Came to the office to this! #Neckmessage #handmessage #paul #breakfast #heaven #amistillsleeping #bigthanks #@okmiddleeast #lovinit
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Fact research says selfies is a mental disorder of people trying to cover there loneliness or low self esteem, fact screw research I've murdering the selfi game since the first camera phone 😄 were pro selfies :) especially with somebody like brandy that treats u so nice :) can't put a price on a good conversation #healthy #neckmessage #reno #church #cleanedupdaily
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dwnesbit : Hey I know Brandi she used to be one of the coffee girls
garzandflex___________________ : Ya she's rad bro super duper funny :) @dwnesbit were going to church on Sunday together if ur around Susanville I'll hit u up little man
garzandflex___________________ : What's a coffee girl? I know before blowing up the salon scene she was a bartender
garzandflex___________________ : @dwnesbit
dwnesbit : Yeah man she is cool and I'm pretty sure she worked at the Starbucks here
mace801 : Where you at @derekgarzand ? In deed to come visit. Always hang in with the hotties. Lol
garzandflex___________________ : Dude seriously Brandi's a cutie! I've haven't met anyone with prettier blue eyes, u should come down we're going out on Friday Reno's like a cross between west valley and Wendover haha if love it @mace801
420miah420 : Haha I just moved back to NV from kearns and I never thought about Reno like that but it pretty much is homie lol
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Who needs a guy when you have a cat to give you neck messages #teddybear #neckmessage #whoneedsum
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Long over due...kankles are sore long over due #metime #relax #pedi #hotstones #neckmessage #handmessage #shouldermessage #paffrin #30dollars
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Have you ever had a snake neck message? The coolest feeling. Mind you i woulnt do this when she is older and if so their should ALWAYS be someone with you. They are very very strong. She was trying to take the heat from my neck. #snakeneckmessage #neckmessage #ballpython #royalpython #snake #reptile
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nonakind : #petsagram
acd1984 : I love snake neck massages until, like you said, they get a little tight.
nonakind : @acd1984 yeah, in addition she was on me doing the little snake message for nearly an hour while I watched tv. Once she was content in heat she just hung out around my neck, not really moving a muscle :)
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I look so ugly but it's been a round day.#neckmessage#broken
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