Turn down for what?? #NoJudgementZone #ItsOurVaycay #ChooseYourPoison
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lisipasua : 🍸🍻🍺🍸🍻🍺🍸🍻🍺🍸🍻🍺🍸🍻🍺🍸🍻🍺
lei_luvs_her_goomanz : Smack dead center....yummz
kelakaleikini : 😍😍😍
lisipasua : Yuuuuppp!
kristentogisala : Mine was fire ball, bayles, and butter shots on ice Yummmo. . Thanks @lisipasua
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Ok this one nicer πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ gooooo
nojudgementzone -
theycallmefefe : Always going deep... I bought him a nike shirt that says it πŸ˜©πŸ˜©πŸ˜©πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
stackdough : 😭😭😭 @theycallmefefe
britanie__ : Got damn baby πŸ˜…πŸ˜‹
hunnitsworld313 : no pullout gang
jmfluellen : Molly, henny, kush
ponydown : I hit know the rest
cereal_killa_ : Nutted my soul
kellz_620 : What the fuck
Day 4: "There's a Trey Songz song for that."/ "No judgment zone" not sure if the last day ever really began because there was no sleep between Day 3 and 4... Just the one drop, strip clubs, body guards and street jerk chicken. We watched the sun rise (not on the beach like Saran planned but hey we saw it!) We giggled, we laughed. Of course my line sisters per usual had to make fun of a serious statement/feeling/ moment that I had (Katrina was super serious! Those jawns aren't loyal!) I was nicknamed after a NBA player and learned that you should stand to the side of the grill when you buy your jerk chicken not in front! Jamaica was the best trip to send me off into the wife life (but it's not #081014 yet so I'm down to hit Onyx the night before the wedding or whatever. How y'all gonna act? #nojudgementzone) I lived, I loved, I laughed, I learned! Huge thank you to my loves Saran, Anne and Whit! The Real MVPs on this bachelorette party trip! And of course all the great people we met along the way!
081014 - nojudgementzone -
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Riiiiigggghhhtttt πŸ˜’πŸ˜‚πŸ˜ #ImTheCaptainNow #Focus
nojudgementzone - imthecaptainnow - focus -
alexandria_824 : Lol hot mess!!! @heyitsmissparker
mslauri_ellece : I screamed! Lmao
songzsweetie : THIS!!!!!!!!
alexandria_824 : It's so hard driving the drunk boat lol @mslauri_ellece @songzsweetie
songzsweetie : You have never lied my friend.
alexandria_824 : πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ @songzsweetie
mslauri_ellece : I guess :-/....I'm often the passenger on the boat *shrugs* @llady_jones @babyboo0122
alexandria_824 : We've all been the passenger #NoJudgementZone lol @mslauri_ellece
mslauri_ellece - iamtiffjones - the_fashionkilla26 - tabi__b -
I have a fascination with skeletons. Yes, I think the human body is incredibly beautiful, complicated and ridiculously interesting BUT my fascination with them has nothing to do with any of that. I love skeletons because they are a clear visual that no matter where your from, what you do, what color your skin, what religion you believe in, what language you speak, what car you drive, what gender you are or choose to be, who you choose to love, etc...WE ARE ALL THE SAME underneath it all, and I FREAKING LOVE THAT! Yes, I live in a NO JUDGEMENT ZONE... Would you care to join me? β€οΈπŸ‘Š ONE LOVE. (If anybody knows who drew this gorgeous painting PLEEEEEASE tag the genius) #nojudgementzone #onelove
onelove - nojudgementzone -
miss_amyselena : @andrewdd2
chelsieleighmo : One Love!
annastasiairis : Chris Peters - All My Love
cuchira : @annastasiairis ugh, THANK YOU!!!!! I'm gonna look at all his work now. So good! Thank youuuuuu
jsugar52 : One Love πŸ’ž
laniloveslove : One Love❀️
nadya_booyse : And it takes enormous effort to make them disappear. Bodies decompose and fade quite quickly, but your skeleton has to be destroyed by great effort and extreme methods. I love skeletons too! They tell so much of our story...
