Oh so pretty... 🎢 #julepmaven #healthyaddictions #neverenoughpolish
neverenoughpolish - healthyaddictions - julepmaven -
julepmaven : Yes!   
bowse_jasp_mom : On top are this stickers? Where did you get those?
maggerus : @julepmaven yes indeed!! My lovely man is working on a box/chest of drawers/trays that will hold 400 bottles sans tools! πŸ˜€ this is his prototype box ; it's just too bad November will fill it. πŸ˜‚ and @bowse_jasp_mom Julep has these on all their polishes. Become a maven and you'll feel the love... πŸ˜‰
bowse_jasp_mom : I'm going to, can't wait!!
kimberlya7aska - amymariemerrell - bethieo66 - kristarobin5488 -
Oregon Ducks ready!! Maple whiskey coke definitely helped! Yay #fall #julepmaven #notd #healthyaddictions #neverenoughpolish
notd - healthyaddictions - julepmaven - neverenoughpolish - fall -
amymariemerrell - katehauch - urquhart55 - ashtonrenee23 -
Couldn't even wait for the top coat to post!!! Love this!!! Soraphine base, Amity mini polkas, and Amy and Michelle providing this lovely artistic decor. #julepmaven #classicwithatwisttothecore #notd #nailart #healthyaddictions #neverenoughpolish
notd - healthyaddictions - neverenoughpolish - nailart - classicwithatwisttothecore - julepmaven -
charity22here : Good shot! Check out my bio ;)
ashtonrenee23 - melinac325 - christina_killick - anika.irukandji -
My stash: 261...and counting! Of course 😎 My boyfriend asked me when I had finally enough? And she laughed and laughed.... #neverenoughpolish #icollectindiepolish #icollectnailpolish #nailpolish #indiepolishaddict #ilovenailpolish
indiepolishaddict - ilovenailpolish - neverenoughpolish - nailpolish - icollectnailpolish - icollectindiepolish -
lovevarnish : Aww, what a cute stash 😁
ilanazaydenman2004 : OMG so much nail polish
ms_sparkle_polish : I think it's not a that big stash @ilanazaydenman2004 :)
ms_sparkle_polish : @ilaria_evil_one that's why I laughed lol! 😎
ms_sparkle_polish : Well I was just wondering how much I could have...@lucydorling1980 so I packed and checked and my boyfriend came on the attic and he said still not enough?
ms_sparkle_polish : Prob. not as much as you have @lovevarnish 😏
geekygirl36 : We could own every polish there is and when a new collection came out, we would need those too! 😁
ilaria_evil_one : @geekygirl36 you're sooooooo right! @ms_sparkle_polish you're up to 262 😁
polishmepurdy - elaine210792 - nailicious4ever - angelscaleb -
And then they were red. 😊 First go with Anisa. She's a beauty! #julepmaven #notd #Fall #red #neverenoughpolish #healthyaddictions
notd - healthyaddictions - fall - neverenoughpolish - julepmaven - red -
rachael.graham.f - wnailsspa - melinac325 -
Sometimes its the simple things that count :) how ive missed doung my nails. Im going to try swatchung all my polishes since I cant do much else with them because I have no time and work sucks so lets give it a try. Theirs many I haven't used in a long ling time
newpolish - nailpolish - nails - naillove - nailartftw - nailsoftheday - notd - neverenoughpolish - naildesign - nailartaddict - nailart -
karlaphant : You're welcome
just_my_nailart : #nails #nailartaddict #newpolish #nailpolish #neverenoughpolish #nailsoftheday #notd #naillove #Nailartftw #nailart #naildesign
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#polishaus Sea Foam and Midnight Blue to start off the week!!! Love these 😊 #neverenoughpolish #healthyaddictions #notd #manimonday
polishaus - manimonday - healthyaddictions - neverenoughpolish - notd -
doitveg - amymariemerrell - coffeeandnailpolish - ashtonrenee23 -
Just did this last night.. Thought I should IG it before I turn to all the other goodies that came this week!!! #julepmaven Lupita and #noodlesnailpolish Autumn Berry #neverenoughpolish #healthyaddictions
healthyaddictions - neverenoughpolish - julepmaven - noodlesnailpolish -
noodlesnailpolish : Pretty combo!
