Thats the big sis/momma bear ive always bin attached to her hip poor sis lol I cant say shes not my role model because she is! She taught me everything n she had no idea I was copying everything she does! She is the best sis a snobby lil sis could ask for! I dont put up with shit cause she never let anyone put her through shit n im probably a bit crazy cause ive always wanted to protect her like shes done for me except I Fight lol she just makes ppl feel stupid with her intelligence but im not THAT smart lol fr tho I wanna thank you Skinny for being here when I lost everyone I loved!! Idk what I would do without you I give you such a hard time sometimes but ive dome the same shit so ignore me lol you know damn well who you are n what youve always bin! Your a fighter n a strong woman n all im doing is everything you taught me! Be strong Smart Independent Honest n Real! Those who don't stick around through your struggle arnt worth getting On when your at the Top! Ily n I pray we have better n more blessed days! I pray that all are struggles are over n we finally find the things that are key to the rest of our lives!(: weve gone so far without anyone but each other n the confidence we have in each other brought us Thus Far WE ARE PHENOMENAL WOMAN!!! Phenomenally(; #skinny #mysis #hadto #shelikemymom #neverleftmyside #nomatterwhatididorsaid #throughhellnback #youstillwalkedthroughfireWithme! #bestsister #trulyablessing #yourma #forever #bffs #illdriveyoucrazy #nyoullgetirratatedbyme #butiwillneverleaveyou #swearmyliferevolvesaroundtheloveshegaveme #youmadegrowingupCLASSIC lol
hadto - butiwillneverleaveyou - neverleftmyside - youmadegrowingupclassic - nyoullgetirratatedbyme - bestsister - skinny - throughhellnback - mysis - forever - swearmyliferevolvesaroundtheloveshegaveme - youstillwalkedthroughfirewithme - shelikemymom - nomatterwhatididorsaid - bffs - illdriveyoucrazy - trulyablessing - yourma -
_sanchez91 : Dang... 😊😁
drewskiperez - celigomez509 - lovechendo509 - rios_juan_ -
TB With My Forever β€πŸ’‹ @_.Thing.One_ & @_.Thing.Two_ #Baeee #SisInLaw #AlwaysThereForMe #NeverLeftMySide #We NotGoingAnyWhere #MyRidaa #Day1 #MOTHERFUCKINGWIFE #41814 #4Months #LoveHer
alwaysthereforme - neverleftmyside - sisinlaw - myridaa - we - day1 - loveher - 41814 - motherfuckingwife - 4months - baeee -
_.thing.two_ : Of course I ain't going no where babeeee ! I miss youuu πŸ˜©πŸ˜­πŸ’”
_shawtykayy : 😍😍😍😍 youu look thick
_.thing.one_ : But Im not πŸ˜’πŸ˜’πŸ˜’ @_shawtykayy
juniorc_m : You look adorable
paco.vazquez.1654 - xstretchx_1 - _fuckimgoneee - purpl3oct0pus -
He packed me a sandwich with a little reminder of how he feels toward me. #love #neverleftmyside #throughitall #unconditionallove #hispainintheass #hisheadache #imhisnumberone #ilovehim #meandyou
throughitall - love - neverleftmyside - unconditionallove - meandyou - imhisnumberone - ilovehim - hispainintheass - hisheadache -
mr_perez07 : You&i
jojoeve : Awwwwwww so adorable!! Lucky girl 😍😚
karlees22 : @mr_perez07 love you boo! Lol
karlees22 : @jojoeve I like to think so. 😘
miss_andiegl - dianal2110 - carrillojas - luvmi2qts -
Transformation Tuesday ☺ #bestfriend #eighthgrade #neverleftmyside #dayone
dayone - eighthgrade - bestfriend - neverleftmyside -
leighsurely - sean_bronson - luuciadiaaz - xomonet -
A friend who understands your tears is much more valuable than a lot of friends who only know your smile. #friendship #wegowayback #soulsista #crystal2 #matchingtattoos #neverleftmyside #airport #dontgo #hadagreatweekend #loveyou #strongfriendship
matchingtattoos - neverleftmyside - hadagreatweekend - wegowayback - 10yrs - airport - soulsista - shecameallthewayfrmny - crystal2 - strongfriendship - friendship - loveyou - dontgo -
xxcrystalrosexx : #shecameallthewayfrmny #10yrs&counting
crystal522_ : That made me all teary eyed! I love u so much. I'm here for you always no matter what❀️
xxcrystalrosexx : Love you too.. and me you !
karinanunez124 : Aww I didn't realize it was your Besty that was there! 😍 I'm sure you had a great time.
