Rumor has it this personal massager will be πŸ†“ at Rite Aid after MQ +Ups!!! Let me find out its true .... I will be #CouponingAfterDark In October... (Potential deal week 10/12 - 10/18) Tag a Prude! 😍 Deal #iDea posted to the #Blog Yesterday. Search Durex... ✨www.MissTricieBaby.com✨
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renas_coupons : Lol you know I will get one or two hahaha @alacoupons
alacoupons : Lmao. Damn two though. Boldddddddd hahahaha @renas_coupons
misstriciebaby : @connie093 check blog hit me if u still need help
kristy_916 : @alacoupons if it's free I'm rolling my ups and getting them on all my cards n urs lol!
alacoupons : Hahahaha! @kristy_916 you right. Lol
alacoupons : Thanks for getting boos card to gold for me. Lololo lol @kristy_916
kristy_916 : @alacoupons 😘 😘 😘
beckyma_ : @melly559
sativarose - brandycouponsnow - zarkastika - vero_vc1208 -
another friday night with my girl πŸ’₯ #benchwarmers #nojudgementzone
nojudgementzone - benchwarmers -
ambercowell : Love me some a-drizzle 😍
nancyinghamm - sarahyouk - amyj4kidos - hadeng -
Two days in a row for solo wine pics. Its been that kind of week... #nojudgementzone #tgif
tgif - nojudgementzone -
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This Sunday the freaks come out to play #carnival #cirque #circus #cirquedesfreaks #madquerade #burlesque #dragqueen #lgbt #nojudgementzone #escapesundays #madamexnyc #madamex @madamexnyc @milamonstar @thatkuntaja @momoshade @_nattestid_
escapesundays - cirque - madamex - carnival - lgbt - circus - madamexnyc - cirquedesfreaks - burlesque - nojudgementzone - dragqueen - madquerade -
duoraw - respecttheman - farnazesk - antiquetechnology -
#Str8Up #NoJudgementZone
nojudgementzone - str8up -
m_blaze - _brinny__ - qk_theplussizeprincess - famous14u -
Stop waiting for everyone else to make you feel beautiful, when you see how beautiful you really are it won't matter why anyone else thinks. #glittereyes #rehabtime #lookatyou #nojudgementzone #positivityspeaks #feelbeautiful #feelyou #longhair #glassneckless #selfiepride #selfrespect #selflove
glittereyes - selfiepride - positivityspeaks - selflove - feelbeautiful - nojudgementzone - rehabtime - feelyou - longhair - glassneckless - lookatyou - selfrespect -
nikkizajac : πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™
thaliamartinezlopez - nikkizajac - pearson.betty2015 - geezmarylouise -
You don't know the struggle til you have to do this to your lotion. #thestruggleisreal #Lotion time to go shopping. #dontjudgeme #youdontknowmylife #LMFAO #thestruggle #noashylegshere
dontjudgeme - nojudgementzone - thestruggle - thestruggleisreal - lmfao - noashylegshere - youdontknowmylife - lotion -
reynaxazteca : @gochaseflow get a good knife then LOL
gochaseflow : What about my scissors tho?
reynaxazteca : @gochaseflow you're going to have to take a trip to the .99 store ha ha ha
gochaseflow : Uhhh I'm better off using to plastic butter knives
reynaxazteca : @gochaseflow heck no! Those are scissors from the .99 store on the pic! They are pretty sharp LOL
gochaseflow : We ghetto as hell. Lmao
reynaxazteca : @gochaseflow it's all good. This is a #nojudgementzone here LMFAO
gochaseflow : Ahahahahahahaha
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We are doing a DEEP CORE YOGANCE today in class. Let's go! Life is going by fast! Get up and let's do this thing together! MOVEMENT LIFESTYLE EVERY FRIDAY AT 12:30pm , 11105 Weddington St. North hollywood, CA. ONLY $12 A CLASS AND EVEN CHEAPER IF YOU BUY A CLASS CARD. $1 mat rentals. NO EXCUSES! πŸ’ͺ❀️😘 pochestyle@gmail.com #noexcuses #yogance #poche #pochestyle #pochestyleclothing #core
core - namaste - practicedaily - dance - iloveyogance - iloveyoga - yogaeverydamnday - determination - consistencyiskey - pochestyleclothing - yogadance - ilovedance - discipline - yogainspiration - pochestyle - yogafordancers - noexcuses - nojudgementzone - instayoga - poche - yogance - igyoga - yoga - persistence -
isadorasphoto : @mariajuduarte :O :O :O
marynabod : Holy moly thats a mighty core! 😱
tditty2 : So amazing
yogaracheal : πŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ
bodyimagebuilder : Umm...ow! I was trying this same pose at my AM class today and can't lift my feet off the ground! Lol
mimigirltx : Holy core strength!
rcddanceproyect : Quiero hacer esooooo
mariajuduarte : Hahahaha tb lembrei de tu na hoora q vi isso!! :OOO @isadorasphoto
estefipoucel - tripleohmmommy - lynda_loves_you - xxrianneexx -
Headed out to to work late, but blessed none the less.nice little pep talk from the boss this morning aka @__mrsgurley #leftlanefreighttrain #mobileparkinglot
nojudgementzone - leftlanefreighttrain - mobileparkinglot -
__mrsgurley : @lmanley3 I know that! Y'all been doing this since high school... I was on the phone tryna help him come up with stuff lol... And that was all aj with the horn!
