πŸŽ“Hey yall guess what? WE FUCKING MADE IT! But let's celebrate after you read this post, see, I came to BIEMS for 7th grade and even at the first day of school, I got along with virtually everyone #NewKidSwag was my motto for about the first quarter of seventh grade. Throughout my school year, I've made the bestest friends I have ever fucking met and sometimes(tonight) I wonder "what if I never came to this school?" Well the answer is simple as a math problem(I'm Asian) ; I would miss out on the happiest moments of my life so far and I would've never got to meet the greatest teachers and friends. Now let me tell you, I rarely cry, but I'm pretty sure one of these rare moments is about to occur. Well, we've made it class of 15, we fucking made it(sorry for the language) I love ALL of you! Every single person in BIEMS, I LOVE YOU WITH ALL MY HEART! Hopefully we will meet again someday, I know not everyone will see or read this, but I genuinely love you guys and I will miss you all dearly. Thank you BIEMS for giving me these blessings, thank you all the people I've met at this school, and thank you for being my second family for life and I am so grateful to have met you all. Love, Johnny Vo NOW GO CELEBRATE BITCHES🎊 Sorry if you weren't tag, Instagram is a stubborn brat😁 - #BIEMSclassof2015 #BIEMS
biems - newkidswag - biemsclassof2015 -
_number1vo : I'll miss you a lot tbh even though we don't talk much anymore, you're a really cool person @stayclassy.claire
_number1vo : Okay. I cried
number1hodges : ❀️❀️❀️
_brittney_bitxh_ : Even Though You Didn't Tag Me, I Love Youuuu Johnny
_number1vo : Love you tooooo @_ihts_obey_brittney_
_number1vo : ❀️❀️❀️ @number1hodges
amy_b58 : Omg I love u😭😭 ur like a broπŸ’˜
_number1vo : I love you too you're like a sisπŸ’žπŸ’ @amy_b58
wonder.land2 - claudia_j_simmons - s.mvxed -
NEW KID SWAG He can use to women bathroom anytime πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ #womenbathroom #newkidswag #brandonsoohoo #incrediblecrew #incredibleness #incredible
incrediblecrew - incredibleness - incredible - womenbathroom - newkidswag - brandonsoohoo -
gabevicc : @brett_demaris tb
brett_demaris : πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ that was the best show ever @gabevicc
incrediblecrewpicz - bruceantstewart - __hannah.nichole - lyndsay816 -
newkidswag - msmasana - mywcw -
liser.suphie - rasbee_ - sonialuvsfashion - solidstateformen -
Bobby and I getting our 3 Dollar burrito for the second year in a row😎πŸ’ͺ #ItStillCosted6Dollars #StreetFighterVsHunter #WePutSpriteInOurWaterCups @bobby_krystosik
weputspriteinourwatercups - secondbestfriends - streetfightervshunter - newkidswag - itstillcosted6dollars -
tylerdavis_52 : #NewKidSwag #SecondBestFriends
megumiyahashi : Are you the Karate Kid??
tylerdavis_52 : Idk I just put it together in like one minuteπŸ˜ŽπŸ‘» @meezykate
__takacs__ - wellsbrooklynn - manchildlucas - _victoria_hathy_ -
3 dollar burrito at chipotle for the second year in a row with @tylerdavis_52 #newkidswag #secondbestfriendsforlife #andcoltcame...
secondbestfriendsforlife - newkidswag - andcoltcame -
colt_yox : #Coltwasthelifeoftheparty
ashleigh_7294 - kodadelong - henryhromyko45 - gabriella_marie77 -
Got some pretty serious armor and weapons now. #stickoftruth #newkidswag
stickoftruth - newkidswag -
brittany_marie_94 - superpixelchris - courters.jpg - pedrosantiago009 -
Hi !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! #stonersunday #clooneyd #nofucks #newkidswag #supahi #hashtag
supahi - nofucks - hashtag - newkidswag - clooneyd - stonersunday -
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Its safe to say he waited long enough to go to the big school learn big things and ride the big bus.... #MyKindergartner #MJIII #NewKidSwag #BigBoy #Accomplished
accomplished - newkidswag - mjiii - bigboy - mykindergartner -
lunchi_jr - mona.lisa84 - relevant2youdoee - ajnwonderland -
First day of school! #LSA #Nervous #newkidswag
nervous - newkidswag - lsa -
drogers2019 : You look like a baller
torrii.17 : Rate•10
abby.robinson15 : Tbh: I don't know you, but you go to my school. And I guess you are cool.
