So happy to hear the news! Congrats @christydaniellee
prayforchristine - goinggold - ned - childhoodcancer - negu -
saharspugh : 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏
djmordin : #childhoodcancer #negu #ned #goinggold #prayforchristine
linaianeva : Love it!!!!! ❤
christydaniellee : 😍❤️
alicecaliendo - linaianeva - michellecaliendo - kaseyboggs -
Who's going to the game tomorrow and wants to meet up #edsup#negu
edsup - negu -
isaiahhale17 : C'mon Tylan. Get your shit together. @tylan208
tylan208 : Nah I'm good
lucasantillo135 : See @tylan208 @isaiahhale17
pdaugs_33 : Im going
lucasantillo135 : Ok
zach_kincaid : I'm not wearing jorts tho
lucasantillo135 : Just cut them right above the knees
j_cumpbell : Herbs
alyseptacek - dani_flores3 - srreynolds_17 - _riah21_ -
الجوري احدى الطفال التي تحارب مرض سرطان تم دخولها في مسابقه اجمل طفل فزعتكم كل الي عليك تدخل في الحساب وتشوف صورتها وتحط لايك #يد_بيد_نفرحهم @amh_fashion_
cancerfree - warrior - تقديم - الكويت - negu - محاربي_السرطان - ستايل - حقق_املهم - ابوظبي - الرياض - انا_اقدر_وانت_تقدر - fundchildhoodcancerresearch - يد_بيد_نفرحهم - ابتسامة - السعوديه - تصويري - تصوير - مجموعة_متعافي - لايكات - جيش_محاربي_السرطان - اﻷحساء - الدمام - احبكم_فلورزي - شوية_امل - محاربة_السرطان - سفيرة_محاربي_السرطان - ابداع - سعيد -
um_toly : تم
munirah0011 : @reemzuwaid @mro100099 @maryam_alshabib
aym1429 : 'ى ' #سفيرة_محاربي_السرطان ' ' #حقق_املهم #مجموعة_متعافي #محاربة_السرطان #جيش_محاربي_السرطان #محاربي_السرطان#شوية_امل #انا_اقدر_وانت_تقدر #يد_بيد_نفرحهم #احبكم_فلورزي
aym1429 : #cancerfree #negu #warrior #fundchildhoodcancerresearch
aym1429 : #ابوظبي #لايكات #الرياض #ابتسامة #ابوظبي
aym1429 : #ستايل #سعيد #تصويري #تصوير #تقديم #ابداع #اﻷحساء#الرياض #السعوديه#الدمام
ikarus80 : جمييييل :)
aym1429 : #الكويت
abdurhman1122 - aloohi_17_ - albtol1435 - mro100099 -
Que tres! jajajaja mis niños de la casa! #perla #negu y #lagun #amordeperro #americastandfor #blue
blue - perla - americastandfor - amordeperro - lagun - negu -
mikelbilbao92 - sel5v - jennihuidobro - maai099 -
Please keep the beautiful @ella_barna in your prayers • • She has been in alot of pain lately and will soon be starting radiation treatment for it. • • She will also be starting back up on her dialysis on Monday. • • All she wants is a normal childhood and cancer is taking these opportunities.. Please keep Ella in your prayers! • • #ellabarna #lookella #prayforella #teamella #fckcancer #childhoodcancer #childhoodcancerawarness #goldribbon #gogold #cancercansuckit #negu #sTAYStrong #empiregogold
prayforella - fckcancer - childhoodcancerawarness - teamella - ellabarna - staystrong - lookella - empiregogold - negu - gogold - goldribbon - cancercansuckit - childhoodcancer -
these_fighters_negu - _theycravecee__ - jan_webb46 - never.give.up.the.flight -
Trying out Sally Hansen's New Miracle Gel Polish in B Girl (240) and wearing my Pura Vida "Never Ever Give Up" and "Mental Health Awareness" bracelets :)
sallyhansen - nailpolish - neverevergiveup - bgirl - nailaddict - mentalhealthawareness - negu - puravidabracelets - miraclegel -
byebyefatpants : #sallyhansen #miraclegel #bgirl #nailpolish #nailaddict #puravidabracelets #neverevergiveup #negu #mentalhealthawareness
suzistorm : Love that color!! I've heard good things about that polish. I've never heard of those bracelets but I like it a lot & love the message!! I'll have to check them out.
