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Prayer Request from the mom of a fighter I follow! So very sad to see that there is hardly ever a positive. Cancer isn't smiles! •"We need URGENT prayers for Chris! He woke up this morning out of the blue with a 101.4 fever and oxygen was at 90. Since it was 630 Dr Eckrich was concerned with us getting stuck in traffic and having a crisis so he told us to call 911. His bp, pulse, o2, etc are all over the place. Ironic thing is yesterday when I went to start using blog again, the post from 6/8/14 was "I almost hate posting good stuff because we have a setback" Still rings true today, felt pretty positive yesterday where things were headed! Pray for the drs to figure this out quickly and get him stabilized! And for the other kids as they are very worried since we couldn't just drive him like usual. Last time the squad was at our house they were taking their great grandfather to hospital (he had Alzheimer and we cared for him for 3 yrs) but he never made it home. So that's in the back of their minds and they are worried!"• {#morethan4 #greymatters #gbm #gogold #childhoodcancer #awareness #getaware #fight #GoGold #love #lovely #perfect #cancer #medulloblastoma #cancerawareness #NEGU #brother #braincancer #chemo #chemotherapy} -Kayla
love - cancer - morethan4 - getaware - negu - gogold - braincancer - perfect - childhoodcancer - gbm - brother - medulloblastoma - fight - chemo - cancerawareness - chemotherapy - greymatters - lovely - awareness -
mrsmaupin81 : 🙏🙏🙏🙏
westnorthumberland : Praying
abbs1502 : 🙏💛
jilly.mckenzie15 : 🙏🙏🙏
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#Bruh Can't Buy Weed and Pussy With Disney Dollars Nigga i'm on Vacation 😩😩😂😂🙊 ~ ~ #Smh #Lmao #DaveChappelle #ForWhatitsWorth #standup #Comedy #StandupComedy #DisneyDollars #Chappelle #Facts #lml #FactsOnly #FactsOfLife #RealTalk #Reality #SoTrue #truest #TruetoLife #sheeh #disNigga #Negus #Negu #Disney #ChappelleStandup
truest - realtalk - factsonly - bruh - sotrue - negu - standup - chappellestandup - lml - negus - facts - disnigga - truetolife - forwhatitsworth - standupcomedy - lmao - davechappelle - disneydollars - factsoflife - reality - chappelle - smh - sheeh - comedy - disney -
marriottdaily : cool
rainaritzman : 👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌
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This is an old photo because I am not feeling camera worthy at the moment. EVERYTHING in my body hurts. I have not felt this bad in months! Please send some prayers my way. 🙏🏼 #chronicillness #chronicpain #centralsensitization #scoliosis #NEGU
negu - chronicpain - centralsensitization - chronicillness - scoliosis -
joami4 : ♡♡♡☆☆♡♡♡
emma.uecker123 : Dear Makennas body....STAAAAHHHPPP!!! Lol. Prayin for you girly. Love you. Stay strong.
graciexoxo34 : I hope your pain subsides a bit soon! Hugs ♥
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Don't let people stand in the way of where your trying to get//broken fingers don't stop the gains#golds #grind #alwaysgrinding #negu #imamidget
golds - imamidget - negu - alwaysgrinding - grind -
camu_lifts : Good ass gains, keep it up bro
shredded_possum : inspiration brotha🙌🏿 keep eaten💪🏽
rwhlifts : Always gotta start at the bottom bros @shredded_possum @camu_lifts
jerkyxpress : Natty bro
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"Keep your face to the sun shine and you can never see the shadow, it's what the sunflowers do🌼" -Helen Keller @prayersforclaire #NEGU #childhoodcancerawarness #prayersforclaire #childhoodcancersucks #childhoodcancer #kickcancer
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onetoughcookieclub : love this edit. 🌻
onetoughcookieclub : @prayersforclaire please take a look at these beautiful edits for your beautiful daughter.
