@anaheimducks Selanne and Pronger in action at the 2013 Fedorin Cup! Getting excited for this year's game? Only 23 days to August 23. #whodoyoufightfor #hockeyfightscancer #hockey #nhl #anaheim #ducks #teemu #selanne #pronger #cancer #cancersucks #cancerresearch #cancerawareness #fight #fighter #fighton #fightforacause #standup2cancer #strength #strongwithin #noonefightsalone #negu #nevergiveup #fedorincup #oneforb
cancer - fedorincup - nhl - negu - selanne - pronger - noonefightsalone - fighter - fighton - fightforacause - cancersucks - strength - hockeyfightscancer - teemu - whodoyoufightfor - cancerresearch - fight - strongwithin - standup2cancer - anaheim - ducks - hockey - nevergiveup - cancerawareness - oneforb -
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We had a great time hangin' with @shecks & @saylorv today! Saylor is a fighter! #PrayForSay #SanClementeHasYourBack #NEGU
prayforsay - sanclementehasyourback - negu -
shellymoonzombie : I absolutely love this
jack_novoli : Omg 😍😍😍❀️
shaneskates303 : Thanks shecks
saylorv : Had tuns of funπŸ˜β€οΈπŸ’˜
mercedesrhuff : I love that you do this!!! @shecklerfoundation @shecks
rafa_viz : I saw saylor at relayforlive
thejoybusorg : Nice work!
momvoris : Some people give from the heart and that's you Ryan Sheckler ❀️❀️❀️❀️❀️❀️❀️❀️❀️❀️❀️
sophie_barker8 - beeonnee - okkyskate - lisaikim -
Hello amazing advocates! So if you're like me, you often feel stuck in your urge to help find a cure, you want to do something concrete that's going to make a difference for a kid fighting cancer. Well here's your chance. Gamerosity is an amazing nonprofit organization that sells tshirts, hoodies, hats and other apparel in order to raise money to purchase gaming devices such as iPads and accessories such as headphones for kids fighting cancer. They have teamed up with the Maxlove Project to help find a cure. $5 of your purchase will go to the Maxlove project and another $5 will go to the fighter of your choice. Today is the last day to purchase apparel to help the Maxlove Project and DOUBLE your impact. I just got my shirt in the mail today. I love it, it's soft and comfy. They come in lots of different colors and styles. Please visit the link in the bio. #stayfierce #gamerosity #negu #curecancer #makeadifference #ibelieve #love #curechildhoodcancer #cancer #gameon #gamerosity #childhoodcancer #maxloveproject
maxloveproject - gamerosity - cancer - gameon - makeadifference - negu - curechildhoodcancer - ibelieve - love - stayfierce - childhoodcancer - curecancer -
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Day 64: Museum! #family #cousins #fabergΓ© #hearts #love #arthistorian #art #negu #countdown
art - love - family - cousins - negu - countdown - fabergΓ© - arthistorian - hearts -
talocks458 - poussinnerie - demipinte - blazzabse9432 -
#aq #no #meu #negu #boladona
aq - meu - negu - boladona - no -
Poke. πŸ’‰
oncology - tealsthedeal - cancer - hospital - tealisabigdeal - portflush - ovariancancerawareness - port - needles - teal - cancerawareness - negu - ovariancancer -
augustisover : ❀️❀️❀️
love4lyss : πŸ’š hope you're doing great @augustisover !!
singingintheraindrops : How old were you when you got diagnosed?
love4lyss : 21 @singingintheraindrops I'm 23 now β˜†
love4lyss : @tealisabigdeal @tealsthedeal @kick_cancer_out @allforovariancancer
love4lyss : @pinup4acure
augustisover : Nothing but a broken heart, I'll live
ajfoxy : Hope you are doing fine - just had my scan today -- I am old :) got hit with ovarian when I was 46 - now three years later I hate the scans ... always wonder ... then I come across someone like you ... so young !!! Stay strong - stay cancer free - you kicked cancers a&@ ;)
joe_allen43 - cancertees - aaron92886 - ahoychrispineda -
No fault in our stars or chasibg life bullshit. This is the real thing. πŸ’‰βž°
iam - oncology - tealsthedeal - cancer - hospital - tealisabigdeal - portflush - ovariancancerawareness - port - teamcourage - needles - teal - cancerawareness - negu - ovariancancer -
love4lyss : #portflush #cancerawareness #cancer #needles #port #hospital #oncology #tealisabigdeal #tealsthedeal #teal #ovariancancer #ovariancancerawareness #negu #iam
love4lyss : Chasing life**
cam_sofia28 : Fun fact: The Fault In Our Stars was inspired by a beautiful girl named Esther Earl who died of cancer at 16. John Green wrote the book in a furious period of mourning over her and dedicated the book to her
cam_sofia28 : That is true.
