Dear, #NinetyPoundWuss thank you.
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Studying for final Exams/term paper. Listening to some old school jams. #raftofdeadmonkeys #thedeadlines #fashionoverfunction #thedeathandlifeof #ninetypoundwuss #horrorpunk #punx #gramminwhatimjammin
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#flashbackfriday to the first show I ever went to. My brother took me to see MxPx, Ninety Pound Wuss, and The Cooties at The Powerhouse in Taylors, SC when I was in the 5th grade. The show freaked me out and when we got home I told my mom that I hated music and would never go to another show again. I've been to several shows since. #MxPx #NinetyPoundWuss #TheCooties #LifeInGeneral #NoNewKindaStory @mikeherreratd @kwiscarvajal
lifeingeneral - ninetypoundwuss - thecooties - mxpx - nonewkindastory - flashbackfriday -
rayraymond77 : 90 lb wuss was awesome live. Also one of the most punk bands to come out in the late 90's
mikeycarvajal : @rayraymond77 agreed!
jeremyrayis : That was a hell of a show!
ocaraclothing : Sounds like a dope show!
ocaraclothing : @mikeycarvajal
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Fuck my scale. I can lift more than ever.#ninetypoundwuss
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rocksteadydrive : Aw snap T. Lookin hott
loanwoof : @rocksteadydrive thanks just took one quick pick because I don't feel like im under a 100 lbs.
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My love for this band has been revived. They were the band that opened up punk rock for me, back when I was nine years old. They were rad. #ninetypoundwuss #90lbwuss #toothandnail #toothandnailrecords #punk #punkrock #americanpunkrock
punkrock - ninetypoundwuss - toothandnail - 90lbwuss - toothandnailrecords - punk - americanpunkrock -
fantasymetalhero : I was talking about this band at mulligans tonight
skallywags : Really? @fantasymetalhero weren't they badass?
fantasymetalhero : So fuckin brutal for a Christian punk band
skallywags : Super brutal. Super underrated. Noggin tobaggon
skallywags : @fantasymetalhero
skallywags : Noggin tobaggon was another badass punk band from the 90s
fantasymetalhero : A friend from my childhood was dating the drummer for noggin tobagon
thecarv : Mxpx
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Listening to probably the greatest Christian punk band there is! #christianpunk #ninetypoundwuss
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Here's another old #MxPx #tour #poster for my #tbt. The #1996 #SmallTownMinds tour with #NinetyPoundWuss! #ThrowbackThursday #PxPx #MagnifiedPlaid #LeftCoastPunk #PokinatchaPunk #ToothAndNail #showposter #showflyer #punk #punkmusic #punkrock #poppunk @mxpxpx
showposter - poster - leftcoastpunk - tbt - smalltownminds - pokinatchapunk - poppunk - pxpx - mxpx - punkmusic - ninetypoundwuss - toothandnail - throwbackthursday - 1996 - punk - tour - punkrock - magnifiedplaid - showflyer - valuepac -
thetravelogue : My first show!
punkgirlie : Value pac!!!! They were good!
px_chris : #ValuePac
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What good is having a #ninetypoundwuss #testpresssing if you can't have their singer sign it for you?
unoriginalvinylphoto - ninetypoundwuss - testpresssing -
blavidson : Dude sick!!
thetravelogue : #unoriginalvinylphoto
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What fun is having a #Ninetypoundwuss #TestPresssing if you can't decorate it?! @toothandnailrecords #unoriginalvinylphoto
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Oh sweet irony! Day 29 of the #januaryrecordaday challenge says to Post the first record you ever bought." @mxpxpx's "Small Town Minds" single was purchased on a cold November night in 1996 at Denver's "Mercury Cafe" at the "Small Town Minds" tour starring #MxPx (who I am seeing, in Denver, tomorrow night), #NinetyPoundWuss and #ValuePac. A world opened up to me that night, and it has served me well! Hilariously coincidental that this was my forced-pick for the day.
unoriginalvinylphoto - januaryrecordaday - mxpx - ninetypoundwuss - valuepac -
blavidson : @thetravelogue what's the rarest song they played that night ?
thetravelogue : @blavidson I have no idea. LIG hadn't come out yet, so it was all pretty rare! Opening with "Ears to Hear" was pretty insane
blavidson : @thetravelogue Oh my! Sounds about right.. I love those opening intro things they'd do back in those days right into a song.. The fury of mx! πŸ‘Œ
thetravelogue : @blavidson check out Mike's podcast this weekend, we talk all about it!
blavidson : @thetravelogue Yeah, my heart jumped when I found out the news about it! πŸ‘
blavidson : I'll have to hear before I head out to the shows! @thetravelogue
thetravelogue : #unoriginalvinylphoto
ns2joel : @thetravelogue awesome, will definitely check out this week's podcast.
