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Good punk is good punk. #ninetypoundwuss #daylightsavingsman
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I started collecting cassettes a few months ago. Looking for old #toothandnailrecords and #solidstaterecords if anyone has a lead. #cassetteigclub #nonewkindastory
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robertchavers : That value pac cassette tho 😳
robertthehipster9 : THAT REBORN TAPE
_xojanice : Dude, seriously, that Value Pac cassette! @jacbo
seandurham : I went to a 90 lb wuss show when I was 11(?) and asked the singer to sign my poster, he scribbled lines on it and told me that autographs were stupid.
jacbo : @seandurham that's so punk rock that it's not punk rock...
jeffjoyal : WOW awesome collection! Brings me back to mid/late 90s!
vwbajakid : Nice! Takes me back. Skankin to the beat...
adamrecords : Nice
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Hands down favorite band of all time. Love these guys. #ninetypoundwuss "You boys are in Shelton, so beeewaaaare"
ninetypoundwuss - toothandnail -
6bvrn1chvrchxs6 : #toothandnail
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Today's Playlists: #ninetypoundwuss #thecootees #crashdog #blenderhead #noggintoboggan #theundecided #shorthanded #valuepac #philmore #toothandnail #toothandnailrecords
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theonlylivingboy : Oh man...I remember seeing every single one of these bands play in Omaha when my dad was a youth pastor and brought nearly every t&n act by....I was 7 or 8.
chaseforfeit : πŸ‘Œ
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Speaking of 90's Punk Rawk...found this pic of me I took for a Tooth & Nail Records biggest fan contest circa 1998/1999. I think we all know who should of won! #MxPx #thecootees #ninetypoundwuss #toothandnail #punkrawk #90s
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fozrotten : @sinkinginlaughing yes! Lol still a favorite!
runyon_caleb16 : You didn't win??? 😱😱
fozrotten : Sadly @runyon_caleb16 I was robbed of that victory!
px_chris : Nice!! πŸ‘πŸ‘
fozrotten : @tattoocollectorbarber83 I would of loved to of seen that! I'm from West Virginia, where was it at in Pennsylvania?
fozrotten : @tattoocollectorbarber83 that's exactly when I was coming up throwing shows here, we booked a lot of Tooth & Nail acts, Huntingtons, Slick Shoes, Hangnail, a lot of em, it was great!
fozrotten : @tattoocollectorbarber83 no I never heard of them, but when slick shoes came it was with Cooter who went on to be Auto Pilot Off and a band called Jersey who were both really good
6bvrn1chvrchxs6 : Dude that's awesome. My sisters were really good friends with Jeff and the guys from ninety pound wuss so those days are the best memories. So fun live
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Finding out that both of these bands were on Spotify made my week! Two great punk bands! Check them out! #ninetypoundwuss #ourcorpsedestroyed #ocd #npw #90lbwuss #punk #punkrock #streetpunk #hardcore #angryyoungandpoor
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The #WheretoShopforRecords trek now takes us to: Place: #PhoenixArizona's #RevolverRecords Record bought: #NinetyPoundWuss' #KickYouHard Price Tag: $0.50 Reason to shop at a #RecordStore #10: Free History Lessons! Ever wonder what life was like as a teenager in either the 60's, 70's or 80's? Strike up a conversation with just about anyone within a 17 foot radius of you. It is amazing what you'll find out (about the long-term affects of acid-use on the human brain)!
unoriginalvinylphoto - 10 - ninetypoundwuss - phoenixarizona - recordstore - thetravelogue - revolverrecords - kickyouhard - wheretoshopforrecords -
unoriginalvinylphoto : I would say that this place (and @DrStrangeRecords) have the unequivocally BEST post-1991 punk rock used seven inch selection I have ever seen... and that is saying a lot! I can't tell you the joy I felt of flipping through the used section & finding this bad boy hiding amongst the sleeves. I even filmed the experience (happening in real time) for my #TheTravelogue series, way back in 2010! #UnoriginalVinylPhoto
justinjimmie : @revolverrecords killin today! Love that place
brokencircles : Such a good band
thegeorgewhite : πŸ‘Œ
wintervisionstudios : πŸ‘
snohiceshavery : ❄
the405 : ✊
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Hey @kylejshaffer - picked up some high school classics today. #ocsupertones #ninetypoundwuss #ghotihook #mxpx #LPs #toothandnail
ninetypoundwuss - toothandnail - ghotihook - ocsupertones - mxpx - lps -
kylejshaffer : Haven't thought about 90 pound wuss in forever. That's rad.