doitveg - runforlife83 - amymariemerrell - urquhart55 -
Nail mail that arrived while I was outta town!!! So excited for these! #noodlesnailpolish #polishaus #pahlish #neverenoughpolish #healthyaddictions
polishaus - healthyaddictions - pahlish - noodlesnailpolish - neverenoughpolish -
noodlesnailpolish - urquhart55 - katehauch - amymariemerrell -
Just pulled all my #pinknailpolish for #pinktober! I clearly don't have enough! How many are here? #pinktober #paintingoctoberpink #OctoberIsPinktober #BreastCancerAwareness #nails #nailpolish #neverenoughpolish #notenoughpink #pink
pink - octoberispinktober - nailpolish - nails - breastcancerawareness - neverenoughpolish - paintingoctoberpink - pinknailpolish - pinktober - notenoughpink -
echoespolish : Nice!! I guess 65 lol
manipaloozah : @echoespolish there is 180 but I ended up finding more in my stash lol
echoespolish : Lol! I was way off!!
manipaloozah : @echoespolish it never looks like a lot until you count them!
ilanazaydenman2004 : OMG
evannaelizabeth - arycajune - sujatasin - chubbywhales -
by @maggerus "Certain each mani would last longer, but with SO many awesome fall colors who can wait that long?!?! Especially when my first #glitterbox came right after my 20+ #julep polishes!! :) #OPI jade is the new black with accent #legionlacquer are you trying to glamour me? Still a #julepmaven at heart but I'm finding there are some stellar brands out there!! #healthyaddictions #neverenoughpolish" via @PhotoRepost_app
glitterbox - julep - healthyaddictions - legionlacquer - neverenoughpolish - opi - julepmaven -
fonkycoldmadinahnails : Like
maggerus : 😊 this made my day
callijaysnails - omgcc123 - vale_galvez_lover - kathybutterfly13 -
Yes!! #julepmaven Eliana and Tracy. #Fall is my favorite!! #neverenoughpolish #healthyaddictions #notd
notd - healthyaddictions - julepmaven - neverenoughpolish - fall -
kashaya - amymariemerrell - trsonails - kingaling101 -
Certain each mani would last longer, but with SO many awesome fall colors who can wait that long?!?! Especially when my first #glitterbox came right after my 20+ #julep polishes!! :) #OPI jade is the new black with accent #legionlacquer are you trying to glamour me? Still a #julepmaven at heart but I'm finding there are some stellar brands out there!! #healthyaddictions #neverenoughpolish
glitterbox - julep - healthyaddictions - legionlacquer - neverenoughpolish - opi - julepmaven -
legionlacquer - amymariemerrell - tomboysintiaras - nailguytv -
Not a hard sell to "fix" an accent nail you're not satisfied with when your #glitterbox arrives!! Quick trip home was in order! So pleased. 😊 #julepmaven #marylee #noodlesnailpolish #fangtastic #notd
glitterbox - notd - marylee - healthyaddictions - fangtastic - neverenoughpolish - julepmaven - noodlesnailpolish -
maggerus : @noodlesnailpolish just ordered two more 😁
noodlesnailpolish : Thank you! This looks so pretty with the solid color!
maggerus : @noodlesnailpolish much better than that jacked leaf I did last night! Let alone this polish is gorgeous in the sun!! I think I snagged the last bottle of Lady and the Vamp too!! #healthyaddictions ;)
noodlesnailpolish : Haha perfect hashtag!
maggerus : @noodlesnailpolish it's my boyfriends justification for not ragging on how many I own/buy... For now anyway... #neverenoughpolish ;)
garciaruiz1987 - emmaflhair - amymariemerrell - carla__xx -
Sorry I was MIA for so long I was busy at the monster aftershock festival in Sacramento last weekend and I was working to have money to spend and then to recover from that weekend so nails were not a priority but I will bee starting to do Halloween nail art because its my favorite time of the year. This is grape indulgence and it smells like grapes :) #nails #newpolish #nailpolish #neverenoughpolish #neoncolors #green #nailsoftheday #notd #naillove #longnails #Nailartftw #notsonailart #nailartproblems
notsonailart - neoncolors - nailartproblems - newpolish - nailpolish - nails - naillove - nailartftw - nailsoftheday - notd - neverenoughpolish - green - longnails -
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just picked up 'flaming juan' and 'you mint a lot to me' at rite aid and now my @bonitacolors #youmintalottomecollection is complete! πŸ’πŸ’… #tagyoureit #flamingjuan #bananaana #youmintalottome #thisbeachisbombay #goodlookinout #bonitacolors #polishaddict #neverenoughpolish #livelovelaugh #polishfodayz #yaaas #nailsnailsnails #icantstop #prettynailswag
icantstop - tagyoureit - youmintalottome - livelovelaugh - polishfodayz - neverenoughpolish - goodlookinout - yaaas - polishaddict - nailsnailsnails - flamingjuan - bananaana - bonitacolors - thisbeachisbombay - prettynailswag - youmintalottomecollection -
kiaragoslin : 😍pretty
dayameirelles : Follow4f
nails_and_diys : F4f
blackcatnails : These look so pretty!