xxcrystalrosexx : Yes I definitely did ! I'm going to miss her and having some girl time :)
jazzy_bae_0727 - wicked_attractions - ruby_rose24 - t1nk3rb3ll22 -
Me and BFF @n_monique_ always and forever love her to pieces #friends #neverleftmyside through the tough times she is always there #nomatterwhat
nomatterwhat - friends - neverleftmyside -
n_monique_ : Love u too!! 😘😘
_mr__biggz - keemoney_ent - nyc_queensbridge - sweetkee09 -
My mommy is the most beautiful woman I have ever laid eyes on. She's always been there for me thru my good and bad times. Has raised me to stand my ground and take care of myself. Love her for that. #fbf #neverleftmyside #myrock #babyC8 #blondie #mommy #mybirfdayparty #Oakdale #iwannabelittleagain @crazylisafreitas β€οΈπŸ˜˜πŸ‘­
oakdale - neverleftmyside - iwannabelittleagain - mommy - mybirfdayparty - blondie - fbf - babyc8 - myrock -
crazylisafreitas : You are my best friend little girl! Always and foreverβ™‘ @caitfreit
hlovsjormac40 : I remember when you were born your mom loves you so much always has proud of her baby!!!!!!
jeffsilveira94 - laura_desousa92 - malloryylynn - msrussian -
My MOMMA's CELFIE game on POINT, my nigga!πŸ˜œπŸ“·πŸ’₯ I can't wait to visit you in California!⛅️ #Selfie #ILOVEYOU #MYDayONE #MissingYOU #OnlyFAMILYIReallyHave #Thongphanhs #NeverLEFTMySIDE
iloveyou - missingyou - neverleftmyside - selfie - thongphanhs - mydayone - onlyfamilyireallyhave -
maggieee_23 : Your momma is super pretty
plapfl_msphea : @noy_zee twin sistaaaaaaa lol
originaltee_ : @maggieee_23 thanks boo.
taahinekoula : Hellaaaa twins with Amy!. 😍
babyteague : So nice!
eigna_ - conimari98 - mstammyyy - lovalicious702 -
TBT to these three beautiful ladies for always being there for me no matter how far apart we are. Love you guys! Cheers to 7+years and to more years of friendship to come! πŸ‘­β€πŸ‘― #sammy11years#natalie8years#Alyssa9years#sinceHS#neverleftmyside#alwaysthere#lovethesegurls#
sincehs - natalie8years - sammy11years - lovethesegurls - alwaysthere - alyssa9years - neverleftmyside -
allymmiller89 : Omg I absolutely love you!! And miss you so much and will be here for you always and forever!!!! You are my bff forever!!!
miss_nataliejoy : This is so cute!!! I love you so much 😘❀️
vincoangelus714 : Awe I miss you sis I'll always be there for you no matter how far I'm in just a phone call away. Love ya sis
pacboy24 : But u all live in separate states.. Lol
allymmiller89 : Shut up @pacboy24
vuhneesha : @pacboy24 you're so...jealous!!
miss_nataliejoy - arrrrrrrrianna - vincoangelus714 - misspattykings -
Did shite in my results and this is my aunties response, I have so much time and love for this woman it's unbelievable! Been my mother figure from day! Helped me through so much and never walked away from me, I love you.πŸ’•πŸ’• #family #love #gotmyback #neverleftmyside #proud
gotmyback - proud - love - neverleftmyside - family -
maryamdawood - brontecxxx - _charwoodx - emmajaynecarney -
Guess this means I can switch my major to animal whisperer 🐬🌊 🎢 #neverleftmyside
neverleftmyside -
ailiedg : (^-^)πŸ‘ @ccchloe903
tori56 - lorag1 - valllerina - lizzziebrown -
#facts #myday1 #neverleftmyside #myrock
facts - myrock - neverleftmyside - myday1 -
mz_understood_cici : πŸ’•πŸ’•
vicky_no_secrets1 : #truth
shedatdopechick - puddygram - bandladykaida - sexyblakk -
Very lucky to have these two I get to call my best friends😘 #neverleftmyside #lovethem
neverleftmyside - lovethem -
akc_24 : ❀️😘
jolieeeee__ - sashashipp_ - cowgirlinzebra - kji22 -
β€œNo matter where I went, I always knew my way back to you. You are my compass star.” ❀️ @smfrancis81 #love
mcm - love - neverleftmyside - dragontattoo - mine - guyswithink - babe - tattooed - handsome -
killak04 : Cute quote Kel πŸ‘
robforti : Handsome
kelly_watch_thestars : #tattooed #dragontattoo #guyswithink #mcm #mine #neverleftmyside #babe #handsome
rydecarlo : Too much handsome
supernovangirl : ugh your family is so gorgeous!
