I dare you! I double dare you motherfucker! 😂 #mood #mademelaugh #pulpfiction #samuelljackson #nobabyyet #thirdtrimester
samuelljackson - thirdtrimester - nobabyyet - mood - mademelaugh - pulpfiction -
shannie1995 : must.... resist... :P
telecoloromando10 : Follow @realquentintarantinofanclub!!!!!!!!!!!
sametozuak - neverendingvalley - beth8313szk - mommalotuslove -
Let's see where we travel to next. 👫✈️ #nobabyyet
nobabyyet -
bg4bama : @skyeguy
skyeguy - _mariilee - brianvq - marlennyyy_ -
Faith Rx'd conference day 3. Great instruction from the kettlebell guru, Jeff Martone. @lizandpetey 36 weeks pregnant and still crushing it. #faithrxd, #ironsharpensiron7, #nobabyyet.
faithrxd - nobabyyet - ironsharpensiron7 -
rcg4008 : Killin it with the hashtagz.
petesgaragegym : You have to respect the hashtag.
beaner6 : Liz looks fantastic 😉
ajos12 - bporter07 - walk136 - beaner6 -
Waiting waiting waiting....#pastmyduedate #nobabyyet #discouraged
nobabyyet - pastmyduedate - discouraged -
t4r4e : Today's the day!!!
emsewaju - jalvarez1202 - bnconrad - danycartwright -
👫👫🍜🍜 Ramen Double Date #momofukunoodlebar #nobabyyet
nobabyyet - momofukunoodlebar -
jbuffman - erin_moran10 - xaa1 - figgypuddinz -
#babymoon #palmsprings #nobabyyet
nobabyyet - palmsprings - babymoon -
happybabywrap : ♥
happybabywrap - ali_d1221 - midcenturymobler - daddyunit91 -
Gotta Love Stanford Hospital Service! Staff are great... They always giving the best! 🚑🏥 #Comamos #ComplementarySnacks #NoBabyYet #Almost #Junior
comamos - almost - nobabyyet - complementarysnacks - junior -
christian_y_karen - chriz650 - mayeprincess650 - _burbujo_r6s -
Yup. #nobabyyet
nobabyyet -
booskiiie -
current mood: roo on a fall morning #nobabyyet #roothecavapoo
nobabyyet - roothecavapoo -
mrs_meankow : #whereisbabycoco
meankow : You sure that's not a wig?
harrissf : Really in to the new hash #whereisbabycoco
cscanlon_sounds - _juniorix_ - annettemccormick - lc1124 -
Basically.... #yolo #worldtravel #nobabyyet #whoswithme #truestory
yolo - worldtravel - nobabyyet - truestory - whoswithme -
amarieklapp - pillersa - darock2062 - renatadasduas -
Yup that about sums it up 😧👶 #39weeks #Shay #preggoproblems #icantgetup #canttouchmytoes #exhausted #nobabyyet #thestruggle #anxious #Excited #Blessed #Happyfriday #Family #cantwaittoloveyouup #worthitall #wontchangeathing 💙😊
worthitall - exhausted - canttouchmytoes - blessed - nobabyyet - 39weeks - family - icantgetup - shay - cantwaittoloveyouup - anxious - preggoproblems - thestruggle - happyfriday - wontchangeathing - excited -
michibry - kingbraille - englishrose_in_wonderland_ - kinggixxer -
All I can think about today is hair. Hair. Hair. Working on a mannequin gotta stay sharp and inspired! #maternityleave #nobabyyet #lovewhatyoudo #dowhatyoulove #alwayslearning #hairstylist #cosmetology #beautyoperator
maternityleave - lovewhatyoudo - cosmetology - hairstylist - alwayslearning - dowhatyoulove - nobabyyet - beautyoperator -
munsterrrr - kiahlynncampbell - showty_30 - jlwease -
nobabyyet - impatientlywaiting - 40weeks - allcaps - wcw -
siiin_d : Tell that baby to come out!!!!! Helloooooo i keep checking your page everyday to see if there's a baby and NOTHING. #hurryupbaby 👶
gee.chuck : Girl I tell him every night and morning! Lol like "come on baby, everyone is excited to meet you!!!" @siiin_d
joelballing - edwinnjc - gabbyygabb - susiecutie1 -
I can't wait to meet you, for I already love you. 39weeks#goingon40weeks#3moredaystillduedate#octoberbaby#nobabyyet#patientlywaiting#shestoocomfortableinthere#celinetang#readytomeetyou#anydaynow @janson_jenkins
goingon40weeks - patientlywaiting - 3moredaystillduedate - nobabyyet - shestoocomfortableinthere - readytomeetyou - anydaynow - octoberbaby - celinetang -
hanhmagana : Jocelyn came two days before and I wanted her out the week before ! Lol
hanhmagana : Congrats again dear !