jtorpen : Where did you get that Ghoti hook and MXPX?
iamtravis : @jtorpen a buddy had all of these duplicates. Got some more mxpx coming my way!
px_chris : Excellent snag!
thetravelogue : That is funny... How did you manage to get into a time machine, go into my last apartment and take that 90 lb wuss photo on my desk again? 😜
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#ninetypoundwuss #kickyouhard #5inch #vinyl #orangemarbledvinyl #punk #punkrock #rare 657-88-vinyl
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Just a few silly records that I've collected over the years.. Not all, but some of my @toothandnailrecordcollection #Unoriginalvinylphoto #ToothandNailRecords #vinyl #VinylIGclub @toothandnailrecords @solidstaterecords #SolidStateRecords #Anberlin #CraigsBrother #DanielsonFamilie #FurtherSeemsForever #GhotiHook #JoeChristmas #LivingSacrifice #Mae #MxPx #NinetyPoundWuss #SlickShoes #Strongarm #Underoath #Zao #Innermeans
unoriginalvinylphoto - zao - danielsonfamilie - ghotihook - slickshoes - vinyligclub - strongarm - vinyl - furtherseemsforever - toothandnailrecords - mxpx - solidstaterecords - ninetypoundwuss - livingsacrifice - joechristmas - anberlin - innermeans - mae - craigsbrother - underoath -
codythomas_79 : So disappointed in that sophomore Craig's brother album.
unoriginalvinylphoto : @amtctt I hear you man... It is a rocky ride, for sure... If you heard "The Insidious Lie," though, I think it makes up the difference
zombiewine : Love this!!! Do you have the original Zao / Through and Through vinyl from steadfast records?
unoriginalvinylphoto : @zombiewine negative! Cough it up! Haha
0staxxofwaxx0 : Ughhhh I wish I was smart enough to have picked up a copy of They're Only Chasing Safety when I saw Underoath touring in support of that album back in 2005. That was on repeat during my freshman year of college :P
unoriginalvinylphoto : Don't worry @staxxofwaxx it's comin' back around again
0staxxofwaxx0 : That's fantastic news! I just saw that they're going on tour again, but the new pressings of TOCS and DTGL can only be purchased if you buy a ticket for a show. I'm hoping they'll eventually sell the records separately.
unoriginalvinylphoto : @staxxofwaxx don't worry. There is money to be made... This is purely speculative, but my bet would be that the would be trying to get as much money directly in the bands pockets as possible first, before offering it up to retail stores and online as a single package (just a thought, but if it is the case, it's a pretty damned smart plan!)
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Ninety Pound Wuss Where Meager Die Of Self Interest - TNR1093 1997 Tooth&Nail Records
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chrisdelcurry : @ayedamron223
ayedamron223 : Yes!!! @chrisdelcurry
toothandnailrecordcollection : #NinetyPoundWuss #90lbWuss #wheremeagerdieofselfinterest #solidstaterecords #toothandnailrecords
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Was Kurt Cobain really the voice of a generation? Can art and commerce ever truly mix? Jeff Suffering and I discuss these topics and more in the first hour of our talk, going live tonight 6/12 at midnight Eastern! #urbanachiever #ninetypoundwuss
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My hearts feels life. #Nostalgia. #ninetypoundwuss
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_livefast_dielast_ : #Fadam
ricky4lou : @_livefast_dielast_ still on the inside of my middle finger, where it belongs! Haha.
