Kids will never know the fight against clay face.... Bruce would been stabbed dead so many times.... #closecalls #neardeathexperience
closecalls - neardeathexperience -
throwback to that one time when we drank a 40 between the two of us and we almost died.... #thatonetime #didyoudiethough #neardeathexperience #thirstymule
thatonetime - didyoudiethough - thirstymule - neardeathexperience -
colgigs18 - mykayladgrieve - moxieshine - justinearg -
happy thanksgiving everyone. happy to report i'm finally home! it's been an intense week.. apparently i suffered from hypoxemic respiratory failure which has left me feelin a little strange. for three days all there was in front of me was a sea of black with an occasional voice or blur of a woman. i woke up yesterday after napping in a cold sweat from a terrible night terror thinking i was back. for now i'm slowly eating and trying to regain my strength. vomiting etc is subsiding! this experience has been.... surreal
backhome - lumbarfusion - tired - neardeathexperience - respiratoryfailure - thanksgiving -
polarisu : #thanksgiving #lumbarfusion #respiratoryfailure #tired #backhome #neardeathexperience
hanamoka : good to hear you're okay!!
5xam : Feel Better! ๐Ÿ˜ฅ๐Ÿ˜ฅโค๏ธโค๏ธโค๏ธ
vivii1026 : Feel better and hope you enjoy a beautiful holiday with your family *hugs* โค๏ธ
baronvonsavings : My goodness I'm glad to hear you're on the mend, my friend.
electr0cuted : โค๏ธโค๏ธโค๏ธโค๏ธโค๏ธ
5xam - mahina_cuellar - kreeptonian - fashion_cloud9 -
#tbt to capsising at Hell's Gate on the Palmiet River, and getting pulled in to safety by the life guard #NearDeathExperience #AdrenalinJunkie #CousinsDayOut
cousinsdayout - adrenalinjunkie - tbt - neardeathexperience -
raaziq : @nithaar_l when the cocain isn't enough
nithaar_l : @raaziq ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ or the "limitless"
ilhaamgalvaan : @modavids24 omw where did you get that pic? is that me in the water or you! I was telling my colleague this story yesterday!!!!
modavids24 : @ilhaamgalvaan I think it's me. You were still my helpless ass out coz I can't swim LOL. We should def go again
ilhaamgalvaan - uzair_parker - james_croxford - aalzy -
This is what it actually looks like trying to be sexy in a waterfall. #sexywaterfall #neardeathexperience #mouthfullofchlorine
mouthfullofchlorine - sexywaterfall - neardeathexperience -
cookiefleur : Looks like great fun!
cookiefleur - jamieinch542 -
Hate is a strong word. And that's why I used it.๐Ÿ˜ก #coldtoiletseat #wetsocks #neardeathexperience #ihatewinter
coldtoiletseat - ihatewinter - neardeathexperience - wetsocks -
sirwilliammcclean : That comment doe @_jtjames
sam_myer48 : I did like that ๐Ÿ’ฏ
amberlogan92 - mrs_jmurph - osetiapovsudu - thefatpics -
So we decided to rent scooters a couple days ago and get out of Chiang Mai for awhile. It took some time to get used to how they drive here! Larger vehicles have the right away. Scooters and motorcycles drive off the left shoulder, unless they need to pass or turn. But that's also where vehicles park, people walk, cars pull out, chickens feed with there babies, and dogs seem to be running. But lanes aren't all that important. You can drive in both, off the side, between two other lanes if there's room. It doesn't really matter. If traffic stops at a light, you always make your way down the side or between cars to the front. But most importantly, you must ALWAYS be fully alert and ready for someone or something to try and kill you!! I only had 3 close calls today. One with a large truck, one with another scooter and one with a mountain bike. For my first time out I call that a win! Haha. We put 210km on the bikes today. My scooter now has 36,809km on it. I had no idea scooters could last so long! We rented 2 scooter with helmets, stopped for gas 3 times, and paid 3 different entry fees to get to the top of Doi Inthanon. Total cost for an awesome day exploring with our own wheels? $4.86 per person! ๐Ÿ˜„ #thailand #scooters #neardeathexperience #lovelife
thailand - scooters - lovelife - neardeathexperience -
gnar_shreddington - lindaung - kittenbear - betsyjc11 -
I've come to determine I hate the holidays. Because people forget what they are all about. Like this motherfucker that just tried to run me over. I'm happy to know that your effing bird and turkey dinner is more important than my life. #asshole #readytogohome #southside #merde #happyturkeyday #mylife #neardeathexperience
