Here's my first pic on instagram! Idk what the hell I'm doing yet! #newbiestatus
newbiestatus -
prewitt_jonathan - alexandraanl - lareed28 - katiebug8694 -
upo - newbiestatus - pinoyfood - ohwell - ginisangupowithgroundbeef - letseat - food - kainna - icancook -
mslokaret : I wanted #upo, so i cooked it. Di nga lang pala ako marunong mag hiwa nun pero natuto din agad from mother! Haha! #newbiestatus #icancook #letseat #ginisangupowithgroundbeef kulang lang sa ingredients #ohwell #pinoyfood #food #kainna
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Heck yeah!! #latepost from this morning πŸ˜‹ @crossfitethos #likeaboss #beastmode #newbiestatus #crossfit #crossfitmom #crossfitethos #rage #FitFam #FitMom
beastmode - newbiestatus - crossfit - rage - latepost - fitmom - crossfitethos - likeaboss - crossfitmom - fitfam -
ypr_factory : πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰
crossfitconnections : great photo! we do shoutouts, follow us!
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Getting closer and closer πŸ˜… #newbiestatus
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_camarillojorge : Yea lol u gotta teach me some stuff one day 😝 @jon_cabello
jon_cabello : Sure thing bro πŸ‘Œ
_camarillojorge : Alright man πŸ™Œ @jon_cabello
s.elizaabeth : Something is something, nice try ☺️
_ft.wil : Getcho voy a serenar a bae headass boii
_camarillojorge : Thanks! Preciate that πŸ’― @s.elizaabeth
_camarillojorge : lmao who told 😜 @_ft.wil
lexi927 : Hey what's your number?
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My very first #gradient nails and my very first post on my new account! Woo! #newbiestatus πŸ˜€ I used @sinfulcolorsprofessional #MidnightBlue and #SnowMeWhite with @sally_hansen Insta-Dri as my topcoat!
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polishedhappiness : Thank you! @learn4until4 πŸ˜€
naildesignsbyaria : 😍😍😍
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I finally decided to come out from the rock I've been living under and create an Instagram, I have no idea what the hell the point of this is, but like it up #newbiestatus
newbiestatus -
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I haven't cut coupons in FOREVERRRRRR OMG. #newbiestatus but I'm about to tear shit up for real πŸ’πŸ˜‚
widn - newbiestatus -
manal_coupons : I feel the same way 😩😩
mckissick1 : Me too I'm trying to hurry home
joziqs : Wait βœ‹ I love tags 😫😭??! Omg @mikeycicero_ remind me πŸ”ͺπŸ”ͺπŸ˜•πŸ˜•
mikeycicero_ : @joziqs 😘😘😘😘😘 Joziqs day 2? Or nah
joziqs : Whoa PLS let's be reasonable @mikeycicero_ πŸŒΎπŸŒΎπŸŒΎπŸŒΎπŸ™ŠπŸŒΎπŸŒΎπŸŒΎπŸŒΎπŸ˜­πŸ˜­
mikeycicero_ : @joziqs πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
mommyofmlj : Your cutting sucks!!! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
corkus2000 : @mommyofmlj it doesπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
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This girl FINALLY got an Instagram! πŸ˜‰ Welcome love! 😘 #NewbieStatus πŸ’ƒ
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annagail_leigh15 : Hehe thanks babe 😘
hannahivelisse : Np!! πŸ˜„ @annagail_leigh15
staceypryor6 : you go sisterrr! i best be in your first post! πŸ˜‰ @annagail_leigh15
annagail_leigh15 : @staceypryor6 for sure! 😘 #sistersbeforemisters
staceypryor6 : DuhπŸ’ #Sisters4Lyfe @annagail_leigh15
jbakerbonner : Pretty girls. How are you so old?!😭
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His little newbieπŸ˜ŒπŸ’‘πŸ‚πŸΌ #newbiestatus
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Hello new followers and old followers! πŸ‘‹πŸ‘‹πŸ‘‹Welcome to my page. I've never posted a pic of myself before, no specific reason, I'm just not the best #selfie taker πŸ˜‚. My name is Lara. I'm from BK, NY now reside in QU, NY. I am a #couponaddict for sure. I started couponing 3months ago (a friend of mine got me intrigued and explained the basics) and I graduated from #newbiestatus a few days after. I spent a lot of time doing my own research and learning coupon policies. Google is so smart sometimes!!! I'm a #foodie, I have 2 doggies, I'm filipino, I only cook in the winter & my bf is my coupon hunter. If you ever see me around, feel free to say "Hi!". #nyccouponer #couponing101 #couponbuddy #couponcommunity #couponer #nyccouponing #couponfam #couponfairy #nofilter
nyccouponing - nyccouponer - couponaddict - selfie - couponfam - couponfairy - couponing101 - foodie - couponbuddy - couponer - newbiestatus - nofilter - couponcommunity -
inggy18 : Hi Lara
budgetbuyer : Hiii! @inggy18
budgetbuyer : @imjonjon It takes A LOT of time and patience. Pretty much my 2nd job. If your serious, let me know. I'm down to teach/help. Happy Holidays!
