#100happydays #day25 I attacked town with stickers. Me and my #GreenDay #Converse. But the best thing is that I feel like drawing tonight! #LetsWasteSomeTime #TheHill #StAlbans #HaHaYoureDead #NobodyLikesYou #Sunshine #100HappyPuppyDays
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I think everyone has one person they know who is the #buttpiece of the #loaf #eww #nobodylikesyou #throwaway #crusty #toofunny #havetoshare #instagood
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I'm glad it's ova! Go sell dat! #nobodylikesyou 😛😛😛😩
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#tristezza #fuckoffseptember #goaway #nobodylikesyou
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#stajepicke #ponedeljak #monday #nobodylikesyou
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#didyouknow #nobodylikesyou #whenyoure23 #hoedairagayaway
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Selfie Sunday with this dime. #builtfordtough
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anggmariee : #faggots
karanpepin : #goaway @anggmariee
carlhughes28 : #johnsonsbabybedtimelotion
karanpepin : #nobodylikesyou @carlhughes28
anggmariee : 🐞🐞🐞🐞🐞🐞🐞
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The reason Palestinians hate Israel... Yet, it is Palestine who does not recognize Israel's existence.... #palestine#gaza#westbank#crap#bs#peace#hamas#fuckoff#nobodylikesyou#arabs#wherethehellarethearableaders?
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emanchilly_d : They are. Tell me how many ppl convert to judiasm on a daily basis. Barely any. Judiasm is not a sitting back religion and we have many requirements. Of anything, any jew is required by the Torah to live in israel and its a sin to have a temporary home outside of israel. Its the truth and one of our many commandments. The land was always ours. If anything, who joined muhammed and became muslim took over mecca then most of asia. The arab countries should also belong back to christians and pagans. But everyone only cared about israel. What is so wrong about us having our original country. There are so many more arab countries. Ppl can live there. Israel lets you come and do ir religious stuff in israel and then u can leave. That israel 3000 years ago is still ours
mary_albatool : @emanchilly_d I have no problem with Israel existing as a state. I support it. Like I said, trying to erase your history is not what I am trying to do (and Jewish history in the Middle East doesn't only exist in Israel) nor am I trying to erase Christian history in the Middle East. You deserve to exist as much as Palestinians do. I do, however, oppose war crimes. You have no reason to build settlements in the West Bank. You claim Palestine does not recognize your right to exist but you turn around and steal 1000 acres of land from West Bank. How can we respect your existence when you don't respect theirs? Also, there is no concrete evidence that Israeli Jews are the descendants of native inhabitants in Israel. Most come from Europe. And if you expect the Palestinians to bounce from their homeland (as much as it is yours it is theirs too) simply because there are other Arab states, you are wrong.
azeus0 : @emanchilly_d yes jews have always been in historical Palestine/Israel but that doesnt mean they were the majority neither they were the first people to settle on that land. Even the Torah talks about other nations that lived on that land before the jews. Besides nearly 95% of Israeli jews today have roots outside that land....take you as an example your probably Russian originally! As for genetics (my field) modern day jews have common genetic element but Ashkinazim for example have a large European input which suggests mass conversion into judaism (during the Roman times as a theory) Sephardims also have non-mid eastern elements (hybrid jews) while Mizrahim jews seem to be the closest to original Israelites since they're least intermarried with non-mid easterners...with possible Babylonian and Arabian elements in them too. Ohh and please tell ur god who promised u this land to show us some documents to support his claims...otherwise this land belongs to the Palestinian villagers who lived on this land for as long as they can recall!
emanchilly_d : Whoever is a jew is a jew. A convert is no different than a jew. Your pretty much saying that if someone converts to islam, you won't let him in your mosque. But he belongs there. So too by us. Every jew belings in israel and israel is known as israel. We are tge same as the ancient jews just spread out. Wanna kmow what's funny? Before hamas existed, your kind tried to wipe out my bukharian jewish ancestors. They didnt even let us wear turbans. Jews from europe came to help us repopulate becuz they forced conversion by the sword. Yet u blame the jews, israel, for warcrimes. Are tunnels to kill civilians not war crimes? Rockefs shot at civilians not war crimes? Human shields are not war crimes? Torturing christians in gaza is not war crimes? Even the son of founder of hamas said that these muslims are evil. And guess who supports them 100%??????? The WEST BANK. If anythjng its our land originally
emanchilly_d : If anything, how do u think muslims got all their land? You tnink everyone just gave it to them lol??? They slaughtered many for land. Why don't you give it back to the christians????? Answer- it doesn't make logical sense. And even MORE SO about israel becuz thd west bank was always ours and wd just wanna fix it after the palestinians raped it
mary_albatool : @emanchilly_d Saying that only Jews were in Israel thousands years ago is incorrect. And by blood, you are probably not the original Jews. I am not saying this to offend you. It is simply truth. I am not trying to deny history. Jews were here before Muslims or Christians... That is fact. But that is the thing i am not saying that Muslims were here before you. I am saying Arabs were here with you. Arabs and Jews existed at the same time. (Arabs and Jews actually share a lot of genetics) Jews were widespread especially in my homeland, Yemen, they called them Yemenite Jews. They were free in Yemen until they started facing execution and ridiculous laws such as you must greet Muslims first, wearing special clothes. You can't ride horses or camels. If you ride on a donkey, you better ride sideways. Jews have always been threatened. From Europe to the rest of the world. And the spread of Islam was not by the sword ( wrote articles about how Islam spread). The Palestinians don't have the money or materials to fix the 'raped' West Bank because your government wouldn't allow it. Hamas is doing what your government is doing, same ideas except less harm. There is no justification to killing innocent civilians from both sides. You are advanced. They aren't. You have better tactics to kill. If you want the West Bank, just say it instead of acting like you respect Palestine's existence while stealing acres of land.
