Family Sunday sandwich. Hazel is the mustard! Dying to add one more to the crew! #nobabyyet #babywatch2015 #myfavoritepeople
babywatch2015 - nobabyyet - myfavoritepeople -
brooke_norsworthy : So so cute. Hope you have a debut very soon!
ginamarierw : Enjoy the time with only one!
virginia_yi : So close!! Hang in there! Your fam is beautiful.
silverpencils - mkh0615 - yinthinks - msimon10 -
#GoodMorning #9MonthsPregnant #NoBabyYet... #ItsAGirl #Aliyana baby, why you no come out???
nobabyyet - aliyana - 9monthspregnant - itsagirl - goodmorning -
consuelas_girls : LoL @alwaysant weak....
alwaysant : LMAO! You couldn't hang in 20° degree weather
consuelas_girls : @alwaysant yes i can its just in our blood
alwaysant : Have you ever seen snow in person?
consuelas_girls : @alwaysant lmao yes of course we get snow like an hr half away thats every great blue moon tho...
alwaysant : Lol I know someone that moved over here from California and he's never seen snow in person.
consuelas_girls : @alwaysant what lol thats just nuts...
alwaysant : That's what I said. Weirdo lol
happybabywrap - marisela_felix - staceygfn - kingscorpiothaman -
While everyone is having their babies, I'm over here like...πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. #myfridaynight #pregnancyproblems #pregolife #nobabyyet #38weekspregnant #39weekspregnant on Monday.
pregnancyproblems - 38weekspregnant - nobabyyet - 39weekspregnant - myfridaynight - pregolife -
nacs_ela_the_glam_ma : @thunder_cat99 omg how cute but yet sooooo uncomfortable πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. No worries your bundle of joy will be here in no time. God Bless
sasha_ms_fierce : πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
thunder_cat99 : @nacs_ela_the_glam_ma πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ it definitely is getting uncomfortable, but I can't complain though. This pregnancy hasn't been too bad. I just can't wait to have her here! Thank you so much! I hope all is well. πŸ˜˜πŸ˜„
thunder_cat99 : πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜„ @sasha_ms_fierce
nacs_ela_the_glam_ma : @thunder_cat99 Thankfully yes ... God Bless! Rest and enjoy the belly. Truly is a blessing πŸ’–πŸ˜
lifeofmarleen : Haha πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
shak_bahr : @napplecakes81
napplecakes81 : Too mean lol @shak_bahr
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Relaxation time #stretchmarks #nobabyyet #bubblebath #40weekspregnant #5daysoverdue #exhausted πŸ˜“
40weekspregnant - nobabyyet - bubblebath - exhausted - stretchmarks - 5daysoverdue -
cebtruman : Have a blessed day!
hjays : :( x
happybabywrap : ♥
missjcrisafio : Hurry up Aleijna!!!! Ahhhh
stephannepeters - louiserm97 - hjays - breann_swag -
Must focus on the positives although today i will allow myself to say that ttc sucks!! #ttc #frer #fmu #bfn #ttccommunity #ttcsisters #11dpo #bbt #fertility #nobabyyet #staypositive #thyroid #tryingforbaby
thyroid - fertility - ttcsisters - tryingforbaby - 11dpo - ttccommunity - fmu - bfn - staypositive - nobabyyet - ttc - frer - bbt -
nattie_bop : But it's time to get healthy now !! I'll help you and well stick at it πŸ’— xxx
clairelouisec81 : Thank you ❀ We can do this xxxx
getting_fit_ttc : You aren't out until she shows her ugly face and I hope that evil b*tch doesn't show for you!
clairelouisec81 : Thank you @getting_fit_ttc she is evil!!! Yes they did ☹ I only started temping this month, I got excited as had a dip 8dpo then a rise back up 9dpo but then went down really low again. I have just discovered fertility friend so will use that to track it next cycle. Xx
getting_fit_ttc : :( well hopefully next month brings a BFP for you!! Fx!
clairelouisec81 : Thank you m, fx for you too, next month will hopefully be the one for us both 😊 x
baby_vidz : Beautiful!