stevesofresh : What a stud @smfrancis81
kellynez - smfrancis81 - giorrrgia - drsous81 -
Source of entertainment in class #dog #neverleftmyside #alphadog #guarddog #cutepuppy
cutepuppy - alphadog - guarddog - dog - neverleftmyside -
booomu : πŸ’―πŸ†’pic衞
natetron : Gumbo
amitis_frances_ariano : This looks like my baby πŸ’•
jesshsieh - my_liu - deedeemomma - lina.chen -
❀️ in one week I will be moving in with this handsome fella to start the next chapter of our lives together! Michael I love you ❀️ @mikenixxx #foreverkindaloveisbackbitches #foreverkindalove #bestfriends #neverleftmyside #thankyou
thankyou - foreverkindaloveisbackbitches - foreverkindalove - bestfriends - neverleftmyside -
delaniebritnee : @nicmariev no were moving to TN or NC together :) prob Nashville so we can live by @julzx 😍😍
delaniebritnee : But first I move to Modesto 😊
nicmariev : @delaniebritnee Modesto or Turlock?
delaniebritnee : @nicmariev Turlock 😊
julzx : None of this turlock business. Just come to nashville.
amanda_amoruso : 😍 beautiful and congrats!
luckyethan666 : Congrats girl!!!! I's amazing when both paties love each other n commitment is the key to happiness. @delaniebritnee u guys look great... (:
sunnys__bunny : πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘β€οΈβ€οΈβ€οΈβ€οΈπŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜
maselliwellness - mikenixxx - kiressaloraaae - luckyethan666 -
Well since those thieves took off with my phone you are safe from the embarrassing pics I took of you last month. Lol! It's been what now? 8 years since you have been in my life as a friend and even more so over the years, a sister, my wife and my devoted 'master'. People will never understand the type of relationship we have. They don't know nothing about us! They know nuthin'😾. Today is a special day because you are on year older, one year fooler, one year more loyal, one year blacker, one year more successful, one year so much more beautiful (need a firearm) and one year more miserable. You are special af eno. But u already know this. I love you beyond human understanding and I cherish you so much. Happy Birthday! You know I am not one for much words but you understand the infinite levels. πŸ’—πŸŽπŸŽ†πŸŽ‚πŸŽ‰πŸŽŠπŸŽŠπŸŽπŸŽ Happy birthday #MyBff #DayOneBestie #Wife #Sister #MyErrthang #Master #NeverLeftMySide #MilkAndChocolate #FireAndIce #Blackanese #WellShesConvincedShesBlack #WhoAmIToDisagree #iDoDisagreeThough #ShesMoreLike #Buttu #AfterThisPostIMayGoIntoHiding
shesmorelike - neverleftmyside - afterthispostimaygointohiding - buttu - milkandchocolate - blackanese - sister - wife - mybff - fireandice - wellshesconvincedshesblack - dayonebestie - master - whoamitodisagree - idodisagreethough - myerrthang -
cashflowxtreme : @chinkita happy bday πŸŽŽπŸŽ‰
jordannepatrice : Happy bday Hun @chinkita
chinkita : πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ thanks Wifey! ❀️ / Thanks loves @cashflowxtreme & @jordannepatrice 😘😘
amayzinbluchip : Happy birthday hon @chinkita live it up !!! #worstbehavior
chinkita : Thanks lovey @amayzinbluchip 😘
tawikashconnell : Happy birthday Ash!!!!!!! Have an awesome day!! @chinkita
chinkita : @tawikashconnell ; thanks Tawi 😘❀️
soulindimusic : Nelly give me a call asap
irish_image - bebemisspris - dannydidon - tawikashconnell -
I know we that we like to put up pics of happy moments with family, friends etc. I am putting up this picture not to give off the impression that we have always had the perfect friendship we have had so many ups and downs have been through hell an back together and even if difficult times arose when we were a part Gods timing was perfect for us to be there for one another in our time of need. I post this picture cause if you don't know this amazing women you are going to know her now @stylishimprints247 she is one of the most selfless, caring, God Fearing, courageous, stubborn, beautiful, tenacious, at times snappy, determined, nurturing, invested, loyal, loving, unselfish, approachable, leader, established, hard working, open minded, slow to anger, highly intelligent, laid back, talented women that I have had the honour and privilege to not only call my friend but she is my sister. I thank you so much for always accepting and putting up with me and my bad behaviour showing me the good in all people when my ignorance showed me otherwise. Always being honest with me an never sugar coating the truth, I love you, you are my best friend and most importantly my sister. I will always and forever have your back. #blessed #friendsfromytheageof12 #neverleftmyside #alwayshasmyback #family
friendsfromytheageof12 - blessed - neverleftmyside - family - alwayshasmyback -
thisismyvida : Love this Natalie. Sisters are very special πŸ’žπŸ’ž
stylishimprints247 : Why do you alway make me cry! Love you sis. Without you I would not be who I am. I will always have your. back. xoxoxoxoxoxo @worthstudios. It is an honor to be part of all the things you do, and things to come.