azeus0 : @emanchilly_d so u contradicting ur self now! My "genetic" example was an answer to ur "no converts into judaism, hence this is our land". I never said a convert is less of a jew/muslim. Its you whos saying we're all pure israelites and even if u were that doesn't give u the right to steal other people's land. You can buy it or use any other legitimate mean to get land but NOT steal it. A convert muslim doesn't go around stealing peoples land btw.....and plz dnt give me that "your type bs" theres no "my type". i had no power over Bukhara centuries back, while u have the power to change things in Israel by voting. Only difference is u have the capacity to change things but u dnt want to. history wont forget!
azeus0 : @emanchilly_d another ridiculous claim. Firstly Israel stole both christian and muslim land secondly many farmers in the Levant/Egypt and Iraq are the descendants of the same people who lived on this land for centuries...they just converted. They dont know any other land they call home other than this land.....unlike you and many israelis who have a very recent known well established roots outside that land! Basically ur whole claim is based on myths. I oppose your claims as much as i oppose ISIS claims when they confiscated ppls money in the name of religion....they both thiefs in the name of god (if he ever existed)
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•I went to the zoo yesterday, the lions were sleeping and no butterflies would land on me, but I saw a monkey wee on his apple then eat it so 💁🐅🍎• #extraflavour #melbournezoo #butterflybastards #nobodylikesyou #lionlady #sadfacesophcase #instagay #somegaylosertakingphotosofme #iwouldlikealion #swag #greatface #lesbiansruiningitforeveryone #bitchstolemybutterflies #420 #blazeitfaggots #relevant
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maegsluxa : Butterflies for dayz...On me...Not you.
parsleychippindall : Never! Yeah didn't realise I did so many.. Sorry bro. You and Adam should come next time :) @sophksing
parsleychippindall : I hate you @maegsluxa
maegsluxa : I have a picture of an elephants dick. It looks like it has five legs
parsleychippindall : Me too! That thing was a fucking monster! Swingin around in the wind ready to knock someone ouuuuuut @maegsluxa
geffypea : so you went back momentum...
parsleychippindall : Hahahaha yeah when I say monkey you know I mean Mo 😜 @geffypea
geffypea : hahaha i can imagine mo as a MO'nkey. looks exactly the same still wears sunnies on the back if his head but has a tail and carries a bananna bunch on his shoulder. "make me a bananna smoothie you cunt"...then he pisses in his smoothie
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I guess you should go eat some worms! #bigones #fatones #nobodylikesyou
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🙌🙏 #realtalk #getoverit #nobodylikesyou #youreajoke
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Monday?! #mondayitus #ugh #worklife #workblues #bitcheshatemondays #nobodylikesyou #coffee #letsdothis #brisbane #hashtagwhore #hashtagsfordays
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Lil spammer @lily_hiblen 😏😏
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lily_hiblen : #alchoholic
chloejacinta99 : #loser
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chloejacinta99 : #cantsing
chloejacinta99 : @lily_hiblen
lily_hiblen : #tryhard
lily_hiblen : #shutup
lily_hiblen : #leave
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From bad to worst #social #life #sociallife #nobodylikesyou #foreveralone #relationships
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#monday #nobodylikesyou #bitch
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brit_uhh_nee : @shawcoonamatata
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😂😂😂😂 #nobodylikesyou #youjustcantspell #iwasbeingafriend #Fitfam #fitspo #fitness #fitspiration #inspiration #motivation #s4s #sfs #followme #like4like #t4lers #F4F #gym #aesthetics #bodybuilding #nutrition #humor #igdaily #instagood #instafitness #zyzz #kcco #keepcalm #gillyshit
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kaaycampbell143 : 😂😂
toisaan : 👌👌👏
mamabear912 : @peacelovenadja lol
bella_y_dolce : Hahah!