budgetbuyer : *you're ☝☝☝
imjonjon : I'm always researching things. I'm seriously down to learn. Teach me your ways.
budgetbuyer : Ok. Let's meet up in the New Year! It's a plan. Same #?
budgetbuyer : @imjonjon ☝☝
imjonjon : Yeah same number.
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Despite the fact that the sunset is glimmering through the silk of this flag gorgeously, I'm pretty sure it clattered to the ground a few seconds later. πŸ˜„ #newbiestatus #winterguard #flag #manhandler #epicfail
flag - winterguard - newbiestatus - manhandler - epicfail -
intercapedo_ : I'm so proud of you!
lauramunso : @intercapedo_ thanks loveliness! Still can't catch much but I'm done being all depressing!
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New to this while instagram thing #newbiestatus
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eschkeryantz : That's the face I make in every picture. Twinsies?
peter.vincent : Good start
parblar : #STRONG
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Finally got a hold of something to cut! #Couponing #couponcommunity #newbiestatus
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So I'm steam punk now. Gear wrapps looking good. #wire #wirewrap #ohm #pendant #pendy #headyart #wireart #pendantsofig #headywraps #artofig #vibratehigher #wirework #pendants #gear #jewellery #necklace #newbiestatus #handmade #art ##ohm
ohm - art - gear - jewellery - headyart - pendants - wirewrap - necklace - pendant - vibratehigher - wireart - pendantsofig - pendy - wire - newbiestatus - handmade - headywraps - artofig - wirework -
upliftingartwork : Amazing feed!
shawneigh : @upliftingartwork thank you so much. My art goes way back but lately been pushing my limit, style, and medium
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Follow me on TSU let's all make some money! Links in my bio let's see what this is all about! It's all new to me but if it is gonna make us money just for doing what we already do on instagram let's all try it together!!!! #tsu #newbiestatus
tsu - newbiestatus -
couponingmommyc2 : I just joined tonight as well www.tsu.co/couponingmommyofc2 let's make some money and enjoy our couponing lifestyle!
atlcomputerdude : @morecrazyent
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Reppin' work up! #work #punchinthatclock #newbiestatus
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you_forevermore -
Gamestop thug life. #newbiestatus
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Rite aid haul (minus the nail polish) oop was around $8!!! Yay Me! #coupons #newaddiction #newbiestatus
newaddiction - newbiestatus - coupons -
Just finished labeling my coupon organizers! #coupons #newbiestatus #lovecouponingalready
lovecouponingalready - newbiestatus - coupons -
kittygirl5309 -
Anyone else find this to be a daunting task?! #trickortreat AKA what form of high deities corn syrup should I give your child
newbiestatus - trickortreat -
mcgrawful : Reese's, kit kats, snickers, butterfingers or a variety bag that includes those. Everything else is garbage candy!
