On My Hook Today, Making Baby Booties Before Work 😊 #crochet #crochetlove #crochetaddict #babybooties #cuteandeasy #nickitrench #crochetconcupiscence #crochetersofinstagram
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Just finished Mr Bear. He's brightening up my morning #crochet #crochetaddict #nickitrench #teddybear
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cactusextract : He is so cute!!!
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#whenifirstcrocheted asked by my colourful crochet chum @sweet_sharna and this is it, my first ever #crochet project from four years ago, the #springtimethrow 😊 It was a mixture of complete madness and utter naivety that led me to think a blanket consisting of four hundred bazillion tiny squares would be a good idea for a crochet novice. As luck would have it I found out I was pregnant a few months in and so made a smaller, baby version instead...phew 😃 how about you @thedreamcrochet and @loopnthreads care to join in??? 😚 #potterandbloom
crocheting - potterandbloom - grannysquare - whenifirstcrocheted - myunicornlife - crochetaddict - nickitrench - grannysquares - springtimethrow - grannysquaresrock - crochet - roosteryarn - crochetincolour -
loopnthreads : That's pretty ambitious of you to take such a project early into crochet 😊
amysvintagehandknits : ❤️❤️
kellykellykellygreen : It worked out perfectly!
suregal27 : Great photo!
potterandbloom : This was mine @frankandolive the dreaded, unmentionable Springtime Throw..gah!! 😃 that Cute and Easy Crochet book by #nickitrench was my bible, I still rate it as one of my favourite crochet books now xxx
frankandolive : Good lord! The patience! @potterandbloom beautiful xxx
frankandolive : .... Although, all those ends makes me shudder!
sweet_sharna : Wow the prettiest little squares, thanks goodness you had a baby 😍 thanks for joining in lovely 💗💕💕
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Fair Isle face cloths... ends weaved in at last! #fairisle #nordic #knit #knitting #knitted #cotton #nickitrench #nordicknits #porcupinejane #porcupinedesign
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Vintage style crochet vase coaster detail #crochet #coaster #vintage #ravelry #handmade #nickitrench
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leoniesrififi : 😍
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Just a pinned on Rose. Still undecided about which flower/flower's so far 😯😆 #cushion #craftastherapy #circularcushion #nickitrench #pattern #crochet #crochetersofinstagram #myfirstcircularcushion #jamescbrett #withmerino
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colorado_sun : 🌹💓🌹💓🌹💓
liz_macpherson : I think it's lovely🌸
victoriaslittlecottage : Gorgeous💟
mummysnell : Beautiful Elaine @grandmaandme your crochet is always so neat, the comments made me chuckle too, 😂😂😂x
ruth_lacey : Very sweet X
grandmaandme : Thank you lovely ladies @ruth_lacey @mummysnell 😉 @victoriaslittlecottage @liz_macpherson @colorado_sun @thesolitarymagpie 😘 💕 🌹
swallowbarnvintage : This type of cushion is what made me want to learn crochet! @grandmaandme I have a way to go yet before attempting one, but in the meantime I'm just loving looking at yours. Simply beautiful 💕💕
dansnan : Looks fab🌹
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Good Morning / Evening 👋 I even managed a little crochet after the Cinema. Out most of the day so maybe finish this tonight 😊 Have a good day/evening whatever you're doing 💕 #crochet #circularcushion #cushion #pattern #nickitrench #jamescbrett #withmerino #yarn #unfinishedcushion #craftastherapy #mindfulness #beingpositive #thankful #creating #igfriendships #amazing #appreciated #gratitute #caringcommunity #neveralone #feelingblessed #thankful
creating - mindfulness - neveralone - circularcushion - gratitute - thankful - craftastherapy - cushion - crochet - unfinishedcushion - appreciated - withmerino - feelingblessed - caringcommunity - jamescbrett - beingpositive - pattern - yarn - amazing - nickitrench - igfriendships -
pootlings : That's impressive...cinema and crochet after!! 😉
grandmaandme : Thank you for all the likes today @donnah_b :))
donnah_b : 😊😙😙😙😙😙
ancaswelt : Beautiful
lindasmurray : Beautiful cushion 😀 have a lovely day Elaine 😘x
colorado_sun : So pretty 💖💕💟💞💝💗
grandmaandme : Thank you lovely ladies @colorado_sun @lindasmurray @ancaswelt @pootlings 😊