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So last night I saw my favourite childhood band, MxPx, for the first time since I was 13. It was hilarious to watch all the 30-40 year old youth pastors getting sweaty in the mosh pit and screaming about high school crushes. Five Iron Frenzy opened and it was the most hilariously amazingly embarrassingly thing I've ever seen. MxPx is still the greatest band of all time. #mxpx #pxpx #pokinatcha #PunkRawkShow #fiveironfrenzy #toothandnail #90percentyouthpastors #truepunk #chickmagnet #vanswarpedtour #tonyhawkproskater #renandstimpy #slurpees #zits #youthgroup #diahrea #poptarts #popfarts #olliesonthegrass #chainwallets #soulpatchandsideburns #ninetypoundwuss
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max.berge : I remember hanging in your parents attic listening to grey skies turn blue being so stoked
ryanpenpen : I feel like I went dad, thanks for the memories.
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No one on the planet actually LIKES this #NinetyPoundWuss album... But it sure is a fun time! Their later catalogue proved that they were a pretty legitimate band... But this... Oh man.. Man...
ninetypoundwuss -
chaddls : I actually liked it. I agree it's a fun album. The later two showed them on a whole nother level.
thegeorgewhite : I like it. And I have that record.
familyfailingforward : @thetravelogue speaking of bands that changed. I loved this album but Shorthand Operation is even better.
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A #christianpunk band?! Yeahbuddy #ninetypoundwuss kills! Last post of the night.
ninetypoundwuss - christianpunk -
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This falls into the category of "so bad it's good". Ninety Pound Wuss- Self-titled on yellow marble vinyl. When I was in 11th grade I saw this band at the Pterodactyl in Marietta, GA. That show was one of my earliest introductions into "Christian" music. #ninetypoundwuss #90lbwuss #coloredvinyl #vinyl #vinyligclub #vinylporn #recordcollector #cratedigger #nowspinning #nowplaying #vinylcommunity #vinyljunkie #vinyladdict #record #records
coloredvinyl - ninetypoundwuss - 90lbwuss - nowplaying - nowspinning - cratedigger - vinyljunkie - vinyladdict - vinyligclub - vinyl - records - recordcollector - vinylcommunity - vinylporn - record -
mrslayerswift : Fuck I want that record
toweabunga : Yes
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#shaping #pizza #dough to #ninetypoundwuss #punkrock @sxe_john
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su.cress : Love it.
sxe_john : I might be the only person who would ever recognize that band.
ttwothomas : This makes me so happy! I hope your having as much fun as it looks!
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Ninety Pound Wuss - Ninety Pound Wuss 1996 Yellow Marbled Vinyl Tooth & Nail Records - TNR1055 "You boys're in Sheldon...so BEEEEWARRRE" This album cover is the reason you'll find "PUNX NOT DED" on everything I owned or came in contact with in middle school. They were also the opening band for #MxPx at my first show so if you want to get technical, I guess 90lb. Wuss was the first band I ever saw live. #ninetypoundwuss #90lbwuss #vinylcollection #vinyljunkie
vinyljunkie - mxpx - ninetypoundwuss - vinylcollection - 90lbwuss -
lindzellzz : Duuuude that brings me back
unoriginalvinylphoto : That was my first punk show as well
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#NinetyPoundWuss "Ninety Pound Wuss" | 1996 | 1,000 Pressed | Marble Yellow Vinyl #ToothandNailRecords 1st Pressing of this record. Song: "Responsability" #UnoriginalVinylPhoto #Vinyligclub #Vinyl #ColoredVinyl Thoughts: I posted the test pressing to this spastic record a while back, so I might as well post the real thing. I love the artwork here. It evokes a lot of nostalgia for me. Seeing these guys live, in this era, was a sight to behold.
unoriginalvinylphoto - coloredvinyl - vinyligclub - ninetypoundwuss - vinyl - toothandnailrecords -
chaddls : :-) Still love it.
ns2joel : @unoriginalvinylphoto I never got into these guys. Am I missing out?
unoriginalvinylphoto : @ns2joel No. You are really not. They are horrible. They were always horrible. That was really their charm... just terrible fun. Listen to the song "It All Goes Off" from this album, if you don't like it, there is certainly no chance of you liking anything else...
px_chris : Accurate description @thetravelogue.
ns2joel : @unoriginalvinylphoto haha!