love4lyss : I'm glad it's based on a true story. But they should have given that opportunity to someone who needed/deserved it- not some actress/actor that's already wealthy and isn't in touch with reality. They don't know what it is to truly go through something like that. @cam_sofia28
love4lyss : @tealsthedeal @tealisabigdeal @kick_cancer_out #teamcourage @allforovariancancer
ajfoxy : Teal --- not every cancer is pink ;)
salriina - mgrella89 - ma_reeuh - cancertees -
Working on some Cards of Hope & Joy for @jessiereesfoundation Sending some words of Encouragement to kids with cancer and other health conditions. #NEGU πŸ’ͺπŸ™πŸ˜˜
faith - jessiereesfoundation - love - keepfighting - staystrong - believe - neverevergiveup - youarebrave - negu - youarespecial - anthembluecross - survive - smile - youareamazing - hope -
mrs.hunter2003 : U r amazing :)
jshine_bbi : #jessiereesfoundation #neverevergiveup #staystrong #youarebrave #youareamazing #smile #keepfighting #youarespecial #hope #love #faith #believe #survive #anthembluecross
jshine_bbi : @mrs.hunter2003 ah shucks... Your too sweet! ☺️
mrs.hunter2003 : That is so sweet of u :) u r beautiful inside and out ;)
xylashe2935 - truebeauty_ministries - mrs.hunter2003 - chuy818 -
For my Daddy battling like the warrior that he is and #NEGU!! #fuckcancer #cancersucks #teamjimdaddy
cancersucks - fuckcancer - teamjimdaddy - negu -
kristen_1017 : #beautifullysaid
jennifer_mercedes : πŸ’œπŸ’œβŒβ­•οΈ
grantswifeyxo - naclerio13 - salgifoundation - jennifer_mercedes -
#tbt to a family trip to Hawaii where a bench has been replaced by a couch. Even more comfortable to sit on and reflect on the courage Jessie had and our commitment to spreading #joy to kids with Cancer with her inspiration. #pediatriccancer #cancersucks #jessiereesfoundation #negu
pediatriccancer - cancersucks - jessiereesfoundation - joy - tbt - negu -
llaurenn32 : awπŸ’™
kate.petit - shine4god7 - oliviaaverill10 - llaurenn32 -
Been in the ER all morning because my dang tube got clogged and proceeded to bust on me leaving a large hole 😳 Thank goodness radiology was able to replace it, even though it was pretty difficult. πŸ™ Once I get the discharge papers I'm off to work! #feedingtube #ertrip #gjtube #cloggedtube #bustedtube #digestivetractparalysis #gastroparesis #intestinaldysmotility #keepfighting #negu #supertubie #spoonielife
keepfighting - cloggedtube - negu - spoonielife - feedingtube - bustedtube - intestinaldysmotility - supertubie - gjtube - gastroparesis - ertrip - digestivetractparalysis -
fortaliajoyjustkeepswimming : πŸ˜˜πŸ’•
shauna_bihlmaier : You're so strong. You have all of these problems, but yet you still continue to hold your head high and even go to work after spending a night in the ER ❀️
lisamb12 - eatandrecover - noellecarden - lindseylainexo -
I had a chance to share the Jessie Rees and #negu stories today with children volunteers at UPS Bring Your Kid to Work Day. The volunteers will be filling 900 JoyJars to help share with kids fighting cancer. #cancerstinks @upsers
cancerstinks - negu -
taragould : This is amazing.