prayersforclairerose : Thank you! Love you! @onetoughcookieclub
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Joy is contagious. #NEGU #JoyJars
joyjars - negu -
danninoyes_ : @letinoyes ❤️❤️❤️
hiway505 : @jessiereesfoundation love this. Such an inspiration. Thank you for what you do
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Check out how rad @kaitlinshogan looks in our @moxiefitnessapparel Skull Pullover!! Love seeing our clients happy with their new goodies and love this beautiful lady as well!! Come scoop up your pullover before they are all gone! We also ship nationwide! Call (949)8735330 or email for more info! #shoplocal #smallbuisness #fitness #moxiefitnessapparel #negu #141 #fitspo #fashionblogger #styleblogger #boho #beachbum #bohemian #buyonline #beachstyle #cali #costamesa #california #cornonadelmar #swimmer #huntingtonbeach #irvine #orangecounty #iheartcostamesa #longbeach #newarrivals #newportbeach #newportcoast #ocstyle #shopping #supportsmallbuisness
costamesa - shoplocal - fitspo - newportcoast - buyonline - cornonadelmar - smallbuisness - negu - 141 - california - beachstyle - shopping - irvine - ocstyle - newarrivals - orangecounty - huntingtonbeach - swimmer - iheartcostamesa - styleblogger - boho - beachbum - cali - moxiefitnessapparel - bohemian - supportsmallbuisness - fitness - newportbeach - fashionblogger - longbeach -
moxiefitnessapparel : Omg!!! That is the cutest ever!! LOVE!
n_colematthews : Nice!
kaitlinshogan : ☺️😘So excited to have UTG just down the street! Loving your line @moxiefitnessapparel!! 💪🏻
corymtomlinson : Looking good @kaitlinshogan!!! that pink on you 👍🏼👍🏼
petejh5 : Uptown girl looks great on you @kaitlinshogan
moxiefitnessapparel : @kaitlinshogan I'm so glad you're loving our line! That sweatshirt looks amaze on you! I'd love to repost if that's ok with you 😘
kaitlinshogan : Of course @moxiefitnessapparel!! ✌🏼️(Just placed an order on 💀🌸for my sis too!!) - la_madame_noir - shopthepinkpeony - thelilacmermaid -
Prayers are greatly needed for little Trucker right now! ・・・ Please pray for Trucker! @trucker_boy_dukes is in the hospital. He needs our prayers. Please share so we can lift him up in prayer. Here is a note from Shauna - "As a cancer mamma everyday my emotions swing back and forth on the pendulum of sadness from watching trucker go through this journey and missing my family and life to the other side where as i watch so many babies around us loosing the battle that i feel grateful we still have a fight to fight!! This season is emotionally exhausting and gut wrenching!! and saying that here is a trucker update.. Scans are not until next week so just when we were thinking yay we have a week off lets party, Our ‪#‎littlelegend‬ spiked a fever. It started yesterday morning and since then it has been a roller coaster of high fevers, shaking, belly pain, and after several attempts to put in a temporary IV, and a very sleepless night we know now that we have an infection in his main hickman line!! This is the line that they surgically place that goes straight to his jugular vein and is how he gets chemo, medicine, and how they draw blood from him.. We are working on the right kind of antibiotic right now to prevent surgery and try to save it but at this point we are not sure. So please remember us this weekend in your prayers as we once again switch gears to hospital mode and as i continually remind myself to ‪#‎chooseLOVE #‎cancersucks‬ ‪#‎LOVEbeatscancer‬ ‪#‎imissourlife‬ ‪#‎theyoungandbrave‬ ‪#‎kidsgetcancertoo‬ ‪#‎teamtrucker‬ ‪#‎keepontruckontruckerboy‬" #childhoodcancer #littlewarrior #pediatriccancer #kidsgetcancertoo #kickcancersbutt #gogold #fighter #childhoodcancerawareness #prayers #negu #noonefightsalone
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#NEGU 🔫Had fun w/ this butt🔫
negu -
erinq123 : Teach me how to dougie 👌👌😂
rad_x_mauriz : Omfg yaassss!!!!!!!😂👌 @erinq123
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Please keep Karter-Lynn and her family in your prayers. @prayersforkarter passed away this morning at just 4 months old. She had been battling a rare form of Leukemia, she was a strong, adorable fighter who is now pain free in heaven. Fly high Karter, you will never be forgotten👼🙏 #childhoodcancerawareness #angel #gonebutneverforgotten #flyhigh #negu #noonefightsalone #teamkarter #prayers #fighter #leukemia #love #heaven #cancerfree #painfree
