August is almost here people. Who's ready for some college football #FSU #Tomahawknation #repeat #nationalchamps
tomahawknation - repeat - nationalchamps - fsu -
Broke out the new ring today πŸ’#3peat #nationalchamps
3peat - nationalchamps -
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I'll take these odds. 🏈 #cantwaitforfootballseason #nolesnation #gonoles #fsufootball #twoinarow #ibleedgarnetandgold #nationalchamps
twoinarow - ibleedgarnetandgold - nationalchamps - nolesnation - gonoles - fsufootball - cantwaitforfootballseason -
jasonagram : Saw this last night. . Lol
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#teamwideopenmag @razalmighty and @parfitt34 between runs at the #nationalchamps -photo'd by @Ianlean_photo. @foxmtb @contityres #nukeproof
teamwideopenmag - nukeproof - nationalchamps -
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Looks like it's gonna be another #winning season for #floridastate #noles #seminoles #ibleedgarnetandgold #nationalchamps #alwaysafloridagirl #thatsmyheart #noleblooded #unconquered β€οΈπŸ’›πŸˆπŸ’›β€οΈ
seminoles - noleblooded - floridastate - noles - winning - ibleedgarnetandgold - nationalchamps - thatsmyheart - unconquered - alwaysafloridagirl -
ejmasters77 : Of course y'all don't play nobody acc is a joke
csc0tt2 : Dont worry about those LSpoopoo fans! We got this! #unconquered #repeat #ACCisBETTERthanyourconference
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Jameis Winston!! Leave requests and feedback #jameis #winston #jameiswinston #famousjameis #floridast #floridastate #seminoles #5 #nationalchamps #bscbowl #ncaa #edit #design #football #qb #quarterback #draft #prospect #follow #touchdown #td #florida #state
prospect - seminoles - football - floridastate - winston - design - jameis - touchdown - follow - bscbowl - famousjameis - edit - jameiswinston - floridast - florida - state - qb - draft - ncaa - 5 - td - nationalchamps - quarterback -
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2 weeks! @usacycling @velosportcenter @teamusa @cnpperformance @feltbicycles @atomichighperf @dznuts @vie13_kustom_apparel @womenssportsfoundation @wca_pics #track #sprint #sprinter #velodrome #velosportscenter #usa #usatracksprint #nationalchamps #nationalchampion #elite #rockhill #southcarolina #countdown #oorah #proud
rockhill - usa - track - sprinter - proud - velosportscenter - countdown - nationalchampion - usatracksprint - southcarolina - velodrome - nationalchamps - sprint - elite - oorah -
melaniepz210 : Hey, you guys won the free Nike Gear Give-Away Raffel - Text me @ 1-512-589-8436 @blerym @brett_rajkowski @maurello84 @sweetfoxdreams @philipwg @marlonclementino04 @sheetal_singh97 @red1_rodriguez @chicagosportsguy @realj_yoder
cnpperformance : Missy powder by CNP better watch out people
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Comeback Season. #Gators #UF #ItsGreatUF #Florida #Revenge #OrangeandBlue #ComebackSeason #NationalChamps
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Baby ballers. #ccwarriors #nationalchamps #ballislife
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Making history with the best team in the Nation #nationalchamps
nationalchamps -
dylandatninja : Decent...
betny8364 - kennedy_shaw_ - _steveyap - thisbesammie -
Thanks for playing USC. #vinceyoung #shouldawonheisman #nationalchamps
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Last day In Vegas 😭 #nationals2014 #nationalchamps #michigansucks
michigansucks - nationalchamps - nationals2014 -
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Shoutout to the homies, they be running they hearts out #nationalchamps #doingbigthings @mrwinitall @catch_up800 @mylescartel_
doingbigthings - nationalchamps -
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1st day of NSFS SAINTS Football & Cheer!! My son Nick is his 2nd year of flag. Tackle will be next season & Samantha 3rd year on the cheer squad! #nsfs #saints #norwalk #littlelake #football #cheer #family #goodtimes #funinthesun #vegasbound #jamz #nationalchamps
norwalk - family - funinthesun - football - saints - goodtimes - nsfs - cheer - nationalchamps - jamz - littlelake - vegasbound -
javiegaffas420 : The boy with the white t shirt, is his last name barn hill ??
norwalk_city : @javiegaffas420 I dont know all the new kids names yet. I'll check it out tomorrow brothaπŸ‘
7starz - og_carlos13 - joanna_16 - soccer_boy28 -
Winning this is a dream I never want to wake up from!πŸ‘Œ 2nd year in a row being NATIONAL CHAMPSπŸ‘‘πŸ†πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ these guys right here we all have this bond that not anyone will ever break these guys are not only my teammates but there my 2nd family my brothers I do anything for these guys ❀️ we get together and were group a team that can kick ass! We had a great year it's sad knowing we won't be together anymore I was crying leaving the airport maybe seeing u guys for the last time ever πŸ˜ͺ but u guys are family I love yuh guys I'm so great full n blessed to win this with you guys! PATEADORES SD BEST TEAM IN THE NATION! #patsgangforlife #pateadoresSD #NATIONALCHAMPS #2ndyearinarow #BESTinTHEnation #onceAteamALWAYSaTEAM #FAMILYFORLIFE❀️
pateadoressd - onceateamalwaysateam - nationalchamps - patsgangforlife - bestinthenation - familyforlife - 2ndyearinarow -
reagan_sherlock : That's sick good luck bro @lameassbrian
alicia_briseno : Yeah Brian so proud of all of you mijo ...
