Friday night and home alone like always, someone hmu ๐Ÿ˜‘๐Ÿ˜‘ #fridaynight #homealone #asalways #nofreinds #whatere #someonehmu #hmu #snapchat #single #loner #๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‘
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devils45 : Hey
fishlife_wrage : Kik?
baboon_14 : I don't have kik
dswagzthedon : Snapchat me Dswagz19
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"Fuck friends stack ends" - mac dre #macdre #truestory #nofreinds #justfamily
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Lol #nofreinds
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Chillen bored #nofreinds
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morgin_kirts : Rate/ 6
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So I got a kik, made not with my permission. I had no one to talk to, so I talked with the kik team and this is what happened....The best bot ever. #OnKik #newaccount #nofreinds #loner #coolbot #Asingleroseismygarden #greenandgrey #fun
asingleroseismygarden - newaccount - onkik - greenandgrey - loner - coolbot - fun - nofreinds -
jetmoto105 : @theoneblackmagic u know ur a amazing kid.. thats why ur my favorite nephew. .:)
britney_lzno : ^^^ my dad called me to the room cracking up about youuu
theoneblackmagic : @jetmoto105 Thanks uncle :) that touches my imaginary heart. @britney_lzno lol
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You guys wished u were as popular as me, birthday party of the year #nofreinds #tocool4you @matt4574 @bigmike4455 @southern_belle0213
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william_3c : She has everyone blocked @bigmike5544 and Ya he's my main nigga @hannahnicolewilson
bigmike5544 : Bruhhhh she just texted me @william_3c
fischeryancey1 : So your "party" consisted of 4 people lmao
caleb_ba3 : ๐Ÿ˜‚ @fischeryancey1
william_3c : Yo u mad and no one person showed up late lol @fischeryancey1 and lol what did she say @bigmike5544
fischeryancey1 : Lmfao @caleb_ba3 ^^
panamakid96 : Happy birthday sorry I couldn't go ive been working a lot @william_3c
william_3c : Thanks and its all good @panamakid96
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Got a little warm today! #poolparty#superfuckingwarm#fbgm#hyfr#farmerstan#poolsalittlesmall#nofreinds#yolo#bestpurchaseofmylife
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I bribe my little sister woth mac n cheese so she'll stay up and listen to my problems cuz im exceptionally unstable and have no freinds haha #sister #macncheese #bribe #emotionallyunstable #loner #nofreinds #problems
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___alexissixela___ : Well currently I do not have a ride
zanderpups : Mhm... Excuses are like assholes,everyone's got em. @___alexissixela___
___alexissixela___ : NOONE IS HOME WHO HAS A CAR @zanderpups
zanderpups : XD DONT SCREAM AT ME! YOUR NOT MY REAL MOM!!!! @___alexissixela___
___alexissixela___ : Hush @zanderpups
zanderpups : X3 oookayy @___alexissixela___
oherranz : #sistersarethebest #iloveyouboth #tothemoonandback xoxoxo
___alexissixela___ : #iloveyou #missyoutoo @oherranz
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Follow zuni she had no friends #nofreinds
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#top.#of #the #pyramid #brick #point #brick #raw #nofreinds
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Smokey Mountains. ๐Ÿ’จ๐Ÿ—ป
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erinholland_ : Tbh your cool & we need to ft๐Ÿ‘Œ
yolo_hall : Fr^^ @erinholland_
rubyselena123 : Rate โ€ข 6
tayuhhh__ : tbh- we was cool. but you and Lexi need to date again.
