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"18 bottles of Pantene (9 shampoo&conditioner) plus 6 bottles of head and shoulders not shown here for about $25 oop 3 different transactions. The first two are the same CVS 3/$10 Pantene buy 9 = $30 receive $10 gas card back and use (3) P&G $5/3 MQs bringing it down to $15 + tax. They didn't have any more gas cards so they gave me $10 in ECBs so I used those on my next transaction and lowered my oop to $5 +tax then the third I used my ECBs to buy my head and shoulders and only paid $15 + tax no gift card on that transaction but I needed the head and shoulders and rite aid was wiped out 😊 #myfirsthaul #soohappy #newbiestatus #newcouponer" #firsthaul #newbiecouponer #newaccount #justforcouponing #northerncali #repostfrommypersonalaccount
newaccount - northerncali - newbiestatus - newcouponer - firsthaul - justforcouponing - soohappy - newbiecouponer - myfirsthaul - repostfrommypersonalaccount -
714coupongal : Welcome to the couponcommunity πŸ˜‰πŸ‘
abbysmommacoupons : Thankyou I'm hopeful I can learn this trade and make a good useful stockpile could use any tips you have :) @714coupongal
714coupongal : I learn as I go, there's always something new. It's always good to have enough Q's on hand 10+ you want to get those GC's, ECB's to start rolling. Always make sure you have reserved GC's or ECB's it'll make your Oop less πŸ˜‰ (less is always good) search the Hashtags (couponcommunity, couponfamily) you will finds good scenarios also good coupon trades (they're some shady ones out there) so you always want to check the (badigtrader hashtag) before trading anything. Good luck w/your stockpile, in no time it'll be out of control πŸ˜‚ Happy couponing πŸ˜‰@abbsmommacoupons
714coupongal : @abbysmommacoupons
abbysmommacoupons : Oh wow thankyou for the advice it would be awesome to find some couponers near me that can point me in the right direction but I will make sure I take good note can I ask that if you order your inserts where you order them from cuz I would like to use a reliable source :)
abbysmommacoupons : @714coupongal
714coupongal : I use a local one near my house OC/Anaheim area. I'd rather pick up than pay for shipping (that just me) sometimes you can get them a bit earlier than Sunday. Hashtag your area code (exp: 714couponers) is mine, you might find local coupon friends that will help out as well πŸ˜‰ I just tagged you on your other post w/someone that might be able to help you w/your inserts. Good luck girlie πŸ˜‰ @abbysmommacoupons
petty_coupons - 714coupongal -
Just something for now .... Lol
newbiestatus -
joci1988 : Does n e body know how to change the profile pic lol.. I'm kinda new with the instagram party #newbiestatus lol
ladylinds417 : Lol on ur page hit edit profile than hit the picture to change! @joci1988
joci1988 : Well then lol... I'm feeling pretty simple ha
_kingmenow - ladylinds417 - vellyvelbaby - xo_clynn_xo -
Got in my Boomtime yesterday! First time. in a while!!! #newbiestatus but I enjoyed every minute! Needed that sesh fasho! Daps to my ninja @_viixxxiii_ for holdin me down!! Keepin me on track! πŸ’’πŸ‘ŠπŸ˜ŠπŸ’’ S/O to best coach EVAAAA @rastamote for welcoming me back!! Dedicating his extra time to our happy to see everyone! @yessykuh_29 @onelove_2454 @ev_alcantar54 @blissful_ree Rudy n uncle EPPY!!! Good shit peeps!!! #sprints #combos #traveling #putinwork #boom #hardworkpaysoff #stayhumble #saladwrap #chickenwang #gimp even with our aches and pain...we never give up!!! πŸ˜πŸ‘ SO PROUD TO BE APART OF @_teamboom24
sprints - gimp - combos - newbiestatus - hardworkpaysoff - saladwrap - putinwork - traveling - stayhumble - chickenwang - boom -
_viixxxiii_ : ✊😏 Next head/hand stands!!!! @_nunu_81 πŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ
_nunu_81 : Haha...maybe in a pool! Lmfao @_viixxxiii_ u gonna hold me up? πŸ˜‚
_viixxxiii_ : @_nunu_81 LoL Yea ... we ll practice tonight in the living room
_nunu_81 : Oh right!!! I can see ur madre now...WTF ARE U GUYS DOING?! Lmfao @_viixxxiii_
_viixxxiii_ : @_nunu_81 Lmfao
missjes5 : Look at those sexaaaaay legs!!!!