janson_jenkins : Can't wait to meet our baby too. She's coming on her own terms. When's she's ready. Already in love.
s___nguyenn_ : Omg she's adorable from the out side. I love it!!!
ttthanhnguyen : Holy cow!!! Tina!!😱😱😱 hurry and pop already!
teena_votang : Thanks ladies!
teena_votang : @ttthanhnguyen she doesn't wanna come yet 😔lol
ttthanhnguyen : Go walk
christinetrang9 - hanguyen412 - jpham414 - karleehussey1 -
Is it baby time or am I helping with the respiratory students!? Hello my name is Emma, Emma Royds 💁 #rrt #babymama #nobabyyet
babymama - rrt - nobabyyet -
wjthornton0712 : I almost freaked out when I saw the picture without the caption lol
cawwie22 - big_country_222 - sarah_scarllet - breighaamac -
He was estimated to be due today or yesterday, but still no baby. 😖 #itsaboy #almostthere #newmom #mommylife #pregnant #40weekspregnant #nobabyyet
newmom - 40weekspregnant - mommylife - pregnant - nobabyyet - itsaboy - almostthere -
missaccha : @littlelailawolf good luck to you as well!! Thank you!
prettypika : Still no Greyson?! How are you holding up?
prettypika : @missaccha
missaccha : @prettypika no Greyson yet. I'm just really exhausted. Lol
prettypika : @missaccha congrats girl!! Greyson is so handsome! How are you doing?
missaccha : @prettypika thank you! Hehe. Well Greyson does take after his dad. Lol. I'm doing okay. Just still drugged up from the epidural and anesthesia so I'm still a little droopy.
prettypika : @missaccha I'm glad to hear you and Greyson are well! Can't wait till you guys are home so Sam can take lots of photos to post and share on IG. 😉☺️💞
missaccha : @prettypika oh trust me he's already taken a lot of photos. He just needs time to edit it all up. Lol. Thank you!
rapunzel_erina - theseboots4crawling - babybellyblog1 - y_meii -
Getting ready to start a new adventure... #nobabyyet
nobabyyet -
youknowitsk : Don't go into the light
supermatt10 - qmedley - kellyvalla - pantanap -
Reminding myself of this during the home stretch 😊 #tryingtorelax #makingababy #37weeks #pregnant #prodromallabor #sucks #painallday #nobabyyet #stillcookin #lovehimsomuch #babygabe #takeallthetimeyouneeddude
prodromallabor - takeallthetimeyouneeddude - 37weeks - pregnant - stillcookin - sucks - tryingtorelax - painallday - makingababy - babygabe - lovehimsomuch - nobabyyet -
mrsdink62911 : Almost done cookin love :) I know its almost impossible to get comfortable right now :( Try and rest as much as you can. :)
just__janelle : Thanks love! I finally got a decent nights rest last night after bringing a huge couch cushion to bed and propping myself up. For the past week I have contractions about 7-10mins apart that last for a few hours and then go away. He is also +1 station in my pelvis which is the most uncomfortable feeling ever. It's just a waiting game at this point! @mrsdink62911
mrsdink62911 : Oh honey I can feel your pain :( Well I'm so excited for you . It will be go time before you know it :) Miss you lots honey :)
just__janelle : Oh yes! A very short amount of discomfort for a huge pay off! Miss you too! @mrsdink62911
andreverie : I'm 37 weeks and having a rough day. I don't know how I'm going to make it. ❤️
just__janelle : Hang in there! Growing a human is tough work, but such a privilege. I remind myself that there are thousands and thousands of women who struggle with infertility and would give anything for my worst day. @andreverie
andreverie : True story, @just__janelle 💌
kndrabth - raisingktj - hlemig - amyyrem -
Loving artichoke season! #strangecravings #nobabyyet #eatandwait #notthatbad #foodie #letsenjoythislife
letsenjoythislife - notthatbad - foodie - strangecravings - nobabyyet - eatandwait -
annaleena_karlsson : Så gott!!