michyb248 : Love the nail polish and the bracelet! 💕
byebyefatpants : @suzistorm I'm hoping the polish lasts the 14 days like it claims!! If you end up wanting to buy some bracelets let me know because I have some discount codes to save you some money :)
anneeeb : I've tried two colours and the most I got was 6 days. Let me know how it goes for you!
zulu_kiloz_oner : very interesting
hockeywoman87 - kadiegirl06 - wwshannon - 8randyj -
This edit is for the sweet + beautiful @country_cutiepie17🎀 She also shared her story with all of us! • • "Hi I'm Brittany I'm 15! Right now I suffer from scoliosis, cerebral palsy, anxiety, depression, celiac disease, I have a tumor in my head, I have infections that come and go in and out of my bloodstream and bones, I can't eat every time I eat I get sick, I'm overcoming anorexia! Right now they have to watch my blood counts because my red blood cells and white blood count are really messed up! I also have chronic liver disease causing me to gain weight and not be able to loose it. I have type 2 diabetes, and an overactive thyroid! Right now they are running more and more tests on me hoping that the tumor isn't cancerous and making sure my treatments are working to shrink my tumor! Biopsies are the worst and so are spinal taps! I'm not the healthiest but I love to spread my story and help and inspire others I plan on opening up a salon for little girls with illnesses and special needs! I love giving back and helping others! Right now my motto is I have illnesses but they don't have me! And they are testing me for Chrons disease." • Go follow this strong girl!😷👊
and - spreadawareness - chronsdiseaseawareness - anxietyawareness - braintumor - empiregogold - negu - findacure - scoliosisawareness - cerebralpalsyawareness - childhoodcancerawareness - chrons - depression - braincancer - beaware - curebraintumors - anxiety - of - scoliosis - kidsgetcancertoo - braintumorawareness - braincancerawareness - braintumors - chronsdisease - curecancer - cerebralpalsy -
be.aware : #beaware #of #braintumor #braintumors #and #spreadawareness #findacure #curecancer #curebraintumors #empiregogold #braintumorawareness #braincancerawareness #braincancer #kidsgetcancertoo #childhoodcancerawareness #negu #chronsdisease #chronsdiseaseawareness #chrons #scoliosis #scoliosisawareness #cerebralpalsy #cerebralpalsyawareness #anxiety #anxietyawareness #depression
country_cutiepie17 : Omg I love it so so much!!! It's going to be my profile picture ilysm thank you for everything!
country_cutiepie17 : @be.aware
be.aware : @country_cutiepie17 no problem, you're so welcome! I'm so glad you like it! Stay strong💪💕
crafts4cancer12 - empiregogold - karleennfransisca - awaywithepilepsy -
Ke estoy mu lokooooo!! 😹😹😹😹 #gato #cat #migato #negu #mejorgato #bestcat #gatete #gatuno #miau #loko #jajajajaja
bestcat - mejorgato - gatete - jajajajaja - cat - negu - miau - gatuno - gato - loko - migato -
violehill18 : Memeeoooo!!😽😻😺😼😸
katsukenny : In the 80's I bought seed from posit tonics had to join only a few pennies. Then help yaself to drinks etc social. Spent an afternoon there. Great to see ya still going. ✌️😀🍁
karmenxxu : Ostrassss da koxika! Jajaaas
fran_ignacio_ - juani_positronics_elpunto - yoola_krisslaa - _benignojr -
·No one said it would be easy, but no one said it would be this hard· Netflix to my left and puke bucket to my right... just another day in the life. I'm seeing a new doctor next Tuesday and im hopeful that she might help! Things have been rough lately with trying to figure out what's wrong with the ticking time bomb that is my body and dealing with doctors and treatments. It's really great to see all of the nice comments and pictures even if I don't respond it makes my day. It may be hard now but I can never give up because there's always the chance something wonderful might happen. Never ever give up. #NEGU #bebrave
bebrave - negu -
graciexoxo34 : Good luck at your upcoming appointment! I hope this doctor can help you in some way or find someone else who can
shannon_dyke : Love you Anna! Hopefully your new doctor can figure out what's up and get you feeling better soon! 💜
sayde_rose : Love you Anna we all miss you in school I hope this new doctor helps you so you can come back to south feel better, miss you!!!