cancerfree - painfree - noonefightsalone - flyhigh - angel - prayers - gonebutneverforgotten - leukemia - negu - heaven - love - teamkarter - childhoodcancerawareness - fighter -
taliasfighters : 😔💕👼🏽 I'm praying. Rest in peace angel. : Ohh no😔 RIP baby
100days100donors : Sending every ounce of our love. 💕
crystal_leanne_milledge78 : Sending Prayers and RIP Beautiful and Precious Karter-Lynn 😞 ❤ 💛 🌸 🌸
nancee_rodz31 : This is so sad 😭 but you are in a better place. Rest in peace little girl
laraloulou0676 : @nadia0815
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NeverStopFighting 💥👊💥Miracles happen everyday! #NEGU #StayStrong 💪 Smile😀 #spoonie #scleroderma #pfWarrior #chronicillness #autoimmunedisease #invisibledisease
pfwarrior - spoonie - staystrong - scleroderma - autoimmunedisease - negu - chronicillness - invisibledisease -
always_chronichope : You're one strong woman 💪 😊💖
jojoegaray : @always_chronichope Thank ya!! ♡♡
thetubefedwife : I still cannot believe how amazing your recovery is going! 🙌 You are such an inspiration to me @jojoegaray
74_palm : Amen!!🙏🏻💖 @jojoegaray
jojoegaray : Thx so much @thetubefedwife ♡ The way you continue to smile, hold your head up, & continue to keep moving forward inspires me and so many others who struggle with this awful disease is so awesome!!! ♡ hugs
shermarieb : You go girl!!! My inspiration 🙏🏻💐👊🏻
jojoegaray : @shermarieb ♡ya!
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I'm not tagging because I'm lazy. Just comment if you were there #NEGU #neverevergiveup
neverevergiveup - negu -
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#FinallyFriday! Ms #FeistySoul made it to school despite her lose stomach. Thank God for her awesome teachers that make this possible. This #WildHeart😉 truly keeps everyone around her on their toes. Yesterday, she kept messing with her Tio Eduardo by telling him that she didn't know where school was. After 20 minutes driving around Eduardo found the school, which Vale kept denying the place and to take her back to pick up her tiger (little stuff animal) Finally her teacher came out and confirmed that Tio was in the right place. Vale finally agreed to stay but not after taking for ransom her cousin's dog.🐶 When I asked her later that day what happened all she could do is laugh😜 #OneSmartCookie #TogetherWeAreStronger💪 #teensyapp #OneDayAtTime💛 #OneLove💖 #NEGU
finallyfriday - onesmartcookie - onelove💖 - feistysoul - onedayattime💛 - negu - togetherwearestronger💪 - teensyapp - wildheart😉 -
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In two weeks I will be celebrating my 1 year anniversary of my #vsg #wls. I've lost 183 lbs and gained happiness, self esteem, and healthier lifestyle. I can honestly say this was one of the best decisions I ever made. #NEGU #vsginstacrew #imnoangel #happy #beautiful #healthy
beautiful - imnoangel - healthy - wls - negu - vsginstacrew - vsg - happy -
x3_mommy : Beautiful ! @leahbia330
ktpowell91 - mammagenda - ptygrmrz - adrijana_xoxo -
RSD Awareness: Often times I hear and many other Warriors hear "you're so young" to have this! Well unfortunately RSD and other chronic pain illnesses don't discriminate! Share and make Aware! #active #awareness #body #burn4cure #crps #cure #chronicpain #cleaneating #diet #support #determination #eatclean #fire #fitspo #fight #help #fightlikeagirl #health #instagood #instahealth #ketamine #motivation #pain #photooftheday #rsd #rsdsa #therapy #throbbing #flare #NEGU
body - chronicpain - motivation - pain - help - fire - fightlikeagirl - instahealth - cleaneating - negu - rsdsa - cure - crps - diet - active - instagood - fitspo - ketamine - flare - support - fight - therapy - rsd - burn4cure - health - eatclean - determination - throbbing - awareness - photooftheday -
chronicallygrateful : 💛
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#gryzes #namo #is #semu #galvoju #reikia #pralekt #garsiau #rėkia #negu #vaziuoja :DD #lithuania #bike #easyreal
galvoju - garsiau - gryzes - is - vaziuoja - lithuania - namo - pralekt - bike - rėkia - negu - semu - reikia - easyreal -