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Day15: Album from High School More albums from high school years. I was all over the place. But my main source was #ToothAndNailRecords and #SolidstateRecords #MxPx #LifeInGeneral #Blindside #CraigsBrother #Homecoming #NinetyPoundWuss #90lbWuss #WhereMeagerDieOfSelfInterest #Hatebreed #SatisfactionIsTheDeathOfDesire #PoisonTheWell #distanceonlymakestheheartgrowfonder #EP
wheremeagerdieofselfinterest - ninetypoundwuss - 90lbwuss - hatebreed - nonewkindastory - ep - satisfactionisthedeathofdesire - distanceonlymakestheheartgrowfonder - poisonthewell - blindside - toothandnailrecords - mxpx - lifeingeneral - craigsbrother - homecoming - solidstaterecords -
creatureandtheblackballoon : @shallow_water_blackout Hahaha! Nice! We rule!!
creatureandtheblackballoon : @totallysweetcait no worries. I feel old sometimes. But I'm glad I grew up in that era of amazing music. They don't make music like that anymore. Omg. I sound old. 😐
totallysweetcait : Totally agree with you! I could live on music from 1997 through 2007 easily! I think 2003 was one of the best years for music, at least in the genre I like.
sietok : Awesome! I would love to have those top 2 albums.
greaterismicah : Whhaaaat?! I'm impressed.
frankaprilos : @creatureandtheblackballoon where did you get these Mxpx lp's brother? No for real??? Lol
creatureandtheblackballoon : @frankaprilos I think I got some from eBay, and discogs. Gta love that MxPx!
creatureandtheblackballoon : #nonewkindastory
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Best sticker I own. #ninetypoundwuss #oldschool #toothandnail #kickmehard
kickmehard - oldschool - ninetypoundwuss - toothandnail -
pliggot : πŸ‘
dearyou4f : What a good band
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#ninetypoundwuss "where meager die of self interest" #toothandnail #tunes beatsandsheets.com
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Nostalgic punk record for the day. #nowspinning #ninetypoundwuss
nowspinning - ninetypoundwuss -
pliggot : Whenever I think of this album I just think of that story about Shelton. "Bewaaarrrree".πŸ‘
dctakepictures : It is a great intro!
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I have a very noisey house. Silence is the enemy. #NinetyPoundWuss #90lbWuss #SolidStateRecords #ToothAndNailRecords #ShortHandOperation
ninetypoundwuss - 90lbwuss - toothandnailrecords - nonewkindastory - shorthandoperation - solidstaterecords -
hiromidj : It's old!
creatureandtheblackballoon : @hiromidj And still great!
creatureandtheblackballoon : #NoNewKindaStory
adriancecil : What a good record
vavavinyl : Classic!
creatureandtheblackballoon : #nonewkindastory
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#ninetypoundwuss #90lbwuss #toothandnail
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A nod to the bands and albums that have moved me and helped me be creative. Thanks God, sound waves and those who manipulate them for making straight up awesomeness! #starflyer59 #ninetypoundwuss #blastertherocketman #thepixies #pixies #thesmashingpumpkins #smashingpumpkins #portishead #radiohead #gogolbordello #thenational
ninetypoundwuss - thesmashingpumpkins - thenational - pixies - smashingpumpkins - portishead - thepixies - gogolbordello - starflyer59 - radiohead - blastertherocketman -
christinelabit : yessss
lisbettmctague : Adore. 😍😍😍
cpagerun : Blaster the Rocketman! LOVED them!
cpagerun : And 90 Pound Wuss of course.
darkcycleclothing : @cpagerun best punk in the world! I miss those cornerstone days. Did you ever go to cornerstone?
cpagerun : @darkcycleclothing Oh yeah! '99 through '03 and I was fortunate enough to make it to the final one last year as well. Made some great memories at C-Stone. Not ashamed to say I cried when it ended!
darkcycleclothing : @cpagerun wish I could have been there for the end. My last year was 08 and my punk band played underground the same time blaster was playing their last show of the fest. So we had about 10 people watching. It was fun anyway. I probably cry about three times a year that its over.
cpagerun : @darkcycleclothing I'm right there with you! It was seriously like losing a family member or close friend. A lot of people were saying that during the fest.