lexi.volleyball : Long Tbh: ur hilarious, u can't dance idk why u tell me you can ๐Ÿ˜‚ and everytime we go to champs u make me mad and idek why and remember at Phillips when u hit me with the football then got BBQ sauce all over my white shirt. Yeah and u throw like a girl. And ur cooool. We should: date. But cammy won't let me. ๐Ÿ˜‚
yolo_hall : ๐Ÿ˜”#nofreinds @lexi.volleyball ๐Ÿ˜‚
lexi.volleyball : I have friends โœ‹
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True enough #motolife#dirtbiking#every#day#best#life#love#motocross#drumheller#next#weekend#excited#board#home#nofreinds
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Being the new kid sucks! ๐Ÿ‘Œ #dt#mohavehigh#nofreinds
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destinyloveeee : It will get better! I promise! ๐Ÿ‘Œ
juanalvarez30 : I hope so far your the only girl that has talk to me and if I talk to a guy they going to think I am gay. But some other girl talk to me today saying that we went to school together in elementary and we hold hands a lot! Haha ๐Ÿ˜‚ I scared I don't remember her! Lol @destinyloveeee
destinyloveeee : Haha no, just people are sometimes rude here so they won't like talk to you first! Just introduce yourself to some guys and say your new! Hopefully they will be as nice as me! But it will get better! Just the first few days suck.
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True that... Wish I had a friend that is by my side every second... But life is unfair!!! #grrrrr #nofreinds #nolife
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Add me on snapchat #nofreinds
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Ein liten fuggel med navn @seigemann fortalde meg at ein fรฅr bitches med รฅ kle seg som dette. Det han ikkje fortalde var at det er berre jenter... #model #hustelnbitches #notgay #stillsingle #needmen
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kristinilu : #bw #nofilter #lolfilter #jk #trickedyou #fridaylovin #summer #nothingtodo #nofreinds #nolife #thatsok #havesomefriends
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Loner skate sesh #nofreinds
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Sryy fore the disgusting picture. This is my everyday work pants... it shows how much weight i have lost. Achieved by not eating and starving myself. I can do 5~6 days whitout eating when I dont work. When I do work I can skip 1 day whitout eating anything but usually when I do work I eat 2 slices of bread during the day and skip the evening dinners. I eat evening dinners alone I my room I usually trow it away or I thow up in the shower.. Tried to find ohter boys on instagram who starve anna etc etc but looks like its more of a girls thing o.O. Straving myself is sometimes more satisfying then cutting. The starving feeling hurts all day and takes my mind off the emotional pain.
lonely - whortless - fat - failure - cutting - unwanted - selfhate - cut - iwanttodie - depressed - scars - fukmylife - ugly - sucidel - nofreinds - suicde -
ameliamcie : And I am so so sorry
depressedpanda007 : @ameliamcie sorry fore what?
ameliamcie : What you're going through :/ I know how bad it is
just_that_deppresed_slut : Dm me x
selfiebruh : Umm. I have a question. One time I went one day without eating anything (Not on purpose. Just cause we didn't have food) and I threw up. Is that normal?
fochtman_2 : Please, please don't starve yourself I promise you that your better than that. I know I haven't walked a mile in your shoes. I've cut once. The pain wasn't satisfying like everyone says so I stopped. Its really unhealthy to starve yourself also
fochtman_2 : .
_baby_your_beautiful_ : Dm me if u need anything. I'm always here.
