Feels like he is never going to come! 40 weeks and 1 day today. #pregnancyproblems #pregnancy #40weeks #expecting #babyboy #nobabyyet #keepcalm
pregnancyproblems - nobabyyet - babyboy - pregnancy - expecting - 40weeks - keepcalm -
tjmills84 - heather_moxley - jimjammers85 -
And it beginssss #nobabyyet #cartersbeingstubborn #stillhave4moredays #mylittleguy #lovethekicksanovement #butiwanthimout #lovemylittle
mylittleguy - lovethekicksanovement - nobabyyet - cartersbeingstubborn - stillhave4moredays - butiwanthimout - lovemylittle -
heatha_hoehne - irishtwinsmommie - jeniherrongray - ashbbooo -
#pregnancyproblems #40weeks #nobabyyet
pregnancyproblems - nobabyyet - 40weeks -
insta_lauragram - nicoleeelizabeth89 - xtremecouponmom - notoshaaa_xx -
its my due date and still no baby.. :( All this waiting has been testing my patience but knowing I'll have him in my arms this week is what's keeping me sane. All I want is for him is to be fully developed and healthy. So whenever you're ready to come out baby boy! #nobabyyet #duedate #40weeks
40weeks - nobabyyet - duedate -
rylajoaquina - filth_beauty09 - hippolicious27 - _robb31 -
40 weeks prego. 😳 Tomorrows my due date and still no sign of baby arriving anytime soon. Just sitting here waiting. He will come when he's ready. #pregnancyproblems #40weeks #itsaboy #duedatetomorrow #nobabyyet
pregnancyproblems - itsaboy - 40weeks - nobabyyet - duedatetomorrow -
lindsayj19 : I've given up too :) he will come when he is ready.. Tomorrow is my due date :) good luck girl!!
ooooalexisoooo : Thanks and good luck to you too. I'm just hoping I have made some progress been 1 cm dilated forever. So ready to meet him.
mommy_2_a_princess - lexielacarol - trishacamille__ - happybabywrap -
Oh wow, three hours and still no baby. Ugh, the miracle of birth sure is a snooze fest. ~Phoebe
friendsreference - phoebebuffay - hospitalview - nobabyyet - hurryupbaby - reading - waitingforbaby - keepingbusy -
capone_city24 : @msmercyg give la Negra a big hug from Us and tell her "TO MAN UP"
msmercyg : #keepingbusy #reading #nobabyyet #waitingforbaby #phoebebuffay #friendsreference #hospitalview #hurryupbaby
nlchaidez : @msmercyg Is this for Pamela's baby???!!! 😱
msmercyg : @capone_city24 πŸ’ͺ she womaned up! Doing great!
msmercyg : @nlchaidez yes! It's time!! Baby C is on his way. πŸ‘ΆπŸ’™
palomag7 : 3hrs?!? More like 3days. 😣... But he's here!!!! @capone_city24, I womaned up, the way no man can lol. All the pain was & is worth it!
karlaramos.15 - s_j918 - anamaria23rd - julychurchs -
My Heart #oneyearanniversary #nobabyyet #justthetwoofus #forawhile #practicemakeperfect #oops #didijustsaythat #yep πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜‡
didijustsaythat - justthetwoofus - oneyearanniversary - nobabyyet - oops - yep - forawhile - practicemakeperfect -
leavingmymark_kim : Thank you 😘 @kool_af_kai and love you too sis @tru3torch
justalilbit_mo : Happy Anniversary!
kimboslice_11 : Happy Anniversary
_shortnsweeet : Happy anniversary! !
jae_taime : Happy Anniversary!!!
clarksnroti : Wow time is flying !!! Happy Anniversary to the both of you @leavingmymark_kim
leavingmymark_kim : Thank you loves!!
harpermc11 : Happy Anni Mr. & Mrs. Leonard
juicemetoo - ejs_victorious - ashleymari11 - brownsknpoppin -
Waiting. Waiting. #takingawalk #nobabyyet #gettinganxious #magmile #missworkingdowntown #waitingforbaby
magmile - missworkingdowntown - nobabyyet - takingawalk - gettinganxious - waitingforbaby -
jhernaw : Can't wait 😁
gabyv3 - itsslayuyisstyle - eva_rrobledo - anamaria23rd -
I could get used to this... The view as we wait for baby C. #nobabyyet #downtown #babyC #lakemichigan #boatsboatsboats #hurryupbaby #icouldgetusedtothis #hospitalview
lakemichigan - downtown - hospitalview - babyc - nobabyyet - icouldgetusedtothis - hurryupbaby - boatsboatsboats -
mommakitty08 : Yay! How's it going so far?? @msmercyg
msmercyg : @mommakitty08 same. Constant pain. she's doing good, tho! Still got a While to go.