calikidd_89 : Not sure who painted this; but it reminds me of Pompeii! Which was actually really good, you and Cloud should see it if you have some time! You two should join me and my wife for dinner this week while you're here! On me :) i know the best sushi place in the State! @cuchira @danielcloudcampos
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If you said you weren't jealous of my roses, I wouldn't believe you :) #bestboyfriendaward #surprises #roses #justbecause #gorgeous #gahhhhh
roses - gahhhhh - justbecause - gorgeous - bestboyfriendaward - nojudgementzone - surprises -
drewb0823 : You swim with manatees and get flowers delivered for your bday and you ain't lucky?... Smh ungrateful @heatherskk
heatherskk : We all know I'm lucky! I'm glad to see that you're not the only good man out there makin their girl feel the love @drewb0823 so hush it poopface
drewb0823 : @kaleydeanne why do you hang out with her?
kaleydeanne : Haha #nojudgementzone we can be our goofy selves with each other haha @drewb0823 and don't worry, she knows she's lucky lol saw her flowers the other day, they were gorgeous!
drewb0823 : Well thank you for the appreciation @kaleydeanne because someeeeebodyyyy @heatherskk sure didn't appreciate them.... No jk she said thank you lol
heatherskk : No, I said I better have another dozen on my desk this FridayπŸ‘‡ #chopchop @drewb0823
drewb0823 : Oh now I remember that's why I had to take you to the doctor to see if you were feeling ok #lostyourdamnmind @heatherskk
kaleydeanne : Haha yall are too cute xD @heatherskk @drewb0823
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I'm looking toward the inevitable..... I anticipate a changing of the guard. That moment when the gatekeepers can't keep the gates closed no more. #searching #turnaround #reversal #doyou #understand #spiritualthings #freetobelieve #motion #movement #eureka #anticipated #myeyessayitall #sowing #reaping #photooftheday #picsofthought #instaquote #instagood #foundation #reassured #truth #makeover #nojudgementzone #goingforward #gimmickfree
foundation - reaping - goingforward - spiritualthings - searching - picsofthought - doyou - understand - reversal - anticipated - freetobelieve - reassured - sowing - instaquote - instagood - makeover - nojudgementzone - turnaround - truth - eureka - myeyessayitall - movement - gimmickfree - motion - photooftheday -
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That's not the light that's #sweat dripping from my face an also me checking to see if I got my #abs yet from my #crossfit class,I know I'm not the only one who does that... 😊 #pleasedontjudgeme#nojudgementzone#goals#goaldigger#awsomeclass#newaddiction#cardio#weightlifting#iliftstuff#girlswholift#fitness#toneup
pleasedontjudgeme - goaldigger - awsomeclass - newaddiction - abs - iliftstuff - nojudgementzone - weightlifting - sweat - toneup - fitness - girlswholift - cardio - crossfit - goals -
madetomotivate : Cool profile! We should connect on FB (my link is in my bio)!
ms.james3031 : Can't wait to see mine
bowdown_queenri - kylesgrieve - the_fit_zombie - authentic_mami1001 -
Despite all the years that have passed and all the things that we've seen and been through in life together and apart, you put us in a room together and all you'll get is those same 12,13 and 14 year olds that met way back when. 😘😘😘 #theBeautyOfTrueFriendShip #beingAbleToBeYourself #noJudgementZone #est92
beingabletobeyourself - nojudgementzone - est92 - thebeautyoftruefriendship -
impeccable37 : Like the pic....nice to see yall keep in touch....p.s. tell rat I said I still love her....
keydabug : Thanks @impeccable37 I will tell @luxxi_pj
erielnjaydenmom - mimi7628 - sarcasticbeauty14 - trelle0204 -
Lol look what I found @kaylynnie and @_pochaahontas_ ! The first video I ever filmed and edited in my high school video production class lol #ThrowBack #NoJudgementZone #WrongManForTheJob
throwback - wrongmanforthejob - nojudgementzone -
whoisbreanne : Imma put it on YouTube later @ideekayalex
ideekayalex : Yaaaay lol
likebrandi : A www I remember this
mfshady : Lmaooo aww this is Legend right here!