nailsalonsbeauty : Follow us and we gonna show you some amazing nails ;)
montrealsladylove : Nice haul
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This is my 'new inventory' bucket, always full. I cannot risk running out of polish. ☺️ #polishaddict #polishcollector #polishhoarder #paa #nailpolish #nailblogger #cantrunoutofpolish #neverenoughpolish
nailpolish - polishaddict - polishhoarder - paa - neverenoughpolish - cantrunoutofpolish - nailblogger - polishcollector -
nailsbyisbel : OOOOH I want lol
nanarose1950 : Okay girlfriend keep adding them up
dubainails - sierra_71201 - prettyshinnynails - nails.r.perf -
In about nine months I have gone from never caring about my nails, to never leaving my house without a good mani. I take pride in my nubs... (No matter how hard I try my nails always break) I will miss all my polishes until I'm moved I to my new house. The only pushes not packed are for the mani I will do tomorrow. Got to pack all my nail accessories next. #nailpolishaddict #mani #nailsalwaysdid #neverenoughpolish #notevenallofit #horder #excitedtomove #packing
excitedtomove - horder - packing - neverenoughpolish - notevenallofit - nailsalwaysdid - mani - nailpolishaddict -
princesscaecae : Into* not I to and *polishes not pushes. 😁
swyhart88 : You did it!!!!! I'm so proud!!
princesscaecae : @swyhart88 I can't believe I did it, once I started it was a lot easier to be honest...
itslaurenblack - alisaacuna - thatsarahbethgirl - thelifeofkaybee -
@bonitacolors 'tag, you're it!' and 'banana-ana'
nailswag - nailartpromote - fabulous - summernails - nailsnailsnails - pinknails - pinklemonade - neverenoughpolish - nailpromote - yellownails - bonitacolors - neonnails -
soakygatorsnails : #bonitacolors #neonnails #pinklemonade #nailswag #neverenoughpolish #pinknails #yellownails #summernails #nailsnailsnails #fabulous #nailartpromote #nailpromote
haysiekelsam : Holy gorgeous! @beautycargo
soakygatorsnails : thank you @haysiekelsam!! πŸ’…πŸ’…πŸ’…
beautycargo : @haysiekelsam I'm hearing lots of good feedback about that brand.
haysiekelsam : Me too!!! It looks like perfect!! @beautycargo
haysiekelsam : Not to mention the nails are shaped beautifully!
wanderlust_ox : I love the shape of ur nails !!!
mahtabgol60 - dianabeautynails - enjoyingjams - shelseamagan -
For the rainbow prompt of #31dc2014 I did some rainbow dots and, well, a rainbow πŸ˜„πŸŒˆ For info on polishes used head over to the blog.
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tita_vg : I want to like this pic twice!
ssunnysideup : Beautiful β™‘
mypolishstash : @tita_vg you're too cute πŸ˜™
mypolishstash : @ssunnysideup I am happy you like it :)
ssunnysideup : You're one of the reasons i've started blogging β™‘
mypolishstash : @ssunnysideup awe that is sweet, I feel flattered! Just checked out your page. You got some really nice nail designs, keep up the great work!
mypolishstash : #nailpromote
missbeccajane33 : @marnimanson
kathrin_hoffii - anjahp1 - amy_scholz.ig - lackliebexo -
So excited for the #julep50giveaway @nikatnails @jessicazellner check it out! #nails #neverenoughpolish #colorwheel #addictedtobeauty #maven
colorwheel - maven - neverenoughpolish - nails - julep50giveaway - addictedtobeauty -
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just picked up #bonitacolors nail-o-ween pack at rite aid! too soon for Halloween stuff in my opinion, but two out of the four awesome colors are glow in the dark so I haaaad to have em!
yaaas - nailartpromote - fabulous - naturalnails - iheartnailart - stilettonails - nails - glowinthedark - polishwhore - bonitacolors - neverenoughpolish - wutwut - orangenails - bombdotcom - nailoween -
soakygatorsnails : #nailoween #orangenails #glowinthedark #yaaas #fabulous #stilettonails #naturalnails #nails #iheartnailart #polishwhore #neverenoughpolish #nailartpromote #bombdotcom #wutwut
marrynails : Nice
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Had to repost! Thanks @nibslovesnails
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michelle61287 : #neverenoughpolish #nailpolishaddict #nosuchthingastoomuchpolish #iwantmore
s_u_n_s_h_i_n_e_sarah : @themakeupnerd
s_u_n_s_h_i_n_e_sarah : @joramabarbie
joramabarbie : Lol yes !!!! @s_u_n_s_h_i_n_e_sarah
themakeupnerd : @s_u_n_s_h_i_n_e_sarah hell yes!