savannahpayneee : Tbhh? Uhm this is awkward but you should message me on facebook. Yeah, you're cute and we've hung out onceπŸ˜‚
claraann97 : 😊😍
claraann97 : 😊
claraann97 : ❀
hannah.stults - abigailrebecca_ - foxx_34 - tconk32 -
Bruh #lightskinswag #drunk #homies #tommythegreenranger #nofucks #newkidswag #thatshitcray #wedimboyz
lightskinswag - wedimboyz - nofucks - drunk - newkidswag - tommythegreenranger - homies - thatshitcray -
biobridge : @davegetnmoney get your ass up at Mike's
davidm.mccullough : @biobridge no can do bro gotta early morning tomorrow
biobridge : @davegetnmoney my nig I feel you
paigeerx : @biobridge jar, now.
br00k3tini - davidm.mccullough - tapril09 - drunkrichwhitegirls -
Rdy to intimidate the FUK out of my new classmates with my FUKIN FAT STAXXXXX #watchoutbitches #newkidswag #armed #prettyboyswag #fukoff #no #ucantborrowapencil #bitch ( this is a joke u can borrow a pencil to any of my classmates) (but u best give it back) OTHERWISE IMMA GO OEDIPUS ON YO ASS WITH MAH PENCILS
ucantborrowapencil - watchoutbitches - no - newkidswag - fukoff - prettyboyswag - bitch - armed -
sopancak : tell me you actually put an eraser on each individual pencil
b0nitaapleb0ng69 : @sopancak ya thank u I did I'm a bad bitch
sunnisunshinee : I πŸ’š u
fleezhuschrist - stephschubert - abbycallery - nadnicsol -
Graduation selfie with "the new kid crew" πŸŽ“πŸ˜ #graduation #newkidswag
newkidswag - graduation -
kateebear__ - sethlhuggs72 - britt_at_heart - ashleybohman_96 -
So proud of you @nathaniel_earl 2 finally Illinois eligible after 30 days wait . Starting pitcher for game 1 and got the W! ❀My boy! #Sherrard #tigers #newkidswag
sherrard - tigers - newkidswag -
andyloomis : Tell that boy to eat and workout! Keep working hard!
emileee.15 - kristen_will5 - indybrown7 - cayden_tiede93 -
Killing it in English #newkid #newkidswag #whothehellareyou #english #killinit #welcometowinslow #rgod
newkid - whothehellareyou - welcometowinslow - english - rgod - newkidswag - killinit -
fotiiini : @emmacristan
emmacristan : πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ‘ŠπŸ‘Š@footinii
koramaeee - maddy_morneault - r_filippov - timothysperopolous -
Another high school! Haha! #newkidswag
newkidswag -
joeyykey : Nope I don't think so. @thatclevergirl
katherine_what_what_ : Tbh: joey u needa comeback to willowbrook! U were rly cool and sooo nice.... rate:9.5
mkrupiczowicz31 : Joey my mom lives right by RB let's chill sometime
joeyykey : For sure just let me know. @pimp_daddy_marcus
mkrupiczowicz31 : Next weekend
joeyykey : Ight @pimp_daddy_marcus
joeyykey : Hey you got snapchat? @pimp_daddy_marcus
mkrupiczowicz31 : Yea its WD.Marcus
amir_mcdookie7 - cassiekinnz - captain_riss_riss -
On the top is a picture from 31 weeks ago. On the bottom is a picture from today, taken at almost the same location. It made me think about how my life has changed in these past 31 weeks. New people, new friends, new school, new sites, and new adventures. Everyday I miss California but hey, look at these pictures... Who could complain? πŸ—»πŸ‘Œ
loveyourtown - newkidswag -
hvnterclap : I know right? #sexy
livingbychance : So deep brah @tt_hh_oo_rr
tt_hh_oo_rr : Your bio is so deep @ccchance0
livingbychance : So is yours, Just keep on succeeding and breathing dude @tt_hh_oo_rr
tt_hh_oo_rr : At least mine is a real quote. Just keep on wondering, getting lost, and traveling. @ccchance0
qmcnatt : Awwe how cute :) @tt_hh_oo_rr
bellsbailey16 : πŸ’‚
pitaaa.ovoxo : Date: Maybe
lydia_leafstrand - riley.skylarrr - jamienerofit - coraticherich -
Streeeeeeeeeeetch #swag #newkidswag #mollyzzollymollymollymollymolly #milkshakes #mymilkshake #mymilkshakebringsalldboyz2dyard #itwerkout
swag - milkshakes - itwerkout - mymilkshake - newkidswag - mymilkshakebringsalldboyz2dyard - mollyzzollymollymollymollymolly -
m.a.d.d.z.z - bubblegubaby1 -
Checking out the new school tomorrow before starting.. #newschool #newkid #newkidagain #hateit #dontwannachangeschools #Jeffersoncounty #argh #newkidswag #moved #no #nojustno but enjoy the sunset pic.. #sunset #pink #purple #trees #sky #beautiful #perfect #missinthecountry #cityswag
beautiful - perfect - newschool - newkidswag - moved - trees - dontwannachangeschools - newkid - hateit - jeffersoncounty - pink - argh - no - purple - sky - nojustno - sunset - cityswag - missinthecountry - newkidagain -
hopie1098 : :(
annisty0101 : Thanks. We are going to Fairdale High @stoney0282
123analoreto - annisty0101 - dalayna_denise_newcombe - may_is_my_name -
Why are we so happy... #newkidswag @michellerdel
newkidswag -
michellerdel : @the_perksofbeingkatie I dont even know anymore man
justsomeherokid - alexa_duron - devil_wears_riedell - jordynpoindexter11 -
Party in the U.S.A! @bobby_krystosik #sumdmanscar #newkidswag #singing @nicksundman82
newkidswag - singing - sumdmanscar -
samuel_isaac29 - jonahrhysmcc - nwatson56 - nodus.tolllens -
newkidswag -
hwalker_xo : Ian!