mahsino : From what I remember of my old post-game trading party, Twix and Reeses were hot commodities. Just don't be the asshole that passes out Tootsie Rolls.
sarackenny : Butterfingers OBVI
kristinstrehle : I was sweating in the candy isle trying to choose.
hayhowrudoing : Oh man - ended up with Milky ways and M&Ms #newbiestatus
shahnaz_g7 - emeraldpalate - recycled_recitals - kristinstrehle -
Back side. #wirewrapping #wrap #wire #wirewrap #newbiestatus
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Making my dream happen one step at a time. This was the next step...Is this really happening?!? 😱😳😊 #mpphotography #joiningfacebook #itsabigdealtome #timetobookmoreclients #excitingtimes
timetobookmoreclients - newbiestatus - mpphotography - imawhimp - joiningfacebook - excitingtimes - itsabigdealtome -
kaelar : Yay! Get it! πŸ’™
mpreau1 : @kaelar I was so nervous #newbiestatus #imawhimp
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😩Friday FAIL!!! Dropped my first bottle🍺...guess I'm ready for this weekend to begin😝 #suckumup#epicFAIL#grabastraw#officialinitiation#Newbiestatus
sixpacks - newbiestatus - moneymaker - suckumup - officialinitiation - epicfail - dailygrind - grabastraw - dropitlikeitshot -
spikey684 : yea sure, your "first" bottle!! 😜 lol
mizu_san48 : Hi yo name is Grace @tasha_rj
nanzyah_biznizz : Oi lol
tasha_rj : @nanzyah_biznizz bwahahah I know πŸ˜” my first one already and I haven't even been here a month yet..damn #sixpacks
tasha_rj : @spikey684 πŸ˜‰ you know me BEST
nanzyah_biznizz : It's ok I did it alot n still do haha.. I'm such a Butterfinger..haha
ronald808.all.in : Omg girl to had time to take a pic lol have fun #vacationmodeON
tasha_rj : @ronald808.all.in bwahah cuz someone told me not to move!!! Lol aww buddy gonna miss you have a good trip
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Sorry if this is a re-entry. I don't think my first post was done correctly @coupns_yes #coupnsyesgiveaway #newbiestatus #firstgiveaway #crossingmyfingers @rambo765 @rownuhhjayne @pinkluvr_mandi
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fitnesscrazzy1 : So nice!
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🎯target: regular price is $6.89 each buy 3 get a $5 gc use πŸ“± 10% of cartwheel and πŸ“°βœ‚ (3) $2.50/1 mq from 10/12 rp oop $2.03 each #newbiestatus #happygirl #couponnewbie #coupons #couponcommunity #savingmoney #neverpayfullprice #addictedtocouponing #ipaywithcoupons #ilovecheap
newbiestatus - happygirl - couponcommunity - ipaywithcoupons - addictedtocouponing - neverpayfullprice - savingmoney - couponnewbie - ilovecheap - coupons -
4mycoups : yes @chergracen cartwheel is an app target has that saves you anywhere from 5-50% on select items and you can stack the cartwheel offer with mq's and tq's. you search the app and it let's you know if there is an offer on the item you're looking for or you can scan the item and it will tell you if there is an offer!!
4mycoups : I had never used this mascara before and I was completely out and omg 😍 I absolutely love it @snowwhite909
joyfullcoupons : How long is the GC deal til
crym401 : @4mycoups are you still looking for Tresemme coupons?
4mycoups : it ended Saturday @joyfullcoupons but cvs & wags have bogo 1/2 off
4mycoups : yes I am do you have some @crym401 dm me
crym401 : @4mycoups dm sent 😊
tara_manchester : love your page!
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Thanks Microsoft and Adobe for the free Surface 3 #adobemax #freetablet #happycamper
adobemax - newbiestatus - freetablet - happycamper -
kaelar : πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
mpreau1 : @kaelar had to pick my jaw up off the floor when they told everyone that #newbiestatus
drewdat96 : I heard about that! We match now!
msimo28 : That's crazy cool!
