These girls rock my world. They support me, cry with me, stand tall with me, and have my back 100%. #girlfriends #supportgroup #love #blessed #theygotmyback #dstrong #negu #cantstopwontstop #cantknockmedown #force #mygirls #mygirlsarebetterthanyours #badasscrew
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katc0107 : Love you!!!!
kporter4 : We fkn love you!
skyeblue4 : I love you and I also love the fact that I'm the only one smiling for once. Haha. These came out great! ❤️😘💋
skyeblue4 : Oh and I'm the only one without sunglasses. I didn't get the memo. 😉😎
mdm1116 : Hahahaha!!! Love you Skye!!!
rickymac72 : Bad ass pic Melissa
mdm1116 : Thank you @rickymac72 We are one badass crew! Adding that to the hashtag!
paulamanso77 : ❤️awesomeness ❤️
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3 hours later but it's done #negu #jessiereesfoundation #joyjars
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In a house full of boys and a stay at home mom for 18 years, my husband thought LuLaRoe was perfect for me so I could get out with friends and meet new ones while working my business. Today I had a pop up and I see the truth in what he's always believed after 18 months as a Fashion Consultant. Amazing how a LuLaRoe Pop Up Shop can change my perspective on everything in just a few hours away from the house. ❤️ #lularoe #lularoeamycara #cassieskirt #sarahcardigan #ootd #fashion #boutique #trunkshows #grateful #smiling #breathing #trust #negu
fashion - grateful - negu - cassieskirt - sarahcardigan - trunkshows - breathing - lularoe - ootd - smiling - trust - lularoeamycara - boutique -
caracrewcaptain : You've been a Mom for 19 years, just saying
maryeraymond : You are so cute! And you seriously look like you ARE 18...
lularoesomesass : You are darling and very encouraging! We're just starting this LuLaRoe journey and very excited! 😊
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#sundayride #november #ridewithus #lastmassage #windyasfuck #tobad #windandrain #britishweather #northeast #crazy #cyclist #cycling #cyclinglife #cyclingcap #rapha #whatever #bike #bicycle #roadbike #goporoselfie #goprohero #gopro #cyclingselfie #gore #rower #kolarstwo #szosa #przelaj #negu #niemazlejpogodynarower
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cycle_chicked : Yikes!!' 😬✌🏼️😉✨
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Hallelujah My Lord My Savior I come before you in the highest of all praises and thanksgiving, I come before your Heavenly throne and I praise you my Father I magnify you, for you are worthy of all praise. Lord today I stand in the GAP for my brother Paul , I ask you today Lord in the mighty precious name of your son Jesus, that you would move your Righteous Hand Over our brother Paul, that you would touch your son Mogo Del, heal him Father , wash him clean from every cancerous cell in the name of Jesus Christ, Bring forth healing upon him Father God from the crown of his head to the very soles of his feet.. Today Father we reach for the hem of your garment, I know today Lord you are able You Are willing, Lord nothing is impossible with you, Bring forth your healing Father that it may reach the nations that it may Bless your Holy name, that this mighty testimony may spread like wild fire with the Holy Ghost , that it will bring more Glory to the foot of your throne. Lord remove all pain from Paul, touch every medication and bless it that it may only do what you called it to do, Bless the Doctors Father, lead them and Over turn there reports Mogo Del, I ask that you leave them in awe Hallelujah with your miracle....... Remove fear from this man Lord give strength to him and his entire family, send your comforter to give them peace, your peace that surpasses all human understanding..... Hear our cries O Lord and rebuke this cancer from all your people in the MIGHTY NAME OF YOUR SON JESUS!! Name above all names, Father you are The Beginning and The End, The Alpha and the Omega, King of Kings, Lord of Lords, The ultimate healer and Provider, you are the Doctor Lord .... And everything must bow to the name of JESUS!! Bow now cancer.... & Flee now cancer in the name of Jesus..... Thank you My Father in advance for all you will do..... Have your way and your Will My King.... In the mighty name of Jesus I seal this prayer.. Amen & Amen
prayforpaul - prayformia - prayerwarriors - prayforabigail - servantsofthemosthigh - negu -
autism_speaks_2 : #PrayForPaul #NEGU (Never Ever Give Up) #PrayForMia #PrayForAbigail #PrayerWarriors #ServantsOfTheMostHigh 🙏🏼
angelina_andrew : 🙏👼🙏👼🙏👼
tilliemarks : 🙏🙏🙏
warrior_mom_and_son : God will heal you Paul.