whoisbreanne : Lol I know and sorry I didn't know your ig @mfshady
whychev : Stop lmao i can't hahahahahahahahahahahahshshahπŸ˜…πŸ˜…
whychev : They look so young
whoisbreanne : They really do lol @whychev
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Off work... #dontask #nojudgementzone
nojudgementzone - dontask -
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Grocery shopping in under 30mins. All natural, organic, healthy...blah blah bullshit. So this is my reward! #nojudgementzone #stayclassy #staymisty
stayclassy - staymisty - nojudgementzone -
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Thank you for always being there for us, encouraging us, praying for us, believing in us and allowing us to embark on this journey with you @damedorse.
blessedtohaveanawesomepastor - caring - nojudgementzone - unorthodox - compassionate - considerate -
damedorse : Thank you @twinteejay_tarsha this really touched me. Much appreciated!
twinteejay_tarsha : Your welcome. When everybody thought I was crazy about his christening, you never said a mumbling word. You showed up and showed out as if we were in church. I truly thank you for blessing my baby!!!! @damedorse. #blessedtohaveanawesomepastor #nojudgementzone #unorthodox #caring #compassionate #considerate
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Can't take me Anywhere 🍹 #Dowtowndisney #margarita #thesekidsmademedoit #noshame #ineedarefill #nojudgementzone
dowtowndisney - noshame - ineedarefill - thesekidsmademedoit - nojudgementzone - summerjuice - margarita -
megandamara : @ceopass89 I'm bringing this cup to ATL with meeeeee
ceopass89 : Lol can't take you anywhere... Don't be getting tipsy at the kiddie park lol
kreme2 : Summer Drinks all around. You're too much. I love you soo much for just being you. Do yo'thang.
megandamara : @kreme2 lmao you see me with my #summerjuice lol and y'all have to love meeeeeeee you know I can only be meeeee lol
megandamara - whitaker_24 - angelofreeman - elevationoe -
#nojudgementZone #bekindtoOthers #onlyGODcanjudge #loveconquersAll Remember #GODlovesYou & #iLoveYoutoo :-) #kissmylashe #Ownit #likeagirlfitness #bougieGal #funkyfit #kingdomkid #flirtycurls #Chicago #Lashboss
kissmylashe - onlygodcanjudge - chicago - flirtycurls - ownit - iloveyoutoo - bekindtoothers - loveconquersall - bougiegal - nojudgementzone - kingdomkid - likeagirlfitness - godlovesyou - lashboss - funkyfit -
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So far, my cat & bestie 1,000% πŸ±πŸ‘« πŸ’œ #TheyUnderstandImOnlyHuman #NoJudgementZone #StillStickAround #BecauseLove
unique - nojudgementzone - stillstickaround - theyunderstandimonlyhuman - becauselove -
supamangerb : @bronze_icon #Tru #FurthestThingFromPerfect..
__abby_3_ : Love you babe! We all are born with flaws and differences! XoxoπŸ’‹πŸ˜˜πŸ’‹πŸ˜˜
bronze_icon : Yaaass that's what makes us #unique and not everyone was felt the same hand. Lalalalalalalalalaloooove youu @__abby_3_