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It's official. #byebyesr #newbiestatus #pplareactuallynicehere
byebyesr - newbiestatus - pplareactuallynicehere -
e_yanowsky98 : ....... It's backwards bud
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Iz tryna skate 😁😁 #comeskatewithme #miniramp #gottastartsomewhere #skate #skateboarding #newbiestatus #illgetthere #dowork
newbiestatus - dowork - comeskatewithme - skate - illgetthere - miniramp - skateboarding - gottastartsomewhere -
jaytayserp : ❀️
hinkypunk465 : @jaytayserp β€οΈπŸ‘Š
jaytayserp : πŸ‘ŠπŸ‘ŠπŸ‘ŠπŸ‘Š props fior days iz
lonewolf_alex : Teach mehhh
anthonyrohrer : Ooooooooh 😍
hinkypunk465 : @lonewolf_alex anytime!
hinkypunk465 : @anthonyrohrer πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
ricky__moranz : I wana skate this
ropacestela - nattyjoesphysique - detrafohw - skatephotofeed -
#newbiestatus #impulse ❀️
newbiestatus - impulse -
stephenb_711 - samu_nkosi - strip.ped - mareef_wami -
Debuting Round 9 at Motion On Main today at 8:45 am!! Starting the slate clean & we are all beginners today!!! Come check out the new moves and music!!!!
getinmotion - newbiestatus - workhardplayhard - round9 - pittsburgh - insanitylive -
melissaroman21 : #getinmotion #insanitylive #round9 #pittsburgh #workhardplayhard #newbiestatus #
andrea_forsythe - dannyboygomes - khelfrick - janet7210 -
target: $3.88 regular price used $2/1 mq came out to $1.88 each ... there was no sale going on with these but I had the q's which are almost going to expire and someone I know needed deordorant like now πŸ˜‚πŸ˜’ #newbiestatus #happygirl #couponnewbie #coupons #couponcommunity #savingmoney #neverpayfullprice #addictedtocouponing #ipaywithcoupons #ilovecheap
newbiestatus - happygirl - couponcommunity - ipaywithcoupons - addictedtocouponing - neverpayfullprice - savingmoney - couponnewbie - ilovecheap - coupons -
nayeliphobia - queen_beee760 - fiercecouponing - longbeachcouponers -
#thankyou #newbiefriendly @keeping_up_with_the_qponers thanks for the info I got 4 boxes and they are my favorite kind lol #newbiestatus #couponing #couponcommunity
thankyou - couponcommunity - couponing - newbiestatus - newbiefriendly -
keeping_up_with_the_qponers : Yay! Glad you got some! πŸ˜„
abbysmommacoupons : Thankyou @keeping_up_with_the_qponers 😊 I'm glad too
crunch103 : This deal ends today?? :((
abbysmommacoupons : Yesterday Saturday @crunch103
keeping_up_with_the_qponers - mrskarlapqpons - samoanqponer -
So the deal is buy 3 @ 4.99 get a $5 gc from #target I bought 6 πŸ”Ήbuy 6 @ 4.99+tax (32.63) πŸ”Ήuse $4/2 IP (no longer available) or I used my expired qs cuz they take em at my store πŸ”Ήpay 20.63 get (2) $5 GC back or like at my store they took the $10 off because the gift cards were not being promoted (not in the ad so YMMV) like paying $10.63 for 6 Pantene 21.1FL OZ [[i only bought conditioner in this transaction cuz I needed it but in my other sets I bought both shampoo/conditioner]] got a total of 18 bottles for this deal ❀️❀️❀️#couponing #couponcommunity #awesome #dealsdeals #newbiestatus #minihaul
newbiestatus - target - dealsdeals - couponcommunity - couponing - awesome - minihaul -
abbysmommacoupons : Approx. $1.67 a bottle
thelittleprojects : That is so awesome! :)
abbysmommacoupons : @thelittleprojects thankyou. The deal ends tonight so go get em if you have the qs
mrskarlapqpons - joke105 - sterlingfirearms - s.e.b_qpons -
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