stylishimprints247 : Oh I promise I will make it back to the gym soon lol..@worthstudios
worthstudios : @stylishimprints247 yes! I need to see you there!
kmarkshack - saideerain - mellissacho - stylishimprints247 -
My love πŸ’™ #neverleftmyside #aboutlove
aboutlove - neverleftmyside -
zac__adriss - syriiangirl1993 - ghadir_haddam - ghanda_z1 -
I can't ask for a better dad he been there threw thick and thin and I love him dearly we bump head a lot I know that for fact but at the end of day I'm his son and he my daddy he did not raise me like a fool and I'm sure am not going to act like one cause with out you I would not be on this earth #loveyoudaddy #alwaysbeenthere #neverleftmyside #yourwordmeanalot #iseethatnow #loveyouforeveryandalways #babypics
loveyouforeveryandalways - neverleftmyside - iseethatnow - loveyoudaddy - yourwordmeanalot - alwaysbeenthere - babypics -
cool_hd : I love you so much my son
gleakified - mina3888 - love2worshiphim - lordtannerman -
My Piper Girl .... #pitbull #Piper #naptime #sickbuddy#neverleftmyside#love
sickbuddy - love - neverleftmyside - pitbull - naptime - piper -
violetstuckey - bubbathebluenose - publicdumbazz - great_nice_pitbull_shirts -
@bringm3th3sir3ns #bestfriends #morelikesisters #beentheirformealltheseyears #neverleftmyside #loveyhuman
loveyhuman - beentheirformealltheseyears - bestfriends - morelikesisters - neverleftmyside -
itsmehduuh - babyy_girl_22 - practicin - sw33t_insanity_cx -
2 yrs ago, I 'lived' in a hospice for 4 days until I literally watched my dear friend take her last breath.😭 During a turbulent time for me, she never left my side, so I vowed not to leave hers. She was alive Aug. 6 & gone Aug. 7 - It was the most heartbreaking moment of my life (thus far) πŸ’” & I will never understand why such an amazing #mom, #wife, #sister, & #friend was taken from us so young. The only peace was that she was no longer in pain. πŸ™Œ I miss u everyday πŸ’― RIP @amadjid #fuckcancer #angry #sad #confused #onlytimewillheal #neverleftmyside #stayedreal
sister - neverleftmyside - wife - angry - fuckcancer - confused - sad - friend - mom - stayedreal - onlytimewillheal -
fuggitfeet : @___cindylou . she was so real, and caring. we worked at asbury and she always had my back. she was alot like you , always smiling , but if you crossed her she would check dat ass quick. RIP
true_redskinsfan : πŸ˜”πŸ˜’ rip I know this was hard on you ladies @mom_life_14 but our faith teaches us that she is in a better place πŸ™
mom_life_14 : 😒 RIP to a beautiful angel πŸ‘Ό you're right @true_skinsfan
___cindylou : @fuggitfeet aww πŸ˜ͺ Asbury days were fun 😌
___cindylou - pamk8ks - faridi02 - edgar_moyo23 -
There's enough said here. #myfirstlove #runningHisrace #imsuchamess #butHelovestoheal #neverleftmyside
buthelovestoheal - myfirstlove - neverleftmyside - runninghisrace - imsuchamess -
daanielleeee__ : 😍😘
_cristalsalvador_ : Cutie 😊
high_life_joe : πŸ‘Ί
lamoreedolce_ : Thank you gorgeous ladies :) @_cristalsalvador_ @daanielleeee__
lamoreedolce_ - _jesusfreakalways - dondriashanice - ange1xre -
Mondragon's πŸ‘Œβ˜ΊοΈπŸ’• #Cousins#MondragonFamily #WeCute#ImTheYoungestOne #GrammaLovesMeMore#Aha#JustKidding#Alexis#Cindy#Juli#TooMuchLoveForMyCousins#NeverLeftMySide
aha - toomuchloveformycousins - cousins - juli - mondragonfamily - alexis - wecute - cindy - imtheyoungestone - justkidding - grammalovesmemore - neverleftmyside -
chuliz._ - pinchee_briza - lupeecortes_ - ana.valdovinos -
Snook photo bomb his ass lol shad #inkdad #inkgang #inklife #onlythingsthatmattertome #shadandmysnook #neverleftmyside
neverleftmyside - shadandmysnook - inkdad - inkgang - onlythingsthatmattertome - inklife -