timanickyandlauras : In Jesus name amen 🙏🏻🙌🏻🙏🏻🙌🏻🙏🏻🙌🏻📖📖📖📖📖📖📖📖hallelujah thank you Jesus
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More Pre-Season Sessions! #Aj68 #NEGU
aj68 - negu -
adrianpaharry7 : Hmm big dawg! 🙌💯💯
nick_paayal_05 : Huh bigs ones
anil_08 : That pull though 😥
alfie_j.s - nicolasmoon - hazzlovestommo - asem_jwa -
Taylor couldn't make it to #church, so our own #Pastor Welton Smith of Greater Evergreen Missionary Baptist Church, brought the #anointing to him. They prayed and spoke about listening to God's voice and having #discernment over God's will for our life. We are so #blessed to have a leader who cares and listens to the hearts of the children. Please keep #praying for Taylor. We're on day 23 at the #hospital & he's having a rough time today. Lots of body aches and pains. He's super swollen because of the #steroids, but still in good spirits. He's a little tired, so he's resting & watching movies. He has really enjoyed all the cards sent to him, so please keep them coming. He makes us tape them on his room wall so he can see them everyday. Thank you for your #support and #love during this time. Please keep #sharing his #story so we may find a #donor to #match him. #LordPleaseHealTaylor #Leukemia #ChildhoodCancer #FightOn #FindACure #NEGU #NeverEverGiveUp #GodBlessYou #GoFundMe #TeamHammond #linkinbio
sharing - anointing - pastor - steroids - linkinbio - blessed - negu - findacure - goodcause - leukemia - church - love - fighton - praying - gofundme - booster - charity - story - donate - hospital - godblessyou - neverevergiveup - discernment - teamhammond - lordpleasehealtaylor - donor - childhoodcancer - support - match -
jaemona29 : 🙏
heyyyy_jessie86 : Still praying for you Taylor!! Sending love al the way from Florida! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
sergeeeoo : Sending prayers his way!! God bless! ✌🏽️
paigevanzantufc : 🙏🙏🙏
_brohamm_ : Thank you so much @heyyyy_jessie86! We really appreciate you! 💖
_brohamm_ : Thank you @jaemona29! 💓
_brohamm_ : @sergeeeoo We appreciate you brother! ✌
_brohamm_ : @paigevanzantufc 💞💞💞👊💪💞💞💞
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Today Floor travelled with her family to the USA for a very important treatment; called Imunno therapy. They left their home to go to the other side of the world, for a cure for Floor. Respect! Please send all your prayers to Floor, she will need it during the painful therapy. FB: Floor4life #Neuroblastoma #childhoodcancer #kidsgetcancertoo #beaware #gogold #morethan4 #NEGU #findacure #hero #hope #Ibelieve
beaware - hero - neuroblastoma - morethan4 - negu - findacure - gogold - ibelieve - kidsgetcancertoo - childhoodcancer - hope -
marianneellegard99 : Praying :)
weirdo_swift_13 : Stay strong floor
angie2452 : 💗💗💗
tammy.joe - mandy_leigh_hill - care_packs - peytonnn.ig -
To be honest I dont have the words to make you feel better, but I do have the arms to give you a hug and ears to listen to whatever you want to talk about and I have a heart...a heart that is aching to see you smile again💕🌻 #motivation #motivational #motivationalquote #smile #getbackup #positivequotes #bealright #hereforyou #believe #pray #staystrong #NEGU #instaquote #instasmile #igers #instamotivation #instalike #instalikeback #like4like #tap #doubletap
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simone11up : @lisie9 This means so much to me....thank you so are so special xxxx #NEGU
lisie9 : Always here for you💕everything is gonna be okay😀💪 @simone11up
highclassmagazine : yay 👊
savagestonight : 😍😍
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November 4th, Lillian Grace turned Five. Lillian Grace has been fighting a DIPG brain tumor for almost 17 months. {FB: Love For Lillian Grace.} ✨🎈 ✨🎈 ✨🎈 ✨🎈 #HappyBirthday #Birthday #DIPG #DiffuseIntrinsicPontineGlioma #BeAVoice #GoGold #StepUp #ChildhoodCancerAwareness #ChildhoodCancer #Fight #PediatricCancer #MoreThan4 #FightForACure #Cure #NEGU #Warrior #Strong #Fighter