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Planned to do some sewing but was distracted by this book and yarn. I think I will be crocheting tonight. #cuteandeasycrochetwithflowers #crochet #nickitrench
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Tomorrow I need to make a cushion pad & maybe try some different flowers before joining front & back.... #crochet #cushion #circularcushion #craftastherapy #crochetersofinstagram #mindfulness #beingpositive #thankful #creating #jamescbrett #withmerino #nickitrench #pattern
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grandmaandme : Thank you so much lovely ladies @frl_z @mccalla_camellia @bella_blu3 @gulayshobievi @stitchawhile @cipocipicip 😊😘
grandmaandme : Thank you so much lovely ladies @mrssutmakes @hathaleighcottage @colorado_sun @barbro.i.gson @irene_photos @lindasmurray @on_your_bike_street 😊😘
grandmaandme : @rememberingtheoldways this is my 1st attempt at a circular cushion. It's all trebles so easy enough once you've decided how to join up each round. For the front I cut each round & started with a standing treble. Excellent tutorial on @crafternoontreats blog 😉. The back I used the slip stitch & chain method 😊😆
kittyvintagecaravan : That is beautiful! Xx
a_sewing_life : That's lovely and such neat work 👍👍👍
grandmaandme : Thank you lovely ladies @kittyvintagecaravan & @a_sewing_life 😊
lagriff54 : Your are so talented @grandmaandme 💖👏🏼💖
grandmaandme : Oh Bless your heart Sweetie 😘 Thank you for all the likes & kinds words today @lagriff54 😘💕
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New book received today, lovely! #crochet #crocheting #floral #roses #rose #nickitrench #book
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Perfect for today's #ldjcrochethookup a superb book! Anyone else got this? #crochetflowers #nickitrench
ldjcrochethookup - crochetflowers - nickitrench -
moonstruckcreations : Yes I do 😀
bee.kraft.tee : No - but I'm now thinking I should have it... Amazon here I come 💕😉
colourmecrochet : Love this book 💜x
lisascrochetbae : Always looking for pretty crochet flowers 🌸
summerhouse_by_the_sea : Yes I have a copy 🌸🌸🌸
mels.valentine : I've bought it as a Christmas present for my sister as she crochets. Hoping she will like it and find it useful!
lazydaisyjones : @mels.valentine I am sure she will! 🌼
madebyhelen1 : I have this and I've made the key ring from it. I will post a picture when I do my #ldjcrochethookup catchup or you can find them in my folksy shop.
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Back home from Hospital & @mrgrandmaandme is doing ok . Thank you all so much for your support & best wishes. He's resting now so all is well. Just need to see Father in Law home maybe in a week or 2 & then start to relax. I can now join in with #widn thank you to @penny.homemadeheart & @frofunky for the tags lovely ladies. I did some more rounds my cushion front at the hospital & just settling down to do a few more... watching Cuba Fury with Nick Frost . Would the lovely ladies @jo_quittenton @vintagecaravancrochetloves & @lifeisfullofwonder75 care to share? No pressure xx #crochet #cushionfront #jamescbrett #withmerino #nickitrench #pattern #craftastherapy #mindfulness #beingpositive #thankful #gratitute #igfriendships #amazing #appreciated
jamescbrett - beingpositive - mindfulness - pattern - widn - gratitute - thankful - amazing - nickitrench - crochet - igfriendships - cushionfront - appreciated - withmerino - craftastherapy -
colorado_sun : Enjoy the Autumn🍁🌻🌹🍂🌾💖 my beautiful friend👑👑👑
penny.homemadeheart : @grandmaandme thank you for joining in! Your crochet cushion is going to be beautiful. Hope everyone is much better soon X
on_your_bike_street : Speedy recovery wishes to everyone! Love the colour of your cushion 😊
squeeze_cuddles : I hope your husband and Father-in-law recover soon
annies_view : Really good news Elaine Praying as each day passes he gets improves ever so much more x
brendarstuart : Glad to hear hubby doing well and father in law recovering X
grandmaandme : Thank you so much lovely ladies @colorado_sun @stitchawhile @pootlings @karen.gear @boyjack4 @jollyjillyjellybean @hathaleighcottage @colourmecrochet @penny.homemadeheart 😘
grandmaandme : Thank you so much lovely ladies @on_your_bike_street @squeeze_cuddles @annies_view @brendarstuart 😘 your support is very much appreciated indeed xx