clairelouisec81 : 😊
blackalecat - lesbian_ttc_moms - getting_fit_ttc - apieceofmyheart_ -
#pregnancy #nobabyyet #nothingfits
pregnancy - nothingfits - nobabyyet -
mis_oklahoma - annette.aycock.x - kkbondd - jenna__fulcher -
#tbt to when my sister stole my iPad and left some attractive gifts behind. Here's hopin that her daughter doesn't come out looking like this! Can't wait to meet the little nugget! #aliensister #nobabyyet #soon
nobabyyet - tbt - aliensister - soon -
ktnug - scorpiuspro13 - decremert14 - mjohanesen -
Roligt att åka tunnelbanan i Stockholm och ingen reser sig för att erbjuda sin plats, fast man har gått fyra dagar över beräknad datum #noseatforpregnantwoman #politeswedes #nobabyyet
noseatforpregnantwoman - politeswedes - nobabyyet -
elisa_fossati : I also experience that ! It's so bad 😑
mokkilitli - ingabachmann - benniocska - adhdkisan -
It's the little thingsπŸ‘ #Shasta #gingerale #hospital #nobabyyet #30weeks
gingerale - hospital - nobabyyet - shasta - 30weeks -
gmsxofficial - andreapierno1213 - bettyboop1566 - m.blackstone -
Lol this is what it looks like not having a baby yet!!! Ba ha ha dog becomes the closest thing to a baby. Lol lol πŸ˜³πŸ˜πŸ˜œπŸ˜‚ #nobabyyet #justadog #maybeanotherdog #pics #ourphotoshoot #yup #loveforyourpet #shesmybaby @jerielayala
yup - pics - maybeanotherdog - nobabyyet - shesmybaby - loveforyourpet - ourphotoshoot - justadog -
absortz - _victoria93_ - v_ronica_ - lanymarie4 -
Lol this is what it looks like not having a baby yet!!! Ba ha ha dog becomes the closest thing to a baby. Lol lol πŸ˜³πŸ˜πŸ˜œπŸ˜‚ #nobabyyet #justadog #maybeanotherdog #pics #ourphotoshoot #yup #loveforyourpet #shesmybaby @jerielayala
yup - pics - maybeanotherdog - nobabyyet - shesmybaby - loveforyourpet - ourphotoshoot - justadog -
establish3labels : I like this! β˜€
_victoria93_ - ariintheskyy - checksnoopy - lanymarie4 -
Well today is my due date.. 40 weeks!πŸ‘ΆπŸŽ€ #nobabyyet #jan18
nobabyyet - jan18 -
hells.belle : Good luck, mama ❀️
riorvr : Gah!!!!!! I'm freaking out!
cristiancyrus - grandmastastevey - tuffghoul - sarahhrader -
#hospital #falsealarm #tired #no fun #nobabyyet
hospital - no - nobabyyet - falsealarm - tired -
cheyenneautum16 - break_a_bitch_down - sallygustafson - kacielynn15 -
Chillin with my baby. Had a rough and emotional day. #infertility #infertilitysucks #clomid #fail #nobabyyet
clomid - fail - infertilitysucks - nobabyyet - infertility -
infertilitysupport - dianaandersona - shezlosesweightt -
This is so true .. #40weeks #imsotired #nobabyyet
nobabyyet - 40weeks - imsotired -
jennifer_bithell : Poor thing! We are excited though!
__oceanblue : I'd be dying omg!!! πŸ˜•
ale_fern93 : Thanks jennifer we'll definitely call you when hes here..Can't wait till you have your own 😊 @jennifer_bithell
ale_fern93 : thats what it feels like!!! I've tried everything already 😟 @__oceanblue
__oceanblue : He's gonna be here in no time πŸ˜‰
gbetemit - lizzy_meda - milambv - mare125 -
Another false alarm .. Contractions but yet again NO BABY .. shes gonna end up waiting till our due date when she decide to come out .. #36weeks #9months #babygirl #falsealarm #cantdeal #contractions #nobabyyet #waitinggame #anyday #iloveyou #mommysprincess
36weeks - babygirl - contractions - mommysprincess - cantdeal - falsealarm - 9months - waitinggame - anyday - iloveyou - nobabyyet -
ourfamilyx : walk mama walk πŸ’–
moose8232001 : Good luck
_kaykaybaby_ : I tried everything and still nothing but contractions .. Ima just sit back and let her do her thing .. Shes aint ready to come out .. @ourfamilyx @moose8232001
audri_bee : Perfection takes time and patience :)
catidean : Bounce on a medicine ball, and lots of walking and sex
silversaddle306 : It's gonna happen soon she is letting you know Mommy I am spoiled I will come on my time god bless!
_kaykaybaby_ : I know shes letting me know shes aint ready to come out yet .. Ima just let her do her thing and she will let me know when its time . Thank you 😊 @silversaddle306
dagoooooooof - moose8232001 - happybabywrap - kodijennings_84 -
#Nope #nobabyyet #shedoesntwanttocomeout #hurryplease #wewanttomeetyou #anxious #impatientlywaiting
anxious - shedoesntwanttocomeout - nobabyyet - wewanttomeetyou - impatientlywaiting - nope - hurryplease -
nani_g92 : Lmfaoo stupid @betchaheardbouteli
mandaleeg : Lool
amezsandra : Ask your doctor about getting your membranes swept. I had it done with my son at 39wks pregnant because I was just too uncomfortable. By early the next morning I started contractions and he was born 6 hours later lol ... Just a thought!
betchaheardbouteli : I've been reading a lot about that too. I have an appointment next tuesday. I will talk to her. @amezsandra
amezsandra : Awesome. Hopefully you've given birth before then though! ;) I know all too well how hard it can be towards the end of pregnancy. Good luck!