__mrsgurley : @keeje28 πŸ˜‘ you come out of retirement sicin lol how are you and the fam?
keeje28 : Lol we're good Triston started pre-k so I'm excited about that. How have you guys been? @__mrsgurley
the_reel_jefe_ : Lmao lookin like a grandpa with that dam black in ya mouth lls
niyasdad : I know right, my release from the bad drivers on the road @the_reel_jefe_
niyasdad : @keeje28 did you cry on the first day? Be honest bruh #nojudgementzone lol. But we've been blessed thru the storms.
keeje28 : @niyasdad Not on the 1st day but I almost did when I dropped him off one morning. He & the teacher that's there were greeting each other in French. Lol
niyasdad : I think I want another one, these kids grow to fast @keeje28 lol
gque2 - king_swats - lyssi52 - victory_loves_preparation -
Wearing SMALL ROSETTA POCHE YOGA HAREM PANTS. Check out our other styles and sizes at www.facebook.com/pochestyleclothing. Order with me at pochestyle@gmail.com. WHO'S YOGANCING WITH ME TODAY? See you there 😘❀️#yogance #poche #pochestyle #pochestyleclothing
namaste - practicedaily - yogadance - dance - whatmovesu - iloveyogance - iloveyoga - harempants - determination - flexible - pochestyleclothing - yoga - ilovedance - discipline - practice - strength - pochestyle - yogafordancers - yogaeverydamnday - stretch - movementlifestyle - nojudgementzone - instayoga - poche - yogance - igyoga - yogainspiration -
cuchira : #yogaeverydamnday #yoga #yogainspiration #yogafordancers #movementlifestyle #whatmovesu #yogadance #dance #discipline #determination #practicedaily #practice #strength #stretch #flexible #harempants #iloveyogance #ilovedance #iloveyoga #igyoga #instayoga #nojudgementzone #namaste
naughtyaperez : @leggedmermaid
think4fit : πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜‰
citizenchristine : @ropemaker_by_danafunaro check this girl out. πŸ‘Œ
acoatofred : @alanabananananaa
ropemaker_by_danafunaro : @citizenchristine awesome, thanks!! she's a badass!!
peacebiyibioku - oatachi - kaycienikole - insane_shell_vladik -
Tonight's movie night is going to be so cool. Bringing us back in time to the amazing year of my birth 1985. We should be looking like that pic. Come comfy if you have footy pajamas this is the time to show them off #kidding #notkidding #dowhatyawant #nojudgementzone See you all tonight!
dowhatyawant - nojudgementzone - notkidding - kidding -
joshtrey : cooool @VinesBeLike
mr_arroyo2u : I Thought this was Real lol
hadahsa_j - jvernazza - yolandadiaz07 - caramelbell -
#breakfast is last nights #Dinner so now we will call it #brunch I guess. πŸ˜‰ #Nojudgementzone
dinner - nojudgementzone - brunch - breakfast -
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😁😁 but I'm still gagginggg!! Did @kak3y really follow me?!? πŸ‘€πŸ˜©πŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆ #dontjudgeme #nojudgementzone
nojudgementzone - dontjudgeme -
_thinkk_pinkk : That πŸ‘… thoo 😩.. Bruh
lemon_loraine_pie : πŸ˜• but why don't I know who this is? I need to get in touch with my social media 😩
charmaine_e : @lemon_loraine_pie only a select few would/should know πŸ˜‚...she's an adult film star. Never mind social media!
lemon_loraine_pie : Nahhhhh then I need to get to know her...you know that's my favorite! 😜😩😭
praysec3 - prettyhandsome201 - thecoolweirdkid - justpreciouss -
Mm hmm! While you're worshiping, testify to that hoe that He loves all of us! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜ #repost #WhosRunningTheProjector #LiftThoseDirtyHandsAndSing #NoJudgementZone
whosrunningtheprojector - liftthosedirtyhandsandsing - nojudgementzone - repost -
imfocusedonme313 : He love the hoes too
neiljstn : @imfocusedonme313 preach it girl!!!