chantellvalysia - _just_simply_nina_ - fat.and.hate.myself - just_that_deppresed_slut -
*FOREVERALONE* #foreveralone#lonely#nofreinds#fakefriends#fuckfakefreinds#book#love#epic#huntingforfriends
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salman_corleone : #Fuck #FakeFriends _|_ . I so hate them
itsyoboidoodi : @salman_corleone I feel ya bruv โœŒ๏ธ
salman_corleone : โ˜บ๏ธ
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New cuts. I really need new blades :( #depressed #suicde #sucidel #cut #cutting #fukmylife #nofreinds #lonely #whortless #scars #iwanttodie #selfhate #ugly #failure #unwanted
cut - whortless - fukmylife - failure - depressed - scars - selfhate - ugly - lonely - cutting - unwanted - sucidel - iwanttodie - nofreinds - suicde -
um._.hanna : You are absolutely beautiful and I know it must be tough right now but you're going to get through this. One day you're going to wake up and realize "Wow, look how happy I am." And you're going to be proud that you didn't give up. Wear your scars with pride because they show how strong you are, not how weak. And remember that ily. โค
selfiebruh : Congratulations on spelling suicide wrong :D and the word friends and worthless and suicidal! Woohoo! :DDDD
selfiebruh : Sorry but I'm a Grammar Nazi XD
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Some very very small cuts from this morning. I will get new blades fore tonight's shower and make up fore these small cuts. #depressed #suicde #sucidel #cut #cutting #fukmylife #nofreinds #lonely #whortless #scars #iwanttodie #selfhate #ugly #failure #unwanted
cut - whortless - fukmylife - failure - depressed - scars - selfhate - ugly - lonely - cutting - unwanted - sucidel - iwanttodie - nofreinds - suicde -
the.thief.of.smoke.and.bone : you are amazing and you dont need to go through this stress, please if you dont have it already, seek help as it can get you out of these habits. then if there is some kind of problem that is making you want to cut yourself please think to yourself: where is this issue on a scale of 1-10? how important will this be in 6 months? is my response appropriate and effective? how can improve the situation? what can i find that is positive in this situation? just remember that cutting solves nothing and your problems are still there afterwards and that you are amazing and wonderful and need to smile more because youre worth it!! xxxxxxxx have hope โ˜€๏ธโค๏ธ๏ธโ˜€๏ธ
stroll : One question : why
the.thief.of.smoke.and.bone : โค๏ธ๏ธ
_drowning_in_negativity_ - ____tj_ - toni_stylinson - life_with_cutting -
Just got out of the shower. I have used a small razor blade 35 new cuts next to my fadded old ones. I did not get much satisfaction out of it but its enough to hold up till tonight's shower. #depressed #suicde #sucidel #cut #cutting #fukmylife #nofreinds #lonely #whortless #scars #iwanttodie #selfhate #ugly #failure #unwanted
cut - whortless - fukmylife - failure - depressed - scars - selfhate - ugly - lonely - cutting - unwanted - sucidel - iwanttodie - nofreinds - suicde -
3mma0livia : Aww please no more cutting โค๏ธ
liliana_ax : Stay strong.
_baby_your_beautiful_ : Your beautiful baby I'm always here
josh_marsden10 - htx.gabby - scarsspeak - aubrieerin -
Stil in bed deciding what blade to use this weekend. Going to take a shower soon and the first cuts this weekend will be made. #depressed #suicde #sucidel #cut #cutting #fukmylife #nofreinds #lonely #whortless #scars #iwanttodie #selfhate #ugly #failure #unwanted
cut - whortless - fukmylife - failure - depressed - scars - selfhate - ugly - lonely - cutting - unwanted - sucidel - iwanttodie - nofreinds - suicde -
i.held.on.till.may : dont do it do you know how much your worth
i.held.on.till.may : trust me
i.held.on.till.may : its not wirth it
i.held.on.till.may : worth
i.held.on.till.may : hold on pain ends
i.held.on.till.may : trust me i know what your going through
_baby_your_beautiful_ : Your beautiful baby.
__lliillaayy__ : @oliviaaa.marie
lost_in_tears_ - htx.gabby - never_depressed - icecream.nick -
#depressed #suicde #sucidel #cut #cutting #fukmylife #nofreinds #lonely #whortless #scars #iwanttodie #selfhate #ugly #failure #unwanted
cut - whortless - fukmylife - failure - depressed - scars - selfhate - ugly - lonely - cutting - unwanted - sucidel - iwanttodie - nofreinds - suicde -
rosiee__k : Please don't feel like this
freakie_l : Are you okay ? Dm me plz
bulimicstruggles : Hey I don't know what to really say but I was looking through your pictures and I feel so sorry for you. You are worth more that cutting yourself. I've done it too. I've been doing it for years but now I have vut since mars and that feels good. I miss it and I get those feelings of wanting to cut myself when life is hard but I don't. There is hope, trust me. As long as your heart is beating there is hope. Hold on to it
_just_simply_nina_ - ____tj_ - a.lexia_ - -
How it looks today. Again a lonely weekend 2days of sitting in my room crying and cutting. I am looking forward to cut this weekend wil post a picture of the results from this weekend cutting.