whachu_smiley : Hehehe 😄
blazingbeauty_ : @jessiescreamsx
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I'm not offended. #Nobodylikesyou
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Beautiful weather for the last day of winter! #Sunshine #Blueskies #Horses #Horsingaround #Bringonspring #Pissoffwinter #Nobodylikesyou
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Pretty much #sitdownfsu #nobodylikesyou #gatornation
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tyler_ballard6oh : 😂😂😂👌👌👌
masonjackson : Stolen from @st11cks_
_ibeccagreen_ : Tbh• your cooool👌 and we like never talk any more💁 Rate• 7.9👌
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Happy birthday @alexfischface !!!! 😊 #HAPPYBIRTHDAY #nobodylikesyou #23rd #bffl
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alexfischface : Thank youuuu Fo*For!!!! 😘💜
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Dievča, ak vypravaš o sexe, o tom čo babu či chlapa uspokojí v 12(!!), ak si pridávaš lajky, followerov, a tváriš sa ako by ti patril svet, myslíš že sa ti všetci k nohám budú klaňať pretože si dáš patku cez cely ksicht nonstop si farbíš gebulu a vraj počúvaš tvrdú hudbu, odrbávaš na každom rohu a máš neviem aký suek, a si falošná, iba preto aby si bola zaujímavá a kúl ... Si na tom dosť zle, naštív psychiatra.😊😘(snáď ta osobka vie, koho som mala my mysli☺️)
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_emusa : Na mysli*
_emusa : {#bitchhh #drink #fake #likeforlike #like4like #likeme #lol #lfl #l4l #nobodylikesyou #followforfollow #follow4follow #follow #me #trapne #deti #filter #fff #f4f #tesco #my #vscocam #vsco #vscoslovakia}
mcvmatix : Follow for follow
_emusa : Okay☺️☺️☺️☺️ @mcvmatix
ninuska1818 : 😂😂😂😂😂😂👌
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Seriously rain. #FU #goaway #nobodylikesyou #whitechicks
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No love...absolutely no love for people that repost my photos (or anyone's really) with no credit whatsoever. Its not that damn hard, and it says right in my profile to not repost, maybe not giving credit was the reason your old account was deleted... 😒 #stahp #goaway #nobodylikesyou #reposters #photocredit #credit #photo #instaprobs #fof #foffriday #fofparade #festivaloffantasy #rapunzel #tangled #princess #disneyparks #disneyparade #disneyperfomer #magickingdom #disney #wdw #disneyworld #blondie
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i_like_dirt : #word
disney_frump : AMEN 👏
loveandsushi : So annoying that you have to deal with that, but I gotta say you chose a great photo to represent your message!
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#FancyFriday!! Day three of Junior year with many more days to come... #Ewww #SchoolGoAway #NobodyLikesYou #CV #CoolCats #Jk #WeAreActuallyRams
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_howwy_ : I miss my best friendddd
kallie_girl10 : Still stylish as ever! 😍 You're gorgeous kace!
kacee_rae : I miss you too Holly Anne!! And thank you much Kallie Brown!! (; love you guys!! ❤️
finchrock101 : KACCEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!! I miss youuuu @kacee_rae
tymber_jane : I just miss you kacee.. 😢
kacee_rae : I miss my Timmy T!! 😓
kacee_rae : I miss you too @finchrock101 come visit next summer!!
finchrock101 : Haha sounds good! I wanna try to come before then lol.. Not sure tho. @kacee_rae oh and tanner too😂👍
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Raining it is 😪😪#perthsbeautifulanyways #besidesthetraffic #golongrain #nobodylikesyou
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What about that win last night ? #Tigers
tigers - nobodylikesyou -
alondraa_ramoss : I love you 😘🐽
cierraa_chavez : Wowoow you guys are so cute.
jacob_wrestling_115 : Duhhh cx @cierraa_chavez
deyamejiaa : #nobodycares
jacob_wrestling_115 : #nobodylikesyou @deyamejiaa
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Gollum's not very nice {#gollum#lotr#smeagol#nobodylikesyou#nooooooo#haha#watch#pls#funny#th#botfa}
funny - pls - botfa - smeagol - lotr - gollum - haha - watch - th - nobodylikesyou - nooooooo -
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day 2 #parisspam #meekingals #minusrhiannon #sozrhiannon #nobodylikesyou
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ellenmeekin : @rhiannon_m_
honorcrowley - james_fearn - ellissophia - lotdot_x -
lazy no good for nothin bum. #yellowslop #mcfartsnsleeps #getajob #nobodylikesyou #goop
mcfartsnsleeps - yellowslop - nobodylikesyou - getajob - goop -
jlopez1283 : 🐾💙
mittensmitten79 -
My bestfriend and i are on the same level. #freshmen #freshman #somany #boston #college #collegetown #moveinweek #goaway #nobodylikesyou
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When no one texts u all day #nofriends #nobodylikesyou @courtneystl @luv_nia_21 @
nofriends - nobodylikesyou -
_jazzymurray_ : Oh and @__vanessapotter37__
luv_nia_21 : I text u
_jazzymurray_ : @luv_nia_21 ya but I have to start if I dont start u dont text
luv_nia_21 : Text u hey numbers of times
_jazzymurray_ : @luv_nia_21 mmh
luv_nia_21 : Yea
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Throw it back|@dankdjor #freepartybus #natasbday #nobodylikesyou #tbt
freepartybus - imatroll - nobodylikesyou - natasbday - tbt -
lostkravitz : #imatroll
ahhlex_g : ❤️this
nina_djordjevic - ahoyzer12 - lordmilly - ranbutta -
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