jessiereesfoundation : Thank you Eddie! #negu
theels5 : Awesome Go-Giver Spirit
runnerjojo - adamhankerson - mattearl - allytajudin -
People think I like sitting on the sidelines 😁 All I can do is keep focusing on improving my skillsπŸšΆπŸƒπŸ‘ŠπŸ’ͺ & stay positiveπŸ™. I'm living in the present, & know I can't predict the future🎰, but preparing myself to be ready for whatever lies ahead.😑 As #MLK said, "we all get discouraged sometimes, we all feel our work is in vain, but you have to search in your soul for that someone your father spoke about" Find #faith in what you can't see, feel it; which means you can believe it; which means you can receive it. #RiseUp #NEGU #Fear2Faith they're is no #certainty πŸ‘ŠπŸ‡¬πŸ‡§πŸ™
faith - fear2faith - mlk - certainty - riseup - negu -
bigg147 : Is there anything likely soon tho @audleyharrison ? U don't need me to tell u that u need a fight asap?
danobrien121 : Did u ever box at northolt abc???? @audleyharrison
drosdzowski - fabsfitness1 - harry.craik - wozza49 -
O que? Praia sem Picolé? NÃO! #noway nao rola... ainda mais na #folgaaaaaa e com o #brother #parceru #negu = Nóix na #praiadofuturo
praiadofuturo - parceru - folgaaaaaa - noway - brother - negu -
crocobeach - francielton_sh - ariane_schaider - italyprata -
Amen! #geterdone #sharks #accomplishments #happiness #negu β€πŸŸβœŒπŸ‘‘
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About to hit #heartbreakhill sporting the #legacy 2-piece #serious about my #fitness & #life #negu πŸ”₯πŸ‘ŠπŸ‡¬πŸ‡§
life - legacy - heartbreakhill - fitness - serious - negu -
oneillbox : Have a bloody fight with someone for God's sake!
tjsmudger - thedon_official - verajane - marcdjcooper -
beast - teammateo - orangematters - staystrong - leukemia - negu -
these_fighters_negu : Mateo ❀️ #beast #teammateo #negu #leukemia #orangematters #staystrong (@teammateo)
teammateo : Oh my this is so cute!!! How can I share this?
nima.lezzar - johnnieeee___ - teammateo - saroona11xox -
#ParqueManoelAntonio #CostaRica #NoFilter #puravida #layday πŸ’›πŸ’™πŸ’œπŸ’šπŸ‘Šβš“οΈπŸŒ…
costarica - layday - puravida - negu - nofilter - parquemanoelantonio -
felipevzanini : #bronzeadΓ£o kkkkkk
lowpa0ne : Kkkkkk #Negu
patyclimaco : Meus amores
lidomaline : Lindus!
rodrigomrmb - trainingstate - nandick - janadiasfort -
Getting my fluids 😜 Seriously can't wait to see the kidney doctor on Monday and hopefully get some help with this low potassium mess. And also my PCP doctor on Monday to address the anemia because I'm freaking exhausted! 😁 In non-health news: I'm out of my favorite lotion, cashmere glow from B&BW πŸ˜” #itsthelittlethings #itsmellsamazing #gastroparesis #ivfluids #infusioncenter #intestinaldysmotility #digestivetractparalysis #anemia #chronichypokalemia #feedingtube #feelingrough #fighton #gjtube #imbeat #keepfighting #kidneydoctor #lowpotassium #myguthatesme #negu #painpaingoaway #spoonielife #supertubie
keepfighting - feelingrough - ivfluids - negu - spoonielife - feedingtube - chronichypokalemia - itsthelittlethings - intestinaldysmotility - fighton - gastroparesis - painpaingoaway - itsmellsamazing - infusioncenter - anemia - lowpotassium - digestivetractparalysis - myguthatesme - imbeat - supertubie - gjtube - kidneydoctor -
paolagarcia4 : πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘β˜ΊοΈ
badmamahjamma - lyme_fighter - laura_journey - cmbelz73 -
Look at a day when you are supremely satisfied at the end. It's not a day when you lounge around doing nothing; it's a day you've had everything to do and you've done it. What's your excuse?!? #motivation #inspiration #dedication #noexcuses #dosomethingthatmatters #negu #dontquit #allergictoaverage
motivation - noexcuses - dosomethingthatmatters - negu - allergictoaverage - dedication - dontquit - inspiration -
motive8you : @notasaintonlyasinner Checkout our page for daily motivation!
rednumbersfor18 : Awesome! I love your pictures. We should connect on FB (my link is in my IG bio)!
