovery Aunty..
86chucky : Dnt worry abg doctor aunty ok Alhamdulilah, already removed this cast but on splinter😊 Thanks dear @danish.harraz
danish.harraz : Okay Aunty😚 But pleaseee take a good care of your self!😍 hugssss!
86chucky : Yes abg i will, huggs😍😍😍
86chucky - manjamansor - shazeefadz - sweetpropaganda -
#happy #nomorecast #boot #curlyhair πŸ˜β˜ΊοΈπŸ˜‹
nomorecast - boot - curlyhair - happy -
_taylor_elisabeth_14_ - kailynlizzy - rach_the_swegster - allyhitchman -
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