I went from a #woundedwarrior with a #traumaticbraininjury #tbi to an #honorstudent who conducts #neurobiology research in regeneration following #trauma I promise, put in the effort and you will progress! @chestdaysupps #doyoueven #fitfam #chestdaysupps #undergrad #biomedicalsciences #gradschool #neuroscience
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Homework 🌝 huahauaha #Psychology #Psicologia #Neuroscience #Neuropsychology #Neuropsicologia #NeurociênciaComportamental #Homework #University
psychology - psicologia - university - neuropsicologia - neurociênciacomportamental - neuroscience - homework - neuropsychology -
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Excerising her and lumosity #braingames #lumosity #challengememory #neuroscience
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We moved to our new #lab today at the #universityofutah. The end of this amazing #rainbow is almost directly above our building. I'm hoping it's a sign of good things ahead! #uofu #slc #saltlakecity #801 #utah #utahgram #wowutah #ustar #research #neurolab #rei1440project #neuroscience
rainbow - ustar - utahgram - rei1440project - universityofutah - utah - lab - research - uofu - neurolab - saltlakecity - neuroscience - 801 - wowutah - slc -
utahgram : Amazing shot Jason! We love it! 👍✨ Thanks for the tag!
sheja756 : Rare event that is. @yellica
los3.y0ur.m1nd : Bah! I freaking love this! The mountains and valley look prime. Congrats on being featured.
damojopro : Love this!
shadow_pixi : I got pix of that same rainbow it stay around for a bit. Beautiful shot!
vegangirl13 : Beautiful!
heritageparkgiftshop : Beautiful photos! @sheja756 ❤️
live4hills : Gorgeous!
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Subindo mais um degrau... Apartir de hoje Mestre em Neurociências! 😃🎉🎈🎊 #mestrado #neuroscience #neurociências #felicidade #mestre #conquistas
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brummelo : Parabéns 👏👏👏
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dougcpinheiro : Parabéns!
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Today at work... #PETscan #Neuropsychiatry #Brain #Neuroscience #Radioactive #SummerJob #Research #Hospital #tricksofthetrade #coolstuff #4monthsoffun
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khourtnytorres : Lol "cool stuff"
t_singh321 : Where is this
chaaarlene_s : @khourtnytorres you should come in for a scan 😜. @t_singh321 at TWH
khourtnytorres : 😠 oh yah?
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The prefrontal cortex thrives on novelty, so that's what I'm giving it! #neurosculpting #neuroscience #loveyourbrain #puzzle #rainforest
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Thank you to everyone who has helped me get to this point in my life. The goodbyes were hard, but this new life will be worth it all. I'm so blessed and thankful to be able to spend the next four years of my life here. @urichmond #classof2018 #blessed #neuroscience #premedherewego
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pascha2 : ❤️
caligirllvn : ❤️️ u.. They are lucky to have you...
socalselect : You are going to do amazing Dr. Ralston
hannahlettington : Love you whit. Rock their socks off!
michellelwarner : Proud of you
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Finding the anatomical #museum in #Bologna by accident, spent 3 hours talking phrenology and psychiatry with professor of #neuroscience, amazed by the beauty of the wax works and saw 3000 #skulls. Best accidental discovery yet. #day31 #100happydays #Italy #interrail #vscocam #vsco #anatomy
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valienteffort : lets talk business txt or dm me
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Pessoal! Podem ouvir discos de rock ao contrário à vontade! Acabei de aprender aqui na aula que já foram feitos experimentos científicos e definitivamente não é o Cramunhão! Hahahah 👹👹👹
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infernanda : #neurociencia #neuroscience
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Neural circuits #neuroscience #science #neurons
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When I'm not hiking I'm still staring at mountains. #neuroscience #utahisrad #beutahful #mountains #gooutside #fueltheadventure #keepitwild #utahgram #igutah
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#labchic #shoecovers #neuroscience #behaviorallab #sostylish
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"What? Do you think that you are only smart species in this World? Ha! Ha! Think again." Seagulls are very clever. They learn, remember and even pass on behaviours, such as stamping their feet in a group to imitate rainfall and trick earthworms to come to the surface. #seagulls #bird #seaside #brain #neuroscience #science #biology
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Setting up our rig to record mouse brain slice field potentials. #neuroscience #bootcamp sorry Mr. Mouse. 🐭💀😵
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jennafloreani : So intense!