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It's that time of the week again - quick makes for the weekend! It's Halloween next weekend, so this little bag by #nickitrench from #issue70 is the perfect speedy project in preparation for collecting all that candy! #somethingfortheweekend #crochet #crochetlove #pumpkin #halloween #bag #trickortreat #sweets #candy #insidecrochet #weekendmakes
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pretty.nena : @mamijohnson
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Et voilà! J'ai réussi à décoder mon livre de crochet! Première fois aussi avec la machine à coudre! ☺ #Crochet #NickiTrench
nickitrench - crochet -
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Here are my crochet (and knitting!) books. The Nicki Trench ones are probably my faves! #ldjcrochethookup #crochet #crochetaddict #crochetbooks #nickitrench
ldjcrochethookup - crochetbooks - nickitrench - crochetaddict - crochet -
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#ldjcrochethookup Day 12: Books - J'adore anything by Nicki Trench 💝 but most especially Cute & Easy Crochet. It was my first ever crochet book and I seriously love everything in it! 😍 @lazydaisyjones #nickitrench #crochetbooks
ldjcrochethookup - crochetbooks - nickitrench -
just_pootling : Snap 😃
j9shappiness : Lovely stack! I have lots of these too and we share the same favourite!😊
gilly_makes : @just_pootling @j9shappiness it's just one of those books that makes you want to make everything, isn't it?! 👍🏼😄xx
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Tagged by the lovely Sharon @blondies78 thank you for thinking of me 😊 #widn Just about to watch Stricktly Results & sew on the last of the roses on the never ending tea cosy 😄 I tag the very beautiful Lisa @weesurjane & Mandy @vintagecaravancrochetloves if you'd like to play along? #crochet #cottonyarn #mercerizedcotton #dropsmuskat #dropscottonyarn #dropssafran #crochetlove #crochetersofinstagram #myfirsteacosy #crochetroses #craftastherapy #crochetleaves #pattern #nickitrench #pinkmilk42 #happy #mindfulness #beingpositive #thankful #creating
creating - mindfulness - crochetroses - dropsmuskat - mercerizedcotton - pinkmilk42 - crochetersofinstagram - crochet - cottonyarn - craftastherapy - beingpositive - thankful - pattern - widn - crochetleaves - nickitrench - dropssafran - myfirsteacosy - crochetlove - dropscottonyarn - happy -
grandmaandme : Thank you so much lovely ladies @michellelynne5 @prof.nightingale @danalsaeed9 @madebymelw @meganjeanod @annies_view 😊 🌹 🌹 🌹
danalsaeed6 : love it keep up the good work ❤️👌🏼
mandysdecorativeeffects : Very beautiful 🌹X
dansnan : Fabulous cosy 😍💕
krae0 : 💕💞
linhasarteiras : Loved
missbongo : I love it...how can I get one? 💗
mandy_stacey : Beautiful 💕 I'm just learning to crochet and would love to try and make these roses @grandmaandme. Thank you for the inspiration x
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Finally wrote my blog post on the lovely Camellia blanket today! #camelliablanket #crochet #stylecraft #nickitrench
stylecraft - nickitrench - camelliablanket - crochet -
ddebat77 : Lovely :-)
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Cute dribble bib to go with the hat and blanket. Couldn't quite match the colours in cotton yarn. Pattern from Cute and Easy Crochet by Nicki Trench. #crochet #crochetaddict #dribblebib #cuteandeasycrochet #nickitrench #knothat #babyhat
knothat - nickitrench - cuteandeasycrochet - crochet - babyhat - crochetaddict - dribblebib -
red.setter : Very sweet but nothing with the word 'dribble' in it can ever be cute.. Lol 😝
charliebarleymo : @red.setter 😂😂😂
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My 1st Circular cushion in progress 😊 Just the other side to do now! #crochetcushion #jamescbrett #withmerino #slowprogress #nickitrench #pattern #cushion #craftastherapy #mindfulness #beingpositive #thankful #creating #widn
jamescbrett - creating - mindfulness - pattern - widn - nickitrench - slowprogress - crochetcushion - thankful - craftastherapy - cushion - withmerino - beingpositive -
tammi_predestined_vintage : great job!!
colorado_sun : 💖🌸💞🌹💟🌸💗🌹💓
vintagecaravancrochetloves : @grandmaandme beautiful 👏😍
stitchawhile : @grandmaandme So lovely, Elaine
annberniet : Looks terrific, and I love the color! 🍃🌸🍃
mani_di_anne : Love the color!