savandbromom - motive8you - listen_to_your_heart67 - chrisfamisaran -
Simple, quick video edit for Katie (@katie_actually). I love how it turned out, so I'll be doing more of these. #negu #staystrong
staystrong - negu -
hannahgracee31 - scoliosis__forever - vickyandyazforever - brylie.dewitt -
1 year ago today, Gavin's battle with brain cancer ended. Rest in peace amazing boy. #childhoodcancer #cancer #gonetoosoon #gavinrupp #15 #pray #findacure #flyaway #braincancer #negu #nomorecancer
15 - gavinrupp - cancer - pray - nomorecancer - gonetoosoon - findacure - negu - flyaway - childhoodcancer - braincancer -
mercedez_caligurl : πŸ˜–
kt_bjornsen35 : thank you so much, he would appreciate it. everyone misses him so much and he was a great inspiration and an amazing friend he was an amazing fighter, but a better friend.πŸ’›πŸ’›πŸ‘ΌπŸ‘Ό
m.akelle - creative.leia - _eedes_ - kelsie_v7 -
#keepmovingforward when you are in pain .. Make it work for you πŸ’ͺ #negu
keepmovingforward - negu -
carlos1982_2082 : Agree with you . I like the end: You can do it?
shakenbake85 : Keep it up I know of each day you will place in a physique competition :) #nevergiveup
lvlite : @shakenbake85 thank you ❀️❀️
spartan_weeple_survivor - carlos1982_2082 - rae_mcgouran - shakenbake85 -
Academia com ele β™‘... #namorado #mozao #negu #amor
negu - amor - namorado - mozao -
casioh21 - linoolive - pietroddh - benenarcizo -
Brand spanking new pucks for the 2014 Fedorin Cup on August 23rd! #hockeyfightscancer #hockey #nhl #pucks #cancer #cancersucks #cancerfighter #cancerresearch #cancerawareness #fight #fighton #fighter #fightforacause #standup2cancer #fedorincup #noonefightsalone #negu #nevergiveup #oneforb
fightforacause - cancer - fedorincup - nhl - negu - fighter - fighton - pucks - cancersucks - noonefightsalone - hockeyfightscancer - cancerresearch - cancerfighter - fight - standup2cancer - hockey - nevergiveup - cancerawareness - oneforb -
that_hockey_chick - ininjaapp - justgirouxit - lawsy34 -
Come support @verobelle in her fight against cancer! We'd love to see you all there! #fightingforveronica #teamvero #swabforvero #cancerfighter #cancersucks #leukemiasucks #negu #neverevergiveup 😍😘πŸ’ͺπŸ’ƒπŸ’›β€οΈ
fightingforveronica - cancersucks - neverevergiveup - cancerfighter - swabforvero - teamvero - negu - leukemiasucks -
j3ssii : I wish I could be there
maryo32 - lillyc_22 - joha_balay - jjrae11 -
This is Ellie's reality. She has had FOUR brain surgeries. Not one, not two, not three, but FOUR brain surgeries, all under the age of 2. She was diagnosed with stage 3 brain cancer and has completed 6 rounds of chemo. Follow her journey at Prayers For Ellie (@prayersforellie). Stay strong ! For those of you who don't know, this amazing girl just had her 4th and hopefully final brain surgery yesterday. This picture in the video is from this morning. Stay strong and never ever give up!! πŸ’ͺ #negu #staystrong #braincancer
staystrong - braincancer - negu -
mercedesrnmsn73 : Praying always!
reckless4acure : Prayers, prayers, prayers
rememberingdaxlocke - carecare55 - shelby___leigh - whitechocolate_nat -
YOU are #STRONG enough to #live the #life you have! #positivity #movingforward #winning #life #believe #faith #optimism #motivation #negu #qotd #dailyt
qotd - faith - life - believe - positivity - motivation - optimism - negu - live - dailyt - movingforward - winning - strong -
mrsrosecizner - starofherstory - phoebeecn - notaboutcarl -
We think of all our Courageous kids and Joy Squad members with this quote. Tag someone you know! #negu #jessiereesfoundation #cancersucks
cancersucks - jessiereesfoundation - negu -
jessnegu - carissa.marie - yup_its_mikayla - mellogordon -
I just received my #PuraVidaBracelets. Go out and buy some! I got 4 charity bracelets: #COPD, #NEGU, #BreastCancerAwareness & #TyphoonHaiyanRelief. They have so many other bracelets and accessories on their website so check it out! ✌️
typhoonhaiyanrelief - breastcancerawareness - copd - puravidabracelets - negu -
puravida4u : @nails_hq - thanks for all the support! I'm a rep for Pura Vida & wanted to share my discount to you & your friends. Enter DERKS10 at checkout & you'll get 10% off every time! ✌️❀️
nails_hq : @puravida4u Thank you so much!