_nunu_81 : @missjes5 πŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆ
iaprudencio - deannaneves721 - chrishipolito - bethanygray97 -
Last night in Korea 🎱#downtime #billiards #newbiestatus #longhairdontcare #homeboundsoon
longhairdontcare - billiards - newbiestatus - homeboundsoon - downtime -
baddiejazzie : #hotstuff where are the pockets?
lanimanalo : snookers!
skeeterlg : No pockets whaaaatt!! Take turns trying to hit both red balls without hitting the other yellow/white ball
97beomgeun : Scott! See you later
lanimanalo - allyssajustyne - massived - dominiquerose_ -
#squaready #mommybabystretching #yoga
newbiestatus - squaready - yoga - mommybabystretching -
momof6walker : #newbiestatus
karenmi66 - terriamasters - lana_mamabear - tamjojacks -
I can't believe it's next week that I'm leaving Italy to move to Jax. Florida #it'shappening #jacksonvilleflorida #florida #moving #onemoreweek #newgirl #newbiestatus #senioryear #ithasnthitmeyet
newbiestatus - ithasnthitmeyet - newgirl - onemoreweek - florida - it - senioryear - moving - jacksonvilleflorida -
shanyakarla : TBH ; 😭 you left me and went to the sunshine state , but I miss you and I wish the best your senior year stay focus and I would like you to keep up with shot out pleaseeeeee 😁
shanyakarla - thewonderful1s -
How do I do this? My first time ever. He was sweaty as healz and super gay. #lovemygays #hollaforadolla #newbiestatus
lovemygays - newbiestatus - hollaforadolla -
mikesr80 : @malevine_ hahahaha
sandra_dmanivong : πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜­πŸ˜­
mzselena : Should have gave the dollar to the other dude...He hella knew how to bounce that ass. Hahahha!!!!!
malevine_ : @mzselena Damn I know he was working it too. I had no more $ though!
mikaylamahoney - kimzstagram - tashhhh - lj_chao -
Wearing the #bestie favorite color and one of her ice cream flavors lol #newbiestatus #mintchocolatechip #nails #kknailart #inmemory of @katheekawaii because I don't see her anymore
inmemory - mintchocolatechip - newbiestatus - bestie - kknailart - nails -
katheekawaii : :c
katheekawaii - imbatman908 - hoop_n_dream - xtheresa_nicole -
First time making soap tonight! Amazing experience and definitely one that I would like to challenge myself on getting better in! #soapmaking #soap #newbiestatus #saponification #lye #caustic #soapmakingclub #coconutoil #honey #happy #crafts #diy #process #ftm #trans #transgender #we_are_trans #realtboys #recycledart #preservation #challenge
realtboys - process - we_are_trans - soapmakingclub - preservation - honey - lye - soapmaking - caustic - recycledart - newbiestatus - challenge - saponification - coconutoil - diy - crafts - transgender - trans - ftm - soap - happy -
zwtrull : Next thing ya know, youll be going all Tyler Durden and blowin up buildings...
sn0zzberry - shutuprefresh - livfree_diy - holliiewilson -
cutie patootie Frank Zhang . . . I've lost 3 followers since taking over this account #newbiestatus woo
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First morning at UNC #newbiestatus
newbiestatus -
theestarkebaumer - marleebeee - gocchio - hmcclell -
Thank you chocolate #shakeology and #21dayfix for getting me #triathlon ready!! Hey #triathlete people out there, what do you recommend I eat the night before a race? Morning of? I'm a n00b!
abs - triathlete - shakeology - swimbikerun - workout - youcandoanything - believe - pawling - triathlon - newbiestatus - teambeachbody - 21dayfix - work - race -
wellnesswebb : #swimbikerun #triathlon #race #pawling #newbiestatus #abs #shakeology #teambeachbody #youcandoanything #believe #work #workout
wellnesswebb : @robbinsanity πŸ™Œ thanks mah dude!
_amanduhrose : Hot damn! πŸ”₯
ndiaz88 : Dem abs!!
nyrhebby : Looking good Nikki. Power housing it yeah yeahπŸ’ͺ
wellnesswebb : @_amanduhrose @ndiaz88 @nyrhebby Thank you all!
get_teambeachbody_leads : Thats whats up!
lizzyliz656 : U go girl
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Playing guitar on Baby Martin with my babe while watching the Giants and eating Reese's. (: We just made up our first little song! Happy girl.