niki_jenson12 - ackerman97 - jessnregina - sayde_rose -
With Childhood Cancer Awareness Month sneaking up on us, this shirt arrived just in time. Huge shout out to Camp Heart for sending this! As tough as this battle is always know you're not alone. #childhoodcancer #negu #finishthefight
finishthefight - childhoodcancer - negu -
livadiv - amberramthun - maddydeuth - acciojulie42 -
cancersucks - fuckcancer - love - gbm - negu - findacure - mom - greymatters - believe - hope -
sarahjojobee : #greymatters #cancersucks #gbm #findacure #fuckcancer #mom #hope #believe #negu #love
amol137 : @mzavip !!!!!
miaissac : @sarahjojobee What doesn't kill us builds constitution. ❤❤
raffa2474 - blackmadonah - somchie75 - miaissac -
I still have a long way to go, but I'm already so far from where I started and for that I'am proud😏 ... X-rays and blood draw 💉 Tuesday #NEGU⚓️
holdonpainends - hope - negu -
sk8girl24 : I'm praying for you Lizzy!!!💗💜💗 Hang in there❤️ @lizzy_81712
lizzy_81712 : @sk8girl24 thank you!💗
lemongrasswoolysocks : you can do it! im praying for you!
lizzy_81712 : @lemongrasswoolysocks Thank you so much!!!💗💗 I'd love to talk sometime soon!
lemongrasswoolysocks : me too! 😊
lizzy_81712 : @lemongrasswoolysocks Do you have a kik? 💗
lemongrasswoolysocks : no, i do not
lizzy_81712 : @lemongrasswoolysocks oh well DM me sometime 😏
poppunksuxks__ - chronically_sarah - __quinnnnnnnnnnnn__ - finding_a_cure67 -
Love this!☺️#NEGU⚓️
negu -
_dancingthroughfire - xoxo_felirose - tacotashaa - potsiepointofview -
"Se eu tivesse te desenhado e te encomendado teria feito exatamente assim.." amo você príncipe #portoseguro #bb #negu #mozi
portoseguro - mozi - bb - negu -
andre_bauke : Te amo minha princesa
ju_violato - kawannalacerda - daarinhaaa - washington_f -
keičiam gėralus:D #Pupokol #skanumčikas #geriau #negu #energetinis #myl
pupokol - myl - energetinis - geriau - skanumčikas - negu -
mauzeris3310 : Jau geriau šitą š gerkit, negu energetini, saulelės :)) #zdanauskycia
kootriux - justttuks - deividukasofficial - joannamalukaite -
Sign up now for try the best race series out. @wwforyou #battlefrog #negu #nofail #nmotion #motivation #passion #lifestyle #navyseal#keepitreal
motivation - lifestyle - nmotion - negu - passion - navyseal - battlefrog - keepitreal - nofail -
simplesherry : #Bravehearts
marie.layla - spartanedge - anna_albus1 - myalaxer -
BIG THANKS to the University of Utah- @uofu and Fred Whittingham for their help in making Matthew Burr and his family's dream come true at their Season Opener game. Matthew met #dannymccormick #andyphillips #nateorchard #andrewsantiago #traviswilson and MORE! Check out Matthew's Facebook page at 'Sweet Matthew Burr.' #negu #jessiereesfoundation #courageouskids #pediatriccancer
pediatriccancer - jessiereesfoundation - andyphillips - andrewsantiago - negu - dannymccormick - nateorchard - courageouskids - traviswilson -
kate49rose : 😊
elisegarcia_13 : @isabella_kearns @emileewhiteee :)
isabella_kearns : 😊🙌 @elisegarcia_13 @emileewhiteee
jaxshoults - grace_kaylee - rileydj97 - superstarsam -
#el #negu #piola
el - piola - negu -
A photo from Pill Carnival last week! 😊🎤❤️💛💚 #Singer #Musician #Pill #Newport #InstaSize #NEGU #NEGUclothing
singer - newport - neguclothing - negu - musician - pill - instasize -
aleighciasings : @shinshanshin Doctor Marten's going strong haha! 😊
shinshanshin : 😘😘😘
x_leahmarie - shinshanshin - daishunj - kelseydofficial -
Because we care...being brave is an option. Jessie Rees foundation bringing smiles to cancer kids #neverevergiveup #negu #beinghuman #anthemvolunteering #anthemTO #cancerevent #proudtobeapartofit 😇😇
proudtobeapartofit - cancerevent - negu - anthemto - neverevergiveup - beinghuman - anthemvolunteering -
harshtorpedo - isa_cascais - maharshi1 - mirashah700 -
#magandangUmagaPo #KikayCaliegh #birit lang sa umaga, sa umaga! Lol #happiness from my family to yours! #littleDiva
magandangumagapo - kikaycaliegh - littlediva - birit - happiness -
sishesilalay : Jesus loves you Kikaycaleigh :) At a very tender age you are already having a huge ministry, you are a miracle we see everyday and an answered prayer...