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Posting some #nailmail from last week. I may have gone a little nuts in the @polishaddictnailcolor 2nd Anniversary sale, but so worth it!!! I should have gotten these lovelies a while ago, but the post office sat on them for about a week, wasn't that nice of them? Still, glad they all arrived safe and sound!! #polishaddict #polishaddictnailcolor #panc #indiepolish #indienailpolish #supportindies #supportindiemakers #neverenoughpolish #nailaddict #nailpolishaddict #ilovethemall
polishaddictnailcolor - ilovethemall - indiepolish - polishaddict - panc - indienailpolish - neverenoughpolish - nailaddict - nailmail - nailpolishaddict - supportindies - supportindiemakers -
sadiesjamberry - morgans_mani - naomistrange - samanthazivica -
#zoya #myzoya #zoyaaddiction #myzoyarainbow #prettypolish #sixtydown #neverenoughpolish
prettypolish - myzoyarainbow - sixtydown - neverenoughpolish - zoya - myzoya - zoyaaddiction -
edradavidson : Carter would be in heaven!
sourfleed : He probably could have organized it much neater!!
jakekrick : I've never tried zoya. What do you like about it? If you get them at a beauty store I can get you half off of products. I love essie.
sourfleed : @jakekrick, they have promotions like every other month. I never buy unless its at least half off! You should give them a try! So many gorgeous and unique colors and they wear really well. Most recent promotion was three free bottles paying only promotional shipping/handling ($12). But even $4/each for bottles worth $9-10 is awesome enough. I get sucked in every time. :-)
ilanazaydenman2004 : Wow
oaklie621 - kimmusjax - utes31 - shaunasheide -
I cannot get over how beautiful these are!! So glad I finally got my hands on these! I haven't even tried them yet and I already love them! All the cremes from the 'A Night in Vegas' collection from @pipedreampolish #pipedreampolish #nailmail #indiepolish #indienailpolish #supportindiemakers #nailpolish #nailpolishaddict #neverenoughpolish #neonpolish #nailstagram #instanails #nailsofig #rainbow
rainbow - nailpolish - neonpolish - pipedreampolish - indienailpolish - neverenoughpolish - nailsofig - indiepolish - nailstagram - nailmail - nailpolishaddict - instanails - supportindiemakers -
nail_pail : They're soooo good :)
bludawn : I want these so bad!
nailmeinc : Love it!
verymariposa - xleoooniiiie - squeakynails - s0fia_daniela -
#nailmail day!!! Any guesses what these are?!? @pipedreampolish #pipedreampolish #indiepolish #indienailpolish #nailpolish #nailpolishaddict #neverenoughpolish #nailhaul
nailhaul - indiepolish - pipedreampolish - indienailpolish - neverenoughpolish - nailpolish - nailmail - nailpolishaddict -
paulinawsmith - lovelylizziesdesigns - naomistrange - staceefjterri -
#Pink and #blue #nailart #inspired by @coloresdecarol go check out her page if you haven't already. She has some of the most beautiful nailpolish I have ever seen. Hopefully once I finish paying for my books I can purchase a few especially the ones she used in her version of this mani. #naillove #colors #pinkandblue #nails #nailartaddict #neverenoughpolish #nailsoftheday #notd #Nailartftw #naildesign
pink - blue - naillove - inspired - naildesign - nailartftw - nailsoftheday - notd - colors - neverenoughpolish - nailartaddict - pinkandblue - nails - nailart -
coloresdecarol : This is very pretty. Thank you so much for the mention πŸ’—
becomingyogini : Wow!