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shawna_alpdemir : #acoustic #babymartin #acousticguitar #newbiestatus #guitarcenter #picks #reeses #candy #sfgiants #perfectnightin
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Sorry it's a bit chipped! 😳😁#nails #nailart #naildesign #flower #firstpost #follow #f4f #newbiestatus #hashtag
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Tagged by @chef__jan to #stopdropandyoga Just started practicing my 8-angle pose and I'm clearly pretty stoked about it 😝 my neighbors must think I'm weird. Well.. They're right. πŸ˜… I now tag @yogawithmarney @peabraininapod and @chinadoll_yogi to stop drop and yoga! πŸ™
armbalance - yogaeverydamnday - eightanglepose - yoga - yogaaddict - newbiestatus - stopdropandyoga -
dizodu : ✨😍✨
arayoheart : I'm so jealous!!! I love your strength!
yoginiadventures : Haha @arayoheart thank you! Let's yoga together sometime!!
chinadoll_yogi : Awww!! Look at your divine smile. Awesome!! πŸ˜˜β€οΈπŸ™
yoginiadventures : Aw thanks lovie πŸ’— @chinadoll_yogi
dmcandy : Omgosh Tiff this is so amazing! How do you do this stuff? #hottie
yoginiadventures : Haha @dmcandy practice!! πŸ˜‹ and no boyfriend! πŸ˜‚
dmcandy : Haha @tiffanikirby I could definitely see that! Lol
tasselstone - chefjan.yogini - samanthamward - kkaa05 -
Didn't get lucky on the 10/$10 country time but I did get 2 RC. But I did use one of my #CapriSun RC. 8 boxes for $4.xx #houstoncouponer #savingmoney #texascouponing #couponingcommunity #Couponers #couponaddict #NewbieStatus
caprisun - newbiestatus - couponers - savingmoney - couponingcommunity - texascouponing - couponaddict - houstoncouponer -
qsfromraa : What's the bd for caprisun n what store ? Did u use the 2 off when buying kraft Mac n cheese q
qsfromraa : @qlearning
qlearning : This was last week's sale at Kroger I got 2 RC. 4/$4 the q was $1/2 @qsfromraa
qsfromraa : Oh okay cool thanks :) I just see a lot of post for the caprisun q got my curious @qlearning
qlearning : No problem, yeah there were 2 different q's going around. The one you're talking about and the one for $1/2
qlearning : @qsfromraa
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Going to orroville with mimi and papa to get new truck! Hang out with Kelsey tomorrow? I think so!!!
newbiestatus -
cmenez54 : Oh yes. Three posts in less than twenty four hours! #swaggggg
brittanyfrick : πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ πŸ‘†πŸ‘† @cmenez54
woodsmanbuddy1 : #newbiestatus
emma_li_ : At least he knows it πŸ‘ @cmenez54
carleyrosey : @cmenez54 there's no post limit on Instagram πŸ’ #dontplaybytherules
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Look what came in the mail today everyone 🌞✌️😜 #pennyboard #summer2k14 #newbiestatus
newbiestatus - pennyboard - summer2k14 -
emilyatallahh : Where can you buy one?:)
jasroselynn : @emilyatallahh they have a website online!
lmariegomez : Don't breaks something while in gone...
henryaguayo : Watch out for the rooster on the back ground ......
jasroselynn : Haha very funny dad, I love you! @henryaguayo
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#yoga #fitsnap Day 30 Yoga Challenge @stoked_yogi @beachyogagirl @kinoyoga @glidesup #mayihandstand day before #newbiestatus
mayihandstand - newbiestatus - fitsnap - yoga -
heathersibinski : You did it!! πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ™Œ
runningstacie : Yea! πŸŽ‰πŸ’ͺπŸ’™
cgomezbx : Everytime I see you with your head down I get dizzy 😜
migartua52 : @runningstacie & @heathersibinski You guys are the best cheerleaders πŸ’•-thank you!
migartua52 : @cgomezbx Haha!