yolly_baby - facemobbbb - fithy1 -
S/o to national GF day. You da real MVP #rosypalmandher5friends #neverleftmyside #comesinhandy #thebae
comesinhandy - rosypalmandher5friends - neverleftmyside - thebae -
foreverfaith23 : πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
reidlipman : Look at dem curves
scottpalm3r : 😍
egoldman7 - blattsta - tpain_perry - stasefish -
He never let go of my hand. ❀️#bestBoyfriendEver #neverLeftMyside #love #newMommy #newDaddy #DamianLee
newmommy - love - neverleftmyside - bestboyfriendever - newdaddy - damianlee -
i.hermosillo.93 - ashlynn_joy - breannashephard - treeceprerogative87 -
We've battled everything thus far that life throws at us together, from the early days of pre school until now and I'm forever grateful that I've gotten to share most of these wonderful experiences with you. Thanks for always listening to my stories and sharing in my insanity and my urge to explore and try new things. Our lives have changed in many different ways but its great to know that this change hasn't affected our friendship and these memories we are creating will forever be remembered. "A strong friendship doesn't need daily conversations doesn't always need togetherness as long as the friendship lives in the heart, true friends will never part" β™‘ No matter how old we get trust that I'll always be there to share the special moments in life as this roller coaster is only gonna get crazier !!! She's been apart of some of my most embarassing moments and she's always kept those dirty little secrets but I still wont have it any other way babeh ;) Happy Happy 18th Birthday and I hope you enjoy this day to the fullest my princess and live to see many more to come β™₯ #Godbless #HerProbsAreMine #GotMyBadBabyByMyHeavenlySide #She'sWorthMeltingFor #HerBumperTho #ThankGodForPuberty #FriendsSinceBirth #NeverLeftMyside #DayUno #MyMain #LoveYou #WorldShesLegalSoWatchOut @lissy362
dayuno - herprobsaremine - neverleftmyside - mymain - godbless - friendssincebirth - gotmybadbabybymyheavenlyside - loveyou - she - worldsheslegalsowatchout - thankgodforpuberty - herbumpertho -
lissy362 : Omg gurlllllll :')))))))) I dont even know to respond to this <3 <3 <3 like honestly <3 <3 You're too sweet inno <3 <3
lissy362 : Some of the worst selfies ever though xD
lissy362 : I love yahh <3 <3 :') Im all emotional now xD :') Thank you alot <3 My bday wasnt the same without you tho <3
fariah_lily : I thought they were coming by you but they didn't :'( we doing something when you're free tho so tell me when you are β™‘ some of the worst pics ya mean !!!! Hoss I sat down legit all day sifting through pics to find decent ones :'( β™₯β™₯β™₯ hope you enjoyed it tho @lissy362
kaylz_66 - kimberlinluv - daniel_j0seph1 - dalescookiesixx -
#wcw #neverleftmyside #rideordie #beautiful #iloveher #GRAAAAA @denira__
beautiful - iloveher - neverleftmyside - wcw - rideordie - graaaaa -
scottiefreshh : πŸŽ‚πŸŽ‚
officialacquiese : Lol that shit crazy asf lol
_hispocahontas : What's crazy ?? @officialacquiese
officialacquiese : πŸ˜’ nigga look.. That she fucking grew up
_hispocahontas : LMFAO you so dumb @officialacquiese
officialacquiese : I'm just being #honest
_hispocahontas : Ohhhh.....kaaayyyyuy LMFAO @officialacquiese
officialacquiese : Shut up lol
ard.xx - kathygotfrecks - officialacquiese - shesbigmeeks -
Omg kayjay we were babies. #loveyoubigtime #besties #neverleftmyside#youthebest #babies @kyleighjoirvin
loveyoubigtime - besties - neverleftmyside - youthebest - babies -
kyleighjoirvin : Holy cow.. Thank god for change πŸ˜‚
ashlynn_rae_40 - maddie_zumwalt15 - igobycaliflower - baileypowers9 -
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