Hey yall! I hope you plan on tuning in TONIGHT @ 8/7c to GSN's @ittakesachurch for the season premiere!!! #OBC #knoxville #NatalieGrant #ItTakesAChurch
nataliegrant - knoxville - obc - ittakesachurch -
coldheartedsavage : You are gorgeous
charjeaniece : 😍😍
123_gonnnee : Bigggg timmmeeee!!! πŸ‘ŒπŸ˜Ž
labella_audri : Saw the commercial a few weeks ago and when I saw you on it, went ahead and set my dvr! Lol btw this pic is FLAWLESS!!
_vixen_ : I love how real you were with these boys #ItsAllInYaFace @_foxyroxie_
brewats : Lookin' good girl!!!
wef_jvr : Girl I'm watching it now! Rerun lol 😁😁😁😁
pookie44dowell - iam.kingchris - dedehayden - capricornar -
Everybody tune in at 8/7c on the #GameShowNetwork to see my girl @_FoxyRoxie_ on #ItTakesAChurch! #ChristianDating #GSN #OBC #NatalieGrant #Knoxville #BrainsBeautyAndLovesJesus
brainsbeautyandlovesjesus - gameshownetwork - knoxville - obc - ittakesachurch - christiandating - nataliegrant - gsn -
_chanelrenee_ : I can't wait!!! 😏
_foxyroxie_ : πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„
andthatsmydj : Yaaaaaaas @_foxyroxie_
lifesgreat_celo - m.janel - as_if_ambular - williebo251 -
Obsessed with her songs! Glad I got to see her live! ❀️ You were made to shine You were made for life Even if you've lost your way Turn and you will hear love say You were made for more So much more Child of everlasting light Made to blaze away the night So baby burn bright #burnbright #nataliegrant
nataliegrant - burnbright -
emvojtek - evetwerner -
I just have to keep reminding myself that I was made for so much more. My heart is shattered and I feel as though I have little worth, but I hear the lyrics to Burn Bright by Natalie Grant and I am reminded that God has put me here for so much more than what I'm going through. It's had to see anything through this pain but I know it's true. I was made to blaze away the night....so I'm going to burn bright. #thereisonlyupfromhere #divorce #burnbright #ideservesomuchmore #nataliegrant #timeforthenextchapter
timeforthenextchapter - burnbright - divorce - nataliegrant - thereisonlyupfromhere - ideservesomuchmore -
mrsalafita : Love you B!!!!!
brynarn : Love you too.
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Only #Jesus ❀ Check out this touching song! I guarantee you won't regret it. #lotd #alive #nataliegrant
nataliegrant - lotd - alive - jesus -
racheljanu : Gotta love Jesus songs😝😝 @rebeccarav27
rebeccarav27 : Always! ❀️☺️ @racheljanu
roobika75 - brishanamohan - abi.candy11 - 10_annie -
GOOD NEWS: So far, through the sale of our benefit music album, we've donated $7,500 to Hope for Justice​ as they work "to end human trafficking and slavery, in our generation." Starting today, you can download the MP3 album exclusively on Amazon Music, and 100% of the proceeds will continue to go to Hope for Justice. SHARE with your friends! DOWNLOAD NOW: www.bit.ly/IPSdownload #humantrafficking #sextrafficking #enditmovement #beherhope #notinmycity #notinmyschool #nataliegrant @nataliegrant @hopeforjusticeintl
beherhope - sextrafficking - notinmycity - humantrafficking - enditmovement - nataliegrant - notinmyschool -
songsagainstslavery - restoreone - elijahroxit - jdavidtrotter -
πŸŽ₯ 3.24.15 πŸŽ₯ Reading @okmagazine at lunch today and ran across this ad for #ittakesachurch! @vleighb and I had fun working on this show back in November. Got to meet some awesome people who are tagged in the pic. You @NatalieGrant fans check it out!