simplysapphire911 : Magandang umaga din kiks & mommy @jackie_forster ...God bless u always😚
lirpa_bite : I hate it wen i saw a video of kikay caleigh when im just only using mobile data. I cant wait to go home to see her inspiring videos 😭😭😭
rianmav : So hapi that ok na thank you Lord God...
mehannahbee : Kikay you make me smile.😊
yam_0122 : i so love u kiks...mwwaaah❤❤❤
merlemacabigtas : hello baby gurl.
bernadettecalab : More. Video ms Jackie
fe_lorica - - aivri - cayecayecayeee -
Courage isn't having the strength to go on, it's going on when you have no strength 👊 #Fighter💪 #NEGU⚓️
fighter - negu -
lizzy_81712 : @emmr1212 😂😂🙌😚 (<- I'm expanding my emoji vocabulary 😂😉😏)
emmr1212 : 😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛
missellaa123 : Tbh I MISS U!!!! We used to talk a lot and now we don't:( we shud tho!! You are so beautiful and I am praying for you I really hope evrything is going okay!
lizzy_81712 : @missellaa123 I MISS YOU TO! Thank you so much!💗 I really want to talk sometime!!!!!!!!!!
missellaa123 : Your welcome! Yes let's talk!!! Do u have a phone or like an iPod? U shud text mee:)
lizzy_81712 : @missellaa123 I have an iPod .... Do u have an iPod/iPhone ?
missellaa123 : Yeah I do! Dm me your iMessage:)
lizzy_81712 : @missellaa123 I DM'd you!💗☺️
beautyinmistake - becca_anne_sheridan - fighting_against_it - shriselvas -
#81 on the field #1 in you heart #edsup #negu
1 - 81 - edsup - negu -
heilkoehl : For the essay is it just one essay or two
lucasantillo135 : Idk my internet is down I'm doing all my homework tomorrow
trivera18 : Boooooo👎
crayton1 : Did you guys beat mentor?
drew_a26 : We play mentor next week @lucasantillo135
drew_a26 : U guys lost ha ha
bibi_____ : Tbh I don't talk to you .
tylershaffer78 : Gay
cadeheps - sergio_perezz5 - vfunari13 - danny_s_45 -
Sending hugs to heaven in this #tbt. Be sure to turn your profile pics GOLD in honor of Jessie and all the Courageous Kids fighting cancer during Septembers Childhood Cancer Awareness Month! #negu #hug #jessiereesfoundation #pediatriccancer #cancersucks
pediatriccancer - cancersucks - hug - jessiereesfoundation - tbt - negu -
dawnnoelm : 💔
amh1019 : Sending 💛love & prayers. Your family is an inspiration
dolly333kg : 🙏
beachbum_bookworm - negu12sugarland - karinzaza - tortilla_h -
Carolyn has been having some pain in her leg. We had an X-ray and blood work this morning to make sure everything was ok. Everything looked good. She has 3 month scans next Tuesday. #breathe #negu #stepup #childhoodcancer
breathe - stepup - childhoodcancer - negu -
taylorhawthorn3 : Good luck!! You got this!
bbmcpher : Praise The Lord!
tambeauchaine : Prayers for perfect scan.
kimmy_johnson98 : Prayers☺️💞
smileyforkylie : Love this! Yay Carolyn!
flowerbud67 : Prayers for the sweet warrior.