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Znakomity początek sezonu triathlonowego dla Fundacji i grupy Tri NEGU. Nasz podopieczny Sebastian Najmowicz wygrywa Elemental Triathlon Olsztyn zajmując 1 miejsce open na dystansie olimpijskimi! Poza spektakularnym zwycięstwem Sebastiana, zawodnicy Tri NEGU zdobywają pudła w supersprint i olimpijce age group. Jesteśmy dumni! #tri #negu #neverevergiveup #winners #good #happy
tri - good - winners - happy - neverevergiveup - negu -
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4:30-6:30 Lighthouse- proceeds go to the Jessie Rees Foundation- sponsored by the KCS 6th grade #negu #kcschargers
kcschargers - negu -
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Three wins away from being back to state champs!! Let's go get it. Game one : 12:00 Saturday vs Delta #dbap #negu #pulltherope
pulltherope - dbap - negu -
los_tragedy573 : Good luck out there!
nytillid13 : @occ_baseball go get em bring it home!! #FinishStrong
nytillid13 : @nickgrimes good luck cheering for back home!!
lgskeie : NEGU! LET'S GO GET EM!
pia_sr : There is more history here than anyone will ever know. It's hard to get there #whynotus
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#timehop #myboy #myheartNsoul #misshim #cancersucks #isutc #negu tomorrow you would be turning 9 but you will forever be 5 💔
misshim - cancersucks - timehop - myheartnsoul - myboy - isutc - negu -
trizz1436 : I am in tears..everytime I see this @itsmenickied I am so sorry for the loss...
itsmenickied : @trizz1436 thank you ❤️
bshams21 - teeteexo101711 - salgifoundation - teen0211 -
Meet Fady (4). He was diagnosed with stage 4 neuroblastoma on December 19, 2014. He is currently in the hospital for his 6th round of chemo. After this he will have a tumor removal surgery followed up by a high-dose chemo with stemcelltransplantation. Then he will have radiation and after that he will go to the VS for immunotherapy. Keep on fighting sweet Fady, take that neuroblastoma! #childhoodcancer #neuroblastoma #hero #warrior #fighter #NEGU #hope #believe #chemo #kidsgetcancertoo #fucancer #cancersucks #spreadtheknowledge #gochangetheworld #fightforacure #awareness #gogold #thetruth365days #unfair #respect
warrior - thetruth365days - hero - neuroblastoma - spreadtheknowledge - unfair - negu - gogold - fightforacure - respect - fucancer - cancersucks - believe - fighter - gochangetheworld - awareness - kidsgetcancertoo - chemo - childhoodcancer - hope -
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Dando un voltio por #plentzia con el negro. #Negu #blackandwhite #blue
blue - plentzia - blackandwhite - negu -
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#trinegu #negu #triathlon #neverevergiveup #team #fundation
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Po 7 miesiącach ciężkiej pracy, przez 5-7 dni w tygodniu, od 10 do 14 jednostek treningowych tygodniowo, stało się! Jestem Triathlonistą. następny cel Ironman już za ponad dwa miesiące. Dzieję się 😜 #triathlon #olimpic #hardworkout #good #fun #happy #NEGU @sheisfitpl @suchy7800 @konarzewskamarta @rutorek
triathlon - good - hardworkout - fun - happy - olimpic - negu -
sheisfitpl : Nie ma nie mogę 😈👍 buziak dla mojego trimęża 😍
suchy7800 - nicolewieliki - sanluis0917 - karolibu -
I am missing Ella so much right now😓 @ella_barna #findacure #therehastobeacure #ellaslegacy #imissher #restinpeace #childhoodcancerawarness #childhoodcancerstinks #childhoodcancer #childhoodcancersucks #kickcancer #ellabarna #rip #restinpeace #negu
childhoodcancerstinks - restinpeace - ellabarna - imissher - childhoodcancerawarness - rip - negu - findacure - childhoodcancersucks - kickcancer - therehastobeacure - childhoodcancer - ellaslegacy -
cassidypayne1 : Love you Ella🙏🙏🙏😘😘😘
prayers_for_ella_kylie : @prayersforclairerose wow thats a very good edit🌴🌴
prayersforclairerose : Thank you!😀💘😘✨ @prayers_for_ella_kylie
abdulaziz27a : 🙏💜
cancer.sucksss : App? Please
onetoughcookieclub : @warriors_of_cancer it was Lizzy! :) she posted it on her account before
prayersforclairerose : @warriors_of_cancer I posted this before but then deleted it because I posted something different!