jaszibelle : This looks like fun
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Dusty Acres, Fruit Fly Living Community. When you're working on #Optogenetics, you want your flies to live in style! We've got classroom Optogenetics in the works, stay tuned! #neuroscience #cuttingedge #diy #classroom
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Sometimes you need to blow things up. #Accumbens #Rat #Neuroscience
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Back to the basics! Training the newbies with EEG •• aka •• the most exciting component of my ASU experience ☑️ #eeg #neuroscience #psychology #asu #research
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tayedup : Lol at that bitch in wedges
angelahmeow : Lol Emily is the greatest human being ever 😂 @tayedup
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New research in zebrafish is providing insight into the development of Alzheimer's and other neurodegenerative diseases. Both human brains and zebrafish embryos contain stem cells that can differentiate into neurons via activation of the Notch signaling pathway. This pathway is controlled by microRNAs (specifically, miR-132), which switch genes on and off. When researchers reduced the amount of miR-132 in zebrafish they found that it prevented stem cells from maturing into neurons. Previous work has shown that miR-132 is reduced in the brains of Alzheimer's patients, and work is ongoing to determine the effects of low miR-132 levels on mice and the brains of deceased patients. #neurosciencewednesday #brainsaresexy #neuroscience #alzheimers
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sisluo : It is Hebrew for me but impressive!!
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Can you tell I love neuroscience'a blog? Link in my bio in a few mins. "New fundamental knowledge about the regulation of stem cells in the nerve tissue of zebrafish embryos results in surprising insights into neurodegenerative disease processes in the human brain. A new study by scientists at VIB and KU Leuven identifies the molecules responsible for this process. Zebrafish as a model
The zebrafish is a small fish measuring 3 to 5 cm in length, with dark stripes along the length of its body. They are originally from India, but also a popular aquarium fish. Zebrafish have several unusual characteristics that make them popular for scientific research. Zebrafish eggs are fertilized outside the body, where they develop into embryos. This process occurs very quickly: the most important organs have formed after 24 hours and the young fish have hatched after 3 days. These fish are initially transparent, making them easy to study under the microscope. Zebrafish start reproducing after only 3 months. The genetic code of humans and zebrafish is more than 90 % identical. In addition, the genetic material of these fish is easy to manipulate, meaning that they are often used as a model in the study of all sorts of diseases. Stem cells in the brain
Evgenia Salta, scientist in the team of Bart De Strooper (VIB – KU Leuven), used zebrafish as a model in molecular brain research and discovered a previously unknown regulatory process for the development of nerve cells. Evgenia Salta explains: “The human brain contains stem cells, which are cells that have not matured into nerve cells yet, but do have the potential to do this.” Stem cells are of course crucial in the development of the brain. Similar stem cells also exist in zebrafish. Therefore, these fish form an ideal model to study the behavior of these cells. A so-called Notch signaling pathway regulates the further ripening of these cells during early embryonic development. Scientists are still largely in the dark about Notch processes in the brains of Alzheimer patients, but the research by Evgenia Salta is changing this situation." #science #neuroscience #alzheimersresearch
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visualyinterested : Very fucking cool
visualyinterested : Possibly a way to increase our brain percentage use with this research.
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The nerve(s) of some people! 😆😁 #science #neuroscience #brain #badpuns
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tammy_bee : 😂😂😂 on occasion our trusty truck ... @golliath57
golliath57 : @tammy_bee lol! The only thing we learned
tammy_bee : Yup and seven up lol. 2 things I learned this whole summer @golliath57
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It's being called 'Christmas for Nerds' here at the NeuroScience Center. The delivery of the 'Prisma', yesterday, generated all kinds of excitement. Our floor took a field trip across the street for a better view of the festivities. #neuronerd #researchlife #neuroscience #prisma #latergram
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jesmhall : #nerdalert
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#blackfish #orcas #elephants #animalrights #neuroscience #activism #makeadifference
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Definition of "arachnoid villi" in my neuroanatomy text
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meganhowlett : #nerd #wanderlustnerd #neuroanatomy #neuroscience #nerdhumour #university #campuslife
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#secondYear! #Neuroscience #UoG 😍😍😍yeah yeah bby!