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Yesterday it was exactly one year ago that sweet Howie passed away after a hard fought battle with Neuroblastoma. Howie handled cancer as a hero, despite his tender age. It's so unfair. We miss you little boy ✨ FB: Howie, Cancer Ninja #Neuroblastoma #childhoodcancer #kidsgetcancertoo #beaware #gogold #morethan4 #NEGU #findacure #littleangel #gonetoosoon
beaware - neuroblastoma - morethan4 - gonetoosoon - negu - findacure - gogold - littleangel - kidsgetcancertoo - childhoodcancer -
billydabthorton : 🙏🙏
weirdo_swift_13 : Hope your having a great time in heaven
angie2452 : 😢😢
devlynna : May he rest in peace now 😓
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#shanghai #cocacola #hot #coach #china #night #mütze #kalt #tailor #zebra #bigcity #metropole #night #trafficlights #namuforever #我#skyscrapers #endlichmitfreundin #schön #goil #negu jürgenholler ##
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audacityofthemind : Dope
liliumanima : hottie
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Well i had a major break because of an lack of location but I am back at The Pool - awesome swim today new haircut and new energy . And additional dryland so lets tacle the obstacles- @human_ambition partynight After trying many many many many pools i found The right one. It was a tough start but it was a start- yeahhhhh. #loveswimming #gettingspeedofit #swimsquad #swimrebels #swim #swimspiration #instaswim #schwimmen #schwimmer #swimmer #allwehaveisnow #pool #pooltime #piscina #nadar #natacion #instaswim #swimbikerun #negu #determination #goals #water #vitaminsea
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NeGu #paseitomañanero#monte#montaña#nature#naturelovers#animals#horse#caballo#blanco#negu#euskalherria
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New drawing🎨😄 ➡️Tag someone who would like this ⭕️I am so sorry for being unactive 😞 ‼️Don 't forget to tag on your photos #wearefightersc , for a post! (Childhood Cancer Awareness) 😄 thank you all! #wearefightersc #childhoodcancer #cancerisstupid #gone #negu #leukemia #gogold
gone - gogold - cancerisstupid - wearefightersc - childhoodcancer - leukemia - negu -
stillbrokenstillhopeful : That's so beautiful!!!
we_are_fighters_c : @stillbrokenstillhopeful thank you so much!💛😄
stillbrokenstillhopeful - madelinem._.softball1 - eleni_manou1975 - _maria_maraki1 -
I just love this picture! ❤️ #Repost @ohhellosummerph with @repostapp. ・・・ SPOTTED: Cutie Robbie wearing our Captain America beanie 😊 thankyouuu! And keep fighting babyboy! ❤️ #Repost @erikapaula with @repostapp. ・・・ This morning with his great grandma. ❤️ Robbie seldomly gives out kisses but when he does it'll be non stop. Is a bit shy when someone is giving him one like in this photo #greatgrandma #love #countdowntobeingcancerfree #youregoingdowncancer #goawaycancer #NEGU #neverevergiveup #GODisgood #ibelieveinmiracles #HugsForRobbie ❤️
godisgood - ibelieveinmiracles - love - hugsforrobbie - countdowntobeingcancerfree - neverevergiveup - negu - youregoingdowncancer - goawaycancer - greatgrandma - repost -
erikapaula : Thank you so much Dana! May God bless you more! ❤️
carlcosby - erikapaula - mark_and_kathleen - gladiusarcanum -
SPOTTED: Cutie Robbie wearing our Captain America beanie 😊 thankyouuu! And keep fighting babyboy! ❤️ #Repost @erikapaula with @repostapp. ・・・ This morning with his great grandma. ❤️ Robbie seldomly gives out kisses but when he does it'll be non stop. Is a bit shy when someone is giving him one like in this photo #greatgrandma #love #countdowntobeingcancerfree #youregoingdowncancer #goawaycancer #NEGU #neverevergiveup #GODisgood #ibelieveinmiracles #HugsForRobbie ❤️
godisgood - ibelieveinmiracles - love - hugsforrobbie - countdowntobeingcancerfree - neverevergiveup - negu - youregoingdowncancer - goawaycancer - greatgrandma - repost -
erikapaula : Thanks so much dear! ❤️
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First Week over - following LCHF schedule and starting gym 😲 - its hard To Face The facts but well - i Can work on that Every Single day !!! #sports #attitude #dieting #determination #motivation #weightloss #weightlossjourney #losingfat #looseweight #losingweight #lchf #lowcarb #Goals #grind #wedontstop #negu
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ashleycashner : Amazing!
