Roses are red Violets are blue I've got five fingers And the middle one is for you 😊 Artist: @giahan00512 #neverforget #neverforgive #minion #mynail💅 #thankyouformakingmestronger
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U'r d only luv i've known..#lolz #allatonce #hurt #fight #strength #strong #nevergiveup #like4like #likeforlike #memories #k #ok #sad #porbida #amor #neverforget #neverforgive
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"For ever let this place be a cry of despair and a warning to humanity, where the Nazis murdered about one and a half million men, women, and children, mainly Jews from various countries of Europe. Auschwitz-Birkenau 1940 - 1945" I painted this picture after having been to this place. #neverforget #neverforgive #crime#katastrophe #holocaust #despair#nonazis #art#acrylic#child
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Ăn 1 cái tát từ bồ cũ mà cảm giác như chưa từng tổn thương. Bị nói là: "tại sao em đạp cứt lần 2 mà không chọn anh 2 lần", lúc đó chỉ biết cười trừ: "ờ người kia là 1 điều ngoại lệ" ... Rồi uống xỉn lên bắt đầu lảm nhảm blah blah các kiểu buồn bã đủ chuyện này kia rồi bị tát cho 1 phát: "cái tát này ko phải ghét mà đánh em, lần đầu anh đánh con gái, chắc là sẽ đau vì mặt em đỏ nhưng xin em tỉnh lại, bớt xạo lại là em ổn, em ko sao đi, cứ khóc đại đi cần gì phải cười kiểu ngớ ngẩn mà ai nhìn vào cũng biết tổn thương đầy ra" ... Lúc đó chỉ biết cười: "dm anh, tát đau đó, nhưng vì em quân tử nên ko chấp, nhưng em tỉnh rồi, sau việc của tối nay thì em tỉnh rồi, không bao giờ em tha thứ đâu, yên tâm đi, em sẽ ghi nhớ, ghim vào tim rồi đay nghiến" ... Vì bị tát nên đã phải tự bắt taxi về nhà 1 mình trong đêm khuya, cũng may còn có tiền nhiều. Khổ tâm dễ sợ. Đúng là rượu bia là 1 điều tai hại và trẻ trâu đòi đi quẫy còn tai hại hơn. . #nhậtkýJes16 #daily #qotd #neverforgive #goodbye #dontwanttoseeyou
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PFC Richard "Alphabet" Kowalewski; 20 of Crucible, PA; Weapons Platoon, Bravo Company, 75th Ranger Regiment, 3rd Battalion died 10/03/93 from and RPG attack while trying to rescue U.S, soldiers in a downed helicopter during Operation Gothic Serpent in Mogadishu, Somalia. Kowalewski, called Alphabet by his fellow rangers because his name was so hard to pronounce, was enrolled in the Junior ROTC, and joined the army immediately after graduation to earn some money for college and become an electrical engineer. Alphabet was driving a Humvee when he was shot in the shoulder, absorbing the blow and continuing to drive. Fellow Ranger Clay Othic offered to drive in Kowalewski's place, but Alphabet refused. "Othic was struggling in the confined space to apply pressure and dressing to Alphabets bleeding shoulder when a grenade launcher rocketed in from the left. It severed Alphabets left arm and ripped into his torso. It didn't explode. Instead, the two foot-long missile embedded in Alphabets chest, the fins protruding from his left side under his missing arm, the point sticking out the right side. He was killed instantly." -Mark Bowden Blackhawk Down. On August 11, Alphabet wrote this letter to his girlfriend, Donna Yarish:; "I love my country and everything it stands for. I am in a position that I may have to give my life for my country. That position is no different than every other American has been called upon to put his or her life on the line for what they believe in. This country is the greatest nation on earth, and I love it." Richard Kowalewski was posthumously promoted to Cpl. Richard W. Kowalewski, Jr. Fairwinds and following seas. Rest easy, and may you feasting Vahala with your warrior brethren. #RichardKowalewski #alphabet #army #rangers #3rdBattalion #75thRangerRegiment #RLTW #operationGothicSerpent #mogadishu #somalia #htf #thankyou #neverforgive #neverforget #igmilitia
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#anonymous #fucktheilluminati #fuckthegovernment #fucktheworld #fuckthenewworldorder #neverforget #neverforgive #expectus #wewantfreedom #wehaverights #thetruth #wakeup
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UNCONDITIONAL SUPPORT FOR THE LEGAL PRESIDENT OF SYRIA BASHAR AL ASSAD!!! The socalled Syrian rebels are trained forces from Turkey Jordan and Saudi Arabia!! They were trained by the CIA to built a force to conquer Bashar Al Assad and the system of Syria!! They are financially supported by the Jewish supremacists and are loved by the mainstream media!! Their goal is to destroy Syria and the system of the "Axis of resistance"!! #fuckthesystem #revolution #rebel #resistance #anonymous #freesyria #basharalassad #syriaalassad #wakeup #standup #mainstreammedia #cia #falseflag #neverforget #neverforgive #agenda
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_whitecup : I'm a Jew I respect Islam honestly people need to stop looking at Isis they are not Islam Islam teaches morals and bankers aren't Jewish Judaism teaches morals as well all one love ✌🏻️
aryan_cyber_soldier : @_whitecup I respect the jewish religion but not the Jews who support Israel
_whitecup : I hear you but u must know there are many who don't support it .