mommakitty08 : @msmercyg she's a tuff cookie, I know she'll do good! Tell her we wish her the best!
yulma_m - burios - nana71520 - marischiworld -
Preemptive strike against the question my co-workers ask every morning. #NoBabyYet
nobabyyet -
legendary_scott -
You're there to understand You're there to care You're there to love You're just there no matter what. I'm so grateful for that Let me love you for the rest of our lives. Happy Anniversary honey JMo! #nobabyyet# its ok we are bless in so many ways. #chinkyeyes#
chinkyeyes - nobabyyet -
krystle_molina - littlemissakiko - krystina_molina -
Super uber excited! Waiting for Baby C to grace us with his presence. But. Meanwhile... #nobabyyet #lunchtimestroll #waiting #hurryupbaby #downtown #watertower #michiganave
downtown - waiting - nobabyyet - michiganave - lunchtimestroll - hurryupbaby - watertower -
joielhhr - itsslayuyisstyle - sammy_palafox7 - luissmom -
Me @famouslifegirl and Lexi did a 2.2 mile walk today! πŸ‘£πŸ‘£πŸΎπŸΎβ˜€οΈ#florida #soflo #hot #walk #proud #nobabyyet #omg #tired #sibe #mansbestfriend
omg - tired - soflo - proud - florida - walk - hot - nobabyyet - sibe - mansbestfriend -
hannah_abramo - kafama_gore_ - rudy_2zz - marlon_maia -
Newport Rhode Island #tbt #nobabyyet
nobabyyet - tbt -
lillybean91 : She was pregnant! =)
jamescarmine : 4 months I think there @lillybean91
jgabel416 : Awww cute!
jpnyc3 - mariaruotolo - lizlaz724 - _chelseaapaigee -
And I may just eat both. #duedate #nobabyyet
nobabyyet - duedate -
mmpepin : I meant to text you today to say Happy Due Date!! πŸ’—πŸ’™ xoxo @tryitmom
brodysmama2509 - bebehblog - graceobregon - maehemsez -
Babe read the names and the meanings... I seriously can not stop laughing!! I might be changing my mind on our favorite name... lol :P #Uniquebabynames #Thinkingahead #Nobabyyet #Givemeayear Hahahahaha lol
nobabyyet - givemeayear - uniquebabynames - thinkingahead -
marii_89xo : Hahaha lol yes.. do u like it? Lol @kikimcgheek
kikimcgheek : @marii_89xo so my name means lady.
jusdance_89 : No you can't change your mind she would definitely be of the handsome man I made her lol
marii_89xo : I'm still cracking up.. we might have to go back through the list hahaha @jusdance_89
eshaaa_babee - dreuhh_17 - kristimarieexoxo -
Keepin baby mama calm as Sean and Brad do a #HalfIronman in Racine, Wisconsin #nobabyyet #goodluckboys
halfironman - goodluckboys - nobabyyet - lifewiththechrismans -
staceychrisman : #lifewiththechrismans
pagefaucet - jpball_115 - gabymunoz - brianjfischer -
Vicky says morning! #nobabyyet #foalwatch #horses
horses - foalwatch - nobabyyet -
robyn_photo - ettae55 - ava.turner - ksweno -
Ret ta go! Been in this hospital too long. I will not have him here!!! 9 hours and counting... #Hungry #pissed #annoyed #justfortesting #nobabyyet #5moreweeks #ugh
ugh - nobabyyet - annoyed - 5moreweeks - hungry - pissed - justfortesting -
elijah_mommie26 : @twistedxlogic your going to stress him out. Then your going to have to have a C-Section. You don't want or need that. Find something to take your mind off it and or someone to make you laugh. Unfortunately I'm not funny so I can't help to much.
jerseysoprano : Just imagine 2 Aries together, and a Leo. My Dad called us crazy because of our attitudes, lol! Maybe, just maybe, he will be born August 17th. My Dad's Birthday. Since you hated on Aries and all, lol!
jerseysoprano : At any rate. Glad you and your little one are well. 😘
twistedxlogic : @elijah_mommie26 lol I just left. I appreciate the advice. Thanks love. I'm just ready to get in the bed.
twistedxlogic : @jerseysoprano lmao funny thing is he's due the 19th. But thanks babe. We're fine.
elijah_mommie26 : @twistedxlogic No problem. I know the feeling
mrsaizsha_101 : Hope ur ok boo?!