spress78 : I agree, @unoriginalvinylphoto. Essentially, it was really loud, fast punk that allowed me to crash into other people. Spot on regarding the artwork.
thegeorgewhite : Yes! I have this vinyl!
business502 : Great record!
mrmattsvinylcollection - fabrixioskull - themustacheclubvinyl - medusarecordz -
#NinetyPoundWuss #KickYouHard #TNV11 #ToothAndNailRecords #JeffSuffering #RaftOfDeadMonkeys #SufferingAndTheHideousTheives
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purgeb4ubinge : Yes!
unoriginalvinylphoto : The only 5 inch record ever put out on Tooth and Nail
creatureandtheblackballoon : #NoNewKindaStory #90lbWuss
chaddls : I have that one, too.
px_chris : Almost bought this on eBay just a couple days ago.
crowsareblack : Old School Tooth & Nail!
business502 : I want this one so bad!
hackmaing : I have 2 copies
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Some #records from my #collection, just for fun. Here are volumes 1 & 3 of the Home Alive Benefit 98 split 7" series by Crash Records (Crash Rawk Records). Bands featured are: #thebloodbrothers #stilletto #90lbwuss (#ninetypoundwuss/#90poundwuss) #TheCaptives I am missing the second volume with #SevernaPark and I forget the other band. I bought these new, probably during a #BloodBrothers show at #rkcndy in #1998. Good stuff here. This is to accompany a post by @unoriginalvinylphoto. #vinyl #coloredvinyl #seveninches #seveninch #7inches #eps #crashrawkrecords #crashrecords #homealive #chromatics #record #recordcollection
seveninches - chromatics - rkcndy - collection - crashrecords - bloodbrothers - records - 90poundwuss - vinyl - recordcollection - 7inches - homealive - severnapark - coloredvinyl - thecaptives - ninetypoundwuss - seveninch - thebloodbrothers - 90lbwuss - 1998 - stilletto - eps - crashrawkrecords - record -
unoriginalvinylphoto : So rad... I didn't realize they did the Blood Brothers one in color..
paigexaffliction - lhoskinson -
#NinetyPoundWuss "Home Alive Benefit Vol. 3 (Split with #TheCaptives" | 1998 | Unknown Qty Pressed | Black Vinyl 7" #CrashRawkRecords 1st Pressing of this record. Song: "In Silence" #UnoriginalVinylPhoto #Vinyligclub #Vinyl Thoughts: This record is so punk rock that: - It came in a beat up, silk-screened Manila envelope. - #90lbwuss, as they are called here, recorded this only-available-here, new song for this release & put it out behind the backs of #ToothandNailRecords, in spite of their record contract (ironic, considering the label was also #JeffSuffering & his wife's only means of employment at the time). - A then-completely-unknown #BloodBrothers were also part of this label's split series (Vol 1, to be specific). - No one, except maybe the @brokencircles owner, has this obscurity in their collection (please someone, prove me wrong on this, maybe @purgeb4ubinge @creatureandtheblackballoon @spress78 or @brown_noize!).
unoriginalvinylphoto - thecaptives - ninetypoundwuss - jeffsuffering - 90lbwuss - crashrawkrecords - bloodbrothers - vinyligclub - vinyl - toothandnailrecords -
unoriginalvinylphoto : @chaddls NICE man! Would love to see yours! I found mine at that Everyday Music in Bellingham for $0.25!
chaddls : Crazy good deal! I bought mine at a show around when they first came out.
creatureandtheblackballoon : Idk, but I'm definitely gna be digging for it
creatureandtheblackballoon : Its,on my need list now. Thank u! Lol
spress78 : Didn't even know it existed!