aryan_cyber_soldier : @_whitecup I know my friend but the most do it. But it is ridiculous to blame thr religion for a group of bastards
_whitecup : I agree just like many people blame Muslims for Isis but most Muslims want nothing to do with them and wanna live a normal life
_whitecup : Islam is of God and jihad doesn't mean violence it means inner struggle but many leaders use false Islam for politics and that's what the media shows
_whitecup : As a Jew I support Muslims
aryan_cyber_soldier : @_whitecup 👍👍
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#sachsenhausen hard and sad #memories :-( #neverforget #neverforgive #concentrationcamp #Berlin
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(LAST PART) 4) “Jude” (Jew) - It is considered by the authorities as “anti-Semitic” to call a Jew a “Jew.” One must always refer to a Jew as a “Jewish person.” The irony is that 95 percent of all Semites living in the world today are Arabs. The other five percent are Sephardic Jews, who are themselves genetically identical to Palestinians. 5) “Vaterland” (Fatherland) - The police are obliged to question any German who refers to his home country as the “Fatherland.” The word is associated with National Socialism and those inclined to use it are branded as “Nazis.” In Germany there exists a list of hundreds of forbidden words and phrases.
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girly9595 : جالب بود 😳
antizionism_antizionism : @girly9595 لطف دارین. عیدتون مبارک 🌹👍
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(PART 5) The idea of lifting the ban on “Mein Kampf” was swiftly criticised by Jewish groups. Wolfgang Benz, the head of the Centre For Anti-Semitism Research in Berlin, described it as “absurd.” Salomon Korn, of the Central Council of Jews in Germany, said it would be an insult to Holocaust survivors. Horst Mahler, who is no stranger to the Federal Republic of Germany’s brutal Gulag system, has just been sentenced to 11 months imprisonment for treating the Jew Michel Friedman with “disrespect.” Friedman, a notoriously arrogant talk show host and a former deputy General Secretary of the ZJD with a criminal record as a cocaine dealer and a suspected key player in the illicit sex trafficking trade, filed suit following an interview with Mahler in the November 2007 German edition of “Vanity Fair.” In September 2007, the Catholic Archbishop of Cologne, Cardinal Meisner, ignited a firestorm of controversy when he told his congregation “a culture without God is a decadent culture.” The Zentralrat der Juden in Deutschland went ballistic, denouncing the cardinal for using a word frequently cited by the National Socialists in their condemnation of decadent Jewish art, organized prostitution rings, sex trafficking and the drugs trade. 3) “Volksgemeinschaft” - This phrase denotes a society based upon the principles of a “Leitkultur” that prioritizes the needs of its own citizens. The Jewish State of Occupied Palestine (Israel) itself is indeed a “Volkgemeinschaft.” However, in Germany, anyone who writes or speaks about the advantages of a “Volksgemeinschaft” for the German people is subject to prosecution under Section 130 and other laws that prohibit speaking favorably of National Socialism, which itself was based upon the promotion of a Volksgemeinschaft. In Israel, such people who hold to this creed are described as the “Chosen People.” In Germany, they are branded as “Nazis” and face imprisonment of up to five years.