twistedxlogic : @mrsaizsha_101 I'm fine. :-)
seemeflyiam - jennroyale - darleficent - gorgeousplus_mua -
All smiles at the mamas dr appt. #stillpregnant #nobabyyet #stubbornhikelbabies
stillpregnant - stubbornhikelbabies - nobabyyet -
tonyandjules - aokaysee - photogirlkari - schrist2 -
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU TIFFANY..... Love you so very much!!!! #canwait #nobabyyet #hugandkisses #soontobemom πŸ˜˜β€οΈπŸ‘ΆπŸŽ‚πŸŽ‰πŸŽŠπŸŽˆ
soontobemom - canwait - nobabyyet - hugandkisses -
tiffany_theoneandonly : Thank you ma!!! πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ @ann_e_tt_e_
ar_lewis : Your daughter looks exactly like you.
ann_e_tt_e_ : Thanks @ar_lewis
ann_e_tt_e_ - peggyloves_tink - ar_lewis - hbgirl512 -
Date night! #hotmama #nobabyyet @annikawacker
hotmama - nobabyyet -
thereselorenius : Supersnygg @annikawacker
annikawacker : Tack @thereselorenius 😘
malin_molle : @annikawacker looking good!!😘😘
claudia.toledo : G, you are a lucky man! Snygging! HΓ₯ller tummarna fΓΆr att bebisen kommer imorgon ❀
annikawacker : @malin_molle & @claudia.toledo Tack tack!
sarakaver : Yeah baby!!!! 😘😘😘
yamalo : U look great @annikawacker ! Really +22, can t believe it! Take care of the future mummy @swissg
karolinastjerna - annaekstrommingen - oddmia - rosdahloscar -
Two years ago @jefffrandsen and I met when he shot my wedding. Yesterday I was able to help shoot his and @lizriden's BEAUTIFUL day!! πŸ˜ƒ But that meant these were the ONLY iPhone pictures I got πŸ˜‚ #whenfrandsbecomelovers #nobabyyet
nobabyyet - whenfrandsbecomelovers -
jefffrandsen : Thank you for being awesome! I can't wait to see what you and @brookecourtney captured! :) I have no doubt you captured it perfectly!
agnes_in_disguise : @jefffrandsen congrats!!! πŸŽ‰β€οΈπŸ‘πŸ’
northernbelle53 - teeniemartin518 - briannadm - norwayne213665 -
fit for the wall // fitting room wallpaper at miss selfridge orchard gateway X future baby's room wallpaper (I'm thinking far, far, faaaaaar ahead) β€’ spent more time staring at the wallpaper than at reflections of me in clothes I might potentially bring home #nobabyyet #notgettingmarriedyeteither #justplanningwayahead #vscocamsg #vscocam #wallpaperdesign #burberryprorsum #missselfridge #orchardgateway
vscocam - burberryprorsum - notgettingmarriedyeteither - orchardgateway - nobabyyet - missselfridge - wallpaperdesign - vscocamsg - justplanningwayahead -
ssimgecan - cheesepotion - joestpierre - _kaluzka_ -
Mobile making. #stillnesting #nobabyyet
stillnesting - nobabyyet -
morganjeanelizabeth - trishahay - bynicolekim - bigfriendco -
#Babyshower #itsagirl #yay #imadeit #nobabyyet
babyshower - nobabyyet - yay - itsagirl - imadeit -
pinderhughes : Daaaamn mamaa!
_theincredible_d : 😊😊 you look great !
itz_killakarii : U guys look so adorable @beautiful_monster8136
beautiful_monster8136 : @pinderhughes @_theincredible_d @itz_killakarii thank you all ❀️
china472 - desicasterlin - vickivamp19 - motherof3as -
Having a consult on whether I want pain meds or not. This video is from 1998 and all I have to say is that labor without drugs looks really annoying. #pregnancyproblems #pregnancyproblems #mamatobe #nobabyyet #37weeks #augustbaby #babygirl #tiredofbeingpregnant
pregnancyproblems - mamatobe - 37weeks - nobabyyet - augustbaby - tiredofbeingpregnant - babygirl -
fuzion_flo : That's a hard one. I wanted to have pain meds. But I went from 3cm's to holding Blake within 2 hours so I didn't have a choice to get the meds. Honestly I'm glad I didn't have any. Yeah it sucked but I rather the pain then any chance of my baby having problems. Also they say after a few years you forget the pain. That's bs but it's so worth it when you see their beautiful face and they look at you.
silverhawk03 : I went pain med free with my first kid. But I am debating this time whether or not I should go with pain meds. It is a hard decision to make.