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angie_isabel_4 : Jajaja graciass lokita!! 😊😊😘 @dfranco95
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jackieyagual : Jajaa con que prefijo? Ni me sales :( @angie_isabel_4
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karloscr7 : Congrats but its just the first year...jajaja
angie_isabel_4 : Second year !! @karloscr7 😛😛
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Can't wait to read these! #thankyou #amazon #neuroscience #books #reading #imissreading
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Lmao how appropriate. #neuroscience #ftw @pmr1692 @tiba14 @taylorstiegler
neuroscience - ftw -
pmr1692 : @arlene.theresa did they mean *neurons ? Lol :P
arlene.theresa : Lmao leave it to you raj @pmr1692
tiba14 : Lollll. 😂😂
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"- رسمة ايديا و حياة عينيا، هوم ورك الله وكيلكم في الترينيق🌚 كيف يجي رسام😎👌؟ #رسم#فن#مهارة#واجب#home#work#anatomy#vertebra#cervical#thoracic#lumber#sacrum#drawing#neuroscience#love 🔥🌝✋
thoracic - love - رسم - فن - مهارة - work - vertebra - anatomy - lumber - sacrum - neuroscience - home - cervical - drawing - واجب -
ahmadmalothman : @shamrani_aa شهادة اعتز بها منك 😎
ahmadmalothman : @shamrani_aa هذا الاطلس هو المقرر علينا في دراستنا للأناتومي ، Atlas of Anatomy - second edition - edited by Anne M.Gilroy ❤️
ahmadmalothman : @ahmedm411 حبيبي انت يا حمادة ، شكرا لرفع المعنويات 😍❤️
ahmadmalothman : @mansournami عليك مبدع يا بومحمد 😍👌
ahmadmalothman : @mohammedhayyan شهادة افتخر فيها يا بو حيان 👌😎
ahmadmalothman : @ahm3dsami هههههههههه حبيبي بو سامي ، طالع عليك يا قلبي 😘❤️
ahmadmalothman : @elafj صادقة يا دكتورة ربي يبارك فيك ..
ahmadmalothman : @abo_fisal_net اللهم امين وانت كذلك يا ابن عمي 😍❤️
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Going uni #Scotland #Aberdeen #University #DoesThisMeanINeedAKilt #SoFarAway #Neuroscience #GonnaCreateFrankenstein #CantFindAccommodationLol #LemmeFixYourBrainPls
sofaraway - scotland - university - gonnacreatefrankenstein - doesthismeanineedakilt - lemmefixyourbrainpls - neuroscience - cantfindaccommodationlol - aberdeen -
sinemulgen35 : 👏👏👏👍👍👍
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Hi I'm a part-time laboratory rat 🐭🐹🐭 #tikus_makmal_gergasi #neuroscience #vestibularsystem #sympatheticnervoussystem #somuchpain #6outof10 #icanteven
sympatheticnervoussystem - nobelprize2014 - tikus_makmal_gergasi - icanteven - vestibularsystem - neuroscience - 6outof10 - somuchpain -
harun.yus : #nobelprize2014
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Hmmm... A total of 19 chapters to read in only a couple days... #leaveittothelastminuteyoulbefine #stressing #neuroscience #psychology #clinicalpsych #statistics #readings #studentlife #uoa
studentlife - statistics - psychology - stressing - clinicalpsych - uoa - leaveittothelastminuteyoulbefine - neuroscience - readings -
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Go to my new page about #neuroscience #psychology #music #dance #evolution #rhythm #fun #terpsichorearts
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djspasy : This definitely got my attention. Nice!
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So apparently these challenges have raised over $22,000,000.... Go big or go home. #ALS #icebucketchallenge #bulldozer @kym22 #neuroscience #gobigorgohome
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maddi_ters : Lol now that's a ice water challenge😂
i7m2 : Best challenger 😂😂👍
okablawi : That's awesome!!
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