brokencircles : I do have this! Great record. Nice slipmat. πŸ‘
unoriginalvinylphoto : @brokencircles reppin' that slipmat since tha beginning of the profile
calebisaacdaniels : I have 2 copies of this
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#NinetyPoundWuss "Ninety Pound Wuss" (Test Pressing) | 1996 | >5 Pressed | Black Vinyl #ToothandNailRecords 1st Pressing of this record. Song: "Something Must Break" #UnoriginalVinylPhoto #Vinyligclub #Vinyl #TestPressing Thoughts: How about a day of super-rare (less-than-five-ever-produced) Test Pressing Records? All from #ToothandNail? Sure, why not. It is an odd story of how this thing came to pass... If you look back through the #NinetyPoundWuss (or is it #90PoundWuss, or #90LbWuss? I can't remember) hashtag, you can follow the chronology of this test pressing's drawing an autographing by singer #JeffSuffering.
unoriginalvinylphoto - ninetypoundwuss - toothandnail - jeffsuffering - 90lbwuss - 90poundwuss - testpressing - vinyl - toothandnailrecords - vinyligclub -
x_dangeruss_x : Holy. shit. this is rad!
jacbo : Oh wow
dontcallmeruss : @creatureandtheblackballoon
creatureandtheblackballoon : @mynameisnotruss Daaamn!! Good albumz
spress78 : That is certainly impressive.
unoriginalvinylphoto : @deathmetal_moretz
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#NowSpinning #TheCootees #MxPx #NinetyPoundWuss #90lbWuss #GlowInTheDarkVinyl #LetsPlayHouse #ToothAndNailRecords #TNR1062 #NoNewKindaStory
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creatureandtheblackballoon : #vinyl #vinylcollection #vinylcollector #vinyligclub #vinylcollectionpost #vinyljunkie #vinylporn #vinyladdict #vinylrecords #vinylcommunity #records #recordcollection #recordcollectionpost #nowlistening #nowplaying #punk #punkmusic #poppunk
purgeb4ubinge : 😍😍
px_chris : This is awesome!! Great set up.
tommierosie : Omg 90 lb Wuss!? #flashback #jchc lol
jamnotjelly : You boys are in Shelton… BEWARE.
issacwhosoever7 : I love that cootees album.
magicbubblegirl : whaaaaaat i didn't know the cootees released that album on vinyl. i'm jealous!
my.music.collection - spencer_saloon - greening712 - distinctlydustin -
#NinetyPoundWuss "Short Hand Operation" | 1999 | Unknown Qty Pressed | Black Vinyl #ToothAndNailRecords #SignLanguageRecords 1st Pressing of this record. Song: "Hope" #UnoriginalVinylPhoto #Vinyligclub #Vinyl Thoughts: #JeffSuffering, the singer of this band, told me that this was his favorite piece of recorded music that he ever was a part of. I tend to agree that this record was way more complex and mature than a band named "#90poundwuss" had any right to be. This track is a particularly impressive demonstration of this group's evolution over the course of just three short albums. I have mentioned it before, but this was my first punk rock show, and this band was so spastic it hurt.
unoriginalvinylphoto - ninetypoundwuss - jeffsuffering - 90poundwuss - vinyligclub - vinyl - toothandnailrecords - signlanguagerecords -
unoriginalvinylphoto : @familyfailingforward I totally agree
deansvinylcollection - record_collector - paperbooksllc - tuvavilla_ -
#NinetyPoundWuss "Kick You Hard" | 1996 | 500 Pressed | Black Vinyl 5" #ToothAndNailRecords 1st Pressing of this record. Song: "Heresy" #UnoriginalVinylPhoto #Vinyligclub #Vinyl #ColoredVinyl Thoughts: File today as the "I guess you had to be there," singles day. Dedicated to the weird, wonderful, world of the "Unsigned/Indie Christian Music Scene." It was my first ever "Punk Show." Also on the bill was this little band called #ValuePac & some weird, unknown band called #MxPx. I got so ridiculously excited when I found this little gem in a Phoenix record shop that I included the discovery in an episode of my Web Series #TheTravelogue (Season 1: "Arizona" episode). Odd bit of trivia, this #90LbWuss single is the only 5 inch record to ever be put out on #ToothandNail.
unoriginalvinylphoto - coloredvinyl - ninetypoundwuss - toothandnail - 90lbwuss - vinyligclub - vinyl - thetravelogue - toothandnailrecords - mxpx - valuepac -
pliggot : I got this one gifted to me a while back! I miss this band!