jude.kd : Love the picture. Take a look at my profile for some fitness motivation
nicolezeolalove - clo_goes_pro - teri.elkins - valeashealth -
Thankfully, this princess has been doing a lot better today, especially since the puking has subsided!👌🏼She is currently receiving a blood transfusion to help her counts return to normal, after this tough round of chemo, so, I ask that you please continue to pray, that this helps her feel even better and that she may be back to her happy self as soon as possible!🙏🏼We love you baby girl💛🎗 @prayersforkaelyn #prayersforkaelyn #kaelynstrong #teamkaelyn #fightlikeakid #fightlikeagirl #kickinbutt #keepfighting #NEGU #praying #weloveyou #godbless #godslittlewarrior #godslittlewarriors
kaelynstrong - keepfighting - godbless - fightlikeagirl - prayersforkaelyn - godslittlewarrior - fightlikeakid - kickinbutt - negu - weloveyou - teamkaelyn - godslittlewarriors - praying -
svfit : Love it :)
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PERSPECTIVE : The second you decide to look at things without fear is the moment you decide that all things are possible. Fear is nothing more than devil trying to Convince you that you are alone and you don't have God or the universe on your side . You deserve to feel success... To earn the respect that comes with being great at the Endeavors that you pursue relentlessly. #themachine #tuff #achievement #goals success #negu determined #truimph #powerlifter #powerlifitng #strength #strengthproject #crossfit #mma #ufc #football @tuffwraps @lgsciences @lockjawcollars @betty_rage_ @handarmorliquidchalk
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boobear_1992 : 👍👍Big dog!
izzy_350 : What's app you use to make your videos come out Like that
lwthemachine : @izzy_350 pic play post
j_m_p_1 : Why?
ingiborge_777 - nattyk1ng - curtis.5percenter - karansangwan12 -
Kaj would have turned 5 today, but due to two different types of cancer he will be forever 4. He died three weeks ago. It's so unfair that Kaj had to fight first against stage IV Neuroblastoma and after that against stage III Glioblastoma. He survived Neuroblastoma, but the tumor jn his brain took his life. Everyone is still broken by the loss of this innocent child. He fought so hard. We will never ever forget you little Kaj. #Neuroblastoma #Glioblastoma #childhoodcancer #kidsgetcancertoo #beaware #gogold #morethan4 #NEGU #findacure #littleangel #gonetoosoon
beaware - neuroblastoma - morethan4 - gonetoosoon - glioblastoma - negu - findacure - gogold - littleangel - kidsgetcancertoo - childhoodcancer -
yvonnesullens414 : Sending prayers to Kaj family. So sorry for your loss.