cut - whortless - fukmylife - failure - depressed - scars - selfhate - ugly - lonely - cutting - unwanted - sucidel - iwanttodie - nofreinds - suicde -
depressedpanda007 : #depressed #suicde #sucidel #cut #cutting #fukmylife #nofreinds #lonely #whortless #scars #iwanttodie #selfhate #ugly #failure #unwanted
htx.gabby : hey i know i dont know you . but ima say right now . i think your perfect an amazing . an you dont deserve to cut . โค๏ธ dm me if you need anyone to talk to . ill always be here - keira_is_here - ____tj_ - liliana_ax -
New cuts
cut - whortless - fukmylife - failure - depressed - scars - selfhate - ugly - lonely - cutting - unwanted - sucidel - iwanttodie - nofreinds - suicde -
depressedpanda007 : #depressed #suicde #sucidel #cut #cutting #fukmylife #nofreinds #lonely #whortless #scars #iwanttodie #selfhate #ugly #failure #unwanted - keira_is_here - ____tj_ - liliana_ax -
First attempt. 4 more attempts followed hanging drowning etc
cut - whortless - fukmylife - failure - depressed - scars - selfhate - ugly - lonely - cutting - unwanted - sucidel - iwanttodie - nofreinds - suicde -
depressedpanda007 : #depressed #suicde #sucidel #cut #cutting #fukmylife #nofreinds #lonely #whortless #scars #iwanttodie #selfhate #ugly #failure #unwanted
magi_mayhem : Do you have kik?
depressedpanda007 : @magi_mayhem no kik
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First cuts from 3~4 mhonts ago
cut - whortless - fukmylife - failure - depressed - scars - selfhate - ugly - lonely - cutting - unwanted - sucidel - iwanttodie - nofreinds - suicde -
depressedpanda007 : #depressed #suicde #sucidel #cut #cutting #fukmylife #nofreinds #lonely #whortless #scars #iwanttodie #selfhate #ugly #failure #unwanted
gloryoftheangels : ๐Ÿ˜ž๐Ÿ˜ž๐Ÿ˜ž๐Ÿ’”
helpmeimstarving : Thank you for being my 100th follower! if you ever need someone to talk to I'm right here. I'm not a day clean either. So I can relate.
cathylinnnn : Cutting is not the way to solve the problem, if u need someone to talk to, I'm always free kik~ Cathycathcath - - ____tj_ - liliana_ax -
Bricks are cool #bricks#suummaa#nofreinds#loners#like4like
bricks - nofreinds - suummaa - loners - like4like -
issaclamont1 : And you're not
issaclamont1 : #retro
brittblair123 : Fly away young patawon โœŒ๏ธ
issaclamont1 : Razor
brittblair123 : Shut your mouth youngling @issaclamont1
issaclamont1 : Weird faces
brittblair123 : Ya well you have a weird face in general ;) @issaclamont1
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You know u have no freinds when u r talking to Kik's Kik team #Kik#nofreinds
kik - nofreinds -
hippie_sus_ : Kik me keisyvscasey
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My bro is mad at my high score
nofreinds - loner -
sexy_goat1 : I have no live
sexy_goat1 : Lol
sexy_goat1 : #nofreinds #loner
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13๐ŸŽ‰ #nolikes #nofreinds #sad
nolikes - nofreinds - sad -
dylancambria : Thanks @nickrebel22
dylancambria : Thanks๐Ÿ˜Š @sofiamauro
joellekout : Happy birthday babe๐Ÿ˜‰๐ŸŽˆ
sarahhzepedaa : Happy birthday๐ŸŽ‰
jackie_thomann : oops a little late but happy birthdayy๐Ÿ’•
dylancambria : @jackie_thomann thanks๐Ÿ˜Š
kaitlinnmccann : Happy late birthday bitch boy
kaitlinnmccann : ๐Ÿ˜‚ โค๏ธ
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Been Coolin with my Nigga. #NoFreinds #Chillthatsthehomie
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trinidad.omar - maryloamoyo - pedinho12 - xomggsox -
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