betchaheardbouteli : Thank you! @amezsandra
pura_uva_mamii : @bettypat πŸ˜‚
bettypat : I know!! I'm getting desperate lol @pura_uva_mamii
stefy_boo88 - amezsandra - ricanstrawberry4u - pura_uva_mamii -
This is it little one, if you don't make your appearance today, you can officially consider your evacuation notice served! We want you here now! #pregnancy #duedate #nobabyyet #excited #teampink #firsttimemum
firsttimemum - nobabyyet - pregnancy - teampink - duedate - excited -
louisep94 : So exciting! Praying for you :) xx
crystal.sams2014 - louisep94 - debblepebble - naomi_millar -
#40weekspregnant #whereareyou #comeoutnow #nobabyyet #uncomfortable #tired #stillwaiting #wewanttomeetyou
40weekspregnant - uncomfortable - tired - wewanttomeetyou - nobabyyet - comeoutnow - whereareyou - stillwaiting -
electric431 : this picture is so great! β˜€
zombieladie : Soon lady!
happybabywrap : ♥
govt_cheese - rms_flipflop - themegancasas - better_me_14 -
Let it snow ❄️ #hospitaltime #nobabyyet πŸ’• @sarac412
hospitaltime - nobabyyet -
kellykingston : I can't believe it is already happening!!!
meganrose720 : @kellykingston not yet! False alarm! 3 more weeks or less!
lucyyall - sarac412 - missitaliaaa - jlee2124 -
No matter what, I am a mom by the end of this week πŸšΌπŸ’•πŸ’‘ #nobabyyet #soon #41weeks #pregnant #preggo #pastdueday #overtid #igangsetting #sta #baby #momtobe #babygirl #hurry #cantwait #countdown
babygirl - hurry - igangsetting - sta - pregnant - soon - preggo - countdown - nobabyyet - pastdueday - baby - overtid - 41weeks - momtobe - cantwait -
deadv5b : this photo is so great! β˜€
monma89 - jentestaesj - frknguyen - linda_hammer87 -
KC showing off her #ink from this weekend. #toddlertat #lifeasus #greatweekend #bringonmonday #nobabyyet
nobabyyet - ink - greatweekend - lifeasus - bringonmonday - toddlertat -
jeanasander - melindaanncosta - nellymirchi - itsamommymomworld -
How i feel right now due on tuesday and no baby yet .... #doubletap #noenergyleft #nobabyyet #jacobnoelcervantes #jan13 #jan2015 #ughhh
jacobnoelcervantes - ughhh - doubletap - pregnancyhumor - nobabyyet - noenergyleft - jan13 - jan2015 -
jacobnoelsmommy : #pregnancyhumor
beaautifulsinner - oh_my_jaz - lanismommy624 - ayye_bianca75 -
She is crazy!!! Lol. @vanessazavala96 #nobabyyet #shehasbabyfever #crazychild #notanytimesoon
notanytimesoon - nobabyyet - crazychild - shehasbabyfever -
b_doggy94 : The part you blocked off looks like a penis
mariiiiiiiii05 : Haha it does. @b_doggy94
b_doggy94 : Very mature Maria πŸ˜‘
mariiiiiiiii05 : I didn't even see it until you pointed it out!! πŸ’ @b_doggy94
sarahg11 : Well you over there too much like yall married. Where is the ring? @mariiiiiiiii05
ispeakmj : Why does that sound like all our friends? Difference is Mike and I want it too!
mariiiiiiiii05 : Callese @sarahg11
elianarellano : Hey, Arellano is a name you to be proud of. Lol just do it ! 😜
orodc - _liz07 - lilmsbarbie - jeanetteee12 -
At the #portseapolo with my classy mates #portseapub #nobabyyet
portseapolo - nobabyyet - portseapub -
artbyduff - davidphilipharrison - facci90 - sevenmelbourne -
We have a five year old in the house! His birthday treasures include a bike horn, pom-poms, rope, a padlock, feathers, a stapler, knitting needles, yarn, screws, a drill and sparkly Christmas garland, and he couldn't be happier! #birthdaytime #no #nobabyyet
nobabyyet - birthdaytime - no -
meike03 : Happy birthday Daniel!🎈
theneeshmarket : Happy birthday Daniel! Love from Preston x
mariskaldenboer : congratulations Daniel! Sounds like he will be crafty and creative like his mum! Hope you're doing ok too:) @ruthdevostextileart
mariskaldenboer - dekcoleve - tegan_burford - brendagaelsmith -
quick pit stop before returning to work after my 38wk appointment - quite possibly the best latte I've ever had! #nobabyyet
nobabyyet -
esaustrel : Looks heavenly
kalamgray : 38 weeks! πŸ˜„
kalamgray - maryannesau - ladypeju - rachaelg12 -
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