readytogohome - happyturkeyday - mylife - neardeathexperience - merde - asshole - southside -
sbmotion08 : Im not fond of the holidays either summer gal ๐Ÿ˜คpeople get stupid lol
sbmotion08 - maggiewaggy___ - the_stylegods -
Up close and personal with this little guy, or gal. Cute, yes...but when the sun goes down these bastards turn into kamikaze pilots and aim straight for your car. #neardeathexperience #zioncanyon #zion #ZionNationalPark #southcampground
zionnationalpark - zion - southcampground - zioncanyon - neardeathexperience -
teejmc - doodeitsmicheal - ayesgirl - d_a_n_i_girl -
Quenching the kephart (please, for the love of God: never use plastic, its a bad idea.....) #knifemaking #neardeathexperience #pyromanicalbehaviour #blacksmith #bladesmith
pyromanicalbehaviour - blacksmith - neardeathexperience - bladesmith - knifemaking -
ben.drumheller99 - markjones24 - dan_who_builds - canadain_bacon_12 -
Yo punk! We haven't forgotten about you. New and #reissued #punk LPs are now in stock! #NearDeathExperience by the #CroMags was their last to feature original singer John Joseph and founding bassist, Harley Flanagan! #Adolescents #GorillaBiscuits #DrKnow #SickOfItAll #BishopsGreen #vinylfordays #punksnotdead #streetlightrecordssantacruz #recordstore #hifilife #streetlightrecords
punksnotdead - sickofitall - vinylfordays - streetlightrecords - streetlightrecordssantacruz - punk - gorillabiscuits - reissued - recordstore - cromags - bishopsgreen - drknow - hifilife - adolescents - neardeathexperience -
voodoopriestman - dartdorkcorona - waronstage - gordon.rekcikssa -
ATVing in Cabo San Lucas....right before I flipped over and badly injured myself....either this classifies me as a dumbass or a total bad ass....lol #cabo #neardeathexperience #mexico #atv #injured #imalive #stillinpain
injured - atv - cabo - mexico - neardeathexperience - stillinpain - imalive -
lilianalopezl : Im ok but my back is completely scratched up...and its been hard to walk. But nothing is broken. Thank God
mrsespinoza_ : are you okay!!!
mrsespinoza_ : ^^ oh just saw that lol, OMG be careful girl
ene_unik : Cabo is dangerous be careful remember ocean almost took me lol
mvmolina49 : Omg dude!!!! We're definitely friends...lol same thing happened to me in Nicaragua.
asvp.giz : hope you are okay and having fun sis ๐Ÿ˜˜
lmirelopez : Girl, I say Total Bad ass. Hahaha..this are the Best Funny Memories youll remember lol..Careful and stay safe. Have Fun! I txt you girl yesterday no response (but you always get back to me same day) but I imagined you was still Paradise Vacation with your hubby.
3lla_8 : Omg girlie how scary!!!
taniuskitagb - fancy_nancy_0587 - felipediaz146 - allamas20 -
Seriously bro ? #jimmyjib #jib #jibcrane #crane #galaxycrane #portajib #neardeathexperience
jib - portajib - neardeathexperience - jimmyjib - jibcrane - galaxycrane - crane -
enukadanginu : Nyeriiiiii
iaerials : This is great!
zanettarental : #galaxycrane
emyfase - promosempurna - albertfotografia - wanti0720 -
The idea of being a traveling spirit etc tires me out. My#soul is tired and Earth is terrible.#neardeathexperience #nde #journal
journal - nde - soul - neardeathexperience -
mylifeasbria__ - voodoopriestman -
We're Coming.. #blackmetalraccoons first #single out soon! #neardeathexperience ๐Ÿ“ท @juhanabackwards
single - blackmetalraccoons - neardeathexperience -
jobocola : #arvostus
jobocola - tomitaskula - ringasofi - mjmjmj1340 -
When your cat is giving you the kill look and her claws are in the back of your skull, it may be time to stop playing. Or moving. Or existing. Oh God I'm sorry for whatever I did! Don't kill me! #cat #cats #catsofinstagram #catinjury #killercat #tigerpaws #neardeathexperience
catinjury - tigerpaws - neardeathexperience - cats - killercat - catsofinstagram - cat -
jerbosgirl_90 - chichimonger - thisismyghost - screamxo_ -
The three cats aren't thrilled they all got baths, but I've offered them a box to make up for it! Lmao #catsofinstagram #love #neardeathexperience
catsofinstagram - love - neardeathexperience -
juliemo7 - cctheking83 - craigfleece - voodoopriestman -
#transformationtuesday , car before and after my #neardeathexperience ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
transformationtuesday - neardeathexperience -
amandaa_ruvolo : Attention people of Pennsville High School I will pay one of you to go and smack Ian in the face tomorrow for this.
