My roommates have the best roommate. @edispirito96 @andrealjohnson96 #peachdumplings #nocaffeine
nocaffeine - peachdumplings -
sara826 : My friend made these for my birthday and they were amazingggggg
megancourchy : You didn't tag me 😒
jstevie27 - sara826 - jerry_nathan - mollyhannahwolfe -
Cause its not my coffee kind of night 😌 Thanks, mom! 😘 #twinings #nocaffeine #teatime
teatime - twinings - nocaffeine -
miguelrono : #inarte
princessbagui : @miguelrono Hahaha bakit?! Di naman bawal πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
xxbirdie : Uuuy. Hi. Hahaha
suzainesuarez - magnoliafaye - ladyfritz - bearrrobles -
#pregnancy #nocaffeine #exhausted
pregnancy - exhausted - nocaffeine -
cam727 - misschococty - cbell_89 - tela_marie -
Being A Rebel!!! Pumpkin Spice Cream Frapp. #NoCaffeine
nocaffeine -
maryy_0702 : Girl I drank coffee every morning for a while when I was pregnant lol it didn't do no harm, & sodaπŸ’
lil_lorii : @maryy_92 I'd rather not.
breezy_love616 : Are Those Any Good.? @lil_lorii
lil_lorii : @breezy_love616 theyre better with caffeine but most stuff you can get without caffeine if you add Creme to the end of it like say, cinnamon dolce creme frapp or pumpkin spice creme frapp
breezy_love616 : Looks Good . ! Thanks Btw . @lil_lorii
tanyakay95 - _biancabonkka - carpetjockey - rsndzlty -
I'm so happy I'm part of the 10.66% that tried it!! I'm feeling amazing and I don't ever want to go a day without my Thrive!!! Start you experience today and you won't be sorry!!! Get your free customer account today and then message me if you need help placing your order!! I'm telling you...you don't want to wait another day to start your Thrive Experience!! www.jessesgal.le-vel.com #amazingenergy #feelingamazing #nocaffeine #allnatural #thriverforlife
allnatural - thriverforlife - amazingenergy - nocaffeine - feelingamazing -
I am stuck at home. Car-less. There isn't any milk for coffee. Problems. #nofilter #nocaffeine #helpme
helpme - nofilter - nocaffeine -
popsie1b : Ima be passing yours in a bit. Want me to drop some in? x
rajnisubba : I always had you down as a black coffee person. My mind is blown πŸ˜„
clouds.in.my.coffee : Ahhh @popsie1b you're a sweetheart x the man and munchkins should be back in an hour x
popsie1b : Ah no worries lovely 😘 x
nicolettehunziker : Breastmilk? πŸ˜‰
tezzamazz : I was going to say the same as @nicolettehunziker!
clouds.in.my.coffee : Ha! @nicolettehunziker @tezzamazz!! 😜😜
neilochka - lillybeauslittlekingdomxo - bleakfett - rajnisubba -
Must... fight... urge... to... buy... energy... drink... #nocaffeine #ahhhhh #livestrong #donttestmebro
donttestmebro - ahhhhh - nocaffeine - livestrong -
marine_brah - jbiery13 - _vanilla_chai - urban.defense -
@bryanosborn54 showed up with some @westcoastchill at the @sandsportssupershow . Thanks for the #nosugar #nocaffeine #pureenergy boost.
pureenergy - nosugar - nocaffeine -
majorimpactphotography : Save me one..I have to try it @blackrhinokenny
mjmotorsports - shane_fichter - marykaynaughton - blackrhino_alex -
tea - nocaffeine - exoticfruits -
sofiaafinazzi - michelapreda_ - lodowin -
Piping hot water with lemon slices. Good for the soul. #temple #nocaffeine #itwarmsmysoul
temple - nocaffeine - itwarmsmysoul -
lorettrojano : I'm jelly! 😊
ct_dolly : @lorettrojano No need to be jealous, it's just water and lemon. Lime tastes just as good, if your out of lemon :-)
lorettrojano : No I'm jealous your in texas haha ☺️☺️☺️ @ct_dolly
fiblet44 : That is one of my favorite drinks! :-)
carolina1_r - karenjyoung - fiblet44 - stephanie_arias -
Roobois red tea #refreshing #nocaffeine #antioxidant #cafe #tinycupbkk #thonglor
tinycupbkk - refreshing - nocaffeine - thonglor - antioxidant - cafe -
ptrc0 : :) @VinesBeLike
utumporn_som - tonytai9 - kibbbsudarat - sweet_ojavij -
🎢 hot chocolate before heading to office. #hotchocolate #nocaffeine #morning #friday #smile
smile - friday - hotchocolate - nocaffeine - morning -
jonathanalvarez8 - melhiga - lee04_lovejason - fyc.10 -
I might be able to make it through without coffee now that I have this!! I'm so excited about this!! #uncoffee #caflib #nocaffeine
uncoffee - nocaffeine - caflib -
raeleedawnrichards - ashleyscott_9 - sydneyboerchers - babykooks728 -
OH MY πŸ˜‹πŸ’› #nocaffeine?? 😍#thiswassocool #literally
literally - nocaffeine - thiswassocool -
ernadetta : What is it??