elaaily_ : congrats πŸ‘πŸ‘
lameassbrian : Thanks πŸ˜„ @elaaily_ better luck next time ☺ u guys had it in the final I was there watching U guys supporting but hopefully next time u guys get it again 😊
elaaily_ : thanks and yea hopefully next year it will be better πŸ’ yea and I saw u guys watching .. πŸ˜‚
lameassbrian : A liddo creepy but yeah πŸ˜‚ n u guys got it next year dnt trip stay up πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ @elaaily_
elaaily_ : haha yea πŸ˜‚ and thanks πŸ’πŸ˜Š
guillermo57_ : Pinchi Brian nosotros tambien te queremos πŸ’”por que eres un buen NiΓ±o saludos
ibean_4life - lilleo4 - kassie_soccer - compa_61 -
Oh happy day at the mailbox! #soclosetokickoff #gonoles #nationalchamps #seminolebooster #fsufootball
seminolebooster - soclosetokickoff - nationalchamps - fsufootball - gonoles -
marialrg17 - seminole_uprising - shelbs_0625 - c.brunson -
PipπŸ’š pats for the good girl πŸ˜Šβ˜ΊοΈπŸ‘πŸ’• #themightypip #tetrathlon #nationalchamps PC: @brittanyflores99
nationalchamps - tetrathlon - themightypip -
_natalieeventing - horsegirlsummer - delaneylevine - myhorsezone -
I guess my sister's team is okay #vipers #nationalchamps
nationalchamps - vipers -
drew.wh1te : Tell her good job πŸ‘ŒπŸ†
bella__emanuel : Tbh: ur mean to me
jake_gudorf : Whatever @bella__emanuel
bella__emanuel : πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ @jake_gudorf
blake_mullennix - johnnybob6 - schellbell97 - m_mutlu4 -
If you see me wearing this a lot in the near future, it's because I'm a champ! I'll wear it as much as I want, too! #nationalchamps #3times #football #stormnation
stormnation - football - nationalchamps - 3times -
i_am_kazaam : U need to let me wear the ring coach matt
matt_overton_7 : @i_am_kazaam maybe one day son! Hahaha how are you?
aspyngillin - jlbriley95 - emilyyovertonn - abarksdaleimages -
Dear Miami fans....take a hint. @espn #um #canes #meangirls #fsutwitter
canes - tallahassee - meangirls - fsutwitter - lol - um - nationalchamps - fsu -
ayylopez : #Tallahassee #fsu #nationalchamps #lol
shaneolson47 : They have 5 national championships...
jonlipman - jared_delagarza - kay_bird - chelseacatherine -
65 of these have been ordered and shipped for Storm players who have been waiting for them like Christmas! #nationalchamps
nationalchamps -
bbooney - imperfectly_perfectbeauty_ - musikal_ash - audreyw20032003yahoocom -
#BoosterLife#FSU #NationalChamps#DallastoDallas @fsufootball
dallastodallas - nationalchamps - boosterlife - fsu -
roy_spence - _jimmys - lowryzone -
NATIONAL CHAMPIONS!!!!!!!!! Whooooooooo ! Hard work pays off! Also thanks to Colton for helping clean this routine and becoming a competitive teacher for 2014-2015!!! @colt_dance #nationalchamps #thankdramaqueens #hahahah #dance #rotm #yasssss
thankdramaqueens - nationalchamps - dance - rotm - hahahah - yasssss -
4thestahls : Congrats!!
notmiiproblem : #rude #lmao #thatsok #theydidamazing
itsjazlynle - barnesbw3 - mrs._caroline - jillian_bain -
We did it. We are finally titled #1 in the whole Nation. I still almost can't believe it, but I know that all of our hard work we put in together has made us earn this. With a 5-1 win in the finals we have deserved this. These guys right here are the best team/teammates I will ever have, and I'm beyond proud of what we have accomplished this year. #NationalChamps #patsgang
1 - patsgang - nationalchamps -
simonbortcosh : Thanks dude @cory_ward_
simonbortcosh : Thank you and I know I miss you guys @omy_k
christian.e9 : @mbenito4 I see you think you're sly
mbenito4 : Bruh ... I am @christian.e9
s_ernesto7 : Wherd you get this ?