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antizionism_antizionism : #fuckthesystem #banker #federalreserve #newworldorder #occupywallstreet #wallstreet #corrupt #jew #mainstreammedia #propaganda #brainwashed #anonymous #anonfamily #neverforget #neverforgive #agenda #nwo #illuminati #2015#zensur
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(PART 4) 2) “Verdorbenes Kultur”/”Entartete Kultur” - These phrases denote a rotten or decadent culture, which the German people of the 1920s and 1930s perceived as emanating from prominent Jews in the media, arts, film, theatre, and the sex and drugs trade. The phrase “Verdorbene Kultur” was cited in July 2007 by Horst Mahler, a leading German revisionist historian, when saying that Hitler’s book “Mein Kampf” should no longer be banned in Germany since it provided well-founded definitions of what constituted a Zionist-enslaved culture in moral decline. In so doing, Mahler was subject to months of abuse by the Jewish-controlled media, Germany’s Central Council of Jews, and the political elites. In his still very popular book, Hitler wrote that one of the main evils responsible for the suffering, hunger and poverty of the German people was the German-Jewish role in creating a “rotten culture” of decadent art designed to destroy the true moral fiber of a once-proud civilization: — “Culturally, the Jew contaminates art, literature, and the theater by overthrowing all concepts of beauty and sublimity, of the noble and the good, and instead drags men down into the sphere of his own base nature”. .
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(PART 3) HIGHLY CHARGED WORDS which are monitored by the Zionist thought police express the true inner thoughts of most Germans. There are 5 words that could get a German in trouble: 1) “Leitkultur” - This word denotes the “predominant culture” of German and European social mores which most Germans wish to retain as part of their Germanic culture. An example of the fallout which occurred after using the forbidden word “Leitkultur” was evidenced when Friedrich Merz, a former leading member of the Christian Democratic Union, used the term “Leitkultur von Deutschland” to describe what immigrants coming to Germany should aspire to. Merz inspired, (as did Jurgen Molleman of the Free Democrats who is believed to have been “suicided” by Mossad in June 2003), an awakening German patriotism by striking a chord in a country where acceptance of “Alleinschuld,” (German guilt for WWII), continually propagated by Germany’s Jews and Zionist-leadership, is on the wane. Merz’s use of the word “Leitkultur” sparked an intense national debate among ordinary people who long for a return to traditional German Christian values. Leaders of the Zionist Jewish community attacked Merz with a vengeance. The German Jewish community leader, Paul Spiegel, the former President of the ADL-style Zentralrat der Juden in Deutschland, facetiously asked 200,000 people gathered at the disingenuously named We Stand Up for Humanity and Tolerance demonstration held in Berlin on November 9, 2000: — “What’s all this talk of Leitkultur? Does German Leitkultur include hunting down foreigners and burning synagogues? Are we talking about a culture or about the prevailing values of democracy as stated in our national constitution? “For Article One of that constitution states: ‘The dignity of mankind is inviolable. The duty of national power is its protection.’ Now the dignity of mankind is inviolable not just the dignity of European Christians!” — (Read the full speech translated by Hanna Sachs in the link in comments and reflect on the many ways in which Jews are working to strip Christians of their “inviolable dignity''.) . CONTINUE OF THIS PART IN COMMENTS
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antizionism_antizionism : Merz quickly became anathema in the eyes of the Jewish-controlled media and has since effectively retired from active participation in politics.
antizionism_antizionism :,_2000.htm
antizionism_antizionism : @dasvolksfrontbanner hi bro. Can u mention some proper hashtags for this post in German language?!
dasvolksfrontbanner : Sry im not rlly into that topic, but #zensur should be a good start.
antizionism_antizionism : @dasvolksfrontbanner tnx dear bro
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(PART 2) IN A SPEECH given to the Israeli Knesset on March 19, 2008, Germany’s Chancellor, Angela Merkel, reiterated the decades-old reparations doctrine by saying: “Germans are filled with shame over the Jewish holocaust.” The German media is now reporting that many Germans, particularly young people who no longer believe their teachers, are suffering from “holocaust fatigue” and no longer trust Berlin’s Zionist puppets, such as Angela Merkel, to tell them the truth. Yet even those who are brave enough to commit “heresy” and risk the wrath of the Jewish Inquisition are forced to whisper their dissent using coded language lest thy find themselves in a German Soviet Gulag, such as Mannheim. Germany under its Zionist controlled leaders has now reached the point in which certain words used in German society will make one highly suspect. In Europe’s dissenting underground community these words are known as “Germany’s forbidden words.”