imfocusedonme313 : πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
lovelypilote - rjlcolston - matt_burciaga - dal_in_atl -
Happy Friday! Practice compassion and understanding y'all. You really never know what others have been through. & besides, Learning all the stories is what makes life interesting! #nojudgementzone #understanding #magnanimous #compassion #openminded
compassion - openminded - nojudgementzone - magnanimous - understanding -
harmonizehumanity - chloeameliam - lilahskye - jerbsauce -
Late night work out with this beast, mommy bear. #Beast #fancy #nojudgementzone #playfulness #forthheloveofpizzq
beast - nojudgementzone - playfulness - fancy - forthheloveofpizzq -
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Thanks for a great birthday Gnarly Harlie and Chlo-Dawg @riaaa_harlo @chloeeemichelleee #NoJudgementZone
nojudgementzone -
riaaa_harlo : We luv u!!
chloeeemichelleee : I had a great time too matthew Carson Larson parson 😜 glad we got to spend your special day with you
vickivail4 - callie2016 - emmafaith14 - 8ek4h_lynn -
Dat #collegelife #boredandbraindead @shawnjohnson ...and yes I have a little "pray" reminder.... Because I'm gonna need some of His help getting through this semester lol #nojudgementzone #someonesaveme
boredandbraindead - collegelife - nojudgementzone - someonesaveme -
sammiieep - charlotte.coburn - catdileo - bunbunscoop -
Yes this is really happening ... Don't judge me #Taylorswift #myjam #latraffic #drivehome #dontjudgeme #nojudgementzone
nojudgementzone - latraffic - myjam - drivehome - taylorswift - dontjudgeme -
brenda810 : Love that song!
3ang_a_7ang - code_3 - embobirwin - pionsunset -
When I hear music it inspires me like crazy & Jill Scott does it for me every time. The dancer in me just wants to move and no better way to move than to just improvise and go with the YOFLO. Right there, then & now. No double takes, no judgements, no thought process, no doubting. Just allowing the music to move through you. There is where the magic lies. Trusting yourself for REAL! I've always been a freestyler. I grew up in NYC dancing & voguing in the underground clubs at a time where there were very little rules. Just go to the club for literally days with three outfit cause I knew I was gonna get my sweat on. The DJ would play house music as the live acoustic drummers would go off slaying that gorgeous instrument!!! Ahhhh, NO BETTER FEELING just letting the music run through your veins like the purest cleanest blood that could ever exist! A true dancer doesn't need fancy moves. A true dancer hears music and can't help but to move. A true dancer disappears purely into the magic of the beats and sounds. A true dancer has no other option but to DANCE. I still feel that freedom and joy when I dance. If you feel that way, give me some love! This little YOGANCE IMPROV is for you guys. ONE TAKE, ONE LOVE. QUICK! YOMASTE! #yogance #poche #yogafordancers #dance #freestyle #improv #onetake #oneshot #nodoovers #nojudgementzone #befree #beyoutiful
befree - beyoutiful - yogafordancers - dance - onetake - oneshot - freestyle - nodoovers - nojudgementzone - poche - improv - yogance -
cuchira : @jaifit yay!!! That's what it was for my sister 😘
emmaclock : this is golden.
tiaranicolelewis : Amazing!!!
aurori_silvero : Bravo Cuchira!!
marandameow : I love this so so so much! The purest blood to ever exist! @emilycertain
dao2 : Word. Truth. πŸ™
yellowcord : @yarabadr3 like this
cara_boubou : @loveanism
taimi._ - kaycienikole - _kkass_ - lisaelinaa -
This girl is ready to rock! Tee Kim says hi.. πŸ‘‹ #tangothursday #thirstythursday #twisted #shots #trustusyoucansing #nojudgementzone #injohnniewetrust #johnniewalker #keepwalking #eat #drink #sing #bottlesbottlesbottles #teamsexy #teamtango #tangobabes #tangostuds #tangofamily #tangoloveeeee #tangolife #tango
injohnniewetrust - tangothursday - thirstythursday - teamsexy - drink - bottlesbottlesbottles - tangofamily - tango - tangobabes - sing - eat - tangoloveeeee - johnniewalker - tangolife - trustusyoucansing - twisted - tangostuds - keepwalking - nojudgementzone - shots - teamtango -
kikdarling : πŸ˜‚πŸ˜­ them hashtags doe tango! Lol ❀️❀️
tango_chinatown : 🍴 🍢 🎀
miss_gabbyxo : @coxykate17
young_og_215 - tee__chum - just_moeun - kikdarling -
Good evening! So grateful for the peaceful rain today. Out on the balcony enjoying this beautiful day. I love rain and I love the trees and plants that surround the balcony. Life is a beautiful thingπŸ’– Hope you all are having an amazing day! #nature #rain #free #naturist #nudism #love #life #livefree #beauty #livewithoutfear #freedom #nojudgementzone #serenity #gratitide #nature #onelove #namaste
naturist - life - love - beauty - nature - namaste - free - nudism - rain - onelove - gratitide - livewithoutfear - freedom - livefree - nojudgementzone - serenity -
terrangitwins : I would love to walk through forestry nude with youπŸ™πŸƒπŸŒΎ @sunshineinmysoul__
morethanaprettyfacee - oliverajackson - piokas - x_luxuria_x -
"Man did not weave the web of life, he is merely a strand in it. Whatever he does to the web, he does to himself." Native American Proverb These days I feel so rejoiced and #excited.. Its a beautiful thing and I know that it's the #growth happening within exuding without.. A huge contributor is my daily #meditation .(I started Meditating sometime last year so I've had some time on it) I find myself not only happy and excited for the great things happening in my life and those things that I know are to come but I also feel the same happiness and excitement for those around me.. #Rejoice #live #love #laugh #nojudgementzone #noflexzone #IInspire #humbled #happy #namaste I look to help and #Inspire those who want it in any way that I can.
