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"You love when I'm sweet babe I love when you bite You love it when I cover up your eyes for a minute But only some nights I love when you ask me To tickle your back You love when I reach up underneath And grab between your thighs like that Baby, let me rock your body, ride your body Kiss your favorite spot You're screaming out my name, you don't have to tell me stop The way your body is moving like a bubble 'bout to pop I just want it all so don't stop And we can make love Or we can just fuck We can get romantic, dirty dancing Feel my hands until the sun comes up" -------------------------------------------------#teamsomo #allday #loveit #dudestheshit #wecanmakelove #nastyandilikeit #thejam #favorite #bumpthis #SoMo @officialsomo 👌🙌🎶
allday - wecanmakelove - nastyandilikeit - loveit - favorite - thejam - somo - dudestheshit - bumpthis - teamsomo -
rehemalubulu : @kiondwa
kristinellen_ : @anthony_impellizzeri this song 🙈
nickolassaige - kwill92 - wo_manoverboard -
My all time favorite from SoMo!! #wecanmakelove #nastyandilikeit #dudestheshit #loveit #bumpthis #allday #teamsomo ✊❤️🙌👏👏👏🙏🎶 @officialsomo @officialsomo @officialsomo
allday - wecanmakelove - nastyandilikeit - bumpthis - loveit - teamsomo - dudestheshit -
shani_comeaux - manusancero - chelciedayne - ak_comeaux -
Choo! This is right on time! #somo #domenow #kroosevelt_hitboy #cover #nastyandilikeit #morelikeloveit #teamsomo #allday #everyday 👌✊🙌❤️🎶 @officialsomo @officialsomo @officialsomo
domenow - allday - nastyandilikeit - somo - cover - kroosevelt_hitboy - morelikeloveit - everyday - teamsomo -
melisamenuzaa_ : Ohboy 😍
sydd_stagram - tailorevee - brr4613 - kroach21 -
Follow her @mamachickx4 #atyourownrisk #shecray #nastyandilikeit #tashiasigloves
shecray - tashiasigloves - nastyandilikeit - atyourownrisk -
_kindredspirit -
AND this is why I'm in love with these girls! #rockerchicks #mondaynight #nastyandilikeit @egales @karahess
rockerchicks - nastyandilikeit - mondaynight -
egales : We rocked SO hard!!! 😝🎶
egales - mikaelaarneson - msfunkey - karahess -
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