annies_view : Very nice x
miss_charlie_bell : Perfect 💕
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This week's effort to use up all my yarn #crochet #crocheting #crochetersofinstagram #crochetteddy #crochettoy #nickitrench
crocheting - nickitrench - crochetersofinstagram - crochet - crochettoy - crochetteddy -
mullyelliot1972 : Oh I ❤️ it x
sweetknit - mullyelliot1972 - viki_korchukova - kseniaseraya -
Day 8 #ldjcrochethookup @lazydaisyjones future project #nickitrench #springtimethrow this has been on my things to do list a long time. I even have the #dropscottonlight ready. One day 😄 #crochetlife #crochetlove #crochetaddict #crochetblanket
ldjcrochethookup - crochetblanket - crochetaddict - crochetlife - nickitrench - springtimethrow - crochetlove - dropscottonlight -
gilly_makes : It's on my list too! ❤️Isn't it just beautiful 😊
crochetmy_ : @bestbook___
bestbook_ : وای خیلی خوشگله🌺🌸🌻🌼@crochetmy__
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My current main WIPs! My V stitch blanket is lovely but I find it a bit monotonous at times. So I started a mini project, a cushion cover using the Nicki Trench Gypsy Queen square from Cute and Easy Crochet with Flowers. I love this Granny square. Not sure how long it would take to make a whole blanket, but a cushions cover seems a realistic mini project, lol, 2 squares down, 14 to go....! #craftastherapy #crochet #nickitrench #GypsyQueen #vstripe
gypsyqueen - nickitrench - craftastherapy - vstripe - crochet -
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Tagged by the lovely Elaine @elaines_crochet thank you. Sorry couldn't post before but didnt have a strong enough mobile signal here at Mabel Headquarters 😉 #widn time in the caravan has seen the majority of the roses & leaves transforming my tea cosy to its almost Ta Daah moment 😀. . Just a few more to make for the back 😉 Would the lovely ladies @thesolitarymagpie @kandipandii @thepolkadotgiraffe care to share if you have the time? No pressure at all 😘 🌹 🌹 🌹 #teacosy #crochetroses #craftastherapy #crochetleaves #dropsmuskat #dropscottonyarn #dropssafran #crochetlove #crochetersofinstagram #myfirsteacosy #pattern #nickitrench #pinkmilk42 #happy #mindfulness #beingpositive #thankful #creating #igfriendships #amazing #appreciated #cornwall #kernow #september #timeforcrafting #handmade #yarn #cottonyarn #mabelthecaravan
crochetleaves - creating - mindfulness - september - dropsmuskat - cornwall - teacosy - thankful - crochetersofinstagram - yarn - mabelthecaravan - appreciated - timeforcrafting - craftastherapy - beingpositive - pinkmilk42 - kernow - pattern - widn - handmade - cottonyarn - crochetroses - amazing - nickitrench - dropssafran - igfriendships - myfirsteacosy - crochetlove - dropscottonyarn - happy -
chrismadethisx : That's so gorgeous Elaine! xxx
grannyshelly : @stitchit.tan ❤️
stitchit.tan : @grannyshelly ♥
gigglequilt : Wow stunning @grandmaandme @sassimo70
mandysdecorativeeffects : Lovely 🌹I've just realised why I wasn't getting your post I'm not following you Elaine😮sorry about that😕that's happened on three people now. xx
grandmaandme : It happens to me sometimes! :)) Xx
grandmaandme : @mandysdecorativeeffects oops the above!
