@londis.kues gettin that firee cook sesh in🔥🍴 #niggagetdown #gotmoves #whip #waterwhip #cookcoook #hyphy #cuttinup
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babybhombs : Did u not get the joke here
themein : I meannnnn. No. No I did not. Please elaborate. @babybhombs
babybhombs : Look who I tagged
themein : Ohh I definitely did that but it doesn't go to anything... @babybhombs
babybhombs : OMG YOU DONT GET IT
themein : I mean I may get it? But I'm not sure if it's funny? Hahaha @babybhombs
babybhombs : Fuck u delete all of these I'm so done
themein : Hahaha😂 NO! @babybhombs
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Camios from some crazy/cool people!!! @jerniganlive @virtuouslady_1 @lkeanepiphany @jae_renee_ Wish I cud have take pics with everyone!!! Can't forget to say the music was KILLIN!!! @bjunior @cuffee87...someone tag the band members Idk errybody joint
tdpwedding - niggagetdown -
soulyjay03 : I laughed A WHOLE LOT with these folks and @sis_dyra @lexxymonet @9th_inline @tjmrfunk88 and some more ppl too
lexxymonet : We had a ball!!! Good seeing everyone!
soulyjay03 : #tdpwedding
reallytimmyp : Wish we would have gotten an EW picture with everyone!
soulyjay03 : Yup!
virtuouslady_1 : Yes to everything y'all said lol!!!! #Goodtimes
soulyjay03 : I'm not like a social butterfly or anything lol but being in @vgandew with y'all has made me a lil better on that half lol I love y'all folks! @lkeanepiphany @iamdenniimore @timmyp183 @sis_dyra @lilinickole @9th_inline @amazonrasta @jclarke_2 @lexxymonet
soulyjay03 : ⬆⬆⬆Continued ⬆⬆⬆ @lifewithlaina @cuffee87 @bjunior9534 @jae_renee_ @virtuouslady_1 @jdivine_jewel
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He seriously thinks he owns the place. #niggagetdown
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k__bradley : @_kaitlynnnnnn__ I would never do such a thing :)!
k__bradley : Lmao really?! That is awesome! @_kaitlynnnnnn__
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@pwilson117 chillin in the trees!! #niggagetdown#wtf #😸meow
😸meow - wtf - niggagetdown -
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#DicedPineapples ;) #niggagetdown #breakfast
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My dog is retarded. #ThinkHeACat #NiggaGetDown !!
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Is it a storm outside smh
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smalannda25 : Happpyyy bdayy boo @soulyjay03
soulyjay03 : Thanks
ahhhmannnduhhh : Happy Birthday Jeff!! "nigga get down!" I hope you have enjoyed most of the day! Miss you lots! Did you cut your hair????
soulyjay03 : Thanks Amanda!!!!
soulyjay03 : @ahhhmaaanduhhh read this and got solo weak #niggaGetDown
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