theycallmejazziee : Carolyn is a beautiful strong girl. I know she will make it through. My prayers arw with you and your family. Have a blessed day! Stay strong princess. You are a blessing and an inspiration
sharpiegirl44 : Stay strong!!!
n_ataliie - chloe.rae.13 - dollydancers - mgilmer07 -
- Oiiiii Meu #Negu #Pretu ♡ RSS. ..... estou muito feliz por hj que completamos 8 meses juntos se amando, respeitando, ajudando um ao outro, dando muitas risadas, enxugando as lágrimas nos momentos tristes,sendo compreensivo, sendo engraçado nos momentos que eu tooo xataaa kkkk que nao sao poucos (: mas, sabe aquela pessoa que eu sempre sonhei? Então MOH. .. essa pessoa é vc, nao estou dizendo q vx é perfeito, pq eu sei que nao é, mas pode ter certeza que suas qualidades cobre qualquer defeito seu amooor .Tiiii Amooo muito seu #Babuibo kklkk #lindo .. mas enfim estamos juntos nao A toa mas sim com um mesmo pensamento com o mesmo propósito que é adorar ao nosso #Papai que segura em nossas mãos a todos momentos e juntos vamos fazer a vontade dele pois sabemos o pq da nossa existência e qual nosso chamado aqui nesse mundo. Bom Amooor no que precisar sempre pode contar comigo vc sabe neh moh que sempre vou estar do seu lado te ajudando e pedindo a Deus por vc....... ♥♥♡♡·♡♡. FELIZ 8 MESES PRA NOIS VIDAAAA *♡* #Xexelentooo #Morzaooo #namorado #Mais #que #lindo #Amooo #Muito. ....... ....
morzaooo - namorado - mais - pretu - amooo - xexelentooo - negu - muito - babuibo - papai - lindo - que -
dayafancisco - paulodaniel.baldoino - oh_leeh - kelvin_alvez -
We should all practice #childlikeFaith No doubts.. No questions.. You just Trust and believe💖 Thank you Lord for the continuous reminders. Bless all those who have #faith in You. #JesusisLord #kikayCaleigh #negu
jesusislord - faith - childlikefaith - kikaycaleigh - negu -
1031gigi : 🙏💋
jackie_forster : @pquemom at the alive museum.. i put her up there, held her tight behind while hiding and told her how to pose while dad took pics ♡
pquemom : @jackie_forster she's a natural model. Good job, #kikaycaleigh!
jencalma : 🙏🙏🙏❤️❤️❤️❤️
paige0204gdp : We luv u and always pray for u our angel KIKAY CALEIGH. Plz get well soon and be strong always
1amazing_blaze : Gotta have it... #ChildlikeFaith 🙏 I ❤ this photo very much!! 👍
iamdsg : Hope everyones gotta have #childlikefaith
iamsawada : I hope there's a day when cancer,is just a zodiac sign
hannamarie2892 - dimplebisual - hazelgwen08 - jeselledc -
Yep I broken but I am not out. I have a herniated disc and a messed up ankle but I am soo done with not having a flat tummy. But I am not letting that stop me from reaching my goals. I pushed through today to practice my intro for #PiYolive and while I messed up (hey this boot is heavy and hard to move around) I still got in a killer workout. I also did a few minutes of upper fix to strength my arms along with crunches on the stability ball (helps relieve pressure off my back). So dont let anyone or anything stop you from getting to your dreams and goals!! #negu #fitandfabulous #weightlossjourney #rockyourlife #fitfam #fitfunandfab
weightlossjourney - fitfam - rockyourlife - piyolive - fitandfabulous - fitfunandfab - negu -
la_barbie215 - megan__maguire - caminlb - justbrit14 -
#scleroderma #chronic #progressive #Autoimmune #disease #HardSkin #tightening #thickening #hard #skin #debilitating #painful #disfiguring #AutoimmuneDisease #NoCure #forever #LifeThreatening #cure #warrior #spoonie #WeNeedACure #ButYouDontLookSick #HopeForACure #PrayForACure #FightLikeAGirl #FightFightFight #NEGU #MyBodyAttacksItself #MyBodyHatesMe