kylewill44 : Back off he's mine @hwalker_xo
shelbyxo9 : He goes to our school now?? And In ur grade?
hwalker_xo : I've known him longer. So you back off @kylewill44
beccaa_perry : Ian!
samschaller_ : My boys 😍😍😍 @kylewill44 @ian_tuchon15
ian_tuchon : SAM!!! :'D @samschaller_
kallifornia_xox : :D
camblack21 - caraturner_ - lia.ave -
At the new school pancake breakfast! #newfriends #californiadreaming #newkidswag #newschool
newkidswag - newfriends - californiadreaming - newschool -
_amanda24_ : That was fun!!!(:
_destinyalexes_ : U go to OC? Sophomore? What? Haha sorry I honestly have never seen u before
_destinyalexes_ : I go to OC too haha and imma sophomore!
layniev - jamesdevries_71 - haylee_kloosterman - _lauryn_christine_ -
newkidswag -
kpaige0505 : Lol
voidddd - aye_its_valerie - omgg.andrew -
School today! #studentswag #schoolswag #newkidswag #itssoquiet #canthandleit #whydidiputmyselfaroundteenagers
studentswag - schoolswag - itssoquiet - canthandleit - hitthesekidsinthefacewithmybackpackswag - newkidswag - sickofyourfaceswag - whydidiputmyselfaroundteenagers - noidontwanttobeyourfriendswag -
childrenofgod3 : You'll be fine...and you'll have a better day than you think, you're going to have. #1dayoftherestofyourlifeswag
spinellie_ : #hitthesekidsinthefacewithmybackpackswag
childrenofgod3 : #makeniceandmakefriendswag
childrenofgod3 : #beatuplittlekidsforlunchmoneyswag
burns_____ : #laughinwaytoohardatthetagsswag
spinellie_ : #noidontwanttobeyourfriendswag
spinellie_ : #sickofyourfaceswag
danielleeping - burns_____ - spinellie_ - childrenofgod3 -
I like this little lounge thing!! Hanging out watching people walk by, and trying to make sure I know where my classes are. LOL 😊
newkidswag -
burns_____ : #futurecollegeswag
childrenofgod3 : #imastudentswag
spinellie_ : #newkidswag LMBO
danielleeping - tabolario - spinellie_ - childrenofgod3 -
Look at me all ready for IB with my Monsters University folder! #NewKidSwag #MU
mu - newkidswag -
mic.chiba - gabirobaa - timb2292 - creocity -
I hate being the new kid on the block; trust me it sucks going from doing something you know to something you have no idea about. #deepbreath #justdoit #risks #nofear #newkidswag #salon #whyaminotatlawschool? βœ‚πŸ‘‹πŸ’‡πŸ™ˆ
aberprobs - salon - nofear - whyaminotatlawschool - deepbreath - newkidswag - justdoit - risks -
brettken13 : i feel the same way ass
ericadost : @brettken13 but you had me to guide you through my #aberprobs. It's okay we are smart we got this πŸ‘
kayggggggg - dani_camm - brettken13 - rousel_carina -
barbers - fresh - fivestarbarbershoplo - newkidswag - soccer - fΓΊtbol -
19toto - jovita_gwilliams - huguito1231 - erinolivia98 -
Attention all students, they are now labeling and numbering all new students. Please be kind to them. #newkidswag #labelsallday #whitejamesharden
newkidswag - labelsallday - whitejamesharden -
benjaminanichols : Wait for real?
kemosabi17 - savannah_raddatz - annnnamariiiie - ryley.conway -
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