carlielynnm : @amandaa_ruvolo I volunteer๐Ÿ˜‚
natalie.conroy : @amandaa_ruvolo I'll do it for free๐Ÿ™‹๐Ÿผ
amandaa_ruvolo : Hahaha yes omg you guys are the best @natalie.conroy @carlielynnm
ian_nevin : I'll rko you @natalie.conroy & @carlielynnm
natalie.conroy : ๐Ÿ‘€ @ian_nevin
sammiegirl1233 : These pictures make me want to throw up.
ellielindo : This is swartswood @anthony_cannone
voodoopriestman - evthomsinsta - anthony_cannone - allison_swim7 -
Thank God I didn't get hit by this car. #accident #thankthelord #thankgod #neardeathexperience #stupiddriver
thankgod - stupiddriver - thankthelord - accident - neardeathexperience -
imafriendofgod : Dang
kingmatthias_ - d33znates - amandaataraa -
๐ŸŽ๐Ÿ’จ๐Ÿ’จ๐Ÿ’จ #fastlife
recklessdriving - fastlife - neardeathexperience -
laurahliz : Estupida ๐Ÿ˜‚
itsccp : @laurahliz #neardeathexperience #recklessdriving
tina_simnica : Where is this? ๐Ÿ˜ฎ
itsccp : @tina_simnica san antonio, texas!
tina_simnica : Ohh that's awesome, seems like a lot of fun :)
itsccp : @tina_simnica it is!!!
victor_west2 - paige_kolfage - berenrmz - magdalinam2 -
Kodiak Brown Bears are the size of cars! #kodiakalaska #runforyourlife #browninggear #grizzlies #neardeathexperience
kodiakalaska - browninggear - grizzlies - runforyourlife - neardeathexperience -
danello26 - rosemeyer31 - colby_wayment - trevor_kapp -
#disneyworld #neardeathexperience seriously where are my balls?
neardeathexperience - disneyworld -
mf_dcap - alleyesonmeeeeh - gldeetje - kuroidaruma -
JUUUMMMPPPPP #Skydive pic. #SkydiveDubai #Dubai #DubaiNov15 #YallahYallah #SeeYaaaLaayyter #shemales #sun #hot #Happy #scary #scared #LeapOfFaith #Big30 #birthdayTreat #yolo #expensive #neardeathexperience #jumpped
dubainov15 - scared - yolo - shemales - dubai - skydivedubai - yallahyallah - expensive - jumpped - scary - skydive - birthdaytreat - seeyaaalaayyter - sun - big30 - hot - neardeathexperience - leapoffaith - happy -
keval91 : Bulge @dipeshvaru
harishlp : @keval91 will make you Gagg!
voodoopriestman - rajive7 - kunal.patel.106 - kunal.parekh.9 -
This hiking trail is a health and safety issue. #wet #icy #cold #winter #snow #iceland #hiking #exploring #waterfall #southiceland #nature #Icelandic #iceandfire #travel #dying #neardeathexperience #slippy #healthandsafetyissue
exploring - hiking - nature - iceland - neardeathexperience - southiceland - waterfall - iceandfire - cold - icelandic - winter - dying - travel - snow - healthandsafetyissue - icy - slippy - wet -
voodoopriestman - nomadriding - mountains_rocks - big_o_keef -
#resurrection #neardeathexperience #goddamnracecar #bmw #e34 #5er #sedanmafia #sedanlife #rebuild Roof is on, glass is in, and almost all the parts to finish bringing her back are at the house
e34 - sedanlife - rebuild - sedanmafia - bmw - neardeathexperience - resurrection - goddamnracecar - 5er -
the_red_z33 : She is looking better ๐Ÿ˜
voodoopriestman : Your page is super cool, follow me and I will do the same also follow my facebook group it is on my bio link. Thanks and keep the good work with your page. :)
sirkodymcfarlin - alto_austin - lolmx5 - imhuey -
Were you ever close to death like this ! #accident #truck #skid #drift #truckdrift #wet #wetroads #truckdriver #neardeathexperience #nearmiss
truckdriver - accident - nearmiss - neardeathexperience - drift - wetroads - truck - wet - truckdrift - skid -
voodoopriestman : Hello, Your page is super cool, Let's connect. I am Voodoo Priest , Follow me and Ill do the same.