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antizionism_antizionism : #fuckthesystem #banker #federalreserve #newworldorder #occupywallstreet #wallstreet #corrupt #jew #mainstreammedia #propaganda #brainwashed #anonymous #anonfamily #neverforget #neverforgive #agenda #nwo #illuminati #2015#zensur
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(PART 1) GERMANY HAS REPLACED CHRISTIANITY with a pernicious cult: “Holocaust religion.” In 1994, the parliament of the defunct “Bundesrepublik Deutschland” (BRD) - the post re-unification Federal Republic of Germany - treasonously mandated imposed Zionist legislation making it a criminal offense to deny or even play down the so-called “Jewish Holocaust.” Anyone in Germany who publicly denies the propagandistic narrative upon which the terrorist state of Israel was established or questions any one of the many anomalies extant in the doctrine of official “history,” faces a maximum penalty of five years in jail. Indeed, two German scholars, Ernst Zundel and Germar Rudolf were illegally abducted from the United States and imprisoned for presenting scientific evidence that a phenomenal hoax called the “Jewish Holocaust” had taken place. Zundel’s lawyer, Sylvia Stolz, was herself imprisoned for three years in January of 2008 simply for presenting supportive evidence on behalf of her client. British historian David Irving was snatched by police on a private trip to Austria and imprisoned for once having presented verifiable proof that the gas chambers in Auschwitz were constructed as propagandistic museum pieces in late 1948. Yet hardly anyone mentions the “German Holocaust” which entailed the systematic murder, starvation, and death by typhus of almost 3,500,000 displaced and impoverished German citizens, whose corpses were stacked in the former labor camps of Auschwitz, Belsen and Treblinka - and photographed by the Zionist media as “evidence” of “mass-murdered Jews.”
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I hate you so much #hate #you #neverforget #neverforgive
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That's my philosophy #fuckthesystem #banker #federalreserve #newworldorder #occupywallstreet #wallstreet #corrupt #jew #mainstreammedia #propaganda #brainwashed #anonymous #anonfamily #neverforget #neverforgive #agenda #nwo #illuminati #2015
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antizionism_antizionism : Hai. Wie gehts bro? Wo bist du?!
aryan_cyber_soldier : @antizionism_antizionism can you speak German
antizionism_antizionism : @aryan_cyber_soldier hallo. Ich lerne bro 👍
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antizionism_antizionism : @aryan_cyber_soldier danke bro gut. Und du?!
aryan_cyber_soldier : @antizionism_antizionism auch gut
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Yeah because they're preparing to KILL THE CROCODILE HUNTER IN COLD BLOOD. #neverforget #neverforgive
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. #20150930 如果一個人犯錯了 連一句解釋.道歉都沒有 談什麼在乎跟珍惜 #無語 #鳥事 #neverforgive #heartbreak #damnit #fuckyourfeelings #kickyouout #SquareInstaPic @studio8apps
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howsufuyo : 宅男女神
jjjjijjjj : 安
cho0828 : 運動風正妹
hellocn154 : @howsufuyo 我4宅男😏
hellocn154 : @jjjjijjjj 你好
hellocn154 : @cho0828 卓哥什麼時候要吃飯?
cho0828 : 你們講的如何阿
stevezancye : super cute@hellocn154 @rseriesj_y
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#neverreturn#neverforget#neverforgive#neveragain#neversaynever 😎
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nursenaga : #never 😈
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A musical by #TimBurton Amazing actors. Really good music. Blood clearly fake. The plot it's okay but not surprising to me, I was expecting more knowing Tim Burton was the director.. 7.5/10 #IMDb #review #musical#thriller#horror#movie#SweeneyTodd#thedemonbarberoffleetstreet#neverforget#neverforgive#revenge #JohnnyDepp#HelenaBonhamCarter#AlanRickman
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Morning coffee: A good way to start again every day... (And when the heart needs some caffeine to keep beating) Coffee, is always helping! #coffeeday #NeverAgain #neverforgive #diemonsterdie
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Tja, only one thing to say; HIL JORDEN, MAGTERNE OG FOLKET, BEVAR OG BESKYT! ⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️ "The unwise man is awake all night…Worries over and again. When morning rises he is restless still, his burden as before" - Odin, Havamal (10) #neverFORGET #neverFORGIVE #alwaysREMEMBER #thismeansWAR #warrior #fitfamilydk #fitfamdk #lonebuur #muaythai #kickboxer #boxer #fighter @starttheworld @werewolfcommand #operationwerewolf #opww #aarhusfightacademy #halfdaneren #heathen #pagan #asatru #viking #vikingblod #190 #103
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iammillen : Du er bar' en rigtig sej viking.... (Smiley med vikinghjelm) 💪🏼
ninohalfdaner : @iammillen Tak, tusinde tak ❤️ alt vel?