love - tv - nataliegrant - hairstylist - gsntv - makeupartist - ittakesachurch -
janaebella : @skeva small world! Loved the crew!
skeva : Yeah, great crew
janaebella : @norabbott forgot you had instagram! I have to tag you now!
lavenegoni : Totally jealous bc I LOVE@NatalieGrant!!!!
vleighb : How could you ever forget @norabbott??
norabbott : @vleighb , @janaebella had her mind on @morningswithsam 😝. JK!
janaebella : @norabbott you should know me better to know I don't have any guys on my mind... πŸ‘Ή
janaebella : Wait... That left the door open. That doesn't mean I am into girls either haha @norabbott
carolehuntforet - luannehardee - pamrayy - _bianca_george -
I got the coolest gift ever from my co-workers. #daretobe #leather #nataliegrant #His #birthday #sograteful #iloveit
birthday - sograteful - his - leather - iloveit - nataliegrant - daretobe -
xx.slinky.xx - ryleesmother - shamac - suznhj -
#e #entainement #history #comedy #love #respect #mrbean #alf #jackiechan #riananel #katyperry #rolenestrauss #zacefron #nataliegrant #pink #aleciamoore #p!nk #pastorskid #paremthood #missworld2014 #tattoo #dieregtetyd
pink - love - jackiechan - alf - paremthood - nataliegrant - dieregtetyd - pastorskid - respect - entainement - rolenestrauss - riananel - tattoo - zacefron - katyperry - mrbean - aleciamoore - p - missworld2014 - comedy - e - history -
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New editing style now?¿ do you like it? - - - "It's hard to stand on shifting sand." #Harry #HarryStyles #a1d_and_ian_somerhalder_freakedit #songlyrics #InBetterHands #NatalieGrant - - - If you like this edit, comment a penguin emoji 🐧🐧🐧 if you don't have emojis, comment "penguin" - - - - If you take, pLEASE GIVE ME CREDIT
songlyrics - inbetterhands - harrystyles - harry - nataliegrant - a1d_and_ian_somerhalder_freakedit -
derbynialler : 🐧
sassytommox : 🐧🐧🐧🐧🐧🐧 OMG I love this edit
simmerstyles : I like the new editing style πŸ’•
quiffedmalik : 🐧 🐧
faultlessharry : Omg I love it!
nordin.poetry : Super!
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The antithesis of hate is LOVE...and that alone will revolutionize a person's heart. #purelove #nataliegrant #loverevolution #Christlove
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_centered - ebonirenee - court_cmajor_moore - nay_o_may -
You. Is it You? Standing here before my eyes, every part of my heart cries Alive! Alive! Look what Mercy's overcome; death has lost and love has won Alive! Alive! So i havent had much inspiration to do art lately and i asked a group of friends to give me something to be inspired by. One of them asked me to think of what amazed me most about God. As i thought about it, i realized that in this season i am amazed at the joy He has given me! And i thought about why i am able to experience such joy and its because of what Jesus did on the cross and rising from the grave. Hes alive and now i can have joy!! #yas
christian - nataliegrant - music - alive - yas -
hannahmarielee0 : πŸ‘Œ
kristinclardy1 : Stop being so good WillPaul. Do something bad for once!
carrie.mcdonald : Simply beautiful and amazing!
brittanytraffie : Oh my lanta. Please paint me something for my house!
theycallmewillpaul : @brittanytraffie if you buy a canvas i will paint something for you for sure!!
brittanytraffie : Okay! Sounds like a plan 😁
kari_martin_ : I would legitimately buy this from you. so so good
theycallmewillpaul : #nataliegrant #alive #music #christian
tgalmiche - somethingpeaceville - peyyleighann - moodymadsi -
Song of the day... #NatalieGrant #TheStory
thestory - nataliegrant -
Sonshine Fest 2015 first day line up, who's your favorite? #sonshinefest #skilletmusic #coltondixon #strengthenwhatremains #nataliegrant #thevespers
coltondixon - strengthenwhatremains - sonshinefest - skilletmusic - nataliegrant - thevespers -
kkcanada : Skillet
familyforcefan : Skillet!!!!