grayt_inspiration4_ya : @dropdeadkamryn_
zohaax_ : @para.cosmic @_sabaaah that was closeee
_la_el_gordi - lienestokroze387 - laurieteixeira23 - camden_shipley057 -
It's ironic. I'm not a particularly gifted surfer. However, I'm a friend and mentor to several EXTREMELY gifted surfers. As it turns out, to be a player-coach, you just have to love people, help them to believe in their dreams and walk with them as they learn to deal with failure. Aaaaahhh yes, failure, my old friend. You see, often, people who are very good at winning.....are also very bad at loosing. That's where I come in. I've gotten really good at loosing. The guy in this photo is Jock. That's my gun he's riding. A gun that @jonforeman @chadbutler @timforeman later snapped at the same spot a few weeks later. Ha !! Come to think of it Jon, you got a good lesson in failure too !!#neardeathexperience ;)
neardeathexperience -
duncanscottsurfing : @dougalpaterson i am glad you are my mentor, soon I will be a famous plus size wetsuit model, all over again!
c_kams - wayne_eaves - just.me.vix - captivatedbytheson -
Beneficial Toxic Fumes Vol. 2 ๐Ÿ˜‚๐ŸŽ๐Ÿ’จ #sxc #sxcbom #stxavierscollege #picoftheday #neardeathexperience #sfumato #nofilter
sxcbom - sfumato - sxc - neardeathexperience - nofilter - stxavierscollege - picoftheday -
voodoopriestman - neer_dosa - saira_p_ - swapnitamane -
Toxic fumigation which is known to be strongly correlated with cancer, skin problems and lung disease.......is not all bad when you need a picture๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜’๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜’ #sxc #sxcbom #stxavierscollege #picoftheday #neardeathexperience #sfumato #nofilter
sxcbom - sfumato - sxc - neardeathexperience - nofilter - stxavierscollege - picoftheday -
voodoopriestman : Your page is super cool, follow me and I will do the same also follow my facebook group it is on my bio link. Thanks and keep the good work with your page. :)
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When I survived my first ever almost carcrash riding a car on ice๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ˜ณ #neardeathexperience #mykkaard #threeweeksafterIvegotmydriverslicense #longasshashtags
mykkaard - longasshashtags - threeweeksafterivegotmydriverslicense - neardeathexperience -
voodoopriestman : Your page is super cool, follow me and I will do the same also follow my facebook group it is on my bio link. Thanks and keep the good work with your page. :)
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The battle begins. These two had it out until they were both on the ground. A badass fight. #kickass #fight #epic #brawl #muley #bucks #rut #idaho #november #neardeathexperience #photographer #outdoors #nature #addict #addiction #deer
nature - brawl - outdoors - deer - addict - bucks - november - muley - rut - photographer - kickass - fight - neardeathexperience - addiction - epic - idaho -
erik_n_mandi_lucio : You see the coolest things.
voodoopriestman - jaythefishbum - sylogear - m0niiqueee -
Epic battle of the century and I blew it !!! I didn't hit the record button for video and didn't get any clear images. #brawl #fight #to #neardeathexperience #blewit #camera #skills #weak #muledeer #bucks #racks #rut #lovesick #dominance #idaho #photographer #nature
blewit - nature - brawl - weak - bucks - racks - rut - skills - photographer - muledeer - fight - to - camera - neardeathexperience - lovesick - dominance - idaho -
voodoopriestman - maryhingivend - sportsman_showoff - michikogvwinson -
On top of Bukit Tabur West. Sitting above the rolling clouds overlooking the stunning Kelang Gate Dam. Sidenote: Don't climb up when it's raining. It's danger-effing-rous! #bukittabur #hikingadventure #hiking #weekend #throwback #neardeathexperience
hikingadventure - hiking - neardeathexperience - throwback - weekend - bukittabur -
voodoopriestman - willow_watches - georgina.mckenzie - norma23_ill_make_you_rich -
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