warriors_of_cancer : Oh sorry
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Happy Birthday Mom I Love You Mom, We love everything about you. We love that you care for us. We love it that you are with us. I am so glad that I'm the son that God trusted you with. You always took care of me you showed concern for me and when I lose faith in what I do you always told me to NEGU no matter what. Mom I know I stress you out always and I'm sorry. No matter what you always forgive me when I did something wrong. That's why I Love You. You always see good in everyone Mom though I say this and never said it enough, I'm Sorry, Thank you and I Love You Though you may not have a diamond ring. But in our eyes you're the diamond in our hearts. You are the sun and we are the planets together we are One. No matter what, nothing and no one on the face of the earth shall stop me from loving you nor caring for you, not Dad, not God, not even Death can stop me from loving you. No matter what, you are my Mom and I'm your Son. There will only be one girl that I will love above anything else and that is you! Love you Mom. Bigboi Reilly #teamreilly #lovemom #negu #numberonemom
lovemom - teamreilly - numberonemom - negu -
mitch_lopez : Happy happy birthday Mommy Trina!!!
diannacamilla - mitch_lopez - ohmikeg - dpmcr931 -
HURRY only 6 more days left to sign up or donate for the RSDSA Achilles Walk for Hope on June 28th. You can physically attend, virtually attend (in your neighborhood), or donate. But join our team! PLEASE! Goal is $1,000 and we have $380 Sign Up/Donate: The live link is in my bio! #active #awareness #body #burn4cure #crps #cure #chronicpain #cleaneating #diet #support #determination #eatclean #fire #fitspo #fight #help #fightlikeagirl #health #instagood #instahealth #ketamine #motivation #pain #photooftheday #rsd #rsdsa #therapy #throbbing #flare #NEGU
body - chronicpain - motivation - pain - help - fire - fightlikeagirl - instahealth - cleaneating - negu - rsdsa - cure - crps - diet - active - instagood - fitspo - ketamine - flare - support - fight - therapy - rsd - burn4cure - health - eatclean - determination - throbbing - awareness - photooftheday -
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These Boys are so Happy to be back together. Being in the hospital for so long is hard on everyone especially for these two #broskis #brosbeforebows #cancerhurts #negu 💙🙌🙌 👬
cancerhurts - brosbeforebows - broskis - negu -
aminaaa_xo : #twinning
el_chachiyo420 : Miss those lil guys 😔😔
krazykitos17 : So awsome ....