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Crossing the finish line for the second year in a row. Tunnel to Towers Memorial 5K run in full gear for Lt. Andrew Desperito. #EngineCo1 #FDNY #HagermanFD #Firefighter #T2T #5K #tunnel2towers #firerescue #nypd #papd #343 #chiefmiller #thankyouforyourservice #neverforget #neverforgive #911 #memorial #ny #longisland #finish #bunkergear
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I don't want to wake up 🐀 #dontwakeup #braverthanyoubelieve #strongerthanyouseem #smarterthanyouthink #cantlivelikethis #neverforgive #neverforget #memories #ink
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melbadsey : What's your tattoo? x
danni_goes_om : Which one? This one says you're braver than you believe stronger than you seem and smarter than you think.
danni_goes_om : @melbadsey
melbadsey : Ohh! I was reading it the wrong way! I totally thought it was Chinese writing aha! That's awesome! ☺️
danni_goes_om : Haha I see. Thanks bud @melbadsey
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Screw terrorists #terrorist #terrorist #terrorism #torture #neverforgive Partners!!! 👇 @republicans.slay @guns_are_fun_ @biblical.theist @political_insta @rightwing_christian @republican_patriot
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_christian_american_ : She should remember Benghazi and then say that.
zombie_tactical_response : Screw her! Air drop her into al queda so she can apologize. See how that will work out.
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I've been betrayed Stabbed from back ,my friend Don't know what's your reason but I won't forget They say "Forgive your blindness" But it's all my fault that I'm like this You're right,buddy I'm pathetic I trusted And you broke me down So I'm gonna disappear You're not the only reason This life never suited me anyway So I hope for the future The future that I'm strong again #nobodyinwonderland #poem #quote #sad #depressed #depression #betrayed #friend #school #bullying #pathetic #impathetic #useless #support #lonely #alone #fucksociety #ihateyou ##blindness #neverforget #neverforgive #forgive #strongeragain ( i own the poem not the pic)
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samuharno : @mikkokaperi
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#fuckthesystem #wearethepeople #wakeup #standup #mainstreammedia #propaganda #africa #freeafrica #2015 #sadworld #world #newworldorder #banker #corruptsystem #occupywallstreet #rememberrememberthe5thofnovember #anonymous #anonfamily #neverforget #neverforgive #agenda #shell #bp
freeafrica - shell - agenda - anonfamily - occupywallstreet - africa - neverforget - standup - newworldorder - bp - sadworld - anonymous - fuckthesystem - world - wearethepeople - neverforgive - corruptsystem - rememberrememberthe5thofnovember - banker - mainstreammedia - 2015 - wakeup - propaganda -
zain_313_sajjad : Africans are wise and can develop their land in a short time but there is a system designed by the west that hinders their growth.
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How we let it get like this I don't know But that nigga can't save your soul, nah you doing me dirty Haven't a even heard from you How can you live with yourself Haven't even heard from you How can you live with yourself Ungrateful, Your momma be ashamed of you I haven't even heard from you, not a single word from you Ungrateful I'm too good for you, too good for you You should go back to em perfect match for you, unstable You look drained, you look exhausted Girl them late nights ain't good for you Really starting to show on you Don't hit me up when it's good for you Ungrateful #Drake#Future#Diamonds#like#Ungratfeul#Live#Dirty#Live#love#learn#forget#neverForgive
love - like - learn - drake - live - future - dirty - diamonds - neverforgive - ungratfeul - forget -
thedreamsofz : Great
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I don't hate you. I'm just disappointed you turned into everything you said you'd never be. #char #fine #ok #lolz #lol #fight #neverforgive #neverforget #likeforlike #like4like #likeback #k #kim #pastilan #porbida #gugma #hashtags
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#realtalk📻 #neverforget #neverforgive #norespect #no #message #nomercy #omm #317indy #karmaisabitch
neverforget - neverforgive - no - nomercy - omm - 317indy - realtalk📻 - message - norespect - karmaisabitch -
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❤❤❤❤ •Du hast es mir versprochen und ich hoffe du hälst es auch• ❤❤❤❤ #me#you#forever#l4l#neverforgive#love#two#relationship#blackandwhite#wow#girl#german#browneyes#brownhair#myself#selfie#tedua#today
love - blackandwhite - german - selfie - myself - brownhair - browneyes - girl - me - forever - neverforgive - relationship - wow - tedua - two - you - today - l4l -
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