vickiegimm : Salted Caramel Trufflelata(??). Like iced chocolate milk with caramel and little bits of more chocolate πŸ˜› @ernadetta
vickiegimm : Oh no wait this is blended
ernadetta : Omg
lilwebz : YUM holy
la.fuente : Hey girl, where u goin to college again? I was thinking we could actually hang out sometime this coming month and like actually meeg since i didnt go to ur grad πŸ’–
la.fuente : Meet*
vickiegimm : @la.fuente aww I leave on Thursday to U. of Oregon and i was thinking I could visit you at work or something but then again I don't wanna bother you at work...😁lol
phansarah - lilwebz - tinatanation - mlandiscroft -
My new coffee! Day 17! #orangeJuiceIsBetterThenCoffee #nocaffeine #ICanDoIt
orangejuiceisbetterthencoffee - icandoit - nocaffeine -
saqsa : @thelookof I wish I can do this one day
saqsa - elephantl425 - ungieny - ericatanenbaum -
#great #water #nocaffeine
water - great - nocaffeine -
bibtastic - jodig89 -
My keroppi on top of my hazelnut chocolate at chock full of beans! #nocaffeine #cute #lattteart
cute - lattteart - nocaffeine -
redchael - samanthaaash - dtymz - nehdilicious -
So, ever since my whole trip to the ER, I've been without caffeine! It's been a LONG week! I'm trying to embrace this whole no caffeine gig, but I sure do miss the taste of coffee. I'm currently taking recommendations for great tasting, caffeine free teas. And I'm also seeking a second opinion! #nocaffeine #imissmycoffee #tachycardiasucks #acaribousoundsdelicious
acaribousoundsdelicious - tachycardiasucks - imissmycoffee - nocaffeine -
jodeanbrannan : And you're right, the anxiety is awful! I felt like I was going crazy at one point!
amandabuck2 : @jodeanbrannan Yeah, the anxiety sucks! The metoprolol helps for sure but I can still tell I'm anxious too and I just hate being on those meds! My mom and sister both have SVT and so my primary is thinking underlying tachycardia brought on by stress! I feel like I've probably had this half my life! Thanks @abbsquake I'm gonna be on the lookout for that:-) I did give in and bought some decaf Peace coffee today at the Co-Op!:-)
ponderbird : Sent you a DM!
beguhlj : You found the tea!
lizzyloveshealth : Oh that's rough 😣
amandabuck2 : @lizzyloveshealth Yeah, it was super rough the first few days, but it's not so bad now, I guess I've adjusted somewhat quickly;-)
lizzyloveshealth : @amandabuck2 we go off every year and do the Daniel Fast... It feels good to be off- but I just love the smell, taste and ritual of it!? Does that make sense?
amandabuck2 : Absolutely @lizzyloveshealth! I've never been addicted to caffeine, but I too live the smell and taste of coffee:-)
snipsnail - bkbowles - allisonrcole - thehealthtogmama -
Yep, and the one time of year I want to drink coffee so bad!! Thankful for my fake coffee lol #nocaffeine #pumkin #fall
pumkin - nocaffeine - fall -
klott1978 - courtney_denee - jaclynjackson83 - kristin_nicole93 -
'twas' not an easy task juicing with a monkey in my arms (via ergo baby) however I must say this is delicious. #coffeereplacement #juicing #nocaffeine πŸ’πŸŒΏπŸπŸ‹πŸŒ
coffeereplacement - juicing - nocaffeine -
kekerim : Check out my last post!
theejaxx : πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ good job
ghanaianchic : @momstermummy what's in it?
momstermummy : @theejaxx it wasn't easy this lil guy likes to be on the go πŸ’
momstermummy : @ghanaianchic kale, spinach, green apple, cucumber, lemon, and celery! then I added coconut water to it!