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I feel like a poser only having a few tricks down haha #FuckMondays #newbieStatus #PoserLife #patches #crustpants #bored #diy #diypunk #painting #art #punk #ska #music #hashtag
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_apollo_loco_ : Anyone talks shit truck them in the face! Haha
jt_1902 : Word! Haha @_apollo_loco_
absurdo_88 : If they talk shit atleast your pants are with it ;3
jt_1902 : Lmfao i guess XD @dismaars13
raul_giles_ : You're sexy!
jt_1902 : Thanks bruhh!!! @raul_giles_
jt_1902 : #skateboard #skate #urban #thespecials #oi #skinhead #aglobalthreat #theadicts #crass #rock #thevirus #doom #misfits #themisfits #minorthreat
stackinclips : Wanna be featured on our channel? Use hashtag #stackinclips
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Just ordered this beauty, now I just need to learn how to ride it... #pennyboard #wishmeluck #newbiestatus ✌️
newbiestatus - pennyboard - wishmeluck -
taylorhiester : I'm ordering one too ;) they're sweet
jasroselynn : I know, I'm excited! I debated between a longboard and this but I like this cause it will fit in my bag for class πŸ‘Œ
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On the driving range with this fella, @kyleficker #newbiestatus #ihitaball
newbiestatus - ihitaball -
dubferdmcgee - kyleficker - babatumbay - baileymathias93 -
1st time couponing with my aunt yday n she got excited when she found these! --------------------------------------- EVERPURE Shampoo/Conditioner Buy 3 get $5 GC Sale Price $5.99 Used $2/1 MFQ = $2.32 each after 🎯Giftcard --------------------------------------- #everydayessentials #bayareacouponer #calicouponer #norcalcouponer #couponcommunity #couponingwithauntie #newbiestatus
couponingwithauntie - newbiestatus - calicouponer - bayareacouponer - everydayessentials - norcalcouponer - couponcommunity -
moneysavingmonster : This is on sake this week?! @norcalcouponslut
gzm_qpons : There was TQ ip for these....not sure if still available to print...I just remember I have them
norcalcouponslut : @moneysavingmonster the tag said sale until 05/17
moneysavingmonster : Thanks so much! @norcalcouponslut
norcalcouponslut : @gzm_20 thanks for the heads up! I will check just incase she decides to do another run.
norcalcouponslut : @moneysavingmonster anytime! πŸ˜‰
night_shiftcouponer - lala94121 - maria_ayala10 - socalcouponslut -
Getting there...slowly #coffee #latteart #NewbieStatus
latteart - coffee - newbiestatus -
chika900 : Good job girl😘
jane_hedstrom : Teach me your ways! Lol
janinaburk : This is awesome!!
amanda_nortrup - linza328 - agray1102 - brosef_chilaxton -
😳😳😳!! There is so much to learn in couponing, feels like im back in nursing school. Lol!!! This is so good to know, i use to just browse every insert to see ehich is safe to toss!! Bahaha #newbiestatusπŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆ... Hope some of you will READ and learn this too 😁 thanks for sharing @ereekah1😘😘😘 ... .. Repost from @ereekah1 πŸ”ΈEver wonder what inserts are safe to toss/keep? So do I. So, what do I do? Google!!! Here's a list:) HTH
newbiestatus -
cutiecoupons : Omg I always go searching through my inserts page by page looking for expired ones lol
sophie_clips : Lmfao @cutiecoupons right?!? Me too lololol
blueeyes5470houston : @princess71513
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Some of our first finished creations! #pottery #feetofclay #newbiestatus
pottery - feetofclay - newbiestatus -
epv8432 - shelbyhill - mollypeez - jca_mcd -
And so the travel begins! #aera14 #newbiestatus
newbiestatus - aera14 -
marissakapp - ktsassanoo - sarahplainandtalll - emsing27 -
Okay I've been on a coupon's time to get back..I need to get #linkedup #coupon #couponcommunity #savers #saversanonymous #couponqueens #clippers #coupondivas. ... it's like starting from scratch . Oh man Any tips or NC #connections? @coupon_addicts @coupon_whore @publixismybitch @ch3rry_coupons our any #coupons lol #newbieStatus
saversanonymous - couponqueens - newbiestatus - coupon - couponcommunity - coupondivas - clippers - connections - linkedup - savers - coupons -
coupon_whore : Make sure you buy this week's paper on Sunday. The new month's P&G (and only P&G) will be out