billydabthorton : 🙏🙏r.i.p little buddy
grace.stefany : my prayers goes out to kaj’s loved ones. what a beautiful little brave boy. rest in peace little kaj, may you live forever in our hearts. </3
angie2452 : 😢😢
mandy_leigh_hill - mooreashleymarie - ehudson33 - malgorzatabuczynska -
* a picture from Thursday on the way home from the hospital🏥🚙* •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• I didn't really want to say this on my post yesterday, but I honestly have been feeling miserable😷🤒💩 I think I definitely have some kind of infection/ flu👎🏻 Both of my ears have been extremely sore (I think they could possibly be infected), I have a fever (it's been sitting around 100), diarrhea, GP is flaring, and my spine, hips, and knees are super sore. I really hate sounding negative and I sincerely apologize for that, but at the moment I'm just finding it hard to be extremely positive😔 Anyways, I hope you all are having a great day😘
healthproblems - chronicpain - spoonie - mildeds - invisibleillness - negu - eds - mclsprain - reactiveairwaydisease - mclinjury - hypermobile - hypermobility - migraines - gastroparesis -
gpfighter1234 : #spoonie #chronicpain #invisibleillness #Gastroparesis #reactiveairwaydisease #migraines #MCLinjury #MCLsprain #mildEDS #EDS #hypermobile #hypermobility #healthproblems #negu
itsapotsielifeforme : I hope tomorrow's better for you! Sending hugs and spoons 💕
lymelioness : 🙏 💚
gpfighter1234 : Thank you so much!💕 @itsapotsielifeforme and @lymelioness
jackfightsback - chronicallyunhinged - vannaglennbreathes - brittneysfight -
Four simple powerful message NEVER EVER GIVE UP! Live it loud & proud! Buy your NEGU blankets at #negu #jessiereesfoundation
jessiereesfoundation - negu -
steadysatellite : Do you sell the NEGU kid stuff? Would like to get something for my daughter/NEGU kid!
onetoughcookieclub : where can I get this blanket? my 2 fav things - cozy blankets and NEGU! #NEGUKid!
jessiereesfoundation : Blankets at
zach_robbins : Jessie Rees swam on my swim team
amazingrace13 - heroesfightalldayeveryday - denazamani - sparklepowerofficial -
Ojala algún día tenga cámara con buena definición 🙈 😊 👊 #me #negu #saturday #feisimo #bay #negro
me - feisimo - bay - saturday - negro - negu -
guadaaav : Hermoso 😍
nehuuu10 : Vos alta mía 😍 💕
silvinafloresviglianco1979 - yoaleviii - melii_funes - jacquelineluna_ -
Its 12.30am in the morning and im in a lot of pain. For the first time in YEARS im off any pain relief. Times like these it takes A LOT for me to not just take something. I did stop everything pretty much cold turkey as they cause more symptoms and side effects and dont help like they use to. I have to take enough to knock out a horse to get any relief and this is not great for my organs, my brain and eventually i want babies so i can't become dependant on these narcotics and opioids like i have/had. The plan is once im off them for a few months that in times i absolutely need pain relief i can take a normal amount and it help me. So in hard nights like tonight, i may cry a lot but i do colouringin to distract myself, i play music softly, i do my breathing exercises I've been taught to do and i pray-a lot! I do everything and anything i can do to get through another day. I take the night hour by hour, i think of things im so blessed to have, i think of my fellow chronic pain warriors @lindsayearle @bobbyearle @blonde__mafia @neolith_ik @melishaxoxo @karenj64 @trigeminalneuralgiasupport @ktb92003 @tn_crusader @kristenj_c (just to name a few) and know im not alone. These things do not take the pain away but it DOES get me through.
trophywife1992 : @practicethankfulness thanks gorgeous xx youre someone i think of often too. It has been hard but im doing it thats the main thing xx
trophywife1992 : @trigeminalneuralgiasupport ugh sorry you were in the same boat. Its so hard isnt it. Especially when its late at night youre all alone. Still crap today. Im yet to get out of bed. Hope your pain settles soon xx
joannmaree : You are so brave and strong. Hugs 💕
lafillegatsby : It's not so scary once you get it. You just feel good. 😌 The acupuncturist didn't only put the acupuncture needles in my face, though. They were also in my arms, legs, hands, feet and ears.
trophywife1992 : @joannmaree thanks. Thats very nice of you to say xx hope youre well. Another grandbaby and this time a girl hey. Gee shes going to be spoilt!