puravida4u : @nails_hq - my pleasure! Hope you & your friends are able to use it! Any questions, don't hesitate to ask!
mia_horwath - jaimee_pvb - puravida4u - paouupvb -
Got my new tube and I'm resting at my parents house with my lil sis! Hurting pretty bad from the air and no pain meds all morning but I'm working on catching up. It went well and I'm happy to have a shorter tube at least and one that I won't have to worry about popping open all the time and drenching my pants πŸ˜‰ Gonna have to rig it a bit so I can still do meds while feeding. Got a call from my PCP (the actual doctor, not his nurse!) before my procedure because my potassium was 2.5 before fluids yesterday. πŸ‘Ž He ended up calling the kidney doctor himself and we're increasing the potassium that goes through my tube and doubling the spironolactone. And got my appointment with the kidney doc moved to Monday morning. 😳 I'd say they're a bit worried, huh? #gastroparesis #digestivetractparalysis #intestinaldysmotility #feedingtube #gjtube #anemia #lowpotassium #chronichypokalemia #endoscopy #feelingrough #fighton #gastroparesislife #keepfighting #kidneydoctor #myguthatesme #negu #painpaingoaway #spoonielife #supertubie
keepfighting - feelingrough - negu - spoonielife - feedingtube - intestinaldysmotility - chronichypokalemia - gastroparesis - fighton - anemia - endoscopy - lowpotassium - painpaingoaway - gastroparesislife - kidneydoctor - myguthatesme - supertubie - gjtube - digestivetractparalysis -
gtvice : When I "like" your pics, I'm just liking you. You are so cool Kellie, and I have no idea what that thing is anyhow!
us_pain_foundation : Hang in there!!!
rayc1116 : I'm glad somebody's paying attention! Hope you get some rest and enjoy your cool sis!
tubecute88 : I got ya πŸ˜‰ @gtvice! Thanks!
ecstevens21 : So the jejunal and gastric and balloon ports are all individual right? It looks like the jejunal just turns right into the gastric but they are different right? Like how does that work? I am just curious, sorry if I don't make sense. I have a girlie with a gtube- just wondering 😊
tubecute88 : @ecstevens21 yes, all the ports are separate. They are divided inside the tubing. I'll DM ya a pic of what it looks like πŸ˜‰
gods_girl159 - kaylee_crps_strong - sshhyyaannnn - raieraiexo -
Ellie had her brain surgery yesterday. Pray for her and her family and that she has a speedy recovery. You got this, Ellie!
digdia - gogold - elliewalton - greymatters365 - braintumor - ibelieve - curechildhoodcancer - negu -
loomcreationsforacause : #greymatters365 #gogold #elliewalton #DIGDIA #braintumor #curechildhoodcancer
loomcreationsforacause : #negu #ibelieve
hayleighjones7 - ourcancerheros - rachel_nemez - snehadave98 -
Yesterday this beautiful princess had her fourth brain surgery which was NINE hours β€’ β€’ She did a great job! β€’ β€’ Please keep her in your prayers! @prayersforellie β€’ β€’ #negu #childhoodcancer #childhoodcancerawarness #chemosucks #braincancerawarness #braincancer #cancercansuckit #teamellie #elliewillwin #surgery #cancer #gogold #NG #NGtube #cancerfree #kidsgetcancertoo #iweargrayforbraintumorfighters
cancerfree - ng - cancer - elliewillwin - childhoodcancerawarness - negu - ngtube - gogold - surgery - braincancerawarness - braincancer - teamellie - iweargrayforbraintumorfighters - kidsgetcancertoo - cancercansuckit - childhoodcancer - chemosucks -
madelinepz21 : wow!! I lIke... ;) @makashevanaz @savigachka @iam_title_titaya @gnoo153 @shahzada_ @myriam_b_mynails @thelauraortiz @its_lorenzo @keiarmin_ @4me2u
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