just_my_nailart : @coloresdecarol any time :) I hadnt had many ideas and when I saw yours I needed to give it a try :)
just_my_nailart : @becomingyogini thanks :)
monicacarelli99 - eddie_tuga_94 - zizitim - jenn_nailed_it -
New China glaze polish!! #notd #ILoveRed #lubuheels #glitter #neverenoughpolish
notd - ilovered - glitter - lubuheels - neverenoughpolish -
kvort95 - kaseymjmui - - teamjenny_nails -
Whoot, my Mundo de Uñas order made it here safely all the way from Mexico. These are the mini size, but I think they'll last me forever. They are meant for stamping, as they're very thick and pigmented. I've heard many good things about these and cannot wait to try them. Thanks to @lovevarnish and @lacquer_liefde for talking me into these 😁#nailmail #nailpolish #stamping #mundodeunas #neverenoughpolish #nailpolishaddiction #rhonnadesigns
stamping - neverenoughpolish - nailpolishaddiction - nailmail - nailpolish - rhonnadesigns - mundodeunas -
mypolishstash : @theswatchaholic really? I just ordered about 3 weeks ago....
mypolishstash : @swishienails @fabfingertips1 I think I just recently saw a post/tweet from @rainbow_c_uk saying that she will stock these soon. I wonder if they change the formula so that it's conform with EU guidelines (I cannot find ingredients anywhere, but they don't smell like they're 3-free...)
mypolishstash : @nailistayco I will play with them soon! But they are so thick, I hope they'll spread nicely.
mypolishstash : @lacquer_liefde ich hab sie heute nur kurz ausprobiert, und die Pigmentierung ist ja mal super πŸ‘ Allerdings sind die sowas von zähflüssig. Ich hoffe, sie trocknen nicht schnell ein.
mypolishstash : @beautybykrystal I surely will! So far I can only say that they're very thick and have a strong chemical smell.
nailistayco : They are thick but they do spread nicely, you only need a small amount of polish to stamp. Good luck πŸ‘πŸ˜Š
swishienails : On the adventures in stamping page on FB I think there was something about her not being able to release the ingredients as that's what the supplier put in the contract. I may have got that wrong so don't take my word for it. I don't have the bubble gum scented ones. I think they smell nice.....cus I like the smell of white turps πŸ˜‚
lacquer_liefde : I would say mine are smelling like coconut or something like that πŸ˜†
anastashen_james - lexi_is_duh_bomb - beauty.culture - hadelo_27cg.7 -
PoLiSH PaRTy! πŸŽŠπŸŽ‰ All kinds of goodies 🍭🍬to play with this weekend! β˜€οΈNOW which 1⃣ do I start with?! πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘†A special thank you to my friend πŸ‘― @nonaphilippa for the fab @modelsownofficial nail πŸ’…mailπŸ“©!! xx #NeverEnoughPolish
iinailart - looknaildecor - fashion - beauty - laurag_143 - nailartoohlala - nails - dailynailart - neverenoughpolish - nailfeature - craftyfingers - mani - nailitdaily - nailart - opi - instanails - nailitmag - nails2inspire - jjnailpromote - weloveyournailart - sgnailartpromote - notd - pfpnails - thenailartstory - unmoineau - nailpromote - lauramerino12 -
unmoineau : #opi #notd #mani #nailitdaily #nails #instanails #nailart #nails #sgnailartpromote #jjnailpromote #beauty #fashion #nailitmag #lauramerino12 #weloveyournailart #unmoineau #dailynailart #nails2inspire #thenailartstory #nailfeature #iinailart #nailpromote #craftyfingers #nailitdaily #looknaildecor #laurag_143 #pfpnails #nailartoohlala
xjackysnails : With the pink one from nicole by Opi! Such a lovely Pink tone!
maddy_ro : The yellow one pls
nonaphilippa : Your welcome hunni xx
unmoineau : @xjackysnails the left is Coral of The Story and on the right is a BEAUTIFUL glitter called Love Your Life! πŸ’—πŸ™Œ
unmoineau : @maddy_ro yes Def! I haven't work yellow in a while !! πŸ’›πŸ˜Š
unmoineau : @nonaphilippa thank you again! πŸ™ I LOVE the formula and colors! The purple really smells like grape! Super cool! πŸ™ŒπŸ˜Š
xjackysnails : The glitter is so lovely! πŸ˜πŸ™ŠπŸ™‰
twin_1_becky - nothing_but_nails1 - renatasantos0 - mytomboyprincess -
Came back from vacation to some epic #nailmail !! Both my orders from @blisspolish anniversary/birthday sale! When I found out that some of the colors were being discontinued I had to order more! #nailpolish #indiepolish #indienailpolish #blisspolish #neverenoughpolish #nailpolishaddict
indienailpolish - nailmail - neverenoughpolish - nailpolish - indiepolish - nailpolishaddict - blisspolish -
instadelfie - naailsbyjulia - iammadonnarose_ - squeakynails -
i could decide what colour! #neverenoughpolish
neverenoughpolish -
kayeladenman - sternenlack -
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