trophywife1992 : @lafillegatsby yeah ive had it in other areas but yeah my face is SO sensitive i dunno how id go
bobbyearle : You're awesome. On or off meds.
trophywife1992 : @bobbyearle thanks Bobby☺
omgmeditate - raisingpeacefulkids - caroline_towning - yvonne_tally -
Jugando antes de ir a trabajar!🐕❤️😁 #dog #negu #animal #loveyou #follow #followme #instavideo #perro #jugar
dog - jugar - negu - instavideo - perro - animal - follow - followme - loveyou -
lateuafauna : Ooohh que cosita más bonita!!💙💙💙💙
bendita.locura3 : Muchas graciad! Es un bombón! @lateuafauna
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Zobacz zdjęcia z backstage'u do sesji kalendarzowej fundacji #negu. Więcej zdjęć na naszym facebooku. More pictures on our Facebook page! #qbekstudio #negu #sport #Fit #calendar #look # kasiakowalska #triathlon #running #sesion #fun #nofilter #follow
qbekstudio - triathlon - nofilter - look - fit - negu - running - follow - fun - sesion - calendar - sport -
xpannaes - borjalangarica - ozgurkrsunoglu - tford14 -
PLOOW...eii Rolândia e região dia 19/12 é o dia pra fik marcado ein, uma Mega Power Aula de Ritmos pra geraaal encerrar o ano em grande estilo e numa vibe extremamente intensa e positiva, chega junto com a gente, novamente eu e meus parceiros @clevinhosantana @_ruanantunes e @juliemerqueiros vamu quebra tudo, e dessa vez contamos a presença de um grande professor e amigo Rogério Magalhães, Curitiba - PR, vai ta chegando pra somar e arrepiar o coro nesse dia...e pra quem gosta de brindes hehehe, venha que VC vai ver o que te espera ;-). Como vai funcionar ? Vai ser um aulao de 1hr e meia a 2hr de pura dança, pra concorrer aos brindes chege um pouco mais cedo traga seu 1kg de alimento e preencha o seu nome em uma lista na entrada do ginasio, e no final do aulao vc eatara concorrendo a brindes que te ajudarao na sua performance e a brindes que acrescentarao no seu natal #fikdica kkkkk entao veeeeem...#aulao #ritmos #power #negu's #fimdeano #dança #quemdançaémaisfeliz #talento #dance #dancers #obgDeus #thanksGod #thanksgodforall #parceiros #dream #livingadream #vivendoumsonho #desistirjamais #aquisótemnegao
dancers - power - dance - thanksgodforall - quemdançaémaisfeliz - talento - negu - dança - ritmos - parceiros - aquisótemnegao - livingadream - obgdeus - desistirjamais - aulao - vivendoumsonho - thanksgod - fikdica - fimdeano - dream -
insightpersonal : Showwwww vai ser demais!!!!! Vamos colocar na nossa página semana que vem para ter mais visualizações!!! 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
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Another life stolen by Neuroblastoma. Yesterday at 3:17pm sweet Penelope went to heaven. She was born on March 30, 2009 and diagnosed with stage IV Neuroblastoma on February 24, 2010. She didn't even know a life without cancer. But she lived life to the fullest and never ever gave up. Her smile could light up every room she entered. Now she is dancing in heaven, without cancer and without pain. But she will be forever missed. Fly high sweet Penelope! FB: Prayers for Penny aka Pennies for Penny #childhoodcancer #pedriaticcancer #kidsgetcancertoo #fucancer #cancersucks #nowords #gonetoosoon #Neuroblastoma #NEGU #morethan4 #awareness #gogold #findacure #spreadtheword #hero #angel #unfair
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kadeesdodie : Am sorry for your loss I know the pain your feeling and I know no words will take that away. The only positive thing in this is your precious daughter is no longer suffering. No longer in pain and gives us a sense of relief only because those we love we do not want them to suffer at all. God bless your family and I pray the good Lord blesses you with peace and understanding. God bless.