jrza : @jayar_0392
dont_worry_its_ben : Post who's playing at the hm @sonshinefest
tommyrevreality : Strengthen What Remains
michanica : Skillet!!!
skloverelena : Colton Dixon!!!
aliciaaviladrums : @miriambmedina this and Lifest together this summer would be baller
walkonthewaves - coltonisourdweeb - tonydiaz805 - lunts24 -
#tbt to when @seeme_live and I went to a concert that changed my life and met Natalie Grant! #thenightimetjesus #lifechanging #nataliegrant #concert #adventuresof2Esand2As
adventuresof2esand2as - concert - lifechanging - nataliegrant - thenightimetjesus - tbt -
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"All of my life, in every season. You are still God. I have a reason to sing. I have a reason to worship. I will bring praise. I will bring praise. No weapon formed against me shall remain. I will rejoice. I will declare, God is my victory & He is here!" 🎢🎧🎡 #DesertSong #NatalieGrant
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blessedbrooke : #Pentecostal #Apostolic #PentecostalFashion #ApostolicFashion #PentecostalOutfits #ApostolicOutfits #OOTD #Modest #Modesty #ModestFashion #ModestOutfits #ChurchClothes #SheWearsSkirts #GodlyFashion
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Today's inspiration. #nataliegrant #therealme #Godissogood #GodsGrace #lovethelifeyoulive #livethelifeyoulove #lifeisgood #youaremorethanenough
godissogood - nataliegrant - livethelifeyoulove - youaremorethanenough - therealme - lifeisgood - lovethelifeyoulive - godsgrace -
phillterp : Boom!
tonekalm - flashmylashes - tonekalm_motives_cosmetics - wildflowerchick -
Saturday was amazing! Praising God with my favorite artist! #burnbright #nataliegrant #dannygokey
nataliegrant - burnbright - dannygokey -
courtneysalyer15 - flashmylashes -
You know a song touches your life when you pull up to your house, this song comes on and you stay in the car until it's finished. Thank you @nataliegrant for creating an amazing song that touches my heart every time!!! #nataliegrant #yourgreatname #blessed #beautiful #godgirl #godfirst #ccm #Jesus #thankful
beautiful - yourgreatname - nataliegrant - blessed - jesus - ccm - thankful - godgirl - godfirst -
cnhpurecanesugar - flashmylashes - blessedlittlebird - donjunco -
I had no idea this was #NatalieGrant #yourgreatname @3hdeefitness
nataliegrant - yourgreatname -
3hdeefitness : I did...
flashmylashes -
#nataliegrant #dannygokey #concert
nataliegrant - concert - dannygokey -
blankb83 - hale79 - redpandaman81 -
#nataliegrant #concert
nataliegrant - concert -
waqas.shah88 - flashmylashes - blankb83 - annaj12625 -
#instacollage Awesome concert last nightπŸ’™β€οΈ #DannyGokey #NatalieGrant
instacollage - nataliegrant - dannygokey -
krad1007 - hillsaragarza98 - nick_summers04 - blevans15 -
natalie grant was incredible too || this concert made me fall even more in love with photography #nataliegrant #burnbrighttour #midlandtheatre
midlandtheatre - nataliegrant - burnbrighttour -
ally_haines25 - risssabearr - emilee_brenna - alyssaanneh -
Natalie Grant in concert! #NatalieGrant
nataliegrant -
nickatti1996 - flashmylashes - gemmaruthbrown -
Here are some pics otherwise the rest is on Facebook 🎼🎀 #dannygokey #nataliegrant
nataliegrant - dannygokey -
alexx_jacksonn - dana_belle - kasey_june_x3 - josh1529 -
Had an incredible time worshiping tonight with @nataliegrant ☺️#nataliegrant #burnbright #BurnBrightTour
nataliegrant - burnbright - burnbrighttour -
watrus - cgalvan2727 - tmruther - mwycuff -
3rd show this run ... Playing the Midland Theatre tonight in Ohio. πŸ‘Œ Gonna be a fun time with some great people!!! #midland #ohio #dannygokey #nataliegrant #burnbrighttour #VonRay #travel #music #greatlittletown #antiqueshops #freinds