warrior - autoimmune - prayforacure - hopeforacure - hardskin - hard - fightlikeagirl - forever - mybodyhatesme - negu - chronic - cure - skin - disfiguring - progressive - nocure - debilitating - tealribbon - spoonie - lifethreatening - scleroderma - disease - autoimmunedisease - weneedacure - thickening - mybodyattacksitself - butyoudontlooksick - tightening - fightfightfight - painful -
mykdzrule : #TealRibbon
seachelle1971 - jojoegaray - simplymo__ - anthonymarcarella -
My baby.. oh how it hurts me to see you like this. I wish we can trade places, I would give and do anything for you. You are my life. His fever just went up, let's pray it stops soon. Thank you everyone from the bottom of my heart for all of your prayers. May you all have a good night. Don't forget to tell your kids how much you love them, and kiss them goodnight -Mom #fuckcancer #NEGU #childhoodcancerawareness Mi chiquito como me duele verte asi, quisiera poder cambiar de lugar con tigo. Haria y daria lo que fuera para que estubieras bien mi vida. Su fiebre le subio mas alta, vamos a pedirle a Dios que se le baje y quite por completo.Muchisimas gracias a todos de todo corazon por todas sus oraciones. Que tengan buenas noches y no se les olvide decirles a sus hijos cuanto los quieren y darles su besito de buenas noches. -Mami
childhoodcancerawareness - fuckcancer - negu -
veromero83 : 😥😥😥🙏
jdorame14 : 😔😓😥🙏🙏
mendozaaa14 : 😢😘🙏🙏🙏🙏
rjsithlord : :( my prayer for your beautiful baby
torresfambam : Praying that your baby feels better soon and keeping him in our prayers, from me and Ana.
rl_y : Stay strong for him💪💪 🙏🙏🙏🙏
lakers24guero : Es un dolor tangrande que ni a tu peor enemigo se lo deceas, yo y mi familia ya pasamos por eso mismo, mi hijo tubo leucemia ahorita gracias a dios esta muy todo corazon le pido a Dios por @matthew_cecena que lo cure.......(fuckcancer).......
matthew_cecena : thank you guys each and everyone one of you.
babykim21 - lakers24guero - juanyvargash - miramontesbrenda_408 -
This one is for you Big Mike, you taught us all one valuable lesson in life, you spoke words of wisdom and words of wise, and on top of it you were so young. You changed many lives and you were an angel sent from God. The words NEVER EVER GIVE UP will always be in our hearts and you will never be forgotten #negu #NEGU #bigmike #foreveraneagle #foreveranangelofgod #gonebutneverforgotten
foreveranangelofgod - gonebutneverforgotten - foreveraneagle - bigmike - negu -
sofiaadelinaaa : 😍
jay_lopez216 : Like it lol @sofiaadelinaaa
jack_walz : @the_orb it's for us now homie 👌🙌
jay_lopez216 : Forreal tho bro it's for all of us ☝️🙏 @jack_walz
jay_lopez216 : @the_orb
the_orb : That's awesome man, really appreciate that. My whole family does. Thank you. @jay_lopez216
jay_lopez216 : No problem man hope you all are doing well. It's a brotherhood we are all family and we look out and support each other thru it all @the_orb
claudettelop2 - taidye_16 - tophjones - murcat09 -
Jade & negu jolasten #staffy #staffordshirebullterrier #sbt #jade #negu #mestizo #jugando
staffy - staffordshirebullterrier - sbt - jade - jugando - mestizo - negu -
luvrlylily : adorable (^___°)
trezedoce : Gracias👍 @luvrlylily
beatriztatix - karoltxu - molly_haines_ - -
I have to say that helping @jessiereesfoundation put together Joy Jars today was one of the most humbling experiences ever! Jessie was and continues to be such an inspiring individual! 🙌 #NEGU
love - keepfighting - staystrong - youarebrave - negu - wellpoint - anthembluecross - smile - believe - jessiereesfoundation - neverevergiveup - youarespecial - survive - youareamazing - hope -
jshine_bbi : #neverevergiveup #jessiereesfoundation #negu #keepfighting #staystrong #survive #youarespecial #youareamazing #youarebrave #love #hope #believe #smile #anthembluecross #wellpoint
lowrydime - mamabeeye - jeslikehoney - angelinna4ev -
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