ghanaianchic : @momstermummy nice😊
theejaxx : My lol guy likes to be attached to me too. :/ it's hard making food and all my other house duties :/
momstermummy : @theejaxx ya he makes it so hard to get things done n how can you say no to such a tiny cute little face 😫
imdeeman - tainted.psyche - ros_ab - mariah__gonzalez -
My fave thing to buy #herbaltea #love #pukka #drstuarts #skinpurify #nocaffeine πŸ’πŸŒΈπŸŒ·πŸŒ±β˜•οΈ
pukka - love - herbaltea - nocaffeine - drstuarts - skinpurify -
lilliegiggle : I neeeeeed @rosmbre
lilliegiggle - kcostie1 - pamelahutch88 - eriiiren -
Feel like I'm drinking a dehydrated person's wee... #nocaffeine #camomile
nocaffeine - camomile -
leesmall67 - chamomileteas -
The top is my sleep quality on a typical 'London Work Night' and the bottom is my sleep quality in the countryside..... #deepsleep #zen #nocaffeine
deepsleep - zen - nocaffeine -
rebeccacaine : #Juicing?
rebeccacaine - mishbarl - seher705 - lottie_crow -
My life be like.. β˜•οΈβ˜•οΈβ˜•οΈ #addicted #nocaffeine #thisishard #coffeecompletesme
addicted - thisishard - coffeecompletesme - nocaffeine -
maxlagdameo : You would post this πŸ˜‚ miss you!!!!
simoneangelica : @maxlagdameo πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ my world Is crashing down without coffee!!..and u! Hahahahaha. Re-message me ur #! It deleted before I could save πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘
vale1316 : @abi_olivas_nutritionist
shortyy__x_ - jonaswls - http.lindy.popovich - atenasxiomy17 -
Best for sudden sleep attack#nocaffeine#picturetaker
nocaffeine - picturetaker -
mysunsky -
Time to 'level up' my green tea to giant and get through this to do list. #teainasoupcup #greentea #nocaffeine #businessbuilding #lifeofanentrepreneur
greentea - businessbuilding - nocaffeine - teainasoupcup - lifeofanentrepreneur -
markwschaefer - balanceandbiceps -
Parhautta! β˜•οΈ #chailatte #nocaffeine #somelikeithot #omnomnom #treatyoself
omnomnom - treatyoself - chailatte - somelikeithot - nocaffeine -
lauraisaemmiina - samiam4101 - mintue - 032flavors -
Today....12 hours so its a short day #Monday #nocaffeine #work #GoodMorning
work - goodmorning - nocaffeine - monday -
gmwah : @xapplejaxx0
gmwah : @miszlopezxo
renata_wojtaszko - glitterytrash - guemriche - julianapepajj -
Peach and cherry blossom green tea with mint choc chip shake and my premium capsules. I've had 5 hours sleep and am still feeling mentally ready for anything! Love that the capsules do that for me #juiceplus #energy #nocaffeine #shake #healthy
healthy - energy - juiceplus - nocaffeine - shake -
jonnycash3 - tahlagh - elibaeva_alina - bridgetmoynihan -
Today I went exploring in the jungle with @vegantinderlord #wheresmattyfromtinder
wheresmattyfromtinder - nocaffeine -
vegantinderlord : #watermuscles
benlee000 : #NoCaffeine @vegantinderlord
beerfishingtitties : Hahahahaha coooooked
outdoorsportswhore - s0phiar - ktunbridge - dannagel_ -
I just saw this in the office table , Early in the morning ? πŸ˜‰βœŒπŸ‘ŒπŸΊ #MUG #RootBeer #NoCaffeine
mug - nocaffeine - rootbeer -
luisluisluis_ - lexielyn_2 - maeeemnzno - greemliber -
Starbucks & google πŸ‘ #hotcocoa #nocaffeine
nocaffeine - hotcocoa -
raqu3lbissh : I still owe you starbucks @tinst3r ✌️
tinst3r : Putik!
allenababyyy : Mud! @tinst3r
allenababyyy - kleveland_till_it_kill_me - krazetin - n3ll3y_boo -
All Sodas should be made like this. #NoCaffeine #NoSodium #NoArtificialColoring #CaneSugar #Amazing #BlackCherry #Soda
nosodium - amazing - blackcherry - nocaffeine - soda - noartificialcoloring - canesugar -
riverdaze - lizacabronaa006 - ashlemariee_ - ritaacalderon -
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