freinds - greatlittletown - midland - antiqueshops - burnbrighttour - πŸ΄πŸ’© - nataliegrant - dannygokey - vonray - music - ohio - travel -
teeclark_1 : I can't post ish bc this ninja keep posting my shots! #copycat lol
vonrayproject : #πŸ΄πŸ’© @teeclark_1 lol
flaviaaraujousa : @teeclark_1 hahaha be a ninja next time hahaha
photosbykat_ - mawrpics - dlrrock - j_flores6 -
#burnbright #nataliegrant
nataliegrant - burnbright -
y.a.h.w.e.h - flashmylashes - wewontnumbthepain - gemmaruthbrown -
Sometimes there aren't any trite platitudes or pretty Instagram sayings to make it all ok. Sometimes we desperately want reasons, and He won't give them. And none of that makes Him any less good or any less God. I can't think of anything to better sum up our feelings right now than Held, by Natalie Grant. No brushing over the unthinkable, no minimizing the reality of the pain, and no pretending that knowing God's in control suddenly makes it ok to lose a child. Rather she reminds us that we were never promised it would all be easier if we followed Christ, and we were never told He would always show us the whys and how's of His plan. What we WERE promised is that right there in the thick of it, when everything is more than we can possibly bear and none of it makes sense? He'd be right there in the muck with us, in the thick of the pain, and we'd be held close. #held
trustwithoutborders - shesharestruth - faith - nataliegrant - mourning - wherefeetmayfail - held - choosejoy - pursuitcommunitymommies - miscarriage - trust - thrivemoms - shewritestruth - loss - grieving - infertility - pregnancyloss - immeasurablymore - pursuitcommunity - sadness - lordineedyou -
ashleywilliard : 😟😟 praying
gembah12 : Oh @thejoyparade not sure if you recently went through a miscarriage or not but if you did I am so sorry for you. This post spoke right to me as I have just been through this and it has been such a hard time. Having been blessed with two beautiful boys I never thought I'd be where I am right now. Thanks for posting x
hopefarmhunnyb : @christawellsmusic
cosyandbrightshop : ❀
wildflowerphotog : This song gets me every time. Lots of love and prayers to you or whoever this is referring to. It's not an easy road to walk, that's for sure. πŸ™πŸ’•
s.irelandphoto : All our love and prayers. HE is always there to lift you up. Rely on HIM.
kmomma5 : What sweet comfort we find resting in His loving arms. β™‘β™‘β™‘ not sure if you ever received my email @thejoyparade but I'm here for you. ..many phsyical miles away but so close at heartβ™‘ you are a constant on my prayer list..
girl.named.ryan : Multiple -survivor- wishing you and yours some peaceful moments.
mousse2703 - ellolovedesigns - the1tracyg - maxime_phila_j -
One of my favorites. #hurricane #nataliegrant #burnbrighttour @nataliegrant So honored and humbled by her heart, her transparency and her heart for Jesus. What a gift πŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ
nataliegrant - hurricane - burnbrighttour -
mollacheers99 - __alexandria__12 - wewontnumbthepain - sellersheather -
#nataliegrant #dannygokey #burnbright
nataliegrant - burnbright - dannygokey -
flashmylashes - gemmaruthbrown - goldenlife18 -
4th row and center to see NATALIE GRANT!!! To say that I'm excited would be an understatement!! #nataliegrant #burnbrighttour #worship
nataliegrant - worship - burnbrighttour -
danellecressingermusic - taylor_lauren14 - hawaiingirlbeth - sellersheather -
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