rosee73 : Awwww beautiful
liza_noelani : Cuties!! 😘😘
jackfightsback - heather_bmxmom - thedandelionfund - crystal_leanne_milledge78 -
RAFFLE PRIZES such as facials, massages, goodies from Nutrishop and Audi. $1/per raffle ticket and winners will be drawn throughout the night A GREAT OTF WORKOUT. Taught by coach Anthony and Shari! FOOD TRUCKS, A T-SHIRT, and FUN! Bring your friends and family, Friday May 29, 2015 @ 5:30pm to Orangetheory Fitness Mission Viejo as we help raise funds for the Jessie Reese Foundation! WE HOPE YOU JOIN US! #orangetheoryfitnessmv #negu #jessiereesefoundation #orangetheoryfitness #cancersucks
orangetheoryfitness - negu - cancersucks - jessiereesefoundation - orangetheoryfitnessmv -
medxdermatology - lusciousbeauty_la - bobbi_abbriano - mbfoothill -
RSD Awareness: Warriors you ever feel this way filling out paperwork? I know I certainly do! I don't think people understand what we go through to just get through the day. Share and make Aware! #active #awareness #body #burn4cure #crps #cure #chronicpain #cleaneating #diet #support #determination #eatclean #fire #fitspo #fight #help #fightlikeagirl #health #instagood #instahealth #ketamine #motivation #pain #photooftheday #rsd #rsdsa #therapy #throbbing #flare #NEGU
body - chronicpain - motivation - pain - help - fire - fightlikeagirl - instahealth - cleaneating - negu - rsdsa - cure - crps - diet - active - instagood - fitspo - ketamine - flare - support - fight - therapy - rsd - burn4cure - health - eatclean - determination - throbbing - awareness - photooftheday -
mysticstitches : YES!!! I keep a list with me and write "see list" on that line!!!
gooch2169 : @mysticstitches absolutely. Me too! Haha! @christinawrites yup. Haha! Please see med list.
bitchonabudget19xx : Hahaha yep
gooch2169 : @bitchonabudget19xx glad you got a good laugh
bitchonabudget19xx : @gooch2169 it's unreal how many meds I have
gooch2169 : @bitchonabudget19xx oh trust me I know. It's kinda pathetic. Lol. Oh well. Is the life of a chronic pain warrior.
bitchonabudget19xx : @gooch2169 you're amazing and right......
gooch2169 : @bitchonabudget19xx awe thanks for that. It's nice to meet you.
legionfitnessliving - kittytrainher - meetjsiena - sula6789 -
You learn a lot about yourself being sick but you learn even more about others.
breakthesilence - life - bekind - love - teal - people - fightlikeagirl - betrue - negu - becarefulwhoyoutrust - knowwhoyouare - mankind - truecolors - tealsthedeal - knowwhoyourfriendsare - ovariancancerawareness - baldisbeautiful - tealisabigdeal - scarsaresexy - truth - sick - treatothershowyouwanttobetreated - friendship - bereal -
thelinds76 : It's very true and I certainly know that feeling. I've become much more selective of my company recently than I ever was...gotta surround yourself with good people and good energy. Hope you're doing well, love 💕
love4lyss : I'm actually sick right now. I really bad sinus infection. 😧😭 lmao but I'll be better soon hopefully. I hope you're doing well too beautiful! ! Xoxox 💕 @thelinds76 🌸
thelinds76 : Oh no! That's the worst...I get those all the time. Sending you some good healing vibes! I'm actually in the midst of a very stressful move, but trying to stay positive. 😖
love4lyss : Moving is exciting!! I'm happy for you that's awesome! Thank you. I have to wait for my general doctor to get back from vacation. I've been getting them so often that he wants to send me for an mri. Hopefully it's nothing. 👍 👸 @thelinds76
thelinds76 : I'm so not excited for the move...moving to Florida. Lol. Yikes. I'm so jaded about dealing with doctors. I hope everything clears up. If you need any sinus advice, let me know, I've been through most of it. Keep me posted and I really hope that you start feeling better. 😘
love4lyss : I swear you're like the 7th person I know moving to Florida this year. I would love to move to Florida but I can't with all my doctors here. @thelinds76
thelinds76 : Really? That's bizarre. I'm not a fan of Florida. The doctors down there suck. You're welcome to come visit me if you'd like a little sunshine 😊
bevjen10 : Let me try this again... Keep your head up @love4lyss it's true you figure out who your true friends are and as hard or hurtful it's better that you know who will have your back. Be strong g beautiful girl!!
sarahm0213 - _shannon_kelly_ - jade_anika - salriina -
#MySonHasCancerBUTCancerDoesNOThaveHim :) #TeamLandon #MyHero #NEGU #NeverEverGiveUp
myhero - teamlandon - mysonhascancerbutcancerdoesnothavehim - neverevergiveup - negu -
cannabischristinaa - erica_and_codes_adventure - chapman35ethan - stop_drop_andflopit -
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