simonbortcosh : My phone @s_ernesto7
s_ernesto7 : Send it to me ! @simonbortcosh
clairerahn : Aw congrats simon!☺️❀️
allievonzup - firashawat - lainey_atwood - alanaalmond -
This is my proudest moment in netball ever!! I know it was weeks ago but I still have not wrapped my head around what we achieved! #nationalchamps #thetensarehere #byefives #qldheat #rookieduties #netball
rookieduties - byefives - nationalchamps - thetensarehere - qldheat - netball -
alimobrien - scampcage - joolesbabe06 - madelinesunshine -
⬛️◽️β–ͺ️#selfie #todaysselfie #blackandwhite #bored #nationalchamps #cards
todaysselfie - nationalchamps - blackandwhite - cards - selfie - bored -
nevitonmelo - sijdmboi - shellylogsdon - lowrysize -
Woke up today thinking it was all a dream, but when I looked beside me a saw all my wet clothes that made me realize it was a dream come true. Thank you boys for all your hard work and determination on getting what we had set on accomplishing. Love you all like my little brothers and thank The Lord I get to send you all back to your parents. You all drive me crazy!! Haha jk jk #pats #patsgang #pateadoressd #myfamily #loveyouall #paininthebutts #wouldnttradeanyofyou #allwet #nationalchamps #1 #wedidit
pateadoressd - pats - wouldnttradeanyofyou - paininthebutts - wedidit - myfamily - loveyouall - patsgang - nationalchamps - allwet - 1 -
david_nunez10 : @anthony_kg I'm telling your dad!!! Lol
markgblackshear : πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ good job!!!! Working hard! @david_nunez10
enriquez_sam : Can I be the assistant coach!? (: congrats!!!
serene_arlene : That's awesome! Congrats to you and your team!πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘πŸ†
jchisholmnunez : You deserved this win as much as the kids did . Love you for being real loyal and loving to our kids .
julele2000 : Congrats to you and your team coach @david_nunez10!! Woohoo βš½οΈπŸ†
tdecic : @david_nunez10 congrats man. Next stop pro coach or what?
belen_1709 : Sergio, Christian & I have told you before, we really appreciate you, Congrats! and Thank You again
maark121712 - vilavanh - omack32 - bro88 -
#Dominica #champions #basketball #goodwill #caribbeanwomen #caribbeanmen #islandmen #brothers #champions #memories #strongest #pointguard #baller #nationalchamps goodwill peeps stand up. We ripped our city and Dominated basketball for the only two years I played. Hard to believe it's been 11 years already. Just saw my old jerseys and it took me back. Lol.. Now my old ass feeling like I could still ball. Hahah
basketball - baller - brothers - goodwill - islandmen - memories - strongest - caribbeanmen - nationalchamps - pointguard - champions - dominica - caribbeanwomen -
m_aahes : @dbajanboi @punch442 what is Peter's IG
dbajanboi : We still can thts the only team i will play with!!!
dbajanboi : @m_aahes i doh think he on iG
m_aahes : @dbajanboi lol. I dig it family. I am out of shape for ball. But seeing those made me feel superhuman like I used to be. Then reality hit me. Hahahahha.. I WANT TO tag Peter (shamo) what is his IG
m_aahes : Word? Well hit him up and send him me blessings whatever way you connected to him. I don't do fb or any other social networks
m_aahes : @dbajanboi
punch442 : Memories my Nigga! Unfortunately peter is not on IG.
m_aahes : @punch442 yeah for real. Give him a shout out for me family
kurlynh - _haaz_ - ri0_r - darrend0llars -
#teamwideopenmag Young Gun @parfitt34 pinning #innerleithen! Cheers for the photo @Ianlean_photo! #nationalchamps #mtb #downhill #turnbar #5dm3 @nofilter #jump @foxmtb #nukeproof
5dm3 - innerleithen - teamwideopenmag - socialmediahero - jump - 100likes - nationalchamps - turnbar - mtb - nukeproof - downhill -
wideopenmag : Yeah @parfitt34 - breaking the #100likes mark pal #socialmediahero
parfitt34 : Siickkk @wideopenmag
juliencharlier - imooner - dielis.bmx - dec.gill -
1st place National Champs. πŸ’™βš‘οΈ I'm so sad this is our last year as a team. Thank you for all the amazing memories. This was the best way to end as a team. I love you guys 😘 #stormlv14 #stormnation #vegas #nationalchamps
stormnation - vegas - nationalchamps - stormlv14 -
bree_see - sk84lifejose - volleyball_addict01 - lyssaxmarie -
JIMBO FISHER!!! #Repost @espn #Noles #FSU #NationalChamps
noles - nationalchamps - fsu - repost -
errico15 - lowrypure - psychopete522 -
This past weekend was bitter sweet. We took home the gold in Minnesota and I won the home run derby. I cannot believe that this is my last tournament of the year and my last tournament with Chey & Amanda! I am gonna miss you guys next year! Way to end the season with a bang guys! Cant wait until next season! ⚾️❀️πŸ’ͺπŸ’• #NationalChamps #NewBerlinHeat #Minnesota
nationalchamps - newberlinheat - minnesota -
staceygrabowski - anna_bach8 - gabbym155 - taninaalioto -
Who is ready for our ELITE competition team auditions? @dancefactoryply #nationalchamps #trainwiththebest #teamtdf #dance #competition
teamtdf - dance - nationalchamps - trainwiththebest - competition -
rooneyy_ : I am😍
missktjean : then... work
lizd15 - xxshellyxx3 - _sophiabelle - oliviarossi143 -
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