myrans_happy_thingys : 😍😍😍😍
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#widn @vintagecaravancrochetloves This is me set up for the weekend Mandy! Guess where I am 😊... even wearing a summer dress!! Have a happy weekend. I may even finish the tea cosy 😉 😘 #crochet #cosy #teacosy #crochetroses #craftastherapy #mindfulness #beingpositive #thankful #creating #roses #leaves #pinkmilk42 #nickitrench #caravanlove #timetorelax #greatbritishweather #cornwall #kernow #september #timeforcrafting #handmade #yarn #cottonyarn #dropssafran #dropsmuskat #dropscottonyarn
creating - mindfulness - september - dropsmuskat - cornwall - teacosy - thankful - crochet - cosy - timeforcrafting - crochetroses - craftastherapy - beingpositive - pinkmilk42 - kernow - widn - greatbritishweather - handmade - caravanlove - yarn - roses - nickitrench - timetorelax - dropssafran - cottonyarn - leaves - dropscottonyarn -
grandmaandme : It was a wonderful surprise gift from my friend Mandy @vintagecaravancrochetloves along with some bird box fairy lights @annies_view I love it 😊💖
annies_view : Of course it was....Mandy loves caravans @vintagecaravancrochetloves ♥ ♥
grandmaandme : Yes we both do @annies_view I'm in mine right now. Fabulous weather too. Hope you've had a good day lovely 😘
vintagecaravancrochetloves : @annies_view @grandmaandme thank you ladies 😘isn't the weather glorious Elaine, have a lovely weekend the both of you 💖
annies_view : Thank you lovlies Enjoy your gypsy roamingplus weather Elaine and Mandy @vintagecaravancrochetloves Ive had a restful day just pottering about and tweeking ;) Hope you have a special day
victoriaslittlecottage : So so pretty! That tea cosy is amazing😀😍 x
jessicacrochet : Amazing!! Do you have a pattern? I love this!
mrschrissyz : 💗
ninaartesanato37 - tsalouf - luv_pretty_thingz - frivolite_anna -
On va avoir de quoi s'occuper! ☺ #AoiKoda #NickiTrench #Coucture #Crochet #GrandMaStyle
coucture - aoikoda - nickitrench - grandmastyle - crochet -
emzzykakou : Cc @laurine_lucie
laurine_lucie - jemilla_knitter - clotilde.mr -
Good Morning Sunday. . . . . This cosy is definitely a labour of love💕🌹🌹🌹 & causing much hilarity with @mrgrandmaandme when pinning roses & leaves into place before sewing on, when I mentioned I think it needs more rose's & leaves ..... "Well I think it needs to be balanced round the back & think of the extra insulation " 😉😆😂 Unfortunately it's time to pack Mabel up 😔 so this will not be having its Ta Daah moment for a little while yet 😀 Have a great Sunday friends in my phone 👋 😘 #widn #caravanlove #crochet #mabelthecaravan #craftastherapy #mindfulness #gratitute #beingpositive #thankful #teacosy #crochetroses #crochet leaves #dropsmuskat #dropscottonyarn #dropssafran #crochetlove #crochetersofinstagram #myfirsteacosy #pattern #nickitrench #pinkmilk42
mindfulness - crochetroses - dropsmuskat - teacosy - gratitute - pinkmilk42 - crochetersofinstagram - crochet - mabelthecaravan - craftastherapy - beingpositive - thankful - pattern - widn - caravanlove - nickitrench - dropssafran - myfirsteacosy - crochetlove - dropscottonyarn -
grandmaandme : Thank you .The pattern is on the blog of @pinkmilk42 for the roses & leaves. Tea cosy is in a book by Nicki Trench @jessicameetslondon
e_dunn10 : Thanks will give it a go 🌹
grandmaandme : You're welcome enjoy making them @e_dunn10 🌹🌹🌹
colorado_sun : 💖💕💓💝💗
annies_view : Always helpful in their own way lol
mummysnell : It's a thing of beauty @grandmaandme 💜x
oldgalvestonhouse : Gorgeous cosy!
lynnyfay : You have very beautiful photos 😘
thelazyfloweryogi - flawlesscrochetflowers - yirooosss71 - panpanpanzy -
I've just finished the border and sewn in the ends on this baby blanket. Its a ripple using a Nicki Trench pattern and is the first ripple I've crocheted. I made up the border edging as I went along - just trying to bring the main colours together and make a nice solid edge. The colours are hard to get a true colour picture of but I am happy with it. This is the blanket I'll gift if the new baby is a boy and the big pink /grey granny square if it's a girl!!! The big question now is - shall I add pompoms to the corners? I was convinced I was going to add them but now I've gotten to this stage I'm not so sure. Any thoughts?!? #crochet #crochethelp #rippleblanket #nickitrench
crochethelp - nickitrench - rippleblanket - crochet -
felicity_scott1 : I say Pom poms! But also look lovely as it is xx
gilly_makes : Yes! I've made this pattern & the Pom poms finish it off nicely 😊
tanyatice77 : Pom poms, would look nice, but it looks great as it is. I just love the colors.
todaysstuff_leanne : Well I for one am partial to a pom-pom
j9shappiness : Thank you all so much for your input into the finish on my baby blanket @felicity_scott1 @gilly_makes @tanyatice77 and @todaysstuff_leanne 💟💟💟💟 The overall consensus is to go for pompoms!!! Hurrah! Will show you once complete!