sammyjones57 : @fuzion_flo @silverhawk03 Right now I told them I wanted an epideral done. I may change my mind when I go into actual labor because everyone is different. I may say ok I can do this or screw it. My sister went so quick she couldn't get one...that's why she didn't have her next kid until 13 years later LOL
brandie125 : DRUGS!!! Lol to each is there own. I still remember telling mom after Bree with no drugs that I still hurt. Since she kept saying once you hold her you will forget about the pain. LIES lol I hurt like hell! But wouldn't trade her for the world.
sammyjones57 : @brandie125 Judging by that contraction I had this morning I see no point in being pain if I have the option of not! Each their own but this mama is gonna need some edge taken off so I don't knock the shit outta someone :)
brandie125 - jack808fla - mikeberkheimer - cecilieheimli -
I got my button!! 36 weeks today!! #nobabyyet #homestretch #babylove #finalcountdown β™‘β™‘β™‘
babylove - finalcountdown - nobabyyet - homestretch -
_stef87 - amberinco -
Had a few random contractions last night, but they stopped when I went to bed...so no baby yet! #preggo #pregnant #pregnancy #keepcalm #stillpregnant #nobabyyet #mommyisready #thirdtrimester #almosttime #dueinjuly #37weeks4days #thirtysevenweeks #anydaynow #readyformyson
thirdtrimester - pregnant - stillpregnant - dueinjuly - keepcalm - mommyisready - almosttime - nobabyyet - preggo - 37weeks4days - pregnancy - anydaynow - thirtysevenweeks - readyformyson -
raspberryteas : Wow like it!
poorchelsea - ughemotions - ayee_emmm - kelsd23 -
πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ I like this one too! #41weeks pregnant! #carmela #sheiscozy #nobabyyet #norush :)
norush - 41weeks - nobabyyet - sheiscozy - carmela -
k_sweetz87 - crystaal254 - missjrabbit05 - mrs_brittani -
our cute little christmas tree! β™₯
cute - cozy - loveit - gettingcloser - nochristmaswithoutatree - waitingtobringitin - nobabyyet - christmastree - thick - oursmallchristmastree - stillpregnant - tree - gotwhatiwanted - noplanstogetout - outside - green - small - christmasisintheair - happy -
waalnutz : #oursmallchristmastree #outside #waitingtobringitin #small #cute #cozy #green #tree #christmastree #nochristmaswithoutatree #gotwhatiwanted #thick #gettingcloser #loveit #christmasisintheair #happy #stillpregnant #nobabyyet #noplanstogetout
zara_652 - koorf - fishydirt - mattssonemma -
sista besΓΆket hos barnmorskan idag dΓ₯! sen fΓ₯r bebis ta och komma ut snart!
checkup - babyisnotinahurry - early - nobabyyet - dontlikeit - cold - nootherplanstoday - stillwaiting - stillpregnant - lastcheckuptoday - duedateisthisweek - wellsee - tounge - hopeeverythinglooksalright - hatethiseternalwait - hospital - scarf -
waalnutz : #stillpregnant #stillwaiting #nobabyyet #lastcheckuptoday #duedateisthisweek #babyisnotinahurry #hatethiseternalwait #dontlikeit #hopeeverythinglooksalright #checkup #hospital #wellsee #tounge #scarf #cold #nootherplanstoday #early
eriicanielsen - aagnesagness - koorf - juliemmie -
Terminsdato-selfie! Bliver samlet op til brunch af @nadialassen meget snart πŸ΄πŸ˜›β€ #nobabyyet #venteventevente #trΓ¦t #troedevandkunvarnogetmandrak #selfie #preggo #waiting #duedate #baby
selfie - venteventevente - preggo - troedevandkunvarnogetmandrak - waiting - træt - baby - nobabyyet - duedate -
slinkypiinky : Uuh er det termin i dag??? πŸ™ˆπŸ™‰πŸ™Š Kom sΓ₯ ud, baby!
slinkypiinky : Og hvor er du smuk😍
nadialassen : Smukke 😘
katrinefrokiaer : SΓ₯ det tid til indisk mad πŸ˜‰
kbroager : Ja det er @slinkypiinky !!! Meget vild fΓΈlelse 😊 @katrinefrokiaer - jeg spiste faktisk mexicansk igΓ₯r...men mΓ₯ gΓ₯ all in pΓ₯ indisk idag!
sund_mad_hver_dag : PΓΈj pΓΈj de nΓ¦ste par dage, det bliver den vildeste oplevelse πŸ’š HΓ₯ber ellers du har det dejligt og hils Nadia.
anettereichelt - heleneskade - metteporksen - sutsko666 -
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