lisaaddo : Mums! Och vackert☆
tiinsta - edelundav - aloe22 - lisaaddo -
Good morning! Kiyomi had some good contractions last night so cross your fingers, hoping for an introduction very soon :) ➖➖➖➖ With all the baby stuff is going on, we also have some exciting news in our fitness business! Two new workouts are available to stream RIGHT NOW. It's a sneak peek and the program will be released this December. Want to try it and hundreds of other workouts for FREE? Sign up at or message me with any questions. Have someone who might be interested?? Feel free to like and share this pic. Thanks! #nobabyyet #maybeSOON #newworkouts #hammerandchisel #streaming #crossyourfingers
hammerandchisel - crossyourfingers - nobabyyet - streaming - maybesoon - newworkouts -
magsreckers - asianfaerie - ber2wild - el_lobo9 -
Yay looks like ill be getting my October baby after all 🙏🏼 👶🏻💙😍 #hellooctober#nobabyyet#duetomorrow#hewaited#yay#octoberbaby#anytimenow#cmonbaby#lol#waiting#cantwait#excited#itsaboy#pregnant#40weeks#thisisthemonth#iwanted#babyontheway#fallbaby#beautifulmonth#everywhere
iwanted - cantwait - anytimenow - duetomorrow - fallbaby - nobabyyet - hewaited - hellooctober - cmonbaby - yay - pregnant - 40weeks - beautifulmonth - babyontheway - lol - waiting - thisisthemonth - everywhere - octoberbaby - itsaboy - excited -
nati425 : I said Saturday in the morning right? Haha
nedad7 : @nati425 yup, you said Oct 3rd before noon 😆 so well seeee.. I cant wait till youre waiting, cuz yours can also be either a Feb baby or March baby 😜
nati425 : I knooooowww haha but both are great I think Cuz feb we met and got married and March is the Eid month 🙌👀
nedad7 : @nati425 aww i know.. And We met in October, actually October 3rd to be exact so it would be super cool if you end up being right and he arrives this Saturday 😜
maral1985 : Omg 40 weeks already!! Good luck Neda joon 😘😘
alishamalinovskaya_ - canopy_contest_page - kandyshatter - danial_nouri123 -
View of #lakemichigan from Prentice at #sunset last night... #latergram #nobabyyet
nobabyyet - lakemichigan - sunset - latergram -
qmedley : Thinking of you three! Btw, I said something about Lexie and the baby in the car last night, and Jagger says "Did you know that if you replace the "L" with an "S" it's sexy instead of Lexie?" We all chuckled 😂
lexiedore : Ha! I hated when kids figured that out in grade school. I've since gotten over it!
ozzies5 : Hugs to the incubator and super dad!
zsuzzssi - lexiedore - mikechaberski - meggiehunsinger -
#baghaven 🌳#balsamforsjælen
balsamforsjælen - nobabyyet - baghaven -
_lineemilie_ : Der kan man da lave en masse go' meditation op til fødslen, hva' @michellethomsen__ ? 😋☺️👏🏻
michellethomsen__ : Det må man sige @_lineemilie_ 😄 og bare lade tankerne flyde 💭 Hvordan står det til hos dig?? #nobabyyet? 😉
_lineemilie_ : Dejligt 👏🏻👌🏻 jo tak, ingen baby endnu, nej.. Havde dog en dag med øveveer igår.. Troede lige 😒 #lillesnyder hehe.. Hvad med dig?
michellethomsen__ : Åh en lille snyder @_lineemilie_ 😄 man tror straks der er noget i gære! 😂 Ingen baby endnu. Men måtte forbi fødemodtagelsen i går fordi han slet ikke havde bevæget sig hele dagen og aftenen. Alt så heldigvis fint ud, han ligger bare på en sådan måde, så jeg ikke kan mærke sparkene 😊
_lineemilie_ : Det tror man nemlig 😂😁 uha, sikkert nervepirrende.. Godt der ikke var noget galt, dejligt at høre.. sådan havde jeg to dage søndag og mandag hvor han ikke rørte på sig 😬😳 men så igår skal jeg lige love for at der var fest 😂
michellethomsen__ : Haha! Ja det er altså lidt nervepirrende her til sidst med alle de tegn 😂 @_lineemilie_
_lineemilie_ : Meget haha 😂 og man lægger mærke til ALT 😁😂 @michellethomsen__
hannegunnarsen : Der har jeg gået med forskellige kærester <3
matildesj - _lineemilie_ - susannelopdrup - carlamynster -
Only this guy would take me hunting for my first time ever on my due date! @jeremypropper I love you! #babydaddy #nobabyyet #babypropper
babydaddy - nobabyyet - babypropper -
life.with.layla : Didn't scare her out?