customcrochetp31 : Very nice 😊
beachlovephotography - anette.rosemarie - 3weektees - hobileriiimmm -
Helping my friend Dora prepare for her crochet class is making my kitchen table colourful. #touchedbyscotland #nickitrench #crochetersofinstagram #knitrennie #ricoyarns #littlefreckle
nickitrench - touchedbyscotland - ricoyarns - crochetersofinstagram - littlefreckle - knitrennie -
lara_crossstitch -
Just ordered five crochet books!! One of them is this super scary by Nicki Trench. 👻 #nickitrench #superscarycrochet
nickitrench - superscarycrochet -
thunderthevolcano : Wihooooo. Vi kan sitta o virka ihop under dystra hösten!
craft.the.pain.away : Ja verkligen!! Tycker vi kan virka vegandjurtrofeer! Vi kan sälja ihop på Vegomässan 😍 @thunderthevolcano
elin_klang - frkeb - mrs.bonkers - hello2maria -
#widn .... posting last nights new project. 😊 As we're away in the caravan with a weak mobile phone signal I've not been able to reply individually to your lovely comments on my recent posts or keep up with your post's 😯.... I really appreciate every one so thank you so much. If anyone has sent me a DM I don't appear to be receiving them either. Hope to catch up next week when back on broadband & will continue to look in when we're out & about 😊 #crochet #cushionfront #nickitrench #newproject #yorkshiretea #jamescbrett #withmerino #craftastherapy #mindfulness #gratitute #caringcommunity #neveralone #feelingblessed #caravanlove #gratitute # #neveralone
feelingblessed - caringcommunity - jamescbrett - mindfulness - yorkshiretea - widn - neveralone - newproject - gratitute - nickitrench - crochet - caravanlove - cushionfront - withmerino - craftastherapy -
mymountaincottage : Enjoy your time away, sometimes it's nice to be away from the internet for awhile 😊
crochetghirl : Hope you have a lovely relaxing time x
colorado_sun : This color I love very much 💗💗💗💗💗
mummysnell : Looks lovely Elaine, perfect mug @grandmaandme x
jacobandarabella : Hope your having a lovely time xx
pootlings : Have a lovely indulgent time ☺️💚
woollybluebells : lovely colour! hope you're having fun x
lennyninn : Glad you're having a nice break from civilisation! I hope the weather has been better than predicted.
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Starting my day with coffee and crochet books. #coffee #scooters #austentatiouscrochet #nickitrench #crochetmagazine #crochet #crochetlove #crochetideas #tuesday #preschoolhours #blessed #almondyjoycoffee
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gittepetit : That is the best way to start the day!😄
joycefetty : Sounds like the perfect start!!
pinkplumeriamaui : I live this book 😍
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Tagged by the very lovely multi talented Leanne @multiple_crafting_disorder 😘 #widn we're on holiday in the caravan so I've been told by lovely ladies on here that it's ok to start a new project? 😉 plus this is left over yarn so it's definitely ok 😆 About to settle down for the evening & looking forward to Doc Martin Would the lovely ladies @donnalyn18 @vintagecaravancrochetloves @thesolitarymagpie care to share? No pressure lovelies 😘 #crochet #jamescbrett #withmerino #nickitrench #newproject #yorkshiretea #snacks
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chalky49 : Love a bit of crochet! Enjoy your new project! enjoy your caravan! enjoy your holiday! Xxxxxx
donnalyn18 : It's ALWAYS ok to start something new 😉 x
thesolitarymagpie : Thanks for the tag my lovely , I tried to watch Doc Martin but kept falling asleep 😆. Now I'm in bed I'm wide awake ....typical 😂. Good night sweetie ✨😘😘
annies_view : Love that show Elaine Enjoy your evening in your van :)
colorado_sun : So comfortable feeling 💕💓💞 love you always 😍😙📲
madebymelw : Looks wonderful xx hope you're having a fabulous holiday 💗💕xx
roseytintedspectacles : Thanks Elaine ! 💐 I'm going to be based at home for a wee while with our Dean ! I'm looking forwards to catching up with you on here ! Your positivity and kindness shines through on my feed and others ! 😘 thank you lovely lady !!
grandmaandme : Oh Bless your heart! Didn't expect you to comment on anything under the circumstances. Love & Hugs @roseytintedspectacles 😘😘
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