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#throwbackthursday circa the #turnofthecentury
ninetypoundwuss - throwbackthursday - 90lbwuss - 19 - turnofthecentury - ninetylbwuss - papajohns - 1999 - 90poundwuss - theendoftheworld - tryingnottogohome - nineteen - pizza -
ntithesis : #19 #nineteen #1999 #ninetypoundwuss #90lbwuss #90poundwuss #ninetylbwuss #papajohns #pizza #tryingnottogohome
ntithesis : #theendoftheworld
maryfshunshine : Is that your #teenwolf face??
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found this in Chattanooga. so stoked! #ninetypoundwuss #90lbwuss #toothandnail #tooth&nailrecords #toothandnailrecords #vinyl
vinyl - ninetypoundwuss - toothandnail - 90lbwuss - toothandnailrecords - tooth -
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The Cootees "Let's Play House" (1997) limited edition glow in the dark vinyl. This is a side project from MxPx and 90 lb. wuss. They only released one album and this is it. #jacbosvinyl
vscocam - ninetypoundwuss - thecootees - 90lbwuss - punkrock - jacbosvinyl - glowinthedark - 16x9fordays - vinyligclub - vinyl - poppunk - nowspinning - toothandnailrecords - mxpx - vinylcollective -
iamdearlyloved : Glow in the dark!? That's sweet.
jasr88 : Does this one have roses are red the acoustic version
jacbo : @jasr88 no, I haven't heard that version at all. Where did you find it?
jasr88 : It was on there MySpace about 6 years ago super rare @jacbo I liked it a lot
jacbo : @jasr88 sweet! I'll try and find it
jasr88 : If you find it please let me know I been trying to get it for the longest
jacbo : @jasr88 will do
the_craftbeerdsman : Holy crap! I haven't heard that in forever. And 90 lb wuss too. This is taking me down memory lane. The good 'ol high school days.
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Spinning: Let's Play House by #thecootees 1997 Tooth and Nail Records glow in the dark #vinyl #mxpx #ninetypoundwuss this is the only album they released.
mxpx - ninetypoundwuss - thecootees - vinyl -
bigboijord : @iwishihadduckfeet i think i might get this album. Is it good?
the_greatest_lie : @iwishihadduckfeet you should post your kill em all when you have the chance
iwishihadduckfeet : @the_greatest_lie oh sure man
iwishihadduckfeet : @bigboijord get it!
bigboijord : @iwishihadduckfeet sweet!
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One more #ninetypoundwuss #ballchainnecklace
ballchainnecklace - ninetypoundwuss -
dr_partyovascular : How Seth Green of you.
penceke - dr_partyovascular - postscriptbeer -
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matthewof1979 : #toothandnail
thedeadbadger - jjdoles - tomzanutto -
ninetypoundwuss - toothandnail -
creaturekyle : Short Hand Operation
jjdoles : Best post-punk record in my mind.
matthewof1979 : #toothandnail
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ninetypoundwuss - toothandnail -
matthewof1979 : #toothandnail
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_lovejoydiver_ : That would be a pretty tattoo!
matthewof1979 : #toothandnail
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I've never see a 5" record before. Have you? #ninetypoundwuss #5inrecord #toothandnail #soclassic #punk #lifechanging #1996 #90lbwuss
ninetypoundwuss - toothandnail - 1996 - soclassic - punk - 5inrecord - 90lbwuss - lifechanging -
blavidson : @destroynateallen is it an early version of Heresy?
robolitious : Omg yes
pipcityrockers : I saw that once on a Hot Topic back when it came out. Meant to buy it but I never saw it again, and I've looked.
pipcityrockers : Started to believe I dreamt it.
calebisaacdaniels : Bought this from t & n in 96'. This version of heresy also appears on the tooth and nail box set disc five. Wish i could find the 90 lb wuss/captives split 7". Almost no one has it
apiratenamedmike : Classic.
boosfe : still have it too bruv!
selfproclaimednarcissist : I have a square 5" record.