__abby_3_ : Love you more!
shayyyybear : @untamed_ginger18 @soapyhopey @delraybeachlife @candylishhus @bluefknkitty unicorns
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Lol. No judgments over here. πŸ‘€ #WarningLabels #WhatWouldYoursSay #NoJudgementZone #RP
whatwouldyourssay - nojudgementzone - rp - warninglabels -
gogetter82090 : Warning: I live real life and don't do the fuckshit. Don't front around me πŸ˜‚
yosoy90sbxtch : warning: randomly weird
luvmisstoya : @gogetter82090 I feel you ✊
luvmisstoya : @yosoy90sbxtch Lol I agree. You a hoe too πŸ‘€
yosoy90sbxtch : Yes ! warning: A randomly weird hoe
xoxoshawnie : Warning πŸ‘‰Nymph 😜
yosoy90sbxtch - _krystaljay21 -
Me & my main! #nojudgementzone #bathroomselfie #tipsy #bonhamexchange
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I love this one! #myjen #nojudgementzone
nojudgementzone - myjen -
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#lipstick isn't really my personal jam because I have lizard lips BUT it is growing on me. A tad. From high end to cvs. I like whatever works. #nojudgementzone
nojudgementzone - lipstick -
octripleoc : Lizard lips tho? Lls
cocoacurious : I LOVE lipstick!
kikistylingfree : Not lizard lips! πŸ˜‚
cocoacurious - asapcocky___ - icanneversettle - creole_lovemua -
#nojudgementzone #thisgoesgoreverythinginlife #noh8
thisgoesgoreverythinginlife - nojudgementzone - noh8 -
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The streets are filled with Pride #sdpride #nojudgementzone
sdpride - nojudgementzone -
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Lunch #nojudgementzone #imonvacation
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My mommy caught me sleeping. Don't judge me. #hotdog #nojudgementzone #chillin #chillinlikeavillan #shhhh #catchinsomezzzzzs #bed #sleepingbeauty
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😜😝😘!!! Up for new discoveries eyes close. #Newyorknights #nyc #Nights #myelement #beyou #casualnight #NoJudgementzone #instamoment
nights - beyou - nojudgementzone - casualnight - newyorknights - nyc - instamoment - myelement -
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This was from our 2nd show together so #nojudgementzone πŸ’ ~β€’~β€’~ So, on Monday my friend's horse wouldn't load after 3 and a half hours, so I wound up going off trail riding by myself through like foresty trails at a local preserve (my mom was at the trailer so I wasn't totally alone)... I checked in every 10-15 minutes with my mom to let her know I was ok... Well, I went down the green trail backwards because I was having trouble finding my way from the beginning to end... And I hit this huge stream thing and it was almost up to Daisy's chest and she didn't even question it... (This was probably her first trail ever btw)... She was being so brave, but we wound up walking about two miles in water halfway up her cannon bone because I didn't want to turn around in case we were almost out... Well, we finally got to a dry spot and cantered some (the entire trail we rode on the buckle because she was just flawless)... And deer started running with us and Daisy loved them and they kept running with us and it was the most amazing experience ever.... But then this huge storm kinda came out of nowhere and lightning struck literally like 200 yards away from us and we were alll alone and I was terrified and we had to go about 3 miles like that in the middle of a forest... It was probably the most terrifying thing ever and I was crying a lot... But Daisy didn't even think twice... Like she just kept pushing forward and was just worried about getting back to the trailer... Every time I got upset she would just start cantering even though she was really not in the shape to keep cantering.... Horses like Daisy are once in a lifetime... She looked out for me and cared for and about me like no horse ever has... And now I fully trust her with my life... It's like this new understanding I never had with her... She has more heart than most of the horses I have ever ridden... combined... ❀️❀️❀️❀️❀️
nojudgementzone - eadlikealot -
my_little_paint : Awwww I love that story it's so sweetπŸ’•
x_keeley_o : so glad that you could have an amazing experience like that with your horse!
eventing_a_daisy : i know!! It was soooo scary and I wish we hadn't been in that kind of situation... but it really made me realize how lucky I am to have a horse like her... she gives 200% and im glad i know i can really trust her now... @my_little_paint @x_keeley_o
megankwissa : That's amazing! So glad that she would take care of you like that :)
my_little_paint : Yeah
eventing_a_daisy : proud mama moment 😌❀️ @megankwissa
ss_equine_rider : Omg ur so crazy, but I wanted to ask u do u know any dressage trainers. I got a saddle and I've been wanting to learn I just need a teacher. :)
eventing_a_daisy : #eadlikealot
marykendale123 - bluewave_46 - lookin4wardtoeternity - rising_trot_on_the_spot -
The friends you meet from afar!!!! #stalkerstatus #nojudgementzone @caitlinmcghee I love this life #ble #herbalife #herbafriends #businessman #businessdriven #healthy #teamherbalife #traveling #chicago #herbalifeextravaganza
chicago - healthy - herbafriends - businessdriven - herbalifeextravaganza - herbalife - nojudgementzone - traveling - ble - businessman - stalkerstatus - teamherbalife -
imakemoney8706 : Cool!