noflexzone - namaste - love - inspire - iinspire - live - nojudgementzone - growth - laugh - rejoice - humbled - meditation - excited - happy -
alvinpeters76 : You know I saw a huge Web at work this morning. I actually stood there and thought how beautiful and detailed it is....many other things crossed my mind.
crissypooh88 - pattygwalana - jgabucci - jessaventurine -
#mywords #myheart #love #incase #demi #current #nojudgementzone
current - nojudgementzone - love - incase - mywords - myheart - demi -
leah_rocheal - superior_asshole - lykke00 - reagentx -
Feelin like a fool today . Haha #brownsugarcinnamonpoptarts they make me breakout Lmao #nojudgementzone
brownsugarcinnamonpoptarts - nojudgementzone -
iamjayrenee : Never the less .... It's an amazing day haha
yin.zuojia : Why are you so pretty πŸ˜©πŸ˜”πŸ’•
iamjayrenee : Why are YOU !? :) fr tho , why are u ... Shits distracting . Haha @yin.zuojia
drahman - kreneexo_ - dawsonsmom_ - _tara_smith_ -
You know it's going to be a good day in clinic when you have CAKE for breakfast #nojudgementzone #sweettooth #speechtherapy #usf
speechtherapy - usf - nojudgementzone - sweettooth -
youngsouth813 : lol
mariajmoro : #mysislooksbetterthanyours #donthate #ilovecake #nojudgementhere
sammytejada : Hahah love ya babe! Six more weeks and we're reunited! @mariajmoro
notouchingbourgeois : Look cute in ur scrubs @sammytejada
micreese : Where do you live😩😍😏
enicole__ : 😍
annettitties - enicole__ - alhazard17 - nikidee337 -
#rp How many true and loyal friends do you have? #nojudgementzone friends
nojudgementzone - rp -
sydneysbookclub : @toyajayfromva ?
sparks_the_deity - chamaurice_xo - mnreece - marlolovelife -
Today's quote #motivation #quotes #action #nojudgementzone
action - quotes - motivation - nojudgementzone -
l_a_q111674 - fitwarriorsofficial - issaabbooo - only1_miko -
#WCW #NoJudgementZone
nojudgementzone - wcw -
naturalla43 : #truth
calicutie619 - kaliyaahh - perksofbeingraeleen - pokerfacediva77 -
#WCW #NoJudgementZone
nojudgementzone - wcw -
poeticallyspeaking_13 : Going IN tonight!!! LOVE IT ♥♥♥
aquashotsi : @mora_the_explora93 😘 thanks for being the best bf evarrr
singhsinga : πŸ‘πŸ‘Œ
theblessedlyfe : πŸ™Œ
holiarisoa.png : @ibrahim_phoenicia
ibrahim_phoenicia : @holiarisoa.png Of course ;-)
yolisworld : @jayrmichelss
missdutch : @ijustwannasighnin :) I think you already do this
jayd_bombshell - vanessa_living - zealuhrusso - kantinalove144 -
#WCW #NoJudgementZone
nojudgementzone - wcw -
poeticallyspeaking_13 : This is amazing. What soooo many fail to realize!!! #TruthπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
withallmyheartxoa : #truth
jayd_bombshell - vanessa_living - kantinalove144 - kat_vaughn -
#WCW #NoJudgementZone
nojudgementzone - wcw -
sheshallrejoice : Needed this for myself! Thanks brother!
anchored_to_god : Wow amen
im_nothing_without_you_ : πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
annalisa_monkey : ♥
mi.xxii : Yesss!!!
relevant_ink : @tiara_jw I like
natalee_byfaith87 - hazel.eyed.beauty - dofinator - o0mzspice0o -
#WCW #NoJudgementZone
nojudgementzone - wcw -
kaitlyn_the_encourager - i_am_jessy.jess - jpieu - queenjay001 -
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