jbjari - mybrighteyez - alicia__woodley -
A fun little isolation sequence I learned tonight! πŸŒ€β€οΈπŸŒ€πŸ’›πŸŒ€πŸ’šπŸŒ€ #practice #newbiestatus #gettinbetter #mirrorimage #isolations #hoopgirls #hoopdance #hooplove #stopdropandspin #moodhoops #led #howiflow #flowarts #hulahoop #girlswhohoop
newbiestatus - hulahoop - hoopdance - moodhoops - flowarts - practice - hooplove - gettinbetter - mirrorimage - hoopgirls - howiflow - isolations - led - stopdropandspin - girlswhohoop -
charlielorine : So sick! ! I miss my hoops
hallucinat0ry - coca_lives - kellileann_ - charlielorine -
Getting just a tad bit frustrated. Everytime I have a BOGO no one knows how to process the coupons. Purchased 8 windex touch up cleaners n tried doing the BOGO but failed. The cashiers started pricing my other items to a penny n it still didn't get down to what it should've been. Can someone share their tricks with me. I'm getting tired of having to go to customer service to have them fix it or returning them. HELP! #bayareacouponer #norcalcouponer #calicouponer #couponingcommunity #newbiestatus #shoppingfruatrations #grrrrr
grrrrr - couponingcommunity - newbiestatus - calicouponer - shoppingfruatrations - bayareacouponer - norcalcouponer -
norcalcouponslut : Am I missing a comment? @ilovepm23 I noticed u tagged @norcalcouponer and so did @xoxocarriexoxo I wanna know the inside scoop! I'm debating weather I should go back to return the windex I paid about $23 and it should've been 1/2. They gave me my coupons back because they didn't know what to do usually when u do a return they don't give the coupons back. Ugh! So frustrating! 😑
ladykatt_coupons : @ilovepm23 when you return them they wont give the Qs back but tgey WILL give you store credit for the Qs =)
ladykatt_coupons : & for the bogo they need to just click enter when that grays screen props
teeenamarie : Know the stores policy and don't be afraid to share that with the cashier. I keep a copy of the stores coupon policy on me just in case. Not too many cashiers know what they're doing and get nervous or scared when the computer prompts them for something.
norcalcouponslut : @ilovepm23 LOL no worries! I thought I missed something! Hopefully u got some I ur questions answered. 😊
norcalcouponslut : @ladykatt_coupons thanks for the tip. I tried telling the cashier what other cashiers usually do but she didn't get it so she called the manager n she was only covering n didn't know what to do either. Now that I know I will look at the screen and let them know. πŸ‘
norcalcouponslut : @teeenamarie I need to do that. I usually read the policy before I go just to make sure my transaction will go smooth but it almost NEVER does. I get frustrated, the cashier gets frustrated n the people in line get frustrated. Sometimes I wish they had a couponer line. 😜 thanks for the tip greatly appreciated.
norcalcouponslut : @ilovepm23 I decided to go back n get last nights transaction fixed (see windex post). I talked to the lady at customer service I told her that I always feel bad because my coupons hold up the line, and she told me that at their target if we have a cart full of stuff to let the head of the front lines know so that they can close the lane for u. Now we don't have to feel so bad when the cashier gets tied up with our purchases. I thought that was nice. Just thought I'd share just incase. Might want to check ur target.
#newbiestatus # titanfall #masterrace
masterrace - newbiestatus -
yukimnomoto : Looks like Halo
143685jeremiah : Is it fun
princess_rah_12 - hysee_lorum - unicornbread7575 - ashleeygraham -
CVS 03/02/14 My mini Sunday Haul. Finally found a CVS that was fully stocked! ✨ Crest Pro Health 1L limit 2/HH Sale Price $4.99 w/3.25 ecb - $4.99-$1/1=$3.99 - $3.99-$3.25=$0.74ea ✨ Crest Pro Health 240ml limit 2/HH Sale price $2.99 w/$1.25 ecb - $2.99-$0.75/1=$2.24 - $2.24-1.25=$0.99ea ✨ Crest SensiRelief 4.1oz limit 2/HH Sale price $4.99 w/$3 ecb - $4.99-$1/1=$3.99 - $3.99-$3.00=$0.99ea #newbiestatus #bayareacouponing #norcalcouponer #ilovecvs #sundayhaul
sundayhaul - norcalcouponer - newbiestatus - ilovecvs - bayareacouponing -
socalcouponslut - lil_couponergurl -
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