caitlinmcghee : I was so excited to have met you like that!!!! So freaking AWESOME!! Haha 😝😁
classy_ghaz94 - danielvillarruel - easyclocking - lolanhazel -
#thisaintwater #kickingitwiththeoldfolks #theylovetequilatoo #comeonaugust #nomoredrinking #nojudgementzone #stillcelebrating #1800beforedark
stillcelebrating - nomoredrinking - comeonaugust - kickingitwiththeoldfolks - nojudgementzone - 1800beforedark - thisaintwater - theylovetequilatoo -
readnthedark - mister_mister81 - jay_smithovoxo - ardenblue -
I officially hate #Youtube and their ads they played both these trailers back to back.. Yes I was scared #nojudgementzone and no I could not skip them #Ouija can miss me I played that board game ONE time and been scared every since. #AnnaBelle thou? As if #TheConjuring didn't scare me enough πŸ˜• #scarymovies #imscary #ihatethem #idc #nothappening #imscarednow #lightsandtvontonight
idc - youtube - nothappening - annabelle - scarymovies - ihatethem - nojudgementzone - lightsandtvontonight - imscarednow - imscary - theconjuring - ouija -
bubblegum_blush : Nah I'm good! I was legit scared @natmisfit
natmisfit : I think ouija is from 2011 tho😐 but Annabelle looks good😍 #sleepingwiththelightsonfortwoweeks πŸ˜‚
monalyssabeauty : I know how you feel girl I'll be paranoid for a long time from just a movie preview.
renee615 : I love scary movies!!!
wonder_x_woman : I cant wait for Annabelle
bubblegum_blush : You guys are crazy! @wonder_x_woman @renee615
thatsmrbigshot : Nice!
sabahatrizvi : I've never seen the conjuring but is Annabelle kinda like child's play ?
mego817 - kenya.west - duracelbunie - 133boom_panes -
β˜€οΈOut & About On This Great Saturday | Back In One Of My Favorite Cities | DC | East Coast πŸ—ΏπŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸ˜ŽβœŒοΈ | Killing Time In Chinatown | FWM 😜 #saturdays #funday #shopping #DC #DMV #chinatown #currentlysober #forhemoment #nojudgementzone πŸš«πŸ†’
shopping - currentlysober - chinatown - dc - forhemoment - saturdays - nojudgementzone - dmv - funday -
tre11z : Y u in DC?
patronlife : @tre11z vacation
king.amari_ : I love Chinatown
justcallme_ally : Bring me something back ☺️
dhendiditagain - pump3d_up_kickz - b_diddy82 - sirrokk -
If you want #results the kitchen and a REAL #gym are essential!!! #lol #truth #trainhard #eatright #getbig #motivation #gymflow #nolunkalarmsatmygym #wemovebigboyweights #nojudgementzone more like #noflexzone @planetfitness
trainhard - eatright - motivation - getbig - noflexzone - gym - results - lol - nojudgementzone - wemovebigboyweights - truth - nolunkalarmsatmygym - gymflow -
driveclothingco - liyah.malasia - yippy9178 - mikefrancescofit -
Can't believe after meeting at the ice cream social 5 years ago this lady is leaving Pittsburgh. Pittsburgh is going to miss you, but not as much as I will! #nojudgementzone #snugglebuddies
snugglebuddies - nojudgementzone -
meglee127 : This is a great pic of you both! Miss you Amanda!
tomasinaaa - meglee127 - loloq89 - annie.moroco -
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