angie2452 : 😢😢
issmenjustyceworld : Rip sweet angel. Prayers to your family
jmschools : Praying for her family. Fly high angel
kelly_and_chompy : 💔
asvpkilla88 : God bless her I hope she is happy with God and happy with all the Angels and God bless her family I hope they heal and the rest of there lives are happy and healthy🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
grace.stefany : sweet little angel. sending loves and prayers to her loved ones. rest in peace, little penelope. you have been such a strong little lady, have a great time in heaven with god, and embrace every second of it there. you’ll always be in our hearts. </3
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Tonight at 10:09 Taylor gained her angel wings. She fought a courageous 8 month battle against stage IV Neuroblastoma. Rest peacefully sweet Taylor, cancer can't hurt you anymore. FB: Team Taylor G #childhoodcancer #pedriaticcancer #kidsgetcancertoo #fucancer #cancersucks #nowords #hero #angel #gonetoosoon #Neuroblastoma #NEGU #morethan4 #awareness #gogold #spreadtheword #findacure #gochangetheworld #heaven #unfair #winner #childhoodcancerwarriors
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kylenicolejacob : Rip beautiful baby..🙏💔😢
mariam_rumaithi22 : Rip
kadeesdodie : So many of our baby's are loosing their battle with this monster we call cancer. I am truly sorry for your loss and the pain your going thru. Time does not take that away but in time it becomes bearable to a degree. I pray in time it is the precious good memory's to fill your thoughts and not the suffering. May the Lord bless you and give you peace. God bless you.
angie2452 : 😢😢
devlynna : So sad 😓
faithful2christ : She is now in paradise with our Lord and Savior ! She will be missed untill we see her again.
grace.stefany : sending my prayers and love to taylor’s loved ones. hope you have a ineffable life in heaven with god, where there are no worries and pains. just smiles and happiness ! you’ll always be in our hearts, because you have inspired us with your heroic fights ! you made us believe in ourselves and we are determined to give you, and all the children who are going through cancer, back by smashing cancer’s butt ! we miss you taylor, always.
divina.7.garza : RIP 😇
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Con un gladiador de la vida, una alegria muy grande verte de nuevo por estos lados Negu, lo que te paso le pudo pasar a cualquiera, pero todos tenemos que lucharla, te toco a vos y estas aca, segui boxeando a la vida, sos un luchador de put.. madre! #Negu, ahora apura que tu nave te espera y todos estos vagos y locos, incluyendome, te vamos a hacer el aguante.
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Hey everyone☺️ I had my appointment at the hospital yesterday with the exercise medicine clinic🏥 I see a team of two kinesiologists and a paediatrician👍🏻 they are all very wonderful people💖 The appointment went really well🙌🏻 I was there for over two hours😮 First I seen one of the kinesiologists and he took my vitals, height, weight, etc.. Then I seen the other kinesiologist to talk about my physical activity and things like that. Then I seen my paediatrician that is apart of this clinic (I have two paediatricians at this hospital😮) and I'm so pleased with what he will be doing🙌🏻 so basically, every time I take my BP it's really high. My paediatrician noticed that it was high and he wanted to talk about it. We told him that I've tried to mention it to some of my other doctors but no one has done anything about it. He replied with "Amber, I don't want to be another one of those doctors that notices it, and then doesn't do anything about it". I was so happy when he said that!!🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻 He wants to check out my heart and kidney function so I will be doing quite a bit of testing. I will be doing a blood test, urinalysis, ultrasound on my kidneys and an ECG.💉 After I saw the paediatrician I saw the first kinesiologist to do the exercise bike test. 🚴🏻 I did pretty good and I almost beat my "score" from last time, but I had to stop a bit early because of my knees💥 Overall I'm pretty happy with how this appointment went! It was nice to talk and laugh with everyone because I haven't seen them all in a while☺️💕 Anyways, I hope you all are having a great day!
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gpfighter1234 : #hospital #appointment #spoonie #chronicillness #chronicpain #invisibleillness #Gastroparesis #migraines #reactiveairwaydisease #scoliosis #sciaticnervedamage #MCLinjury #MCLsprain #mildEDS #EDS #hypermobility #hypermobile #healthproblems #negu
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Flowers #art #illustration #ink #drawing #sketch #negu #girl #flowers
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