cruzflip : Man! I remember Value Pac & MxPx!
fozrotten : Still have this from high school! One of my most treasured pieces
unoriginalvinylphoto : @fozrotten it is a little gem, for sure!
paperbooksllc - cruzflip - mxpxpx -
ninetypoundwuss - thesystemworks - crust - system - foodnotbombs - skarp - killyourtv - crass -
6bvrn1chvrchxs6 : #system#crust#crass#skarp#ninetypoundwuss
creatureandtheblackballoon - escalatedescent - cilenevieira - melamarth -
#NinetyPoundWuss "Where Meager Die of Self-Interest" | 1997 | 1000 Pressed | Clear Red Vinyl #ToothAndNailRecords 1st Pressing of the Album Song: "Sick and You're Wrong" #UnoriginalVinylPhoto #VinylIGclub #Vinyl #ColoredVinyl Thoughts: This #90LBWuss sophomore effort is a terrible, ugly record. But it has classic lines like this, "Your Idol Worship Is Making Me Sick, I Wanna Puke Right On Your Face." So, that's something, I guess..
unoriginalvinylphoto - coloredvinyl - vinyligclub - ninetypoundwuss - vinyl - 90lbwuss - toothandnailrecords -
pliggot : I love this record.
unoriginalvinylphoto : @pliggot me too... My wife wishes I didn't.
pliggot : Lol! I haven't listened to this in front of mine, but I'm picturing her reaction right now. Now I want to have a dirty punk record night at the house.
unoriginalvinylphoto : @pliggot the current over/under in Vegas on your wife saying "shut that shit off now!" Is seven minutes twenty seconds
pliggot : πŸ˜‚it's more of her making a face and taking the iPad in the other room.
creatureandtheblackballoon - purgeb4ubinge - hackmaing - cholowillie.jpg -
And one more for you Cootees fans! Thems baby faces!! #TheCootees #MxPx #NinetyPoundWuss #MikeHerrera
mikeherrera - mxpx - ninetypoundwuss - thecootees -
bootdanger : Where can I get a cootees cd from, i lost my copy a long time ago
px_chris : Well unfortunately @bootdanger we don't have any more in the arsenal right now, but we do have a few more copies of the album on glow-in-the-dark vinyl! mercharsenal.bigcartel.com Amazon has the CDs though.
thetravelogue : @evilbarbermike13 a CD is like a savings bond, only you can't withdraw it from the bank for something like, 30 years or something.. #wearegrownupsnow
px_chris : πŸ¦πŸ’΅ ¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦ πŸš«πŸ’Ώ @thetravelogue
punkrockretard - mxpx1989 - englishpitiwat - rip_anasutasia_728110169 -
How about those lovable, crazy kids #TheCootees with their one and only record, Let's Play House. This #MxPx / #90lbWuss side project is loved by many. It's straight up teen skate punk. Wacky, irreverent, and fast. Who has it? Who hasn't listened to it in years but now has the sudden urge to?
mikeherrera - ninetypoundwuss - thecootees - 90lbwuss - mxpx - punk - toothandnail -
mxpxpxpx : Wasn't a member of slick shoes in it as well.
px_chris : Yeah @mxpxpxpx Dale Yob was in both 90 lb Wuss & Slick Shoes, as well as The Cootees.
px_chris : I love it when @mikeherreratd gives me history lessons about his bands and schools me on my miss-information! πŸ˜† So, the dudes from The Cootees (Dale & Jiles) didn't actually join up with 90 lb Wuss until AFTER this.
px_chris : But they were both in History Of Man with Tom. HISTORY 101 by Mike Herrera.
baius_galtar : Love this album. And slick shoes rock too!
masabayashi : @px_chrisγ•γ‚“γ€œgreatβ™ͺ
vegankarlxxx : Dude I have prob listened to this cd over 10,000 times
issacwhosoever7 : Love this album!!!!
mxpx1989 - rip_anasutasia_728110169 - snsonpittsburgh -
Dear, #NinetyPoundWuss thank you.
ninetypoundwuss -
matthewof1979 - creatureandtheblackballoon - melamarth - jennylivesherlife -
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