mandycaudron : @life.with.layla NO! I don't no what to try next?! Lol
life.with.layla : @mandycaudron the exercise ball did the trick for me ! 20 bucks at Walmart
mandycaudron : @life.with.layla the way @jeremypropper drives threw fields I think is like the exercise ball 🙈 if not worse! Haha
kelseyvandeven - jeremypropper - unijenn - k.auld -
If Ava could speak full sentences she would tell you... She's a Komet! Coming Soon- New Address! #weboughtahouse #nobabyyet
nobabyyet - weboughtahouse -
hongliuw - ally_schlaeger11 - puddinandchips - bthammavongkeo -
#netflixandchill #NotForMe #singlelife #rainyday #ohwell #FuckIt #nobabyyet
fuckit - notforme - rainyday - singlelife - nobabyyet - ohwell - netflixandchill -
lennaertreitsema : @femkescheepstra ...
vscamacho : 😭😭😭😭😭
anamaria1109 - ivetteagain - lenamarinyc - vscamacho -
Wish we had a clearer shot of the #supermoonlunareclipse2015 Looks much better in person. Breaking the other camera to see what I can get. Are you watching for it?? #nobabyyet #waiting
nobabyyet - waiting - supermoonlunareclipse2015 -
asianfaerie - el_lobo9 - agentdcurtis - shawnmcarson -
Coming March 2016 #nobabyyet
nobabyyet -
jonelllemarie : 😂😂😂 best hashtag! So excited for you two!!!
courtneywyant : It's such a fun process! Congratulations!
lesleyblanton : So fun!!
britt_525 : Ahhhhh!!!!
deanflewis : Congrats sweet couple
ffabii : How exciting!! We miss youuu
lovelinds : You'll live right by us! We're in Lemont! Congrats!!!
ruthiefuller : What!!! No way congrats stephie!!!!
nmviggiano - maryhuisenga - russ_ian - almart630 -
Love josh's minnion bedroom #nobabyyet #Nanaistired #lovemyJosh
lovemyjosh - nobabyyet - nanaistired -
jillemmert -
#40weeks Bumpdate. Baby Ezra, it's been nice having you in my belly for ten months, but we all would like to meet you now! Your eviction notice is served! #duedate #nobabyyet #stillpregnant #40weekspregnant #septemberbabies #dueseptember #babyboy #babyezra #momswithtattoos #blessed #ftm #preggo #pregnancy
septemberbabies - 40weekspregnant - stillpregnant - ftm - blessed - preggo - babyezra - nobabyyet - momswithtattoos - pregnancy - babyboy - dueseptember - 40weeks - duedate -
markovthebeast : LAWD
chibebesnugglepod : Wow!
miss.serenitys.mommy : Lol! This is how im feeling too at 40 weeks 1 day!!
strengthinmybones : @expectingbabyr ah good luck!!!!! Hope we have our babies soon! I'm tired of false labor and just want him here already!
miss.serenitys.mommy : Good luck to you too ! :) I haven't had any signs of labor at all which is also super annoying
strengthinmybones : @expectingbabyr oh Jeeze!!! Well hopefully you will soon ! I had a false alarm earlier today and thought it was time then everything just fizzled out
miss.serenitys.mommy : That must have been disappointing!! >_<... Every time a feel the slightest cramp or nerve in my pelvic area I always hope that it's the start of contractions .. But so far nothing!
g.olli - _lilove_ - andi_0308 - miss.serenitys.mommy -
I. Am. So. Pregnant. 😭 Eat, Sleep, Repeat #itsmyduedate #10monthspregnant #nobabyyet #pleasecomeout
10monthspregnant - itsmyduedate - pleasecomeout - nobabyyet -
jacobbeech : @m.elisee that naked cat tho
limbobaby33 - ksimmonscpa - that_guy_layne - alisonlenay -
🐌 #Liam #love #weekend #snail #garden #family #familytime #viventerpålillebror #snegleerklamme #menhanhyggersig #findsneglfindsnegl #vejle #week42 #preggolife #nobabyyet #komud #41weeksand2days
love - garden - family - 41weeksand2days - menhanhyggersig - snegleerklamme - vejle - nobabyyet - liam - weekend - komud - preggolife - snail - findsneglfindsnegl - viventerpålillebror - week42 - familytime -
olga_kulyeshova - don_mehic - danishaesthetics - kylieraelloyd -
Min bonus ELSKER snegle 🐌 #Liam #love #weekend #snail #garden #family #familytime #viventerpålillebror #snegleerklamme #menhanhyggersig #findsneglfindsnegl #vejle #week42 #preggolife #nobabyyet #komud #41weeksand2days
love - garden - family - 41weeksand2days - menhanhyggersig - snegleerklamme - vejle - nobabyyet - liam - weekend - komud - preggolife - snail - findsneglfindsnegl - viventerpålillebror - week42 - familytime -
alexv164 - keeshamaria - fitmom_rach - _candersen -
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