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#NinetyPoundWuss's self-titled! #90LbWuss #PunkRock
punkrock - ninetypoundwuss - 90lbwuss -
tyler_rants : Woah
greaterismicah : @tylerjonesjchc right??
himynameisphilip - am_br0 - tyler_rants - anthonythebarber916 -
#fbf back when I was a toughguy.
bro - toughguy - ninetypoundwuss - fbf - singlet -
codebro182 : #toughguy #ninetypoundwuss #singlet #bro
havanadave : Cody "cockpuncher" Garnett
jaredhogan - urnotevnemo - ryboflave -
Looks like it's gonna be a Tooth&Nail Sunday. #ninetypoundwuss #vinyl #vinyligclub
vinyligclub - ninetypoundwuss - vinyl -
vespug : I was in Olympia for a week last summer and thought about them a lot. Saw them on the "Small Town Minds" tour in '95!
capnnarcolepsy : @vespug hell yeah, Small Town Minds tour! They actually had it in the Dothan High gym. It was a fucking blast
vespug : @capnnarcolepsy We are old, sir. Also, I've been day drinking.
capnnarcolepsy : @vespug indeed. That was almost 20 years ago. Ugh. Yay, day drunkz! I should do the same
enrichiement : @capnnarcolepsy besta pop in that Roadside
capnnarcolepsy : @bobobiltmore oh, it's on deck!
sparklem0tion - vactor - thetaylorcarr - booze_brigade -
#nowplaying #ninetypoundwuss #punkrawk
nowplaying - ninetypoundwuss - punkrawk -
sacosand : Best!!!
thephantomskull - sacosand - jrhweeble - blakefilms -
#nowplaying #ninetypoundwuss #records
nowplaying - records - ninetypoundwuss -
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Brings back memories. #ninetypoundwuss
ninetypoundwuss -
joexjay : @mayonnaise_the_bastard love this! One of my favorite jams when I was 17 lol
mayonnaise_the_bastard : @coolstoriesjoe right? I have tons of awesome old christian punk! Like ghoti hook, one 21, the cootees, mxpx, blaster the rocket man, all thr goodies. Haha
xlifeiswarx : What about squad 5-0?
mayonnaise_the_bastard : @xlifeiswarx I have one of their albums but I never actually listened to ot. They any good?
mayonnaise_the_bastard : It*
xlifeiswarx : Yeah, its decent
thrashingbuckybotox : Christian hardcore's best "welcome to Sheldon, beware"
eellisshellissa - xlifeiswarx - pliggot -
The back of my #Squire #strat that I've been playing since #1997 or so. These stickers are old, but still great bands. #Fender #stratocaster #hardcore #snapcase #mostpreciousblood #mpb #diehardyouth #chigger #akimbo #ninetypoundwuss #90lbwuss #thebloodbrothers #bloodbrothers #emo #guitar #emocore #stillrockin
stillrockin - mpb - strat - guitar - bloodbrothers - diehardyouth - chigger - hardcore - akimbo - ninetypoundwuss - 1997 - thebloodbrothers - 90lbwuss - fender - squire - mostpreciousblood - stratocaster - emocore - snapcase - emo -
chaddls : @sharkeatsman
sharkeatsman : Awesome!
records_for_days : Diehard youth!
mayonnaise_the_bastard - creatureandtheblackballoon - the_official_ssmelliott - yourchampion -
Picked up some old school local jams today. #deathwishkids #vinyl #45 #7inch #demo #ninetypoundwuss #cassette #toothandnail #pacficnorthwest #seattle
ninetypoundwuss - toothandnail - demo - 45 - cassette - vinyl - pacficnorthwest - 7inch - seattle - deathwishkids -
dogsblood : I used to love ninety pound wuss
whitedad : I still love them. Shit is fun @dogsblood
chaddls - brandonewell - nowspinning - tearexxmummy -
Cleaning Jams pt. 2 #NinetyPoundWuss #ToothandNail #vinyl #vinyligclub
vinyligclub - ninetypoundwuss - toothandnail - vinyl -
amiles160 - booze_brigade - vintagesound -
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